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									    Effective e-Government Process
 Monitoring and Interoperation: A Case
 Study on the Removal of Unauthorized
     Building Works in Hong Kong

Dickson K. W. CHIU               Jenny Y.Y. Wong
  Senior Member, IEEE              Kai Pan Mark
Dickson Computer Systems         Dept. of Computing
        Hong Kong          Hong Kong Polytechnic University
     kwchiu@acm.org,         jwong61020@yahoo.com.hk
  dicksonchiu@ieee.org      csmarkkp@comp.polyu.edu.hk
   Governments are looking for ICT to facilitate process co-
    ordination to improve service delivery
   Typical characteristics
        Complaints
        Urgency
        Monitoring of process
   Case study: Removal of unauthorized building works in HK
        serious problem
        requires much resources and monitoring effort
   Technical solution
        Event-driven process collaboration (HICSS36)
        Alerts (HICSS37)
        Web services

    eGovt-UBW                                            HICSS40 - 2
   Building Ordinance
    - all building works require prior approval of plans and consent
      to commence works from Building Department (BD)
    - without approval => unauthorized building works (UBW)
   As at 2003, more than 700,000 UBW
   BD determines to remove UBW to safeguard public

eGovt-UBW                                                   HICSS40 - 3
                                                                                   Procedures for cost recovery from owners
      Typical Workflows                                                                     Government contractor (GC)
                                                                                            completes the removal works
          Procedures for enforcing s.24 orders
                                                                                       BD certifies and makes payments to GC
                      Identify buildings with UBW
                       from complaints, large-scale
                     operations and walking surveys                                   BD issues Demand Notes (DN) to owners
                                                                                                for cost recovery

                           Conduct site inspection                                                                         Yes
                                                                                                     DN settled?                         BD issues a
                                                                                                                                       compliance letter
                   Yes           Any serious         No       Issue advisory
                                                            letter or no further       BD serves an s.33 certificate to the debtor
Issue s.24 order                  defects?                         action               and registers the s.33 certificate with
                                                                                              the Land Registry (LR)

                                                                                       BD refers a case (with unpaid balance >=
   Conduct                       Has the s.24         Yes                             pre-defined limit) to Department of Justice
                                  order been                 Issue compliance        (DoJ) for recovery. DoJ will consider , where
  compliance                    complied with?                    letter              appropriate, legal proceedings for the cases
                                                                                                                                     BD issues and registers
                                                                                                                           Yes           with the LR a
                                                                                                   Debt settled?
BD may consider           Refer the case to the default                                                                                  Memorial of
  prosecution              works consultant (DWC)                                                                                         Satisfaction
action at the same                                                                                            No
                         DWC submits his supervision                                  BD requires LR to notify it of any future
                              proposal to BD                                             dealings on the subject property

                              DWC supervises the                                      BD/DoJ issues final warning letter before
                             government contrctor                                       expiry of time limits for legal action
                         to carry out the removal works
                                                                                     BD/DoJ conducts final review 1 year before
                         BD issues compliance letter to                                expiry of time limits for leagla action
                           discharge the s.24 order
                                                                                         BD proceeds to write off the debts
                           BD to recover costs from
  eGovt-UBW                        owners                                                                                         HICSS40 - 4
      Requirements Overview
         Site                                     Blitz                              Default Works
         inspection                               contractors                        Contractor

                        information on
                                                   information on
                        UBW & provide                                  Collect information
                                                   UBW & provide
                        inspection                                     on UBW & provide
                        result                                         supervision proposal
               progress and                   Interne                    Confirm
Buildings      workflow of                                               compliance
               UBW removal                    t                          with s.24
              Collect debt details                                       order
                                                               basic                          Building owners
                                     Provide ownership         information                    and their
                                     details                   of UBW                         contractors

  Department of
  Justice                                                                                Complainants
                                 The Land
  eGovt-UBW                                                                                         HICSS40 - 5
    Existing problems
   Monitoring process is very resources consuming and
    human intensive.
   Records are kept on different paper-based files.
   Exchange of data/information are mainly in paper
   Cannot keep track of the necessary actions and
    generate reminders / alerts.

eGovt-UBW                                         HICSS40 - 6
     System Architecture & Design

                                                                 Land Registry

 Department of Justice

                         Internet                                                    Contractor

 Building Records                                                                                Alert
   Information                                                                                Management
       System                                                                                   System
                              Web Services Interface

