Thunder dement by mikeholy


									                                                                                                                                                                                                                         WJ                             4- 1987
        ". . ._
                  _"   .. .",.- .~,
                                 ._"-   ___c
                                          ..._._.".. _".C.".
                                           " "     -               ..   "_
                                                                        "    ,"
                                                                              .   """   ,.-._".."
                                                                                          "_.        "-
                                                                                                      _ _ r   .   - _"
                                                                                                              _. . .__."_,       "-.".-
                                                                                                                                      ..        ""..""_,
                                                                                                                               - ,,.,." .... .".. _"..     -
                                                                                                                                                           - ."". .-   "      -. . -.- . - ...
                                                                                                                                                                             ."_ ".
                                                                                                                                                                                "                  "
                                                                                                                                                                                                         - ..-.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          L .I.   - ".
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   "".   .---.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    "    O€G".
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - -.- -.. ".-""._I__     I"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           .""     ..-      "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - .-   "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          .-.        ." .-   ~



            "_.. - ".
                    " . .. .-
                                    " "
                                   " "

          Volume 27 .. ,..._...-..Number 5 - "..
                                  .. ""-....".".
                                                               _"."           _

                                                                              "        "

                                                                                             .. _""     ".
                                                                                           __._ -_.___ ""- -."._ _" - "_""".
                                                                                  Serving Highline Community College with Excellence
                                                                                                                                                  I "
                                                                                                                                                 _ " (           _.",.-.""                        ""          -.."-"-."""-".
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         "                - -.-..-.-      -..
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               " "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              " " -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        F r i d a"- December .-4, 1287
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ."-    .-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ."__ "._
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .- ". ...


          Donations needed                                                                                                                                         . ,.
                                                                                                                                                                   . . .
                                                                                                                                                                          . .   ,
          for food bank
                                                                                                                                                                                    \     "   ,
                                                                                                                                                                       . , .
                                                                                                                                                                                .. .
            It? Dustin Stem
             Thc classified(WPEA) staff is
         continuing thcir annual holiday
         food drivcs this      year.   The
         Thanksgiving Christmas
                        and                  Iodicc intends to have a Christ-
         fwd drivcs have    btxn conducted   mas raffle to r i e funds for the
         undcr the leadership classified
                                of           poor,andaplaquestatingthe
         staffpresident Yogi Iodice for      motto, "We Carc,"which will
         fivc ycars now, with the aim of     annuallyrotate     to thegroup
         hclpingtheneedy,andgetting          which           the
                                                   contributcs most
         Highline Community  College         canned foods and money to the
         students and faculty involved. drive.
             Iodice said the drive has re-     The emphasis, however, is to
         cciveda, "great responsefrom        get as much student and admini-
I        thccampus."        Last" yeat.' the stration participation behind the
         Christmas fooddrive brought in drivc as possible,       Iodicesaid.
                                                                                   Periodicals technician Arlene Marsland shows some of the signs and one of the food barrels located
         75 bags of groceries andM in! i
                                       0     Gordon is anenthusiastic sup-         around campus to help raise f o for the Des Moines F o Bank.
                                                                                                               od                      od
         donations.Hoping         to exceed porter of Lhc program, and also
         those figures this year, Iodiceis bclicves getting people involved
         planning some additional activi- is thekey to thefooddrives'
         tics to provide extra support for success*                                ulty and students ate suppoftive The Christmas food drive will deposit it in an envelopeand
         the food bank.                       "Ifonly halfthestudentsattend-       of the drive, many
                                                                                         food but                       2nd at 10 a.m. m December 15. addrcss i t to Facilities &
            In cooperation withHighline      ing Highlinebrought food, Gar-        people merely forget they have Food drive barrels can be found Operations-MailStop 24-1 At-
          President Shirley Gordon, don          asked,could                   the
                                                                   YOU imagine opportunity          to help, that
                                                                                                           and          in Bldgs. 5,6, 9, 11, 15, 18, iention: Yogi Iodice.

          1 ravel program ofJers overseas exlverience          A                                                                                                                                                                    1

