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County    Suggestions
Anne      Dear Sirs,
             One significant way that you could reduce costs and improve "Health Care Outcomes" for many people would be to put every single disabled person in Maryland to work in competitive employment, teach them not
          only to work and to contribute to the community, but to manage their own resources, pay their own bills (starting with Health Care Expenses), pay taxes (it is avctually a privilege to be able to pay taxes; not everyone
          has enough income to be able to pay taxes). Health Care coverage should a part of what everyone is able to earn with their work. Everyone should be trained to be able to not only pay for their own healthcare, but to
          be able to manage their own healthcare. This would not only save money in the budget, it would also improve healthcare outcomes for those who are severely disabled.

              In addition, everyone should be trained to not only work, but to participate in "lifelong learning" and "continuing professional education". The best vehicle to deliver "continuing professional education" and "lifelong
          learning" is through our nationwide system of community colleges (mostly in night school). The community colleges offer the best quality of training for the least possible cost. They will accept anyone who wants to try
          to learn, no matter what. They have the capacity to take people from "where they are" to "where they want to be" for a minimal dollar cost. It is also important for people to not only study such things as Math, Science
          and Business, but it is also imoportant for people to study such things as Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Cultural Anthropology, Economics, Written and Spoken Communications, Organizational
          Development, the Management of (many different kinds of) Relationships, etc.

             These are but a few ideas. Thank you for listening.


          Retired IT Professional
          Small Business Owner
           PS - One more thought would be: "Technology is not really a toy or a source of entertainment; it is merely a "working tool" that can be used to perform work and to pay your bills [much the same as a "hammer and
          saw" are "working tools" for a carpenter or a "trowel and and a spade" are "working tools" for a stonemason]". Again, thank you for listening.
Anne      Have more troopers on the road writing traffic tickets. I live near exit 8 at the Baltimore Beltway, and it sounds like a raceway most of the time with speeding cars, trucks, and motorcycles. It would make the roads
Arundel   safer and riase money. Please do it
          Sell off surplus land holdings to individuals for the sole purpose of eco-friendly homesteading.

          make every government form and process easy enough for the average citizen to utilize with out having to deal with a government worker to explain the form.

          Dear Governor O’Malley—
          I commend your exploration for honest, achievable solutions to align the state’s budget with the current economic phase we—and the nation—have entered. Having worked on the health policy side of Maryland
          initiatives, I can knowledgeably say that opportunities do exist for broader economic efficiencies. Health care reform does not place exclusive demands on changing the industry but requires collective self-examination
          and innovation by all stakeholders.

          I recommend that the Governor’s office perform an assessment to eliminate the duplication of services. When multiple organizations provide similar, even identical information and output, the value brought to public
          health does not increase, however, the costs of redundancy do increase expenditures unnecessarily. For example, the Maryland Health Care Commission does quality reporting on hospitals, nursing homes, and health
          plans. The facility reports are derived from data collected and processed by CMS, which also publishes the information for consumers’ use. Maryland neither facilitates consumerism by echoing the work of the federal
          government nor does it position itself as a leader in health care quality that can usher in true reform.
             I can expand on efficiencies through de-duplication of efforts should you have an interest in further details.


Montgomery   If we keep cutting the budget, families are not going to be able to receive the services they need. This is not fair in this type of economy to leave out low income families who rely on these services.
             Please don't cut funds for education and public health services.
             Thank you.
Harford      How about cutting funding to programs that don't work. or! how about smaller goverment. You cut goverment jobs by 100 but create 250 more. Thank god they don't run a business, they would go broke. Let us keep
             more of our money. How about making thoughs on welfare.... yes welfare!!!! do some community services hours for the free money they receive every month. 20 hrs a month should be a good start. Independent card?
             It should be called a dependent card... they depend on the tax payer to pay thier taxes.
Montgomery   please keep the adult literacy program.
Baltimore    Put an end to your use of the MD PSC as a personal attack dog against one utility in the State. There are several utilities, all with comparable delivery service prices and there are Electric Choice options that every
             electricity user and many gas users have. Why have we singled out one utility to wage war on? It made sense (albeit in a strange way) and it worked as Mayor of Baltimore. It makes no sense as Governor.
             Your attempt to make yourself somehow look better in the eyes of Maryland voters has not worked. Put an end to the abuse of power and save the taxpayers the following:
             The costs associated with the continued investigation into the sale of 49.9% of nuclear assets from one of the utilities. (The judicial branch has served up a hollow victory but ultimately must follow the rule of law.) How
             much has this farce cost the taxpayers of the entire State?
             The potential loss of jobs with the construction, operation and maintenance associated with the addition of a third nuclear unit in Southern Maryland. (How much will this cost the taxpayers of Maryland?)
             And the embarassment that unrestrained egotistical power delivers. (Priceless?)
             Best wishes with the budget.
             I understand all of the problems were inherited from the previous administration. All of the rest of Marylanders understand too. ;-)
Baltimore    Do not change the voting system in Maryland. There is no reason to change voting systems in Maryland. This will save 20 to 30 million dollars. It is not practical or warranted to change to another system. The current
             (Diebold) system won't be paid off until 2012. No fraud or other crime has ever been committed with the current system. We don't need a paper trail. There are only a few noise makers that want a new system. Let
             those that want a new system pay for the new system. As a Maryland tax payer, I am happy with the current system that is in place! Save the money that was to go towards the new voting system. Way fix something
             that isn't broken. Talk to your local (county and city) level election officials.

Allegany     Increase The Inmate Copay For Medical Treatment From 2.00 To 4.00 By Charging A 2.00 Copay For Medications
             Serior Inmates 70 Plus Years old Who's Crime Was Not Murder
             And Who Has Served Atleast 3/4 Of Thier Sentance Release.
Montgomery   Defund the ICC
             Withdraw from No Child Left Behind and put the millions of dollars now spent on standardized tests into art, music, drama afterschool programs and during school.

             Reduce energy use in all state buildings. Turn off copiers at the end of the day, use only compact flourescents or LED builbs and turn off lights; lower air conditioning.

             Ask Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood for help finding transportations funds to restore the rest stop positions. The stimulus is supposed to preserve jobs and those rest stops are public safety issues for motorists.

             Eliminate subsidies for biotech businesses.

             Ask Obama for funds given to the banks to keep homeowners from foreclosure.

             Promote a buy local food campaign; keep telling hospitals and restaurants and consumers to buy from local farms and farmers markets; that could be a lot of revenue for the state, and healthy food creates healthy
             people and lowers health care costt.

             Promote holistic medicine to also lower health care costs; a 1995 State of Maryland Legislative Study compared allopathic with holistic remedies, and the holistic outperformed the allopathic in every category--efficacy,
             safety, outcome, side effects (none for holistic treatments) and cost.

             Focus on preventive health by reducing the chemicals assaults we confront in our consumer products. Reduce the use of chemicals and mowing on state land by promoting watershed and pollinator friendly parks and
             yards that capture stormwater and attract and feed pollinators. These could lower costs.

             Do not fund any more new roads, and defund the ICC (the Purple Line should be underground so the land will be available for businesses and vibrant economic development, as with the Courthouse Square Metro.

             Eliminate the million dollar gypsy moth spraying; Rhode Island stopped spraying in the 1970s when lobsters started to die from the chemicals sprayed, the same ones the Dept of Ag is using in Maryland--how STUPID.
             What kills lobsters can kill crabs--DUH.

             Defund the ICC. No more new roads. We can still save pristine parkland needed for the health of the Bay and billions of dollars if you defund the ICC.


             Defund the ICC
Allegany     Governor O'Malley:

             In response to your public views regarding the budget cuts for the State of Maryland, here is my suggestion. I work at a State Agency and I would like to see a change in the (EAFC) emergency assistance to families
             with children. This is a very good program however I think that it needs to be reviewed to help more people and possible save on the state budget.

             This particular program the way it is now you must have a minor child in the home to be eligible while this is good, I would like to give you my suggestion.

             In the particular agency that I work we have some good guidelines that if the rest of the state is not using maybe it would help with the budget. They are as follows:

              Your must be within the income guidelines for MEAP

              A household can only receive $200 within the fiscal year.

             The change that I would like to see made is the fact that you must have a minor child within the home, as there are some seniors that could use this help. I would also like to see a restriction stated that the household
             must have made a payment of maybe $15 within a 90 day period, as some households have not made a payment since we last paid on their bill.

             I think these changes would help those on fixed incomes as well as save the state money if all the agency's followed the same guidelines and had the $200 cap.
Baltimore    1. Cut back on TV/Paper advertising. Instead, have existing staff use Twitter/Facebook, Craigslist etc to post and interact with constituents for free.
             2. Cut back on library funding for new books. Most of us haven't read books that have been on the shelves for years. Libraries buy tons of copies when a book is hot, then sell most at a significant loss when popularity
             3. Encourage teleworking where possible.
Baltimore    I suggest to eliminate the use of the front license plates required for automobiles. Motorcycles are not required to use a front plate. License plates are always being made and it cost money for materials and to
             manufacture these plates. By eliminating the front plate, there will be a savings as not as much money will be used to make duplicate plates.

Anne         1. Sell the Governor's Mansion and live in your own house.
Arundel      2. Give up your paycheck, go back to practicing law, and do governor work on evenings and weekends. You will do much less harm that way.
Allegany     Do away with PDTD and go back to Maryland Correctional Training Commissin.
             Do Away with ACA.
             mandatory lights out at 11:30pm Back On At 5:30am in all correctional institutions state wide.
             Serve A Cold Lunch In All Correctional Institutions State Wide.
Montgomery   Please keep funds for Adult Education.It's vital!
Worchester   1. Immediately cut all political employees and elected person's salary by 25%.
             2. eliminate all state funded pension plans
             3. cut all (every) state employees salary by 10%
             4. eliminate all free 'take home cars" for every state employee and politician.
             5. have only one (1) health insurance plan for every and all people receiving a state salary (employees, politicians, apointees etc) and require every - all persons pay 25% of the cost of this insurance premium.
             6. reduce every teacher's salary by 10% and require all school employees (including teachers) to work 12 months per year (like most taxpayers) with 1 day holidays and 2 - weeks vacation.
             7. require all fines received by the state (traffic tickets, etc) be paid to food banks.
             8. purchase a bankrupt hotel or motel and require all elected personnel to stay there overnight when in Annapolis.
             9. reduce all per diem for food to $20.00 per day with a receipt required. (Go to DENNY's and McDonalds)
             10. Require the State Police to open a MEDICADE FRAUD Investigation Unit.

Dorchester   Like other employees, I would rather not see cuts, however, I felt that the furlough system implemented last FY were fair and created minimal burden by spreading out the reduction over several months. I prefer this
             method to seeing across the board pay reductions. Thank you for your consideration and may God bless you as you work through this difficult period in time.
City         I suggest the state shift nonessential state services to four ten hour days, closing buildings on Fridays. As a majority of the larger state office complexes are open longer than "9 to 5" already, make the most of the time
             when lights, air conditioning/heating, and other energy-consuming services are already in use, and give them a longer break over the weekend. This will cut utility costs significantly, and make MD "GREENER" while
             saving the state money. (Not to mention boost the morale of state workers, which should make them more productive as a bonus!)
Caroline     How about a 5% pay cut for all of the elected officials of the state. Many of the people who work outside of the government are out of work, and the price of living is increasing. The one most recent is the change in the
             EazyPass. What were our representatives thinking?
Baltimore     I see more and more MTA Taxi's through out the area and MTA mini buses. Usually I see 1 passager in the vehicles. I believe there is alot of fraud in this area and the State needs to stop this program or sub-
             contractor this program so the taxpayer are not paying for a free taxi ride. I have seen your taxi pick-up a lady on Willowdale Ave in Overlea and was surprised to see the lady was in her late 50's and healthly. I thought
             this program was for disabled people. I am a firm believer that is what Family and friends are for. If a member of your family is sick and needs to go to the doctor you take them. If your neighbor is sick and needs
             groceries you take them to the store or you buy it for them. It's time the people of Maryland that abuse the system learns the free ride is over.
             MTA Political Liasons are another waste of money. They go to meeting to let the public know what is going on at the MTA. As a pass Association President I felt this was a total waste of State money because of the
             Media we have today.


             Welfare and Section 8 Fraud- I would like to see the State Government give rewards for information on Section 8 housing participant that are commiting fraud. This would save the government millions of dollars a year.
             I would set up the reward program payable for information which must lead to the conviction of the person commiting fraud.
             We need to stop given Minority Scholarships to under educated and non- legal residents. Let's look at the graduation rates at Morgan,and Coplin State. Boy have we wasted money haven't we. Maybe we should build
             them more stadiums and party rooms , sorry I meant dorm rooms

Baltimore    There are many commercial trailers with Maine tags that should be registered in our state. there are landscape trailers with Maine tags also. We are missing out on a lot of trailer registration fees.
City         Stagger starting times! If I leave 1/2 hour earlier than I usually do I don't hit any traffic. If people would get up a little earlier they wouldn't have to drive like maniacs to get to work on time and the traffic would be much
             On another front, run smaller buses at night. How many times do you see big empty busses going past?
City        Dear Governor,
            My name is xxxxxxxxxxxxx There is a lot I would like to say but, I don't want to write a book. First I can tell you I have not worked since October
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I have not asked the STATE or anyone else for help. Most people who need it, get turned down. The people who do not
            need it get it every month! That is one way you can save money! Have these people checked out to make sure they really need it. The Lottery. That is a JOKE! When people win a Million or more and want to cash out
            they do not get all of it, where does the rest of it go? All of the other LOTTERY games and even the some claim it is for the stadium. There is nothing wrong with it and if there were cut some of the PLAYERS money!
            Put salary caps on FOOTBALL just like BASEBALL. The City is building new schools. Some need it and some don't. The way they are trying to build these schools is not needed. They are not Fancy Hotels. I grew up
            in the city and also still live in the same house I was born in. That is another subject.Let's talk about the Mayor, what has she done for us? Not a dam thing. Take some of her salary and some of the salary from people
            who work with her and put our POLICE BACK ON THE STREET'S!!! PAY THE FIREMAN more money who go into burning buildings to save lives! The Mayor and her People walk the Street's AFTER a CHILD gets
            SHOT. What about the other 20 that happen every night and no one knows. I live right on the City \ AA County line. No one ever comes here and walks these street's! I know of at least 5 shootings in the past 3 months.
            Where is our support??? What about congress and the higher ups? Let them share the wealth. My advice take it or leave it. Get the right people in the right positions and turn this place around!!!

            Thank You,

Anne        First of all - calm down - try not to throw the baby out with the bath water - I am sure that fear will cause many to make impulsive suggestions/ and those with an axe to grind to make other irrational proposals. Of
Arundel     course employees cost a great deal of money- but severe cuts will last much longer than this recession and will become political fodder. 1.Do give some sort of incentive to those in the "old" retirement system - then
            they can make their choice to stay or leave, the retirement system might take a small hit - but in the long run these employees are going to leave anyway. If you are afraid of a "brain drain", allow the retired employees
            to stay contractually for 12 months at 50% to teach another person their duties and responsibilities. If they choose to stay, all of their future benefits would be calculated at the new benefit rate. This will enable the
            government to administer only one plan for all active employees. 2.Most state agencies are afraid to allow their employees to go part time - because they are afraid of losing their FTE "PIN" - allow employees who want
            to go part time to do it - and allow agencies to keep the full time PIN for 36 months, by then we might be in a beeter position to make different decisions. 3. Stop contracting out so much bussiness - state employees
            watch time after time - an initial low bid turns into costing 3,4,or even 5 times more after a year or so. 4. Stop trying to fully fund that local teachers pensions - it's not about the job that they do - it is about not having
            control over raises etc. at the cost of the states own employees.Don't let the discussion be about punnishing teachers - but about equality and fairness to everyone who provides an essential service to the citizens of
            Maryland. Also,this downturn in the economy has made many teachers stay put - and not threaten to leave - take a look at Anne Arundel County - they have only had to hire half of the teachers they normally would
            need. 5. Don't be frightened into quickly messing with the retirees heath benefits etc.- it is really tempting - however - you will just have to shift the cost to elsewhere in the state government to provide services for
            them. 6.Explore why their are so many overlapping services - financial, supplies, buying services that might be able to be gotten from another source of employees from another agency. Remember try not to get caught
            up in all of the hype - this is a real issue - not one to be solved with gimmicks.
Baltimore   Do not allow MD State Police to drive their Police cars home.
            The taxpayers don't want to pay for this.
Anne        More furloughs. I'm a State employee and I would rather take some furlough days and keep my job and have my colleagues keep theirs as well, than not give up anything and we all end up with nothing..
Baltimore   Make the MTA charge what it actually costs to operate the system
            The Light Rail is typically empty when it comes through Hunt Valley. In the business world this would never fly and it shouldn't in MD government either. The taxpayers don't want to support these inefficient systems
Baltimore   1. In medians and other grassy areas along highways and even in urban areas, plant lirope or turf grasses that doe not need mowing. Lirope never needs mowing, it flowers and will get thickenough to keep weeds in
            check. This would beautify areas, absorb more co2, cut back on mowing and limit the use of herbicides around poles, all of which would save money.
            2. Get rid of the Board of Contract appeals like the legislature has recommended many times in the past. The few case they hear could easily be heard by the Office of Administrative Hearings.
            3. Eliminate most licensing and regulatory boards and Commissions, as was done with the Inmate Grievance Office in 1991. The exceutive function could be assumed by an single commissioner, with investigations,
            etc. continuing as is done presently. Hearings would continue to be done by the State's hearing agency, the Office of Administrative Hearings.
            4. Statutes/regulations should ensure that when agencies take actins that affect citizens/licensees, that the person affected must request a hearing if they believe the action taken was improper. Right now, too many
            agencies send notices and set up hearing for persons who dio not wish a hearing and do not appear. Much time is wasted by agencies and AGs preparing for hearings, when the allegedly affected person has not
            asked fora hearing and does not show up for a hearing. Because of the limited number of AGs, this results in delays for those who do want a hearing. It also wastes valuable hearing resources when no citizen
            appears. Agenccies should also stop "holding hearings" when the citizen/licensee does not appear. Everyone should have the opportunity for a hearing to challenge what they believe to be an improper action by the
            government, but money and valuable resources should not be wasted on those who do not want a hearing.
Anne         1) Stop hiring high paid executives for non-existent jobs. Stop giving reclasses to inexperience, low level employees who do not hold degrees in the job functions they are being reclassed in. (i.e a grade 19 for a
Arundel      director of a 2 person program that can be handled by 1 employee at a grade 14 or 15. (Land/Property Leasing program)

             2) Stop allowing employees (gtades 18 and above) to earn compensatory time for hours worked at home when the offices are closed, i.e. employee at a grade 19 or above can not sleep so they get up at 2 a.m. and
             work for 4 hours then go in to work or they work on weekends 4 to 6 hours when the work is not needed to be completed by a deadline date. Too much compensation given to state employees in grades 18 and above,
             they employees know how to work the system. They can't get the work done during normal work hours due to long lunches, coming in late and then chit-chatting at their desks either with other state employees or on
             the phone, then they say they have to work overtime to complete their work.

             3) Cut programs that are overlapping in departments. Too many permits needed from too many different agencies. Let your local juridictions be accountable for seeing that citizens follow the law and get the
             appropriate permits to get work done on their property, piers, etc.

             Too many CHIEFS that do not know what the other CHIEF is doing or following the state regulations on many projects starting at SHA, to MDTransportaton, to DNR, to MDE.

             4) Cut out the personal days given each year to State employees instead of having the employees take furloughs.

             7) FREEZE all reclassification actions for a year, that would help the budget, since many employees request a reclass because they can't meet their financial issues, they feel they are owed a reclassification because
             of time in service with the STate of Maryland. Not many state employees understand what an MS-22 means requiring that they perform job functions for the PIN they were hired in.

Carroll      I think management should be accountable for who they are promoting and the reason someone gets
             Doesn't quite seem fair to those of us who truly care about our jobs and are willing to work.
City         Declining numbers of income tax payers in Baltimore City is a big issue. Yet, many of the people who work in Baltimore City live in the surrounding counties, Delaware, and southern PA. Why not introduce a wage tax,
             similar to Philadelphia and Washington D.C. Workers who work in Baltimore City but aren't residents would pay a wage tax that would be deducted from their pay. It could be a way for the city to close some of its
             revenue gap and keep some of that income in the city, as opposed to it going out to surrounding counties and states.
Montgomery   Dear Governer O'Malley,
             I mentor a 9 year old African American student whose family that depends on the services of the Coolaboration Council for essential parenting and counseling. Without these funds, families are in desperate

             Parent Advocate

Montgomery   Instead of maintaining rest stops on upper 270 and 70, lease them to commercial intities (i.e. Starbucks, McDonald's) I'm guessing there may be other routes but those are the ones I'm familiar with.
Cecil        I heard, perhaps too late, about the proposed possible cuts to the Educational Budget. I am not well versed in politics, but I do know that your Adult Education Program makes a huge difference with the working poor in
             Maryland. Education is the ONLY way we can make a difference in an economically difficult time! People who can't read, or write, or haven't got a high school diploma, cannot compete, well, for those elusive jobs.
             Therefore, they drain the state and federal budgets in other ways. Please... there has to be other ways to cut costs. What about vacation pay? Can those who have the good jobs do with a week vacation instead of
             two? What about asking people with the good jobs to pay more for their insurance? What about eliminating that benefit, for a little while (until things are not at critical level)? What about supplies? Can employees
             make do with less in the offices? It may seem unfair to burden those who "have" to compensate for those who don't have ... however, keeping Adult Education safe (enabling the working poor to try to get ahead, with
             a better education), is crucial in these critical times.

             Well, like I said, I am not political. However, my friends wanted us all to write to you (to protect Adult Education). Since I see firsthand, what a difference those programs make, I am glad to "defend them."
              Good luck with your struggles.

select your   Eliminate some of the layers of supervision, etc. and place them in the vacant positions(i.e. I am told in some divisions people are called supervisors who may supervise one or no people). People will still keep a job
county        with the State and vacant positions no longer need to be filled.
Talbot        Mandatory ten hour days for MD State Police to reduce manpower overtime, sick leave usage, and reduce commuting costs (e.g., gas consumption, wear/tear on patrol units, etc).

              Year-round public school for 1st to 12th grade- to save money by choosing the year-round model over new construction, increase the school capacity by 25 percent, and reduce staffing while reducing class sizes!
              Students benefit from a more continuous learning pattern, and a reduced need for review! Other states have piloted this plan and have implemented it with success (Serifs, 1990; Dlugosh, 1994; O'Neil & Adamson,
Baltimore     Please take a look at the cost of privatization of child support in Baltimore City and have a cost analysis completed to measure profit vs cost. I am a state employee of 32 years and strongly feel that privatization did not
              save the state. Most private companies are doing business for profit at the state's expense. Please end privatization and reinvest in the hard working state employees. I am willing to accept furlough days to prevent
              losing my job. I pray that you will give this email some thought and feel free to contact me at xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Respectfully summitted.
Baltimore     I think we should retire the greedy ones and let younger ones take care of the job and stop hiring for a while to let the others to keep their jobs in order not to add to our unemployment rate.
Montgomery    The Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families has taken a 25 % reduction for the work it does to support afterschool programs, home-visiting services and wraparound services
              supporting our children with complex needs. Currently, there are waiting lists for services and those waiting lists are only going to grow if we don’t act now. These cuts are a combination of what occurred just as the
              fiscal year began and the most recent action of the board of public works. And we have been told there are more cuts to come.

              I would like the state resources from the Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund to continue to support our most vulnerable children and families in Montgomery County. Montgomery County young people need the
              Governor's leadership to protect these resources and prevent additional cuts to this fund - it has been cut enough!

Caroline      Do away with the front auto plate
Anne          1. Cut back drastically on the number of "public information" officers serving in the state agencies, including support staff. Many of these employees perform far too much political campaign work, distribute pedestrian
Arundel       information and get mired in questionable "warm and fuzzy" activities creating signs and other fluff for in-house functions. Many of these staff units waste time idling as entourages for their agency heads at public
              events. In addition, they often fail to provide comprehensive, measurable and effective contributions to support the core missions of their agencies. They should focus more on helping their co-workers serve citizens
              more efficiently and spend less time pursuing marketing ideas that may sound clever but may not be justifiable or critically supportive of the core mission. At the very least, these public information functions should be
              subject to frequent and independent oversight.
              2. Close all state offices one day a week and reduce the total number of field offices managed by state agencies to save expenses on energy and infrastructure.
              3. Convert employee service hours to a 10-hour, four day week.
              4. Increase the effectiveness of ALL agency Web sites to provide more online services and downloadable resources to offset the reduction in agency hours and locations.
              5. Offer an early retirement plan to employees with 25 years or more of service, to downsize the employment ranks more speedily.
Carroll       I live in Westminster and commute to work in Balto County. I share the road with too many commuters from Pennsylvania. They move to PA to avoid paying MD taxes. They add to the traffic congestion & pollution, yet
              pay NOTHING to MD. They need to pay their share for our well-maintained roads. JUST THE COMMUTERS, not visitors.
Wicomico      How about taking a step like California is with the legalization of Marijuana? So many people smoke it anyway and if it were to be legalized you could tax it and make a lot of money off of it.
Washington   Eliminate the "Bullet Fingerprinting Law" for new Handguns sold within the State of Maryland. This law has cost the taxpayers of Maryland millions of dollars since it was enacted back in the Glenndenning
             administration and has not solved any crimes. It was created solely for the purpose of aggitating firearms manufacturers so they will not seek handgun sales in the state. If your truly interested in saving money in the
             state budget, eliminate this law. Annual Cost: Approximately $2-3,000,000.

             Thank you,


Allegany     I am a contractual employee at a state agency and as you are well aware, we don't have any of the benefits enjoyed by our "state" counterparts although we are expected to work just as hard for less money and no
             benefits. In my case I work harder than anyone where I am employed. We are aware you have a meeting on 8-12-09 with the ASFCME reps. Last year when you did furloughs at the holidays it unfairly and
             unnecessarily impacted we contractual employees the hardest. Mr. O'Malley, just like our state counterparts, we have families to raise and bills to pay. I am asking you this. Please do not have the furlough days in
             conjunction with any holidays. Last year I lost 2 days pay in 2 consecutive pay periods for a total of 4 unpaid days, followed by another holiday in January which I don't get paid for. This places an unfair financial
             hardship on us. Thank you.
             Sorry to hear you are not doing well controlling the budget. I believe it to be very inflated. percentages is the only fair way. Cut 5% off every check going out and add 5% to every check coming in. Oh and don't forget
             to trim the exspense accounts atleast by 40%. Then naturally you would trim the excess fat and don't be afraid to get into the school boards and schools. There is alot there to cut and the students wouldn't miss any
             benefit at all.
Anne         Take away some of the monies that are given to those who hold high postions. Example:THOSE THAT MAKE THE BIG SALARIES IN THE GOVERMENT AND EDUCATION DEPARTMENTS.
Baltimore    lesson the number of "use or lose" days for govt workers OR give money incentives for not using all of the "use or lose "days on a prorated basis of some sort.
Anne         In the state office workers, get rid of the contractual and temporary workers because it cost more time to train them and get little access to necessary functions. The executives that serve at the pleasure of the
Arundel      administration, take a very careful look at their salaries and duties. You have 4 assistant administrators that 1 or 2 could do..state cars are a waste...cut down on state vehicles for use..more fuel efficient vehicles for the
             ones that have to be used.
City         correct me if i am wrong this state spends 2 million dollars a year have death row inmate living in a cell 24 hours a day. execution is a great for the states money crisis.
Anne         Eliminate the required 10,000 mile requirement on all state vehicles. This is costly when not necessary. Some state employees work in areas close to their work or home making the 10,000 mile requirement difficult
Arundel      and costly.
Montgomery   Temporarily shut down the rest-stops along Maryland's Interstates. These are large buildings that use up electricity and manpower to run. Yet they provide almost no utility. If people need to use the bathroom or buy
             some candy, they can just drive to the next exit and use a gas-station.
Worchester   I am assuming that we State Employees are facing more furlough days. Don't stagger the days throughout the year. Close all State Offices on the first Friday of every quarter. You will save on energy, water, janitorial
             services and payroll. When the employees choose the day they take as furlough days, the offices are still open using utilites.
             By the way, Worcester County is spelled incorrectly - there is no "H".
             Thanks for listening.
Anne         As a state resident and state employee (USM employee) I feel that one place cuts can be made is in the retention and maintenance of real estate owned by the state. One way that can be accomplished is by reducing
Arundel      the amount of people required to commute to various State of MD office building throughout the state. Specifically, by initiating a statewide telecommuting and office sharing program.

             Not every employee has a job that will allow for this transition to working part-time or full-time from home. However, with the advances made in information technology infrastructure, more and more job functions can
             safely be moved from large office buildings to home.

             The resulting solution could reduce operating costs if those employees left working in state office buildings are consolidated into common locations. The excess real estate can at the least be shut down where the
             money saved is realized in less climate control costs, lighting costs etc. However, if the unused office buildings can be sold, this brings in even more revenue.
             Employees would also realize savings in their own personal budgets. Less commuter traffic on the roads equate to less fuel consumption. In addition, less commuter traffic will ease congestion on state roads,
             negating the needs to expand/widen highways and will likely contribute to driver safety with less accidents on state roads.

             As an added bonus, companies (For example, Sun Microsystems) who have instituted telecommuting have experienced increases in productivity among employees and have actually reported gaining back and
             average of 2.5 work weeks that was otherwise lost during employee commute times.

City         Merge University of Baltimore Law School with the University of Maryland Law School. During these diffcult financial times, there is no reason to support two law schools in Baltimore City and the State of Maryland.
             There was talk of merging the two schools during the Schaefer governorship. This is something that needs to be revisited.
Washington   Reduction of essential services such as public safety and education should be no where in any budget. In fact increases in thier budgets would benifet the state.
Baltimore    Dear Governor O'Malley,
             There are many pieces of government that need to be addressed in these times of budget crunches. And the burden should be carried not by a few but all the citizens of Maryland. I have heard of the furloughs
             suggested for state employees. I don't believe that is appropriate as they too are affected by other cuts as well and rising prices. Basically that hits them twice.

             I would be happy to assist in the budget preparation process if you would allow me. I have been an analyst for almost 30 years in managing projects. This balancing of the budget can be accomplished. But the people
             and the legislators have to start being more fiscally responsible. There are items, such as new contracts for services in the state that could be delayed. When the pocket book does not permit it, then we don't spend it,
             especially when less is coming into the coffer than projected. Areas like state contracts that are entered into now might better be gotten out of by paying the penalties for such action of termination instead of continuing
             to expend the finances depending on the stage of those contracts. And I could go on. I would welcome the opportunity to try if allowed. Please contact me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx sir to arrange an appointment for me to
             meet with you. Together, yourself, the citizens and legislators can solve this dilemma.

City         I am going to use two jails, Baltimore City Jail and Baltimore Central Booking. Each jail has a Warden two Assistant Warden A Security Chief, two facility admim not to count the number of civilian staff thats oversee
             what security personal is doing. The jail has a Commissioner ,Deputy Commissioner, a assistant to the Commissioner. These two Jails alone has so many made up jobs its unbelievable. How can a place have an Asst
             Warden of maintenance. The amount of money that the State is paying for these made up jobs is millions. I am saying these thing because i see it everyday I have worked at the jail for twenty years. I see over 1.5
             million in made up salaries between the two jails. Just think if you evaluate the rest of the Prison System in Maryland with there made up jobs.
Wicomico     I understand the budget has been cut again for the After School Program - we really need the funds to keep these programs active. The youth are the ones that suffer when these programs are cut. In particular, the
             high-risk individuals. Please re-consider. Thank you and I hope my plea is taken into consideration.
Wicomico     In the Multi Service Centers that house multiple state agencies, there is alot of money spent on updating landscaping, replacing light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs,etc these might be things that could be put on the
             back burner.
Montgomery   Dear Governor O'Malley: We need your leadership to protect the state resources from the Children’s Cabinet Interagency funding and prevent additional cuts to this fund - it has been cut enough!
             We need continued state support for our vulnerable children and families.
             Thank you.
Montgomery   Would it be possible to retire some of the state car fleet and just reemburse employees for their milage? Of course we would have to have some cars for those emloyees that don't have their own cars to do State work,
             but we should be able to reduce the fleet substancially. We might also just keep our vehicles running longer.
City        I do not believe that it is fair that state workers keep taking the fall for the budget shortfalls in Maryland. State workers are having to endure furlough days, no raises, no match to 401K while being expected to remain
            calm and supportive while providing services to customers. State employees are in need of supportive services as well. How are we to maintain what we have with salary cuts and no way to make up for them. All state
            workers are not well compensated and work hard to keep their head above water and unlike many other Marylanders are not able to seek help from the state with their financial problems, problems that increase due to
            salary reductions and less benefits. Maybe other avenues could be explored, increase tax for lottery, have medicaid recipients pay a small copay (the insurance is free, a small copay to services other than routine could
            be implemented-this would also help the healthcare industry), increase on tobacco tax, increase taxes on upper class, regulate emergency assistance within the local departments of social services. Maybe state
            workers could be offered replacement services for to make up for the salary reduction (like some food stamps and free healthcare, compressed work weeks ( decrease utilities in buildings). There are state workers who
            feel cheated by the system due to the lack of compassion shown for them in these hard economic times, however, they are always asked to show compassion for the customers applying for services despite the
            customer's attitude and lack of respect for the state worker. Thank you.
Harford     Take a pay cut like the rest of us had to in order to keep job. Eliminate unneccessary staff or pay out of pocket for chef & house keeper etc.
Baltimore   Dear Honorable Governor O'Malley:

            The following are ideas I have on how to realize cost savings and realize more revenue for our wonderful State:

            1) Increase the tobacco and liquor tax;

            2) Increase tuition at State Colleges by 10%

            3) Ensure that we get Slot machine casinos open and running by the end of FY 2010. There must be red tape that needs to be cut. If not, introduce legislation to revise and speed the opening of Maryland Casinos;

            4) Reduce reimbusement for Stem Cell Research & Development Costs;

            5) Temporarily reduce repairs to roadways until the economy improves;

            6) Reduce any increases in Medicaid that were implemented in the last three years;

            7) Recruit more volunteers to assist in cleanup projects for the Chesapeake Bay;

            8) How about a Fat tax on Cakes and Candies and Red Meat throughout Maryland to offset the cost of Heart Disease;

            9) Raise the tobacco tax by $1.00 a pack. We know its bad to smoke so let us increase the tax;

Caroline    Maryland legislators (including the governor) need to have furlough days as well as state employees; put the MD State Police to work to enforce the speeding laws in the State of Maryland;stop subsidizing the City of
Harford     Re: Maryland Unemployment Insurance requirements

            Currently, benefits are available to those receiving full severance pay as long as they are not continuing to accrue leave. Why? As long as one is receiving a "regular" paycheck, and in some cases, benefits, severance
            pay is not deducted. I checked this on the official site today. One shouldn't need additional benefits paid for by former employers, who, in turn, pass these costs on to consumers. How much could be saved if this
            unnecessary policy were stopped? Dare I suggest that some, relying on this "windfall", would delay searching for new employment?
Harford       Quit the rediculous spending at the end of the fiscal year
              by all agencies and allow for a carry over of unspent funds.
              The practice of blowing all an agencies surplus funds to ensure they get as much or more funding for the next fiscal
              year is absolutely absurd
City          I suggest using a flexible workweek schedule such as 4 days per week @ 10 hours a day for office professionals. This will save on office utilities, as well as reduce transportation time. It will increase productivity as it
              allows more time to complete work responsibilities. It will also decrease a need for overtime/comptime pay because the individual will work later and can cover more work hours.

              I also suggest returning to the 35 hour workweek if the above suggestion is not considered. Again, this will decrease use of office utilities.
City          I think a tuition increase is in order for all state colleges & universities. PLEASE do not further cut budgets for our The University of MD (all various campuses. It has taken much work & diligence for our university
              branches to gain the very fine reputation they now enjoy and many of us would hate to see this be diminished. A state is very much measured by its higher education facilities and the graduates they produce.
Anne          I'd like to suggest a two-part approach to transportation issues with the goal of (a) saving money on gas spent (benefit: consumer), (b) saving strain on the aging infrastructure (benefit: state and counties), (c) reducing
Arundel       pollution, traffic, and traffic accidents (benefit: all), and (d) improving traffic flow on congested roads (benefit: all). I propose (1) that the transportation department devise an incentive program to reward businesses that
              convert positions that lend themselves to it to telecommuting (yes, incentives--use stimulus funds to provide the incentives up front; reap the benefits/transfer savings netted from the initiatives to fund the incentives
              once the stimulus dollars have stopped). And (2) institute a "Stay to the right except to pass or exit" rule on larger roads. As it is now, slow moving vehicles in left lanes clump up traffic on the beltway (especially
              portions with only 3 lanes), often prompting fender benders, and keeping traffic from moving smoothly. These are very unsexy suggestions but I think they would have far-reaching benefit and long-term cost-savings.
              Members of Maryland's Executive Branch and Legislature take a 5% across-the-board pay cut each fiscal year the budget is not balanced. Lead by example.
Calvert       I suggest furlough days that are strategically decided on and determined by your office. I believe that designating one Friday a month for the next fiscal year where the government is closed, except for mandatory
              emergency employees or other personnel. This would give the state employees the ability to know when their paychecks will be lower than normal and also help on energy costs. I don't feel that a salary cut is
              necessary, and that majority of state employees would much rather have furlough days than have a permanent pay decrease and/or furlough days. I have worked out that if we are required to take 12-15 furlough days
              during this fiscal year that would be equivalent to the 3.5% pay decrease and 8 furlough days that have been rumored to be the next step in helping our budget. I would much rather help out the budget by not getting
              paid on pre-determined days or days that choose than having my pay decreased permanently.
Baltimore     Maryland rate payers mail their BGE bill to a Post Office in Philadelphia PA. The service/processing fee should be dollars benefitting Maryland not Pennsylvania. Close the loop-hole.
Harford       I think all State of Maryland employees should take a pay cut that varies from 2.5% for hourly workers up to 20% for department heads. I work for a Fortune 100 company and we all took permanent pay cut to save
              money and hopefully the company. I think the state employees can do the same.

              I that can not be done, at least force ALL state workers to take 1-2 day off a month with no pay until the state has more money.
select your   Members of Maryland's Executive Branch and Legislature take a 5% across-the-board salary cut every fiscal year the budget is not balanced. Lead by example.
Baltimore    Dear Governor O'Malley,

             Thank you for the opportunity to suggest cost saving actions for Maryland.

             An idea that I hear many in my community voice would save the taxpayer $2.8 million.

             Newspaper accounts report that you will purchase private land, for $2.8 million, to relocate the Court House in 21228 (Baltimore County). The courthouse is currently located on the UMBC campus. Rather than allocate
             funds to purchase land, the courthouse could be relocated to the Spring Grove State Hospital Grounds. In addition the saving the taxpayer $2.8 million, this outcome would have the added benefit of relocating the court
             house to an area within half a mile of its existing location. Moreover, there is community support for relocating the District Courthouse to Spring Grove, and a move to this campus is also consistent with the Spring
             Grove 2001 Master Plan. In contrast, there is community opposition to the purchase of private land for relocating the Courthouse.

             Although funds would still be needed for construction, this would be true at either site. However, the savings resulting from not purchasing land unnecessarily would be realized.

             Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you.


             Catonsville, Maryland

             Members of Maryland's Executive Branch and Legislature take a 5% across-the-board salary cut every fiscal year the budget is not balanced. Lead by example.
Washington   My husband xxxxxxxxxxx, works at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in Frederick, Md. We have been discussing the financial situation of the state of Maryland . We feel that those
             who are close to retirement (possibly within 5-6 years)
             should be given the opportunity to retire early, with full
             retirement benefits and a severence pay for retiring early.
             thanks for your consideration of this suggestion.

Calvert      I clearly understand that there are difficult decisions that need to be made. However, the Children's Cabinet Interagency Fund has already taken many cuts since 2008, amounting to a 30% cut overall for FY10 with an
             additional cut at the most recent Board of Public Works. Please do what you can to protect this fund and other programs serving our children, youth and families from any further cuts. There has to be other places to
             look for cost savings. Everyone has to share in the pain of our current economic situation. I am taking an 11.3% pay cut, reduced contribution to my 401k, higher copays for my health insurance, no pay raise all of
             which will have an impact on my family of four. But, the alternative of not having a job or not having health insurance is worse. If it means saving jobs, state employees should not be exempt from furlough days,
             increased copays for health insurance, no salary increases. But, in the end, I think raising taxes is still an option that should be on the table to protect services and jobs for our residents and businesses here in
             Maryland. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.
Montgomery      Eliminate ALL funds for LRT (light rail transit) since LRT is the worst form of transit. LRT is slow, consumes surface space, is expensive to tunnel, it kills and maims people and crates congestion.
               Elevated driverless monobeam (cantilevered monorail)on the other hand is fast (up to 70 mph) and travels above traffic and other sensitive areas such as wetlands, and it costs about the same to build as LRT and
             costs about 60 percent less than LRT to operate.
                Visit and web sites for more infomration.
             Silver Spring MD

Harford      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx







Cecil        I believe that a great taxable income is being overlooked by not having prostitution legalized. I do not think this a job I want nor my daughter but just think about the sales tax or income tax that is being missed out on.
             The business would be safer for the girls and health care ie spread of disease coukld be reduced. Now believe me there would be heck to pay if my husband went to one but I have alway said this should be legalized.
             Lots of things are legal that my husband and I chose not to participate in. Just a thought.
Montgomery   Please don't make additional cuts to the youth and families program. Our population is in need of these services and cutting the funds is hurting our families. Thank you, xxxxx
Calvert      I would suggest making cuts on paid conferences for state employees and monitoring the spending of county health departments a little closer. I understand that conferences are held to help expand the knowledge to
             our local government, but the cost that some counties spend may be a little obscene especially in a time of number crunching for the state. By going paperless at these conferences, as well as others, would also help
             to reduce the cost of holding these meetings. Allow power point presentations to be available online instead of handing out paper copies during meetings.

             Another issue that I also became aware of is the use of spending within a county health department. I understand that the state is in a financial crisis and we need to work together in trying to improve our state’s deficit.
             The state vehicles are important for the safety of the employees who must drive them, but in a time of budget problems is it necessary to trade-in an old excessively large Dodge Ram for an also excessively large GMC
             truck. A smaller, more gas efficient truck would probably work just as well for the purpose of the vehicle (commuter truck for maintenance staff).

             I also agree on the going paperless route for saving money. I don’t understand why timesheets, activity sheets, leave reports, etc. must be printed out on paper. We all live in a technology driven society that would
             much rather deal with less paperwork than what we have now.
Montgomery   I urge you to continue to support the most vulnerable children and families in Montgomery County by preserving the Children's Cabinet Interagency Fund funding to the MC Collaboration Council. The services provided
             by the Montgomery County Collaboration Council are an invaluable investment in our children and youth that are cost effective because they prevent future problems from arising. The Montgomery County
             Collaboration Council has done such a good job that the state is now co-opting its work in the area of wrap-around. Don't decimate the rest of the good work of the Collaboration Council.
             A voluntary furlough program for state employees should be implemented. Give those who wish to take unpaid time off the option to do so. Someone like myself, who works for the General Assembly - where there is
             little or no work during the interim - would be more than willing to sign up. Thank you.
Baltimore    The City should re-open the bidding on a certain city contract and go with the lowest bid - Whiting-Turner and not the 2nd highest bidder which equates to almost a $7M difference?
             From my viewpoint - Each contractor didn't submit a 100% correct proposal and there may have been minor errors through-out - So why not save the city the most money??
             I do not understand the rational in this economic climate we are facing. Very disappointing.
Montgomery   Dear Governor O'Mally,

             Please do not cut the resources from the Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund and continue to support our most vulnerable children and families in Montgomery County. We need your leadership to support this. The
             MC Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families has already taken a 25 % reduction for the work it does to support afterschool programs, home-visiting services and wraparound services supporting our
             children with complex needs. Currently, there are waiting lists for services and those waiting lists are only going to grow.

             The work that they do in Montgomery County to support Children and Families is of great important to the future success of the state, area community and families they serve.

             Thank you for the consideration,


Washington   Instead of Furlough's for only certain workers in the state, why not a flat rate hit over the year for EVERY STATE WORKER, from the lowest worker on the ladder, all the way up to and including the Governor. A 1% or
             2% flat rate hit would have to save money, but it could only make an impact if EVERY STATE WORKER is involved, not just some.
Montgomery   Thank you, Governor O'Malley, for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the topic:

             1. Open up the books of all agencies to a volunteer group of non-governmental and non-NGO employees/leadership who do not depend on government contracts for their own businesses, who possess sufficient
             business experience coupled with specific knowledge within the areas of each agency stated objectives.. Follow their recommendations promptly.

             2. Lower taxes. Many are moving out of state and my family is considering doing the same. We are not impoverished, yet not wealthy. Annually, we pay over 50% of our income in taxes [Fed, State, Local, City, and
             Real Property]; this amount does not include stealth taxes: food, gas, cell, cable and so on. Since 2000, between inflation and tax increases, either direct or due to inflated real property assessments, combined with a
             dreadful return on cash savings, we feel as if earning an extra dollar is pointless.

             3. Stop funding NGO's espousing identity politics, wealth redistribution, and advocates of amnesty/benefits for illegal alien residents. Beneficiaries of many of these advocate groups result in addition expropriation from
             productive to non-productive individuals. In the interim, Maryland should no longer offer driver's licenses to all and sundry AND should verify the eligibility for those in existence. A non-drivers ID or Driver's license that
             states 'This card may not be used to determine citizenship or eligibility for benefits.' I say this as a former employee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The program I created and implemented received two
             xxxxxxxx awards. Volunteer based, the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx program saved the county considerable financial resources, providing needed services and education for newcomers and long time residents needing
             resource information and basic computing skills, while enabling those with time, ability, and interest to feel happy about helping others. I support legal immigration of individuals who become productive members of
             society. All amnesty and benefit programs for illegal resident aliens wrongs those who have waited, often for years, to migrate to this country legally. Oh, the stories I could tell of hardships endured by newcomers,
             some of whom could have gone to another country much sooner, yet chose wait, often in dreadful circumstances to come to the US for their shot at the American Dream.

             3. Investigate unions and NGO's and prosecute those acting outside of legal charter, tighten state regulations as needed. Ensure ALL government contracts are not aiding union thuggery by pressuring contract
             recipients to hire union only. RICO may be applicable. Ripe for investigation are SEIU and their sister organization ACORN and its multiple seedlings.

