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									  Spring 2010
                                     Program Director News

                               Updates from ACOTE and the AOTA Accreditation Department

                           Time limits for carrying an area of noncompliance

Extensions            2    Unless the period for           months prior to the end of     on probation.
                           achieving compliance has        the time limit, the            If ACOTE determines that
Call for RAE          2    been extended for good          institution is notified that   the program has not
Publishing info       3    cause, the United States        the program is at risk of      returned to compliance
                           Department of                   being placed on                with the Standards within
Monitoring outcomes 3
                           Education’s mandated            Probationary                   the specified period of
RA Motion on FW       4    time for correction of an       Accreditation if the cited     time, it will change the
                           area of noncompliance is:       area(s) are not corrected in   program’s status to
Interim report formats 4
                                                           the next Progress Report.      Accreditation
Program numbers       5    •    12 months if the           At the same time, the          Withdrawn—Involuntary.
NACIQI                5         program is less than 1     program is notified of the
                                year in length;            procedure for requesting       To avoid Probationary
Annual Data Report    6
                           •    18 months if the           an extension for good          Accreditation status,
ESRC                  6         program is at least 1      cause.                         programs should develop
                                year in length, but less                                  a timeline to correct an
                                than 2 years in length;    If the area(s) of              area of noncompliance
                                or                         noncompliance are not          that does not extend
                           •    2 years if the program     corrected in the next          beyond:
                                is at least 2 years in     Progress Report (reviewed
                                length.                    by ACOTE approximately         •   8 months if the
                                                           4 months prior to the end          program is less than 1
                           Programs are required to        of the time limit), and the        year in length;
                           report on progress toward       program has NOT been           •   16 months if the
                           correcting cited areas of       granted an extension for           program is at least 1
                           noncompliance prior to          good cause, the program            year in length, but less
                           each ACOTE meeting              status will most likely be         than 2 years in length;
                           throughout the year.            changed to Probationary            or
                           Programs are reminded of        Accreditation.                 •   20 months if the
                           the time limit for                                                 program is at least 2
                           correcting cited areas at       Programs receiving                 years in length.
                           regular intervals,              ACOTE’s notification of a
                           depending upon the              change of status to            See Page 2 - Extensions for
                           program’s specific time         Probationary                   good cause.
                           limit for correction.           Accreditation must notify
                                                           currently enrolled students
                           If the area(s) of               and those seeking
                           noncompliance are not           admission that the
                           corrected approximately 8       program has been placed
                                       Program Director News                                                Page 2 of 6

                                    Extensions for good cause
                                    Any program carrying an        to grant a request for                implemented
    “Extensions  of the period of
    time for achieving compliance   area of noncompliance is       extension of the period for           according to the
    are usually limited to a        notified in writing of         achieving compliance,                 established timeline.
    maximum of 2 additional         ACOTE’s policy on              ACOTE will review the              4. The program has
    years.”                         timelines for correction of    rationale for the request             provided reasonable
                                    areas of noncompliance         and assess whether the                assurance that the
                                    and ACOTE’s criteria for       program has met the                   program will achieve
                                    granting an extension for      following criteria:                   compliance as stated
                                    good cause.                    1. The program has                    in the plan.
                                                                        submitted an
                                    Programs receive                    appropriate plan for          Extensions of the period
                                    notification of the need to         achieving compliance          of time for achieving
                                    submit a letter requesting          within a reasonable           compliance are usually
                                    an extension for good               time frame.                   limited to a maximum of 2
                                    cause if necessary. The        2. The program has                 additional years.
                                    timing of the notification          provided a detailed
                                    is dependent upon the               timeline for                  The full policy is available
                                    remaining time the                  completion of the             on-line at
                                    program has to correct the          plan.                         http://www.aota.org/Educ
                                    cited areas.                   3. The program has                 ate/Accredit/Policies/Reac
                                                                        provided evidence             credit/38137.aspx.
                                    In making a determination           that the plan has been