             By Sandra Lemaire                                                         no s l r ,(with mom and board back to my family, but sad, so
                                                                                             a y                                                                                                                                                               thc jobs are entry levcl positions,
                    InternationalCooperative                                           free), to a generoussalary (with very sad to be leaving this won-                                                                                                       requiring the student to do what-
             Education(ICE) program,which                                                   and
                                                                                       food self-housing          Self-=- derful         the
                                                                                                                                 country, marvelous                                                                                                            ever tasks areassigned,whilc
             offers opportunity          to earn                        "
                                                                        "          ~
                                                                                       ranged). Additional funds should    pcople I had met and grown to                                                                                                       others may demand highly
             academic   credits     in England,                                        be available for any unforesee- love, and most of all to be ending                                                                                                      skilled personnel. Students must
             Germany, Japan, Thailand,Tur- to familiarize with  them dre                                  or
                                                                                       able emergencies extras.            the best experience of my life."                                                                                                    be adaptable and coopcrativc.**
             key, possibly
                 and         China,           to           social
                                                  country's customs     and               Insurance is available through PamelaJ. Faller, employed a    in                                                                                                         Judd also reported several in-
             undergraduate    studentswho         language.                            NIEA, NorthwestInternational German         nursinghome,      in her                                                                                                    stanceswherestudentshavebeen
             wish to earn on-the-job experi-         Germany rcquira a minimum Education Association, for stu- report, dcscribesherreactions,                                                                                                                                    or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               askedto stay on asked to return
             ence while studying the values,      of one year of German and evalu- dents, who do not have private          "The memories f formed in Ger-                                                                                                      to their jobs once their commit-
                                                  ation by a German language in- insurance, at a minimal charge         of many will always be withme,                                                                                                         ment to ICE had been completed.
             rcligion,         history,
                       politics,             art,
                                                  structor.                            $27 for the summer.                                                                                                                                                     She stressed, "Students, or any-
             architecture,andmusic of the
                                                     In addition to the formal appli-       Previous ICE studentshave                                                                                                                                          one else, traveling in a foreign
             peopleinanother country, has    set
                                                   cation form and  deposit, students expressed
             Feb. 1, 1988 as the application
                                                   arc responsible for paying   trans-
                                                                                                  enthusiastic              "Students must be                                                                                                                  countryareguestsof that country
             ladline for i summer program.                                             for the program. Shell A. Schana-                                                                                                                                       and as such have no rights    other
                  Sixty positions arc available
                                                   portation cost, acquiring apass- man,     employed in a German adaptable             and         coop-                                                                                                       than .thoseauthorized by that
    .        for 8-10 weeks    across Europe,
                                                   port, writing anexperience                                       =-
                                                                                       children's camp, stated, "Ifeel erative."                                                                                                                               counq." In the program's five
                                                   port, obtaining required inocula- my summer Schwarzwald was
                                                                                                     in                                                                                                                                                         years, there have been no major
    '        the Middle East andAsia.Some                                                                                  "Mary Judd
             positions require a foreign l n tionsandrequesting three per- a m e m i n g
                                             a-                                                         point in my life.                                                                                                                                       problems.
             guage class while others empha- sonal recommendations.                    The kinderheim experience was          Program director                                                                                                                    'Through common effortthcre
             size office, journalism and social        Wheneverpossiblehousing         one that I will never forget. I t                                                                                                                                       is individual saength" is the
             skills.                               will be provided as part of the gave me the chance toexperience                                                                                                                                             motto of the NIEA whose pro-
                 ICE requires a $475 program       workcontract. I f such lodging another culture whilethe same and Germans
                                                                                                              at               the              will always                                                                                                    grams assist citizens, including
             fee, ($575 for England). If stu-      cannot be offered, students will time, sharing own with other have a tender spot in my heart.
                                                                                                       my                                                                                                                                                             and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                faculty students         to view
             dents cannot be placed one of         be assured housing at a reason- people. I made great  some               This tripSeems to have changed                                                                                                      themselves  as      enlightened,
             the three types of position, they     able rental charge. Most coun- friends whomhave kept close me. M y objectives were a at-
                                                                                                       I          in                                   l                                                                                                       aware,andculturallysensitive
             have  chosen, they      will be re-   tries have host families who pro-   contact with. I.only wish every- tained. I would recommend the                                                                                                           citizensofan independent world.
             funded$150ofthc$175deposit.           vide housing well as an oppor- one could have such an experi- InternationalCooperative Edu-
                                                                  as                                                                                                                                                                                               Chris Millcr, NIEA coordina-
                                                   tunity to experience life from a ence.**                                 cation program to anyonewho                                                                                                         tor and job development coun-
                Student responsibilities           view point seldom available to        Pauline Mullins, cmploycd in a wants to stretch andgrow in per-                                                                                                        selor, is locatcd in Bldg. 5 or she
                                                    forcign travelers.                 Turkishlibrary,expressedmixed sonality,     independence,        Ian:                                                                                                    can be  contacted at ext.217. She
                 After completionof the s l cc
                                            e -       A student's monthly compcn- emotions, "Ilcft theDevelop-              guage skills, and world vicws.                                                                                                      can provide applications and fur-
                 process,studentsattend            sationdependsontheposition                             of
                                                                                       ment Foundation Turkey with            Mary Judd, program director,                                                                                                      ther details concerning qualifica-
             classes, seminars, and mcctings       and country but may range from mixed emotions, gladbe going had these comments. "Many of
                                                                                                               to                                                                                                                                               tions anddeadline.


Soundproof prototype room tests positive
It! Linda Ih~rtlnvick                                                              mcnl. To achicvc this the ~ l l s                              Thcdiffcrcncc of opinion sct~~tivcs           from arm churchcs
  'I'cxhcrs can k sccn but            not                                          w'crc covcrcd with acot1stic;rl                         could bc duc to thc mcntd prw- mi othcr cducational facilitics.
Ircml, could be the nlotto lor                                                     wallhO;rrd; the cciling w a s low-                       cssxcording to Fritchmm. "Thc Currcnlly,privatc citizcns           within
I ~iglrlIncCommunity College,                                                      crcd m d awwic:tl wiling lile                            human mind hasthc ability LO ccrtain        boundarics cxtcnding
b u t I'ortuntitcly studcnts  will soon                                            insttrilcd: s(w~r(! 3lwwb;lnt          car-              shutout      cxtcmal distractions: south to 244th and north 100th.
tjr\ ;thlc t o sit tlrrougll an cntirc                                             pctlng \vas addct! and thcrml                            still jct noisc is unacccpublc."      arc k i n g compcnsntdby rhc
L h s ~   wihout suriining to lwar                                                 pttnc \vtntiotvs rcpl;t;.cd tlw C\N-                        Wl all thc classrooms hc "as Port of Seattle for soundproofing
uhiIL*    jets I u s s over.                                                       in9 sitrglc ~ ; ~ I I L *                                gotnl as" rmm 203:' Thc prcscnt duc to overflight noisc. Thcrc 3       is
    h ~ u d c n t s d tcachcrs arc Icst-
                  m                                                                                                                         rctnodcllng
                                                                                      Sotnc ol'l l t c s t u d m . ; c ' ~ t r r c ' ~ ~ t I ~          schcdulclncludcs          possibility that smilar lunding
II g
   I     ;I soutltlprool. protot ypc                                                                                                        RIdgs. 2. 383, 10, 12. 13. 13, 17. could hc availahlc forK C sincc
:I;tsw~)n~ Rltig. I . Thc pur-
                  111        O                                                     "If all the c3cnls were 19.2 1,and 22. Sclcction of build- dcsignatcd is lwatcd within thc.    tllc campus
                                                                                                                                                                                              boundaries.        This
pose o t ' ttrc prototypc, according                                                                                                        ings is brrscd on location sincc   at
t o Robin Fntchnm, HCC hcili-
                                                                                    as good as this one we trighcrclcvatcd pointsoncampus rnoncywould be addcd to drc
tics ;mtl opc'tations director, t o is                                              would be in good ;\irplnncscomc within approxi- S790,ooO alrcady allwatcd by
wst clemcnts of thc dcsign and                                                                                                              matcly 650 fcct of classrooms. Thc Statc Board 01' Community
                                                                                    shape."                                                 This schcdulc is bascd on avail- Collcgc       Edtlcatlon      o
                                                                                                                                                                                                          C r sound-
gct fcdhack from studcnLsand
tcachcrs bcforc rcmodcling othcr                                                    -Roger Landrud                                          able funding, so thc numbcr of proofing.
buildings.                                                                                                                                  buildings LO bc rcmodclcd could            Rcmodcling is schcdulcd to
                                                                                       Instructor                                           decrcase.                             bcgin dtcr thc 1988 Spring qur-
         Thc S 19,926 soundproof
prototypc, bcttcr known as mom                                                     ct~rollcd in Amcrican            Forcign                    At the prcscnttimc Fritchman tcr and will last until thc cnd of
 203. wasthcbcginning             of an                                            Policy, which mccts rn room                203 has bccnasked to SCNC on an Novcmbcr if thcrc arc no major
cxtcnsivc soundproofing projcct                                                    at 9 a.m. wcrc surprised to find                         advisory committcc thc Portof dclays. During this timc staff and
 which may includc a total of 11                                                   out the classroom was a proto-                           Scattlc for aircraft noisc which studcnts will bc askcd to assist in
 buildings on campus.                                                              type and indicatcd thcy noticcd                          cffccts publicbuildings.        Thc thc projcct by bcing     flcxiblc and
     Highlinc contractcd an archi-                                                 littlc diffcrcncc in noisc lcvcl                         committcc will consist of rcprc- coopcrativc.
 tcctural fm Harriflsang, Inc.,
              i ,
              r                                                                    comparcd to othcrclassrooms.
 and an acoustic         rcscarch
                                and                                                Hcidi Culbcrtson and Nancy
 consultingr mDynac Scicnccs,
 to mcasurcandrcscarchsound
 dccibcl lcvcIs insidctheclass-
                                                                                   Smith, howcvcr. arc          plascd with
                                                                                   thc changcs. "It docsn't stop thc
                                                                                   airplancs, but it's bcttcr than last
                                                                                                                              Legislators to visit
 rooms. Mcasurcmcnts wcrc
 tilkcn Winter quartcr, 1986. Aftcr
                                                                                   year," stated Culbertson. Rogcr
                                                                                   Landrud, instructor, also enjoys           Highline campus
 u 24 hour       Lcsting     pcriod thc                                            room 203. "If al thc moms werc
avcragc     noisc lcvcl insidc    thc                                              as good as this onc we wouldbc IBy Gerri LaMarche
classroom aroundwas             71 dB,                                             in good shape."                                            Local and statc rcprcscntativcs
                                                                                                                                           of various    districts will visit
                                                                                                                                           Highlinc on           8 for a lcgisla-