             4. Renegotiate government retirement and benefits packages. Government salaries and retirement benefit increases have far exceeded that available for comparable work in the private sector.

             4. Permit more schools to operate on a voucher system with non-union employees. Ideally, all schools would operate this way. Teacher's salaries would become reflective of their results; teachers who may wish to
             move would not be trapped in the pension/benefit game. At the same time, more ‘apprenticeship’ programs for new college graduates would be helpful. Additionally, competition in the free market for those with an
             ability to teach others and critical skills absent in many public schools, such as mathematics and science would encourage early retirees, displaced workers, and disillusioned attorneys to contribute to society in the
             most meaningful way by improving the quality of education of our youth. Additional educational reforms should include the option of voucher schools specializing in vocational and technical concentrations. Many jobs
             do not really require a four-year college degree. However, they do require solid knowledge, skills, and abilities. This would permit students of all competencies the ability to track themselves into an educational track
             that best suits their interests and ability. Sadly, most voc-tech programs were eviscerated. I suspect due to political correctness and insurance liability more than anything else.

             5. Take back state sovereignty. Maryland, my beloved Maryland, is the Free State, yet ranks lowest in personal freedom. Multiple unfunded federal mandates have a real cost in implementing programs by diktat that
             may not be in the best interest of Marylanders.

             6. Encourage opening or expanding small business by removing disincentives for those with entrepreneurial spirit. 74% of all new jobs in the past decade were created by small businesses. US hires at Fortune 500
             jobs have remain flat or declined in the past decade. Small business/start up owners take considerable financial risk, generally work in excess of 40 hours week, do not have multiple benefits, and find themselves in
             regulatory/licensing hell. There are only so many Federal jobs that can come to the state and state agencies are oft rife with incompetent people who will retire with a far greater stream of income than most small
             business persons. Let those with the ideas and energy do their thing; it will pay off for Maryland.
             Government can play a part by staying out of the way in many instances, yet is key to snuffing out corruption, cronyism, and theft/misuse of public funds. If well-investigated, I would estimate a significant amount of
             fraud, abuse, and waste would be discovered. Prosecute fully those acting outside the law; including governmental employees.

             In conclusion, federal legislation, including Cap & Trade, Healthcare, Food Act, and soon to arrive immigration reform are all designed to create a central, planned economy, which will expropriate more money from the
             productive classes. Small businesses and the services and innovation they provide to society will be further crushed. As I see it, the legislation will further shift employment to governments and NGO's. Neither run with
             efficiency. This is not an America or Maryland based on our Constitution and the freedom of it's people to make decisions in their own best interest and accept personal responsibility for the outcome of those decisions.
             As for the jobs created by all of the recent federal legislation, most will end up being jobsworth jobs. Look to the UK and see what is happening there: garbage, energy efficiency, and parenting 'police'. What a
             nightmare. Cap and Trade regulations as written in the approved House bill will lower home prices or at least their net value due to 'energy efficiency' regulations for selling the property and will be especially financially
             punitive to the elderly who frequently rely on home sale gains as they downsize in their retirement years. I suspect new regulatory inspectors and service workers will be unionized, further running up costs. Let's not
             live in a society run by a de facto protection racket. Who will profit from Cap and Trade? Multi-nationals who will outsource production AND derivatives traders. Haven't we had enough of the latter?

             Thank you again for the opportunity to share my thoughts. Should you or a member of your office wish to contact me further for clarification or additional information, I would be pleased to offer any assistance
             requested. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

             Very best regards,

Worchester   As a state employee, I believe that this is the 3rd time that I am being asked to assist with the budget.
             I would appreciate a furlough system for the registered nurses and licensed professional nurses being included in the mix. I know of several RNs who are sitting behind a desk, not doing direct care and were not
             subject to the furlough becuase of their status.

             Which brings on the next statement - How is licensure granted to RN/LPN who do not provide direct care and where is the tracking system for competencies and continued education? With the new computerized
             renewal system...who is watching the store?

City         As an employee at DHMH headquarters, I frequently think about what a cost savings it would be to close the building on Fridays. Week after week on Friday, I notice the number of empty cubes as I walk to and from
             my desk, and wonder if it makes sense for the state to pay gas/electric to light/heat/cool this and other buildings, when people often telework, take personal days or work a compressed work week - thus leaving the
             building only half full on Fridays.

             In an attempt to reduce utility costs statewide, Maryland, could truly benefit from closing the doors of state office buildings on Fridays. Currently, many administrations, and even units within those administrations, make
             their own rules about compressed work weeks, so there's no real continuity and thus no true cost savings for the state since employees can choose which days are best. If the state created a four day work week
             (Monday-Thursday), the benefits would certainly outweight the costs to consumers, as they would have for days of extended service hours for all state agencies. Presumably a two hour increase to the average
             business day would better enable constituents to utilize services in a time frame that works for them.

             The argument that services should be convenient for Maryland residents to utilize is a valid one, however budget cuts across the state have made for limited resources being spread very thin. In an effort to truly
             become more environmentally conscious, and to provide a higher level of service during four extended work days, the state should strongly consider closing on Fridays so that services Monday through Thursday are
             even stronger. By doing so, the state could also eliminate or at least postpone the need for another round of layoffs/furloughs/salary reductions for its workforce.
Washington   if state employees who have worked more than 25 years would get mandatory retirement, we could save a lot when hiring new workders, not to mention giving someone else a chance for a job.
Calvert      Take a close look at the State run motor pool needs. I see all kinds of Maryland state cars, typically with only the driver, traveling in Calvert County. I even see them on the weekends. Why is it necessary for only one
             person to be in the car? Have you considered getting rid of most of the cars in the State fleet and having people teleconference instead of driving everywhere. I don't think any State employee other than the governor or
             active State Police officers, not those in desk jobs, should have a take home vehicle. Have you considered limiting welfare payments to a two year period similar to Pennsylvania? Stop providing any support to illegal
             immigrants since they do not pay taxes in our state and they are breaking our laws by being here. You need to stop delaying and get the slot machine businesses going. They are bringing in large tax revenues to our
             surrounding states. You have a big task before you and I wish you all good luck.


Talbot       Gov. O'Malley,

             Help pull Maryland through this recession: fully fund adult education!! We are a vital link in the economic chain.

             I have seen a marked increase in the number of unemployed among my students, many of whom are desperate to improve their lot and are taking this opportunity to complete their education.

             Tough budget year; tough choices. Adult education is too important NOT to fund.

             Adult Education Instructor
             CAN EXPLAIN )
             13. GET RID OF THE BEEPERS
Worchester   I am writing in support of the Local Management Board for Worcester County. I am a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. We have already witnessed the severity of the
             drastic cuts in funding for these programs over the last 18 months and are currently operating our entire program in the absence of an Executive Director with three staff members and the board chair acting in place of
             the executive director to ensure that the greatest % of funds goes directly to our programs and the families and children in need of these programs in our community.
             With regards to spending for these programs I would ask you to consider what is the value of a childhood? Our programs have demonstrated tremendous outcomes including our Sages (Strengthening Adolescent
             Girls through Education and Support) program which is credited with an 86% rate of lowering teen birth rates and school dropout rates, 100 % increase of participants’ knowledge about sexuality and improvement on
             the behavioral emotional rating scale reflecting the participants were more likely to make positive critical choices.
             Data has demonstrated that through student involvement in our programs our county has experienced a 23 point improvement in advanced MSA proficiency and the Maryland State Department of education recognized
             our program as one of the finest in the state. Our local warden credited our Family Asset Building initiatives as a tremendous help to the CO's when dealing with Hispanic inmates including an improvement of 33% for
             one of the Jail INS classes.
             Over the last 6 years through the funding associated with our HIPPY program our county experienced a 23 point improvement in full readiness, surpassing the statewide gain of 18 points and our Just for Girls program
             demonstrated decreases in substance abuse and alcohol consumption, a 62% reduction in the teen birth rate, 10 % decrease in substance use risk factors and a 12% increase in knowledge and attitude supporting an
             abstinent lifestyle.
             With our states teen pregnancy related costs approaching $200 million dollars per year, it is clear that increasing sexual activity among young teens is a function of too little too late. Our program have effectively
             implemented a strong core focus on self-esteem and academics that will ultimately save our state hundreds of thousands in welfare, unemployment and dependent care in the future. With the proposed reduction
             aimed at the Rehab options our program was virtually eliminated. Care for our children with mental or developmental disabilities will require options outside of our community. Children needing care must wait, and
             families who are desperate for help are being informed that there is no funding for services and no options available to them forcing these children to seek avenues that will impact other state agency budgets.
             I hope that I have demonstrated how the funding we received directly impacts the children and families in our community. Our programs rely solely on volunteer involvement, community support, and funding through
             our state and federal governments. Our meetings are held in church halls and loaned community rooms. And now we are operating with oversight of our community board representatives in the absence of an
             executive director.
             Our volunteers use their own cars for transportations and we even borrow paper from collaborating organizations to cut cost so that we can put every penny towards benefiting our programs. There is no excess, there
             is no trim and we share every success as a community.
             I hope this has helped you to understand how our children, families and community will suffer the results of the proposed reductions. Giving kids a future they can believed in makes all the difference in the world. To
             do this we need these programs to build a strong infrastructure supporting families in our community. The programs supported through our LMB funding all have demonstrated data driven prevention results identifying
             positive outcomes that will save hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars by keeping kids out of gangs, negating the need for increased funding for educational intervention in our schools, lowering teen pregnancy
             rates, keeping our kids out of juvenile hall and out of jail by providing them with the skills and encouragement of a nurturing family and community in order to make a positive choice.
             Again, if the issue boils down to spend now or spend later, on behalf of the Worcester County LMB, we ask you not to view the funding for our programs as an expenditure, view the funding as an investment. Consider
            this as an investment in our children, an investment in our families, and an investment in our future.

Howard      Daily MTA vehicles for the disabled line up in front of 4201 Patterson Ave. There are three types of vehicles, large cards, specially equiped vans, and specially equiped buses. There are typically two or three buses
            sitting there with their motors running for long periods of time. Usually the buses are empty when they arrive and empty when they leave. Rarely has there been more than one person riding on a bus. Suggestion,
            eliminate the buses and let them use cars or vans. Stop leaving the motors running while waiting.
City        I suggest that you fold both the MDTA and MTA police into and make them divisions of the Maryland State Police. Doing so would reduce some of the number of administrative positions - including costly salaries for
            repetitious police chiefs. Further, having different police departments with different cars, different weapons, different policies creates additional costs. Simplifying things so that there is one police department with
            divisions responsible for specific areas would allow costs savings in procurring cars, weapons, radios etc. It would also reduce interagency competition and confusion.

Baltimore   They do away with National Board Certification until the economy is in better shape. This would save the State at least 1 million dollars or more. Also the State pays towards APC stipens which also should be
            eliminated. Teachers do not need to get a bonus when State workers are being laid off. I know there are teachers working in schools that are tough but so do police officers work in bad aeas. Do police officers get
            stipens because they are in a rougher area?
City        Compile a list of State Employees that abuse the State Sick Leave Policy. I.E. if employees have used on average of 2 weeks/year or more with out a documented medical condition these employees are abusing the
            system. If this has gone on for over 5 years consecutive then should be grounds for termination. I know numerous State Employees with more then 10 years in the system that have no sick leave. Why??? Should they
            be working if they are sick all the time and cannot be held accountable? The private industry would not have it.... also this would help reduce the cost of health insurance, less sick people = less medical care = lower
            cost of health care.
Carroll     one of my main suggestions is to stop harboring illegal aliens. we have a large state population of illegal aliens based on the fact that they can come here and receive services from the government including the
            issuance of driver's licenses to the receipt of a public school education. by denying education, the state will be less desirable to come to, resulting in a decrease of other aid, such as Medicaid.
Baltimore   Build your Red Lines, Purple Lines or whatever lines make an actual break even point for the MTA but do aay with the non traveled portions, especially North to Hunt Valley. It has been a running joke to watch the 2 - 3
            people consistantly on in the cars while sitting at the Shawn Rd. ( Hunt Valley ) stop light. As much fuel that the vehicles waste sitting and waiting you could hire a taxi and deliver the riders for less then riding the light
            rails. Heck for that matter take up the tracks and put them somewhere they may be used ... or better yet do away with the Light Rial idea's and save the taxpayer the money. William donald had many good ideas but
            this was not one of them.
City        Double the State Employee Co-Pays for Health Care Services, this will help reduce the Health Care costs for the State and put it on the individual. The more the employee uses/abuses the Health Care system the
            more they pay.
Anne        The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Office of Health Care Quality (OHCQ) has both Federally and State mandated licensing and survey programs. I suggest that we maintain the licensing parts both Federal
Arundel     and State for all programs as this is a revenue generating activity. However, some of the survey programs are generally duplications in the Federal and State requirements. I suggest we review these programs and stop
            duplicating activities on the state level that are being covered (perhaps not completely but close enough) by Federally funded programs. That way we keep the federal money but can cut back on the number of
            surveyors and support staff that the Federal funding does not cover. In fact in the area of Laboratory surveying the Federal budget is cut in half every year by CMS because we have State requirements for surveys. We
            would double the federal money received every year for the CLIA program if we removed the state requirement for surveys. AND: the number of surveys would not decrease! Because we have not been doing 'state'
            surveys anyhow. We don't have the people to do them. So the same amount of laboratory oversight would take place and we would get twice the Federal money! I don't know if their are other units in the OHCQ that
            could be run this way but a review couldn't hurt.
City        Don't repave I-83 again and again... along w/ many other roads in MD. This is an expense that is not necessary. The roads are fine, it was just repaved 3 months ago and is undergoing repaving again!!! Spend the
            money purchasing other things that will help stimulate the economy.
Baltimore    Dear Sir-

             While State Employees are suffering and scraping together what they can to pay bills, there is no reason to continue to pay inmates daily/monthly wages at all during these times. I am sensitive to the fact that some of
             the monies go to restitution; however, not all working inmates pay restitution, and, given the state of the economy, they may just have to sacrifice for a while like the rest of us. After all, they are inmates.
City         Reduce the Public Transportation, this is a lose lose situation. Many times the buses are empty. By cutting the Bus Lines in half, this will require the consumers to fuller buses and allow cut backs in employement.
             Reduced bus operators and Fleet will provide the State with additional funds to be spent else where and the services will still be provided and fees collected will still be around the same amount. This will also help the
             State reduce pollutants in the air.
Montgomery   The most precious resource Montgomery County has is its families. As a parent of special needs children and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, I realize how important it is too maintain resources for this
             population. I sincerely hope you increase founding for programs that support children and families, especially ones that need support from mental health services. Thanks you.
City         Manditory retirement for all State Employees w/ 30 years of employement or more. See early post of earlier buy out.
City         Allow individuals an early out for retirement, providing employees with a buy out option will help eliminate numerous employees that are overpaid and "waiting" for retirement most of the upper management or
             employees tend to use sick leave and take extended vacations the last 2 or 3 years of employeement and rarely contribute to the work load. Giving an employee the option of retiring early w/o penalty will allow these
             individuals to collect the full term 30 year retirement.
Baltimore    I believe the cost of MD state employee benefits, particularly health care and retirement, need to be addressed. As I understand it, state employees have virtully no deductibles for health care/ prescriptions and the
             state pays a disproportionately large share for health care premiums and retirement benefits compared to private workers. In these times the state employees need a reality check and should be paying what the
             average citizen pays. Also, I don't understand how 5% of the hundreds of thousands of state employees can't just be eliminated for efficiencies sake. i realize this is a politically sensitive issue but as I'm sure you know,
             the retirement and benefit issue is the 800 pound gorrilla in the closet.
             Finally, no new taxes and don't pass them down to the counties--CUT SPENDING!!!.
City         - Eliminate or limit travel and hotel expenses. Video conferencing will work just fine.
             - No catered business functions
             - Four day work week from management on down. Or at least a four day week every other week.
             - Pass some of the burden to local government instead of the state always taking the hit
City         Reduce State Employee Sick Leave from 3 weeks/year to 2 weeks. Only indiviuals who need that much time abuse it. This will help employees to become more responsible and will allow the State to eliminate some
             contractual positions with the time extra time that is not used.
Baltimore    I suggest we remove some of the luxuries from the prison system. I know of too many men who continuously return to jail or prison, and it would be my guess that is because it has become a recreation facility. While
             the hard working people are suffering job losses, furloughs and pay cuts, the ones who steal, rob and kill for what they want, are living off of those who put in all the work. I think it's high time jail and prison become
             what it was meant to be. A place of restoration and rehabilation. How can that be when all they want and need are behind bars....recreational sports, television, three meals a day. How is it that the ones who get up
             and go to work everyday are unable to afford these very things, but those who commit crimes are handed them as a form of punishment or rehabilitation. It simply doesn't add up. When people realize that going to jail
             will not be a day at the park with their buddies, only then may they think twice about sticking a gun in someones face or congering up a money laundering scheme. Make the money availabe to those who put money
             into the pot. Such as a single parent who had her electricity cut off and is unable to get help from the system because she makes to much money. She's worked all her life and fell into a bind, but is unable to get
             emergency assistance. Criminals don't have to face that kind of "lights out".
Calvert      Take a close look at the State run motor pool needs. I see all kinds of Maryland state cars, typically with only the driver, traveling in Calvert County. I even see them on the weekends. Why is it necessary for only one
             person to be in the car? Have you considered getting rid of most of the cars in the State fleet and having people teleconference instead of driving everywhere. I don't think any State employee other than the governor or
             active State Police officers, not those in desk jobs, should have a take home vehicle. Have you considered limiting welfare payments to a two year period similar to Pennsylvania? Stop providing any support to illegal
             aliens since they do not pay taxes in our state and they are breaking our laws by being here. You need to stop delaying and get the slot machine businesses going. They are bringing in large tax revenues to our
             surrounding states. You have a big task before you and I wish you all good luck. xxxxxxxxxxx
Washington   Please do not cut any occupational shops from MCI. Idol inmates make for more complications for the CO's. Have you discussed cutting salaries instead of jobs?
Frederick   The Governor should work for free. If he truly cares about the state it should not be hard. It would show that he Maryland's interests ahead of his own. Also, incentives to attract business would be wise. Making a
            budget cut is only a temporary solution. If we do not attract new business these cuts will be meaning less.
Howard      I think it would be worthwhile to look at the trend toward legalizing marijuana and then taxing it. California has figured that it would make millions by taxing it and people would be willing to pay. This would allow the
            government to step in and tax it and employ farmers, processors, and retailers. It would also take the criminal element out of it thus reducing the amount of people incarcerated for this offense. This, in turn, would
            perhaps allow the State to close one of its dilapidated and dysfunctional correctional institutions and reduce the number of correctional officers needed to man these institutions. The cost per inmate per year would
            also be eliminated from the state budget. The national sentiment is at least 50% towards legalizing marijuana, and there is a coalition of judges, police officers, and public health officials who have gone public with the
            fact that the war on drugs is not working and that they should be decriminalized. People need more mental health services, jobs, and hope for a better future.
Baltimore   Furloughs. Although I don't like them, I think they weight should be more fairly dispersed. People under 20k - o days, then 1 day for each 10K or 20K of earnings - no caps. The last furlough capped at 60K (5days) -
            meaning middle class people got stuck with the bulk. Granted, I don't like furloughs but I would rather save jobs.
City        Hello Gov O'Malley, I feel we should speed up the process on slot machines/casinos in this state. Ocean City would also be a great attraction since tourist already go there. Baltimore City should be the second place
            to add them. Reduction in salaries for state workers would be beneficial to avoid layoffs. In addition more funding should be available for housing assistance-especially in Baltimore City. I lost my job and I have a
            medical situation. I am tired of hearing we have no funds available.
Anne        STIMULUS 101***across the board 10% tax cut on EVERYTHING.
City        take a pay cut. theres thousands of people that live on 10 dollars an hour. i challenge you and any one else to trade me lives for a week. you people couldnt live the way your constituents live.
Howard      Providing an incentive for long serving employees to retire would reduce payroll without terminating any employees involuntarily. This would shift some costs to the pension system which is a good shape.
Baltimore   My suggestion: Eliminate, or greatly reduce, mowing along interstate and state highways. (There might be some safety reason for the continuous mowing, but it appears to be merely a cosmetic function.)
Harford     Eliminate annual increases for any employee of the state that is making $100,000 of more. Freeze these salaries for the next 3+ years.
Howard      My suggestion would not only save millions of dollars but would also prevent the State from providing funding to defeat an easement co-held by the Maryland Historic Trust and Preservation Maryland. Howard
            Community College acquired the historic Belmont Estate in November 2008 for $4.4 million from the College’s foundation after a failed attempt to develop the property with a private development partner. Despite the
            MET/Preservation Maryland easement, HCC has a master plan to develop over 100,000 square feet of new buildings on this “preserved” property under the auspices that this development is needed to run its culinary
            program. This undertaking is already draining the college’s resources (approximately $14 million to date) and funding requirements to fulfill its master plan will have to run into at least the tens of millions in the next 10
            years. Refusing to fund operating deficits and new construction would not only save the State this money but would also promote the State’s preservation efforts and help prevent the unwinding of preservation
            easements that the State and the Smithsonian Institution put in place in 1983.
Baltimore   Just like my household budget. You need to spend less than you take-in. The state gets plenty of tax dollars, probably too much. The notion that you can't reduce spending on education, healthcare and safety is
            ridiculous. No one wants to see jobs cut, but the private sector is already dealing with it. The state can as well! The days of tax and spend MUST come to an end! Our money will soon be worthless if the fed
            continues to print money out of thin air. Shrink the state government to its bare minimum. The gov't can't artificially jump start the economy.
Howard      The State should reexamine the scope of work/mandate for a child serving,cabinet level agency associated with less than 1% of the State budget, specifically the Department of Juvenile Services. Public expectations
            and mandates which impact DJS' continuum of services is extensive, and includes everything from prevention/diversion services to placement and aftercare.

            In reviewing the stream of alternate funding sources and in comparison to other child serving cabinet agency, DJS does not even have access to the federal portion of the budget allocated for the Federal State Plan
            associated with Department of Justice/Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Redirection of the OJJDP funds and any federal funds associated with delinquent youth in relation to State Plans
            associated with MSDE, DHR, DHMH, DLLR must be reexamined.

Baltimore   I think the Governor should consider what they are doing in Howard Co. Gov't this year. If we have to be forced to take days off, do it when most state workers would like to be off anyway. Christmas time, the week
            between Christmas & New Years. And he gets the added savings of not having to open state buildings. Still let us pick what day we want our pay to be short, so it doesn't hit us all at once. Have a nice day.
Harford      Dear Governor,

             I believe that the state should stop frivolous spending. My suggestions for this would be:
             Let all consultants employed by various state agencies go. Any full time state personnel, that want to keep their jobs, must take up the slack. In return for the state employees loyalty and dedication, return all benefits
             that have been taken from them in the last 20 years. Cut the work week to 3-4 days per week for all agencies and go back to a 35 hour work week. This would save on commuting for the employees, telephone use,
             gas and electric, and many other expences.

             Eliminate the use of state vehicles at SHA for senior management. As a benifit to senior management at State Highway they are given state vehicles and all gas mileage is funded for their private commutting. This is
             an outrage.

             There should be no state funded travel expenses or seminars or other expenses incurred for meetings without a lot of reason and presidential level approvals in various agencies. No parties or food should be funded
             using state money. After we are out of the red we can resume such activities.

             All SHA projects should be put on hold; building new roads or bridges, planting trees, putting up new signs, creating pretty barriers such as the areas in the median, no new ramps from the highway. All regular
             maintanence should continue.

             Thank you for the opportunity to send you suggestions.

Baltimore    Lease State land to utilities to house wind and solar power farms. There are 100's of acres of unused State-owned land that could be put to use scaling up Md's green power grid, and the State could make $$ by
             leasing the land or getting discounted energy.
Baltimore    I'm sure you have received this one hundreds of times, but why not offer an early retirement option. I think of several people that I work with who would find it attractive to retire with some incentive. Also, why not allow
             agencies to hire employees contractually for short-term projects and allow the agencies to give a supplement so that contractual employees can purchase their own health insurance. this would save the state millions
             in health care costs.
Howard       Eliminate the TOBACCO TRANSITION PROGRAM, and restrict reimbursable and state funded travel by state employees and politicians to intra Maryland & DC.
Montgomery   Hello Governor O'Malley:

             As a parent and a former suppported employment job coach I can't stress enough about how spending dollars in the community far outweigh the results and costs of providing services in institutions. Please ensure that
             the state resources from the Children's Cabinet Interagency Fund continue to support our most vulnerable children and their families in Maryland. The waiting lists for services continue to grow and these families are
             truly struggling to keep their children with complex needs in their home and community. Thank you for continuing to support children and families in Maryland

Baltimore    Dear Governor,

             A friend of mine was tried and convicted solely of a wrongly accused hainess crime of child abuse. Her name will be Mary. Mary was wrongly convicted over 25 years ago. Her record today ios totally clean but,
             Fingerprints for an occupation worries her. Any help on this touchy subject would be kiindly appreciated.

             Signed, Yours truly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Harford      Increase the automobile inspection fee. $14 is too low. $25 is not unreasonable. The 20% sales tax increase was a bad idea. I believe I read that state sales tax revenues have actually decreased since 6% took
             effect. If that truly is the case, then it is logical to conclude that returning the sales tax to 5% would increase state sales tax revenues.
Calvert      Consider liquidating some of the 'treasures' currently maintained by the Archives (collectible art, collectible documents, etc.) Many of these collectible archives are not on display to the public and are being maintained
             and/or restored by the Archives.
City         In looking at State Staff that make over $ 101,000.00 a year, why can't they take a pay pay cut. There are some state workers who live off of pay grade of $ 26,000. and up; so if they can manage at this substantial
             amount. I feel that other could also Manage on this amount and put MONEY BACK INTO THE BUDGET.
Washington   Govenor O'Malley: I can see that many cost cutting measures have been made that will help our State of Maryland. But, I do not think that closing the visitor center at Sideling Hill in Hancock is a viable method of
             saving money. That area is one of the natural wonders of our area and the geological information in the museum is unique. Please reconsider closing of this important part of Washington County.
Howard       The State should explore consolidating all youth services and treatment under one umbrella organization in MD. This makes it possible to maximize federal sources without being territorial over the specific population
             served. The expectations on each of the child welfare agency as a public service agency is far greater than what the current budget allocation allows.
Montgomery   Dear Governor O’Malley,

             Please ensure that the state resources from the Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund continue to support our most vulnerable children and families in Maryland. Please protect these resources and prevent additional
             cuts to this fund. More money will be spent in the long run if we cannot keep our most vulnerable children in our community. The human costs will be devastating. We need community-based services for these children
             and their families.

             We have already witnessed the results of limited access to community-based services. For example, the Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families, a Local Management Board, has
             taken a 25% reduction for the work it does to support afterschool programs, home-visiting services and wraparound services supporting our children with complex needs. Currently, there are waiting lists for services
             and those waiting lists are only going to grow. Families are struggling to keep their children with intensive and complex needs in their home and community. They are facing tremendous obstacles to accessing needed
             services and supports as a result of funding cuts. The state resources from the Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund are needed to help these children and their families.

             Thank you for your unwavering support for children and families in Maryland.


Baltimore    Put a new toll on I-83 south at the MD/PA line. Thousands of people commute from PA into Baltimore each day, clogging our roads, polluting our air, taking jobs from people in MD, yet don't pay taxes to MD. It's time
             to make them pay their fair share.
Harford      Eliminate pensions -move to 401ks like the rest of us.
             Cut all salaries from top to bottom 10% - much of the private sector has already had to do this to stay in business.
Howard       Other than the "Welcome to Maryland" roadsigns, do we need to design, cast, ship, affix, take down, etc. road construction signs stating that Martin O'Malley is our governor? I imagine the cost savings will be minimal,
             but it seems unnecessary.
Baltimore    1. Eliminate the $90 million dollar MITS Computer progam system that the Comptroller's Office is supposed to recieve
             2. Elimante illegal aliens from receiving services such as wic, foodstamps, medical assistance, daycare vouchers, or any type of service that legal taxpayers have to foot the bill
             3. Stop outsourcing jobs that State Employees can preform.
Baltimore    Due to the budget cuts, I had to switch from using Communter Bus Service to regular. Since that time, I have observed several days when the bus toll boxes are not functioning and passengers basically ride for free! I
             am left wondering how much money the MTA loses daily/weekly/monthly by not repairing toll boxes...probably enough to have saved my Commuter Bus!!

             Please, fix the toll boxes and collect the fares that the State is due.
Anne        In an effort to cover the shortfalls in Medicaid and Education costs and in an effort to decrease unemployment, every company who employees a non-legal resident should be assessed a fee of $1,000 per month per
Arundel     employee who is not a US citizen. Additionally every landlord who rents to a non-legal should be assessed a monthly fee of $1,000.00 or 50% of the rent for the dwelling (whichever is greater).
            The proliferation of non-legal residents, from where ever they originate, continues to be a drain on the fiscal resources of every community in the state in a manner far more than they contribute. By making the state
            less of a haven for non-legals we can provide job availability to Maryland residents and decrease the burden on every county and the State the need to provide healthcare for illegals. This will also decrease the burden
            on each school district in the state for providing the very expensive individualized services the children of these illegal require.

Howard      Encourage State educational institutions to share training and meeting spaces on campus, as available, with State agencies.
Caroline    I commute daily from Northern Caroline county to Annapolis, during my commutes the quantity of both state and local government vehicles on the road traveling to their place of employment is absurd, most of these
            vehicles (98%)are occupied by one driver and most likely commuting to or from there work. By reducing the amount of vehicles maintained by the government will make a huge savings across the board, if someone
            need to use the vehicle for work then check one out from the motor pool not just use when they want or feeel the need to. The amount of justified/elegible personnel that need to use a vehicle to drive home I seriously
            doubt is what is occuring. Redu ce the car fleet and reduce the cost, make employees car pool reduce emmissions and start saving some money.

            Thank you.

Howard      The MSDE Office of Child Care is spending stimulus money on new laptop computers for the 120+ Licensing Specialists to use for inspection of day care facilities. Each Specialist now has a new desk computer as
            well. At $5,000. a piece,I believe it is a waste of taxpayer money. THe money could be put to better use on hiring the very much needed staff to regulate these facilities. The laptop computers will not help improve the
            quality of the care to the children. The existing inspection reports are more than sufficient. Let's put our federal and state tax dollars to work on improving the quality of education to our children rather than keeping up
            with the Jones's with the latest technology.
Baltimore   Reduce number of public officials,ie:Deputy mayor,congressman to cover more than one district.Reduce number of councilman by covering more than one district.Reduce overtime in police department by having more
            foot patrolman.(saves gas and mechanical repairs).Monitor pharmacies and physicians more closely for Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Negotiate with drug companies to reduce high cost of drugs. Utilize the Army
            Reserve in high crime areas.( This may cut back on police OT).
Baltimore   Cut all lotery advertising; lets face it, the people that buy lottery are going to keep buying it regardless if you advertise it. Plus, the rest of the people know it's there, don't worry. And please, don't give the argument that
            you will lose revenue if you don't advertise, you know that isn't true. Look at how many people bet on THEY advertise?

            Times are tough, but I garauntee that someone would rather take a 5%-10% pay cut rather than have no job at, you should cut EVERYONE that works for the state a pay cut; and the more you make, the higher
            the cut...capping at 10%. I really don't know why more companies don't do this, it does work. As long as you do it soon enough, which usually means you need a smart enough financial officer in charge (which
            obviously isn't the case most of the time). This way you save hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars...hello, is anyone there? People can do with less, what hurts people is losing their jobs out right, someone
            get smart already!!! I know this one won't even be considered because that would mean the person even reading this would get a cut in pay....Government and State workers are supposed to be selfLESS not selfISH!

Caroline    Dear Governor O'Malley,
            The local management boards (Human Services Councils)support important programs in our state. Without them, many children would not have access to critical prevention programs. Please do not cut the Children’s
            Cabinet Interagency Fund. The funds provide a safety net for many children in our state especially in areas that have limited opportunties for prevention programs. Thank you for your support.
Baltimore   I just visited the Govenors staff page. I would start the cutting there. Also why does the first lady need an assistant? Is the first lady on the pay roll? Cut her and the staff member.
Baltimore   End practice of taking state vehicles home, especially SHA.
Baltimore   Layoff the Lieutenant Gov. Don't know him, probably a nice guy but what does he do or has done.
            Layoff 1000 of the employees who make over $100K
            Layoff 20% of all state employees. This state employees more people per capita than any of neighboring states.
            Change pay scale for managers- give them an incentive to manage with less not more employees.

Baltimore   I honestly think that if government officals would take a look at their own salaries and benefits, purhaps our state would be in a much better position. I think the medicaid and welfare systems need to stop carring those
            who wont work.
City         all state offical drive their own cars to work .
City         There are several options to increase revenue:
             - Focus on incarcerating only violent criminals and put non-violent offenders on devices such as home monitoring.

             - Tax marijuana sales. People use it tax free. It might as well be used as an income source instead of a major expense (police, court cost, incarceration costs, etc.).

             - Revenue from approving concealed carry and renewals applications. Criminals will own guns despite the law. That is why they are called criminals.

             - Allow Maryland to host internet gambling servers and charge a fee. Fight the federal government with the 10th amendment.

Baltimore    Suggestion #1: Furlough all government employees starting from the governor on downwards. Friday seems to be the perfect day. For starters, that will cut 20% from administrative costs without cutting much from
             achievements. It will also expand their week-ends. If truthfully informed and enlightened, state workers will be extremely grateful to at least maintain their jobs. In a real way, they will also link hands and hearts with all
             other Americans who are worse off--all those without a job.
             Suggestion #2: The governor should set the highesttone by his won personal example. He should forego his chef and his limo, as well as chauffeuring services for his family. He should also halve his staff, forego
             helicoptoring and close up his private on-line publication My Maryland--or whatever it's called. He will thereby set a worthy, noble example rather than just producing empty, untruthful or meaningless words.
Washington   Eliminate the freeze on tuition increases and raise then tuition in direct relation to increased fixed budget costs.
City         State agencies in the city that provide free parking to their employees should start charging a fee for a parking space. Those employees who carpool or ride share (with other state employees or with other workers in
             the Balto. City area) should be allowed to have first preference to a free parking space. We should not encourage more cars on the road by providing free parking, especially since state employees can use subway,
             light rail & bus for free.
               Submitted by Anonymous
Anne         “I think the health of our civilization, the depth of our awareness about the underpinnings of our culture and our concern for the future can all be tested by how well we support our libraries.” -Carl Sagan
             I am writing to suggest and recommend that State funding be restored to the public libraries throughout Maryland.

             In Anne Arundel County and throughout the State, usage has increased in every category. More individuals and families depend on their public libraries--using computers, accessing the Internet, and educactional and
             enrichment programs. Storytimes, family nights, basic and advanced computer traininge, and access to world-wide resources are all free at the public library.

             If you doubt the importance of the public library, then you should know that recently published research by Karl Alexander, professor of sociology at JHU, shows that public libraries are deterinative in school success.
             Further reductions in state funding for public libraries would be exceptionally short sighted.

             Unlike schools, public libraries foster life long learning. You just never have to graduate from your public library. At the public library, children see their parents and other adults of every background engaged in acquiring
             information and knowledge. They learn about caring for shared community resoucres, they learn to be responsible for returning borrowed items, and they practice having respect for others in a public institution.
             Receiving your very first library card is a right of passage through which children are given access to information and knowledge for the rest of their lives. Frankly, I believe that our communities could function without
             schools but they could never survive without public libraries.

             As a tax payer, the greatest return on my investment is at the public library. And, most importantly, the public library is essential in a free and democratic society. If anyone thinks that public libraries are no longer
             relevant, just drop by a couple of branch libraries in the middle of the day. They are a bee hive of activity, with career development resources, WiFi access and homework centers.
             In addition, public libraries are important "quality of life" indicators to employers and homeowners. Any further cuts by the State to public libraries will have a negative impact throughout the State. Maryland has been
             known as "library heaven." Let's keep it that way!
Anne         I believe that if you set up speed cameras on the major roads and charged $300 for doing over 20 mph over the speed limit, the hardest part would be protecting the operators who have to change out the film. Clearly
Arundel      while Maryland has speed limits posted, the citizens in mass don't pay any attention to them. If people don't slow down then the revenue continues, if they do then traffic fatalities and injuries go down. If anyone is
             concerned about rights, just drive 95, the betways and see the NASCAR drivers on public roads!
Anne         To help sure up the Transportation Trust Fund, increase the gas tax by 5 cents. Since gas prices are down about one dollar per gallon from last year, the pain of an increase will be much easier to bear. Also, the toll
Arundel      on the Bay Brigde should be raised 50 cents to $3.00.

             Allow each of the counties to levy a .5% local sales tax. This revenue would supplement each jurisdiction proportionate to the amount of sales generated in each county.
             Reduce funding to local districts.

             Raise college tuition.

             Cut lottery advertising.

             Reduce spending of state activities that are not necessary (receptions, parades, entertainment, travel)

Montgomery   - Do not fund light rail lines in Baltimore and Montgomery now. Maryland can't afford them right now and they will be an expense for the forseeable future as they are not self-sustaining.
             - Cut funding for the arts, except in schools. Sell all artwork owned by the State.
             - Stop outsourcing government IT work to contractors who overcharge by a factor of 3 or more. Hire unemployed IT workers like me instead.
             - Cut "stem cell funding" zero, and any other type of dubious research funding. Leave this research to the private sector. Encourage the private sector to do the research through tax incentives instead.
             - More aggressively compete with Northern Virginia for high-tech corporate HQs through tax incentives.

Washington   Cut spending to cut the budget deficit, don't raise taxes which will be counterproductive. Examples of what to cut: irresponsible and wasteful spending like tearing down perfectly serviceable rest stops on I-70 at the
             Washington/Frederick County line and closing them for over a year while rebuilding them. A total waste. Go over the budget line by line and eliminate waste and "like-to-have" items and hold spending on other
             necessary items constant. Cut back on costs for auto emissions testing by waiving the test for cars less than 3-4 years old because roughly 99% of these cars will pass the test anyway. Eliminate spending any and all
             tax dollars on benefits for illegal aliens.
Anne         While there are budget cut, jobs being lost, the MTA is rewarding its union employees for doing what is expected of them in the first place. That is working responsibility. The MTA, effective January 1, 2009 is paying
Arundel      the union employees a bonus amount every three months for perfect attendance. In the memo from the administrator it reads "In order to encourage better attendance the MTA is issuing a new attendance policy". It is
             written as follows: "Absenteeism Review Board from the Office of Labor Relations, a division director or designee, and Medical Services".
             Do they have this right and or authority? Is this a "Comar" issue? Why does the tax payer have to take this large dollar burden on when these MTA union workers are governed by the state employees (union
             employees) discipline rules in effect that would deal with any employee who does not do as expected of them, come to work, get fairly disciplined, if necessary . If they do not want to work, let the process get rid of
             them, fairly and hire those that need a job and that will do the right thing, follow the state (union) employees guide lines. Do away with this extra payroll and follow the rules already in place.The state could save many
             thousands of dollars. This money is an insult for those that do the right thing. The public did not sign up for such a scam. This bonus is ridiculous. If every state agency paid out this amount of money to all union
             workers, for coming to work you as the governor would be asking for several times the budget cut you are now asking for. As a tax payer knowing what is going on behind other tax payers back, I request this a one way
             to save thousands of dollars. Thank You.
Baltimore    I know this is a politically unpopular idea, especially with all of the recent positive press, but something needs to be done about education spending. In particular, the Thorton Bill. It seems too coincidental that the
             budget has been a yearly battle since its adoption, and from being friends with many teachers, they see tons of that funding wasted in their schools every year on corrupt discretionary spending by the school
             administrators. I'd suggest going back to the old funding formulas, then perhaps establishing a pool of money (half the size or less of the current Thorton) that each school district can competitively apply for a piece of
             each year to be used for facility construction and equipment/supply purchases. It would reduce some of the State spending, and increase accountability for the money spent. I do not want to be seen as in favor of
             good public education, but I don't think being the highest funded pays off against having to cut other budget areas, in particular funding for transportation, or tweaks to the tax code to make Maryland more competitive
             for business.
City         For salary savings - offer people who can afford it the opportunity to work part-time or 3/4 time for a certain period of time, without penalty of losing their jobs. Encourage job share opportunities.
Anne         The concept of a buy-out of some state employees could be one effective tool to help reduce our state budget deficit.......... several other states are using that as part of a larger strategy. The following e-article
Arundel      describes the steps several states are taking with regard to employee buyouts. As with just about any action, there are negatives and positives, but this is certainly worth considering.........

             MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 2009

             Tracking the recession: Buyouts lure 9,000 state workers into retirement
             By Rob Silverblatt, Special to

             Looking to shield their work forces from tumultuous cutbacks...

Montgomery   How can state lawmakers continue making deep cuts into the budget when we now know for sure that combined reporting, which is law in 23 other states and merely enforces the intent of existing tax law, would
             recoup for Maryland's coffers at least $100 million per year on taxes dodged by big multistate corporations? Will lawmakers do right by regular voters and small businesses that play by the rules -- or will they continue
             to allow big multi-state corporations like Wal-Mart to evade Maryland income taxes?

             For more information on combined reporting, go to:


Charles      Dear Governor O’Malley:
             Adult education in Maryland needs your continued support. I know that in these trying economic times you have heard this frequently, and that many in our state will likely have to do more with less.
             Our adult learners – the working poor of Maryland – already have to do more with less, I strongly urges you to maintain level funding for adult literacy and English services through the Department of Labor, Licensing
             Many in Maryland are still without high school diplomas, have inadequate job skills, or cannot speak English fluently enough to realize their full potential.
             Adult educators in Maryland have a consistent record of success, but demand for our services continues to outpace available resources, with only 5% of those in
             need being served through approved state grantee and correctional education programs. The professionals in the field of adult education have made Maryland one of the most successful systems in the country.
             Thank you, Governor O’Malley, for your past protection of our efforts – you have been a champion of adult education, and we appreciate the consideration you have given our learners in recent years. Clearly Maryland
             cannot afford to
             move backwards in state funding to provide crucial educational services that promote employment and help adults compete in today’s economy.
Calvert      Maryland taxpayers deserve to know how much $$ the State pays to subsidize education, housing, incarceration, driver licenses and health care for illegal immigrants. This alone, is a BIG contributor to the deficit and
             one which should be cut immediately.

             You are in office to protect and serve the legal CITIZENS of this State, not illegal immigrants.

             Fine businesses who hire illegals ($$ in State coffers) and send ALL illegals back across the border at Mexico's expense. If Mexico ignores, reduce aid for Mexico at the Federal level - - that money would be re-routed
             > State of Maryland.
Washington   I feel that the mva offices do not need to be open on Saturdays. This would save water, electric and maintenance one day a week. Secondly, State Police officers should be assigned in the area they live or not be
             able to take their police vehicles home with them. This would save on gas and wear and tear on the cars. I have a son in college but I would not be opposed to a small tutition increase after all everything else is going
             up and I do want him to be able to have a good education. I really don't think that the state employees should have to be the ones to shoulder the cuts. They are employees and also residents in this state and usually
             get hit twice as hard such as if you raise taxes or they get furloughs. If you have to hit state employees with furloughs make it long weekends so that state buildings can be closed and save energy. People will adjust
             to new hours and days that is one thing I know about our fellow man kind we do adjust to things when we need to. I feel if layoffs are necessary all contractual employees should be the first to go. The permanment
             employees have stayed and given their all to this state and should not be sacaficed. These are only a few ideas but I appreciate that your office was willing to listen to the citizens of Maryland on any ideas. I know that
             it is not a easy task but hopefully the right decisions will be made I feel the economy is starting to turn around. Thank you
Harford      1. Institute another furlough for State employees. Base the amount of time furloughed by income level, with the highest paid employees having the greatest furlough time.
             2. Increase the employee portion of health insurance premiums by $10.00 per pay period.
             3. Increase college tuition by 5%. (lower then most, but unfortunately, the time has come for an increase.)
             4. Eliminate (may be done already) any car service/state paid automobiles for state employees.
             5. Freeze state employee travel.
             6. Continue hiring freeze for any and all positions.
             7. Offer early retirement and then eliminate position
             8. Raise tax on cigarettes and alcohol.
             9. Raise gas tax by 2 cents/gallon
             10. No futher reductions in medicaid payments.
             11. Shorten the work week to 4 days for energy savings.
             12. During the winter months return to 5 days, but reduce hours to 6/day to reduce energy use in State buildings.
             13. Reduce or eliminate State funded celebratory events, such as holiday celebrations. They are nice and can always be reinstituted when we are on better fiscal footing.
             14. Eliminate as much use of paper as possible by using electronic communication; direct deposit, etc. Eliminate paper production of newletters, bulletins, etc infavor of electronic format.
Baltimore    DBED should put more money into its incentive programs and spend less on the Secretary's driver to get him less than a 1/4 mile from his condo to his office, sponsoring galas at conventions such as Bio, and the trade
             shows it participates in overseas. And all State staff should use their own car and just be paid mileage.
Anne         Would it be possible to get the Arbitrator (I hope that's it) like they have in Arizona ? From what I've heard it's something that can be put into a vehicle (marked or unmarked... preferably unmarked so violators won't
Arundel      know where it's coming from, and will think twice about being stupid) and records everything around it. This way as the vehicle is travelling along it's getting those people speeding, tailgating, threading the needle, and
             other forms of aggressive driving.
              The benefits should start with revenue production. It also means when an officer comes across someone doing any of these violations it's instantly noted. The officer will be safer since he won't have to get out of his
             vehicle un heavier traffic because of someone's stupidity. He (she) will be able to get more violators. He's not stuck on the side of the road if another type of emergency happens, so, it quickens his response time. And,
             if the violator doesn't know where it's coming from they might think twice before committing any more aggressive driving acts.
              The later benifits should include those following the posted speeds more carefully and, hopefully, that will mean if there is an accident it will be less severe. And, hopefully the accidents will also be fewer with this. It
             should also have a benefit of lower insurance premiums for those of us who still try to stay within the law out there. It should also be able to alert the officer if the tags of the vehicle that passed were tags that were
             wanted for whatever reason. (and if he was on the side of the road writing a ticket could easily have missed.
              I'm sure there are quite a few other benefits that will also show themselves in the long run, too. (an on my lunch break and don't have enough time to get into too much)
              Do hope this will help.
Baltimore    All State govt ADMINISTRATIVE staff earning $100000 and above to take pay cuts. If the governor is serious he should take a pay cut.
             do away with unnecessary govt functions that require food and drink
             instead of traveling for meetings have conference calls
             Instaead of building new buildings e.g. Concilor Moxley approved building a library and youth recreation center that was heavily opposed by the community, use the money to pay people instead of laying them off
             turn off office lights when leaving work.
             Cancel stem cell funding
             DO NOT furlough people because it will mean less salary and hence less taxes
Howard       Projected Savings: $4 million per year

             In May 2009 at the Howard Community College Budget Hearings, the Howard County Council documented misallocation of over $1 million as part of the College’s and Howard County’s $14 million bailout of Howard
             Community College’s Belmont Conference Center. While assessing this Belmont bailout, citizens scrutinized the Maryland Association of Community Colleges data book. The January 2009 edition documented over a
             50% variation in administrative staffing patterns for Maryland community colleges. For example, Prince Georges Community College has 0.76 administrative staff per 100 students. Montgomery, Anne Arundel and
             Baltimore counties have even less! However, three community colleges, for example Howard Community College, have approximately 1.25 administrative staff per 100 students.

