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									          The art, the training, and the degree—they all come together in Dance at
SDSU. This program has a 20- year history of distinguished choreography and
technical training: we honor this tradition as we move forward as a leader in
contemporary dance practices.
          Philosophically, the program promotes contemporary dance as a medium
that uniquely communicates meaning, emotion, and cultural values. It is a program
that encourages students to rigorously investigate dance, to develop their
imaginations and to create their own unique artistic voices. The faculty is deeply
committed to the mentoring of students by providing individual attention and
sharing their knowledge and experience as active professionals deeply engaged in
the art form.
          Dance is a specialized area of the performing arts that demands a high
level of physical rigor and awareness. We prepare students to critically examine
the history, aesthetics and global context of dance and its relation to other art
forms and contemporary issues. In addition to our performance and composition
areas we believe that dance needs to lead in the use of emerging digital
technologies. We offer an integrated curriculum that combines these technologies
and the creative process, unleashing students’ imaginations and providing them
with the skills necessary to realize them. We seek to develop an open and safe
environment that encourages a deep sense of individual curiosity, exploration, and

                           School of Music and Dance

                     Director: Professor Donna M. Conaty
                    Dance Coordinator: Professor Joe Alter
         Faculty: Professors Joe Alter, Graham Hempel, Melissa Nunn,
                       Patricia Sandback. Leslie Seiters
                      Professor Emeritus: George Willis
                         Adjunct Faculty: Kathryn Irey
                       Lighting Design: Michelle Caron
                                                                                     Concert Name
                          Sound Design: Kris Apple

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