NEWS BRIEFS                                                                                                                                tivc luncheon. The mccting with
                                                                                                                                           scnators and reprcscntativcs collcgc rcprcscntcd on thc board
                                                                                                                                           throughout statc            will givc until recently." Sincc thc boards
     Advocates of Children's                                                            Thc Board of Trustees will HCC an opportunity to discuss findings issucs during thc Icgis-
Rights arc scarching for mcm-                                                       hold a special meeting Dcccm- issucs to bc addressed LO thc lative session in Olympia, Wal-
bcrs for thcir club on campus.                                                      bcr 8, at 7O p.m. in thc Board upcoming legislativescssion.
                                                                                                :O                                                                                   stipulatcs
                                                                                                                                                                                   ton        that          Highlinc
  Studcnts or faculty mcmbcrs in                                                    Room, Bldg. 25. This mecting                              "Issucs like funding, theover- should have somc input intothc
thc Early Childhood or Spccial                                                                                  as a
                                                                                    has bccn designated planning all budgct,and thc                              HigherEduca- boards findings.
Education progmms arc wcl-                                                          scssion. No final action is schcd- tion                    Coordination   Board arc                Accordingto Kay Gribblc,
comcmcmbcrsalong with any                                                           ulcd. The board may, if dccmcd important tocommunity collcgcs coordinatorof the history dcpm-
pcrson intcrcstcd in childrcn's                                                     ncccssary, convcncan exccutivc in Washington," saidAllan Wal- mcnt, dccisions votcd in by thc
rights.                                                                             scssion.                                               ton, math instructor.                   HEC board couldgo cithcr way
   For morc information contact                                                                                                                 The HEC Board was cstab- for 2-ycar schools.
Pctc Wcidcman at 824-8449 or                                                           The HCC Ski Club is sclling
on campus at cxtcnsion 255,                                                          Entertainment '88 coupon books lishcd to write a master plan for                                 Thc lunchcon will givc mcm-
                                                                                     on a first come first scrvc basis.                    highcr education in the statc. I t bcrs of HCC an opportunity to
                                                                                                                                           concerns community        collcgc       talk about issucs that may   cffcct
                                                                                        To purchase a Book contact
                                                                                                                                           rcp! esentatives  because       until   thc school.
  A workshop cntitlcd"Women                                                         Patty Von Bchrcn or            Mikc Arm-
making money in the trades"                                                                                                                recentlyall of thcboard mcmbers            Studcnts arcinvitcd to show
                                                                                    strong in Faculty D, Bldg.18,
                                                                                                                                           havcattendcd 4-y9aruniversi-             thc state rcprcscntativcs around
will bc offered on Dccembcr 12                                                      cxt. 501.
                                                                                                                                           tics.                                    Highline campus, andtalk with
from 9-1:OO p.m.and i s bcing
                                                                                     Scholarships now available:                               Carol Utisard of the math d e        thcm. Thc lunchcon is schcd-
sponsorcd by thc Womcn's     Dm-
                                                                                                                                            partmcntsaid, 'Thcre was not
grams. Thc workshop is dc-                                                           WashingtonOptometric- For onc mcmbcr from a community ulcd to hkc place in Bldg. 22,
sign4 for  womcn wanting        to                                                   Washington statc rcsidcnts, a                                                                  room 105.
find out about work in thc uadcs:                                                   scholarship of at l a s t $500 to bc
apprcnticcships, trainingavail-                                                     used for tuition in an accrcditcd
able at Highlincandjob opportu-
nities. Thc worksh~p bc kd
by MaurincBamctt. For nlorc
                                                                                    school or Collcgc Optomcuy,
                                                                                    awardcd each spring.
                                                                                    Dcccmbcr 15.
                                                                                                            Deadlincis                  Classifieds
information and to registcr                     Highlinc is sponsoringa visit to
         ~ 878-3710 C X ~ .3.10.
 p l a all ~                                  campus from four-gear college         Assistance   League-     For indi- FOR SALE: 1984 Pontiac
                                              counselor. Thc followingcol-                                                                  pc,
                                                                                    viduals of low and modcratc in- Ficro. Rcd. 4 s e d 4 cylindcr,
                                              lcgc counsclor will bc rcprc-         come sccking cducation fork t - rust proof body, auto rcvcrsc
                                                                                                                          stcro. 14 month transfcrablc
                                              scntctl:                                                  but
                                                                                    tcr cmploymcnt, who havc no warranty. Low milagc:28,000.
  $100 Co-op Essay Contest:                                                         othcr funding sourccs.Must hc a Asking S6,500. Call Kcvin at:
W i t c about your co-op                                                            King Countyrcsidcntcnrollcd
                                               Pacific Lutheran                                                           823-2641, or lcavc mcssagc at:
cxpcricnccandmakc S100. li                                                          for 12 credits with a 3.0 GPA. 244-5703.
you particip;ttcd in a co-op
                                                                                    Apply at I c a t Lhrcc wccks before
progum during 1987 you ;ire                    Dcc. 8      9:30- 1 2: 30            thc quartcr bcgins.This scholar-
cligiblc. Talk with your co-oJ.1                                                    ship is avail;lblc a11 ycar.
instructor or call tlw Co-op
                                                                                     Central M'ashington Iinh w-
! k * p : r m r c m . CSI. 204 or 3101) I)\
                                                                                    s i t y No-nccdand mcrit scholar-
111dg. 9. room I IS.
                                                                                     ship5 availublc        to SIU~C~I~IS
                                                                                     who arc applyin_c t o Cc-ntral
       h t i n g Disorder?;Support                                                   Washington University. I t l -
                                                                                                                  > ;d
 (;roup: N o ~ v   m*ctirrg on *I-uk~s-                                              line is Dcccmbcr 15.
 da!.?; f'ronl7-S:jO p.m. and S;ltur -
                                                                                    Soroptimist   for      N'omen- A
 days I'rom 1 0 - 1 1 :OOa m . in Bldg.                                                                                   \\'AS'I').=D: STAMPS and
                                                                                    $500 awartl is a\.iIilahlc t o
 2.3 room 113. 11' intcrcstcd con-                                                                                        COINS. Immcdiw cashiDr
                                                                                    womcn in a vcxxttiond progranl
 t;rct   Santli I-lrtll in I4mllh Scrv-                                                                                                      n
                                                                                                                          U.S. silvcr coitrs ad U.S.
                                                                                    pursuing   rctruining m cnrry
 iccs, cxt. 258. Your confidential-                                                                                       postage stamps. 1'11 mcct you
                                                                                    into thc labor market. Deadlinc  is
 ity i s assurcd.                                                                                                         at your convcnicncc. Call AI
                                                                                    Dcccmbcr 15.                          at: 039-337 I,cvcnings.
    HCC Thuliderword Friday, December 4 1987                                                                                                                      Page 3
                                       ..                                                                                                        . . -..
                                                                                                                                                 ,.. ..