             Causing Maryland community colleges to function at or below the administrative staff per students at Prince Georges would reduce approximately 45 FTEs. Approximating those FTEs at $90,000 per year including
             benefits would lead to a $4 million annual savings. These savings would repeat and, thus, be costs avoided for several years. State contributions to community colleges should be reduced if the college has
             administrative staffing markedly higher than comparable institutions. If counties have extraordinary administrative needs (e.g., to manage the money-losing Belmont Conference Center) and this requires staffing
             beyond a state benchmark, the local county taxpayers can bear this burden.

             In the short term, Howard County can afford bad investments, such as Belmont and its bailout, but eventually it impacts all Maryland taxpayers. If funds are available, they should be allocated to faculty rather than
             supporting selected colleges to build and maintain very high administrative staffing ratios.

             Thank you for your attention to this and please contact me if you wish the detail supporting these analyses.
City         Hello,
             I believe that significant money can be saved by eliminating the waste of paying toll booth workers an extraordinary amount of money for such a basic job. Toll booth workers should be paid no more than employees
             working at the grocery store collecting money. Also, Maryland should set up a highway system whereby EZPass users pay a regular toll rate and those using the toll employees pay a higher cost for the toll. That way, a
             significant number of people would switch to EZ Pass for the saving and you would be able to eliminate toll both employee jobs.
Cecil        I work for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. On March 20, 2009, each of our branches received a box from the MD State Dept of Education containing more than 400 booklets entitled "A Parent's Guide--Maryland's plan
             for preK-12 education 2008". Not only were the booklets a year out-of-date, but the number of booklets was way out of scale for our library system. ONE box of 400 probably would have been enough for all of our
             branches, yet we received a full box at each of our 7 branches. I know there are plenty of other forms and booklets that are provided in large numbers. Perhaps the organizations on the receiving end could be queried
             about how many they need. Not only would this prevent waste and save on shipping costs, but it would be an environmental benefit because less paper is being printed.
Anne         Do not pay overtime and leave in the same week. Make it so workers must WORK (be at work) for 40 hour week before they can get overtime.
Kent         I think we should consolidate trash pickups to once a week instead of twice a week and include the recycle bin with the trash pickup instead of having seperate days to pickup.
Washington   I saw that WV has a $65 million surplus. How is that possible but we have a $700 million deficit. My suggestion is to stop all transportation projects that are not federally funded immediately. No Red Line, No Purple
Harford      Eliminate the need and expense to produce front license plates. Many other states only require a rear license plate.
Anne         First let me commend the Governor and his Administration for opening the lines of communication. As a state employee of over 17 years, I have many ideas but I will address two main areas in this correspondence.
Arundel      The areas I am mentioning are complex and affect all Departments, however, I am hopeful that the Administration will take them into consideration.

             My first suggestion centers around the letters drafted in response to letters received from constituents. Many people write to the Governor, Lt.Governor,and the various department secretaries for a variety of reasons.
             First let me clarify that anyone that writes regarding a personal issue such as a need for a resolution to a problem or a service, deserves a personalized response.

             I am aware that the Governor's office has instituted use of a web-based letter tracking system (IQ) but I wonder if it is being used to its full capability.

             I suggest that constituents who e-mail their correspondence should be emailed the approved response. This will save the cost of the ink, letterhead, envelopes and postage. Same for the many individuals, who are
             cc'd on each letter, send an e-mail copy to them.

             Many individuals and organizations write, send preprinted postcards, or sign petitions regarding a topic that they are passionate about. Letters like these are especially prevalent during the legislative session or during
             times of pending budget cuts. They should be acknowledged but do they each need a personalized reply? Since they are often writing asking for increased funding for public service programs, I believe that they would
             prefer the savings on office supplies (ink, letterhead, envelopes) and postage be saved to fund those very state programs they are writing about.

             Not only does this cost taxpayers office supplies and postage but it takes staff inordinate amounts of time to set up mail merges, stuff envelopes, make copies for mailing, mail, etc. and is not environmentally friendly.

             My suggested alternatives include
             - a pre-printed post card which has a thank you and a place to acknowledge receipt or an email with the same or
             - posting of the replies on a page set up by the Governor’s office to which writers can be directed to see the approved response regarding their topic.

             Secondly, if state employees are going to receive a pay cut through either a salary reduction or furlough days, why not encourage tele-working? The recently revised tele-work policy written by DBM is certainly not
             user-friendly to either employees or supervisors. I believe that there should be some guidelines for teleworking but supervisors know if an employee's position lends itself to tele-working. Tele-working is a privilege and
             should an employee prove they are untrustworthy, then the supervisor has the right to deny/withdraw the tele-work agreement.

             Cutting back on employees having to pay for gas and other commuting fees would be seen as caring by state employees who are more than willing to share the burden of the budget crisis. This would also be
             environmentally friendly and perhaps the state could pave the way for other Maryland businesses to follow.

             Thank you again for taking the time to review suggestions from state employees and taxpayers.
Anne         I am probably not saying this correctly but I read that some States have declared themselves 'American speaking only' which eliminated the state expense of hiring translators. This has become a big business for
Arundel      bilingual persons and therefore a big expense for the State. Just a thought.
Baltimore    Early retirements,,, Get rid of anything in the budget that doesn't deal with fire,safety & schools... I feel that spending money on beautification projects, sports facilities etc should be burdened by the counties. Also get
             rid of the perks that the representatives in Annapolis can use like the handing out of college grants to friends and anything that's not directly related to safety,fire and schools. thanks on trent
Montgomery   Put a line on the Maryland individual income tax return for payment of use tax and instructions in the tax booklet about use tax.
Anne         I would suggest cutting garbage collection from 2 times a week to one and reducing the amount from 4 to 2 or fewer garbage cans. People might even recycle more. Or, as is done in some european jurisdictions,
Arundel      charge by weight the garbage but not for recycle. This might be more a county policy, but if the county saves, everyone saves.
Howard       Parole at least some inmates who are serving life sentences, if the parole board determines that they pose no threat to society, and if they have served at least 15 years of their term. By paroling some low-risk lifers,
             the state could save millions of dollars, while still preserving public safety. A recent report by the Justice Policy Institute, "The Release Valve: Parole in Maryland," notes that in 2007, the state spent approximately
             $1,422 per person on parole or probation, while it spent $33,310 per person on incarceration. Just by paroling an additional 100 people, the report concludes, Maryland could potentially save about $3 million over the
             course of one year without compromising public safety.
Baltimore    I would encourage all state agencies to utilize recycled toner cartridges as much as possible. Toner cartridges are usually the most expensive items on the office supplies budget. There are local companies that
             provide the products which will further reduce cost while boosting the local tax base and helping the environment.
Baltimore    Cut out mandatory vehicle inspections for registration of vehicles. Lengthen time between license plate renewals to 2 years minimum.
Wicomico     The state budget should not be continually balanced on the state workers. The services are provided to all Maryland citizens so all the citizens should assist in balancing the budget whether it be with paying a certain
             percent of extra tax but by ALL and Not just the state workers.
Wicomico     The state budget should not be continually balanced on the state workers. The services are provided to all Maryland citizens so all the citizens should assist in balancing the budget whether it be with paying a certain
             percent of extra tax but by ALL and Not just the state workers.
Anne         I am a state employee through the Comptroller of Md. The printing budget is out of site. My suggestion is cut out the time state employee evaluations (PEP) they consist of numerous pages they serve NO purpose
Arundel      since no one is getting raises (yearly) or mid cycle. Every 6 months the manager/supervisor has to fill out these pages and they are forwarded to ann. where no one looks at them or acts or them. This has been going
             on for years.

             My other suggestion is "Request for Leave or Absence cards". These are filled out eveytime someone wants to take leave. Why???? Every Manager/Supervisor has a date book they write in when someone wants to
             take leave. It is already recorded why record it again. These cards never never repeat never leave the managers/supervisor possession. They are not forwarded to Annapolis no one ask for them and the state keeps
             printing them. The time the employee uses is also recorded on their time sheet. I ask how many ways does the same thing have to be kept.

             Why wasn't this suggestion sent out to the state employees I heard about this over the radio on the last day. Do you think that state employees are not worth listening too. We are aware of the budget crisis what better
             ways of getting ideas then from the people who work directly for the state.
Harford      I'm not sure the following suggestion will win friends or influence people, but here goes. O r maybe it is not even novel?

             The areas of maintained, or even increased funding, seem solid to me. In particular, education funding is impressive.

             In business, especially during tough times, it appears that models with more than one revenue source are least impacted (fare best).

             How about, for example with an item that makes sense, we have those using the system contribute extra? Doesn't work - per se - for public saftey, health, etc., but lets look at education...

             Forgive me if my numbers are off, but on quick web search appears MD educates +850,000 school children. How about if those that are economically able (I expect there is some difficulty in defining this) contribute
             Seems like a solid investment any parent would make (hey, most parents I know suit up kids for sports at a few hundred per year without even thinking twice) and would take some getting used to the idea (as it has
             been a "freebie" forever)
             but let's think about it.

             Say there are 850,000 students and that 60% of parents are deemed able to "afford" the $1k/child surcharge that would leave 510,000 "payers". Multiply by $1,000 and "voila" + $500 million.

             Taken further, if somehow incorporated as a state income tax many, but not all, folks would end up paying even less (after itemized deduction on their federal tax return; a whole other budget matter).

             Again, maybe not the perfect idea (maybe even far from it) but thining creatively on matters of the public budget that are perceived by most to be value-added is an area to focus. Further, adding a "use" component
             (unlike, say, cigarette tax which is deemed prejudicial) and getting a second revenue stream (if you will) is the way to go - if following successful commerical practice is of any interest. Hey, if the coffers fill once real
             estate transactions, etc. reinstate then offer a credit against the $1k.

             Happy to think about or discuss further - this was just an initial reaction once I heard that Governor O'Malley was soliciting ideas (which itself is a great idea).

             Thank you, in advance, for your consideration of my idea.
Washington   I think it is time for those on public assistance to have to tighten the belt like the rest of us. You want to close the Sidling Hill Center, why not divert funds from welfare to keep the center open . Everyone should
             contribute , not just the working class. You see those on welfare with cell phones, cars, current fashions, ipods and other costly luxuries , yet their life style will not change.
Washington   I am employed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the DPSCS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The last couple of years we have been required to purchase supplies through grangers and small business many
             times 50 to over 100% of we could normally buy the same products for. Example 3-4 week supply of typical plumbing supplies Grainger 1838.70 Quality Plumbing (small business) 1096.00. I think there should be a 10
             or 15% limit on the contracts and preferences. This is just one example and the contracts are not all bad but we should not be forced to waste or tax dollars and budgets.
Baltimore    Consolidate various State Police related agencies into one central policing authority, i.e MTA police, State Troopers, University Police, etc.
Wicomico   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

           Centralize GIS data acquisition so that the state and counties
           are not collecting the same data and spending duplicate funds.
           State could give funds to counties in return for data

Anne       I suggest the State of Maryland create a state wide IT policy that fosters the use of and contribute to “open source” IT solutions. Here is an article about “open source” and Governments dated 7/29/2009. I offer it to
Arundel    show the value of “open source” IT solutions


           The article source:
           What is
  is a reader-supported news site dedicated to producing the best coverage from within the Linux and free software development communities.

Anne       Get rid of energy zapping appliances like old refrigerators in state buildings and weatherize state office buildings, implement other ways to save energy. Use staff more efficiently re auto use to save fuel and fuel
Arundel    reimbursements. Use Work Where You Live program to the extent possible perhaps? Thanks for this opportunity. Great idea!
Harford    Governor-This is a great idea! Here's some suggestions:

           1. Reduce state holidays. I believe we have more than most states.
           2. Zero based budgeting. Make all State agencies justify their continued need and staffing. Eliminate duplicate agencies in state government.
           3. Reduce the state sales tax back to 5% for a 90 day trial period and see if this stimulates more sales and net increase in sales tax revenues.
           4. Reduce top level positions in Maryland's bloated college oversight agency. Increase college tuition slightly and do not provide any in-state rate breaks for illegal immigrants.


Anne       I have a suggestion on how to save some tax dollars and bring in some extra revenue at the same time, and my way will be completely painless for all involved.
           1.     Do away with the requirement to have two license plates on vehicles registered in the state. I know this would cut the cost of manufacturing/shipping/storage of tags by at least 50%. I do not know what it cost to
           manufacture a vehicle tag, probably just a few cents each, but when multiplied by the number of new tags issued each year the saving would be substantial. I think this could be done without changing the fees paid for
           vehicle registration since most of those fees have very little to do with the actual price of the physical tags anyway.

           2.    The increase of tax revenue would come from the sale of aftermarket tags for the front of vehicles. I am sure you have seen the type of tags of which I speak, on vehicles registered in other states. If 1 million
           vehicle owners bought aftermarket tags for their cars at an average of $10 that would add $$$ to the coffers of the state.

           3.    The only downside I see from this would be the potential loss of the money from fines if the police stop you and you do not have a front license tag on your vehicle.
             I know that the amount of monies saved and tax revenue generated would only be a drop in the bucket, when compared to the deficit we currently are looking in the face. I think this would be an easy thing for the
             public to accept since there is really no additional cost to the individual, unless they choose to purchase an aftermarket tag.

Harford      Stop requiring front license plates. The state would save money if it made just rear license plates as many other states do.
Baltimore    Baltimore county is so flush they are giving raises to all employees and the teachers got a 4% increase. State workers have less in their check each year. Since they are in such good fiscal shape, they should NOT
             receive so much aid from the state. Also each county should fund the teachers pensions, not the state. It is time each county managed their own resources instead of depending on the state to help out when we are in
             such dire straits.
Washington   Where do I begin? How about cutting back on the welfare system and make people get out and get a job like the rest of us. You should only be able to collect these payments for a short period of time until you can get
             back on your feet. Right now, people have more babies because they can get more money.

             Next, make all state employees take furlough leave, not just certain employees. All state employees earn leave time and their shift can be covered to take a vacation/sick day, why not a furlough day?

             Next, let's clean out state government. How about an early retirement package. Or even get rid of some of the troublesome employees.

             If I think of anything else, I'll submit later.

             Thank You!!!

Baltimore    Budget Suggestions

             1. Eliminate the subsidy to private institutions of higher education.

             This taxpayer support is questionable public policy under any economic circumstances, but particularly under current economic circumstances. These institutions have endowments and alumni in addition to their
             higher tuition to support them.

             2. Examine the athletic operations of the university system and other public colleges and universities with regard to how the millions paid for television, endorsements, etc. can be redirected from the high sports staff
             salaries and other luxury expenditures to the general benefit of the schools and students. Support of sports teams should benefit the institutions and state as a whole, not be an end to itself.

             3. Share the pain. Impose cuts to salaries and benefits among academic, legislative, and particularly local government personnel at least equal to cuts already incurred and planned for state employees, the second
             class citizens of Maryland. County government employees in some jurisdictions have continued to receive increments and in some cases raises, while state employees’ salaries have been cut and increments frozen
             for more years than not under the Erlich and now the current administrations. This has a lifelong impact on individuals’ nearing retirement .

             4. Close Coppin State. There is little justification for maintaining two historically black colleges in the same geographic area when one of these has such poor performance and graduation rates. Alternatives exist in
             Morgan, community colleges, and other minority focused institutions in Baltimore or through out the State.

             5. Eliminate the ‘legislative’ scholarships that are awarded at each legislator ‘s discretion. Eliminate the funding outright or transfer it to the financial assistance programs administered by the public colleges and
             universities. This would ensure assistance is awarded in accordance with need based or other educational policy and stretch the dollars available for necessary financial aid.

             6. Transfer responsibility for funding the Teacher Retirement System to the local level. Currently state taxpayers are held hostage to teacher salary decisions made at the county level. State funding goes
             disproportionately to support wealthier jurisdictions who can afford higher salaries.

             7. Controversial and more of a long term suggestion, but consider decriminalization of drug use. Treating drug use as a public health not criminal issue and controlling its use, ala alcohol, could greatly decrease the
             costs of law enforcement and incarceration, as well as promote treatment.

             8. Require the legislature to observe similar travel reimbursement rules as state employees, e.g., no overnight accommodations if reside within 30-50 miles of Annapolis unless the mileage reimbursement exceeds the
             cost of lodging,

Harford      You could open up the Concealed hand gun permits. Do it like the state of Florida. Charge out of state people $200 dollars and in-state around a $100 and that will bring in a lot of cash. Make easier for people to get a
             concealed permit and this will work. Just look at the money Florida is bring in.
             Thank you for your time
Baltimore    Reduce the number of MTA buses that travel empty or nearly empty each day
Baltimore    I see 10 to 20 expired stickers on license plates all over town. If these cars are not properly tagged, they are more likely to be uninsured motorists. The state could raise a lot of revenue, just from the licensing fees that
             are being avoided. Is a revenue enhancement as good as a budget cut? A team of ticket writers could help to identify these cars, as the police are unable to keep up with this. Cabbies, chauffeurs, or any other civilians
             might help in the effort. I would do it for nothing; it is just a pet peeve of mine.
Anne         I'm glad I saw in the Sunpapers that today is the deadline for submitting suggestions. I've been meaning to write.
             My suggestion concerns the use of prison labor. I think the state should put prisoners to work doing more than road-side litter pickup. They could be used to paint state buildings, build state parks, drive state trucks,
             maintain state properties, etc. Since state government is already paying others to perform these functions, we could probably save many millions of dollars. Also, with a skills training program in place, prisoners could
             be used to build new schools (and other government buildings), saving even more millions of dollars.

             Please keep up the good work. I look forward to hearing from you. And good luck with the budget. I think the idea of asking the public for ideas is terrific.


Worchester   Suggestion for early retirement
Allegany     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx





Howard       In the audit area of the Comptroller's office, I came because a client was audited. I did not get to meet with the auditor. Instead, I sat and waited while a clerical employee took all my clients documents to the copier
             and make a copy of every receipt (3 years, more than 100 receipts)

             There is no need for this in a digital age. In addition, having a face to face meeting to resolve matters would expedite the process. Copies are incredibly expensive, in addition to the time of the clerical making copies.
             If this happens for every taxpayer audited, there would be considerable savings if this stops today.
Charles      Develop tourist related sites along waterways - more than just Ocean City and Annapolis to bring in the additional money. Think - Put-In Bay, Ohio.
Montgomery   The State of Utah has implemented a four day work week for all state government services. I do not know how much money the State of Utah has saved by implementing a four day work week. All employees must still
             work a 40 hours per week. Typically, this means that each employee must work 10 hours per day, with Friday as the day off. The State of Utah believes that the have saved money by closing all State Government
             buildings on Friday. I do not know if this option is feasible for the State of Maryland.

Allegany     It seems that the state employees have taken a hard hit with the budget cuts. Furlough days and not replacing employees that retire or quit, like just taking pins away. Well we had to take days off without pay, no
             RAISE at all and not even a person to replace an empty spot. Which gives more work. If you give us a week off, at least let us get unemployment insurance. Something is better than nothing. Try shuffling it around.
             Isn't that hard enough. Hit ALL state employees and not just us little guys. My bills don't change, everything is going up. What are we suppose to do about raising prices. Thank you for the opportunity to vent. DC
Anne         Encourage spending by rolling back state sales taxes to 5%. Maryland citizens need to feel they are getting a bargain. When taxes are rolled back, you encourage MORE spending which will help small and larger
Arundel      businesses as well collecting more sales taxes on these new purchases. People want a bargain. Less taxes = a bargain = encourage more spending. Raising taxes makes people hang onto their money tighter and
             tighter. Lower the taxes and psychologically people feel they are paying less. Today more and more people flock to Delaware stores because they think they are getting a bargain.
Charles      Eliminate the AVI sticker on the Hatem bridge that allows commuters to cross unlimited times in a year for $10. Create a commuter plan like other MD toll facilities. This should generate at least $1M.
Wicomico     First things first - cut all useless spending such as millions to help illegal immigrants with healthcare and health expenditures. Raise the state tuition at colleges to curve the deficit. Next, consolidate some of the state
             police agenicies under one roof such as the Maryland Department of Public Safety. For example combine DNR, NRP, MdTA and MSP. All under one roof then have dvisions - Bureau of Investigation (MSP), Highway
             Patrol (MdTA) and Marine and Wildlfe Enforcement (DNR/NRP). Do away with the higher ups there for saving the salaries of 3 superintendents and only having one "head guy".
Montgomery   Save money and STOP destruction of precious natural environmental resources by ending the terribly expensive/offensive/invasive/destructive construction of your beloved ICC. Then use some of that money to
             maintain at least level funding for adult education in English as a Second Language and more of it to work on conservation of Maryland's beleagured natural environment.
Harford      I think you should take a close look at contract hires. The MTA hires back employees that have retired and then brings them back at more thousands more money then they made at the job they retired from. Half the
             time these are even working. They are just collecting the pay check. The chief of police that have been there over the years, you keep putting police in there from other agencies, they want to change everything to
             their way, bring in their friends from the other agencies, who by the way have retired from those agencies, and are not in management positions with these high salaries, but aren't there doing the jobs. You could
             probably save a lot of money. There are police officers there that could do the jobs these contract people are coming back to do.
Allegany     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anne         PLEASE, consider the impact on people when you make these cuts. I am on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx serving adults with severe developmental disabilities. In recent years, the reimbursements
Arundel      from the MD DDA has not come close to covering the cost of providing basic care for these very vulnerable persons. We are talking about food, shelter and 24 hour staffing. Cuts in this area translate into less food,
             health care and staffing. Where are we to cut? Now we hear of even more cuts this year! Before the economic downturn we were able to cover the States failure with fundraising but that is way off this year. I
             understand that in spite of the budget crisis that you are planning to replace everyone's license plates this year (advertising the Star Spangled State) at a cost of multiple millions. We can make do for another year or
             more with the tags we now have! Let me for metal plates for our cars or food and staffing for mentally retarded and multiply handicapped citizens? Should be a no-brainer as to where to cut! It has been
             estimated that as many as 25% of service providers to developmentally disabled citizens will fail this year because of inability to cover the States shortfall. Where are these people to go? There are 16,000 on the wait
             list for residential and home services. Budget cuts are imperitive and I applaud your efforts but consider the human cost to our most vulnerable citizens. If Health and Human Services must share in the pain please look
             for administrative cuts and not basic subsistance services to those who cannot fend for themselves.
Wicomico     The state police or county sheriffs departments need to do more radar on Route 50 from Salisbury to Ocean City, nobody drives close to the 55 miles per hour.

Montgomery   Please continue to support early intervention programs and home visiting, especially those that through the years have evidence of effectiveness and saving for the long run. As many of us know prevention is much
             chipper than intervention.
Anne         I would suggest that the state offer an option to allow state employees to retire after 25 or 27 years based on the number of possible candidates. Allow them to leave at full retirement and hire new staff at lower
Arundel      salaries. Also allow anyone over 30 years to retire based on the highest year salary they had instead of an average.
City         Stop paying for unnessary training.
Washington   I think the Governor took a positive step by not paying out the retention, CO retention and finders fee bonuses.

             I believe the Governor should make ALL State Employees use the timeclock. Only some state agencies make their employees utilize a timeclock. There are state employees who take avantage of not clocking in and
             out. They are basically stealing from the state.

             Perhaps eliminating some the numerous higher level positions within the DOC along with some the numerous administrative positions that support these higher level positions.
Baltimore   Revised version of my suggestions...

            To: Governor of Maryland

            From: xx

            Date: August 7, 2009

            Re: Budget Shortfalls Facing Maryland

            I would like to take this time to thank the Governor’s Office for the opportunity to share my voice in addressing the crisis that is affecting not only Maryland but the country. Soliciting public comments on cost saving
            methods associated with State agencies is commendable, as many individuals of all status have innovative ideas that can be valuable to decrease the financial burden that state government should not bear alone.
            I must briefly state, the estimated cost to place a youth for in-state and out-of-state placements range from $75,000 to $250,000 per year. Unfortunately, many youth spend years in the juvenile system, to include
            community-based services, at the expense of the state. If a parent has to pay child support to another parent or guardian, why aren’t parents paying child support to the Department of Juvenile Services, especially
            when a child is in the Department’s custody and care? With this being said, I recommend the following:

            • A special department be implemented to oversee child support processes and payments to the Department of Juvenile Services
            • Parent/Guardian salaries be garnished for child support while the youth in the custody and care of the Department of Juvenile Services. Garnishment will ensure child support is paid.
            • Families receiving public assistance from a state agency - the percentage of funds received by the family for the youth in the custody and care of the Department of Juvenile Services will be diverted to the Department
            of Juvenile Services. This will a) close the illegal loophole that exists within the Department of Social Services, and b) divert funds to the appropriate party (DJS) who is providing youth care.

            Rationale: Youths who have violated the law are detained for the following reasons: (1) a danger to themselves or (2) a threat to public safety and risk of failure to appear for hearing. However, the Department of
            Juvenile Services is used to many reasons, for example:

            • If a youth is granted release by the court but parent/guardian refuses to accept child the youth becomes a CINA (child in need of assistance). At this point, DSS should become immediately involved prior to parties
            leaving the court room. Instead, DJS detained and/or place the youth bearing total financial cost.
            • If a youth is dual-committed to DJS and DSS, DSS is the lead agency. DSS will often leave a youth detained. Reasons could include: a) DSS knows where the child is and he or she cannot runaway, or b) DSS does
            not have a placement for the child, or c) the child is difficult to place for several reasons: age, history of running away, or mental health issues - mentally and/or emotionally disturbed youth which make them extremely
            hard to place. The Department of Juvenile Services often bears the financial cost.
            • If a child is detained under a Protective Custody Order many of the same youth that the child is running from in the street are the same youth that are detained in our facilities. Often a change in family geography is
            needed. This type of services would come from the department of housing and maybe DSS should be involved. Detaining the youth is not the solution, it is a temporary action. However, these youth are detained for
            long periods of time at the expense of the Department of Juvenile Services.
            • In Maryland and nationally studies have shown that as high as 75% youth entering the juvenile system have at least one mental health disorder, and are undiagnosed and untreated. The focus is more on the behavior
            and not the disorder. The absence of mental health diagnosis and treatment has lead to a significant increase in the number of youth being serviced in the juvenile justice system; rather then the mental health system.
            Because of this, the Department of Juvenile Services again is bearing the financial cost alone.

            I hope you find my ideas helpful and I welcome further collaboration to discuss these and other ideas in detail. I can be reached at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, anytime. Thanks again for welcoming public opinion and support.

Talbot      Close all state offices 1 day each week (employee's work four 10 hour days--or for those who cannot work in the office beyond the normal 8 hr day--allow them to work from home). This would save on oerational costs.
            Please NO MORE Fourlough's for State Employee's...
Baltimore    Provide more tax free holidays. In the past Maryland has set aside one week as a tax free week mainly to assist consumers with back to school expenses. However, some years that's in effect and some years it's not.
             Personally, I have just found out during a recent trip to Pennsylvania that the State of Pennsylvania has no sales tax on clothes or shoes (year round). This is a major incentive for me and one that will possibly have me
             spending the bulk of my income set aside for clothes and shoes for me and my family and spend it in Pennsylvania. I don't want to do that..... Also I was told that Delaware doesn't have sales tax on anything. We have
             got to do something as a State to level the playing field in this area. I am not suggesting that we change and become a tax free state but I do believe the Tax Free Week should be implemented as a permanent and
             reoccuring event.
Harford      Significantly reduce the amount of mowing the grass along the roadsides statewide. I can only imagine the number of manhours, fuel usage and "wear and tear" on the eqipment used for this expenditure. Plus think of
             the environmental impact by reducing emissions (especially since most of this equipment has no emmissions controls on them).
Howard       This suggestion would save Maryland tens of millions of dollars – sell Howard Community Colleges’ (HCC) recently acquired Belmont estate. It is unreasonable and unnecessary for a community college to own and
             operate a luxurious (HCC spent $38,000 on a piano rebuild for the manor house) historic 18th century estate, complete with dozens of well paid staff (the manager makes $162,000 with benefits). HCC has kept
             Belmont spending below state radar so far by proposing to use county and education foundation money ($14 million to date) at Belmont, which simply leaves other college programs needing more state funds.
             HCC has planned an elaborate specialty campus with over 100,000 square feet of new construction on the Belmont grounds to expand their culinary and hospitality program. As an example of how excessive the plans
             are, HCC is about to renovate and expand an old barn at Belmont. The projected cost has already climbed to nearly $6 million, and construction has not even begun yet. This cost is doubly shocking because HCC
             proclaimed that Belmont would be self supporting and would avoid the use of tax dollars or tuition dollars. The barn project is already using both. Construction and operations over the next decade could easily pass
             the $70 million mark.
             I’m far from the only Belmont critic: among many others, the Howard County League of Woman Voters, the Howard County Citizens Association, The Maryland Environmental Trust, Preservation Maryland, and even
             Howard County’s own Planning Board have opposed the college’s Belmont plan. HCC’s Belmont venture is in fundamental conflict with the goal of a community college to operate with the highest quality of instruction
             at the lowest reasonable cost.
Worchester   The suggestion I would have is to elimanate or severly reduce roadside mowing by the state highway administration and or mowing contractors. The roads by my residence and this area are mowed frequently, as
             much as 5-6 times a year. Why? It is the side of a road not a yard. In my opion they could be mowed once a year, maybe more along major highways.
Montgomery   Dear Governor O'Malley:
             Please continue the same level of support for Adult Literary and English services through the Department of Labor, Licensing and Reghulations. I urge you to endorse the views and goals expressed by MAACCE. I
             am a recent retiree who is pursing classes in adult education to prepare myself to volunteer my time and energy to help other adults succeed by increasing their language skills.
Baltimore    I suggest cutting the training budget for unnecessary training. It is not a requirement of any job of the state to be a CPA, yet we pay for CPE credits. For instance 600.00 for a 3 day training for one individual.
Harford      The biggest waste in MD state government is the continual use of "overlay funds" that each of the 7 MD SHA Districts uses every year to overlay roads that are still in good repair, these jobs are often paved between
             april and june 30th in order to be able to max-out the budget and request even more funds the following's a waste and the people of MD deserve better monitoring of what the district managers are deciding on
             a whim to "maintain", some roads are paved nearly every other year, someone with authority has to get a clue and save millions upon millions of dollars (every year) on this wasteful practice, which has been in place at
             the MDSHA for decades.
Howard       1. Strict use of green building methods. All new state buildings as well as existing state building (see LEED criteria for existing buildings) should meet at least LEED Silver certification. Often people dismiss green
             building as too expensive but this is extremely short sighted. There are indirect savings connected to healthier work and learning environments due to sharp reductions in volatile organic compounds from building
             materials and cleaning products, many of which are cancer causing and are also linked to learning disabilities and other developmental disorders.

             Retrofitting old inefficient building with efficient HVAC systems, windows, and solar will realize tremendous energy and maintenance savings.

             2. Stricter use of IPM practices can drastically reduce pesticide use in state building and schools saving a significant amount of money and protecting health.
             Please refer to IPM Star Certification: Profile Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Child cancer and asthma are linked to pesticide use.

             Also Boulder Valley School District IPM program

             3. Strict Waste Reduction programs
Baltimore    Perhaps encourage more telecomuting and closing state offices perhaps the first Friday of every month.
Anne         Close all state government offices on Fridays.
Montgomery   Dear Governor O'Malley,
             As you make the most difficult decisions in the next few months, I want to urge you to maintain the resources in the Children's Cabinet Interagency Fund.

             Also, increases in user fees and taxes should be part of your strategy to deal with the budget shortfalls.

             Thank you for your consideration,

Baltimore    With the switch to digital tv I checked the power of WBAL-TV
             channel 11 and found that their signal is 7.5KW while MPT-TV transmits at 50KW. When I reduce my home kw's my electric bill goes down. I think reducing the transmission from 50 to 25 KW should save some
             taxpayers' money.
Anne         Force employees that have soc sec age and can retire, to retire! Most are dead weight.
Harford      Working for a Doctors office, it has become a real bone of contentiont that patient who participate in Maryland Physician Care Insurance and other state health insurances that come into the office and test positive for
             illegal recreational drugs. It should be mandated that any participant in state provided insurance that tests positive for illegal drugs be reported to a state agency. One mistake forgiven,second time they should have
             their insurance dropped. We working people should not be paying for their prescribed drugs if they have the resources to purchase illegal drugs.
Anne         if we have to furlough again maybe each agency can close down for one day (Fridays) instead of having to choose which day you need to take off and that day being micro manage when you can. Having to do a
Arundel      furlough is bad enough, but when you are told you can't take it because someone else is off thats pouring salt into the wound. employees maybe acceptable to having choices and everyone doing the same.
Dorchester   Budget cuts need to start at the top levels in government. When furlough days are mandated ALL state employees should be required to participate. State employees should no longer drive state vehicles home at
             night. I personally know of cases where these vehicles are being used for personal use, such as car shopping for children during work hours and transporting family members to and from airports. To deter from misuse.
             Employees need to keep an exact log of dates, mileage and destinations. Closer review of cell phone use for business vs. personal use. This needs to be reveiwed at each agency. There are many ways to reduce
             costs, but again LEAD BY EXAMPLE.
Harford      First,I would suggest that a deep cut in the use of consultants within MDOT. If our construction is being reduced and many projects are being placed on hold, why are we still seeing consultant staffing levels
             unchanged. The work they are doing could easily be done by state workers . It is very unfair that these people are here while state workers are being given days off with pay.
             My second point is why are consultants who work here being paid at full overhead cost eventhough they are "on site". They use our computers,desks, office equipment, and our facilities , yet there companies charge
             the state full overhead costs for their services. Very unfair and maybe even illegal.
             Third, I think that SHA managemnet should pay commuting charges for taking state vehicles home every night. The excuse given is that they are called out for emergencies. The truth is that some if not most are never
             called out on emergencies. The non- payment of commuting is nothing more than a perk that mangement has granted themselves.

Harford      i suggest that all incarserated people be given job that are not covered under the new budget. grass cutting at goverment buildings, painting curbs, replaceing of flowers and mulch etc. also the individuals that are on
             our welfare system be given jobs so when they log in 40 hr work they receive 40 hrs of welfare payment. this will help better the individual and possibly encurage them to seek employment at at better salery. thank you
Anne         Getting rid of temp and contractual in all agencies, not just some.
Arundel      Eliminate some executive positions.
             Take and look at who is really doing the work and who is not.
             It's the lower grades that does most of the work in a agency and they are paid less and usually are the ones who hold the agency and the department together.
Calvert      Stop paying for employees to go to big, expensive conventions. If the convention is deemed absolutely necessary, do not pay for expensive hotel rooms. There is absolutely no reason to pay over $400 a night for a
             room (DHMH). If employees elect to not have health insurance through their state employment, give them a small incentive pay. It would encourage married couples to go on the other spouse's health plan, therefore
             decreasing benefit money spent on state employees. If the employee is not married, it will not hurt him at all. Do not pave/resurface roads until it is absolutely necessary. Broomes Island Rd. was just repaved... it could
             have gone another 10 years without being resurfaced.
Anne         One way to cut down on buget is to cut down on how many assistants to the assistant for high ranking officials.
             Another way is those individuals that have been locked up for 20, 30, 40 years with good adjustment records and home plans that would have been eligible for parole before the Glendenning era be giving a chance to
             come home with strict supervision. That would save the state millions. It would free space for these more dangerous younger violent offenders and save on medical costs for the older inmate.

             Some high ranking officials to take a cut in pay like lower state workers that have been furlough to save millions.

             Stop unnecessary overtime payment. Make state officers drive their own personal vehicle when off duty.

City         The State should implement incentives for overall State agency savings and shrinking of budgets. The goal should be a 6% annual reduction in overall agency budget. If an agency reaches this target, 1% of the
             savings would go to the employees in the form of bonuses, the other 5% would return to the State. This would encourage a frugal mentality in every State employee. It would be meaningful to everyone to spend
             wisely, b/c to do otherwise would be to take a potential bonus away from your co-workers. If implemented, rather than seeing end of the year spending sprees you would see end of the year saving sprees by all
             employees in order to try and get the bonus. Currently there is NO incentive in State government to spend frugally and shrink your budget, and arguably the incentive is the exact opposite. Agencies that don't spend
             their full budget are penalized by receiving less in the following year whereas bloated agency spending is rewarded b/c the agency "demonstrated the need for their budget".

Washington   Incentives for those who are at or near retirement. Then look at necessity of the position. Those essential positions could be filled with contract workers, thus lower pay and no benefits would be offered.
             Consider offereing adjusted work week on a voluntary basis. Work week would consist of four 9 hour days, totally 36 hours a week. Employee would maintain full time status and benefits, would benefit from and extra
             day off and state would benefit by a reduction of 16 hours less pay per employee per month.
             Energy reduction program focusing on thermostat settings, turning lights off, etc. Incentive for those offices which the reduction is greatest.
             Look in to those employees who have state issued cell phones and the necessity. Those who are not using the phones, take them away and/or reissue.
             Incentive or bonus for those employees who do not take advantage of the state health care benefits, including those currently not using as well as those choosing to opt out.
             Look into the use of state cars, specifically those employees who have vehicles they use and drive home. Keep the car at the state office.
             Look at the necessity and practicality of training that is offered throughout the state. Bring the training to the office so you reduce paying milage and extra hours beyond the normal work day, including lodging and
             meals that are provided.

Baltimore    Does the SHA always have to replace its highway signs so quickly when guidelines change? As an example: When caution signs went to a newer, brighter orangle/yellow, perfectly good signs along state routes and
             interstates were quickly changed over. I am sure there is a compliance deadline, but MD always seems far ahead of the curve. Would it not be better to implement the change at the end of a sign's useful life? When
             traveling to others states, it is quite evident MD replaces its signs far ahead of others. While I would not like to see MD get like VT where it seems some signs date to the original opening of the interstate, replacement
             at the end of "useful life" appears a way to go.
             Another one would be the MTA performing an analysis of how close bus stops are outside the downtown area. Traveling Harford Rd, there are bus stops literally within 100-200 feet of one another for the #19 line.
             Wouldn't fewer stops save fuel and brakes?

Calvert      Only spend what is authorized in State Constitution. You have read it haven't you? Better pay attention to the suggestions provided by Tony O'Donnell.
Harford      1. Cut 5% of all state middle/upper management positions
             2. 10% salary reduction all remaining State employess
             3. Phase out all State pension plans. (Use 401K instead)
             4. Suspend Davis/Bacon and Affimitive action on Contracts
             5. Have State employees contribute more of Health insurance
             5. Reduce the number of "Non Profit" orginizations

             These actions that almost all of us already experience will cut State expenditures by over 15-20% without reducing any services or programs.
             SHOW LEADERSHIP!
Caroline     To whom it may concern,
             I am greatly concerned about the cuts that have been made to the Caroline County Human Service COuncil (and to the statewide fund that supports these agencies statewide). The services provided by them are
             unique and desperately needed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
             Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Getting help from Caroline County Human Service
             Council, Inc. has proven to be what was needed in order to connect all of the supports that she could gain access to, and she is finally able to function and has learned to cope with her many behavioral issues-- which
             are not her fault.
             The cuts that have been made to the program are harmful to children in complex situations xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. There are so very many needs, and there is often no link or coordination between the services that a family
             is led to. . . and this is detrimental. Having the support of the programming offered by Human Services Council made a huge difference, and has led to many measures of success xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and for many others
             like her.
             Cuts to this program have been so very drastic. xxxxxxxxxxxxx is now afraid that the support she has been receiving will disappear (and out of necessity from the cuts, much of it has already vanished). Stability is
             what kids like her need the most, and these cuts are deep and painful. All around her, she is losing workers that she grew to trust, services that are helping her to function, and programs that are making a difference.
             I want Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund to continue to support our most vulnerable children and families in Caroline County, so I am emailing you today to let you know that we need your leadership to protect these
             resources and prevent additional cuts to this fund - it has been cut enough!

             Many thanks for your continued support of Maryland's children and families. I know you have a tough job and nobody wants to endure cuts. Please consider the real children and stories behind the program titles,
             though, before making any more cuts.

Calvert      stop arresting people over 18 for simple marijuana possesion.instead, impose a civil fine.this will increase revenue instead of wasting police and court time and money.also,allow doctors to prescribe it, as other states
             are doing.thank you.
Baltimore    Dear Gov. O'Malley-
             Cutting jobs and reductions in pay is a huge sacrifice to me,trying to keep my home together and not fall into the situation of those around me- falling behind in bills, or loosing my home. While it is not what i ever
             thought i would ask for --I would hope that you consider raising taxes as a source for generating revenues for the current economic crisis. In addition, I hope that your subsequent cuts are not applied any further to the
             LMB's as we are at the bare bones of maintaining our current level of service in our role.
Baltimore    With the recent budget cuts and budget shortfall, I strongly believe that a good plan of action would be to take a look at the vacant properties in the city of Baltimore. The vacant properties in city that are boarded up
             and rest between residential occupancies should be viewed as a public health risk and therefore condemned and confiscated under eminent domain laws if possible. These properties are eyesores and havens for rats,
             mice, pest infestation, and criminal activities. Although some of these properties do generate income through taxes, the revitalization would generate significantly more through taxes and revenues. If condemned and
             confiscated, these properties can then be revitalized, benefiting the community and the city through economic and community development.
Baltimore    1. Eliminate ALL travel by State employees, except Gov/LT Gov, With available communications there is no need for it.
             2. Eliminate employees taking home state vehicles.
             3. Revise routes for Mobility busses. Most I see have only one person on board.
             4. Do Legislative members need more than one staff member? Probably not.
             5. Eliminate most police attending officials, such as to events.
Wicomico     Please support programs for children, i.e., children of prisoners, etc. who depend on the community to assist them in reaching a productive adulthood. Mentoring is particularly important when one and often two parents
             are their lives.
Montgomery   I would suggest all high ranking Maryland personal, for ex: the Governor and Vice Governor, take a 10% cut in their income, and no pay raise. It is time that the people who get paid to run the county do something
             other then make bad choices for the rest of us. Us low-middle income families can't take tax increase or cuts in funding anymore.
Baltimore    Since MD State employees were given furlough days... has the Governor, Mayor and staffs given back ANYTHING? Lets all do our share. Instead of needless trips, luncheons, court/lawyers cost, etc.. cut backs
             should start with State Officials.
Baltimore    One suggestion would be to close State offices the week between Christmas and New Years to save on electric/gas costs. Those furlough days could be taken from our pay gradually like last year. Schools are closed
             anyway and alot of other companies close down as well.
Frederick    I think mopeds and minibikes should be required to have license plates and pay fees. They drive on public roads but can't be identified since they have no plates. In addition, this would allow fees to be charged by the
City         If we crack down on welfare/public assistance fraud we may be able to save alot. I have seen employees that refuse more hours and health benefits because it can cut into their benefits. People driving around in
             escalades, lexus, mercedes, getting their hair and nails done spending $100 or more, then complain that they cant afford to pay their subsidised housing after wasting their benefits. At the beginning of each month
             people come into the store and purchase high priced flat screen tv's using their benefits cards and dont bother getting food and basics to keep their family clothed and clean etc... yet we still keep shelling out millions
             for these. How about taking that money and require these people to take some kind of class to learn how to live within their means, and leave the rest of the funds for the people who really need it. Take our tax money
             back from these charlitans and find out who is really needy.
Howard       I have no specific suggestions for cuts, but I must note the basic responsibilities of state and local governments: police, fire, education, and infrastructure; not necessarily in that order. There should be absolutely no
             cuts in these areas. Now, of course, there are peripheral expenditures, i.e., administrative costs - everything from the electric bills at the state house, to paperclips. But any programs that do not fall into those
             necessary areas, painful as it may be to some people, should be considered for elimination before the basics are touched and until our financial problems are over.
             Thank you for this opportunity. I've worked for state government for 24 years in 3 different agencies. I think it would be revolutionary to find a way to disseminate operating budget monies that creatively rewards fiscal
             conservation. I have learned that with all public monies, Federal, State and Local, that management is forced into the mentality of "use it or lose it". At the end of every fiscal year we scramble to spend down our funds
             because we're so afraid if we were fiscally conservative one year, we will not get as much the next year, when we may need it; therefore we spend taxpayer money on things we could really do without. Although this
             wouldn't fix our problem this year, I think it could go a long way to change the way business is done in the future and undoubtedly save large sums of taxpayer dollars.
Baltimore    My first suggestion stopping make laws without funding them. If you have no finding resources do not pass the bill. That is main cause of this problem and the national recession.

             Second suggestion is to find out which state employees can work from home. We have the technology to allow this to happen with Go to It would save on having to keep building open that do not need to
             be. You can consolidate offices for the people that have to come in. Reports can be scanned and with Gotomypc we can retrieve from home. It save the employees money from having to pay for fuel and sitting in traffic
             so much.

             Third suggestions have state employees that can work the 4 10 hr days. Pick a day for office to be closed. Third suggestion stop the tuition freeze at least for now. After the economy returns and things improve
             reinstate it. Three out of four years is good but we must all help out.

             Fourth suggestion starts considering a hiring cap for appointees. It seems like every new administration the new bosses get more pay then the previous.

             Fifth suggestion just sends the necessary people to conference. Limit the amount who can attend. If one or two can go and bring back the information.