                                                                                               ECA Rules,
                                                                                            Scheduling Rules,
 Inspection Record                                                        Event             Event Repository,
                                                                                            Event Subsciption
      System                                                             Adapter                   List

eGovt-UBW                                                                                                HICSS40 - 7
    Event-driven process collaboration
   Event-Condition-Action Rules
    On event if condition then action
    An event occurs, it triggers some rules. The condition
    parts of the rules will be evaluated. If condition is
    satisfied, the action part, which is a workflow, will be

eGovt-UBW                                             HICSS40 - 8
    Enactment requirements (1)
   Fulfill the workflow functions:
       assign tasks to agents (people/systems)
       retrieve information needed to complete a task
       remind agents about their parts

eGovt-UBW                                                HICSS40 - 9
    Enactment requirements (2)

- upon input of a complaint case, retrieve an approved
  building plan from BD’s legacy system, then notify the
  unit head.

Event        received(CASE)                finish(building plan(CASE))

Condition true                             true

Action       retrieve(building_plan(CASE)) notify(unit_head(CASE))

 eGovt-UBW                                                   HICSS40 - 10
    Enforcement Requirements (1)
   Facilitates exception detection and handling
   Monitor becomes active only when an exception
   Exceptions: failure to find an agent for a task,
    failure to get information, missed deadlines, etc.
   Temporal events, generated by timer, to detect non-
    fulfillment of action by a deadline

    Event       onDay(deadline(BAO))
    Condition   NOT occurred(BAO)
    Action      raise (exception(BAO))

eGovt-UBW                                        HICSS40 - 11
    Enforcement Requirements (2)

  Within N days after the expiry of S.24 order, a
  compliance inspection has to be performed.

Event        onDay(after(expirydate(S24order), N)

Condition    NOT occurred(COMPLIANCE_INSPECT)
Action       raise (exception(COMPLIANCE_INSPECT)

 eGovt-UBW                                          HICSS40 - 12
       Alert Management System
    Responsible for sending alert messages, receiving reply,
     maintain alert status and logging information
    Urgency of alert is a function of time

Urgency level   Action
Near due        Reminder
Due             Send an alert to the same action party, notifying that the
                task is due
Overdue         Send a second alert to the action party
Long overdue    Send a very urgent alert to the action party as well as the
                concerned supervisor/officer in charge

    eGovt-UBW                                                    HICSS40 - 13
     Web Services
   Example
    Retrieve ownership details of the UBW from Land Registry

    checkOwner Web Service             -  Floor
    Input: OwnerRequest                -  Flat No.
    Request source                    -  House No.
    Request ID                        -  Street Name
    Search Option                     -  Area Code
    Account                       Output: OwnerResponse
         - Account No.             Memorial No.

         - Account Name            Nature of Instrument

    Address                       Date of Instrument

         - Lot                     Name

         - Development Name        HKIC No.

         - Block                   Share

eGovt-UBW                                                  HICSS40 - 14
       Process integration: Identification of UBW
       to issue of S.24 order
 Hotline Center            UBWMS                   Unit head                  Inspection Team

                       Retrieve approved
Record a compliant     building plan, S.24          Conduct
                           orders, etc.        preliminary review

                                        Yes          Works

                                        Yes         Removal              No   Conduct site inspection
                                                  action being                    and complete
                                                     taken?                     insepction report

                                                                    No              Existence of

                                                   Endorse the                               Yes
                       Issue advisory letter   recommendation for

                       Retrieve ownership
                        details from Land

Notify the result to   Generate Removal
 the complainant       Order (s.24 order)

 eGovt-UBW                                                                                HICSS40 - 15
    Web services enables collaboration among service
    ECA Rules in workflow process to fulfill enactment and
     enforcement requirements
    AMS to monitor urgent and important tasks
    Benefits to users, management and system developers

    eGovt-UBW                                        HICSS40 - 16
    Future Work
 Defining and allocating new responsibilities of different
  stakeholders – who handle what at different urgency
 Capturing the engineering expertise for classifying
  urgency from the existing human process to the
 Integrate disparate channels for reporting UBW in a call
  center portal
 Applicability to other e-government and public
  administration applications
 Workforce management
 Security and privacy issues

 eGovt-UBW                                         HICSS40 - 17
   Question and Answer

            Thank you!

eGovt-UBW                HICSS40 - 18

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