    Editorials and Comment
                                                                 Middle East conflict
    M a t t Ksget \!anaging                 Editor               Naval power i s not the answer
    Karen Cooley A&E Editor
    Todd :McDonald
                 Sports   Editor                                 IIy Michael Foote                                         Rumor has it, thc Iraqi's Icamcd this trick lrom an
                                                                    Thc Unitd Statcs has substitutcd blundcr for        advance party of lsraclis who had bccn scnt I q10 ra
    Diunil Ihumgurt Photo Editor                                 common scnsc and thc good Prcsidcnt has takcn          10 try to scll somc of thc wcapons that thc Irrrnians
                                                                 mothcr suggcstion from thosc in thc Pcntagon that      had wfuscd to buy oncc thc Syrians told cvcryonc
    Connie                Advertising
                  (Zunnarson                                     would likc to tcst somc of thc high-priccd hardwwc     in thc world about thc "modcratcs"in tllc
                                                                 that thcy havc purchased during thc rcccnt Rcegan      Ayarollalr's govcrnmcnt. I t sccms that soInc
    Grcgg Musolf Circulation                                     Arms Build-up/Dcficit RcductionPlm.                    poplc in lrtrn wcrc rcally   mad that thc covcr on
                                                                    Thc rcsult is thc installation of Unitcd Statcs     thcrc "mtxlcnltc" govcmmcntwas blown.
    Serving Highline Community College                           Naval vcsscls in that gorgcous vacation spot that         How can Iran cvcn prctcnd light a Jihad with
                                                                 all of thc world is talking about, thc middlc cast.    "modcmtcs". Thc only coursc, Iran had at that
                                                                 Undcr thc auspiccsof protccting thc world      oil     p i n t wa$ to Ict Iraq bomb us so that wc would
                                                                 supply fmm thc intrusion of thc cvil forccs of thc     comc into thc war against Iran. Thus showing thc
    Food Banks                                                   Sovict Union, thc Unitcd Statcs has succccdcd in
                                                                 doing something that no othcr country thc world
                                                                 thought possiblc or prudent.
                                                                                                                        world thcrc wcrc no "modcratcs" in Inn, and
                                                                                                                        guarantccing thc stabilityof Lhc Ayatollah's