             If the economists are right the recession should be over by years end.
Montgomery   Eliminate funding for illegals and spend our tax dollars on tax paying County citizens (Millions)
             Eliminate frivolous costs such as Ike's toilet which was such a disgrace to all of us.
Howard       5. Have DORS and State hospitals avail themselves of discounted purchasing of assistive technologies,therapy supplies and adaptive furnishings through non-profit AT:LAST, Inc.- the MD A.T. Co-op--so they can
             save $1.95 million as the public schools have.
             6.) Encourage more purchasing Co-ops that State government can avail themselves of...or at a minimum, completely overhaul the procurement system which is iniefficient and almost guarantees paying too much.
             7.) Reduce or elimnate taxpayer funded festivals and events.
             8.) Stop trying to be FIRST. It's expensive. Remember: The early bird catches the worm, but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese. Let some other state waste their money fumbling about trying to be first on
             everything. Let's learn from their experience, then do it right.
Harford     First- The unemployment rate isn't down. There are too many of us who have exhausted our benefits and hence are no longer in the system. I know, I happen to be one of those people. So, Governor O'Malley, don't
            count your chickens just yet. If you really don't want to add on to the jobless rate by cutting people's jobs, then, as we always hear, the buck stops with the man in charge. Start with yourself Governor by slashing
            salaries in half until we are able to get back on our feet. Some of these politicans' salaries are beyond belief. While on unemployment, I had to live on $476 per month (that was before the added $25). If I can do it, so
            should you. Granted now I have to live on $0. And don't get me started on the health lack-of-care system in Maryland.
             You talk about not wanting to cut education, but seriously, have you seen what the schools are dishing out into society these days? We have more Mexicans in the State of Maryland than in Mexico; yet they refuse to
            learn our basic educational skills (go to Harford, Frederick and Washington Counties Governor - it is an eye opening experience). Next, cut those outrageous DMV tag rates (temporarily of course). As an unemployed
            Marylander, I can't afford to get those stickers for my car (minivan - listed as a truck?) Or, since you have a good paying job with a steady paycheck, the $340 bill is coming due. Unfortunately, I have gotten use to
            eating and trying to put a roof over my head however to apply at the few places hiring, you need a vehicle to get there. It's the old game of catch-22.
Harford     Raise the sales tax 1%.
Anne        10% cut for "everyone" receiving "state" funds. This includes services contrators; employees; consultants; vendorss; grant funding; elected and appointed officials. The 10% cut must be levied on everyone and
Arundel     everything; there shall be "no exceptions."

Kent        I think it is time that the State of Maryland institute a yearly inspection mandate for all vehicles licensed in the state. This would be another source of income to the state and also would make sure that millions of cars
            would be checked yearly for safety and mechanical repairs necessary for public safety.
            I live and work in Maryland and Virginia but my company car is licensed in Pa. Because I had to have my car inspected this July it was discovered that I needed new brakes. I probably would not have had this
            checked on my own.
            Not only did Pennsylvania get a fee for the inspection, they ralized the state taxes on the parts that were used. (I had the repairs done in Maryland so Maryland benefited from the taxes.)
            Another benefit would be that a valid insurance certificate along with the owners card be presented at the time of inspection. This would insure that vehicles on the road had
            insurance. A colored coded inspection sticker on the windshield would be a quick visual for law enforcement.
            Safety , Sticker and Inspection fees to the state of Maryland, License Fees for inspection stations, Sales Taxes on required parts.
            I live on the Eastern Shore. There are some vehicles on the road that are literally held together by Duct Tape.
Anne        Implement energy saving technologies in all state office buildings and data centers. Many technologies have fairly short-term financial paybacks, such as the flywheel UPS system recently installed in the Annapolis
Arundel     Data Center to replace the old battery-based UPS system. Energy audits would identify many state buildings where energy could be saved and costs substantially reduced.
Howard      1.) Decrease insistance that State agencies must use State Industries for purchaseof furniture, printing services, etc. The general market is far less expensive.
            2.) Insiston getting our money's worth on large contracts. Examples of horible waste previously--buying electronic voting machines that niether print nor are capable of being upgraded OR the Bay Bridge resurfacing
            that need to be redone at taxpayer rather than contractor expense.
            3. Find a less expensive contractor for road signs.
            4. Decrease capital expenditures at higher ed facilities. Additional parking is the only thing REALLY needed on any campus--not new extravagent buildings--especially not art facilities.
Anne        Start a recycling program in all state office buildings to sell paper, cans, and plastic. There is money to be made with recyclables, and it would be environmentally friendly and save on long-term landfill costs. This may
Arundel     seem trivial, but small things add up.
Baltimore   A statewide buyout of all state employees with substantial years on the job. This would lower the cost of salaries while encouraging those with such tenure to go out on retirement without reservation. These types of
            buyouts have been offered in the past as an effective way of lowering salary costs in the past. Employees could retire knowing that they have received something in exchange for helping the state in its time of need. It
            would be a win-win situation for everyone. Replacing those employees with entry level positions would alleviate higher costs on salaries
Harford      We should start making people on unemployment/food stamps "earn" their money. Require everyone to put in at least 20 hours of work each week by either: working in schools, cleaning streets, walking the streets of
             neighborhood to keep them safe, assisting in hospitals,etc. While I realise it is hard to find a job, I also know some people have "worked" the system for years, make them work at least 20 hours a week for their
             checks, this will maybe give them an incentive to get up in morning and be productive and help them set up a network so maybe they can become employed. This "free" help will supplement organizations who do not
             have the funds to pay for help now and eventually when the ecomony turns around maybe employ some these people. Maybe offer a tax credit to business who "hire" some of these people. These are not skilled jobs,
             so no prior experience required, but you must come to work to earn your check. Also everyone getting a check should be required to appear in person once every 3 months to verify they can work and are legal
Baltimore    Make state employees start paying for bus fare.
City         I think that the state should cut out some of the perks that some city officials have such as three cars at their disposal at all times and a 6-8 man security detail could be trimmed back to 3-4. It may not be a huge
             difference but the taxpayers have suffered enough when certain city officials live in comparative luxury. Also I personally play the lottery and if you raised Mega Millions tickets by even 10 cents I am positive most would
             pay it. It is not a necessity but a choice and there is no discrimination in this. It would earn millions for Maryland.
Anne         Californa has one good idle shift the illeals to the federal system. This does two things, one make the federal responable for immgration, and save the states much needed money.
Anne         Californa has one good idle shift the illeals to the federal system. This does two things, one make the federal responable for immgration, and save the states much needed money.
City         stop buying office furniture so much furniture that is throwed away could be fixed up by maryland prisioners we buy from them they can fix it up like new as opposed to getting new desk for the higher ups insted of
             buying new, could you do your work better on a 1,000$ desk or one that cost less than half of origional cost. flat panel tv's a 19' inch could do the job just as well as a flat screen.
Baltimore    Require a deposit on all plastic drink bottles. State to keep a percentage when they are turned in. Less pollution, less cost of cleaning them up, more money for state.
Anne         Along the same lines as the Veteran's Affairs keeping VA money within their system by providing and paying for health care at VA centers... Maryland should look at owning some nursing facilities,keeping the
Arundel      Maryland Medicaid money within the Maryland system.
Anne         Consolidate the state run web services in to a single site.
             Consolidate the state employees that work on IT projects across agencies and departments.

             Consolidate IT operations; servers, equipment purchases, ect.; to improve operational effectiveness and reduce costs by as much as 50%.

             To ensure that MD tax dollars are spent on Marylanders tax payers and not people of questionable status require that all persons receiving state aide show proof that they are paying MD income tax on earnings, or
             have aid in the last year, or are a legal US citizen.

Baltimore    When our founding fathers said, "The Land of the Free" I do not think they intended to give free food, free housing, free electric, free medical care to individual citizens forever. People receiving State assistance should
             be MADE to take a urinalysis test for illegal drugs. Anyone driving a Lexis, Mercedes or a Corvette etc. obviously does not need assistance. Those people who honestly need assistance can't get it. Middle class
             Americans are working hard to pay electric, groceries, oil bills and house payments - I know I have to go to work so that my kids will have new school clothes and lunch money - not free/reduced lunch. A young soldier
             that just did his three year tour said he makes more sitting home collecting unemployment watching his new baby than he could make by getting a job. Something is wrong when the working class has much less time
             and money than someone on state assistance or unemployement. The gun totting drug dealers need to be stopped - maybe if prison wasn't so comfortable they wouldn't enjoy going back so often. Free food, free
             electric, free cable, free medical ...
Howard       Raise the toll on Bay Bridge to $5.00 and give special consideration to those who commute for work.This could be a tax break.
Baltimore    Go to a compressed work week for government employees.stop hiring new high positions in DSS and other departments.actually pay a decent wage for workers that actually perform instead of funding dead weight.
Washington   I'm president of a small business in the construction field. We've been holding on and begging for work.
             We thought that once the fiscal years budget was available the work would begin, but no one is taking that leap of faith and begin working for tomorrow. Where is the stimulus money?
             The state needs to put more work out to bid. It's a know fact that contracted labor produces more and costs less!!
Washington   If the state has a deficit and salary cuts have to be made such as furloughs, it must be shared by all state employees and not just a few. Regardless of what unions say, all employees must share the responsibility. This
             makes it fair to all and not create issues by only some receiving furloughs and others do not and they work side by side.
             If the state has a deficit and salary cuts have to be made such as furloughs, it must be shared by all state employees and not just a few. Regardless of what unions say, all employees must share the responsibility. This
             makes it fair to all and not create issues by only some receiving furloughs and others do not and they work side by side.
Baltimore    Rather then lay off state employees, what about an attractive early out offer for workers close to 55 or 30 years, and an enticement for those over 30 years. Afterwards, younger workers can fill the vacancies and start
             at the bottom end of the pay scale. This had been done many years ago in the 90's. Many "green" ideas are: Deposit fee for bottles, Change lightbulbs to CFL, charge fees/penalties for not being green or recycling,
             recycle paper and other materials used in state offices to make a new supply, replacement of state vehicles should be with hybrids, increase telecommuting opportunities. Recycling vocational training for inmates
             /schools. Enforcement of fines /tickets for violating handicapped parking spaces. New toll plazas for our border with PA off Rt 140 and 83. work email is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Howard       1.) Managed Medicaid so medicaid recipients stop using the Emergency Rooms as their primary source of healthcare; it is the most expensive and worst quality.
             2.) Require generic drugs when available for medicaid recipients unless the M.D. documents brand name is required.
             3.) State Hospitals are not at capacity; can they be combined so some may be closed.
             4.) State owned property (unused) could be sold. Henryton property is vacant and probably prime land.
             5.) MVA encloses a self addressed return envelope (no postage). When I offered mine for recycling since I went to the MVA to renew I was told to throw it away. Could it be deleted and let the customer provide their
             own envelope?

Baltimore    I'm really not sure where to begin. But, I would start at the top. Everybody takes a hit, and not just the little people. I wouldn't waste any time or money jamming cell phones in prisons. I would simply band all cell
             phones. No one may bring a phone in the building. Not even guards. Guards are there to guard the prisoners, and that's it. Use a land line if you have to use the phone.
             Also, I would make inmates pay for their stay in prison. Why should I pay for it? Prisons have free education, free health care, free room and board. I hear some prisons have cable and air conditioning. Many people in
             society that work everyday can't afford to pay their own bills. Yet we pay for each prisoner's entire incarceration, complete with health care. They broke the law. Let them pay for it.

Howard       I have watched with sadness as the Howard County Community College quietly ran a $3.5 million budget surplus last year but still pleaded poor to the county and the state. They took that money and squandered it on
             trying to make their bogus purchase of the Belmont Conference Center work. This included $750,000 towards legal fees to break a MHT easement on the Belmont Estate (that is completely surrounded by the
             Patapsco State Park.) Over the past 4 years the college has spent around $14 million-mainly taxpayer and student moneys-on this bogus scheme and there is no end in sight. It is time to tell the college to cut their
             losses and stay focused on educating students, not running a country club to curry favor of the elite. And it is certainly time to examine their budget proposals in light of their recent budget surpluses.
             I would be happy to discuss their budget numbers further with you.
Kent         If you decide to furlough or reduce the salary of state employees, do so ACROSS THE BOARD. For those who cannot take the time off, they should still have a salary reduction. Furloughs and salary reductions should
             affect ALL employees.
City         1.Reduce/eliminate the perks that each elected official receives for example transportation( air line fly coach,use the smaller cars to save on energy and gas.

             2.Projects for Maryland ex. rebuilding our bridges and streets. Use companies that use green products for our environment but saves money without compromising quality

             3. Have a task force that will review our budget. Hire retired CPA's - a checks and balances project.

             Thank you for your team for the tireless work they all do for Maryland

Carroll      In 2005 I retired from state government after 32 years of service. Half of those years I spent working in my home county and the other half at DHMH offices in Baltimore. I am most appreciative of the benefits Maryland
             offers its retirees and I am not writing out of malice. The agency I worked for when I retired was out of control with spending. I left because I no longer felt productive.
             Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The personnel office is inefficient with no discretion in its practice of personnel matters. I
             know first hand and would be happy to be more specific. The point I hope to get across is that now I am a mere taxpayer and am outraged at the continued waste at this agency. I am sincere in my remarks and hope
             that consideration for budget cuts might occur where they truly need to.
Montgomery   The Word of God proves to be right everytime. Romans 3:4 "yea, let God be true, but every man a liar"

             When we take God out of our affairs and invite the devil in, the results are not good. its not the point that Maryland might not be as bad as California or New York but our kids and families still suffer regardless with the
             budget cuts. We took prayer and the Bible out..the result? education is affected. now we are laying off teachers?!

             Why don't we start cutting the paychecks from those who approved the homosexual, abortion and anti-Christ agendas.

             Pray, seek God's face and get Him involve that way it is a guarantee that Maryland will be prosperous.

             what is it going to take for God to get our attention. He loves us through His Son Jesus Christ.

             James 1:5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

             Love in Christ Jesus.

Baltimore    I know I'm not alone in this suggestion. The fastest way to reduce spending in Maryland would be to revisit the logic for enacting the Thornton legislation. Surely the logic was and is flawed and perhaps the Thornton
             legislation is actully illegal or unconstitutional. It certainly makes no sense to spend 1.3 billion dollars a year simply to raise scores on a test that may no longer even be given. Perhaps you can find a "friend of
             Maryland" who could file suit to repeal Thornton. You might end up with a budget surplus.
Washington   I am a state of MD employee that works for the DOC. I am clerical, and had to take furlough days last year. My fellow correctional officers, however, did not, and that is not fair. They all receive holidays every month.
             They could be treated as their furlough days, and could take a hit like I had to. They would be on a rotating basis, as to not affect the security of the institution.

             Also, inmates could receive a reduction in their pay, those who get paid to work. The inmate programs could be scaled back, or eliminated altogether.

             DO NOT MESS WITH MY BENEFITS!!!! That is another reason you have a good quality workforce. If you start to reduce or SCREW UP my future pension and benfits, then you will not have a future work force that is
             any good. That is one of the reasons to be a state employee is for the future that awaits me when I retire.

             I know times are tough, and MD is still in good shape, but you do not need to balance the budget out of my pocketbook.
             I, like many others, have bills to pay, and need my pacycheck. I have had to cut back, too. That is what needs to be done in tough times.

             Please consider my few suggestions. Thank you.
Montgomery   Cut the Maryland state sales tax by 2 cents to increase consumer spending and get our economy moving again.
             At some State Universities, during semester breaks (especially summer) for the administrative staff, work comes almost to a halt. Arrange for these administrative assistants during the down times to work in State
             agencies that have a backlog of work. This eliminates the need to hire extra people to get the job done and allow the work to be processed more expeditiously.
Washington   Hi, As a state employee who took five furlough days last fiscal year and looking at more this year, I would like to see all Maryland Agency purchasing requirements undergo revisions to ease restrictions on mandated
             small business purchasing and also mandated purchasing from Grainger under a state contract!!!! How fiscally responsible is this? I remember in the 1990's and early 2000's we had to get three bids to make virtually
             any purchase and the lowest bidder would be the vendor we had to buy from. I know for the last five or six years we have spent anywhere from 25% to as much as 400% more on materials and supplies purchasing
             from small businesses!!! As for Grainger, I haven't calculated a percentage on additional costs to purchase from them, but I know on average we pay more for materials and supplies than if we were able to purchase
             by competitive bidding!!! Please, at least look into these procurement procedures and let us spend the taxpayers dollars more responsibly!!! I would love to have someone contact me to discuss further!!! Too much
             money has been wasted!!! Now is the time to get back to being a responsible government and getting the most for our dollars!!! Thank you for creating this web page to leave a suggestion.
Montgomery   The Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families has taken a 25 % reduction for the work it does to support afterschool programs, home-visiting services and wraparound services supporting Montgomery
             County's children with complex needs. Currently, there are waiting lists for services and these waiting lists will continue to grow.

             I request your support for continuing state resources from the Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund to continue to support our most vulnerable children and families in Montgomery County.

             Governor O'Malley, YOUR LEADERSHIP to protect these resources and prevent additional cuts to this fund is critical!
             Thank you for your consideration.

Allegany     Dear Governor O'Malley, I am a librarian whose responsibilities include cataloging Maryland government documents so the public can find them in the library. I have noticed over the years that I need to re-catalog
             many Maryland government documents that come out yearly because the title has been changed slightly or the name of the department has changed slightly.

             My suggestion is: Do not change the department names or their publication titles. By keeping the names and titles the same, my staff could deal with the publications in a shorter amount of time than I would need if I
             had to re-catalog the publications. The same would go for the department. We could all focus our time, energy and financial resources on more important issues than making sure the department name change is
             correct in the library's catalog, the department webpage, stationery, publications, etc.

Montgomery   Dear Governor O’Malley:
             Adult education in Maryland needs your continued support. Adult learners – the working poor of Maryland – already have enough challenges, and I strongly urge you to maintain level funding for adult literacy and
             English services through the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

             Too many Marylanders are still without high school diplomas, have inadequate job skills, or cannot speak English fluently enough to realize their full potential. Adult educators in Maryland have a consistent record of
             success, but demand for our services continues to outpace available resources, with only 5% of those in need being served through approved state grantee and correctional education programs. Despite limited
             resources, the professionals in the field of adult education have made Maryland one of the most successful systems in the country. Clearly Maryland cannot afford to move backwards in state funding to provide crucial
             educational services that promote employment and help adults compete in today’s economy.

Cecil        1. Scrutinize spending. All jurisdictions receive funding. Are we really checking to make sure money is spent as promoted and are we really checking and cutting budgets accordingly? Do we look at the rash of
             spending that occurs right before the end of the fiscal year? Frivilous spending?
             Can a system honestly check itself? Money spent for furniture, computers, cars, adio-visual state of the art equipment could have fed a community, educated someone or paid for a position. Look for efficiency in
             spending and service delivery. Make everything justifiable. If not eliminate or send in someone to make business more efficient.
             I always thought that that would be a nice job making everyone accountable for spending the taxpayer dollars but was told that if I wanted that job they wouldn't let me work in my own county. Why not? Are we not a
             system of checks and balances? If agencies saw this as their own money or tax dollars, there would't be so much waste. I know there are areas where we do well but unchecked people don't see this as their money
             and spend recklessly. Whoever you send to check budgets or spending looks to see that budgets add up
             but don't scrutinize for necessary/appropriate spending. If they ever found something inappropriate, would they require that jurisdiction to pay the money back and put them under probation for the next 6 months of the
             following fiscal year to curb possible inappropriatle spending in the future?
             2. Eliminating personnel. Are two to three people sharing the same job duties that could more efficiently be done by one person? Positions have been created filled to present buffers between administrators, staff and
             the public. Maybe the fat needs to be trimmed. If we were less impersonal with the public, some of our services might be more effective.
             3. Offer early retirement. Some of us are within 1 to 2 years of early retirement. We might be willing to go if we could retire now as if we were 62. I looked at my retirement amount for age 62 and it is greater than my
             home working! That would trim off at least $2000 per month.
             How many people are there like me?
             4. You did those furlough days. Did you check to see how the money was spent? The community can see. We don't have a voice. Maybe you need to check.
             5. When you do these contracts for insurance, repairs, service delivery, manpower and representation with other entities, why do we have so many middlemen? It's unweldy and leaves room for the public and
             employees to not get
             appropriate access to service. It creates barriers that are similiar to adminstrative structures. For example, if I had a problem getting a medical card, workers at Social Services never answer the phone, all
             communictions goes from a machine or operator to voice mail. So, the desperate public has to call Baltimore and may or may not get assistance. Kind of like federal government based. If they are in trouble financially
             and going through an overhaul, why would we continue to role model after this system? We did foresee the potential for our current financial state - I hope.
             6. We need to stop tunnel vision and start looking long term. This may mean beginning something in one administration and be willing to work with future ones to support continued recovery.
             I know that you, the Governor, probably won't view or read my response but at the end of the day, I can go to bed knowing that I voiced my opinion at the 1st opportunity, directly to a government that seems ready to
             hear from the people-me! It just makes me feel privileged to see a nation ready to embrace change and now the state government as well. It makes it easier to deal with local jurisdiction limitations. If you want to
             respond, that's fine. If not, God Bless! Treat necessary restructuring like you would a family problem!

City         You are hurting the work class with lay-off and furlough instead of looking at the real picture their all many citizen using welfare as a crutch. free food, tax payer money, free housing, free daycare. Doing these hard time
             are i'm hearing more about people who want to work losing thier jobs. If own any property they can't received assistiant. I know times is hard myself sometimes go without to make sure my children have. But to see
             somebody who brag about how much food stamp and money they received when i may lose my golden dream is sad. And my politian don't see anything wrong.
             Sad to Said
Allegany     as a state employee in a state hospital look at the cost of having the hospitals under joint commission standards.
Carroll      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am continually caring for pregnant women who arrive in this country usually from Afica to deliver their babies. These women are not indigent and fly here in their 3rd
             trimester to "shop" or "visit family" and then conveniently stay to have their babies only to return in 6 weeks or so to their native land with their new little American citizen. While here they are afforded emergency
             medical assistance to pay for their medical bills. Now, really, what is WRONG with this picture ??? My father fought in WWII and the Korean conflict and he and my mom had to pay terribly high prices for their
             prescriptions and we continually allow ourselves to be raped financially by citizens from other countries. When are we as a state and a nation going to stop this practice? The state could save a "tremendous" amount of
             healthcare dollars by no longer allowing emergency medical assistance to these people. They have the money...make them pay their bills.

Carroll      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am continually caring for pregnant women who arrive in this country usually from Afica to deliver their babies. These women are not indigent and fly here in their 3rd trimester
             to "shop" or "visit family" and then conveniently stay to have their babies only to return in 6 weeks or so to their native land with their new little American citizen. While here they are afforded emergency medical
             assistance to pay for their medical bills. Now, really, what is WRONG
Cecil        Delete front license plates from all vehicles. This will save 1/2 of the current expense for the metal tag. A majority of the automotive manufacturers today do not provide a license plate bracket for the front of the car,
             suv or truck. If I were to purchase a new vehicle, I would not look forward to the prospect of taking an electric drill and drilling two holes in the front bumper.

             I know this provides work for the inmates, but we are currently in the middle of an economic recession. I feel everyone, including the inmates, should be more than willing to do thier part.
Montgomery   Dear Governor O’Malley:
             I write to ask you to insure continued support from the state for adult education programs.

             Education is investment - it is spending that returns a future dividend for the state. Adult education helps not only the working poor (who are hardest hit by our current crisis) but their families. Literate, English-speaking
             adults raise literate children, and they grow up to be the next generation of skilled workers. We cannot afford to cut back on this investment; we will suffer greatly for it down the road if we do.

             I urge to to find cuts in areas that are not critical investments in the future of our state's workforce.

             Sincere regards,

Anne         I think we should install more stop light cameras and speed cameras to fine drivers for failing to obey laws. We should also have a law banning cell phones while driving unless using a hands free device. This will help
Arundel      with public safety, reducing accidents as well as bring in revenue for the state. We should also make I-95 a toll road to earn revenue from the motorists driving through and force locals on to trains and buses. This will
             help the environment, reduce gridlock, and change behavior in our residents.
Montgomery   Dear Governor O'Malley,

             It is my understanding that the Board of Public Works, in the next few weeks, will be considering additional possible budget cuts. I would urge you, in the course of this review, to maintain level funding for adult literacy
             and English services in the programs administered through the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation.

             English literacy has long been the foundation for future success for individuals in the United States who do not speak English as a primary language or who do speak it as a primary language but have such serious
             deficiencies that they are unable to master even its basic fundamentals.
             The serious practical, emotional, and social problems that illiteracy creates are both pervasive and well-documented. Although many might say that we all have a basic obligation to foster and promote the English
             language among all of the country's residents, even for purposes of purely self-interest, this is a worthwhile effort. When you think of the devastating conditions that illiteracy frequently breeds, poverty and crime being
             not the least of them, it is clearly in our best interest to combat illiteracy as forcefully as we can.

             Thousands of citizens in Montgomery County and throughout the state rely heavily on the adult literacy programs funded by the state. The services they receive through these programs enable them to live better
             quality lives and participate in our society in more productive and meaningful ways. Please allow this state support to continue at its current level.

             Thank you for your consideration of this request.



             what is needed is to cut the waste(fat) in all programs. I see along the roadside - 7 SHA employees watching 1 man work. We in the private sector have had to cut employees and sell equipment for one-half its value,
             cut our salaries by one-third to one-half and still struggle. The government is way to fat and complacent. 1.25 million dollars in gift certificates is rediculous for trees that maryland has no control over were and how they
             are to be planted or maintained. I dont care where the money came from, this is a waste. 50%+ of these trees will die, and all for political image, save the bay, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, for which we see no
             help from for all the millions they raise. My suggestion is to cut all overhead in all agencies. The visits I have made to The Department of Agriculture, have opened my eyes to the waste in inter-office BS. On ones break
             they visit one who is not on break, thus interrupting that persons work flow. WASTE---------------. Multiply this by 10,000 employees and see how much can be saved.
             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and have gone thru major overhauls in the last two years, and are still hanging on. We took cuts and suffer every day and week. Small business is the backbone
             of the country not politics. Thankyou for listening. P.S. You cannot cut medical benefits and education!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is political suicide.
Anne         Dear Mr. O'Malley,
Arundel      Thank you for asking for my imput on ways to improve government. I have the following suggestions.
             1. We can not afford the new light rail, subway mass transit projects at this time. When you do not have money you do not buy a house. Even if the federal government and special interest groups come up with 60% of
             the money at the present time where is the state coming up with the other 40%. The state has more important uses for the money. Please put off these projects until the state is in a better financial position.
             2. Please put off buying land. The state has enough open space. Again when you do not have the money you do not buy a house. The state has more important uses for the money.
             There will be other lands at other times.
             3. Raise the taxes on beer and alcohol.
             4. Raise college tution. You have done the best you could to keep tution low but now is the time to raise the tution for those who use this service.
             5. Cut the salaries for those making over $200,000 at the University of Maryland System. These people make too much money at tax payer expense. Reduce aid to college education. The state keeps spending more
             and more money on education. Education must take a higher proportion of the reduction in spending.
             6. Cut education spending for grades K-12. Too much state money is spent for education. Since the state is having fiscal problems all must share in the reductions.
             7. Reduce aid to private colleges and private enterprises.
             Parents and students choose to send their children to private institutions. When times are tough they must share in the reductions.
             Thank you.

Harford   I have multiple suggestions for revenue enhancement and cost containment:
          In regards to health care:
          In your note above you are going to cut Medicaid funding to hospitals. I am a nurse xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx where the majority of my clients are illegal aliens getting Medicaid benefits while not paying into the system or they
          don't pay at all. It is irresponsible for a state to grant amnesty to people who drain the state while contributing nothing in terms of cash (taxes). The state of Maryland should become firm on illegal aliens: come here
          legally and pay taxes.

          Another suggestion is to double the current cost of cigarettes,snack foods, fast foods, sodas and alcohol. The money from this should go directly to the hospitals who are treating these smoking and obese people with
          preventable illnesses brought on by their lifestyle.

          Other state budget cut ideas:
          Eliminate take home cars. Most people use their own vehicle to get to work. A take home care is gift, not a right. Use it as a reward only.

          Cut MSP Executive Protection. You have more than enough assistance to drive around town.

          Increase the MSP Motor Unit to at least 25. Motorcycles are less costly to outfit for police use, significantly more efficient in fuel costs, and are better able to maneuver in accident situations. (Statistics for this proposal
          are available upon request).

          Eliminate MSP mechanics. For the most part they are inefficient and work at a pace that would get them fired in the commerical world. Seek bids from companies like Jiffy Lube and outsource this work. This would
          eliminate the need for the state to pay salaries, benefits, and retirements to people who really don't do their jobs.

          Eliminate the 4 or so positions that were created by Colonel Sheridan (at $150,000 annual income each) to "take care of his buddies".

          Dispense with the practice of punishing Troppers by sending them to Barracks far away from home. This is only costly to the state in fuel and wear and tear on vehicles. Suspend the offenders for 'X' numbers days
          based on severity of offense.

          Crime is a huge problems for our state. I strenuously urge you to lean on the judicial system to impose only the steepest penalties for all crimes from traffic violations to murder.

          These are just a few of my ideas. I hope you openly and honestly evaluate all citizen input.

Montgomery   Dear Governor O’Malley:
             Adult education in Maryland needs your continued support. I know that in these trying economic times you have heard this frequently, and that many in our state will likely have to do more with less.
             Our adult learners – the working poor of Maryland – already have to do more with
             less, and I strongly urge you to maintain level funding for adult literacy
             and English services through the Department of Labor, Licensing and
             Too many Marylanders are still without high school diplomas, have inadequate
             job skills, or cannot speak English fluently enough to realize their full potential.
             Adult educators in Maryland have a consistent record of success, but demand for
             our services continues to outpace available resources, with only 5% of those in
             need being served through approved state grantee and correctional education
             programs. Maryland remains at the lower end of neighboring east coast states’
             average spending per pupil; recent estimates have investment at only $213 per
             adult learner. Yet the professionals in the field of adult education have made
             Maryland one of the most successful systems in the country.
             Thank you, Governor O’Malley, for your past protection of our efforts – you have
             been a champion of adult education, and we appreciate the consideration you
             have given our learners in recent years. MAACCE realizes that there remain
             difficult decisions ahead, yet we are hopeful. Clearly Maryland cannot afford to
             move backwards in state funding to provide crucial educational services that
             promote employment and help adults compete in today’s economy.


select your   1...Make appointees (Secretarys, etc.) pay the same amount for use of a State car as regualr employees.
county        2...Set a pay scale for translators. Agencies are forced to pay whatever, rather than a reasonable amount -- especially if the source is used repeatedly.
              3...Take a critical look at funds wasted in workforce training. Funds are processed through the Department of Labor (administrative) to local areas (Workforce Investment Areas) to do trainings that are frequently offered
              at/through the community colleges. Why not skip the state overhead (Labor) and direct funds to the community colleges as appropriate.
              4...Take a critical look at waste (i.e. rate of loss of equipment and supplies) in the Department of Transportation/Highways division, particularly with subcontractors.

              Good luck. You have an unenviable job.

Kent          The people look to government to provide services - education, public safety, health, welfare, utilities, roads, bridges, and the like. The funding for all other 'extras' should be temporarily suspended in order to balance
              the budget...the test should be: is this expenditure necessary? Or is this expenditure an 'extra' that Maryland has been able to fund as a result of an abundance of tax dollars?
Montgomery    Dear Governor,

              I applaud your efforts to cut costs in the state budget, but as I am a physician here in Maryland I have some concern about additional cuts to the medicare reimbursement structure that is currently in place. Your
              initiative to reduce the use of expensive medications in favor of equally efficacious less expensive medications is absolutely on the right track. But the current physician reimbursement for patient visits is already
              dangerously close to a money losing proposition which explains the massive shift toward concierge medicine that I am seeing from many of the primary care providers who refer patients to me. Any further reductions in
              these fees will drive more physicians out of Maryland or into concierge/boutique practices.

              The irony of this situation is that Maryland already ranks 48th out of 51 districts in Medicare reimbursement despite extraordinarily high overhead costs due to the expensive property values and relatively high taxes.
              Any further reductions may make the practice of medicine untenable here in the state.

              Again, I support and applaud your efforts to reduce unnecessary costs. This is an effort that needs to be made across the board in the state budget in general and in medicine costs specifically. And there are ways to
              do it without compromising access to health care within the state. The physicians on the front lines, the family practitioners and internists, are taking the brunt of these cuts and many are leaving. We need to stem the
              flow of physicians out of the state and/or into concierge practices. Consequently, I ask you respectfully to reconsider those cuts that will make the practice of medicine here in Maryland a non-viable economic
              proposition for physicians.


Anne          We beliieve some are over paid such as super of schools found out that he or she gets a bonus when schools due well. Sorry but don't you think that credit goes to the under paid teachers who always feel the cuts.
Arundel       Stop over paying gov't officials. Not asking you lay off because I am there and certainly would have rather to pay cut then to be let go.
              We also believe that people entering our County or STate should pay tax's as we due. There should be now special treatment for people who enter wanted a better life . WE All want that of course but if anyone
              making them pay when they keep handing down the business's to new family members? No, and we all know it is being done. No more special treatment my taxes go up and they pay nothing how unfair.

Calvert       Give the same pay rasies, furlough days, etc. to anyone getting paid by the State. Meaning if the employees are going to be furloughed one day a month then so should the legislature, eveyone should share the
              burden. If the State employees get a 1 percent raise the that the same raise the legislature should get. Some business process re-engineering would be a great tool to save money. We are doing the same things over
              and over with the same results, more time and money being paid out for redundancy. I can get better deals for our program by going local but if there is a State contract then we end up spending (sometimes an
              outrageous amount e.g., priced out a PBX for 24K ended up sepnding 125K because there was a contract.) addition funds that could be used elsewhere. Let the people actually doing to the work (the end user) have
              input! We have people 50-70 miles away making decision for us - they are not in the day-to day workings. Let the person who is atualy using the database, help with the design, not an outside consultant that has no
              idea what you need do it, I've seen agencies spend a couple 100K for software that can not be used. I imagine that this is a State wide problem. Empowing the program will not always work, but in most cases, we want
              to keep our jobs so we will make it work. We are adults give us the opportunity to prove it and if we doen't then fire those who don't work. There is a lot of dead wood in agencies. The way position are cut now, we cut
              off the live branches and keep the deadwood and wonder why things aren't getting done. Steamline! Why is each agency re-inventing the book? Why are we all using the same software for accounting, budgeting,
              timekeeping, etc? Why isn't personnel centralized? I appreciate the opportunity to be allow to voice my opinion. It shows trust in us, the citizens and your employees. Thank you.
Baltimore    Photography, I am a registered business in the state of Maryland this is not the normal. Most photographers are not registered business and operate without collecting sales tax on their sales. I asked 20
             photographers that I know are they a registered business in Maryland – 4 out of the 20 are. Out of those 4 I asked who collects sales tax – zero. That is 20 people operating as photographers in the State of Maryland,
             making taxable sales and the state is seeing no tax income. Florida has begun to regulate and research photographers and how they (the state) are losing tax income. Is it possible and or feasible for Maryland to
             regulate the vast amount of unregistered business owners in our state??

Harford      An independent review of all agencies would find any number of items/services/personnel that could be reduced. The very nature of the government causes agencies to spend all money provided to them (or else they
             will have a reduced budget the next fiscal year). The review needs to be "very independent", as it will accomplish nothing if staff reviewing the agencies have their own agenda. With the current economic situation you
             are in a position to do what has been needed for years. Maryland is by its very proximity to DC, buffered by most economic downturns (but not this time). Thank you for the opportunity to leave a message.
Baltimore    I believe the State will same large sums of money by requiring State agencies to utilize State-owned facilities for meetings and conferences (including overnights).
City         Change this state employee ID to a photo ID for employment purposes only. State employees can still receive a state ID pass for transportation at a cost of $30.00 per year. But please no more furloughs, especially if
             the furlough does not help budget the state.

City         Mr. Governor:
             In my opinion, in addition to Medicaid Match, we could do more to address the fraud with this program, and with Medicare.

Baltimore    I suggest that the state cut welfare checks by just one dollar.
Allegany     i can safe the state alot of money why do inmates get paid to go to school and the medication they get cost $100.00 a month just at wci and bag lunch the inmates on the midnight shift and we dont need all of them
             people in your cabinet cut some of the big paying jobs and dont tax the slots so much so they are willing to come in thank u.
Baltimore    Physicians spend an inordinate amount of time taking care of Medicaid patients. They are commonly the sickest patients requiring the most attention. To cut the miniscule reimbursement for their care is not well
             thought out. More physicians will just not participate with medicaid and those that do will get hurt the most for their humanitarism.
Wicomico     As I recall, the small strip of bipass around salisbury,(<10 miles),has been resurfaced (blacktopped) atleast 5 times during last 15 yrs. Its a lot of waste of tax money!!! Pls do something.
Baltimore    Start selling “MD Reinvestment Real-time Bonds”to Maryland residents only. Offer a return of 10% (has to be a large return to spur buying). The bonds can be redeemed when the states surplus reaches a certain level.
             Reinvest a portion of the money in new technologies and getting the unemployment rate down and of course reducing the deficit. The bonds could be purchased in increments of $100.00 so that the average person
             can help.
Dorchester   Hello
Wicomico     I was always taught that in tough times you do without the fluff and only pay for the necessities. So before you cut the salaries of the state workers (necessities) you cut the monies to the fluff. Stop giving money to the
             arts, the ballerina groups, the orchestras, the youth groups. Then and only then look to the state employees. If we are to have furloughs, have everyone do the same day to alliviate an extra burden of trying to keep
             track of personnel (who has and who hasn't taken their days) and trying to keep an office running with limited staff. I would rather close the office the last Friday of each month, everyone is off and on furlough (no
             scheduling, bigger impact to the public that the economic picture is true! Also remember, you stress out an already stressed out state worker, how are they going to be productive and do the job hired for? There has to
             be other ways. What concessions are the govenor and senators going to make? Are they getting the same cuts as state employees?
City         1. Increase tolls at the tunnels
             2. All state employees, including judges have furlough days and reduced pay
             3. go to 10 hour days, have the work week as Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday. close the building down to reduce utility cost and traffic.
             4. stress that electricity be turned off when an employee goes home for the day.
             5. Reduce the number of contracted work, historically they cost more and we lose expertise.
             6. Have each family donate 10 to 20 dollars to the state.
             7. re-access all procurements over 10,000.00. It may be time to re-bid some contracts, especially of commodity items.
Baltimore   Consider letting some park land to be used as community gardens in exchange for helping keep those parks clean and trash free.
Anne        Do away with county and state vehicles. Nobody gives the average person a car to go to work or to take kids to sports, activities, etc. How much is spent on county and state vehicles? - not to mention the gas and
Arundel     upkeep of such vehicles.That is just one perk that people can do without. Why do government employees think that taxpayers should pay for them to have a car?
Baltimore   Consider putting a few existing state employees in charge of tracking down those owed money from the state. A quick way to get more tax money.
Anne        In time of crisis, who in our state stepS up to the plate first? The tax payer & those who don't have. I have prepared people taxes for free the past several years,and have found none of them are willing to donate to
Arundel     the presidential campaign. After several conversation with my clients they would consider a donation to the budget if they were assured it would be USED ONLY FOR THE BUDGET. On the Maryland tax form (like the
            federal 1040) you could consider a box for a donation to the budget and I believe you would be surprised at the response you"ll get.
Baltimore   Consider selling or donating those cash for clunkers in good shape to charities overseas to deliver food etc. Also make sure all cars junked have their fluids removed, this isn't the case now.
Baltimore   Consider letting out early some of those jailed for non-violent crimes if they have non-criminal friends or relatives who will house them and vouch for them. Switch to 4/10 hr days and allow telecommutes for those who
            can and want to. Let kids telecommute to school if they want.
City        Cut the fluff and keep the basics. PEOPLE NEED JOBS. No state employee layoffs. During difficult times people can manage without perks, some tightening to benefits, caps on salaries or raises but not losing their
            jobs completely. Where are they supposed to go? There is so much wasteful spending in all areas of life..............THINK CREATIVELY
Allegany    Close all state agencies the day after Thanksgiving,Christmas Eve & New Years Eve.These can be used as mandatory furlough days & give satae employees time with their families
Baltimore   I am a State employee working at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I think significant savings could be achieved if Maryland adopted some of the economies practiced by other states, without severely hurting
            needy families.
            - Welfare Reform Legislation passed in 1996 requires all states to offer TANF funds to adults with children for a minimum of 24 months. Maryland has been most generous in offering 60 months, but because of this
            severe recession, we could limit our Temporary Cash Assistance (TANF) to 36 months or 48 months.
            - Maryland raises the TCA grant if the adult adds a new baby to the household. In some states, the household grant must remain at the original amount set for the family size when the head of household applied for
            TANF. Adopting this policy would save funds and educate adults about economic realities faced by other working families; i.e. adults do not receive salary increases when another child is added to the family.

            1. Eliminate take-home vehicles for most workers. At average annual cost of $15,000. per vehicle, removing 1000 free commute vehicles would save $15 million, not including the accident cost. Why do connected
            lowest-level staff need to take home brand new 4x4 trucks - I see them at church, the liquor & grocery store, ballgames, their kids' schools etc. They speed past me with no reason to conserve fuel or carpool. It is pure
            corruption for those with friends in low places.
            2. Eliminate free housing for state employees (hundreds in state parks) or charge rent.
            3. Eliminate per diem and mileage reimbursements - they are being abused to "pay" some employees the cost of furlough days. Furloughs only take pay from honest employees.
            4. Eliminate "master" fuel cards that allow employees to steal fuel.
            5. Create real whistleblower protections so state employees can report thefts without fear of retaliation. Or establish an anonymous fraud hotline.
Cecil     In FY2008, $21,500,000 was contributed to the Stadium Authority by the lottery. I suggest providing a flat 5,000,00 to this cause.

          I would reduce stem cell research to a flat 5,000,000.

          I suggest that no state employee should have a "take-home" vehicle.

          I would stop replacing state owned vehicles and equipment, on the basis of its age, rather it should only be replaced when the maintenance cost exceeds repair.

          I would cut any "luxuries" provided to inmates in corrections centers, such as cable.

          I suggest that any state employee that grosses over 100,00 be given a 5% salary reduction and 5 furlough days. employees who gross 75,000 to 99,999 per year be given a 3% salary reduction, and 3 furlough days.
          Employees who gross between 50,000 and 74,999 be given a 2% salary reduction with 2 furlough days, anyone grossing to 49,999 to 25,000 receive a 1% salary reduction and 1 furlough day. Employees who gross
          24,999 or less should be exempt. (this kind of situation needs to be done as soon as possible, to lessen the harshness of this on the employees.)

          All positions critical to hiring, should be hired into contractual status until the state of the state improves.

          Raise the vehicle emissions testing to an even $15, generating $1 more for each vehicle tested. Any new non-commercial licenses increase $5 from $45 to $50. With all fee increases to the general fund.

          I would cut %2 of the funding from the University of Maryland.

          I think that abolishing positions within the public defenders office is a good idea, I don't think its right to provide free counsel to those charged with a crime.

          Consider the sale of any surplus state owned real estate.

Howard    Maryland should consider enacting a bottle and can recyling program like some other states. These states charge a little extra for the beverages however the consmer gets money back via trading the bottles and cans
          in. The state makes profits by promoting particular beverage companies
          Over 60 People listed on Govenors staff. Cut all Salaries Over 75K by 5% and reduce #of staff by 1/3rd
Carroll   If you truly want to save the state of Maryland money, I suggest scrutinizing the hiring practices and expenditures of the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC). While I am aware that funds are handled differently
          in the MHCC than in most state agencies, I still believe that much state money is being wasted.
          Having worked for the state for 30 years (9 at the MHCC), I was appalled at the manner in which some employees were hired there. There was no interview process for some employees. Instead, they just “appeared”
          because they knew someone who worked there. Some promotions occurred this way too instead of opening the positions to everyone. People were often brought in at salaries much higher than employees who had
          worked for the state for many years and who had earned their salaries the proper way, step-by-step.
          There are employees who routinely do consulting work during state work time. It was not uncommon to overhear these personal conversations and wonder why this was allowed after these people had attended ethics
          training. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

          The MHCC practically duplicates reports and papers that are being done in other state or Federal agencies. One example is CMS’s Hospital Compare and the MHCC’s Hospital Performance Evaluation Guide. To
          make matters worse, the MHCC contracts out for some work when it has more than enough “bodies” to perform the duties. Many employees have little or nothing to do all day, but when they leave, their positions are
          filled. For instance, I retired a few months ago and had little or nothing to do for 18 months prior to my retirement. However, the MHCC advertised for my vacant position and I understand it might be considering
          promoting other individuals in that unit who have little to do. There are bottlenecks where work is held so that it can be micromanaged by a few people instead of allowing the many overpaid “bodies” to be productive.
           People come and go and set their own work schedules. Several people openly admitted to me that they were not physically in the building for their required working hours. Entrance/Exit cards could easily track when
           a person comes and goes, but Personnel does not do this. At least one person earns “comp” time on an almost weekly basis which is totally unnecessary in order to build vacation time.
           Although thousands of dollars are spent on training each year, people are not offered an opportunity to use what they learn at the MHCC. Therefore, expenditures for classes and out-of-state travel are not warranted.
           For example, software was purchased and training was provided to some people in order to perform graphic design. However, outside contractors were hired to design simple report covers that could have been done
           Chiefs are supposed to supervise in order to have offices. Some people have been chiefs for years and never supervised anyone but have offices. One person was allowed to move into an office because she was
           using a breast pump, even though there were vacant areas where she could go for this purpose.
           Because of its own salary-setting, employees are paid much, much more than employees in other agencies. Positions are “created” to promote certain individuals.
           The MHCC pays for food and beverages at some meetings even during tough economic times. Commissioners are provided lunch at each monthly meeting even though the building is surrounded by numerous fast-
           food establishments in which they could purchase lunch prior to entering the office. Retreats for directors and chiefs have been held in expensive hotels. Individuals are allowed to travel unnecessarily to various
           conferences throughout the country.
           Even though the MHCC only employs about 60 people, over 50 employees left the agency during the nine years I was employed. And, having known these people and heard first-hand why many of them left, I can tell
           you it was not because of salaries.
           The list goes on . . . discrimination, harassment, etc. However, this is not the place to discuss that.
           You will probably refer this letter to the MHCC and you will be provided excuses for the above-mentioned items, but I suggest that you talk to the 50+ people who left the MHCC since about 2000.
           Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion.
           Sincerely - One Happy Retiree
Allegany   Don't allow the judges/state's attorneys to reduce fines. If they did the crime, they need to pay the maximum fine. Why should honest state employees have to take reductions because criminals get reductions. The
           state's attorney in Allegany County is a big joke and you can get away with murder. The police try to get criminals off the streets and do the time and pay the fines and the state's attorney just lets them off.
Howard     Please cut out ALL advertising dollars spent for the lottery. While the $5 million cut is admirable 'any' money spent on advertising the lottery during a recession should be directed to better use, i.e., housing, medicaid,
           food stamps, etc.

