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									The Weakest Link                     Inquiries and Exploration

BioInquiry Micromodule Worksheet
Chapter 11, Module 11

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Use the “Hints” or search on your own to help answer the following inquiries. Use this worksheet to
record your answers or attach your own report. Enjoy your search.

1. What are some of the different types of joints found in the human skeleton? What kinds of motion do
   these different joint types allow?

2. Choose one or two joints of the human skeleton. What are the common kinds of injuries that occur in
   these joints? How are these injuries treated?

3. Look at the human knee at Aside from
   bone tissue, what are the different kinds of tissues found in the knee? How can these other tissues be
   strained or injured?

4. What is arthritis? What do we know about the causes of the different kinds of arthritis? How are the
   different forms of arthritis treated?


There is a lot of information about joints in general and arthritis in particular at sites devoted to the topic of
arthritis. You can start by looking at Can Go
Wrong in a Joint?
Then search the web on your own to learn more about human joints and the problems that are often
associated with them.

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