    need help
                                                                    Thc Iatcst attempt by thc Unitcd Smtcs to play         Wc havc had a prcccdcnt of only siding wilh
                                                                 policcman to thc world is rcminisccnt in somc          p w c r s that bomb our ships in that arca. This
                                 1                               ways to thc fwt of Thcodorc Rooscvclt who scnt         prcccdcnt was cstablishcd whcn Israclb ~ k thc
                                                                                                                                                                   o nd
                                                                 thc Unitd Statcs Navy around thc world to               USS Lihcrty for ovcr six hours in 1967. Of coursc
      Turkey, stuffing* mashcdpotiltocs with gravy.              announcc our prowcss on thc high      sms, thc         wc rcspondcd by shipping them grcatcr and      hrgcr
    and pumpkin pic arc traditional trcats of                    diffcrcncc is that now, most counuics know wc          amounts of armamcnts and forcign aid, Thc logic      of
    Thanksgiving and most us cnjoycd our own
                             of                     fill         hwc a Navy. Thc rcal question is will thc vcsscls      this was not lost on thc Iraqi's and thcy dccidcdthat
    of thesc holiday dishcsto last us until Apriland             prove cffcctivcin casc of attack? So far thc j r is
                                                                                                                  uy    thcy would do thcs m c thing. And now not only
    now our dict is gonc with our slim waistline.                still out.                                             arc thcy gctting protcction and hclp from thc United
      An idca people likc to cntcrtain nowadaysis that              But i f history has taught us anythingi t has       Sutcs but I m c l who was instrumcntal in
    a people cnjoythcsc huge banquet dinners
     ll                                          to              shown that thc best way to mobilizc thc American       connccting thc arms barons North and      Sword up
    celebntc thc holidays no mattcr whcrc thcy or                people to enter an unpopular war or "policc action"                                        also
                                                                                                                         with thc "modcmtc" Irdnians has dccidcd that
    what thcir financial situation.                              is through the proximity of the Navy to a trouble       maybe thc Iraqi's arc thc sidc to back and in Fact
      The facts remain that people going hungry
                                    are                                                    or
                                                                 spot and the accidcntd intcntional dcstruction      of                                          to
                                                                                                                         havc bccn scriously dcbating whcthcr back Iraq
    and are in immcdiatc nced our assistanceto help
                                of                               a UnitedStatcs Naval vesscl.                            too.
                      la ,
    them through thee ncold months ahead feed to                    Yes the same accidental bombing preccdcd thc
                                                                                                       that                 The Sovicts who uscdto be on thc side of Iraq,
    themselves, their families and most important   of           Vietnam conflict, the Spanish-American       War, and   and would have rc-flagged thcKuwati ships if we
    al their children.
      l,                                                         the American entrance into Iand WW 11 can
                                                                                                WW                                                                    in
                                                                                                                         had not, and thus cstablishcd our prcscncc the
                                                                 with any luck drag us into thcGrcat Oil War. Of         Persian Gulf, have finally resolved thcir diffcrcnccs
      The food barrels oadaround campusare not
                        lct  e                                   course this waris not to be confused with the Gas       with the Ayatollah have just recently signcd a
    there to make youfecl guilty  because you don't              W m of the late 60's early 70's. No this war will       treaty with him. Thus, cstablishing the prcscnce
    give, they are there give you the opportunity
                          to                        to           be better, this war offers the  United Statcs the       that brought us in to thc Persian Gulf to prcvcnt.
    make a difference somebodies life, so help out
                        in                                       possibility of choosing either side.                    So it is very cvidcntall our goals in thc Persian
    and donate some food items to the foodbank and                  Up until just a few  months ago, i t really looked   Gulf have bccn accomplished. The question that
    even if it's only a single person you help, isn't
                                                   it                                        of
                                                                  like we were on the side the Iranians, we were         remains is why arc wc still thcre.
    worth the effort?                                            selling weapons to the "moderates" in the Iranian         The only thing that hasn't happenedis thc war
                                                                  government for enormous profits and was a              hasn't escalatedto thc point whcre our fancy lasers
                                                                 good chance thatwith the continuationof the war                                                  bc
                                                                                                                         and other sophisticated weaponry can put to a
                                                                  between Iran and Iraq, and the patriotism Ollie        m e test. That was the reason that we wcnr thcrc in
                                                                  North, that the national dcpt could have been rolled the fust place and wearc going to stay until wc can
    HIGHLINE COMMUNlTY COLLEGE                                                             of
                                                                  back and the promises the Reagan                       conduct some rcal battle   tests undcr thc sucss of
    P.O. BOX 98000                                                Administration to control thedeficit might have
    DES MOINES, WA. 98198-9800                                                                                            real war conditions. But don't wony, as Soon as
                                                                  even become a reality. Then a strange thing             President Reagan says we not be f o r d out of
                                                                  happened, the Iraqi's bombed one our ships killed
                                                                                                      of                  the Gulf under any cillcumstances, go down thc to
      The THUNDERWORD is published by                             a fewof our men and we came into the war on their       docks, the boys will be home within three or four
      journalism       students ofHighline                        side.                                                   days.
    Community          The
               College. opinions
    expressed are necessarily
                  not                  those o f
    theCollege    or its students.
        We welcomeall letters, news, guest
    editorials criticism
             and                from the
    campus population.      and
                      Letters             guest
    editorials should be kept to 300 words                       DearEditor,                                               engineersbecause industry will pay twiceas much,
    maximum (500 for guest editorials).                           On Nov. 23rd, after invitations to the Legislative       only someonewith their headin the sand would
    Anything longer w i l b el    subject to                     Luncheon (where faculty and      administrators have a    believe that everything will be fn , if we will only
    editing. All submissions to the                              chance to meet with area legislators and express          go back to the blackboard and keep   giving lectures.
    Thunderword must be signcd in order                          their concerns), Ireceived the following reply, from        (2) More reductions to others??If it is the
    tobe    published and include a phone                        someone on   a ps
                                                                              cmu.                                         Defense Department, perhaps, Butit is not the
-    number.
                                                                   "I sorry Ican't attend as Iwill be out of
                                                                 town. M y concerns: Educatorsare always talking
                                                                                                                           choice of educators to be pitted against the
                                                                                                                           advocates of Mental Health,Chom services forthe
       The THUNDERWORD office is located                         about more !!!More pay! More funds! More                  elderly, and Child Prolective Services, when isit
     in Bldg. 10     m
                     105. Office hours are 9                     educations to others! Whenwill we em    la                time to ask for funding, whichis what was done
     a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.                                       economics !!More efficiency with money. a e     Mr        last yearin Olympia by a coalition of Republicans
       The THUNDERWORD i s published by                          concem  about  students.     .                                                           in
                                                                                                                           and Conservative Democrats the Senate. This
     Valley Publishing in Kent,                                    Money + more Money = Quality Education ? I                                         for l
                                                                                                                           State needs more revenue al most a        l
     Washington.                                                 think not! Time to wake up to fiscal reality. The         departments. You can't educate the mind the body
                                                                 more money we asking for has to come from
                                                                                     are                                   is starved or abused, and the body can't earn a living
                                                                 someone! The tax pay- =me!!''                             if the mind is blank. And unfortunately, all
     Teresa Nash                                                   Unfortunately, whoever wrote this noteto me             departments in the state governmentare going to be
     Tom Christian                                               neglected to sign so the only way to
                                                                                      it,                                  fighting over a shrinking pie, until the state does
     Paula Grassell                                              communicate with the author is via some public            away with it's regressive sales tax ans adopls a
     Stuart Fox                                                  forum. M y reply: Iappreciate your concerns, But      I   sensible income  a.
                                                                                                                                            tx   That's fiscal reality.
     M i kZ e h n d e r
          e                                                      think anyone whohas paid attention to the reality            (3) The money does have to come from someone.
     M a rA n t i l l a                                          of the educational funding this state for the last
                                                                                                in                         Maybe we shouldtalk to our legislators abouttax
     Lance Montgomery                                            sevemlyearsshouldbeveryconcemed.                          teform.
                                                                   (1) Certainly educators spend a of time
     Dustin Stern                                                                                                             (4) Money + more money=Quality Education?
                                                                 talking about more pay more funds. People           in
     Mary Simms                                                                                                             Not by itself,no. But low funding + continued
                                                                 jail spend a lot of time thinkingabout fe dre-
     Tom Fletcher                                                                   a a   s
                                                                 When you haveM mOT DoctomteDegree and
                                                                                                                                                   +                =
                                                                                                                            legislative indifference more reductions fewer
     Carlos Benjamin                                                                                                        good leachers = fewer good students.
                                                                 about 10 to 20 years experience, it's frustrating to
     Linda Borthwick                                                                                                                   o
                                                                                                                              (5) I'm sw you can't makeit on Dec.8. Maybe
                                                                 scc youtself, year after year, slipping  lower and         someone else will pass on your concerns. Buti t
     John Ketchum                                                lwr
                                                                 o e as f;ar as buying power, not even keeping up           won't be me.
     JohnaStrader                                                with inflation. When your     share of the state budget
     JeanneBartlemay                                             drop6 from over     20% to less than 17% and stays
     Sandra Lemnirtr.                                            there ( s i t has in this sae and Lhe roof is leaking
                                                                        a                   tt)                            A l h Waltoa
     G e rL i M a r c h e
          rc                                                     and we have trouble hiring computer scientists and        Math Instructor