           Any other advertising monies being used in a similiar fashion should also be directed to better use. While I am not against advertising, with so many people hurting during these tough economic times, it is almost a
           crime against humanity to spend money so wastefully.

           Thank you!

Calvert    Adult Education in Maryland needs your continued support. Recent estimates put investment for adult learners at $213 per learner, placing Maryland lower than its neighbor states. More adult learners need
           educational services to improve their literacy and/or their English speaking skills to remain in or to join the workforce. Please maintain current funding levels for Adult Literacy through the Department of Labor,
           Licensing and Regulation, so literacy programs can continue to assist learners reach their goals of continued education and meaningful employment.
           Thank you for your past support, I hope you will continue to support the undereducated and underemployed adults in Maryland.

City       Raise the Toll on the Bay Bridge to $3.00 or even $5.00. Its only paid one-way- so most would be crossing the bridge for $2.50- less than a gallon of gas. There should be a discount for daily users, and for
           business/truckers. It makes no sense in 2009, to handle all those quarters. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
           This is so critcal to rebuilding the infrastructure that has been left to deteriorate over the previous 8 years.
           And yes- we now live in DE. Maryland high costs- taxes, etc. dictated that decision.
           Gov Markell has the right idea- we mus CUT government- salaries, benefits, retirements. It's absurd that all private sector people are seeing cuts- and government keeps getting BIGGER. Over 89,000 gverments in
           the US.
           Consolidate- regionalize- Let's use some common sense, and creative governing!! Gov O'Malley go on record that you want MD to be the first state to regionalize its counties to cut overall government costs. Regards
           (Yes , we return for our annual Preakness, Ravens/Orioles games- and of course, the great Baltimore and Maryland seafood.
Cecil       Take away take home vehicles given to supervisors that work for MDTA. There is no need for them to have these when there are VRT's, police, and fire personel on duty 24/7 to respond to emergencies.
            Restrict how many miles would be paid for by the state for take home use.
            Stop buying big trucks for these employee's with all the bells and whistles on them just so they can commute back and forth to work.
            Have an independent organization justify the need for the take home vehicles and the type of vehicle. Not the persons that are going to get the use of such vehicles.
            I work for MDTA, I see money wasted every day at the shop I work out of. One huge loss is through the HVAC system in our building. In the winter the heater never shuts off, in the summer the air conditioner never
            shuts off. They leave the doors open all the time because of this. It's been like this since I've been employed there. The reason I've been given, as to why it never gets fixed is this. It's under contract with a HVAC
            contactor and they cannot fix it. So year after year it goes on operating like this costing,who knows how many $$$$$$$$ over and above what it would normally cost. Would anyone in their right mind run their own
            house HVAC like this? I've been employed there over four years.
            We also have a huge equipment building that is heated all winter, no insulation in this building and the heat runs 24/7 and for what. there is nothing in this building that could possibly justify the cost. I would suggest
            another outside investigator to justify this.
            I've got more ideas on cost savings but I'm out of time, Please consider the above mentioned, because this is only one government agency and building. I'm sure all others have similar problems where tons of money
            can be saved.
                               Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Baltimore   Cut funds for "open space" purchases. Cut funds for illegal aliens and for CASA of Maryland,who supports them.
            Also,the Md.Aviation Agency has a lot of land fenced off on Ridge Road near the airport,why ? It should be sold.
Howard      hello,

              i recommend that the number of legislators in md.'s house and senate be cut by 50% . i know that we won't miss them. also i recommend all of the legislators be furloughed when the state employees are.
             you could also put the state workforce on a four day workweek and close the bldgs three days in a row.

Anne        I was brought up in New Jersey, they don't have our problems because of several reasons: everyone pays a toll to drive on turnpike, parkways ie. Even a quarter adds up! If you can afford to troll a boat, you can afford
Arundel     ramp fees, pay additional cost to help clean up bay waters ( your boat fuel does harm water ways) elimiate ( some state jobs) with unemployment so high what's the reason we need so many state workers? Have you
            EVER waited on a state worker to help you? Good luck!People need to learn to share, work space ,computers, ie. Elimate company cars,trucks,vans, they can drive there own!! Like the mayor, she needs three??? Too
            many FREE programs that people really are abusing! Hunting is coming in soon, if you can afford that recreation , you can afford to pay higer fees, landowners are making more money renting out the land ( that is an
            income) so--add a fee there , the list goes on! If more people had to pay for the { free privilges Md. offers }things would slow down meaning waste. I have a ton of ideas on money saving, just look close at the { states
            that are making it )?
Charles     Not really a suggestion but, how can we expect to make the state better with the decreasing of positions and staff considering that increases the numbers of individuals seeking unemployment, reduces the number of
            taxpayers, and increases the number of individuals who cannot pay thier mortgages? Then, the youth programs that are pushed by the state are very reactive because they require the youth to be at risk of out of home
            placements as opposed to investing in proactive programs that provide children with a more solid foundation to deter them from negative behaviors in the future. We need to re-think how things are done and look at
            the long term effects as opposed to the short term fixes that are being used to put out the proverbial "economic fires" of present.
Worchester   #1. Consolidate agencies to identify redundancies, reduce overhead and create a more effective and efficient government structure. An example is the number of police agencies. Why so many seperate agencies with
             so many of the same law enforcement responsibilities?

             2. Remove double dipping employees (hired back) before removing career employees not eligible for retirement. I know of one agency that moved career employees out who were paid at a lower wage to more friends
             who had retired back into those positions at a higher wage. 1 million in savings at one agency.

             3. Stop promotions and upgrades creating a savings short and long term by causing the agencies to update their organizational charts and prepare for the future with fewer people and a streamlined organization..

             4. Look at this as a long term problem and create responses designed to truely make the state more effective then more efficient. A department by department review and reengineering must be a part of the long term

             5. Technology to create efficiency. Why so much paper? Paper equates to positions. Positions equate to more positions and more overhead.

             6. Hold our leaders accountable. You raised their salaries early on in an effort to recruit and retain -OK. Well as a taxpayer, I haven't seen anything from any of them that was worth that salary. They may be great
             people but not one of them has proven to be worth the salary. Ruduce their salaries, get more out of them or get new people.Priceless.

             7. Stop with the low hanging fruit and start with real corrections for the future. Redesign, reorganize and reengineer everything. Get a Jack Welch (GE) kind of guy to do what you said you would do at the beginning of
             your admistration - look at everything.
Montgomery   Being a volunteer tutor who teaches adults to read and write English, I implore that we maintain at least level funding for adult education in this FY budget. Those funds are critical if organizations (like the one I
             volunteer at) are to vigorously pursue this important work that effects families and their ability to thrive in this economy. Thank you.
Worchester   The Administration can not cut any more money from the LMB Budget. In fact, I call upon the governor to restore fund to the administrative protion that was cut.
Montgomery   Please stop cutting vital services to young children, which are needed for them to grow. Every cut represents a lost opportunity for some challenged young children to thrive, a loss that will cost governments much
             more to remedy later. In particular, please keep the Children's Cabinet Interagency Fund and MSDE's contracts for family support and child care resource and referral services exempt from future cuts.
City         Close the State Offices down from December 24, 2009 - January 3, 2010. These will be furlough days for all state employees. Salary reductions will be spread from October 2009 to the end of the fiscal year June 2010.
             The amount of the reduction is base on the daily pay of each employees divided by total number of pay periods until June 2010.

             Ex: Base Salary 36,280.00 Daily pay 17.39 x 8 Hours = $139.12 per day total 8 days = $1,112.96 est 2,000 employees at the pay base . Reduction per pay period (20 pp left until June 2010) salary per pay reduction
             about $56.00 each employee at the 36,280.00 pay base. With a comment of no lay off during the 2010 fiscal year.
Baltimore    To whom it may concern,

             I would like to direct your attention to a certain population in this state who like clock work file for unemployment, and then collect it each time. I am talking about school bus drivers. Each summer on the last day of
             school they file, and collect. Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Spring break, if they have 3 snow days in a row, they file, file, and file; and collect, collect, and collect. Look at the unemployment history and do a
             study. Take every school bus driver in the state, see how often they file, and how often they collect. See what jobs they apply for as unemployment requires this, and what jobs they actually get if any. It is very
             upsetting that these individuals have a 10 month job but get paid 12 months out of the year. I am sure it does not add up to much, at least I am hoping it does not, but it may be worth investigating. I am not even sure
             if anything regarding unemployment could be done at the state level but I feel it is an abuse of the system. Yes they are not working but they knew they would not be. They can tell you the last day of work as soon as
             they start. Perhaps instead of paying them for going and looking for jobs, make them do things around the state that we may otherwise have to cut back on. They can walk around picking up trash, just make them do
             something. Please consider a review of school employees and the use of unemployment. I thank you for your consideration.
City         If every state employee depending on public transportation would pay, that would put money back into the budget.
Montgomery   As a xxxxxxxxxxxx mother of a son xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, I urge -
              + Maintain DDA finding for transitioning youth so that these young people will not be on the waiting list until their parents are 91
              + Provide COLA for DDA funding of community services to prevent deterioration of existing services.
              + And - consider making Maryland taxation more progressive!
Dorchester   Having worked in restaurants including places the mayor of baltimore once played as an artist, and 30 years experience as a teacher....DO NOT CUT ANY EDUCATION MONEY PLEASE
             because we cannot afford to allow our children, young or old, to be on the streets!!!!!!!!!!!What other options are we giving our young adults if they cannot work; they should be enrolled in GED prep or certification
             programs. adult ed please save our kids do not cut
Anne         1. I am a public school teacher and I feel there should be more furlough by public employees, including me, and including administrative state employees.
             2. Make using a cell phone when driving a law and give tickets for it.

             3. Tax foods and drinks that are unhealthy.

             In this country no one wants to give anything up. It's sad.

Baltimore    People are always throwing items in land fills that are still usable. What if an area was designated like a tent, to drop off the items and I would think you could get volunteers to price and sell the items and the money
             went back to the state. If not sold in x amount of time then off to the landfill
Baltimore    Why are the teachers in our pension system? If they want to be it then they should have a pension like the one state employees have, I believe, I could be wrong, that their pension system is better.
City         Dear Mr. O'Malley:
             One suggestion for reducing expenditures to address budget deficits in Maryland is to cancel the 2010 General Assembly session. All expenditures related to that annual occurence would be cut, including salaries and
             benefits for all legislators. Another benefit of that decision would be that no new laws would be enacted for a year, which in itself would greatly benefit all citizens in Maryland.
             Another suggestion is to undo the massive tax increases you and the General Assembly inflicted on Maryland's citizens in November, 2007. That measure has once again proven that raising taxes as you did
             stagnates an economy (as evidenced by the reduced revenues into the state treasury). Economic history has repeatedly shown that tax cuts, with corresponding spending cuts, are the real stimulus to regenerate an
             I will take exception to one item in the second paragraph of your letter. You speak of protecting our most vulnerable families and yet the laws of Maryland condone the destruction of our most vulnerable of all, unborn
             This recession can be a good time for all of us, yourself included, to reflect on fiscal responsibility. It should also allow further reflection on what our real priorities are.

Anne         Encourage University System of Maryland to form a consortium to negotiate lower fees paid to distance learning vendors. Right now, each campus pays its own Blackboard fees, which can exceed $100k/year for a
Arundel      small campus. If we bargained as a group, we could save $$ and get better software/services.

             I also respectfully suggest that USM strongly encourage campuses to offer a certain percentage of courses online. This saves on building, maintenance and utilities expenses while also reaching students who may be
             reluctant to commute to campus due to fuel expenses. Additionally, if we encouraged telecommuting, especially during the summer, we could potentially save $$ and improve staff morale.

             Another suggestion: Although there is a hiring freeze, we are spending unnecessary $$ on consultants to fill vacant slots.

Allegany     As a State employee who has been affected by the furloughs this past spring and who is worried about further furloughs and layoffs in the future, I wanted to know why the State has not looked more seriously at the
             possibility of some agencies going to a four day work week. I know that this may not be feasible for all agencies, but for the ones that can do this you can avoid furloughs/layoffs and impacts to employee salaries by
             going to four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days. Cost savings, rather than being in the form of one or two days' salary for employees already struggling financially, would instead be ongoing in the form of
             reduced overhead for infrastructure and utilities. Instead of being a one-time shot-in-the-arm for the State budget, this would be ongoing, year-round, year after year with continuing benefit to the budget. Again, I know
             this would not be feasible for all agencies, but I am sure there are many agencies which could adjust their schedules to accommodate a four-day work week.
Cecil        1) Review the listings of State employees who do not meet standards on their performance evaluations and lay them off.

             2) Offer early retirement incentives for State employees.
Cecil       1) Review the listings of State employees who do not meet standards on their performance evaluations and lay them off.

            2) Offer early retirement incentives for State employees.
Allegany    I've already submitted a suggestion, but there is one more that has been bothering me. I have a neighbor that drives a state vehicle. I realize that her job allows this, but I do not feel that non essential people should
            be allowed to take their vehicles home. She should have to park it at a specific location and get the vehicle everyday. I do not get a company vehicle to bring home every night and save on gas money. This is
            probably 20 + miles a day. I'm sure there are thousands of state workers who do this. She has a job where she has to drive down state for meetings. THat is different than taking her car home every night. That is a
            huge waste.
Howard      Cut all consultants from state employment. We spend way too much on overhead and profit for these private companies to supply an employee to fill the job of a state worker. Hiring a state employee costs less per
            year, usually at a cost of $40,000 per head. Laying off another state employee means another family becoming homeless and on public support. One more thing, why do we have soo many green card and visa
            employees working for the state? It's not fair to hard working US born citizens or naturalized citizens who take the time and energy to become US citizens.
City        The best way to do things, and pull us out of the recession faster is simple: hire more people. With more money going into citizen's pockets, more of that money will be spent. More money spent equals more small
            buisnesses wanting to hire. With this solution in place, a formerly viscious circle has been reversed. Show the rest of the country how to end the recession, and your way to President may be paved.
Allegany       I work for the Maryland State Police- and our car situation is dangerous. Anytime an MSP vehicle is wrecked and the other insurance company pays out, that money should go directly back to MSP to replace that
            vehicle, and not into the general fund like they are doing now! These cars are NOT being replaced and the cars are averaging almost TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND MILES apiece! These are PATROL VEHICLES.

                Second, printing and paper costs (while comparatively small) could be reduced a good deal by having our numerous THICK "manual revisions" put online with our Power DMS instead of printing out the inch thick
            pile times 1600 Troopers. Then they could be accessed by the internet anywhere and be completely up to date. The fact is, the troops aren't taking the time (an hour or 2 every month or so) to sort out these manual
            revisions and place them in their manuals.
               Additionally, time and manpower could easily be saved by doing our timesheets online (like our stats, etc) instead of doing them manually by pencils and Scantron (!). I thought I would submit these here since
            nothing seems to change in reference to these problems when brought up here. Thank you, Anonymous.
Baltimore   Light Rail revenue: charge state employees to ride, even if at a reduced rate. Keep fare machines working.
Baltimore   Dear Governor O'Maley,

            I am writing to encourage you to maintain level funding for adult education in Maryland. I am an adult education instsructor in the city of Baltimore, and I feel adult education is key in improving daily living and job
            opportunities for the citizens of Maryland.

            Thank you for your past support of adult education. Please continue to support state funding of these crucial services.

            Thank you.



Baltimore   dear governor,i want you to understabd i would not be suggesting these changes if we were not in trouble. 1) all of our elected officials need to take a LARGE pay cut, you can't ask us to cut back when the officials
            don't or won't. 2) take away the perks that officials get, cars, gas. food. expensive dinners, trips, i could go on but i think you get it. plus none of you need these perks, we live without them. 3) give the state employees
            a break, everyone tries to solve there money woes on the backs of these people. after all a few years ago schafer made them work 40 hour weeks and only paid them for 37.5, that means they are giving you 6 1/2
            weeks a year for free. i see them hurting but not" THE DONALD ." this is all greed, i have never paid a bill late and i don't over spend, i lived within my means, i have a husband. three children, plus we had three dogs
            and did this on army pay.. if you need my help let me know... until then, the above is what i suggest.. thank you, xxxxxxxxx
Allegany      Combine all of the "Deputy Commissioners" currently employed by DPSCS at Headquarters. Job Creep has added several "Deputy" Commissioners when COMAR only calls for 1 Assistant Commissioner. The
              DPSCS budget has ballooned because of this name change. Eliminate the deputies and their staff.
select your   Streamline the DPSCS budget by eliminating 33% of the "Case Management" positions at state headquarters. Job creep has signficantly increased case management positions at headquarters over the past 5 years.
county        Staffing analysis via efficiency studies should reveal the fat in this area.
Allegany      Levy a "right to work" tax on non residents who work in the state. MD tax revenue is lost to neighbouring states [PA, WV, VA, DL] by refunding state income tax so non residents can pay it to their state of residence. A
              6% right to work tax will recoup tax money lost through this loop hole.
Carroll       1. cut services to those in this State and ultimately this Country illegally.

Montgomery    "I want the state resources from the Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund to continue to support our most vulnerable children and families in Montgomery County. We need the your leadership to protect these
              resources and prevent additional cuts to this fund - it has been cut enough!"
Montgomery    Dear Governor O’Malley:

              Adult education in Maryland urgently needs your continued support. Our adult learners – the working poor of Maryland – are already struggling to make ends meet. I strongly urge you to maintain level funding for adult
              literacy and English services through the Department of Labor, Licensing and

              Too many Marylanders are still without high school diplomas, have inadequate job skills, or cannot speak English fluently enough to realize their full potential. Adult educators in Maryland have a consistent record of
              success, but demand for
              our services continues to outpace available resources. (Only 5% of those in need are currently being served through approved state grantee and correctional education programs. Maryland remains at the lower end of
              neighboring east coast states’ average spending per pupil; recent estimates have investment at only $213 per adult learner. Yet the professionals in the field of adult education have made
              Maryland one of the most successful systems in the country.

              Thank you, Governor O’Malley, for your past protection of our efforts. You have been a champion of adult education, and we appreciate the consideration you have given our learners in recent years. MAACCE realizes
              that there remain difficult decisions ahead, yet we are hopeful. Maryland cannot afford to move backwards in state funding to provide crucial educational services that promote employment and help adults compete in
              today’s economy.

Washington    * Move DOC HQ out of the Mall and into buildings already owned in Sykesville, MD
              * All Correctional Officers not working directly in an Institution should work and 8hr 30 min or 9hr day since they are already outside of institution for lunch. Lunches paid for and provided ONLY in the institution.
Howard        *Stop using herbicides at public buildings, the governor's mansion, along highways, etc. They are known poisons which leech into the water supply. Weeds are the healthier and cheaper option.

              *Decriminalize (or legalize) and tax marijuana.

              *Plant orchards and vegetable gardens, and give the produce to schools, food pantries, soup kitchens, etc.

              *Have hybrid cars for the state. (Howard County does this.)

              *Eliminate paper mailings whenever possible. Give people the option to receive car regregistration notices completely by email/online. Ditto for state taxes.

              *Whatever you do, do NOT raise Maryland state income taxes further. They are already high enough, and I will consider moving out of state if they are raised higher. Look how high they are in California, and it's not
              doing much good.

              *Don't pay for highway cleanup. Have volunteers and inmates do this.

              *Have programs in prisons where inmates raise guide- and therapy dogs. Successfully done in many states. It reduces prison violence.

              *Have solar panels on public buildings and rest stops, not the governor's mansion + bibbs insulation. Will significantly cut down on electric bills. BTW, I was at a solar-powered rest stop in Utah.

              *Have windmill farms in the state. (More energy + business + tax revenues.)
Baltimore     I catch the Baltimore Metro and the escalators are constantly being worked on. I cannot imagine why there is ALWAYS something wrong with the escalators and I know if the contractors were getting paid through a
              private organization, they would be fired for bad workmanship. I even overheard one of the contractors saying that they get paid by the hour so he told the other contractor to slow down on the work. Therefore, I
              suggest getting a contractor that is more concerned with actually doing a great job and/or writing a fixed contract instead of one where the workers are paid by the hour (eg. profit would be cut if the work is shabby).
              Thank you.
select your   Increase tobacco tax and tax or increase taxes on liquor. Increase taxes on establishments such as bars that invite crime to help defray the costs of police time and resources that are called to these locations as
county        opposed to places that don't invite crime such as non-adult bookstores.
Harford       Some of these ideas will save more than other but all will make a statement

              1) Reduce the size of the Governor’s, Lt. Governor’s and First Lady’s personal staff by one third. Hopefully the Legislative Leaders will then follow suit.
              2) Eliminate the use of State Trooper from transporting any elected official. If they need a driver so that they can work while riding in a car, one of there remaining staff members can perform these duties. Put the
              troopers on the street protecting everyone and allowing the State Police to fill fewer vacancies.
              3) Eliminate Comp-Time for all State positions. This would require management to better prioritize what must be done, and also prevent individuals being on the State payroll long after they have stopped producing.
              We both know that certain higher better connect individuals have been able to amass large amounts of Comp-Time and use it long after they should have been removed from State service.
              4) Require the Local governments not only to share equally in the retirement and pension costs of teacher but to share equally in the only to the Statewide average in salaries. If a Local government chooses to pay its
              teachers more than the Statewide average, the Local government picks up the entire cost of the excess over the average.
              5) All General Funds within the Department of Health and Mental not needed for federal match and awarded to eth Local Health Departments should be placed in the Core Public Health Formula. While this would give
              the local more flexibility as they would determine the health needs in their jurisdiction, it would also require the locals to match more State funds placing more dollars into health.
              6) Reduce the food package provided to inmates in State prison. If Neutra Systems can fed someone for $11 a day the State should be able to do it for far less.
              7) Provide only the necessary minimal medical care to inmates that would reduce the spread of disease and eliminate unnecessary pain. Other medical care would be at the inmate’s and inmate’s family expense.
              8) Reduce State penitentiaries to penal institutions. Individuals are sentenced to prison for punishment. Rehabilitation should be available to those who served only after they have served their sentence and then they
              can actually help support their rehabilitation
            9) Require the State dollars only be allowed to be used to print State documents or documents used by State agencies in English.
            10) The only State services that should be provided to undocumented residents (they are here illegally) is plane fair to their native homeland. When discovered by any State agency, the State police should be
            contacted and they should be arrested. Upon release from jail they should be taken to BWI and sent home. This may generate an expense but it’s a one time only expense.

            Increase tobacco tax and tax or increase taxes on liquor. Increase taxes on establishments such as bars that invite crime to help defray the costs of police time and resources that are called to these locations as
            opposed to places that don't invite crime such as non-adult bookstores.
            Write into law about putting a cap or limit on the amount people are awarded in property acquisition cases during negotiations. Perhaps the cap should be 20% over the appraoised value. Exceptions would be special
            circumstances such as life estates or owners with reverse mortgages.
Baltimore   To: Governor of Maryland


            Date: August 7, 2009

            Re: Budget Shortfalls Facing Maryland

            I would like to take this time to thank the Governor’s Office for the opportunity to share my voice in addressing the crisis that is affecting not only Maryland but the country. Soliciting public comments on cost saving
            methods associated with State agencies is commendable, as many individuals of all status have innovative ideas that can be valuable to decrease the financial burden that state government should not bear alone.
            I must briefly iterate that the estimated cost to place a youth for in-state and out-of-state placements range from $75,000 to $250,000 per year. Unfortunately, many youth spend years in the juvenile system, to include
            community-based services, at the expense of the state. If parent/s has to pay child support to one parent or guardian, why isn’t parent/s paying child support to the Department of Juvenile Services, especially when a
            child is in Department’s custody and care? With this being said, I recommend the following:
            • A special department be implemented
            • Parent/Guardian salaries be garnished for child support while the youth in the custody and care of the Department of Juvenile Services
            • Families receiving public assistance, from a state agency, percentage of funds should be diverted to the Department of Juvenile Services if the child is in the custody and care of the Department of Juvenile Services.

            Rationale: Youths who have violated the law are detained for the following reasons: (1) a danger to themselves or (2) a threat to public safety. However, the Department of Juvenile Services is used to many reasons:

            • A youth is granted release by the court but parent/s refuses to accept child. If a parent refuses to take his or her child’s status is now a CINA (a child in need of assistance). At this point, DSS should become
            immediately involved prior to parties leaving the court room. Instead, DJS detained and/or place the youth bearing total financial cost.
            • A youth is dual-committed to DJS and DSS, DSS is the lead agency. DSS leave youth detained for various reasons: they know where the child is or they do not have anywhere to place the child.
            • Protective Custody

            I hope you find my ideas helpful and I welcome further collaboration should you choose to act on this suggestion. I can be reached at xxxxxxxxxxxx. Thanks again for welcoming public opinion and support.

Anne         As a current State government employee of over 2 years, I have noticed an astronomical amount of discarded paper around the offices in which I have worked. In cooperation with community services for clients and
Arundel      local management boards, etc., I believe excess paper is produced, and in many cases wasted. I also feel it often contributes to bulky, inefficient filing of documents.
             Perhaps if State government offices switched to utilize an electronic filing system (scanning of original documents into electronic document format) for paperwork which is often copied, faxed, or mailed, then a more
             cost effective and efficient filing method could be implemented. State workers in my field have access to PCs and internet based services (including e-mail) which are capable of Windows/PC and internet based filing.
             Furthermore, to save paper waste, documents would be able to be e-mailed instead of copied, faxed, or mailed. When a document must be produced on paper, one could print and use the document as needed. A
             hard copy/paper file can be kept for original and/or signed documents.
             In my mind, this would contribute to a more efficient filing method and will save the cost of excess paper supply and also contribute to a cleaner environment.
Baltimore    There have been serious budget cuts that will impact children, youth and families greatly. Please no more cuts to the Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund to support our most vulnerable children and families in
             Baltimore County and Montgomery County (primary areas of my work) and the entire state of Maryland. Enough cuts have already been made--no more, please.

             Baltimore City and Montgomery County

Anne         1. Re-regulate energy production and distribution. Competition in basic needs such as utilities is not necessary and has only resulted in increased costs wherever such a policy has been implemented - simply look
Arundel      around the country. This would not only save Marylander's money but also the State where the most significant expense increases over the last several years have been in energy.

             2. Although small and minority owned business purchasing initiatives at the State level are nice from a politically correct standpoint and sometimes a legislative standpoint, are they truly the most cost effective method
             of procurement? Likewise with Maryland Correctional Enterprise purchasing requirements which result in poorer quality products and higher prices - this is a failed model.

             3. Put more of an emphasis on state-wide purchasing contracts. Surely a single contract with one vendor to supply the entire State government with a product or service would garner a better overall price. I realize
             that this is not practical in many cases but, where it is, it should be seriously considered.

             4. All construction projects should be put on hold immediately and those funds redirected to annual operating expenses until the economy improves. It seems extremely short sighted to consider laying off employees
             which would contribute to a downward economic spiral when other cost cutting options are available. There are also additional operating costs associated with new buildings which would be deferred as well. I realize
             this requires special fiscal and political action but I believe this would be a prudent course of action under the current economic circumstances.

             5. End the antiquated design of the Maryland Lottery System which provides funding for the Stadium Authority. This should never have been done in the first place. Those revenues should revert to the general fund
             and the stadiums should be fully self-supporting. State support for such ventures is irksome, at best.

             6. Is it really competitive to provide such a wide range of health care choices to State employees? Suppose only one good vendor were to be chosen and the vendors knew that was going to happen? Wouldn't you
             think that there would be a lot of competition to garner that huge block of customers by providing the best deal possible to the State and the employees? I certainly believe so.

             7. If the rainy day fund has not been hit, now is the time.

             8. Furloughs are far preferable to layoffs under any scenario. Layoffs, as stated above, only escalate the downward spiral of unemployment and economic decline.

             9. Let slots be placed where ever Keno is allowed, maybe even where ever the Lottery can be played. The State would gain a lot in license fees and tax revenues. Why are we waiting? Do this now!

             That's all that comes to mind right now. I hope the comments obtained through this web site (not just mine) are given serious consideration. Thanks for the opportunity.
Montgomery   I urge you to reconsider the cuts proposed for the Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families. The Local Coordinating Council in Montgomery County has provided wonderful services to children and
             families. If these families and children are not able to get these services, there will be so many repercussions.
             Thank you for your consideration.
Charles      One thing that you can do with Medicaid, Medicare is allow for Pharmaceutical medication importation. Because with over 80 percent of our medication being manufactured overseas in countries like
             India,U.K,Australia,New Zealan, and in Canada. Why shouldn't we take advantage of the the market profit that manufacturing companies have and get by making profits within these foreign markets. Why shouldn't we
             have the same benefits of savings by allowing those on Medicaid,Medicare allowing them to shop the global market to purchase their medications and being able to save 20-70% real savings on their medications. If
             you'd like to hear about a company that is making a difference by helping states save tremendously its a company called FullCircleRX,Inc. and their website can be viewed at Reference
Baltimore    Restrict the use of consultants by any state agency to expertise from other agencies or the university system. With all the expertise in the various agencies it should be possible to find help without paying outside
Caroline     There are so many important programs throughout the state that have lost funding in these budget times. But none of them are as important as the ones that protect and impact lives of our children and families such
             as the mental health programs, family support programs, the local managment boards. All of this funding should be protected to the utmost posssible because of the effects it has.

             Family Navigators and the Children's Intereragency Funds programs directly impact the lives of our citizens, the funds that are put into the prevention and treatment programs save us so much in the long run, not only
             economically, but in pain and suffering. Please put these programs at the top of your list to protect and DON"T CUT THEM!!!
Baltimore    I would like to suggest, as an MSDE employee in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, that there be a charge for licenses issued for the operation of child care home and centers. Perhaps this additional income could elminate the
             need to reduce our salaries. Although, if necessary, I would readily agree to a decrease in pay in return for the 35.5 work week which was part of original terms of state employment.
Anne         Moving non-essential state employees to a 4-day, 40 hour work week. The following quote in this Scientific American article (
Arundel      economics-utah) says it all:
             "Local governments in particular have had their eyes on Utah over the last year; the state redefined the workday for more than 17,000 of its employees last August. For those workplaces, there's no longer a need to
             turn on the lights, elevators or computers on Fridays—nor do janitors need to clean vacant buildings. Electric bills have dropped even further during the summer, thanks to less air-conditioning: Friday's midday hours
             have been replaced by cooler mornings and evenings on Monday through Thursday. As of May, the state had saved $1.8 million."

             Saving money, helping the environment, providing better work-life balance without a decline in services offered? Yes we can.

             Thanks for letting us common folk participate. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anne         I am writing on behalf of the Partnership for Children Youth and Families in Anne Arundel County. I serve on the Board as a volunteer representing the Business Community. While we all recognize the need to
Arundel      conserve, over the last few months, our Partnership program (the local management board of the county) has taken budget cuts totalling 25%. One in four dollars are gone. Even now, deeper cuts are threatened. For
             each dollar cut, another child is put at risk, to stall her educational and personal development, to reduce his safety in home and community, to threaten his supports locally and force relocation to an out of state
             placement, or to weaken her teen support networks. These are all fragile children whom we are putting at greater risk. As funds diminish, services contract, and waiting lists grow. To wait for any child may close a key
             window of opportunity to intervene and be successful. I ask you to intercede and protect the Partnership from any further cuts. Actually, I ask you to restore funds to this critical area. Thank you.
Talbot       Why must the Maryland/American public continue to help poor people who have behaved irresponsibly? If they choose to have 4 and 5 children, with no father in sight, why must we provide them with a living. By
             continuing to pay for their preferred lifestyle, only perpetuates it. I am a State worker and simply marvel at how we are continually asked to absorb the brundt of responsibility, through our pay concessions, forteiture of
             work days/jobs just so they can receive entitlements. I was a single mom who worked two jobs to take care of my household; I had one son. That was my choice, but when times got hard, I simply got a part-time job.
             It never occurred to me to ask the government for help. I am 60 now, and I am weary of paying for irresponsible people who feel they have earned the right to be taken care of by the government -- i.e., by us!! In other
             words, please cut entitlement programs!!! That's a start.
Montgomery   My local Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families has taken a 25 % reduction for the work it does to support afterschool programs, home-visiting services and wraparound services. Currently, there are
             waiting lists for services and those waiting lists are only going to grow.

             I urge you to continue to support our most vulnerable children and families and NOT to cut the Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund.
Kent         Instead of milling and repaving the whole roadway just do the lanes of traffic and leave the shoulders of the roadway as they are the shoulders do not get anywhere near the traffic save also on redoing the rumble strips
             I'm sure this could save some money
Anne         With the growing number of red light & speed camera's Maryland should recieve a higher percentage of revenue from them instead of giving the camera companies the bulk of the profits. This money should be used in
Arundel      the school systems.
Worchester   New National parks, like the 2 Harriet Tubman parks urged by Sen. Cardin, certainly do not fall in the NECESSARY column.
Anne         Institute a pilot program to operate State government just four days a week.
Charles      1.I would suggest that Maryland install ticket cameras at all state intersections in Maryland. Keep the ticket reasonable as this would bring in millions from lawbreakers. Cameras could likely be leased with incuring the
             expense of the initial purchase.
             2.Run above ground mono rails as Disney does from the remotest part of Maryland to the subway connections. We could use from the Potomac River Bridge to Camp Springs, above ground monorail system.
             3. Allow all the fuel stations that were closed down to reopen as bio diesel stations that is clean for the environment and would bring in revenue to farmers as well as taxation from stations, produce jobs and cut into the
             monopoly of the big oil companies.
             4. Reconsider the death penalty so taxpayers do not have to pay for severe criminals. Would save approx. $70,000.00 per serious criminal.
             5. Bring in Nascar Racing and other sporting events. These events are for only a weekend or two and people leave after spending mega bucks and taxes. Revise your tourism department. I will help you revise it to
             make MD. money.
             6. Revise rediculous restrictions on stormwater management that does not work. Contain the problems at the tributaries. This would encourage more managed growth and tax income.
Cecil        To reduce the size of the state workforce, offer an incentive to all members of the employees retirement system and the employees pension system to retire. Offer could be made to all employees with 25 years or more
             service in either system who retire before June 30, 2010. Offer could be 1 to 3 years of service credit or 5 to 10 percent additional service credit. This would encourge people who are eligible to retire but undecided to
             make their decision. Savings would result from either leaving the positions vacant or filling them at base salary.
Montgomery   Increase our taxes
             No more cuts in programs for our vulnerable children. Please protect the Children's Cabinet Interagency Fund!!
             postpone high dollar technology projects until times are better.
             Please spell the names of the counties correctly!!! Its WORCESTER not Worchester
Anne         Last year all the state emplyees had to take time off without pay. Maybe we could save a little more money if the higher up state people would take 7-9 days off this year without pay. It would only be fair.
Wicomico     I think State employees should be required to punch a time clock like we do in the private sector. Then you could monitor tardiness and absenteeism and deal with those who take advantage of the system effectively.
             At my place of employment more than 7 tardies in a year or 3 unrelated sick occurrences is taken very seriously and becomes an issue for counseling and/or disciplinary action.
Talbot       If it is possible to monitor the mandate for motor vehicles to be taxed that are purchased out-of-state, would it be possible to imposing a MD sales tax on large ticket items purchased in Delaware $500 or more). So
             many Marylanders go to Delaware to shop!
Talbot       if state employees are mandated to take furlough days shouldn't the legislators have to do the same?
Charles      Start cutting the salaries of state employees that make close to or over six figures. It's always the low (Lowest paid) man/woman that take the hit. Also think about holding a special session and stop the automatic pay
             raises that you and others get.I don't think lay-offs are the answer due to the fact you spend so much training people for these positions. Good luck and thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion.
Frederick    * Cut from lottery advertising budget
             * Abolish non-emergency vacant positions
             * Reduce spending on various non productive state contracts
             *Renegotiate office space leases & reduce leased space
             *Reductions in Medicaid payments to those owed
             *Reduce any overtime pay for state employees except emergency personnel.
Calvert      Turn in 250,000 mile state vehilces within the next month, get $4,500.00 for a clunker through the government program, cash for clunkers, for a vehicle woth $500.00. The state can upgrade the state fleet of vehicles,
             ie police cars. This is a huge cost savings, especially if you buy a model with a rebate. You may end up paying 15K for a 25K car.
City         Close the Clifton T. Perkins State Hospital in Jessup, Md.
             It is nothing but a game being played by the State of Md. that is run by nothing but State doctors who have know no means of proper diagnosis of the mentally ill. A lot of doctors have been fired from there for
             wrongdoings to inmates. It is truly a joke as stated during the 1980s by WJZ-TV. The Insanity Plea in the State of Maryland should be done away with. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Close the Clifton T. Perkins State Hospital just like the State did Rosewood State
             Hospital and save the taxpayers money. Nothing is being accomplished there other than employing a bunch of bullshitters who if they did work for the State, the prominent private hospitals wouldn't even employment
             them. If they did, they wouldn't be working for the State.
             Thank You
             Baltimore, Md.
Baltimore    how about taking those 25,000 temporary visas away since hiring immigrants will only ensure they send all that money back to mexico and HIRE 25,000 AMERICAN WORKERS WHO ARE OUT OF A JOB AND LIVE
             IN THIS STATE!!!
             why not you the governor and your cabinet and ranking officials pass on your salaries for the remainer of your terms-
Montgomery   I am very proud to be living in the state of Maryland and often like to brag about the resources provided by the state to the most vunerable populations with my extended family in other states. I am a clinical social
             worker who works with MD students with Emotional Disturbance and learning disabilities. I have referred students and their families to wrap around services when I see a student who needs more support than the
             Level V school I work in provides. These services been vital in my clients success and their families to remain together. I am concerned about the 25% reduction in the Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and
             Families and am fearful this reduction will cost the state more, because there will be no other alternatives for my client's than residential treatment or jail.

             I would be happy to explain more of how we see the success of students with the added support of the wrap around services provided by the state and how I feel it will save money in the long run. Thank you for
             allowing MD residents and service providers this opportunity.

Howard       Governor O'Malley:

             I attended the Board of Public Works meeting on Wednesday and heard you speak about the number of suggestions for cost savings you've received from Maryland residents thus far. Someone had suggested more
             opportunities for telecommuting, and it gave me an idea.

             As you know, the Board meetings are usually standing room only, and Wednesday was no exception. A number of agencies are represented at these meetings, and some send several staff members. Quite often the
             this includes people at the top levels of the organizations, who are most likely paid fairly well by government standards xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
             Those of us in attendance often sit there for a considerable length of time just in case there are questions. I would say the vast majority of attendees are not called upon during the meeting. This doesn't even address
             the time and fuel spent driving to and from their offices in Baltimore or College Park or elsewhere in the state to Annapolis. The State is paying a lot of money to have a these people sit and basically do nothing
             productive for several hours (no disrespect intended). Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

             1. The BPW staff and the Treasurer's and Comptroller's assistants generally review and identify those items that are questionable or confusing or maybe sensitive in nature about 10 days to 2 weeks before the
             meeting. Why not contact (via e-mail) just the agencies that submit these items and tell them to attend the meeting? If you're not contacted, there's no need to go.

             2. You can also consider going high tech. Televise the meetings. Install webcams on computers at each agency - especially for those who would otherwise have to travel a long distance. People can attend in person
             if they want to, or attend via webcam. If I had a webcam at my desk, I could continue to work (and be billable!) but still listen to the meeting and be ready to respond if necessary. You'd see me bigger than life on the
             screen (a scary thought on many levels), I'd answer your questions, and we'd save:

             $ 5 (parking)
          $ 20 (mileage)
          $ 340 (salary+ admin costs)

          Total savings = $ 365 (estimated) per meeting
          Assume 10 mtgs/year = $3,650/yr

          That's just for me, a lowly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx who likely gets paid much less than a cabinet secretary or an assistant. I also don't attend the number of meetings the others do; if I attend each mtg, the savings would be
          $8,000 - $10,000/yr. If 50 people do this, you save $400,000-$500,000/year. These people would also be getting work done at the same time. While it's not a huge sum of money when compared to the deficit, it's an
          opportunity to reduce or eliminate unproductive staff time, which will become more important if staffing levels have to be further reduced.

          Thank you for this opportunity to participate in such an important process.

City      Dear Mr. O'Malley, I have been unemployed for almost 1 year now and recently I was interviewed for a position at the Maryland Unemployment office. The position was contractual and I was told during the interview "If
          the Mayor calls and says that we have to lay you off if only after working for two days then the office would have to let me go. My suggestion is to maybe to create some internships for individuals that are not working
          just so that they can shadow some Maryland State facilities and they would get a credit should they qualify and apply for future postions.
Anne      Refilling toner cartidges in house can save Anne Arundel county schools about $100,000. Refilling printer cartridges will help save the environment and provide at least 3 jobs per county school system while still saving
Arundel   about 75% compared to buying new cartridges. The print quality will remain the same but the cost will be cut. The State Police print shop may not need to closed. Using environmentally responsible cartridges will make
          the government more efficent. I have a plan that I would be glad to share with the state.
Garrett   I just recently retired from the school system. I am also retired from the US Navy. I can access my military retiree account statement and my 1099R Online and print it out. The State could save a lot of money if
          Maryland State Retirement System could do the same. “ Shut off the Paper”
          Thank You

Howard    I hate to see any cuts in the medicare program, especially with the President's push for medical coverage for all Americans. Equally, I would hate to see any cut backs in police, fire or paramedic services.

          I would like to see an increase in taxes on tobacco products, alcohol, junk food and soft drinks such as Coke, Pepsi, etc.

          While I am not in favor of layoffs in the state government ranks, staff furloughs scattered throughout the fiscal year would seem appropriate as well as an increase in telework. Telework may cut back on the amount of
          office space needed for employees.

          While I am not a big proponent of higher taxes, perhaps a personal property tax on cars would help generate revenue. Again, I don't love paying more taxes but we all must chip in to keep our essential services.



Montgomery   WE understand the difficulty but please make no further cuts in tthe local management councils(Montgomery's Collaboration council for Cccchildren Youth and Families. this council veryy effectivally, provides
             preventive serices for at risk chldren and should not be cut further. thank you..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Anne         as a state employee, my suggestion would be to charge the bike riders a tag and insurance fee. Since they have the use of out public roads and we have to give them the right of way, I feel that I pay for insurance and
Arundel      tags (let alone gas) to use the public roads this would only be fair. Even if it is just a $50.00 tag fee. Thank you.
Baltimore    Perform a comprehensive review of State government functions, with an eye toward eliminating duplication of effort by more than one agency, and eliminating redundant effort within agencies by consolidating like
             functions which are currently split. Perhaps agencies such as DHR and DHMH could consolidate some programs or functions which would seem to offer the same service, but from different providers. The same with
             DNR and Dept of Environment. Don't they basically do the same thing?
Talbot       State of Maryland government, i.e.,County Executives, mayors, commissioners should take a cut in pay as other Marylander's have. All of us are learning to live on less.

             For public safety to take a hit in cuts by shutting down fire departments in PG County and Baltimore County/City only adds to the distress of Marylander's. Public Safety needs to have the money there to keep these
             departments running and fully staffed.

City         Why are the state police force allowed to take cars home when other state employees have to commute to work. This appears to cost the taxpayers 3 times the operating costs because a car is needed for 3 shifts of
             state police vs using one or 2 cars for the 24 hour shift. Plus the commuting costs the state police incur taking the cars home, while other state employees have to pay for their gas to arrive at work
Frederick    If you are looking at renewing building leases and so forth, why don't you have more telecommuting? From what I have seen the majority of the people I work with could do what they do from home - even meetings,
             using teleconferences. Look at it this way: you would save by decreasing your # of leases, the government would be more "green", thus helping the environment and global warming, you would have less sick days due
             to the conveinence of work and the environment, your workforce would be much happier and healthier spending more time with their family (decreased stress, this would most likely increase volunteer times like running
             state booths at the fairs, etc. You would also be able to cut back on the cost of parking permits that the state supplies, decrease damage and therefore repair on the roads. Look at the studies they have done, people
             who work from home are truly more productive than others. They are not thinking that "I've done my 8 hours for the day." There mentality is much different, much more open, willing to help and offer ideas, and sit still
             "comfortably" and get things done. This would also decrease what I call the "meeting mentality". Man, everybody meets about everything! But nothing comes from it, except, well, another meeting. Healthy, happy
             people are much more productive!!! Thanks for listening.
Talbot       Please do not make any more cuts to the state resources from the Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund to continue to support our most vulnerable. Also please reconsider any further cuts to community programs in
             the Public Mental Health system!
City       Dear Governor O’Malley:
           Adult education in Maryland needs your continued support. The Maryland Association for Adult, Community and Continuing Education (MAACCE) knows that in these trying economic times you have heard this
           frequently, and that many in our state will likely have to do more with less.

           Our adult learners – the working poor of Maryland – already have to do more with less, and MAACCE strongly urges you to maintain level funding for adult literacy and English services through the Department of
           Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

           Too many Marylanders are still without high school diplomas, have inadequate job skills, or cannot speak English fluently to realize their full potential. Adult educators in Maryland have a consistent record of success,
           but demand for our services continues to outpace available resources, with only 5% of those in need through approved state grantee and correctional education programs. Maryland remains at the lower end of
           neighboring east coast states’ average spending per pupil; recent estimates have investment at only $213 per adult learner. Yet the professionals in the field of adult education have made Maryland one of the most
           successful systems in the country.

           Recognizing that cuts must come from somewhere, we suggest examining where the majority or higher levels of federal stimulus money is being allocated, such as transportation or capital projects.

           Thank you, Governor O’Malley, for your past protection of our efforts – you have been a champion of adult education, and we appreciate the consideration you have given our learners in recent years. MAACCE
           realizes that there remain difficult decisions ahead, yet we remain hopeful. Clearly Maryland cannot afford to move backwards in state funding to provide crucial educational services that promote employment and help
           adults compete in today’s economy.