                                    Seeking new members for the RAE

                                    ACOTE is in the process of     The full announcement and          Applications are due no
    “Training for the new members
    will be conducted on November   seeking new members for        application forms are              later than June 30, 2010.
    12-14, 2010.”                   the Roster of Accreditation    located in the ACOTE
                                    Evaluators (RAE) for           Announcements &                    If you know of anyone who
                                    positions to be filled in      Newsletters                        might be interested in
                                    January 2011. Training for     (http://www.aota.org/Educate/Acc   applying, please direct them
                                    the new members will be        redit/Announcements.aspx)          to the above links. Thanks
                                    conducted on November          section of the ACOTE Web           for your assistance.
                                    12-14, 2010. ACOTE will        page.
                                    continue to focus on           Direct links are:
                                    increasing diversity as well   • ACOTE Seeks New
                                    as the number of OT              Accreditation Evaluators
                                    practitioners (especially        article
                                    those who are doctorally-      • RAE Application for
                                    prepared) and OTA                Educators
                                    educators.                     • RAE Application for

 Page 3 of 6                                Program Director News

Publishing information on your Web site
The USDE and CHEA             Please ensure that the       accredited by ACOTE.           “Please ensure that the
have recently published a     information published on     A statement that the           information published on
number of papers on the       your Web site is both        “Department is Accredited      your Web site is both
importance of                 accurate and current.        by ACOTE” would lead           accurate and current.”
“transparency” and                                         the public to believe that
accuracy in the               OT departments that offer    the post-professional
information made              more than one program        program is also ACOTE
available by higher           must clearly state that      accredited.
education institutions to     ONLY the entry-level-
the public.                   degree program is

Publishing information on ACOTE
USDE recognition              available to prospective      Sample wording: “THE          “USDE recognition requires
requires that ACOTE           students.                    OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY /         that ACOTE ensure that
ensure that members of                                     OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY           members of the public have
the public have easy          Please note that this        ASSISTANT PROGRAM IS           easy access to the
                                                           ACCREDITED BY THE              accreditation status of a
access to the accreditation   information must be                                         program.”
status of a program and       published in ALL of the      ACCREDITATION COUNCIL
information on how to         publications listed in the   FOR OCCUPATIONAL
contact ACOTE.                Standard if they are made    THERAPY EDUCATION
                                                           (ACOTE) OF THE
                              available by the program.
Standard A.4.3 states:
                                                           OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY
The program’s                 In addition, the listed
                                                           ASSOCIATION (AOTA),
accreditation status and      information must be          LOCATED AT 4720
the name, address, and        accurate! At least 2-3       MONTGOMERY LANE, P.O.
telephone number of           programs are found in        BOX 31220, BETHESDA, MD
ACOTE must be                 noncompliance every year     20824-1220. ACOTE'S
published in all of the       because they do not          TELEPHONE NUMBER C/O
following used by the         provide the correct name     AOTA IS (301) 652-AOTA.”
institution: catalog, Web     for the accrediting agency
site, and program-related     or provide an incorrect
brochures or flyers           address or phone number.

What does “monitored on future reports” mean?
The 2010 Annual Data          standard deviation, the       reports”. Monitoring is       “Monitoring is intended to
Report asked programs to      program was asked to          intended to alert program     alert program directors that
provide information on        provide additional            directors that they should    they should proactively
key indicators. These         information on how they       proactively address that      address that item.”
include measures such as      are addressing that           item before it becomes a
Level II fieldwork pass       outcome.                      potential compliance issue.
rates, attrition rates, and
                              When the data was
faculty-to-student ratios.
                              “borderline”, the program
When the program’s data       was informed that the
exceeded the national         indicator will be
average by more than a        “monitored on future
                                       Program Director News                                    Page 4 of 6

