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									                            DEPARTMENT OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION,AP

                       Principal / HOS / TPO / SLs / Lects.
(Visit, Assessment, Logbook, Attendance, Appraisal Form, Report, Seminar, Viva-voce)

 1. Out of the Marks allotted for training, 60% shall be done at the Industry and 40% at the
     Polytechnic. Marks awarded at the industry in the assessment form shall be reduced to 60% of
     the Total marks allotted. The remaining 40% marks shall be divided among Log Book, Seminar
     presentation, viva voce and Training report.
 2. Since the SBTET issues a mark list for training marks, it shall collect an examination fee for
     Industrial Training Evaluation.
 3. A fixed amount of fee (to be worked out) is to be collected by SBTET along with the
     examination fee, which shall be used to pay TA and DA to faculty who visit industries in this
     regard. The amount so collected shall be advanced to Polytechnic and the expenditure details
     shall be submitted to SBTET.
 4. The staff assigned ( as per ANNEXURE-II ) for visit shall visit the industry for every 15 days
     and shall submit the assessment for every month .
 5. Every student shall put in an attendance of 90% during Industrial training period, as it is under
     apprentice act.
 6. At the end of the Training, the attendance of the student is to be obtained in the prescribed
     format from the industry.

                                  ELIGIBILITY FOR TRAINING:

     A candidate shall be promoted to 5th semester (Industrial Training) provided he / she puts the
required percentage of attendance in the 4th semester and pays the examination fee. A candidate,
who could not pay the 4th semester examination fee, has to pay the promotion fee as prescribed by
State Board of Technical Education and Training from time to time before commencement of 5 th
                                                        TRAINEE STUDENT ATTENDANCE PARTICULARS

        Name & Address of the Industry

        Name of the institution

        Name of the Branch

Sl.No       Pin & Name of the student    Date of     Date of                               Number of days                              Percentage
                                         joining    relieving                                                                          Attendance
                                                                Present      Weekly offs     Holidays   Casual    Medical     E.O.L    (A+B+C)X100
                                                                   A            B               C       Leave     Leave                     180

           1. Training is of Six months duration
           2. 90% attendance is compulsory
           3. Compensatory offs given may be added to “Present” Attendance

        Seal of the Industry                                                                                Signature of the Training In Charge of the Industry

The six months period of training is generally divided as follows:

        Time schedule for Industrial Training of 6 months duration.

        1. Inducting Programme in the Institutions
                         (One or two days)
        2. Orientation Training in Industry
                         (4 or 5 days)                                1 Week
        3. Practical Training in Industry and
                                  Report writing                      24 weeks

        4. Seminar ,presentation of Report and
           Assesment                                                  1 week
                                                                       26 weeks
Distribution of Marks:

        1. For Log Book maintenance                                   : 30 marks ( At Institution)
        2. Assessment of progress during training period              : 200 marks ( At Industry)
        3. Seminar                                                    : 40 marks( At Institution)
        4. Report Assessment                                          : 30 marks( At Institution)
                                                             Total    : 300 marks
        In order to make the industrial training result oriented meaningful and complete in all respects,
it is necessary to have proper Monitoring Evaluation of the training of Diploma courses. It shall be done
as a ritual, methodically.

The trainees are required to maintain neatly a work diary (LOG BOOK) giving a brief account of the
activities performed and observations made on day to day basis at the Industry. This is to be checked
and counter signed by the supervising personnel in industry once in every week and shall be signed by
the visiting faculty at the time of visit (to avoid writing of logbook at the end in a single stretch). 10% of
total marks are to be allotted for the logbook maintenance at the end of the training at the Institution.
                                                  LOG BOOK FORMAT

        First page shall consists of the following details

                 Name & PIN of the student         :
                 Name of the organization          :
                 Date of joining          :
                 Name of the project               :
                 Nature of the work assigned       :
                 (design/testing/maintenance/servicing/production/quality Control )

        Following table should be maintained from the second page on wards

Sl.No      Day      Date     Shift /                         Work done/ Activity                        Signature of
                             Hours                                                                      the student
 1         Mon
 2          Tue
 3         Wed
 4          Thu
 5          Fri
 6          Sat
 7         Sun
        ( Note: The staff visited the Industry as per ANNEXURE-II shall sign for every 15 days after
        verifying the progress and shall submit the assessment report for every month to the
        Principal,RJD,Secretary SBTET,CTE .)