           Representing a network of professional educators from across the state of Maryland, MAACCE provides professional development and advocacy for more than 400 adult education and literacy practitioners, including
           teachers, administrative staff, and volunteers.
Caroline   To the Honorable Gov. O'Malley. Please Protect Maryland's Children's Cabinet Interagency Fund. We have children and families that we serve who have complex needs. We need resources to be able to put effective
           interventions in place for these families. The majority of families and children that we serve have significant mental health needs. Children will be forced into much more costly out of home placements, if budget cuts
           continue. Caroline County is committed to keeping children at home in their communities and we have been very successful. The LMB has been instrumental in ensuring that this happens. I strongly encourage you to
           please look elsewhere in the budget to make the needed cuts, we cannot continue to sacrifice the health and well-being of our children and our communities.

           1) Enact sensible entitlement/welfare reform. Require a urinalysis test for those that apply for State aid.

           2) Require those that receive State aid to perform community service when not actively looking for a job.

           3) Those that have worked all their life and paid into the system should be rewarded at a higher rate than those who do not (e.g. illegal aliens) Let's make a progressive welfare system like the progressive tax system.

           4) I think it is ridiculous to consider allowing State workers to work at home.

           5) How about this one; don't spend more than you take in? Reduce taxes to spur the economy?
Howard     Please do not cut the Children's Cabinet Intreagency Fund. If anything lets increase the funding in this area. These funds are vital to the afterschool programs, home-visiting services and wraparound services
           supporting our children with complex needs. Currently, there are waiting lists for services and those waiting lists are only going to grow if we don’t act now. While academic growth is important equally important is the
           social and emotional growth of these children. And without social and emotional growth we will be raising a society that will not be able to participate in the full civic and life of a participatory democracy, the same
           democracy that put you in office.
Howard     Dear Governor, I just happened to be watching the news the other day, when I heard you say you had been taking suggestions on how to balance the budget. I happen to be one of your employees, and I think you
           should have sent a memo around to the employees, asking for ideas. You say you only want ideas till August 10. I don't even know how many people heard the idea on the news. But who better than us to tell you
           where the money is really wasted? I can tell you most of us don't mind the state making cost cutting decisions like furloughs, because we expect to get pay back when the state becomes solvent again.

           For my idea, I can tell you we seem to spend a fortune on office supplies because we must buy from which ever vendor won your state contract. But some of the smaller things are discounted or on sale all the time at
           Office Depot or Staples, and the other vendors can't touch those prices.

Caroline   Employ evidence based practices in the field of criminal justice. For example, we know from research in the state and throughout the country prove that Drug Courts cut recidivism rates 36% more effectively than our
           current community supervision programs at 73% costs savings to our taxpayers. Why not bring drug court caseloads up to scale, create more drug courts and cut funding to the usual programs that prove less
           successful and more costly. I expect the state bureacracies to do just the opposite, however. I expect them to cut evident based programs like drug courts but keep funding in place for the usual programs that are far
           less successful.
Carroll    1)   All ELECTED officials take a 1%-10% decrease in their salaries.
           2)   All elected officials use personal cars for work like everybody else.
           3)   Stop reimbursement to elected officials for meals or travel (us regular citizens don't get that luxury)
           4)   No more outside contracts for hires (use the employees you already have)
           5)   Stop wasting my money that I pay you on stuff that I can't afford myself
Allegany   Governor O'Malley,

           I would like to bring to your attention my feelings over the continued 'dispute' (my words) regarding the 'possible' awarding of L-3 services for the new NMSIII Network Maintenance contract for the Maryland Department
           of Transportation.

           It is my understanding that - at the previous Board of Public Works meeting on July 22nd - it was proposed to award this contract to L-3 when their bid exceeded the lowest bid by over $17,000,000.

           At that meeting, it was decided to allow MDOT the opportunity to 'justify' this expenditure.

           I ask you - as a fellow tax payer - what circumstances could possibly justify this 'luxury' when the state budget has been cut by $280 million with a proposed $420 million to follow in September.

           It is my understanding that the current contractor (and lowest bidder by $17,000,000) has served MDOT for over 10 years.

           It would appear to me that 'egos' are involved in this decision or perhaps 'favoritism', or worse.

           These traits should not be permitted when one is tasked with the responsibility for making tough, fiscally responsible decisions – especially when one takes into consideration the state of the economy.

           In the Cumberland-Times News, an article posted this morning indicates that your office is seeking recommendations from all state residents.

           Well, I have one for your staff to consider:

           If the incumbent (or any other contractor) can legitimately provide those services for $17,000,000 less, that contractor should be awarded the contract.
             I'm just a simple man from the mountains of Western Maryland - and even I know that much.

City         Reduce the cuts in positive areas such as higher education and reduce the incentives given to negative areas such as inmates. People going to college (and state employees) should not have to bare the brunt of the
             recession while people who are incarcerated are sheilded from it. The message is if you do wrong you are rewarded. If you do right you are punished. That's backwards. Therefore, my suggestion is that most
             incentives/luxuries be cut for the incarcerated. This will save thousands, if not millions of dollars.
Montgomery   Interfaith Works, a coalition of more than 140 congregations works together to meet the needs of the low income community in Montgomery County. We urge you to sustain the Children's Cabinet Interagency Fund to
             continue to support our most vulnerable children and families in Montgomery County. We need your leadership to protect these resources and prevent additional cuts to this fund-- it has been cut enough!

             Thank you,
Cecil        I wish I could offer a suggestion for a fix but what I would like to say is please do not cut DHMH or local public health any further. I am very familiar with budgets and tough decisions but Public Health is on the hot seat
             and the fore front now and is trying to pull off a miracle. We need to handle seasonal flu, the flu mist initiaive and the elephant in the room H1N1. This is on top maintaining all of our other important behind the scenes
             work that keeps our communities healthy! We are severly understaffed, underfunded and underpaid, but our attitude remains strong and positive. We know we can do this but anymore cuts could take away the
             remaining supports to which we are clinging. Please consider this as you make your next very difficult decisions
             Thank you
Anne         Suggest a review be conducted on 1) grant payments made by state agencies which are not specifically identified or authorized in the state budget 2) work processes and programs performed by state agencies which
Arundel      are not authorized by state law, comar regulation or federal requirements. If the process/program can not be directly attributed or is not an extension of a law, comar or federal requirement the agency must provide
             justification for its continuation.
City         1. Instead of paying overtime to workers (highway maintenance, public works, etc) bring in second or even third shiftsusing people who have been layed off or to those who are seeking employment.
             2. Put the red line project on the back burner and funnel the money into the very poor and failing infrastructure of the state (roads, pipelines, etc.) using the labor pool as mentioned in idea #1.
             3. Quit the campaign to reactivate the mounted police patrol. This is wasted money for the sake of appearance in an economy that can not afford money spent on noncritical items that have no practicality or function
Anne         Shut down the State Office Buildings between Christmas and New Years. Take the deductions out of State employees paychecks over a year.
Washington   Operation HOPE-Hiring, Operations, Public, Employees
             In effort to reduce spending and preserve state jobs the State of Maryland could consider the following:
             -utilize more contractual workers either new employees or retirees
             -utilize interns as potential new hires in effort to save on training of new employees
             -Invest in newer more gas efficient vehicles
             -Limit use of take home state vehicles being brought home for commuting purposes. Possible exclusion MSP.
             -In jurisdictions where possible create an interagency network where multiple state agencies are located in the same building or complex. This would cut down on cost of operating multiple office buildings and make it
             more accessible for the public to receive services in one central location.
             -Make use of vacant state owned buildings and facilities or sell to reduce operating costs.
             -start and maintain mandatory recycling programs through the state and offices
             -Fee for use of state parks, rest areas ect
             -Increase of fees across waterways
             -Utilize more inmate labor
             -Invest in job training for juveniles and adults in effort to ultimately cut down on the number or incarcerations
             -Impose stricter limitations on Public Assistance
             -Extend pay periods to 1 or 2 times per month in effort to reduce payroll expenditures
             -Reduce work week hours including lunch breaks and office hours.
             -Encourage and accommodate telecommuting
             -Reduce letterhead, envelopes and paper
             -Offer early retirement, voluntary salary decrease or voluntary layoffs
             -Authorize more PINS in areas that pay high rates of OT including corrections, direct care, nursing, ect
Anne         1. Offer an incentive for early retirement.
Arundel      2. Overhauling the Medical Assistance program (MCHP also) with stricter eligibility requirements and a waiting period could same millions of dollars.
City         One of my suggestions, is one that I took from the Comptroller, take a look at all the programs you have also may be you need a in house sweep on what are we spending and do we really needs them.

             Thanks so much for opening this up to the public, and may god bless you and the state of maryland.
Dorchester   My suggestion would be to decrease the salary of our elected officals at the State House. Then, stop giving to the "illegals". Educating our children should come first
Baltimore    If not already being done, using two-sided copying in every State office and mandatory recycling of paper, plastic, glass and cans with bins on every floor of every State office building would cut costs as to the former
             and in partnership with local recyclers, bring in extra revenue as to the latter. For example, in exchange for supplying the bins and picking up the recyclables, the company would be in partnership with the State for an
             80/20 split. The recycling company would reap the majority of the profit but the State would get a needed source of income as well.

             In order to create better energy efficiency -- and cost savings -- in state buildings, I suggest implementing a green roofs project like the one in Chicago:, as well as the
             use of passive solar building design every time normal maintenance comes up and hopefully, in retrofitting buildings and/or any new buildings that are planned:
             Perhaps a project could be initiated with the local universities that would award a State prize for best retrofit or design of a new building in lieu of a monetary one; certainly for an architectural student hoping to join a
             prestigious firm or go out on their own, such a prize would be a boost to their public profile and a way to use their skills to benefit their communities and State in the spirit of volunteerism that President Obama is
             encouraging. The savings in heating/cooling bills and the benefits to the environment might end up being substantial.

             I would also look into the use of solar panels not only on roofs but there are now solar awnings that could be used on the windows that don't face street-side -- if there is a issue as to appearance and historic
             preservation -- and small wind turbines that can be affixed to a roof or put in a small courtyard of a public building: Using gray water for irrigation of lawns, flower beds
            and -- hopefully -- green roofs is another option. Small savings add up.

            I might also suggest a review of the need for and usage of cell phones for State employees such that perhaps some employees may not have an absolute need for a cell phone paid for by the State at all and certainly,
            the usage plans and which carriers are given contracts with the State can be analyzed with a view to cost reductions.

Anne        Purchase ALL underware for prisoners from Goodwill or Salvation Army. Cut off all cable TV to prisoners. Only feed prsioners twice a day consisting of a bologna and cheese sandwich (bread could be baked by
Arundel     prisoners). This could be follwed up with a glass of water and a multi vitamin.

            Cut off all funding to Casa of MAryalnd. Cut off all funding to illegal imigrants.... ie schools, helahtcare etc.....

            Roll back ALL payrasies given to your executive staff.

            You know, maybe if you weren't against slots before you were for slots (remember you opposed slots under the Ehrlich administration) then the casions would be up and running provideing some much needed revenue
            to the state.....

            This should save millions of dollars....

Calvert     Have employees work a 4 day week and make it a 9 hour work day. This will cut payroll up 208 hours per employee per year. If allowed to use 2 hr. Vac. time, there will be no cost to the employee at all. They will save
            on gas and traveling time.
            This could be voluntary to eliminate protests.
Allegany    Two ideas whose time has come.1) Use only one license plate.This would save a million dollars.2) Make route 70 a toll road, but give generous discounts to Md. residents.I am tired of paying tolls to other states when I
            travel their roads and yet Md. doesn't take advantage of this for our roads.
Baltimore   Dear Sir, Let me first say there should be no cuts in police, fire or medicare for seniors. Second, I've seen several elementary schools including our local Balt. Highlands receiving a new parking lot. This is not needed.
            There was nothing wrong with the old one. Why is it that I have seen five highway and water dept. workers on a job, two are working while the other three are watching?
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Governor, hire me as a mole, and I will find thousands if not millions of dollars in depts. throughout the state that
            are wasting our precious tax payer dollars. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. We are both searching for jobs but have not asked to state for food stamps etc. I don't even bother, we probably
            wouldn't qualify. Years ago I applied and was told my car, which was given to me when my father died, was worth to much money. So I guess we were supposed to eat the car. If I mass produced children, then I would
            qualify for benefits. This is another dept. that can be cut. There should be a limit to the amount of time people are allowed to collect social service money. Why would anyone want to get a job when the state is giving
            them money and they have another person probably living with them that is working. There is alot of fraud in handouts. Also, I can't tell you how many children from the city are attending our county schools. They
            come out of school and get on a bus to the city. Oh, that's right their father or mother (who they don't live with) is residing in the county. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The office said
            they couldn't prove they weren't residents. How much money is being spent per student? Where is it going? Don't give the schools anymore. They are misusing what they have already. I would not want to be in your
            shoes, but let's not hurt our seniors and our protectors. Let's also stop leaving these criminals out and have to rearrest them the next day. Get real. Do what is right for the people. Do what is right for the working middle
            class. We have to pay the price for everyone. Please consider hiring me and other hard working unemployed persons to investigate all of the depts. throughout the state. If they don't know they are being investigated
            they won't be able to hide it. Look at the Mayor for example. Time will tell. Thank you for your time and I thank you for wanting the our opinions. It's listening to us that will help you make the right decisions.
               In the Division of Parole and Probation there are several changes which could generate more revenue. At a Parole Hearing an inmate is asked if they have a job. In order to enhance their chances of being granted
            Parole they will answer, Yes. Upon reported to the Division of P&P they are again asked about a job. They have learned to answer they don't have one; therefore, they are granted an automatic exemption from
            paying the $45.00 supervision fee. As they have lied to the Parole Commission this should be cause for requesting a revocation hearing. THIS IS NOT BEING DONE. Often just the knowledge of the revocation
            request will get a different answer!
             There is supposed to be a $15.00 fee for urine analysis. An exemption is often requested, often for a test with a positive result! If they have the money to buy the drug; they can get the money for the fee.
                In court cases resulting in Probation, a $25.00 fee is assessed. Often Agents submit a exemption request to the Court, without checking if the Probationer meets the standards for the Poverty guidelines as directed
            in the Manual. ( and attaching to the request sent to the Judge)
                Texas and South Caroline have programs that generate Millions every year. They have strong oversight by supervisors and management. In Maryland collections is not part of the agent evaluation process.
                xxxxxxxxxxx, but would gladly help the Office of Management and Budget conduct random audits.
                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. However, the Empowering Act creating the Division Mandated it to
            collect ALL monies as directed by the Legislative body.

             Thank you for any time you may give this suggestion.
Garrett     Dear Governor O'Malley,

            If the Garrett office of md cooperative extension was closed the Allegany county office has a dedeicated staff that could share responsibilities with Garrett County fine fashion. This would be a wise decision that would
            save many dollars and give us better service.
            Thank you for your time
Garrett     Dear Governor O'Malley,

            If the Garrett office of md cooperative extension was closed the Allegany county office has a dedeicated staff that could share responsibilities with Garrett County fine fashion. This would be a wise decision that would
            save many dollars and give us better service.
            Thank you for your time
Baltimore   Baltimore County (and any other county in MD where this applies) should be billing insurance companies for EMS and Fire services. Some counties do this already. Baltimore County has made a strictly political
            decsion not to. This is worth millions of dollars to the counties. By the counties doing this, it would reduce the need for other sources of funding. My suggestion is not to go after those that cannot pay. Simply bill the
            insurance companies. Due to the complexity with insurance billing, a centralized company or department should handle this. Thank you.
Frederick   Why not take a hard-line look at wireless usage by State employees. Do they really use text messaging for business purposes? photos? Do they have to take the phones home? Do they really need one at all?
City        Round up. By that I mean adopt a policy accross all agencies that generate any fees for services provided to either add another decimal place or round up to the next dollar. Many years ago I worked at a bank and
            every quarter when dividends were paid our competitor paid pennies more than we did. I discovered that they rounded up to the next dollar. Imagine the effect of such a thing on one billion dollars. It adds up!

            Especially on amortized interest! Add a decimal place or round up!
Baltimore     My suggestions are as follow:
              a) Eliminate mailing check stubs to employees residences.
              b) Retired employees that have over 35 years of service and eliminate some of those position.
              c) An employee on sick leave for over 2 years should be on disability not payroll.
Cecil         Put the Maryland State Police on ten or twelve hour shifts. Some Troopers travel up to two hours each way to work. It will save fuel, maintanance on vehicles, and sick time taken. They currently work eight hours shifts
              on a constant swing shift.
Allegany      Since Maryland has such high utility rates, energy efficientcy is critical. We have had to make improvements at home in order to keep up with our skyrocketing gas and electic bills and our state should do the same.
              State buildings need to be well insulated, thermostats need to be set at reasonable levels and equipped with timers for non-business hours. Check the temperature settings on hot water tanks - 120 degrees should be
              fine. Turn hot water heaters off when not in use. Limit employee electric use as well - sure you can charge your cell phone while at work, but does every person need a mini frig and microwave? Public schools and
              colleges should be required to take these same measures in order to receive funding. And one last thought - turn off all those computers and monitors when they are not in use.
Cecil         Close State goverment TOTALLY for one day each month. No contractual workers would also be allowed to work on this day. This takes stste vehicles off-line, buildings are closed down, services are taken off-line for
              the day. Additionally to legistative and court personnel would be allowed to work on these days. Miniumal police and fire services. State parks and the such would also be closed.
City          I would like to encourage you not to cut aid to Medical Assistance patients. Not all physicians are even willing to see these patients because reimbursement is so low. I take care of these patients as a way to service
              the community, but I am concerned that if they lose their coverage and become uninsured that they will not get the surgical services they need.
              Thank you for your consideration
Baltimore     stop funding mpt stop money for casa and other charities let people that want it pay cut welfare payment and other social programs cut medical except for american children
              to raise money tax pa that come to md to work but not live here that should raise most of the money or cut md,s unimplyments rate that raise more money eather way
Baltimore     Several staff on my job have made suggestions that I thought would help:

              1. Take all state workers Personal Days at the beginning of the year.
              2. All state employees including nurses and direct care staff should give a furlough day a month.
select your   lean management is needed in depatments and retirement opitons for workers that can.
Montgomery    Maybe if you had not been like a cheap pair of "flip flops" and stuck to your original campaign promises of not building the ICC and No Slots you might not be in such a financial bind. Rent out the Gov's house in
              Annapolis, stop drawing a salary and STOP THE ICC might help.
              You will not get my vote if you decide to run again.
Carroll       Inventory all state owned buildings that are not being used. Then move agencies that pay rent to be located in buildings that are not state owned into the rent-free state owned buildings. Then after all agencies are
              moved back into state owned buildings thereby saving the rent, take all the remaining properties and either rent them out or sell them. Take all state-owned vacant land that is unused and sell it.
Carroll       I believe that anyone receiving welfare, disability, unemployment or any other means of state funding should have to pass random drug test to receive the monthly payout. As an emergency room registered nurse we
              see a surge in drug and alcohol use during the first week of the month because this is when they receive the monthly check. I am a hard working citizen that pays taxes and I am like other Maryland residents that
              never really get a break. But the people that receive state funded services are using and abusing the system. I think we could eliminate a good portion of wasted money by doing the random drug screens to ensure
              the money that is put out goes to the truly needed population. I hate going to work seeing my wasted tax dollars at work.
Baltimore     1.Until Maryland is more fiscally sound, suspend the subway expansion indefinitely.

              2. If State employees have to take furloughs, then all State employess (Governor, Governor's staff, legislature, etc.) should be included.

              3. If the law enforcement community (including correctional officers) is exempt from furloughs, then all law enforcement employees (including parole & probation agents) should be exempt.

              4. Layoff high level managers in State agencies and/or institutions of higher learning (ex. Balto. City Com. College has too many deans, coordinators, asst. deans, and program managers).

              5. All of the employees in the Correctional Officer series should not be exempt from furlough days (ex. correctional officer dietary (a cook!) should not be exempt when parole & probation agents who supervise sex
              offenders, parolees, mandatory releasee's, probationers are not exempt.

              6. Raise the tax on cigarettes.

              7. If State employees have to take furloughs again, shut down State agencies (like on a holiday) once per month on a Friday or Monday.

              8. Mandate the use of only State vehicles thereby cutting travel expense reimbursement.

              9. Have all high level managers (in all State agencies) turn in their Blackberry Cell Phones or do not renew the contract when it expires.

              10. When a person applies for benefits (AFDC) through DSS, he or she should be required to take a drug test before any monies and/or food stamps are disbursed. If there is a positive test, no benefits (except those
              people legally taking prescription medication) should be awarded.

Montgomery    OK. Suppose that we had a "Do Not Mail" program similar to the spectacularly popular "Do Not Call" program. Think of the savings in the re-cycling cost. I estimated hundreds of pounds a year in junk mail I never want
              to see. In addition to saving money you are going to make people happy. If you do not want it, click here becomes a requirement on circulars. I know the mail circular industry will scream but when "Do Not Call" was
              proposed telemarketers forecast a dooms day (never happened).
select your   A model used in other states was to go to a 4 day work week with 10 hour days for all state employees. Closing all state facilities one day a week would result in significant savings across the state from not only utilities
county        but would prevent the need for furloughs, and abolishing positions. In addition some type of retirement package would be good initiative to encourage employees with 25+ years to retire and perhaps not replacing them
              depending on their roles....just a thought!
Baltimore     Create a 4 day 32-40 hour workweek schedules and close non-critical state offices on "Fridays".

              Add auto lights off features on office space areas that will save on electric bills.

              Review the costs of "state" owned car expenses vs mileage reimbursement, for a savings on auto purchase and maintenance

              As a former State employee and a current City employee, I can firmly suggest that you give State employees the OPTION of taking days off without pay. How many and when could be up to each agency, as duties
              permit. There are so many older--and younger--workers who would love nothing more than to spend another week with the grandchildren, or simply have a little more time to themselves. A day at a time, a week at a
              time, would not negatively impact State operations (except in critial positions such as fire or police) and even those positions would probably benefit from a day off here and there, when possible. I think many times that
              I would LOVE to have three or four more days off, especially with the stress of things, and that would be such a perfect WIN-WIN situation for everyone. Salaries are, of course, the greatest part of the State's budget.
              Why not let workers HELP you manage this crisis. We all understand.
Baltimore     How about not wasting tax payers money by transporting career criminals in out of jail for parental rights. When parents are in jail and have been in and out of jail since the eighties. Have about 13 kids amoungst
              themselves and 20 years later having their rights be more than the interest of the child and the foster parent who is doing right by the law, the child and society. Why are we entertaining this foolishness.
Anne        I have a suggestion on how to save thousands of dollars Put the people on welfare to work on some of the projects that need help. Think for a minute, you are paying them to stay home get paid to stay there and they
Arundel     are not contributing one cent ot the economy but, they complain about not having anything. I am a senior citizen and I would like to get my utilities paid, free food and a nice allowance for free. I pay taxes, have been
            working since I was 15 and pay at hte end of the year, i also own a house in a very bad area, brooklyn park. If some of the people on welfare had to get out of the bed and clean up the area they live in, help the eldery,
            work at hospitals and parks for the money they recieve from the government, how much money would you save? Some could do daycare for he ones that have small children. This might get a lot of them off the free
            service. Also, you should be able to check out homes that are getting this money to see how many are living ther and if the money is being used for what it is intended. Welfare was to be a stepping stone not a job and
            the taxpayers have to pay for this service.
Cecil       Stop wasting money with the conservation fund (TCF) they do not treat the permanent residence fair with the tax payers money. Case in point the walnut farm in cecil co. They cater to a part time resident, I paid taxes
            in cecil co over 65 years, and this is almost a 3 year battle with them and should be investgated.
City        Most State Employees just finished with furlough days since last year. I would suggest that one furlough per pay period for all State Employees positions from Grade 11 up. This should include all State Agencies and
            Departments, colleges, hospitals, and public safety. The furlough should continue until the next fiscal year, no increments, cost of living, or salary steps. In addition, the two pay periods when employees are not paying
            for medical insurance, forego the non-payment for employees. The cost employees would pay, should show a marginal increase in revenue. Another area to review is outsourcing, privatizing, does the State really save
            money in those areas. Require agencies and departments to review each operation for duplication. Review agencies and departments that may subject to federal incentives and develop plans and quality assurances
            that will generate monetary incentives that can be put in the Maryland Budget. Require other jurisdictions to consider similar actions. It is crtitical that every line of the budget is thoroughly reviewed and every person in
            the state must be a participant because the budget affects every employee, businesses and community. It is said "it takes a village to raise a child", well it's going to take everyone in the village to sacrifice and help to
            get a budget that prevent lay-offs and still meet the needs of the people and the state.
Baltimore   As an employee of the State I would like to plead for no State employee layoffs. Some suggestions that I have are, freeze reclassifications and pay upgrades, freeze tuition reimbursement and outside vendor training
            for not critical areas, use furlough and salary reduction as means of temporary layoffs, and restructure contracts with vendors that had increased prices in 2007 and 2008 due to high fuel costs, which led to higher
            supply and delivery costs.

            Please do not layoff State workers.
Anne        Many of the State Police cars have over 200,000 miles. Trade them In under Cash For Clunkers and Buy smaller cars that get better gas mileage.
Anne        I would like to start of by thanking you for this opportunity for me to share my views. My thoughts are to review people who have been on social services for an extended amount of time, and put limits and set goals for
Arundel     how long people can stay on public assistance programs. Drug test these people, If they not willing to be tested, they wont be able to get a job. If they come up dirty, cut the amount they received, and shorten the time
            they are allowed to receive assistance. Put people who received assistance to work for the services to continue to the services by volunteering in the communities, such as volunteering for neighborhood
            beautification, filing or office support for non profit organizations or youth groups, or help out with the elderly, cleaning state buildings, helping out at schools are just to name a few. This will allow them to learn a trade,
            have recent work experience on a resume or on a job application and help give them self worth and pride, while they continue to to receive state assistance. I am aware of a few people with job training who I still
            consider "professional welfare queens" and that is just sad, they are capable of volunteering in the community and to work as nursing assistant, and a hair dresser, but choose not to, while the rest of us are supporting
            them, and there "habits" it is very frustrating, when the people who do have jobs right now, and paying outrageous taxes, are very thankful but the thought of supporting these people is very upsetting. One went to
            school to be a nursing assistant, and the other is a licensed hair dresser and she spends her summers in the Florida Keys at her sisters home while receiving assistance from the State of Maryland, while myself and
            other people in the state continue to work 40 hrs a week with out a vacation, and pay taxes so she can spend her summers in Florida.

            People receiving assistance, need to have plans in place when they receive services, what they are going to do when they stop. Just like working people who get laid off, and have to depend on unemployment, it
            comes to an end after a while. People receiving assistance, should not have unnecessary expenses such as cable, and high speed Internet, that is just ridiculous, they are expensive luxuries, and have been receiving
            a free pass for years. This has got to stop! The people who have been laid off and lost jobs due to the recession, are the ones who really need the break right now. I thank the lord every day that I still have a job, and
            the thought of supporting people who sit home and watch cable all day, and get food stamps and play online all day, while supporting "habits" is just horrible.

            Also, review people who are getting assistance, and not getting child support, and enforce child support, to be paid in a timely manor, or put these dead beat Parents, Moms and Dads, to work by volunteering or
            community service, so the custodial parents can continue to received assistance. The state truly needs to restructure these programs. My youngest child just turned 21, and my ex husband still owes over $10,000 back
            child support, the state of MD should have never allowed this to happen!! by the time my youngest child turned 21, my ex husband should not have owed me anything, if I would have received child support when it was
            ordered, it would have changed my children's life style considerably.

            Changes in these areas would benefit the state significantly.
              Thank you for taking time out to read my views and opinions.


select your   spend to much money when the deneral assembly is in session is it really all necessary you make enough money feed your own self. same goes for thr the public commission did they take a cut in pay no they got a
county        huge huge pay raise couple of years go what did your normal state employees get 2% and furloughs last year doesnt seem fair the less paid loses out when the very most paid doesnt
select your   Take back the gigantic pay raises to your hire employees that you gave when you came into office,
county        Stop buying property with state money that you are not benifting from No tax money if the state owns property.
              Did you take furlough days like the rest of the nder paid state employees.
              Cut out your state paid lunches, cut your out your police force using their state vehicles for personal use Police cant respond if their family is in the car see how much money you can save when you dont have to furnish
              fuel for police to do their family chores in state owned vehicles. stop putting the state as a business we are not the state dont need to own hotels etc... Money you could save and the good lower paid state employees
              could have a decent pay raise upper management doesnt make but 100.00 more then their employees they supervise. Sell the real estate that you shouldn't have bougxht any air planes, trips that you have planed on
              our tax dollars. stop putting bad money after bad mistakes. dont raise taxes people are out of jobs and once that do might not if things keep going like it is.

Baltimore     As the busiest urologist in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and the one that sees the most medicaid patients, I would like to comment. The recepients of the state Medicaid program tend have more advanced disease and evaluation
              and work up tend to be more involved. I am in private practice and feel these pts are entitled to the same quality of care as my private payer insured pts. Cutting such funding throws these pts into the university system
              and systems such as Hopkins where they are clinic pts.That removes any doctor pt relationship. It worsens the distance between the pt and his caretakers.Such a move will decrease access to medical care for those
              who need it the most.
Howard        Hire an energy auditor per county (yearly salary $100k) to create and discover ways the county school systems can save MILLIONS of dollars... the key is that the energy auditor can NOT serve the best interest of
              PEPCO and BGE. These tax saving measures could also be used as educational lessons for the students within each school. If we are not managing our enrgy consumption, we are not managing the budget. PERIOD!
Anne      1) Combine Maryland State Police with the other state law enforcment agencies. This includes MDTA, MTA and Natural Resources Police. Have one chief and save hundreds of thousands in salaries alone.
          2) Let MSP recruits go home each night. Every county agency does this. This will save a ton of money in room and board.

          3) No more take home cars for police or any state employee.

          4) NO EZ pass for legislators.

          5) No more hotel/ mileage perks for any Delegate/Senator that lives less than 30 miles from Annapolis.

          6) Issue gun permits to law abiding citizens. You guys get over $150 per application.

          7) Move offices to state buildings in Crownsville (hospital site). This beats payinghigh rent elsewhere.

          8) Close Jessup prisons and build new ones in Western MD. The area is economically depressed and could use the jail. Like other jails out there, there would be less turnover which naturally saves the state money.
          Besides, it's helping an area of the state that needs jobs.

          9) Follow DC Mayors lead and trade Governor's SUV for a smart car.


Cecil     Take the Md lottery money away from the Md Stadium Authority and put it into something usefull. The Stadium Authority should be elimated. We should not be subsadizing sports of any kind except in schools and
Talbot    I offer the following suggestions as possible areas where I believe considerable cost savings can be realized. Certainly such savings would be very beneficial now, but even if our economy wasn't struggling, I still think
          these areas are candidates for review. Thank you for the opportunity to speak.

          #1 - merge the Department of Natural Resources Police (NRP) with the Maryland State Police and simply make the former NRP a section within the State Police. NRP currently performs both inland game warden
          functions and waterborne law enforcemnt functions and I believe both could easily be incorporated into the State Police. Both departments are doing essentially the same job and could very quickly be merged saving
          an enormous amount of money in both salaries and equipment purchases to name a few areas. I know the political arguments that would be made at such an idea, but we are facing a serious financial future, so
          maybe now is the time to put politics aside.

          #2 - merge the Division of Weights and Measures (currently under the Deparment of Agriculture) with the Field Enforcement Division of the State Comptroller's Office. This Division includes the motor fuel inspection
          section which like Weights and Measures, visits all locations where motor fuel is stored or sold in the State, conducting inspections. The Comptroller's Office already operates a nationally known and highly respected
          fuel testing laboratory in Jessup and I believe this section could easily absorb the Weights and Measures people and duties and
          continue to perform both with considerable cost savings and improved efficiency. This is not a new idea and is one that has been suggested in the legislature, but has never gotten off the ground.

          #3 - Create a State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) as other states have done. The current Maryland State Police would become the State Highway Patrol and if idea #1 above were considered, also would include the
             uniformed section of the current NRP, with ALL other state agencies that currently perform investigations becoming part of the new SBI. There are as I am sure your the members of your cabinet will tell you, an
             enormous number of state agencies that currently perform there own versions of investigations that would fall into this new Department, but it seems ridiculous for so many different Departments to emply countless
             number of "investigators" who all perform a very similar function. Not all need to have police powers and there would be no need for salary increases or additional personnel. There will be opposition to this idea too for
             many reasons, but again we are in desperate times. This is not a new idea either, it has been introduced in other states and seems to be working well.

City         Cut way abck on teh number of cars state employees are allowed to use to commute to and from work. The number of such vehicles that i see on teh road leads me to believe that far too mnay folks have been
             allowed this very expensive perk for dubious and weak reasons. Allow only law enforcement officials and anyone else who has to respond to emergency situations to take vehicles home. Has there ever been a study
             conducted on how much money would be saved through not paying for the fuel, maintenance and lease/purchase prices for all of these vehicles?
Carroll      Since smoking has been removed from the bars and taxes on cigarettes have escalated, Maryland has lost a considerable amount of revenue from lost sales and taxes. People are traveling to other states to purchase
             cheaper cigarettes and to drink in bars that allow smoking. Many bars and restaurants have lost revenue due to lost sales. Lost revenue on businesses means lost revenue for the State. Why not allow smoking in the
             bars but charge an annual fee for a smoking license that allows the establishment to have smoking. This will bring back business to the bars and create more revenue for owners and generate more taxes for the state.
             Currently estabilshments are required to pay for liquor licenses, food licenses etc, so why not allow the smoking and charge for a tobacco license. Licenses could be anywhere from $500 to $1,000 a year as an
             average cost per establishment. Thank you for your consideration.
Anne         Many employees seem to get upgraded in their position much easier than others. Personality works into it not just skills. I think upgrades are still being done. Upgrades need to be put on a freeze, like hiring.
Anne         I would suggest haveing the State Police put personnel in an area they live or near by. I know some drive as far as 75 miles 1 way and they drive SUV's or 8 cylinder cars. Each office needs to really see if all the
Arundel      employees are needed. Positions are just being shifted not eliminated. I think there are so many people who retire and are hired back at quite a high pay where so many civilians are just getting by.
Harford      I would like to suggest that in the inevitable event, furoughs are required, that NO state employees be exempt. Your last Executive Order stated that everyone below the rank of First Sergeant in the Maryland State
             Police not be furloughed. However, the Superintendent of the State Police exempted everyone, except for the civilian State Police employees. Those individuals over the rank of First Sergeant are the HIGHEST paid
             employees of the State Police. Many are making in excess of 80K per year, up to 100K per year. WHY were they exempt? Please Governor, what is fair for us lower paid state employees should also be fair for the
             HIGHEST paid employees. The State Police officers have take home cars, the priviledge of using those vehicle in an off duty status, yet you exempt them from furloughs? How much money would be saved on wear
             and tear on vehicles and how much money would be saved on gas, if this priviledge would be revoked.
             Thanks for your consideration

Montgomery   Require proof of "legal presence" for all Maryland funded services and programs. Similar to requirement for new drivers' licenses. End all funding for CASA of Maryland, including $ for their new headquarters in
             Langley Park
             Have drop off spots at every post office for citizens to donated coin for the next 4 months to help the state budget.
Worchester   First of all, please set Worcester County's spelling correctly in the drop down selection on this suggestion site. There's nothing worse than a state website that has a county name spelled incorrectly. Worchester? Are
             you kidding me? It's actually kind of embarrassing.

             I have several suggestions and areas of concern that I'd like to share with those that read this. There is a lot of talk about plans to cut all state worker wages by 2% sometime in the next month or so. While I understand
             the premise of the suggestion, it doesn't seem fair to those workers who put themselves at risk on a daily basis, namely State Troopers and Division of Correction employees. How do you honestly expect to attract and
             retain valuable personnel in jobs that not many others would take when you cut the pay for jobs like those? A wage reduction isn't really fair to any of our state workers especially since most have gone without getting
             an increase this past year. Now someone is suggesting that it'll be "ok" to cut their pay this coming year? Talk about throwing salt in the wound.

             I also don't understand why we aren't first making every attempt to eliminate or significantly reduce funding for all non-essential programs before we resort to taking wages from our state workers who through no fault
             on their own are going to be asked to pay the price for the poor planning and management efforts of others over the years.
              One of the first places I'd look to make cuts would be to discontinue wages paid to any Maryland inmates. They're prisoners for goodness sake and aren't we're already paying for their room and board? Another place
              I'd like to see some cuts made is for any and all inmate reform programs. While they theoretically serve a good purpose, in times of trouble they should be the first things sacrificed.

              I also understand that there are those that genuinely need unemployment compensation when they experience a loss of a job. I've had to rely on it myself once. I just think that there are too many people, though, that
              use the state unemployment system as a way to make a living. I know that our state unemployment numbers are reported to be lower than many other states, but I feel that there is still a lot of reform needed for this
              program. There should be a more restrictive limit to the actual length of time that people are eligible to receive unemployment benefits. There should also be a limit to the number of times within a given 3 year period
              that you can actually apply for benefits. How else will habitual users get motivated to actually go out and secure a job...not just look for one. Granted, it may not be their ideal job, but there are jobs out there to be had. I
              was raised to understand that a job is a job and you do what you've got to do to get one to take care of yourself or your family. Period. End of story. We make it way too easy for some to not have to worry about getting
              a job and being a productive member of society.

              I know it's a dirty word and certainly wouldn't win any popularity contests with most Marylanders, but we could always look at raising the sales tax again. I'm sure that those state workers targeted for a reduction in
              wages would surely vote in favor of paying another 1% in sales tax. You'd get my vote on it.

              Also, with respect to state road maintenance, I'd only look at keeping the roads in driving shape. We shouldn't need to have to worry about funding any beautification flowers or landscaping until things get
              better. Don't get me wrong. I love the flowers and having our highways beautiful, but times are lean and we need to be realistic about what we'd like to do versus what we need to do.

              That's true for our entire state budget. We should honestly be asking ourselves for every single line item "do we need to do this or would we just like to do this?"

              Thanks for your time and consideration.
select your   Shorten the state legislators time in Annapolis by 30 days
select your   All state agencies need to have a mandatory 4 day work week
county        or a mandatory every other 4 day work week and shut the non essential agencies down every friday or every other friday.
Allegany      Western Maryland State Troopers are traveling at excessive speeds to work locations in the eastern part of the state. It is dangerous and costly. Troopers should live in the county to which thaey are assigned or travel
              at their own expense.
Allegany      I am a State of Maryland worker at the Motor Vehicle Administration. I feel we have suffered a lot with the recent furlough days. I also realize that this was something that needed to be done. Before we are hit again I
              hope that you will consider some other cuts. We currently are open every Saturday for a half day for drivers license services. I realize that it is hard for the public to come in during the week but with all the different
              services we have through the mail, internet and the fact that an individual can renew their drivers license through the mail Saturday could be a day that could be cut out and save. A lot of the offices in the metropolitan
              areas don't get out on time and this causes overtime and more expenses. Even if this idea isn't ideal for the customers maybe a thought would be to close on Saturdays and work one day of the week from 10:00 am to
              6:00 pm.

              Thank you for allowing me to respond in these tough times.

Allegany      Almost 2 years ago a law was passed to allow the cost of an individual's trade in to be deducted from the tax they paid on their newly purchase vehicle. Maryland is one of the few states that allow someone to deduct
              the trade in on a vehicle that the consumer never paid Maryland tax on previously. If a customer is moving to Maryland and purchase a new vehicle they are allowed to deduct their trade even though their vehicle was
              titled in another state and never paid Maryland tax on. Their trade in should be restricted to a vehicle that is titled in Maryland only.
Harford       The State could really save a lot of money on energy bills if Governor O'Malley would make it mandentory that all State Office buildings were to set their air conditioner thermostats to no lower than 75 degrees during
              the summer. I work in a State Office building and it is so cold in the building that personnel are are wearing sweaters, jackets or both sweaters and jackets. It is freezing in our building. I keep my home thermostat set
              at 78 degrees in the summer.
Anne        Some sign and roadway lighting can be eliminated. This will save the state millions in maintenace contracts and utilities. Was done in the past during the energy crisis. Just have 1 or 2 lights on to identify interchanges.
            Stop mowing the highway medians and discontinue future landscaping. This is a constant cost & maintenance issue.

            Revisit the 4 day work week, this would save energy cost in state buildings. They would be shut down 3 days versus 2 days.

            Eliminate consulting firms, use in-house state workers.

Baltimore   Governor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the largest urology practice in Maryland and we treat many Maryland residents with MA. Further reductions in reimbursements to MA will make more difficult to induce may fellow
            urologist to care for these patients. We are already reimbursed for their care well below the already low medicare rates. How low can they go before we are losing money by seeing patients? Please, keep these cuts to
            a minimum so xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx doctors can continue to provide service for this very deserving Marylanders. Thank you.
Baltimore   Governor O'Malley,
              I have several suggest on how we can cut Marylan's deficit;
            1. We have four Sate Hospitals, Spring Grove, Springfield, Rosewood & Crownsville, that are under utilized. My suggestion is to consolidate into one location such as Springfield and sell off the rest of the land for
            development such as xxxxxxxxxxxxxx proposed Promenade project in Catonsville.
             Spring Grove could also be used to expand the UMBC Campus and research park as well as some much needed recreation facilities. It could also be used for a new ploice station to replace Wilkens Avenue which is
            very dated.
              The state would make money off of the sale of these properties, reduce the operating expenses of the hospitals and get real estate taxes on the improvements and income taxes from the jobs created.
            2. I also beleive it is time for the state to evaluate the many grants that are given each year. This is an area that should receive much attention and reduce the number of grants awarded.
            3. How many other state government facilities can we consolidate and sell off the real estate.
             We all have to cut back and save.
Baltimore   Not knowing all the various possibilities for cuts that may be "available options", it is hard to give informed input--especially without reading and knowing the many facets of the state budget.

            However, big picture: it may be time for state employee benefits and pensions to be considered as a place for cuts --given the large impact long term on the state budget. Perhaps this has been done already--but is it

            Also, cut more from higher education---we need to keep funding in adult education & literacy where the need is greater. We must support those who require help to get into the workforce--or ultimately we will pay in
            many ways for not doing this.

            Can we figure out a way to put less people in "jail" and cut back on corrections cost (which is also a major on going budget cost)? This will mean supporting more rehab, interim, training, and transition type programs--
            but most likely worth the investment.

            Certain areas are receiving more federal stimulus money or federal funding in general -- and those areas could possibily "give up" state funding.

            But I am sure you who study the budget have already thought of all these things.

            Please do not cut adult education & literacy--we have worked too hard to get to where we are and the funding currently in place is still not enough to serve all those in need.
City         Dear Governor,
             My Name is xxxxxxxxxx. As a long time employee of the MTA, I came up with a plan to help Maryland save money. My proposition is selling bonds to the general public. It will work on the same principle as that of the
             US Savings Bond. People will buy the bonds for the future generation of marylanders. The bonds will work with a maturity growth over 7 to 10 years with an intrest rate slightly higher than that of the banks. These will
             be a great invesment for any businesses, small or large, that is willing to invest in the state of Maryland. It will create large amounts of capital, and the return will not be back to the investor for at least 7 years. In
             conclusion, I ask that you take a look at my idea, and the structure of the United States savings bond, and calculate the bonds growth to it's maturity. If you have any questions on my proposal, feel free to contact me
             by this email address, or at the following address and phone number.

             Good Luck,

Calvert      Have you thought about getting rid of the numerous contract employees that the State of Maryland is paying for? Long before the contractors, state employees did the jobs, and did them well. Now, the state of
             Maryland hires retirees as contractors, and pays them high salaries. This could help in the long run. Also, I think those State Employees who DID NOT get furloughed the first go round should get furloughed this time
             around, and leave the rest of the state employees' salaries alone.
Allegany     Why does the state need an Office of Cemetery Oversight, We have not experienced issues like other states. When you go to their site, there are not documents noting how they have saved tax payers money or
             intervened to correct misconduct only minutes of meetings
City         1)Reduce or cut the per diem of the state legislators.
             2)Effective 10/1, have one furlough day per month for all employees and force corrections and public safety to participate as well (too many exemptions there), all on the same day. Shut down all utilities on those days,
             or close the buildings down; shut off the utilities where possible (lights off and water to a trickle to prevent pipe freezes and seals going bad); turn the heat down in all the closed bldgs. to 50 degrees or less. Make it a
             either a Friday or a Monday, to get employee buy in.
             3)Shut down state government between 12/24/2009 and 1/4/2010 and close the buildings down; shut off the utilities during this time where possible (lights off and water to a trickle to prevent pipe freezes and seals
             going bad); turn the heat down in all the closed bldgs. to 50 degrees or less. Force all agencies to participate. Have a plan for on-call status for agency heads, in the event of emergencies. Employees are only to be
             paid 1/2 of their salary during the shutdown.
             4)Plant either wild flowers or fruits/vegetables in the medians to reduce mowing and to provide food for those in the state institutions. This is something to do now for crops next year.
             5)Have a personal tax amnesty week.
             6)Have a business tax amnesty week.
             7)Have a traffic fine amnesty week.
             8)Have a child support amnesty week.
             9)Have a "Bring Back the Book" Amnesty period from now until 9/30/2009. Let people drop it in a modified mailbox in any state gov't bldg. and work out a deal with the Pratt to distribute to the correct branches and/or
             systems. Ask for volunteers to help the Pratt with the sorting (middle and high school students who need credit for volunteer hours, college students, Boys and Girl Scouts who need community service projects and
             hours, a Red Heat Ladies Group, etc).
             10)Have a "Happy Meal Appeal", like the York County PA mayor and police dept. did several years ago.
             11)Have a 50/50 raffle, and make the raffle tickets $1 each.
Howard       Change the way budgets are handled in government. Instead of the use it or lose it mentality, give programs an incentive to not spend money unless it is absolutely necessary. If they save the state considerable
             money, reward them somehow. Make it clear if they do need money for their program, they will get it. If everyone tightens their program budget the way citizens must tighten their household budgets, we all can make a
Washington   How about cutting all those Regional Assistant Commissioners and there Assistants that Mary Ann Saars created. Those positions are totally unnessesary. If each Correctonal Facilities Warden are not capable of
             doing the job then they don't deserve to be in that position. Things worked fine without them before. Look at the money the state could save there. Staffing was cut inside the institutions and those positions were
             created, therefore front line staff safety and security is put at risk.