COP & COE charged by RA to examine fieldwork
At the spring meeting of        3. Potential to impact        In a recent on-line survey      “COP and COE are required
the Association’s                  multiple providers of      of AOTA listserv                to present a report, including
Representative Assembly            rehabilitation.            members, more than half         recommendations for action
(RA) the RA charged the         4. Regional differences       of the respondents from a       if appropriate, to the spring
                                                                                              2011 RA.”
Commission on Practice             on this issue.             broad diversity of
(COP) and Commission on                                       geographic areas indicated
Education (COE) to              The RA charge noted that      that these supervisory
examine issues related to       the roles of the OTA and      requirements limited
student fieldwork and the       OT, while collaborative,      fieldwork opportunities for
impact of Medicare policy       are different. OTAs are       OTA students.
on opportunities for            well-suited to supervise
fieldwork, in particular as     OTA students, and are         Recruitment of OTAs
they relate to OTA              allowed this role in most     prepared to work in SNF
fieldwork in skilled            other Medicare settings.      settings is made more
nursing facilities.                                           difficult by the limited
                                However, current              access that OTA students
COP and COE are                 Medicare regulations for      have to Level II fieldwork
required to present a           payment mandate line-of-      experiences in SNFs.
report, including               sight supervision of OTA      According to the NBCOT
recommendations for             students by an OT in          2008 Practice Analysis,
action if appropriate, to the   Skilled Nursing Facility      many SNFs are primarily
spring 2011 RA.                 (SNF) settings. This          staffed by OTAs (50% of
                                represents an inconsistent    OTAs work in SNFs,
The Commissions were            recognition of the            while only 21% of
charged to examine issues       invaluable teaching role of   occupational therapists
including:                      the OTA.                      work in SNFs).
1. Liability and state
    licensure issues related    Significant challenges        Unfortunately, only 21%
    to supervision of OT        exist in providing the        of practicing OTAs have
    students.                   fieldwork experiences that    had a Level II fieldwork in
2. Relationship between         prepare OTA students to       a SNF, while SNFs are the
    these issues and            practice in SNF settings,     largest employer of OTAs,
    ACOTE standards             especially in rural           according to AOTA
    regarding supervision       communities, where SNFs       membership data.
    in fieldwork.               are primarily staffed by

Interim report formats
At the May 1-2 ACOTE            correspondence from the        available online in the      “The templates for the
meeting, the Council            accreditation staff            “Accreditation Surveys,      Interim Reports are available
formally adopted the            providing dates on when        Forms, and Templates         online at
format for the 2011             the program’s next report      section of the ACOTE         http://www.aota.org/Educate/
Interim Reports.                will be due.                   Web site at
In April 2010, all              The templates for the          ate/Accredit/Forms.aspx.
programs received               Interim Reports are

 Page 5 of 6                                                  Program Director News
Number of Programs
                                                         Accredited                Developing                 Applicant                  Total
                   Masters Programs                              142                         3                         2                  147
                   Doctoral Programs                               4                         1                         0                    5
         Masters Additional Locations                             10                         2                         3                   15
         Doctoral Additional Locations                             0                         1                         0                    1
                  Total OT Locations                             156                         7                         5                  168

                              Programs                           133                       19                         21                  173
                   Additional Locations                          12                         8                          7                   27
                  Total OTA Locations                            145                       27                         28                  200

                                Programs                         279                       23                         23                  325
                     Additional Locations                         22                       11                         10                   43
                        Total Locations                          301                       34                         33                  368

                                        2007                     289                        5                         15                  309
                                      Change                      12                       29                         18                   59
        Developing Programs have proceeded to the second step and can admit students, but will not gain accreditation until successful completion of a self-study and
         on-site visit.
        Applicant Programs have submitted a letter of intent to start a new program or additional location.