                                                             - : ..,
                                                           * . ..      *
                        HCC Thunderword Friday, December 4, 1987                                                                                                            Page 5
Page 4

                                                                     Gi 9 ioq t o
                                                                      rn 7                        the Holidays


                                                                                                       Hannukah, lasting8 days, is thc Jewish Festival Lights,
                                                                                                       a F a t of Dedication beginning the25Lh day of thc
                                                                                                       Hebrew monthof Kislev, usuallyin December. Gifts arc
                                                                                                       exchanged and contributions made to poor. A candle is
                                                                                                       lit each evening during the

                                                                              In Seattle    are
                                                                                        there the
                                                                              Christmas which
                                                                              sail Puget Sound, Lake
                                                                              Union and  LakeWashing-
                                                                              ton while carolicrs  on
                                                                              board sing to people gath-
                                                                              theshoreline. It has be-
                                                                              come the IargcstChrist-
                                                                              mas flotilla in the United
                                                                              States oftcn numbering
                                                                              300 ships.

                                                                                                                                  Thc HCC choir sings Christmascarols for tkc
                                                                                                                                  annual Christmas Lunchcon.

                                                                                                                       The Chinese cclcbrate the New Year with a parade
                                                                                                                       e by a large colorful dragon fireworks sparkle in
                                                                                                                       ld                            as
                                                                                                                       the air.Every culture celcbralesthe new year

                                                                                             Y                         uniquely.

         .   .   '   ....   . . . . - . . . . . . a   .... "..*"".
Page 6                                                                                                                                            HCC Thunderword Friday, December 4. 1987

Arts and Entertainment
Schram to host campus 'orurn
                                                                         Bcforc ;wccpting thc posttion    comnutmcnt to community     scrv-
                                                                        l                                 ICC.
                                                                      for tiO%lO in 1977. Schmm             Also appcaringon campus will
                                                                      worked tor L o s Angclcs   and      lw Dous  'Tolmic,produccr      of
    ..\s part t)l' thc constitutional                                                                     "Town Meeting", who has bccn
                                                                      Spokanc Iclcvision stations.
c'cictv;rtlon. Ken Schram of                                          Schram, who is also thc Director involvcd in thc dcvclopmcnt of
KOXlO's "'Town Mccting" will                                          of Editortals lor KOMO radio Ihc town mccting which will hc
l.rc hosting 3 townmccting on                                         and KO310 tclcvision, has           rtlpcd for usc on campus.
~unpus    regarding privacy in thc                                    hostcd "Toun blccting**tor thc           Two studcnts havc bccn sc-
workplace andrightsthc             of                                 past six years.                     lcctcd throughauditionsto     bc
cnq>loyrs m cmployccs.                                                                  his
                                                                            Throughout carccr.            intcrvicwcd byS c h m and will
    0ngln;rlly         Ncw  York,                                              work rcccivcd
                                                                      Schram's has                        prcscnt both pro and con argu-
Sc-hram bccn
         has working   for                                            many      including
                                                                           honors        thrcc            mcnts on thc formal topic-"Pri-
KOXIO lor tcn of his       fiftccn                                    awardsfromthcBroadcast          In- vacy In Thc Workplacc: How far
\.cars in journalism. Hc has pcr-                                     dustry Confcrcncc in 1984 his can cmploycrsgo in sctting con-
tormcdin ;1 multitudc of posi-                                        writing,producing,and report- ditions of work?" Thc rnccting
tionsIncluding         an-
              rcporting,                                              ing on "Town Mccting" and vari- focus on topics suchAIDS
                                                                                                          will                     as
choring.        hosting,
         writing,       and                                           ous cditorials.                     tcsting, drug tcsting, no
prtwluclnp tor KOMO and othcr                                              His cditorialshavc m c d smoking policics          in       thc
indcpcndcnt stations.                                                 awardsfromthcExccllcncc          in workplacc.
   Schram*s c;uccr kgan in 1972                                       Journalism compctition and thc        Thc town mcctingwill bc hcld
\vllcn hc work& onshortncws                                           Mitional Vanguard Award.            on Friday, Dcccmbcr4 at 1 1:OO
sqmcnts tor California station
               a                                                         Schram was conwctcd at thc a.m. in Bldg. 26, room 213, and
whik attcnding California Statc                                       cnd of thc  summcr  by      Linda student$ arc cncourrrgcd to par-
Univcrslty. Hc holds an Associ-                                       Bakcr, coordinator of the jour- ticipate in thc             Thc
ate Arts Dcgrcc in Political Sci-                                     nalism          and
                                                                            program, acccptcd             vidco mpe will be available for
cnccandgraduatcdfrom            CSU                                   thc invitation to host Ihc campuc studcnt viewing in the cafeteria               Ken Schram, hostof KOMO's "Town Meeting", will be on cam-
with a B.A.   dcgrcc injournalism.                                    rnccting as part of KOMO's the following wcck.                                   pus for HCC's own town meeting on "Privacy in the Workplace."

                                                                                                           Puppet Theater company
                                                                                                           presents Russian love story
                                                                                                            By    Karen Cooley               much more visible than convcn- more           on
                                                                                                                                                                                     action the        stage and
                                                                                                                                             tiond hand-held puppets.           more depthin thc story.
                                                                                                              The tear^ of Joy P w Thm-
                                                                                                                                  u t                                              The production is accompa-
                                                                                                            terfromVancouver,Washing-           Thc tale of'Petrouchka' begins nicd Stravinsky's
                                                                                                                                                                                    by            magical
                                                                                                            ton, will presenttheirmusical                                    a
                                                                                                                                             ;it a carnival whcn Pctrouchka, music andis a regular part thc of
                                                                                                            intcrpretation of a classiclove clown, magically comes to Iifc Tcars of Joy Thcatcr's "Family
                                                                                                            story entitled 'Petnwchka'.      and fallsin love with a ballcrina. Scries" for al ages.
                                                                                                                The T a s of Joy Theater, But she is in love with strong
                                                                                                            found4 in 1971, U)ufs and per- and handsome      Moore rather than     "Petrouchka" will be
                                                                                                            f m s at nationwide universities mcck and gentle Petnwchka.                                  o
                                                                                                                                                                                presented by the Tearsf Joy
                                                                                                            m d festivals as well as abroad.                                    Puppet Theateron December 5,
                                                                                                             Their productions not only in-      Whereas most productions   are at 11:OO a m . in Bldg. 7. Tickets
 Life-sized puppets are controlled by actors in "Petroucbka."

