Defend Life In Central Changes

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					Defend Life In Central Changes.

Is the world getting narrower? Real world does not become narrower, but
more and more inhabitants, so that the world feels so much smaller. Now
the human population has reached 7 billion. Competition became more
stringent and harsh. How are we to survive?

We must work harder and study more diligently, because the changes happen
faster now. Who can not keep up with changes, it will be increasingly
left behind, and very likely lose in competing. So to survive, we must
continue to learn, anytime, anywhere. One of the omniscient teacher today
is google search engine. With studied to google, learn to be more
practical. If you want to survive, then live with love google and google.

Turning to Google Adsense

In addition to sit, mbah google is also quite generous, giving an
opportunity to earn extra income. The trick, is to follow the program
provided by google adsense. Until now, google adsense is a provider of
trusted and the largest in the world. Mbah google certainly will not play
in this matter, because the mess will ruin her reputation.

So I turned to google adsense as a way to make a living. I know, for a
beginner like me, turned on adsense from google is not an easy matter.
Until now, many times I signed up to get psersetujuan from google
adsense, has not been granted. I feel google is too stingy to me, but I
figured, it was not stingy, but a challenge that must answer. Through the
articles on this blog, I re-apply for adsense. O mbah google, you be kind
to me, as to which the prophets have been generous to his people.

Last Application To Mbah google

I really trust you and respect you. So therefore I always use the
services of search engine data that you provide. But please know Mbah,
many times I register my blog for adsense account. Why still denied?

This is my last request, sounds desperate than I am. When final demand is
also not granted, then I'll say goodbye to you Mbah. Please measles
tearkhir this petition.

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Description: We must work harder and study more diligently, because the changes happen faster now.