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									Tips for Preparing for and Conducting the Performance Appraisal

 Preparing for the Performance Appraisal Process:
 1. Review quarterly check-in documentation from throughout the year.
 2. Schedule your performance appraisal meetings in advance. A best practice is to block
    entire days devoted to doing performance appraisals.
 3. Pull any documentation of feedback you have collected on your employees
    throughout the year and if needed collect additional feedback on your employees
    from internal business partners, previous managers and other data sources (e.g. “Start,
    Stop, Continue” form, e-mails, face-to-face or telephone conversations, etc.).
 4. Take the MeritNet eLearning for Managers – 2010, if you are new to BBY or your
    management position, or want to refresh your skills.
 5. There will be an Effective Career Conversations – Performance, Rewards, &
    Development eLearning, which will be available on 2/19, to help prepare managers for
    a PA and Merit conversation. The eLearning will be available on Leaning Lounge for
    Retail employees and Learning Center for Corporate employees.
 6. Ask employees to complete their self- appraisal using the PDG they have been using all
    year long and reference the Self-Appraisal Instructions and Best Practices located on Remind them to use the information they have gathered
    throughout the year, as well as their quarterly check-ins and to give specific examples
    that demonstrate their performance and values.

 Completing the Performance Appraisal Form:
  Meet with the Employee to review and discuss the self appraisal.
  Complete the performance appraisal section of the form for each employee.
       o Determine final rating for each goal, supporting documentation/rationale for
          rating as well as acknowledgement of the employee’s self review
  Assess each employee as an individual.
  Include strengths and opportunities- the appraisal is intended to recognize contributions
   as well as point out areas where the employee can improve their performance.
  There should be “no surprises” during the performance appraisal.

 1. To complete the Performance Appraisal section of the PDG:
     Pre-Work    Employee completes Self-Appraisal
                    Prepare to have a rich conversation with your manager to discuss
                     specific examples of your contributions in FY ’10. Include your
                     comments on the comment section of the PDG. If you need
                     additional space, attach a separate sheet of paper.
     Step 1      Manager and Employee conduct Self-Appraisal Discussions
     Step 2      Manager enters employee information on the Performance Appraisal
                 section of the PDG
                    Enter complete and accurate information at the top of the Form
                    This information is used to ensure accurate record-keeping
                    This information is carried forward through the document
     Step 3      Manager completes the Performance Appraisal section of the PDG
                    If the employee's location, position, or business goals did not change
                     during this fiscal year, 1) list the Position held this year, 2) number of
                     months in position, and 3) enter scores for all positions
                    If the employee changed locations, positions, or business goals
                     during the year, 1) list all "Positions," the employee held throughout
                     the year and "Months in Position" and 2) Enter scores for all positions
    Step 4       Manager and Employee complete the Comments Page
                  The comments page must include Manager and Employee

2. Enter and approve scores in MeritNet (after leadership has conducted Final Review
3. Once all performance appraisal scores are approved, conduct a Performance
   Appraisal meeting with your employees (see tips below for conducting an effective

Conducting the Performance Appraisal Meeting: (Reference the sample Performance
Appraisal Meeting agenda located on
   Explain both the purpose of the performance appraisal, the conversation and the
      rating system.
   Review each goal and the rating, providing specific examples of performance and
      asking for reactions.
   Deliver genuine honest feedback related to the goals specifically and core job
   Print the employee sheet from MeritNet and summarize the overall rating.
   Highlight strengths and areas for development.
   Express confidence in the employee to achieve goals, and set a follow-up date to
      meet to discuss a development plan.
   Manager and Employee must both sign and date the Form.
   Challenges: Delivering a performance review can be a challenge. It’s challenging
      when the manager has to deliver “bad news” such as a low performance review
      score. It can also be challenging when the manager doesn’t have enough
      documentation to give specific examples, when there hasn’t been enough time to
      write a thorough review, or when there is clearly a disconnect between the
      employee’s perception of their performance and the manager’s perception of the
      employee’s performance. But performance appraisals allow for and initiate an
      open dialogue between employee and manager regarding expectations and
   Reference the Effective Career Conversations – Performance, Rewards, &
      Development eLearning to help you prepare for the conversation.

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