            .Cam                          ..
                                                          ..::. ...



                                                          .. .                                                                                                                                ~~~   ~~~

          .    ..   ..      ..... .. .
                             ...            . .
                                                    _ ...- .. . .
 I., ,    '.    ,
                             :_.. .
                                           ._.:..     .
                                                                                                                                 Word Processing Services
                                                                                                                                                Word Processing/Typing

        events,                      contact the
                                                                                                                                                   STUDENT SPECIAL
                                                                      auditions for the WinterQuarter
                                                                                                                                                   GOOD AT RLL FOUR LOCATIONS
                                                                      presentation of"Yermawwill be
                                                                      held January5,6, and 7 in the
                                                                      Little Theater locatedin Bldg.
                                                                      4, from 2 3 0 4 3 0 p.m.
                                                                        Production workersas well as
                                                                                                                                               10-20 MINUTE SESSIONS
                                                                                                                                                WOLFF SYSTEM oooooooooooooo                         $2.0
         TearsOf               P'pptTheater                           actors are needed.Anyone   inter-
               'PctrOUChka' Sat-
 W i l l PrCSent
 urday*December s at

 in Bldg. 7. Children under 5
                             a*m*          '                          cstcdin being a        of the pro-
                                                                      duction is encouraged to contact
                                                                                                                 3 More Locations lo
                                                                                                                 Serve You Better
                                                                      the ma e m e n t for spc-
                                                                                   d                             Kent- 854-1220
 free and for children aged 5-12
 admission in $1.00, 12-
                                                                      cific details. Preliminary audi-
                                                                      tions       2held         and 3;
                                                                                                                 325 S. Washingson
                                                                                                                 (in front of the K-Mart)              10 Wolf Tanning Beds           ours: Mon-Thus 7 am - 9 pm
 s2.00.                                                               however, no final casting deci-            Ta~~rmr * 474-5841                    StandUpBeds                             n
                                                                                                                                                                                              F 7am-10pm
                                                                                                                 6450 S.                                                                      Sat1Oam-lOpm
                                                                      sions have been made.
                                                                                                                 Bdlevu. 453-9826
                                                                                                                 1024 116th NE
 Gordon Voiles will direct the
 HCC Fall Choral Concert on
                                                                                                                                                        330 SW 43rd Street RENTON
 Sunday, Dccember at 3:30p,m.
                6                                                                                                                              "
 in Bldg. 7.                                                                                                     NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY
                                                                                                                                            expires 121311g7   2 5 1 9 0 11

                                                                                                            Please Present Coupon toReceptionist

Revenge: Women's Volleyball steals conference
By    .Iohna    Stradcr
    On Novcmkr 27thandthc            Clark and Mt. b d consccu-
28th 111 Yakitna thc Highitnc tiwly. Tlrc following day, Satur-
Wo~ncrr's vollcybrrll t a m won day, thc T birds wcnt onto claim           "Our intcnslty Icvcl has bwl)
thcir t l m l straight
                     conliln'ncc     victory ovcr Skagtt in a    lour                                         In somc of tllc plrrycr's minds         In thc six ycar tcnurc ;!\
                                                                        building sincc our loss to Skagtt
championship.                        g m c sct, Iwving Skagit to play                                      HCC's Hcathcr Rilcy WLLS over-        coachcs            and
                                                                                                                                                          Littlcrnan Wilson
                                                                        In thc last pamc OC h c season,"
  For thc lirst ttmc stncc thc tour- in thc l o w s brackct against Mi. said Krcbs.                        look&wtlcnindividualawards            htrw ukcn HCC t o six tourn;t-
                                                                           Rcncc                 "Wc just
nmcnts inccption. a t a r n that Hood. dcfcating
                                           Aftcr        Hood.                                              wcrc passcdout. "t-hxttlwr w a s an   nrent appwranccs,wt lour first
                                                                        stattcd playing wcll togcthcr 111                                        placcs, a swond pltrcc m LL third
placcc!sccond in thcirdivision       Skagit thcn advanccd thc finals timc for thc toumamcnt."
                                                            to                                             ahsolutc monstcr in this touma-
won thc coalcrcnccchampton-          against HCC in a must win situ-                                       nrcnt,"cxplrrins tcammalc     Wash-   pltrcc finish.
    Surprisingly.       HCC dc- ation.    Skagit       nwdcd to b t         At thc tournamcnt's conclu-
fatcd Skagit Vallcy, a t m that Highlinc twicc in ordcr to claim
                           c                                            sion thc confcrcncc tcams wcrc
handcd thc Birds thcir only twothc thc titlc, but i t wits not to bc. postcd.Amongthcplaycrsthc
dcfcats of thcscilson. Not sur-                                              on
                                                                        listcdthc        first t a m was
                                        in thc fust g m c of thc finals
prising i s thc fact thatHCC won Skagit dcfatcd HCC 15-9. Thcn          HCC's own Ktcbs and f'rcshman
yctanothcrconfcrcncctitlc        a$ thc T-Bird's dominancc and in- Gina Bali. Washington           was
 thcir continues
    rcign         as
                   thc                                                  choscn on thc sccond   tcam. As if
                                     tensity surfaccd. Thc next thrcc
Northwcst Athlctic Association                                          Lhoschonorswcrcnotcnough            sclvcs all thecrcditforthcirtour-      With     cnforccr, ,hc motiva-
                                     gamcsHCCbcatSkagit 15-5,15-
of Community Collcge champi-                                                  and
                                                                        Krebs Washington    wcrc
                                     12 and 15-1 consccutivcly, with                                                 victory*Thcy speak           tor, thc MVP, and the monster,
ons. Highlinehas won     fourof the the lastgamc bcing                  named to thc Northcm Rcgion's                       coaches John Lit-     HCC wasbound to have [hcright
                                                          HCC's stamp                                               Of
 last fivc confctcnce champion-                                         r s tam.
                                                                         ut                                 rleman, and John Wilson.
                                     on Skagit's hopcs.                                                                                                                thc
                                                                                                                                                  stuff this ycar. Ending scilson
 ships and their intensity on the                                       Krebs        yet
                                       "After wc b a t Clark Ikncw we award.Shcwaschoscn            as thc     "lt's absolutely incrcdiblc thc    with 10-2 rcgional rccord and5-
 court is and has always been the
                                                   to                                                        knowlcdgc thcsc men havcthc  of      0 toumamcnt confcrcncc rccord
 dcciding factor. N t to mention wcrc going win thc champion- tournamcnt's Most Valuablc
                                     ship,"saidsccondyearplaycr         Playcr for Lhcsccondycar in a       gamc," says Krcbs. "Thcyrwlly         thc coachcs probablyhaw wnrc
 their cxpcrience.
   On the opening day the tour- Tina Washington. "I looked
                        of                                              row. No-onc has evcr won back knowwhatthcy'rcdoing,and                    niccwords to say  aboutthcir
 nament, HCC bcat Chemeketa , around at playcrs and saw thisto back MVP's in thc history of thcy know how gct us psychcd
                                                 Lhe                                                                          to                  womcn,  o.