City         Mr.. O'malley,
                 I had voted for you although state employee's that were in a supervisory capacity warned me it was in my best interest to vote Erlich and also warned me of voicing my political preference. Also you won my vote as
             mayor of Baltimore City, you will also get my vote in the future. As a state employee I get to see first hand how we have contractual employee's in supervisors positions that know nothing about the job their
             subordinates do, no knowledge of the time it takes or the materials that are needed, most are retiree's of other jobs and are brought in contractual as a means to skip the normal hiring or interview process. I would think
             a lot of tax dollars would be saved by looking into the positions that are not needed but also in time lost due to the fact that their working knowledge just simply is not there.
Harford      Stop using affirmative action in hiring employees. Once they get hired they get lazy because they know how hard it is to fire them. Employees hired by performance and qualifications are more bang for the buck. Just
             go to any state office and watch. You'll see. Thank you
Montgomery   Governor - Thank you for the opportunity to comment on what to do about the dire fiscal situation facing Maryland. Your first priority should be to immediately stop subsidizing illegal aliens residing in the state. In
             particular, giving millions to the ethnic special interest group CASA de Maryland, is a slap in the face to all Maryland taxpayers. These foreigners clog our emergency rooms, populate our prisons and receive medical
             care in free clinics which are not available to legal citizens. The state of Maryland needs to immediately stop squandering scarce resources on people who should not be here in the first place.

City         Some of the State buildings are being leased would it be possible to buy the property instead of paying rent on the buildings. Also; twice a month have a four (4) day work week for State employees and furlough them
             on either a Friday or a Monday that way State employees can have a long week-end. I think they would rather do that than to lose their jobs. Job loss does not help the economy.


Anne         Stop funding all the illegal aliens and giving away this state. anybody and everybody that applies for food stamps or medicaid get it whether they need it or not. Nobody ever checks up on them. why isn't there a closer
Arundel      inspection when everybody is having a hard time making ends meet?
Montgomery   Just as the U.S. Postal Service is considering stopping mail on Saturdays, a closure of State Office Buildings one business day a month or every other month may allow an equitable way for the State to save money by
             furloughing the non essential employees (both state and contract workers). I assume your constituents would let you and our other lawmakers know what level of service would be acceptable. Thanks xxx
Montgomery   Please do not cut the Children's Cabinet Interagency Fund anymore. When you cut this fund you are cutting services for children in our school systems. Your assertion that you are fully funding K-12 education is
             inaccurate. When you cut the interagency fund as you have in the last six months, by nearly 25%, you have cut critical services that support our children's education - behavioral wraparound supports that make it
             possible for children with complex needs to remain in their school and home community; after school activities that support academic acheivement and home-visiting progrmas that ensure children are ready to learn
             when they enter school. I urge you to end the reductions in this fund that serves the most vulnerable children and youth across the state of Maryland.
Baltimore    My suggestion is for the state to investigate what the county council members are doing in each county when it comes to cost saving.
             He is what happened last summer. I spoke with the Baltimore County Council about a proposed zoning change in the Upperco area of Baltimore County.
             A friend of mine (merchant) had an opportunity to sell their small business property to a large business and retire. The plans called for the modernization of the intersection of Route 30, and Route 91. The cost would
             have been $250,000.00 to which the new owner was going to pick up the entire cost to widen this intersection for traffic safety xxxxxxxxxxxxxx would not allow this to happen.
             If money is to be saved, it has to start with the people we put in office who speak for us.
             Had this transaction been approved, the county and state would have had a new intersection at route 30 and route 91, at NO cost to either government. ($250,000.00). These kinds of things must stop. When a
             business wants to locate in an area and is willing to foot the bill to make a dangerous intersection a safe intersection, and one individual make no bones about how he negatively feels, then I think it is time to replace
             this type of politican. When you, our governor need to find a solution to our financial problems, and a no cost $250,000.00 project is rejected, the state should ask why this happened. That is a quarter of a million dollar
             project gone.
             I ask that the state watch over what the county councils do, so it does not impact the state and put a financial burden on our states when the state needs financial help.
         Thank You,


City     As an adult educator in literacy and drop-out recovery, i appreciate the governor not cutting state funds for literacy services. since higher ed and esp. community colleges did well on stimulus money, i would suggest
         that they could stand the cuts better than the less educated just trying to get a high school diploma or skills upgrade to qualify for the many training programs that currently shuts them out. thanks. xxx
Howard   I think this survey is an excellent idea.
         Our suggestions:

         1. Lower corporation taxes to make it more friendly to
         businesses. (Virginia is the business-friendliest state
         in the nation. It is easy for businesses to move south a few miles to access those benefits.)

         2. Eliminate tax on military retirees so they do not move
         to Delaware and Pennsylvania. They are responsible citizens and consumers.

         3. Quit mowing grass along the highways and let it grow

         4. Lower application costs and licensing fees costs for slot machines so people will actually install the slots and slow the flow of money to neighboring states. The idea is not to make money through licensing but
         through the taxation of the business of gambling.

         5. Require that anyone physically able who is receiving assistance of any kind from the state, county, or city (and federal)government perform volunteer services as a repayment or a sign of appreciation. That will save
         the taxpayers from
         spending more money to pay employees. These services could
         be any kind of maintanence of parks, roads, open spaces, especially along the railroad tracks where travelers from all over the country could get a bad (or good if clean) impression of Maryland, its cities, and train

         6. Request that the same recipients of public funds attend
         meetings every week which could provide them with employment opportunities, motivational speakers, parenting skills, ways
         to volunteer, etc. If people are requested to enter a program offering ideas for improving their lives, they are more likely to break previous unproductive habits. If parents with children attend an "improvement center"
         they can take turns watching each other's children, and take turns going to vocational training so that skills can be learned to help them become independent of public assistance.
         Motivational ideas, vocational training, good parenting skills, work ethics (being present at a center on a regular basis and being away from unproductive diversions such as TV), and developing a support system of
         professionals, and friends who will help cover for them so they can further their education would be invaluable.

         7. Offer nutitional counseling to all recipients of public aid so that obesity will become less a factor in our burgeoning medical costs. This is another reasonn that
         encouraging people to be active in a variety of ways, would
         make them healthier, more productive, and serve as a better model for our youth.

         8. Encourage development of decaying neighborhoods so that
             there is more available housing and businesses which will increase tax revenues. The 1970's incentive programs in Baltimore stimulated growth in the southwest area around the Harbor.

             9. Please use some of the ideas submitted from Maryland citizens through the "Share your Suggestions" Campaign.
             Thank you!

Baltimore    I think the solar panels are good idea for the Govenor's Mansion but the return on investment will be far down the road. I don't know if now is the right time to spend $17 million that will not help our current shortfalls.
             Furthermore, I think cuts to the SHA would be a good place to start, instead of schools, police or fire. When it takes 5 SHA trucks and 12 men to put down crosswalk stripes I think there is plenty of room to make cuts.
             Maybe the SHA would be more inclined to work with Maryland residents if they were reined in a little. I've been trying to get a driveway entrance for 2 years with no cooperation. There are to many levels of SHA officials
             whos job is apparently to disregard safety issues and ignore recorded court documents. Maybe keep SHA vehicles in state too, this would save fuel costs. I see many of them are being taken home at night to houses in
             Hanover, PA.
Dorchester   My suggestion is for the State Police officers riding around with their families on their off days be cut. I can understand when an officer is traveling for business reasons maybe, but come on, half the time that I see
             these officers they are transporting their family to the grocery stores, dinner, etc. They feel they have the right because they are State employed, but my tax dollars are paying them. Don't cut the education, but cut out
             how these officers use the State appointed vehicles. I'd rather pay taxes and have it used for educational purposes than to ride these officers and their families around. Don't they own their vehicles, oh, I forgot, the
             State & myself is paying for the fuel that goes into the vehicle. If they used their own than it would have to come from their pocket.
Anne         Communication charges, cellphones, level needed for emp loyees. Such as Senior mgmt, mid-level, etc. Look at centralizing departmental subscriptions. Create databasee for
Baltimore    State employees can give up 1 to 2 days a month with out pay. They should not be driving state owned vehicles home. Pet state projects need to be eliminated or cut back.
Baltimore    The Maryland State Police Medevac system is too large and inefficient. Similar sized states in area/population density are able to accomplish the same goals with fewer helicopters. The MSP medevac system should
             be trimmed and streamlined to better serve the needs of the residents of Maryland. The purchase of a smaller, more efficient and less expensive to maintain fleet of helicopters should be considered. As a former flight
             nurse I am appalled at the overuse of the medevac system, lack of oversight and lack of a quality management program to ensure that the medevac system is actually a benefit. As a Maryland resident, taxpayer and
             motor vehicle registrant, I cringe when I have to pay the registration fees, knowing that the money is not being put to the best and most efficient use.
Harford      I can think of so many ways of saving the state money but all come with some sort of loss to someone or some agency. Maryland National Guard has an Armory in Havre de Grace that does not seem to serve any real
             significant purpose other than providing jobs to persons who are working there. The essential positions could be moved to Edgewood, or even APG with the realignment of military posts. The buildings are hugh and
             not cost effective to heat, cool, and maintain. Each state maintenance employee on the post has a state vehicle that they drive home each day. I can understand why a painter or plumber needs a van to haul their
             tools, equipment from job site to job site but they do not leave the post. Why maintain a fleet of vehicled for the maintenance staff to drive home, drive around Harford County for lunch, etc. I have thought for years
             there should be a study to justify these positions. You have a Supervisor, a plumber, an electrician, a painter, building guards, general maintenance crew, building janitors and a full time secretary. What does the
       supervisor really supervise? Large jobs are bidded out to contractors. Why not contract all the positions (you don't pay benefits), or close the post and combine staff at other locations. I am sure there are other
       armories across the state that not cost effective to operate. Police officers throughout the state take vehicles home to use at their leisure. Are taxpayers paying the fuel costs for public employees to ride their families
       around the county? There is a lot of waste within the state and if some of the "fat" was cut there would be some money freed up for other more needed services. Thank you.

City   Hello,
       I am a state employee and am very concerned about my job. But there are several ways to cut money and here is what I purpose.

       Number 1
       Pick only 2 Agencies that you want to use for Temporary employment. Right now there are 9 different agencies under the State contract. Here is why I say going with only 2 agencies. Using the Job Classification of
       Office Secretary III/Word Processing Advanced in the Northern Maryland Region - These are prices per hour.

       Abacus charges the state $11.15
       Proper Staffing charges $11.55
       Beacon Staffing charges $12.98
       Kelly Services charges $13.23
       PAJ Business Staffing charges $14.16
       Kennedy Personnel Services charges $15.73
       Hutch Staffing charges $15.81
       Mercer Staffing charges $16.75
       and Mary Kraft & Associates charges $24.50

       You can have a temp that is making $11.15 per hour or $24.50 per hour and they are doing the same job. If you only use the 2 lowest paying agencies you will save across the board greatly.

       Number 2
       If there is a network printer at a state faculty then that should be the printer that employees use, there are many employees with their own printers, which is costing the state money because that are still buying toner
       cartridges for these printers. It is not that hard to get up and go to the network printer. But many mangers believe that since they are in management that they do not need to do that and should have there own printers.
       I do understand that in some cases a private printer is necessary due to confidentiality.

       Number 3
       The taxes on Alcohol have not been raised in more then 50 years and I believe that raising the Alcohol tax would be a very good revenue.

       Number 4
       I have been working as a purchasing agent for the state of Maryland for 2 years, and I can tell you that there are many supplies that just lie around and do not get used in different warehouses. I believe that you could
       get a list of the entire inventory and see if other agencies could use it. This is an example of what I am trying to say.
       Let’s say we have 50 cases of 11 x 14 copy paper and it has not been used and is still in boxes, and since we do not use 11 x 14 copy paper as much as we use to, it just sits there. Well lets say that there is an
       agencies in Annapolis that uses 11 x 14 copy paper every week and they are still placing orders for the 11 x 14 copy paper, what they could do is send a driver down with a withdrawal slip and take some of ours until it
       is down to nothing and then we could only order on an as needed basis.

       I am not sure if anything I have given you will help, but if you have questions please feel free to call me home xxxxx or work xxxxxxx
Anne        Stop providing taxpayers funded benefits to illegal aleins and organizations that promote and shelter their illegal activities. Citizen need help. Maryland can not support the world.
Allegany    Please do not cut any more funding from YOUR STATE TROOPERS. Maryland State Police funding has been cut too much already. Thank You.
Kent        I have sent a message on our website, however will send this one also.

            Please cut down on the numerous "supervisors" in State Government. They are way "overpaid" and do not do the work.
            As a State Retiree after 32 years and paid a pidly amount and worked extremely hard, I saw many "supervisors" in name only who did nothing. The sparsley paid did the work. There are many too many layers in State
            government and this would save several 100's of thousands of dollars!
Anne        The State shouldn't give health benefits to part-time employees. Or the state can offer the same benefits but the part-time employee would have to pay more of the share toward the benefits.
Anne        If furlows are required this year, all employees should take the same days off, which would save more money on heating/air condition and electricity costs.
Baltimore   cut all state agencies by 5% - 10% across the board to keep the middle class from having to pay increased taxes. You won't respond.
Howard      There is a law on the books that has never had a fine attached because politicians were afraid it would make them pay a fine for putting signs on state highway property, but I believe that they are exempt from this.The
            law states that you can not put a sign on state highway property without a permit,but every weekend builders and everyone else does so maybe we can take a page from Delaware and fine them $25 a sign and $15
            dollars to get them back.
Anne        Maryland State Employees should be required to have direct deposit eliminating the paper check and use of envelopes. They should also view their leave & earn statement online, thus eliminating more use of paper
Arundel     products.
Dorchester   I would rather take furlough days than to lose my job.......however, if furlough days become mandatory everyone across the board should have to take them - if they are considered essential and are not able to take
             days off, then they should be docked the pay for it anyway. It is not fair for some to have to take unpaid days and not others.

             Also, instead of paying people to do gardening and things on the highways - have inmates/prisoners that are able to go out and work do this for free.

             Thank you

Harford      When you were elected, we had a surplus of more than $ 1B. You immmediately hired on 6000 employees. It's not clear how many of these positions duplicate tenured positions and how many serve as "promises" for
             their political backing. With average Md. gov't salaries, these positions represent over $ 1B per year. Can the cost of these employees, be the problem??? Are they all necessary???
             thanks for the opportunity
City         Discontinue the purchase of buying about 4,400 acres of land for $57 million today 2:09 PM EST, January 28, 2009 ,which was approved by a Maryland board Despite troubling financial times The approval of this land
             being purchase, state officials consider it too ecologically and culturally valuable to pass up.The Board of Public Works, which includes Gov. Martin O'Malley, Treasurer Nancy Kopp and Comptroller Peter Franchot,
             voted unanimously to buy the land on four parcels in Cecil, Charles and St. Mary's counties. The land includes about 20 miles of Potomac River waterfront, wildlife habitat and historic ties to Maryland's first colonial
             settlement. The Conservation Fund, a national organization that helps government agencies acquire land.The group is being reimbursed about $600,000 from the state for helping to secure the deal, including money
             for appraisals and administrative fees. This buisness arrangement could have waited and needs to be eliminated.
             Also why was

Anne         There is a lot of dead wood in state government: people who have very little if any work, and/or who are not pulling their weight (I am a state employee so I see this first hand). As a more permanent alternative to the
Arundel      10 furlough days, I suggest that you ask the Department Heads/Directors for names of employees whose positions they would like to eliminate. Lay-offs are not the best solution, but at least then you will get rid of
             some of the wasteful salaries of positions that are no longer necessary, as well as those employees who are just clock watchers and whose functions we no longer need.
Baltimore    Additional Suggestions:

             16) How about a mandatory military program for petty criminals instead of housing them for $55,000 a year in prisons? Car thieves, purse snatchers, small-time drug dealers, vandals, etc. can either go to prison or
             serve their state and country in a (inexpensively operated) newly created intergovernmental military initiative (State & Federal) to help eliminate future criminal activity by teaching new skills and keep state prison costs
             down. How about them serving in the Navy or National Guard? After they serve their sentence (or length of time in the program), they will have a new skill and be a viable candidate for a job. If they aren't in jail it
             reduces spending and incidents of prison violence, increases the decline in military participation, prevents criminals from learning new ways of learning criminal behavior while in jail, makes the criminals more well
             rounded, and makes our streets safer.

             17) How about making criminals work at farms and other minimum wage manual labor jobs for free. The farmers, crab meat companies, and other businesses who need assistance can request their help at a discount
             instead of paying illegal immigrants.

             18) The long time practice of having to use a budget or lose it should be eliminated. I’ve seen different agencies waste money on silly purchases near the end of the fiscal year just so they are able to maintain their
             budget at the current level. If an agency has saved money that fiscal year, they should be allowed to plug it into programs, projects or initiatives that aren't funded adequately or use it to help with employee staffing,
             raises, reclassifications, and training.
Washington   Have all state employeess work four ten hour days. This would save the State in energy costs, fuel for state cars used, release no-violent offenders from state prisoners who have served at least 3/4 of the time given by
             the court system. Have State Troopers leave their assigned police cars at their homes and have them parked at the barracks. Close State parks during the week by 3:00pm or charge fees to enter all parks. Increase
             fee to cross Bay Bridge. Raise tuition in all State Universities. Increase taxes for those who make more than $100,000.
             To have State Employees take another pay decrease in unfair and not right. We have families and are trying to make it just as all other Marylander's. We have bills, house payments, families that need fed just like all
             other Maryland families and most of the State Employees are middle class and very hard working.
Anne        Use some of the stimulus money that MD received to install more traffic circles (roundabouts)like those in Howard County. Traffic circles do not use electricity, reduce vehicle idle time, cost little or nothing for the state
Arundel     to maintain, and beautify intersection landscapes. There has never been a fatality in a traffic circle. This saves money for first responders and the State Highway Administration. As more are installed, decrease their
            budgets. Instead of speed cameras near schools, add more speed humps or dips. A zig/zag island also slows traffic. Create toll roads along I83, RT 40, and areas with heavy traffic that lead in/out of state. Many
            Marylanders have moved to Pennsylvania and Delaware to avoid taxes but still work here. Increase MVA fees based on engine size or gross vehicle weight like they do in European countries. An additional $10.00 per
            liter of engine size over 2.0 liters. This encourages smaller cars which helps "save the bay" endeavors and reduce maintenance on our roads. Increase environmental impact fees for construction, utilities. Law
            enforcement and the courts cost a lot of money. Look into decriminilizing failed initiatives in this state that may be legal in surrounding states. Maryland was one of the 13 original colonies and we have more laws on
            the books than newer states westward. There are too many to list here, but a law review may be in order. In cases where it is not practical to do so, increase fines. Eliminate more "take home cars". Convert state
            employees retirement system to one that is similar to the federal "FERS" system. Look into selling more unused state land, underutilized or inefficient buildings, or redundant equipment. Consolidate some county
            activities or services that are redundant into regions. Does each county need a department like DPW, Animal Control, Environment, Aging or can two or more counties consolidate. I.e., Department of Aging for Central
            Maryland or Eastern Shore.
Howard      A statewide buyout of all state employees with substantial years on the job. This would lower the cost of salaries while encouraging those with such tenure to go out on retirement without reservation. These types of
            buyouts have been offered in the past as an effective way of lowering salary costs in the past. Employees could retire knowing that they have received something in exchange for helping the state in its time of need. It
            would be a win-win situation for everyone. Replacing those employees with entry level positions would alleviate higher costs on salaries
Baltimore   During the next year the State of Maryland will lose over $72 million dollars in direct costs to workers' compensation for injuries to state employees. Prior efforts with IWIF have hindered real success from most state
            agencies. Revised efforts need re-focused on improving accountability at top levels (through State Stat), educate managers & employees, and effectively promoting safety culture. Prevention efforts remain unfunded
            despite many years of committees and conferencing. Add a pandemic impact and our workforce can be severly compromised. It's time to fund Agencies to prevent injuries, reduce the fiscal burdens, manpower losses
            and related overtime costs.
Baltimore   Management from the SHA Office of Real Estate should not go on so many conferences since information is generally not disseminated to the employees anyway. Reduce the amount of state car use for take home
            purposes. Because of the 10k mile requirement, people just drive around to put miles on their car when they really may not need a state car and utilize more pool cars. Everyone that has access to a computer or can
            get it from their HR person should be required to print his or her check from the internet. Why can't we refill ink cartridges instead of buying new ones? SHA and MDOT should have direct deposit of expense
            reimbursements instead of processing paper checks every two weeks. Should lower the mileage requirement of 10k miles because it discourages car pooling to business meetings. For state wide agencies, there
            should be more encouragement of regional meetings then everyone coming across the state to one place for business meetings. Encourage more telecommuting because that is less electricity spent in the office. I am
            in support of furloughs instead of massive layoffs. However, the structure of the Insurance Administration should be analyzed and may be more efficient if it was combined with the DLLR. They are a rogue agency that
            is independent so overpays secretarial staff and fires employees for any reason while retaining those who do not comply with the law. Also the structure of MDOT and its modals should be analyzed for human resource
            purposes. At SHA, there should be less HR in the central office of the 707 building and more work should be given to the Administrative Chiefs. The Administrative Chiefs are capable of sending information to the
            Department of Budget and Management without it having to the go through another person in the 707 building. Often times in my experience, my human resource transactions were delayed with so many layers of
            bureaucracy. There should be a website to change our benefits and have less need for paper booklets unless someone does not have access to a computer. There should be better inventory of computers. It is
            wasteful that the District 4 office has several laptops that are missing and when they get new computers, they are not replaced and the old computers are hidden in the old building without the benefit of being resold
            because the carelessness of the state employee. We lose revenue when our resources are not used efficiently. Double sided printing and copying should be encouraged throughout the whole state for internal
            purposes. Encourage scanning of letters to internal agencies. It is the protocol that we always have to use the USPS to send correspondence when email should be encouraged, even when responding to government
            officials. Analyze the need for 700 dollar phones with voice of over internet for new buildings. It is great technology but very expensive for a government office such as the District Four SHA office. Loosen the
            requirement for MCE and MBE in certain areas for the time being, they tend to more expensive and they overprice.
Baltimore   Having attended the meeting regarding the State Center renovation, the potential cost for a project of this magnitude, must be astronomical. Why spend this money in the current economy.

Baltimore   Management from the SHA Office of Real
            Estate should not go on so many conferences since information is generally not disseminated to the employees anyway. Reduce the amount of state car use for take home purposes. Because of the 10k mile
            requirement, people just drive around to put miles on their car when they really may not need a state car and utilize more pool cars. Everyone that has access to a computer or can get it from their HR person should be
            required to print his or her check from the internet. Why can't we refill ink cartridges instead of buying new ones? SHA and MDOT should have direct deposit of expense reimbursements instead of processing paper
            checks every two weeks. Should lower the mileage requirement of 10k miles because it discourages car pooling to business meetings. For state wide agencies, there should be more encouragement of regional
            meetings then everyone coming across the state to one place for business meetings. Encourage more telecommuting because that is less electricity spent in the office. I am in support of furloughs instead of massive
            layoffs. However, the structure of the Insurance Administration should be analyzed and may be more efficient if it was combined with the DLLR. They are a rogue agency that is independent so overpays secretarial
            staff and fires employees for any reason while retaining those who do not comply with the law. Also the structure of MDOT and its modals should be analyzed for human resource purposes. At SHA, there should be
            less HR in the central office of the 707 building and more work should be given to the Administrative Chiefs. The Administrative Chiefs are capable of sending information to the Department of Budget and Management
            without it having to the go though another person in the 707 building. Often times in my experience, my human resource transactions were delayed with so many layers of bureaucracy. There should be a website to
            change our benefits and have less need for paper booklets unless someone does not have acess to a computer. There should be better inventory of computers. It is wasteful that the District 4 office has several
            laptops that are missing and when they get new computers, they are not replaced and the old computers are hidden in the old building without the benefit of being resold because the carelessness of the state
            employee. We lose revenue when our resourses are not used efficiently. Double sided printing and copying should be encouraged throughout the whole state for internal purposes. Encourage scanning of letters to
            internal agencies. It is the protocol that we always have to use the USPS to send correspondence when email should be encouraged, even when responding to government officials. Analyze the need for 700 dollar
            phones with voice of over internet for new buildings. It is great technology but very expensive for a government office such as the the District Four SHA office. Loosen the requirement for MCE and MBE in certain
            areas for the time being, they tend to more expensive and they overprice.
Carroll     Although, placing solar panels on the roof of the Governor's mansion sounds like a super terrific idea, I don't think during the state's current budget situation we, the people of Maryland can fund this venture.
Baltimore   Releasing prisoners that have nonviolent crimes related to drugs to 1-2 year(long-term) manditory drug treatment programs, perhaps in closing state facilities,may drastically reduce costs of keeping prisoners in
            prisons. Reduce sentences for "rehabilitated" inmates.
City        Cut all dollars going to CASA. Illegal means ILLEGAL. Stop violating our constitution.
            Investigate the cronyism and financial fraud in Maryland Government, starting at the top.
            Don't waste money on Government House "going green" (LOL) until you do away with the SUVs for you and your entourage. Who do you think you are impressing?
Baltimore   Have a buy out program for state employees eligable to retire
Anne        Since motorized scooters are flooding our Maryland roads, they should be tagged & registered thru the MVA. Thus, creating a new revnue.
Anne        1. Eliminate the benefit of an employee using a state vehicle for their commute to and from work. This should be done for every state employee from the Governor on down. Some of the employees live a considerable
Arundel     distance from work and the taxpayers are footing the bill. If it’s not state business, it stays parked at the state facility.

            2. Evaluate the work loads of all non-essential employees who are appointed by the government to ascertain if a position actually should exist. If the position is legitimate, the appointee should go through the hiring
            process as everyone else is required to. I have seen appointees put into place and high paying positions created for someone who does nothing at all or have enough to keep them busy for even half of a work day. If
            the position is not necessary, spread the duties amongst existing staff.

            3. Eliminate procurement contracts. Several vendors on contract may give a substantial discount on some items, but jack up the cost of other items to make up the difference. One of my duties xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is
            to procure IT equipment such as hardware, software, media, etc. One of the items we requested was more than double list cost and the current procurement rules forced the buyer to use that particular vendor because
            of the contract.

            4. The long time practice of having to use a budget or loose it should be eliminated. I’ve seen many departments waste money on silly purchases near the end of the fiscal year just so they were able to maintain their
            budget at the current level. Use it or lose it is a ridiculous practice. If an agency has saved money that fiscal year, they should be applauded for the savings. This is how private sector and individuals manage their

            5. As state employees, we are required to take many mandatory training classes annually, bi-annually or triennially. Some are extremely necessary, but some of them are a waste of time and money. All mandatory
            training should be re-evaluated.

            6. If the state has a need for an outside consultant, then a position should be created for it. Consultant’s fees are exorbitant and usually charge extra for every thing they do, including billing for the hours necessary to
            prepare for a meeting. They also charge for the meetings they have prepared for. If the cost of a permanent position (including retirement benefits) is weighed against the consultant, I’m sure the savings would be

            7. Our Elected Officials should take a look at their spending of tax dollars as well. Some of them seem to think that they can go on with “business as usual” while the rest of us are forced to cut into the bone just to get
            by paycheck to paycheck.

            8. Maryland Correctional Enterprises (MCE) is a wonderful program that supplies office furniture and office décor. If office furniture is not available from MCE, then we don’t need it.
            9. I understand that there is a great deal of waste in the prison system. I know several correctional officers and they are appalled at the money wasted. Inmates are given top-of-the-line exercise equipment, new
            televisions every year whether they are needed or not and various other unnecessary “benefits” that a law abiding citizen must pay extra for. Eliminate those things and put the inmates to work! We taxpayers are
            “supporting” those criminals. The state prison system should take a few tips from that famous sheriff out west. He has saved his state tens of thousands of dollars because he believes prison should be punishment –
            not just a break until inmates can get out to do it all over again.

Baltimore   Eliminate current open positions and institute additional mandatory furlough days determined by salary range in place of layoffs or terminations.
Caroline    Re-evaluate the use of state funded hotel rooms. Employees appear to drive only 1 hour to a location, do a 4-5 hour inspection and get a hotel for the night at state's expense and do the 1 hour return trip. This should
            all be accomplished within the employee's 8 hour day. Additional inspections on subsequent days are still less expensive by driving instead of providing lodging.
Baltimore   Upper management should help with the issue by taking a pay cut. Starting with the Governor- right down to the state Officials. If lower paying scale had to take a cut, like wise.
Baltimore    1. Don't let State Police use vehicle for private use.
            2. We don't need a State Trooper setting in every Motor Vehicle Building.
            3. The State of Maryland should get out of running the crains at the Port of Md.

Anne        Thank you for letting me be heard.
            1. College tuition is going to have to increase whether you want it to or not. The State is just in too much trouble to avoid it.

            2. Don't lay off State employees. If you lay people off or let them go they end up on unemployment and welfare and aren't paying the taxes which you need. Give us furlough days instead and continue to abolish the
            "unfilled" positions.

            3. I am a State employee and every year we go to a convention in Ocean City. Nice but it's not necessary and probably costs alot of money. WHY? We don't learn anything that we don't already know. This year and
            next year 'seminars' that are not "critical" should be cancelled. It's ridiculus to spend the money for 3 days worth of employees to have more fun and still get paid too. Put an end to the seminars at resorts, we can live
            without them and I'm sure everyone would rather keep their job.

            4. Just cut or limit the things not critical, cut the roadsides a little less etc... Stop worrying about putting plants out in medians. These are little things yes, but they add up.

            5. Close a few librarys in areas where most people can afford the internet. (NOT the city)

            6. Eliminate postal delivery on saturdays.

            That's it for now, thank you for listening.
Anne        do NOT just pass the buck to the counties ... raise tuition for colleges (my stepdaughter is in a MD college) and fees for parks, etc. Eliminate open positions and restrict take home cars (except for state police).
Baltimore   Cut Maryland's Medicaid funding. It's beyond out of control. If people have private health insurance don't let them have the option of having Maryland's health care as well.
Anne        I understand that various state programs have different frequency for auditing. Some get audited once a year and others less frequently. It seems that once a year is excessive and time could be saved if there was a
Arundel     standard such as no program should be audited anymore than once every 3 years. It would save time and time saves money.
            senior employees should be offered a buyout option so they can retire with some degree of financial security and that would open positions for new employees and reduce the unemployment expense
Caroline    Replace expensive and insecure/problematic computer software with Open Source and free software. Efficiency is also increased.
            1) 80,000 state computers x $600 in basic software = $48 million
            Linux and Open Office are free to download and use.

            2) 12,122 Servers x $1500 basic software = $18.183 million
            Linux server software and open sourse apps are again free downloads.

            $66.183 million saved just this way. This does not count additional software that has free and open source replacements.
            Additionally Open Source software can be modified and used by various state agencies without having to go back to the vendor for changes.
            Other states have adopted this strategy to save millions of dollars as well as large worldwide and smaller companies. They have increased efficiency by modifying the software for their needs without having to rebid
            every time software is changed or reused for different agencies. This is non proprietary software so it does not need to be sole source vendor for changes if they are not done by in-house developers.

Baltimore   Tax each lottery ticket at point of sale.
Baltimore   Additional suggestions:
            13) Stop spending millions on land preservation during a recession!!!
            14) Do not spend millions to renovate the State Office Building Complex during a recession!!!
            15) Do not spend millions on pet projects during a recession!!!

Anne        Cut out any bonuses/raises to the highly paid government officials.
Frederick   Being a Maryland resident for all of my 67 years on this earth, I have always been very proud to say; “I am from Maryland” as I have to other states in the Union.

            I truly believe that PRIDE keeps America great and that most of my fellow citizens still feel that pride.

            Please let Marylanders show that they can handle their own affairs and do all in your power to keep the Federal government out of the State’s (Maryland) affairs. Worry over the outrageous spending bills being past in
            the last few months is my biggest worry. Leave it to the PEOPLE to make their own decisions; don’t let the federal government overstep their bounds and meddle in State affairs.

            This comment might not be the proper answer to your request for “suggestions” but you, our State officials, are our (my) first line of defense against being overrun by some very out of touch representatives currently
            holding office in Washington, DC.

Anne          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Arundel       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Somerset      eliminate front license plates for autos.not a lot of money,i am sure but every littke bit helps. a lot of states dont use them so how important can they really be.
Baltimore     I work for a university in the state system. I truly believe there are so many things that could be done at universities to save money. First, consider closing the campus on Fridays. Many students do not take classes
              on Fridays, and there is a lot of wasted utilities, gas, staff time, etc.

              Second, I believe telecommuting 1 or 2 days a week should be an option for all state workers. I believe so much work could be done at home, and it again saves in so many ways for the state. Plus, employees would
              be happy to not have to commute, saving on gas, etc when they are already doing more work with less staff and getting furloughed.
Anne          1. Put the incarcerated to work. Make people in jail earn their keep by doing labor intensive jobs on our highways. Let them dig holes,and work as labor in helping in repavenment projects and other similar work
              Relax the laws on Marijuana. I think we spend too much money prosecuting people that were arrested with very little Marijuana in their possession . Prosecution of these cases cost far too much considering the small
              amounts involved. Go after the large dealers if necessary. If you polled the majority of Marylanders they feel Marijuana is really no different then Alcohol. In fact if Maryland stepped out and made it completely legal,
              they could tax it for revenue and probably would have no budget issues ever again. You may think I am joking but it's true. It would be a great taxable just like Alcohol and Tobacco. A money maker and save all at
              the same time

Harford       Cut majority of the contractors that the State Of Maryland have and let state employee's do those jobs.
Frederick     I see kids with cell phones & i pods getting FREE breakfast at our public schools. With WIC etc there is no reason why a parent cannot give a child a bowl of cereal with milk and juice before school. I think that we need
              to make parents realize that their children are THEIR responsibility! If schools would be allowed to do what they are there for (teaching our children) everyone would be better off.
Anne          Why cut only certain areas and just go with an over all cut in all phases of the budget ie: if the overall cuts amount to 20% than all areas should have a 20% cut not just selected areas
Baltimore     the increase in the states sales tax has lost much revenue in the state...myself,neighbors and relatives are now alternating car pools to delaware to do bulk buying as well as large ticket items,as you will see higher
              taxes definitely does not work!
Somerset      Go to 4 day work weeks w/ increased hours..madate buildings closed on one day a week...WHILE going green...introduce energy saver where all building are closed and "off" where possible...air condition on at 9 AM
              and off at 2 PM...minimal lighting throughout costs will go down too!
select your   Eliminate costly conferences. Hire on staff attorneys for Child Support Offices that have current contracts with local States’ Attorney Offices. Reduce unnecessary system generated letters.
Baltimore     A statewide buyout of all state employees with substantial years on the job. This would lower the cost of salaries while encouraging those with such tenure to go out on retirement without reservation. These types of
              buyouts have been offered in the past as an effective way of lowering salary costs in the past. Employees could retire knowing that they have received something in exchange for helping the state in its time of need. It
              would be a win-win situation for everyone. Replacing those employees with entry level positions would alleviate higher costs on salaries.

Anne          You are proposing to stop paying reitement to retired state employees. My husband retired from the state police and has no social security, not his choice. I think maybe you should put the red line on hold (good idea -
Arundel       bad timing) so the people that have given their lives to the state can continue to pay their bills. And by the way he is 59 and works so when he does retire he will probably get $75 a month. I would like to see you live
              on that.
Caroline    I see state vehicles commuting every day crossing the bay bridge. I also see state pick up trucks parked at peoples homes at nights and weekends. It looks like the state is letting employees take home their cars and
            trucks at tax payers expense. so stop this now and save lots of money, in fact the state must have too many vehicles if everyone has their own vehicle. Use pool cars and cut the fuel and maintenance budget would be
            cut in half!
Allegany    *Reduce spending by lessening the amount of meetings being held in the Baltimore area and requiring counties in Western/Southern MD to be present, this can be done by utilizing more teleconferences.
            *Reduce use of State Police utilizing State issued vehicles for private use.

Carroll     No furloughs or staff reductions. Raise the gas tax. That affects most people and not just state employees.

Baltimore   I suggest that someone take a hard look at the welfare system, getting some of these people back to work. I understand that we all need a helping hand but I think that alot of people take advantage maybe put a cap of
            how many years a person can get assistance. I also wonder about all of the help going to Illegal and or immigrants where does that money come from?
Carroll     No furloughs or staff reductions. The burden must be placed on ALL Maryland citizens not just state employees. Other cuts that affect citizens like tuition increase affects state employees too. Just increase the sales
            tax from 6% to 7% TEMPORARILY to balance the budget. Then in one, two or three years (after slots are in place) take the sales tax back to 6%. The burden of salary reductions and furloughs is only on state
            employees. (not my neighbors and family - whom all make more money then me)

Allegany    There are a number of things that can and probably should be done. Here are three:

            1) Raise income tax. I know no one likes to think about this and certainly no one likes to do it, but when revenue falls, something has to be done. We can't continue expecting services without paying for them. When
            the cost of the services goes up and the incomes go down, there aren't many options. This does not, of course, have to be an across-the-board tax increase. Raise taxes on the top 5% of income earners.

            2) Raise sales tax. Again, an unpopular thing to do, I'm sure, but it can be done in a more palatable way by raising sales tax on only some things. Keep food and "necessities" the same as it is (or even lower it if the
            resulting increase would still produce an increase in revenue). Raise the sales tax on "luxury items". You could easily determine the average cost of normal items (cloths, cars, etc.) and introduce an increasingly
            higher sales tax on things that exceed the average cost. The more the average cost is exceeded, the higher the sales tax.

            The other issue here is that if enough revenue is not generated more layoffs will occur. The problem is that those most likely to be laid off are lower income people. If you raise taxes on the wealthier people (who can
            afford it) it may help save jobs of people who are less wealthy.

            3) Begin to actually grant licenses for slots. This was supposed to generate a lot of money, but if no one is being granted the licenses what's the point of making it legal.

            A final word: Please do NOT institute "temporary" pay reductions. Instead use furlough days again. The result is the same, but the morale issue is very different. And we all know that "temporary" pay cuts aren't so
            temporary. We'll never recoup the money that we lose in "temporary" pay cuts. At least with furloughs it's truly temporary (even if it has to be done for multiple years) and when raises are given again, they will be
            based on current salaries rather than reduced salaries.

Harford     I work as a contractor at xxxx, so I know all about the wasteful spending that the government does. I think next you need to look at how unfair the child support laws are and getting people who don't need welfare, off
            the system. Men are forced to take second jobs and work overtime, just to have their exes take them back to court for more money! Women are taking advantage of men, and the men can't even claim it on their taxes!
            It's robbery! Then there are women getting a ton of child support and staying on the system. If you would like to know an offender, I have one for you!
Baltimore   I read in the Sun not long ago how state employees we upset at the change TV stations made to digital signal. The reason they were upset was their TV's ON THEIR DESKS did not work any more and could not watch
            their soaps. GET RID OF ALL OF THEM! I think we need to rethink work ethics of people in goverment jobs or not pay them with our tax money.
Howard      My suggestion goes one step further than cutting spending. My suggestion is for generating revenue.

            Please fine slumlords who are ruining our communities by not doing adequate and thorough tenant screening. If after so many calls for service form the police department for fighting, disorderly conduct, suspected
            drug dealing, drunk and disorderly, domestic violence, repeated noise complaints, etc., I believe the landlords need to be first notified, then after 3 instances, fined if they do not take measures to stop the behaviors
            impacting neighborhoods.

            The state should assist landlords in removing these terrible tenants that are ruining our neighborhoods. These slumlords and bad tenants are wasting our valuable police and paramedic services.

            Respectfully submitted,

Baltimore   My suggestion is to eliminate the Travel Agent arranging travel for the Comptroller's office. They are booking travel at a higher rate than the individual can receive for the Government rate or internet rate. This could
            amount to as much as 500.00 savings per week
Anne        One way to save money would be to turn down the air conditioning in the summer. It is so cold in the state building we work in during the summer months that we have to wear coats, hats and sometimes gloves. This
Arundel     seems to be a ridiculous wast of money to me.
Allegany    Cut the size of the state vehicle fleet and require employees with these vehicles to live within a reasonable distance of their work site. ie: State Police and State Highway employees driving in excess of 60 miles each
            way to work in state vehicles. All departments need to be put under the microscope to find ways to reduce state spending. I hope this will help balance our budget.
Anne        1. I have worked at the state office building in Crownsville since 1993 and the temperature of the building during the warm weather months is always uncomfortably cold. All of our staff have to wear sweaters, socks
Arundel     and even gloves sometimes just to be comfortable to do our work. An obvious way to save money would be to increase the temperature of all state buildings from May til September to 78 degrees. If the men are too
            warm in their suits and ties, relax the dress code in these months. Why waste all that money just so that the men can be comfortable in their suits?
            2. Explore the possibility for staff to work from home. We do field work and if we could access our computers from home we could reduce the electricity spent on lighting, etc. in the office plus reduce the mileage
            reimbursement accrued from having to drive into the office and then back out into the field. Also have each agency review their fieldwork requirements. Our agency used to require one visit to each provider a year, but
            that was increased to 3 in a 2-yr. period, 2 of which are unannounced. Often the proivider is not home and we have to make repeat visits. Also the visits are required by a schedulle so they can't always be made when
            you happen to be in the vicinity visiting other providers. 3. Consider a 4 day work week or go back to a 35 hour work week to reduce costs.
Harford     Why is it that we're looking at putting in a Red and Purple line? Seems like a huge expenditure that could be saved until the economy recovers further - and the money that's not spent can instead be put towards
            lessening the effects on the higher education system in MD.

            Mandating telecommuting wherever possible for state employees and contractors.
Baltimore   This is probably already a suggestion, but a statewide buyout of all state employees with substantial years on the job who are nearing retirement age might help. This would reduce total salary expenditures while
            encouraging those with such tenure to go out on retirement without reservation. These types of buyouts have been offered in the past as an effective way of cutting costs. Employees could retire knowing that they
            have received something in exchange for helping the state in its time of need. It would be a win-win situation for everyone. Refilling those jobs with entry-level employees would reduce stress on the salary budget
            while also reducing unemployment.
City        Many programs are either not effect or not serving enoung citizens to make them cost effective. The each department secretary should look at their programs and eliminate those that are working. Because this
            process may be time consumming, a head start might be to look at legislative audit reports. Many pilot programs that do not serve the populations they were meant to serve are never elimated after the pilots are
            deemed unsuccessful.
Anne        Raise the price to cross the Bay Bridge to $5.00 round trip. This could bring in enough revenue to avoid other cuts to State Services.
Howard      No one appears to be addressing the housing problem for renters. To rent a house or apartment is ridiculous. We need a rent freeze! That way people can focus on jobs with out losing their place to live. Nixon did it,
            why can't the govenor? Renting a house cost $2000 a month or $24K per year. Renters are not being helped because everyone is so busy helping the mortgage companies. Landlords keep going up on the rent while
            they are getting help! It is not fair!
Montgomery   Good afternoon Sir,

                At this time if I may suggest that the Maryland State Gov. cut all welfare programs, all benifits, all freebies, and any and all funding to any and all illegal alliens living here in this great State. As well as cut any
             funding to organizations to such groups as CASA MARYLAND whom help promote the breaking of Federal Laws.
                Sir, I know this is harsh but look how CA took this action and was able to save millions of taxpayers money that would otherwise be going to illegal alliens.

                               Montogmery County

Baltimore    Almost all State agencies supply vehicles to many employees. End this practice. Like most people in our Great Country, let them supply their own transportation. The State will no longer have the cost of buying
             vehicles, vehicle maintenance to deal with, gas allowance, insurance, etc. I believe the savings will be considerable.
Anne         Hello Governor Omalley
             I am a single 45 year old woman who depends solely on my job to survive. I would like to know if you must layoff State employees, will you lay off Contractual and Part time employees before you lay off the Merit
             workers? My job is my only means of income and without I don't know what I would do.

             Also, what about the County Government employees? They haven't had any furloughs or salary reductions. They were even rewarded two days of Administrative leave because they will not be able to get a raise this
             Fiscal year. State employees have been furloughed and we will not be getting our COLA or Step increase this year. Not to mention we will soon be contributing to Union fees whether we want to or not. It's just not
             fair. State employees are taking a major hit while the County is being rewarded. Granted, I am thankful that I still have a job, however, the State employees alone should not have to suffer any more.

             I am asking that you please spare the State employees from layoffs, even if it means more furloughs.

             Thank you for your listening.
Carroll      Please discontinue or dramatically reduce funding for college scolarships. Too many mediocre students get full-ride scholarships to universities such as FSU, just to keep enrollment up. The college students or their
             families should be responsible for their own education expenses, not Maryland tax-payers.
Baltimore    Just like the court system, require some filing fee when appealing to the final level of any administrative framework.
City         Streamline your procurement process for local departments. Much money is wasted using a few select business retailers instead of using places like Walmart or Staples to get your business and office supplies. I am a
             retired State employee. I recall how difficult it was for me to purchase comparable products for far less money at places like Sam's, Walmart, Target and such because we were required to order from catalogs of
             companies who charged far more. You need to be able to make a choice if you can find a comparable product for far less money. You would save millions.

             Governor O'Malley:

             Thank you for the opportunity to directly offer suggestions to your office. My suggestion is for the state to eliminate duplicate services. The FIRST EXAMPLE is to explore merging two quasi-government agencies,
             Maryland Environmental Service (MES) and the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority (the Authority) as provided in Section § 3-924 of the Natural Resources Article of Maryland’s Annotated Code. This
             merger provides a potential savings of almost $55 MILLION (operating expenses) to Marylander's from either Maryland’s tax system or a local tax system.

             Maryland Environmental System (“MES”) has the ability to perform all of the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority’s (“Authority”) functions and operates at “not for profit”, which implies a savings over the costs
             charged by the Authority. For example, the Authority charges counties an annual member fee of approximately $30,000. The Authority has 11 employees (see below) whose functions could for the most part be
             absorbed by MES.
            Finally, MES does not require participating counties to delegate a county employee to become a member of the Authority’s Board. This requirement has placed respected county employees in a position that has the
            perception of a conflict.

            § 3-924. Termination of existence of Authority.
            The Authority and its corporate existence shall continue until terminated by law, provided, however, that no such law shall take effect so long as the Authority shall have bonds outstanding, unless adequate provision
            has been made for the payment thereof. Upon making adequate provision for the payment of all outstanding bonds of the Authority, the Authority may merge into the Maryland Environmental Service, with the consent
            of the Maryland Environmental Service and the approval of the Governor, by filing a statement of merger with the Secretary of State and the Department of Legislative Services. Upon termination of the existence of the
            Authority, all its rights and properties shall pass to and be vested in the State for such distribution as may be provided for in contracts between the Authority and the participating counties and in the statement of
            merger, if any.