                                                                           Signature of the in charge of Training
                                                                              at the end of every Month


        The progress of training should be assessed periodically by the supervising personnel in industry and
        the inspection authority nominated by the Head of the institution combinedly as per the evaluation
        criteria suggested in the format of Appraisal form. The concerned Head of Section in the polytechnic
        has to collect the evaluation sheets and finalize the marks. The assessment should be done at the
        end of every month during the entire training period. The total marks secured for two assessments
        (each 100 marks) shall be deduced to 60% of the total marks allotted for the progress of training. This
        assessment is multiple stage process and is based on performance and qualification factors as given in
        the format. The trainee should be evaluated in terms of these comparable criteria using numerical rating
        method along with a qualitative description to support the grading as excellent, good, satisfactory or
        poor achievement.
                                                  APPRAISAL FORM

Name of Polytechnic/institute           …………………
Name of Trainee                         ………………..
PIN No.                                 …………….......
Evaluation period           From        ……………….. To ………………..

 SI.No              Evaluation Criteria              Poor             Satisfactory        Good          Excellent

  1.       Attendance & Punctuality                  1       2             3 4            5       6       7       8

  2.       Familiarity with Technical Terms          1       2             3 4            5       6       7       8

  3.       Familiarity with Materials and tools      1       2             3 4            5       6       7       8

  4.       Attitude towards job                      1       2             3 4            5       6       7       8

  5.       Manual skills                             1       2             3 4            5       6       7       8

  6.       Application of Knowledge                  1       2             3 4            5       6       7       8

  7.       Problem Solving skill                     1       2             3 4            5       6       7       8

  8.       Comprehension & Observation               1       2             3 4            5       6       7       8

  9.       Safety Consciousness                      1       2             3 4            5       6       7       8

  10.      Human relations                           1       2             3 4           5        6       7       8

  11.      Ability to communicate                    1       2             3 4            5       6       7       8

  12.      Supervising Ability                       1       2             3 4            5       6       7       8

  13.      General Conduct During the Training           1                  2                 3               4

                                         Total Marks:               /100

Signature of Training In Charge                                  Signature of visiting faculty ( From Polytechnic )
       of the Industry

(II) Specify Briefly;
         1. General areas in which Trainee received Training
          2. Any deficiency or short fall observed
          3. Any suggestion to improve the Trainees performance
          4. Reaction of Trainee to corrective action at (3) above.

A Seminar & Viva voce is to be conducted at the institute after Completion of the training and every
trained student shall participate in it. Each student trainee is to be allowed a maximum time of 30
minutes and has to explain and elaborate the work experience gained by him during the training period.
The students of I & II year classes are also to be asked to attend the seminar to enable them to know
about the various industries in their field and type of products manufactured, training available and
other aspects. The assessment of seminar performance is to be made by a committee consisting of
Two members including the concerned Head of Section and the faculty, who visited the industry and
20% of the total marks be allotted for seminar. Marks awarded by the three staff members individually
(recorded in the register) and shall be averaged and signed by the members of the committee.


Every trainee shall submit a spiral bounded training report in triplicate, of approximately 5000
words, neatly typed in A4 size paper. It shall be informative and cover all Technical aspects of training
and certified by the Industry concerned. The same panel of examiners who assessed the seminar
shall assess the impact of training on the trainee based on the report presented by him. 10% of
the total marks are to be allotted for this assessment. Student shall undertake that he has not copied, or
used confidential information of the industry in the Report.

                                                                SD/- DR.K.LAKSHMINARAYANA,I.A.S

                                                                             FOR COMMISSIONER

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