 Men's basketball team heats up this winter
 By Todd       McDonald
   Arc you finding yoursclf get-        Bccause of his s i x , mostlook to scorefromtheoutsidc.           onand       off thc said
                                                                                                                            court,"              thc bench and createsomccxcitc-
tingcoldnowthatwintcrhas          pmplc are surprised at his                           am
                                                              ability Whilc thcse guys busy letting       Fullington.                            menton thc floor. ycar Grant
finally found us? So why don't to facc thc baskct."His grcatcst bombs fly, a pair of 6 4 forwards             Fullington also bclicvcs that      l a d the tcam in assists and CTC-
you comc insidc and heat-up assct maybc his ability to shoot will bc busy mixing i t up insidc
                            with                                                                          team dcplhwill be a dctcrmining        atcd havoc foropposingtcams
the Highlinc  men*s basketball     fromthcoutsidc,"saidformcrwithopposingtcams.Frcshmcn                   factor in thescason's succcss.All      with hiscat-quick instincts. "Thc
tam.                                     and found
                                   player ncw         trainer          Jcrry Bushand Darin Robison        fiftccn playcrs will see playing       key to playing defensc bcour
   L d by four returning veterans,
    e                              Greg Fullington.   "Whcn         havc
                                                                  hc shown   Harrison         of thcir    time inan cffort to wcar opposing      sustained         throughout
including Greg Sparling, and a     matches up with opposing    teams strength inside.                     tcamsdown. "We will usca man-          thc game," said Fullington.
good recruiting class, HCC big men,he will be able to pull                Dcspitconlyhavingfourrc-        to-man dcfcnsc with an acca-                This week HCC will bcgin
should provide its fans with an thcir big guys out of thc kcy to turning vcmans, the team has             sional zone dcfcnsc:' said Hami-       playing i t 3 pte-season schedulc
exciting brand basketball.         cover Sparling'sthrec-pointmoldcd  togethcr          wcll. "One of    son. Fresh lcgsarc always a key          in pparation for the     regular
   Sparling, a farward, wasan shot." Sparling is noted as onc of our strengths is going to bc ow
              6-7                                                                                        to playingdcfcnsc. Look for vet-        ~nthatbeginsonJanuary6at
 intregal cog on years fourth the teams top shootcrs from the tcam unity, wcal gctalongs a
                 last                                                                             ct     cmnguvd MiltGrant      tocomcoff         home against Everctt.
dacc tcam. The sccond year          19-9 three-point shot.


      Women's Basketball
      Dec. 4 Wenatchee atHighline 9 p.m.
      Dec. 9 Green River at Highline 7 p.m.
      Dec. 11 Highline at C W J V 1 p.m.
                                                                       I Excellent Variety o f plush stuffed ani mal4
                                                                         32041A Pacific Hivsy South
                                                                                                                                                             5 cent copies
                                                                                                                                                     839- 1938

      Dec. 12 Highline at Spokane 4 p.m.
      Dec. 18 Highline at Chemeketa6 p.m.
      Dec. 19 Highline at Mt. H o 4 p.m.
      Dec. 22 Grays Harbor at Highline 7 p.m.
      Dec. 23 Wenatchee atHighline 7 p.m.
      Men's Basketball
      Dec. 4 C W J V at Highline 3 p.m.                                                                      ON-CALL
      Dec. 5 Lower Columbia at Highline 7:30 p.m.                                                        PART-TIME DRIVERS
      Dec. 8 Grays Harbor at Highline 7:30 p.m.
                                                                         Hertz Penske Truck Leasing is hiring part-time, on-call drivers. These drivers move trucks
      Dec. 1lHighline at CWUJV 3 p.m.                                    between Herb Penske locations in the Puget Sound area and between Seattle, Spokane,
      Dec. 12 Highline at Spokane 6 p.m.                                 and Portland.
      Dec. 15 Green River at Highline 7:30 p.m.
 I    Dec. 18 Highline at Chemeketa 8 p.m.                               Qualifications for this job include good driving record and the ability to pass a driving test
      Dec. 19 Highline at Mt. Hood 6 p.m.
      Dec. 22 Highline a t Lower Col~~mhiap.m.
                                          8                        I
                                                                         in 14', 20' and 2 4 trucks. A written test on the rules of the road is also required.
                                                                         A Washington State Driver's LicenseIS required.
                                                                         Applicants must be at least 21 years old.
          D.C. Laundry                                                   Successfulapplicants will be requlred to obtaln a Depart-
                                                                         ment TransportationMedical     at
                                                                                                   Card Hertz                Penske's
         Open 24 h r s a day                                             expense, and pass a drug screen test.
                                                                         These jobs pay $6 per hour for Puget Sound area driving.
         NEXT TO ALBERTSONS AT 260TH                                     Spokanetripspay $50 plusreturnalr fare. Portlandtrips
         75 c e n t WASH 25 c e n t DRY                                  pay $35 plus returnair fare.
         FREE firstdryto HCC Etudentswith I d
         Soap-Purex-Fabric Softener                                      For anapplicationcallMarkOuffy            at 24ci-7600 between
         1 4 pop n w c h a n g e m a c h i n e
                  e                            -                          :O
                                                                         9O a.m. and S:OO p.m.
         852-4769 26030 Pacific Highway        South                               Hem Penske is an equal opportunity employer.


               LatestFallFashions                            IVYLaundrv

              O n Earth. W e have in stock
              sweaters,jeans,skirts jackets.

                           -OXIDE WASH-
                                     Skirts: compare at $42.00
                                               Our   price     $28.00

                                    Jackets: compare at $85.00
                                             our price   $3930

                                     Jeans: compare at $6S,OO
                                            o u r price $24.88

                                Knit m a t e r s : compare at $39.00
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                                                                   $2 OFF
                                              any r e g u l a p r i c e dt e m
                                                              r         i             store
                                                                                 in the

                                                              Open      M-F 10:30-8:00
                                                                        Sat 10:30-7:00
    Pacific Hghway South           Highline
                               Community College
                                                                        Sun 12:OO-6:00


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