Members of the new NACIQI finalized
As previously reported, Congress overhauled the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity,
(NACIQI) in its 2008 reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, increasing its membership from 15 to 18. The law
also changed how members would be chosen. Instead of having the Education Department name all the members, 6
are now appointed by the U.S. House of Representatives and 6 by the Senate, with Democrats and Republicans
picking the same number in each chamber, and 6 members are named by the Department of Education. NACIQI is
charged with advising the Secretary of Education on recognition of accreditors, including ACOTE.
House Democrats appointed:
Benjamin Allen, President of the University of Northern Iowa; William “Brit” Kirwan, Chancellor of the University
System of Maryland; Carolyn Williams, President of Bronx Community College
House Republicans appointed:
Arthur Keiser, Chancellor of Keiser University; Arthur Rothkopf, Senior Vice President and Counselor to the
President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; William Pepicello, President of the University of Phoenix
Senate Democrats appointed:
Dan Klaich, Chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education; Cameron Staples, member of the Connecticut
State House of Representatives; Larry Vanderhoef, Chancellor Emeritus of the University of California, Davis
Senate Republicans appointed:
Bruce Cole, past Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities and a former professor and department chair at
Indiana University, Bloomington; Anne Neal, President of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni; Michael
Poliakoff, former Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research at the University of Colorado
USDE’s appointments to NACIQI are:
Earl Lewis, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs at Emory University; Susan Phillips, Provost
and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Albany State University; Jamienne Studley, President and CEO, Public
Advocates, Inc.; Aron Shimles, Student, Occidental College; Frank Wu, Professor, Howard University School of
Law; Frederico Zargoza, Vice Chancellor of Economic and Workforce Development for Alamo Colleges
                                  Program Director News                                               Page 6 of 6

                                  Staff Contacts:
American Occupational             Neil Harvison, PhD, OTR/L           Sue Graves
 Therapy Association              Director of Accreditation and       Assistant Director of
                                  Academic Affairs                    Accreditation
                                  E-mail: nharvison@aota.org          E-mail: sgraves@aota.org
       4720 Montgomery Lane       Phone: 301-652-6611, x2202          Phone: 301-652-6611, x2912
            PO Box 31220
      Bethesda, MD 20824-1220
                                  Angelica Grigsby                    Sarah Cho
               PHONE:             Accreditation Program Manager       On-site Program Coordinator
       (301) 652-6611 Ext. 2914   E-mail: agrigsby@aota.org           E-mail: scho@aota.org
                                  Phone: 301-652-6611, x2915          Phone: 301-652-6611, x2914
           (301) 652-1417

           accred@aota.org        2010 Annual Data Report posted on the Web
                                  The 2009-2010 Academic Programs Annual Data Report is now available online at
        We’re on the Web!         www.acoteonline.org. The “Resources” section at the bottom of the page includes
              See us at:          the annual data reports for the last 3 years. The report includes descriptive statistics
        www.acoteonline.org       on: (1) Academic Programs; (2) Program Formats; (3) Students; (4) Faculty; and (5)
                                  Program Outcomes.

    Important dates…
    • ACOTE Summer Meeting
      August 6-8, 2010            ESRC’s First Meeting Scheduled for June 18-19, 2010
      Baltimore, MD
    • ACOTE Winter Meeting        The Educational Standards Review Committee (ESRC) will hold its first meeting in
      December 3-5, 2010
                                  Bethesda on June 18-19, 2010. The primary objective of the first meeting is to
      San Antonio, TX
                                  develop a survey for the communities of interest to gain feedback on the current
    • ACOTE Spring Meeting
      April 16-17, 2011           Standards. The survey will focus on the Standards that have been identified by
      Philadelphia, PA            stakeholders as potentially requiring revision. Program directors are invited to
                                  provide comments on the Standards for the committee. Comments should be
    Resources…                    addressed to the ESRC at accred@aota.org.
    Available at

    • Accreditation Surveys,
      Forms, and Templates
    • Announcements &
    • Current ACOTE
      Accreditation Standards
    • Overview (ACOTE History,
      Meetings, Members)
    • Policies and Procedures
      (ACOTE Manual)
    • Workshops


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