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									p.187 questions 1 through 25.
 Yes you have to answer in a
complete sentence or write the

                                 Physical Science Chapter 6
                                                                             Absorption of Chlorophyll p3 of
                                         ATP and Energy Transfer               mini workbook. Analyzing
Book Questions 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4
                                             Coloring Pages                  photosynthesis and respiration
                                                                                 p.5 of mini workbook.

                                      End of Chapter Questions p.134
  Adapted Reading and Study             All multiple choice, T/F, and
                                                                                Chapter Test B worksheet
     Workbook p. 73-81                   Word Relationships (must
                                      answer in complete sentences)

                                                                               Make a poster: Find an area near
                                                                            home/school with several types of plants.
                                       Cross a Clue and a Mr. Bostic
   Chapter Test A worksheet                                                    Identify any relationships between
                                             crossword puzzle                 autotrophs and heterotrophs. Show
                                                                               these relationships in your poster.

                                    Biology Homework

Extra credit: For 20 extra points applied to a test grade, make up and perform a photosynthesis
song (in whatever style of your choosing). You can work as a team and split the points if you would
                                                                          Writing assignment: Research
                                                                           the art of glass blowing on the
Book Questions 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3
                                       Wordwise p.41 Workbook            internet with the molding process
(answer in complete sentences)
                                                                            described on page 137 (250

Create a concept map with eight     End of Chapter Questions p. 153
                                                                         Compare and contrast the cores
 branches titled "Groups in the     Questions 1 through 33 (answer
                                                                             of Jupiter and Earth
        Periodic Table"                 in complete sentences)

                                        Use a wiki to identify all the   Create a circle graph that shows
Index cards - write an index card
                                    isotopes of 5 different elements.    the eight elements that make up
  about each of the 8 "A" group
                                       Include all isotopes and what      98.5% of the Earth's crust and
                                      their relative percentages are.       questions 34-40 page 154.

       Physical Science Chapter 5 Homework Choices.

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