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					List Of Documents Required – EPF / KWSP

1.1 Form KWSP 9C (AHL)

1.2 Malaysian Identification Card (MyKad)/ Military Identification Card/Permanent Resident
Identification Card (MyPR).
Police Identification Card affixed with your right and left thumbprints on its copy and a letter
from your employer confirming that your police number and Identification Card number refer to
the same person.
Passport if you are a Non-Malaysian citizen who has become an EPF member before August

1.3 Your Personal Savings Account Passbook / Statement OR the original copy of Personal
Current Account Statement OR Individual Joint Account (for withdrawal exceeding

        The bank account must be active.

        The bank account must be with a Panel Bank approved by the EPF.

1.4 Sale & Purchase Agreement (purchase from developer) OR Proclamation of Sale from
Administrator / Court (public auction purchase) which contains the name of the member or
names of all members (for joint purchase) and the date of execution does not exceed 3 years on
the date the withdrawl application is received.

1.5 If a housing loan is involved, the following documents will have to be produced:

        Housing Loan Approval Letter (if the loan approval is less than one (1) year from the
         date the withdrawal application is received); OR
        Housing Loan Approval Letter and Housing Loan Agreement/ Mortgage Form 16A (if
         the housing loan approval has exceeded one year from the date the withdrawal
         application is received).

1.6 Proof of relationship (for joint purchase involving spouse or next of kin namely parents or
siblings. For joint purchase involving next of kin, the member is required to submit an
explanation letter stating the reason for the joint purchase.


        All documents in paragraph 1.1 to 1.6;
        If it is a cash purchase, the following additional documents must be produced:

              PURCHASE FROM                     PURCHASE FROM PUBLIC
                 DEVELOPER                                 AUCTION
        a) A confirmation letter from the    a) A confirmation letter from a
        developer stating that purchase is   lawyer’s office that handles the
        by cash; AND                         transaction stating that the purchase
                                             is by cash; AND
        b) Proof of payments of at least
        20% of the price of the house;       b) Proof of payment of at least 20%
        AND                                  of the price of the house; AND

                                             c) Transfer of Ownership documents
        c) Architect’s Certificate to
        confirm progress of construction
is not less than 20%.   which include:

                               Form KTN 16F (Perakuan
                                Jual oleh Mahkamah); OR
                                Form KTN 16I (Perakuan
                                Jual oleh Pentadbir Tanah);
                               Land Title Deed in the
                                member’s name; OR
                               Deed Of Assignment AND
                                letter of confirmation from
                                buyer/seller’s lawyer stating
                                that the Notice of
                                Assignment has been
                                produced and received by
                                the developer under the
                                Section 22D (2) Housing
                                Developer Act (Control And
                                Licensing) Amendment
                                2007; OR
                               Form KTN 16F/ 16I in the
                                name of the member which
                                has not been completed by
                                the Land Office AND
                                Statement of Transfer from
                                the Land Office which has
                                been completed AND A
                                statutory declaration to
                                confirm the purchase of the
                                house, and if the member
                                does not proceed to
                                purchase or do not/fail to
                                produce the transfer of
                                ownership document that
                                bears the member's name
                                within 6 months from the
                                date his/her application is
                                approved the member's
                                withdrawal is deemed void.
                                The member then must
                                return to the EPF all of the
                                withdrawal amount which
                                has been made).

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