            The Authority’s Staff Members:

            1. Robin Davidov - Executive Director
            2. Chris Skaggs - Deputy Director
            3. M. Catherine Coble - Director of Finance and Administration
            4. Stephen Blake - Project Manager
            5. Andrew Kays - Project Manager
            6. Amanda Moore - Project Manager
            7. John Schott - Project Analyst
            8. Diane Duvall - Staff Accountant
            9. Traci Baker - Part-Time Staff Accountant
            10. Shirley Wright - Administrative Assistant/Network Administrator
            11. Soncererae Johnson - Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Baltimore   How about if our representatives, senators, etc., take a cut in pay the way the population has had to do. Why can't they take a furlough day. Not the lowly workers who are struggling to make ends meet, but all the
            "higher ups" the ones who make entirely too much money for the little bit of work they do.
City        First of all, let me compliment you on the way that furloughs were handled last fiscal year. I appreciated the fact that the number of days required correllated with the pay scale so that we continued to protect our most
            vulnerable employees. I say that even though I was in the group that was required to take 5 days.

            Second, have you thought of asking if there were employees that would be willing to take extra days on a volunteer basis. I know that financially I could take more days and would be willing to do so.

            Thirdly, have you thought of making it easier for people to work somewhat part time, such as working 90% time thus taking a 10% cut in hours and pay.

            Thank you for taking input from public opinion.

Talbot      Consider raising the liquor tax. Maryland and D.C. have the lowest liquor tax in the nation. Appreciate the opportunity to comment xxx
county        HOUR AT SOME LOCATION.
Baltimore     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Baltimore     A few quick ways to save money is to stop landscaping the roadsides and runoff ponds, just until the state is back on its feet. Limit take home vehicles to essential personnel. As well, look for bargains at staples or
              office depot when purchasing office supplies.
Carroll       Discontine tax breaks for people with children. It is unfair for the childless citizens of Maryland to bear the tax burden for the families who are benefiting from the education system, department of juvenile services, etc.
Baltimore     Short term:
              Raise the tools on Maryland Highways $1.00.
              Delaware raised their tolls on I-95 from $2 to $4,on State Route 1 from $1 to $2. New Jersey raised the toll on the AC Expressway from $2 to $3. Florida raised the tolls 25 cents on all toll roads around Orlando. In the
              case of Florida, they received an additional 3 million dollars in the first 2 months of their toll raise.
              Eliminate any toll discounts, eliminate any State Vehicle being taken home.
              Raise the penalties for trucks that are overweight going through the state.
              Place a fee for tire recovery and oil recovery fees in tire stores and service centers, ie: Jiffy Lube, Merchant Tire, MR. Tire, and all Service centers in car dealerships throughout the state.

              Long Term:

              Extend the VEIP Program to ALL STATE COUNTIES, including the Eastern Shore and Western Maryland and not just the Baltimore/Washington corridor.

Baltimore     I think one of the ways to cut the budget would be for high level personnel in the adminis tration to take a pay cut. Also, there should be an early buy-out plan for state workers with 25+ years of service.
Talbot        I'm currently a State Employee and I've been with the state for almost eight years. Instead of having to layoff workers, it would good to give those qualified for retirement an early retirement package so they would retire
              early. That would eliminate layoffs. If you have to layoff employees, it would be best to give them a great severance package. Anyone laid off would be upset, but it wouldn't be as bad if we went out with a severance
              package. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Anne          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

City          Since a lot of workers have taken pay cuts this year maybe the heads of goverment can take a pay cut. I was told(by someone answering my email) that when some heads of goverment took furlough days that they
              donated their salary for the day to charity. They get a break on their taxes so what do they lose. DO NOT CUT HEATHCARE SERVICES THAT INVOLVE NURSING HOMES. OUR SENIOR CITIZENS PAID THEIR
Carroll       Governor,
              Has anyone looked into how much money might be saved if off duty use of vehicles was prohibited for troopers? The savings may be significant, and then again, maybe not. Just a thought.
Baltimore   Furloughing state employees is not the answer. I'm a state employee and cannot afford anymore furlough days. State employees have bills like every other citizen. If you do decide to furlough state employees, ALL
            employees need to be furloughed. Not just those who make over $40,000. BGE, mortgage etc. doesn't want to hear that you are being furloughed and can't afford to pay them. Our children can't afford to hear that we
            don't have money to feed them, yet we don't qualify for foodstamps. Why food and money is being taking out of some employees pockets others are maintaining. All employees need to be treated equally.

            My suggestion is to have field employees to work from home and report once a week to the office. This will save on building and BGE cost. Lift the tuition freeze on state colleges and universities. Eliminate state
            contracts and fill the position with state employees.

City        If possible locate small state departments into one building vs leasing many building to save money on rent/lease. Try to reduce office space and allow state workers to work at satellite offices to maximize space usage
            and renting less floors of the building.
City        1. No government vehicles for transporting from home to work
            2. No cost of living raises
            3. 10% pay cut accross the board like many in the private sector
            4. reduce travel allowances to Congressional Members- no reimbursement for meals, mileage or hotels when members live within 50 miles of Annapolis
            5. No Red Line save the money- when the money was flowing over the last 10 yrs the infrastructure needed to be addressed then rather then finding new programs to fund.

            6. Increase government employees contribution to medical insurance
            7. Colleges- tenured Professors need to teach more classes daily
            8. Schools- reduce the number of administrators significantly and add more teachers.
            9.Abolish the use of brokers and go directly to the companies = more streamline and less markup
            10. Maintain what we have not teardown and rebuild.
            11. Stop the growth of government
            12. no more minority preference......cost and ability to produce the product or service should be the first consideration.
            13. Stop the influx and employment of ILLEGAL ALIENS - what about ILLEGAL does this State governmental body not understand?

            Your response to each of my suggestions is appreciated and expected

Harford     Offer senior employees a buy out so they can retire with some amount of financial security thus opening positions for unemployeed people and thus reducing unemployment costs.
            Thank you.
Kent        I suggest that the Governor rethink purchasing 3 brand new helicopters in ONE YEAR!!! What in the world were you thinking?!? We could definitely purchase ONE PER YEAR and remove the oldest helicopter from the
            fleet first, then the next year another new one to replace the next oldest, etc...Please do not cut health anymore than you have already cut it. You are denying poor people of services they desperately need right now!
            With the money from two brand neqw helicopters you wouldn't have to cut services that Marylanders need so much during this finanacial time when we are all suffering as it is.
Anne        I have proposed this to Delegate Ron George, also.
Arundel     There is rampant handicap placard abuse in our area. I have mostly observed this at Westfield Shopping Town and strip malls in the Severna Park area. There are young and middle-aged, apparently health people that
            put up the rearview mirror handicap placards and park in the handicap spots. Some of them literally bound out of their vehicles. A spin-off problem is that the truly handicapped people cannot park in their appropriate
            spots and then pull up alongside the storefronts, impeding traffic and taking up the spot for any needed emergency vehicles. Suggestion: do a pilot program whereby a "meter-maid" type of employee observes the
            misuse of placards. 1st fine = $100, then 2nd and 3rd offenses ramp up to $200 and $300, respectively. This also means that the placards need to have the Handicapped individual's NAME on them so abusers can be
            identified. This new position can be staffed with people that have been "laid off" from other positions. It could also probably be staffed with older, retired folks looking for part-time work to offset their own expenses. I
            believe that based upon the numerous violations that I see, there is definite revenue to be had. Of course, you will have people that won't pay; this can be tied into their driver's license privileges being revoked. A citizen
            that doesn't have the basic empathy to understand how many infirm people need these spots, deserves to pay. Thank you for this opportunity to outline a revenue-producing idea that could also improve the daily lives
            of disadvantaged people.
City        I feel cut the cost of giving welfare and free benefits out. If these peolpe continue to have children while on public assistant then make them earn what they get. Cut the free ride to peolpe who come to this state. It is
            always been said come to maryland for free living and housing. Stop cutting the saftey of our state. There is way's they can earn what is given to them, let them sweep our streets, let them help in our parks. this would
            save millions. If we would cap welfare it could save our state.Let a poor person have a say like me. There is to much spending on contracts that are given out. They over spend to venders when you can buy it cheaper
            at a walmart. i have been a vender I see this. Stop all the state dinners parties, trips. Stop having expensive cars for govermant. Ride like we do. I could go on. I see so much waste. Please stop the inner harbor
            building. Our highways are fine.
Frederick   Cut out the funding for middle school afterschool programs. the program here in Frederick costs $250,000 for 5 schools serving 30 kids each which works out to $1600 per kid, not to mention what the local OCF office
            takes to run. Use the money to improve education and resources that way. Parents have to pay for elementary school childcare after school so should middle school kids.
Baltimore   why are we the people taking cuts and losing jobs,and you ,who work for the people are not. Time for the people in government to take pay cuts an perks cuts and tighten their belts.
Baltimore   Conduct a review of state government employees and lay off those who are not performing and/or not neccessary. Too many people work for the state and federal government who do not do their jobs and just collect a
            paycheck at our expense!
Baltimore   Fist of all this is not true...first an inherited structural deficit.

            You may want to think about what big blue chip companies are doing with the facilities/hardware and software departments. Sub out your working force to small/minority owned businesses then the state doesn't have
            to pay benefits,vacation,pensions etc,.Then you don't need supervisors let the small business supervise and all the state needs are inspectors/managers. Hey the state been fat for years the citizens voted for change
            so give it to them.
Anne        Stop spending money on welfare programs that produce no return for our state. Start allowing small business to do what it does best and generate growth and economic prosperity. Also... Stop giving money to
Arundel     Baltimore City and make them accountable for themselves. Make them lower their property tax rate to spawn some growth. I am not an economics expert, but I do know common sense and hard work usually amoutn to
            big savings and great returns. stop stealing from Marylanders!!!!
Baltimore   1) Eliminate non-essential state government positions held by political appointees.
            2) Five to ten percent temporary salary reduction for state employees who make $80k or more a year.
            3) Stop using high paid consultants to do work that state employees are qualified to do and match the employees salary to the consultant's. The salary difference can be divided amongst an entire office as well, as long
            as they perform the additional duties.
            4) Use state employees with good financial backgrounds to review all invoicing related to projects and services from state vendors before the vendors receive payment.
            5) Ask all state employees for cost saving options for their agency. Ask them to find any waste in how their jobs are being performed or office operations.
            6) Ask state employees to give up personal, vacation or sick leave hours before salary deductions or furloughs are considered.
            7) Make the Comptrollers Office notify all vendors who owe state taxes that their future payments will be taken by the state until their back taxes are paid.
            8) Train all managers and project managers in each agency on project management skills because money gets wasted when their projects are not planned properly.
            9) Put limitations on state furniture and decor purchases. I have seen agency's waste money on high priced furniture, rugs, etc. but won't purchase basic office supplies.
            10) Since filmmaking is an art form, try to aquire stimulus funds for the Maryland Film Office. Put a spotlight on Maryland's film industry by focusing attention on Maryland film makers, film resources, digital resources,
            film festivals, actors/actresses, crews, businesses, etc. so that film productions and other film industry professionals located near Maryland can utilize the talent and film services Maryland provides.
            11) Give the current light rail trains the right of way when they go through downtown Baltimore to help decrease the time passengers get to their destinations thus making the light rail a more attractive option for
            potential passengers. Keep all light rail trains, subway trains and buses clean and safe so they will be more attractive for current and potential passengers.
            12) Awarding vendors contracts for submitting the lowest bid is not always cost effective because additional costs and subsequent change orders can occur because of vendor errors and misjudgments. Change the
            laws and bidding process to better evaluate the potential vendors before contracts are awarded.

City        Cut the Subway expansion- All of it!!! No one will benefit from it if they can not afford to go anywhere.
Baltimore   I have worked in Accounting/Finance in both Higher Education and in Public Accounting. My suggestions are the following:

            Regarding Higher Education Spending. The Private Colleges receive a per capita figure from the state regardless of the origin of the student. I would like to see the State of Maryland only support those students who
            are Maryland residents, not the entire enrolled population. ie: Hopkins, which has a large endowment, receives funds for a large number of out of state, out of the country residents.

            Also, regarding education, the Private K-12 schools who own significant parcels of land do not pay real estate tax on this, or personal property tax on assets. Again, many have large endowments, are not associated to
            religious organizations, and pay no real property or real estate taxes on their assets. This is quite unfair to the small business community who struggle to survive and pay these taxes. We really need to have some.

            Finally, my biggest pet peve; The PA residents who work in the State of Maryland, perhaps for the State itself, and other government agencies as well as the private sector, and pay not a penny of income tax. If the
            reciprocal agreement for wages is too touchy to recind, then at least impose a commuter tax of sorts on those who are employed in the State. They certainly clog our highways and use other resources without any
            contribution to the state treasury.

            Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts. I have shared them with my legislators for years to no avail.
Wicomico    Governor:
            Great idea!
            Stop highway grass cutting for a while and use personnel in more pressing areas. It is a matter of priorities and may save fuel & Maintenance costs.

            Clean up and clean out government warehouses, and offices of surplus property and have a big yard sale. That's what many Americans do to supplement income.

            Sell or lease government owned land. We have a lot in this area. Lease it to a farmer to grow food, corn, soybeans or? Or get a % of sales.Charge for hunting on government land?

            Allow the state to take donations. People will donate in time of need. A penny here or there adds up. Or start a penny drive. Or add one's name to a brick at the Statehouse for $20.

            I am sure you have already looked at "Pork Spending"?

            Many people are on unemployment and state subsidies.Allow them to do something for the money they receive. Help with the "State Yard Sale", previously suggested or some other useful service. Help in a school, etc.
            No such thing as a free ride. Do it one day a week or every 2 weeks or?

            Increase parking fees by 1 or 2 cents. Increase tax on liquor, beer or wine by 5 cents. It adds up quickly and no one will complain about 5 cents.

            I am preaching to the choir when I say: "Keep things simple", balance wants vs. needs. People need jobs, a sense of involvement in their destiny - not handouts. Nothing is free.

            Lastly, health care is great and needed but it shouldn't be rushed through.We need to work on stimulating the small business and getting new business. People need jobs to buy food and shelter first. Let's work on that
            in Maryland and show the rest of the country how it's done.

            Thanks again, this is a great idea! We need more open government.
            Have a great day!
Anne         1. Stop creating unnecessary jobs designed to hire retired people back into the work force and paying them good money, after they are already getting a pension. They are commonly known as "double dippers". They
Arundel      get good money from their pensions, a lot of them make more in their retirement than those of us currently working in the same field. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. This allows them to get two incomes and work towards a second retirement. I thought it
             was illegal to get a disability retirement and then work doing basically the same thing.
             This is a common practice.

             2. Stop giving so much to illegal aliens, stop giving them drivers licenses, when the rest of us have to provide an enormous amount of documentation just to get a license and we have lived here all of our lives. This
             would allow the MVA to eliminate a lot of disgruntled employees who are only there because we have so many illegals that make up probably 80% of the customers on a daily basis.

             3. Stop giving independent/food cards to people that allows them to shop and buy whatever they want. It is not being used to provide healthy food for their family. We have personally witnessed them buying expensive
             seafood from restaurants and buying from convenience stores, which always costs more than a grocery store. The cards should only be accepted in major grocery store chains. This would save a lot of money because
             they would be spending less.

             4. Trash pickup could be cut back to once a week.

Allegany     If state employees have to endure furlough days again it should include all state employees and county employees. No one should be exempt. This would lighten the burden on everyone. A state employee is a state
             employee no matter what your position.
Anne         Change the state lottery profits from it's current allocations to schools and roads. The lottery can be put to good use at this time.
Arundel      Make a state tax on obesity causing products such as sodas, snack products and fast food items. Double win in the healthcare fight as well as helping our budget shortfall.
Howard       The state and county have invested $14 million over the last four years in a for profit enterprise -- a wedding and conference center -- for Howard Community College. Belmont Conference Center is a money losing
             venture for taxpayers. The only "benefit" to taxpayers that the college claims is that their culinary students can learn there. However, their culinary students can do internships at any hotel/resturant/conference center.
             The college does not need to own a resturant to train workers - just as a college does not need to own a hospital to train nurses.

             Thank you.
Harford      I'm with you on this one, State Jobs should be cut! The State departments work like no business ever could. People working for the State have more vaction days, sick time, etc. than any business would ever allow.
             There is someone working in my office who just have her 35th anniversary. She is (and has been for 25 years) maxed out on the days of vacation she gets at 15. I've heard of people working for the State who get 2
             months of vacation. This is ridiculous!

             When you do cut the jobs. Make sure you are getting rid of the correct people. Do not merely cut people based on color! Cut those who do not perform well, like any Business man would! Otherwise this state will never
             run efficiently!

Montgomery   1) No more overseas travel for any public officials.
             2) No more conferences.
             3) no redecorating of offices
             4) Stop mowingthe lawns on 95 and other major highways
             5) start having the public unions contribute to their healthcare premiums just like the public
             6) increase the age allowed for retirement of all public employees

             7) stop spending money on food or beverages for any meetings of officials
             8) get rid of the public fleet. no town cars for any official. Use public transportation or get reimbursement for the use of your own car

Harford      We should allow advertising on our public school buses to offset fuel prices.
Harford      Please allow a buyout of all state employees with substantial years on the job. This would lower the cost of salaries while encouraging those with such tenure to go out on retirement without reservation. These types
             of buyouts have been offered in the past as an effective way of lowering salary costs in the past. Employees could retire knowing that they have received something in exchange for helping the state in its time of need.
             It would be a win-win situation for everyone. Replacing those employees with entry level positions would alleviate higher costs on salaries.

Baltimore    I think that we can make better use of school dollars than providing cell phones and laptops for administrative office clerical personnel. I would think that the money would be better spent on something that directly
             benefits the students. There should be a review of how the principals are allocating the dollars in their individual schools.
Worchester   First off....the Website has Worcester County spelled incorrectly.
             The Department of Budget and Management has spent considerable money over the past 3 or 4 years on a contract to develop and automated time/leave system for state employees. To date, the system is not
             functional, and indications are that if it is ever available, state agencies who wish to use it will be charged a considerable monthly fee under the contract for "support" or the system. In contrast, most of the local
             Department of Social Services offices are currently using or bringing online a system that was developed by a former DHR employee (John Mayo, now deceased). The system, known as PALS II, is functional but still
             needs some enhancements and bug fixes. It is available to DHR and all of the state for FREE if someone already employed can be assigned to support it. Total savings before figuring the salary of the person
             assigned to support this application would be over $100,000

Montgomery   Please continue to support our most vulnerable children and families in Montgomery County - no more cuts to the Interagency Children's Cabinet Fund.
Carroll      Dear Govenor O'Malley,
               I have been trying to reach you to seek help, but to no avail. I have beeen cutting corners left and right to keep
             my family surviving these hard times. I would like to speak to you or thru e-mail. Please give me the opportunity to do so, I'm 56 years female, working 40 hours a week with an hour and a half ride to and from work,
             plus am a caretaker for a disabled woman,plus she has more health problems,than
             enough, depression on top of all others.Please ,let me explain everything to you I can't take much more pressure I'm one person, I know I'm not the only one but so many people are able to speak to you, and then most
             are ignored usally before you even see them. I look forward to hopefully speaking to you. God Bless and thank you in advance.

City         Offer those with 30 years or more of state service a financial bonus incentive to retire. Although there would be an initial output of funds, it would be less over the long run that the state would be putting out for salaries,
             if they continue to work.
Baltimore    SLOTS, SLOTS, SLOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carroll      I suggest that the health departments start to charge a fee for more services such as for PPD testing, pregnancy testing, etc. that are currently free of charge.
City         One consideration that I have never as an option is offering early retirement for the vast number of state employees who have worked over 25 years in the system. (A recent recognition ceremony in my agency alone
             honored over 70 staff members who had served 25-40 years). We are in a climate where the baby boomer generation, which is quite large, is staying in positions, which does not allow for people from the Gen-X
             generation to move into higher positions and responsibilities (i.e. move along the career path) and I can only venture to guess has significant costs in overhead for the state. We are also in a climate where many young
             adults graduating from high school and college cannot find adequate employment. The current environment is one of stagnation and disgruntlement rather than opportunity and innovation, which state agencies
             desperately need at this time.
             There have been a lot of abolished positions, furloughs, etc. but there has not been a reduction of work load; in fact, the work load for many agencies has increased significantly. Abolishing positions/furloughs does not
             solve the problem, it actually exacerbates the issues the state is facing as it leads to dissatisfied, unmotivated, and inefficient employees, which in turn can lead to productive staff leaving for the public sector. State
             positions need to open up across the boards and need to be filled with hungry, eager employees who want and need to learn job skills and knowledge, rather than be maintained by people who want to sit back and
             collect a paycheck to do business as usual.
             In short, state agencies need to become leaner not in number of staff but in number of bloated salaries and overhead, and archaic processes. It is the same sentiment that many in our country feel about the banks and
             car companies that have been bailed out and it apply here as well.
Baltimore    If you didn't spend all that rainy day fund when you first came into office you would'n be in as bad of shape spend thrift go play music
Harford     Governor,
              My sugestions are; 1. Look for ways to increase revenue sources. 2. Increase the tolls at the harbor tunnels from $ 2.00 to $4.00. Then eliminate one side of the toll boothes. 3. Reduce outsourcing of Architect/
            Engineer design reviews and have those done by in-house staff. 4. Reduce contracts for building maintenance and have that work done by in-house staff. Have in-house staff perform preventative maintenance to
            prevent and eliminate the need for costly contract replacement of equipment 5. Eliminate all contract employees. That is all I can think of at this time.

Howard      Eliminate the 2000 Patronage jobs the Governor has given out, hire them back when things get better. Most of the jobs could probably be done with in house staff, people that actually have Maryland State
            Government experiance.
Caroline    1. Discontinue policy of employees, officials, etc. having state vehicles at home. It would save save alot of money in fuel, insurance, wear and tear of state vehicles if employees had to utilize their personal vehicles to
            get to their place of employment. Many employees who utilize these vehicles live in one county but work in another.

            Early retirement for employee's who have longevity to decrease overhead in agency budgets.
Anne        1. Put information on the websites vs. printing out information in booklet form which could save money on the cost of paper, etc., and it's 'green'.
Carroll     Not printing and mailing assessment notices each year will save the department of assessments and taxation hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions). The information is readily available on the state's
            website, accessible 24/7, 365 days a year. This is a much more environmentally friendly option as well saving a great deal of wasted paper.
Baltimore   Discontinue funding for the "Family, Infant and Child Care Center, 332 W. Edmonston Drive in Rockville, MD. It is an extremely poorly run and poorly managed child care center that has received millions of state dollars
            and continues to drain the state budget. The ARC of Montgomery County manages the program and has done an extremely poor job overseeing the day to day operations as well as fiscal affairs. There is no
            accountability on the part of the administration of the center or of the ARC to provide a quality program. The State of Maryland monitors the program and does monthly visits where serious problems have been
            documented by these state representatives. The state has fined the ARC more than once for problems identified but somehow continues to fund the program. The educational program is below poor in quality, and may
            actually be detrimental to the special needs population it is supposed to serve. Teaching staff are poorly trained, poorly supervised, and unmotivated to provide quality care to the children. Therapists from the MD Infant
            and Toddler Program who provide on-site therapy services have also voiced complaints about the poor quality of the program and some will not recommend the center to the families they serve. Parents have also
            complained to the state about serious safety and other problems at the center. This program is a potential liability for the state. The center recently closed one room, combined groups and laid off some staff due to low
            enrollment. The state should not be wasting millions of dollars on this unsafe and poor quality program. The money would be better spent invested in improving the public school system in MD, or the state could
            allocate these funds to start similar preschool programs that could be managed and housed by the public school system.
Harford     A statewide buyout of all state employees with substantial years on the job. This would lower the cost of salaries while encouraging those with such tenure to go out on retirement without reservation. These types of
            buyouts have been offered in the past as an effective way of lowering salary costs in the past. Employees could retire knowing that they have received something in exchange for helping the state in its time of need. It
            would be a win-win situation for everyone. Replacing those employees with entry level positions would alleviate higher costs on salaries
Anne        Why not reduce the number of Saturdays the MVA is open in any month. It would cut back on overtime and energy cost. The operating hours could also be changed to accomidate people being able to come in after
Arundel     their work hours.
            Make legislators use the same standards for perdiem as state employees. If they are within 50 miles of their district they would not be eligable.

            Stop giving millions to groups like Casa of Maryland.

            Temporarily stop study groups and committees
            on projects that are not federally funded or have not started construction.

City        What about a buy out for older state employees (longevity) - you could hire two people for one person with 30 or more years service to the state of Maryland
Baltimore   Discontinue funding for the "Family, Infant and Child Care Center, 332 W. Edmonston Drive in Rockville, MD. It is an extremely poorly run and poorly managed child care center that has received millions of state dollars
            and continues to drain the state budget. The ARC of Montgomery County manages the program and has done an extremely poor job overseeing the day to day operations as well as fiscal affairs. There is no
            accountability on the part of the administration of the center or of the ARC to provide a quality program. The State of Maryland monitors the program and does monthly visits where serious problems have been
            documented by these state representatives. The state has fined the ARC more than once for problems identified but somehow continues to fund the program. The educational program is below poor in quality, and may
            actually be detrimental to the special needs population it is supposed to serve. Teaching staff are poorly trained, poorly supervised, and unmotivated to provide quality care to the children. Therapists from the MD Infant
            and Toddler Program who provide on-site therapy services have also voiced complaints about the poor quality of the program and some will not recommend the center to the families they serve. Parents have also
            complained to the state about serious safety and other problems at the center. This program is a potential liability for the state. The center recently closed one room, combined groups and laid off some staff due to low
            enrollment. The state should not be wasting millions of dollars on this unsafe and poor quality program. The money would be better spent invested in improving the public school system in MD, or the state could
            allocate these funds to start similar preschool programs that could be managed and housed by the public school system.
City        LEGALIZATION: I know this is a touchy subject, but I would suggest the legalization of drugs. The taxes alone would right the budget easily in a couple years. Not only that, but the turf wars and gang killings would
            end. It's a win - win.
Baltimore   Discontinue funding for the "Family, Infant and Child Care Center, 332 W. Edmonston Drive in Rockville, MD. It is an extremely poorly run and poorly managed child care center that has received millions of state dollars
            and continues to drain the state budget. The ARC of Montgomery County manages the program and has done an extremely poor job overseeing the day to day operations as well as fiscal affairs. There is no
            accountability on the part of the administration of the center or of the ARC to provide a quality program. The State of Maryland monitors the program and does monthly visits where serious problems have been
            documented by these state representatives. The state has fined the ARC more than once for problems identified but somehow continues to fund the program. The educational program is below poor in quality, and may
            actually be detrimental to the special needs population it is supposed to serve. Teaching staff are poorly trained, poorly supervised, and unmotivated to provide quality care to the children. Therapists from the MD Infant
            and Toddler Program who provide on-site therapy services have also voiced complaints about the poor quality of the program and some will not recommend the center to the families they serve. Parents have also
            complained to the state about serious safety and other problems at the center. This program is a potential liability for the state. The center recently closed one room, combined groups and laid off some staff due to low
            enrollment. The state should not be wasting millions of dollars on this unsafe and poor quality program. The money would be better spent invested in improving the public school system in MD, or the state could
            allocate these funds to start similar preschool programs that could be managed and housed by the public school system.
City        Ask state employees to join in the effort to help save state jobs by reducing energy consumption.

            a. Lights should be turn off in areas that are not being used for long periods of time.
            b. Computers, printers, copiers and desk calculators need to be turned off on weekend’s and evenings when not in use.
            c. Buildings that do not have staff working in them should have the air conditioning turned off or set to a higher temperature.
            d. Look for more ways to help reduce energy cost in the work place.

City        FULL CASINOS: Instead of just slot machines, I would suggest that we create full casinos, complete with table games, sports betting, shopping, conference rooms and entertainment / show / concert areas. To pull this
            off, these would need to be top-of-the-line establishments (I'm thinking Bellagio or maybe Borgata). And to prevent Baltimore from becoming Atlantic City, we would only allow one casino in each of the following areas:
            Inner Harbor (Port Covnington or Convention Center), Ocean City (Ocean Downs), Western Maryland (maybe around Wisp Ski Resort), and one close to DC/Annapolis (maybe Laurel Park). If you build it, they will
            come! But, we need to do it right.
City        Dear Gov. O'Malley,
            I have two sugestions. First the state should put off purchasng new election equipment till the economy recovers. I know that people have issues with the theories of how the units can be compromised and I know that
            you have issues with Diebold, but we need to put our personal issues behind us and do what is best for the state. The touch screens are good machines that the majority of Marylands are pleased with. I think that if
            we postone any purchase of new equipment for several years Maryland will be better off financialy.

            The other sugestion is to reduce the number of stops that the MTA busses make. I live in Federal Hill in Baltimore and so many of the Busses go by mostly empty. To make things worse the stop at every other block
            to pick up or drop off people, I think that we could greatly reduce the number of busses and reduce the fule consumption if we stop the overlap of routs and increase the distance between stops. To give you and
            example I believe that the 1, 31, and 61 all go past my house. Sometimes they are just minutes apart, busses mostly empty and they stop about every 2 blocks to pick up or drop off people on any of the 3 routs. If the
            1 goes from downtown to Ft. McHenry and the 61 goes from downtown to Curtis Bay then maybe the 61 sould only go from S. Baltimore to Curtis Bay. Everyone needing S. Baltimore would go on the #1. If someone
            went through the routing of the busses I am sure we could reduce the fleet of busses to a more effecient fleet. I know when we lived in Africa the buss stops were miles apart, even in the city they were long distances
            and guess what when we needed to take a bus we walked to the bus stop.
              Thank you for taking the time to read my sugestions. I hope they help.

Anne          1)Revisit and rethink all projects being considred or under progress, for a) Actual need, b) Benefit to cost ratio for the people of Maryland, and 3) Check for "Sweet heart" deals
Arundel       2)trying to balance the budget only on the back of state employees is hardly fair; 3)Require Unemployment and Welfare recepients to work at least 20 hours towrads government assigned jobs/tasks for this benefit 4)
              Limit Trash/Recycle Pick up to only once a week. 5)Start the saving and sacrificing from the highest level, from the Governor, the law Makers and the general public in fair and equitable manner.6) Rethink teh idea, that
              more money buys better education or health care; 7) Use the media to promote better values, good economic discipline and preventive health practices.
select your   My suggestion would be a 4/10hr day work week. This would save on gas, over crowding commutes and on the environment due to less cars on the road. Another reason would save employess gas cost which would
county        give more money in pocket to to help boost the economy spending. Government offices would save on enery cost. By staggering the 1 day off between the employees would not jeopardize the serves to our citizens. It
              would also give citzens a more flexable time to conduct business with state services due to extended hours; instead of taking time off work and lossing pay to conduct business with government offices because the are
              closed when they get off work. This is a win win situation for everyone.
Harford       Instead of limited groups of Maryland citizens, such as state employees and students, feeling the majority of the cut backs, all Maryland citizens should contribute to correcting the deficit. One way to accomplish this is
              by dividing the amount of money needed to correct the deficit by the number of citizens and charging, or taxing every citizen this one time fee. Everyone needs to contribute their fair share in correcting this problem. It
              should not be paid on the backs of state employees, students and selected groups of citizens.
Washington    Inmates commit crimes get locked up and get everything handed to them. Make them start paying for their meals, room and board, medical (even though its the worst medical I have ever seen). You take pay from hard
              working honest people who try and do the right thing make things hard on them and their families. Start make crimals responsible for their actions. They have jobs in prison, their families send them money. There is no
              reason why they (inmates)can't help. They are a big reason why states are in this mess, because they are taken care of for free. What does it cost to keep one inmate a year $30 - $40 thousand? Maybe that will help
              deter them from commiting crimes. As long as they are hand everything they will never learn responsibility.

              Custody staff members receive 12 minutes overtime daily for roll call. If a staff member leaves 6 minute prior to the end of their shift, we as supervisors are required to charge them 6 minute of leave whether it be
              vacation, comp time etc. Only because the overtime starts at the beginning of the shift. So if a staff member is properly relieved and wants to leave within that 12 minute time frame prior to the end of their shift. Why not
              charge them the OT instead of their leave. Alot of people will forfeit that couple of minutes OT. This will save the state some money and if it happens at all Institutions it adds up.

Carroll       I have observed prisioners picking up trash along the highways, sometimes the van pulls a trailer behind it with a Johnny on the spot behind it which seems like a good idea. Sometimes a dump truck pulls a trailer on
              the back whth the Johnny on the sport following the van which seems like a big waste of gas and the employee just sitting in the front of the dump truck with the motor running. What is wrong with the prisioner van
              pullling the trailer? BIG WASTE of money.
Carroll       it is time to charge dirt bikes/ATV/4wheelers/bicycles,etc. the same as cars - tags and title. then when these vehicles run places they shouldn't be, a witness can get a tag number and then charge them and fine
              them....more money.............
Baltimore     1)Raise fees for crimes
              2)Raise taxes on cigarettes
              3)Raise some of the prices of the scratchoffs
              4)Lower the lottery advertising budget
Baltimore   Hello -

            So, instead of thinking about cuts, how about increasing revenue? And why can't we do it at the same time as we help out the environment? It is so disheartening to see tons of bottles and cans thrown out every day
            by citizens, bars, and restaurants. Why not implement the recycling program that states such as N.Y. have? Add $0.05 to the price of each carbonated bottle and can and let people and businesses redeem the money
            when they turn in the empties. The money from cans and bottles not redeemeed can stay with the state. The bottles redeemed for recylcing will not end up cluttering the environment. The only costs would be set up,
            implementation, and managemnt. I'd even be happy to help out with that! Plus, Maryland would earn respect by doing this.

            Please consider this suggestion.



Carroll     You need to reign in on your spending. Installing solar panels on the roof of the Governor's Mansion is green and extremely expensive. Maybe now is not the time to be focusing on such a grand project. Setting an
            example for Marylanders to save and conserve would not cost a thing but go a long way.
            President Jimmy Carter conserved energy within the White House. He lowered the temperature to 65 in the winter and did not offer guests water.
            All the little things add up over time.
Carroll     • Budget cut back can be made to Open Space initiatives
            • Much higher taxes should be placed on businesses, residents or other occupied spaces lining the Chesapeake Bay, and other major bodies of water. (should not only be based on assessment of property and dwelling
            -- usage, accessibility and income potential should be factors)
            • Competitive bidding within State and County government structures should be more stringent and monitored more closely. Often internal workers can be lax and not readily willing to step out of a comfort zone with a
            continued vendor/contractor for possibly having to perform to their own job responsibilities. If not in place already, there should be a three or more bidder structure where pros and cons should be itemized out to justify
            eliminations. In addition, bidders could pay the state a standard bidder's fee to the state to help offset personnel expenses of the justification. It would also be beneficial that each bidder show their three highest paid
            employee salaries (W-2 copies) similar, as non-profits must post. This would help bring insight for a bidding review committee (members from other internal departments should be a part of) as to overhead cost(s) that
            exist within each bidding company. This would also allow the committee to better understand what is a reasonable price for services or products for the State.
            • Highway department vehicles and other maintenance equipment for buildings, infrastructure, parks/recreation should have a minimum shelf-life of 5 years (possible more).
            Reduce the purchasing of equipment, etc.
            • Reduce some of the higher paid managers, middle managers and supervisors and develop department team committees with leads, and other responsible officers within the teams. Have team committees make cost
            justifications with incentives for team cost reductions, etc.
            •Both State and County (all) government employees should only get pay increases based on performance, good participation in cost reductions for Maryland, and production.
            •State and county employees should have to reapply for their positions every two years.
            •Hospitals and other (legal) drug distribution facilities, businesses should pay higher taxes or healthcare fees to the State without imposing this cost onto their patience
            •Close Maryland State Print shop and vend out the printing through complying bidders
            •Make some county governments pay for maintenance of some the state roads without raising county taxes (Carroll spends to much money on schools and their incentives and does not encourage them to raise money
            themselves for their own pet projects or needs)
            •Higher income families with children should pay more taxes to their counties for their public education. It should not be a redistributive cost.
            •Reduce Dr. Nancy Grasmick salary to be reasonably less than Governor O'Malley This should never be in the government.
            •Their should be equal Democrats and Republicans in any form of government. I have been in Carroll County for over 10 years and have not had a Democrat for a commissioner yet. This would certainly balance
            spending more efficiently.
            •Force agency, business to purchase and occupy vacant buildings not being used or not haven't been used within 2 years. Sell, occupy, or get higher taxes on vacant lots and buildings not being used by county
            •Charge fees to aggressive drivers and imposed damage fees to State property caused by causing accident parties
            •Reduce State costs of IT services
            •Limit one car per politician Impose a reimbursement justification of event, luncheon and mileage expenses. Let them pay themselves upfront than get reimbursed if the expense follows within the guidelines of
            reimbursement expenses.
            •Reduce educational assistance to State employees
            •Use some of the State lottery proceeds to help reduce the deficit
            •Place more stringent requirements on State fundings and grants More justification and financial planning and monitoring of applicants
            •Tax places of worship that have no structured denomination with other churches (7 should be the minimum they should be structured with)
            •Impose paid clergy and officers of a place of worship publically post their salaries. Taxation should occur for clergy or staff making over $50,000 annually
            •Have college students utilizing State educational assistance work in vacancy positions within the State (structure the assistance of applicant to pay back through State job working)
            •Use prisoners to work on roads more and reduce the road worker costs.
            •Reduce the minimum requirement to $500 from $1,000 of casual sales and use tax to generate more revenue for the state

            Thank you for your time and consideration, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Carroll     build all schools using the same design
Carroll     STOP allowing state employees to take state owned vehicles home. What a waste of the taxpayers monies. We have observed state vehicles driven to other states i.e. Pa and WV.

            We provided our own transportation to work and feel the state employees should do the same.
Baltimore   Raise all state park fees $1. close all state parks either 1 hour earlier or open them 1 hour later.

Baltimore   First of all please do not furlough any more state workers and please reinstate cost of living and or step increases one or the other. It is hurting everyone that every thing is being is raised and some are unable to
            maintain a basic lifestyle. (1) suggest Freeze on all state jobs.until economy is in recovery mode. Please do not take away from
            education. (2) Why cant top officials such as yourself, judges be affected by furloughs, no raises. it seems the lowest ones on the totem pole are affected the most. The way of the world is the ones that make the less
            suffer the most.Why should we take on the brunt of the shortage of money? Stop building at this time any new projects. I can't think of any more suggestions at this time. i know it's a hard decision but please think
            about the little man and woman. Thanks for your time .

Caroline    The state system is saturated with employees with between 25 - 29 years of employment who are merely holding out to get their full 30 years & retire. These employees by far have the higest salaries & are the most
            costly to their employers. Why not offer an early retirement so that those of us who are working because we want to & because we are financially dependent on our jobs can continue? The employees more recent
            schooling tend to be more savey with financial strategies, budget management & with the use of technology. We have always had to do more with less & may be better able to manage programs during difficult times.

Baltimore   Raise court fees $5 on all state filings including prisoners.

Anne        Stop spending unnessasary money.
Baltimore   Cut 1 state employee from every department not involved in public safety.

Baltimore   Reduce mid level managers
            xxxxxxxxxxx True people need raises but by creating supervisor jobs and pay is silly To raise salaries why not go back to pay for preformance which is what the PEP program was suspose to do Thank you
Baltimore   Please consider reductions in the budget in the areas truly in need of trinmming without disrupting the vital services to the citizens of Maryland. This is a better solution.... not balancing the budget by furloughing state

             Also, please consider a special exemption for furloughs in the case where both spouses are employeed in state government and are required to take furlough days....that creates a real financial hardship for those
            families. If furloughs are truly needed, only one of the employees in one household should be required to take furloughs. There is a false perception by the public that there are far too many State employees and that
            they are lazy, unmotivated, and overpaid. The truth is that State employees are some of the most dedicated, hardworking, and underpaid people that take pride in their organization and their state .....A message that is
            almost never conveyed to the citizens of Maryland that they serve. There are so many services provded by state employees in transportation, health, and the environment that go on unnoticed and "behind the scenes"
            that the public never recognizes or appreciates. That needs to be changed, by highlighting the positive impact that the State's programs ( and the employees that manage them) have in the daily lives of Marylanders.

            Thank You for this opportunity to particpate in this process.
Cecil       dear sir:

            You could eliminate the National Guard at the Havre de Grace site. They do not warrant being active. They never complete a full week of work, they take 2 to 3 hour lunches arrive at work when they feel like it. Close
            it or move it to APG and sell the land to the city of havre de Grace or to a developer. I realize that much of the funds are reimbursed from the Federal Government, but it would still be a great savings.
Baltimore   Increase the % money the state gets from all vending machines in state buildings.

Carroll     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anne         First is to cut your pay in half with your entire staff by half before you make any cuts to the hard working state employees. Your staff show reduce pension plans by 45 %. Show them for once you are willing to take the
Arundel     first step. Then anyone in general assembly takes a 25% pay cut, they should lose all medical programs and go to the new fed medical program. Then we go to the school board and we cut 15% off the budget to start..
            Every state dept must cut 10%.. NO INCOME TAX RAISE.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Start at the top before anyone else has to take pay cuts / job lost. Cancel all out of state trips
            for all state employees. Also make sure you cut all judges pay by 30 % .
Baltimore   Enforce no idle policy on all state vehicles.

Baltimore   Stop making Marylanders use two license plates. Why do we need one for the front of the car? Maryland is one of the few states that requires two license plates. We only need one!!!!
Baltimore   Cut all state employee benefits by 5%.
Baltimore     Require all state building to be heated 2 degrees less in winter and cooled 2 degrees less in summer.

Anne          First and Foremost cut all salaries on all the higher up asap, as soon as possible.......put the money back into the 700 million debt. I am 54 years old I work 2 jobs and my husband is disabled , we leave off of $24,000. I
Arundel       am a educated women and this is where I am in life, I have $3,000
              in a retirement!!! Please cut all your salaries and give back to the people. This will and can work.......

              Light and Love and Truth to the people,


              Get back to me, please.....

Cecil         I have only lived out here in MD for 7 yrs. Where I lived prior to moving out here, our State Troopers were allowed to have take home cars, but were not allowed to use the state vehicles for any personal use
              whatsoever. I feel that if the State of Maryland would set the example, the counties and cities would follow the example of not allowing government officials to use agency vehicles for personal use. I know this would
              save an enormous amount of money on all the budgets (State, County and Local).
select your   No more paid holidays.
Anne          I am a retired state employee. I worked for the District Court of Maryland for nearly 30 years. Though I don't have any specific suggestions as to how to balance the bugdet, I don't feel that our health benefits or pension
Arundel       should be reduce or eradicated. I'd rather see a tax increase on unhealthy products such as tobacco items or even soda and foods which contribute to bad health.
Talbot        I think the State should wherever possible contract with only MD businesses who employ MD workers in order to reduce MD unemployment benefits and increase Tax Revenue.

Baltimore     Charge all state employees for none work related phone calls and computer use.

Cecil         Good Morning,

              First I would like to say that my wife and I are very concerned about the budget since my wife is a state employee so we would like other things cut or reduced before laying people off. Why can't the state take away
              ALL take home vehicles for ALL State employees (MSP, MDTA, and other take home positions). I am sure that the cost of repairs, tolls and the cost of fuel will drop dramatically if this was to be eliminated. Maybe this
              can be reinstated when the economy picks up again. Have another round of mandatory furlough days for this fiscal year maybe make some offices have off every other Friday or Monday as a furlough day to save on
              the cost of electricity, staffing and operations cost of state buildings.


Baltimore     5%-10 pay cut for all state employees that make over $20,000 a year.

Anne          Instead of focusing on cuts, focus on raising revenues. Ban texting while driving and make it a $500 fine. Enforce the headlight law during inclement weather. Have police officers track down people that owe the state
Arundel       money (such as parking tickets) while on shift.
Baltimore   Give adequate funding to public safety, education, transportation, and "reset" all other spending to zero. Determine how much is left over, and then prioritize funding with the remaining money to "pet programs" that
            aren't absolutely critical to running the state.
Baltimore   After a long work record with State Highway Admin. for 20+
            years, Everytime we got into a jam SHA was the one that had
            to take the hit many times,1988,1999,1993,2001.
Anne        I had an idea the other day. As far as cutting money from the state budget how about we, oh I don't know, STOP GIVING DRIVERS LICENSES TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!! ONE OF ONLY SIX STATES IN THE U.S.
Baltimore   Currently, much of the anticipated revenue from slots is slated to go directly to the horse racing industry. This private industry should be self sufficiant. As with any business, if you cannot make yourself marketable,
            tough decisions need to be made. Any profits should be used to offset the deficit and for the benefit of our citizens.

            That said, Maryland is behind the curve with regards to expanded gaming. Deleware has recently passed legislation that will result in basically full blown casinos. Maryland needs to go beyond slots and match (or
            exceed) what DE and other states have done.

            Basically, we (as a state) are either ok with gaming or not. To say we are limiting it to slots and lottery's only hurts our revenue generating potential. We should either be ALL IN, or out.   Let's not do this halfway.
            Thanks and good luck.

Baltimore   Set all the thermostats to 72. Some of the government buildings are COLD! Especially at the UMB/UMMS. I know patients need to be comfortable, but my husband works at one of the office buildings and it is
            FREEZING. All state buildings should be set at 72 degrees, at a minimum, and have timers to change the temp at night to a higher setting (76 degrees). Saving energy and saving money makes sense.
Harford     Sirs, I have been a State Employee for over xxxxxx years with the Dept. of Juvenile Services, and am planning for the day when I can retire. To do so, I will still need to supplement my income with part-time
            employment. I have had the priviledge of working within an office of dedicated Case Managers/Juvenile Counselors, many of whom have recently retired or are also planning to retire. Many also need and or want ,
            part-time employment. We are a generation of responsible and mature employees with a strong work ethic and vast education and experience. I suggest that the Dept. of Juvenile Services develop a plan and stategy
            to utilize our talents and skills with post-retirement , part-time employment. We do not need training, have the education and skills needed, and most importantly, have loved to work with and for the youth of Maryland.
            Instead of contracting with expensive vendors for programming, many of us have lead programs, groups, and worked in community settings. We know the resources available and how to help navigate services for
            families, as well as provide services directly. We are a viable resource that can be " recycled", and this cost savings seems logical to me. As we work to serve youth and families in their communities, rather than
            place youth out of their homes, more supportive and direct youth contact is needed,( to help prevent recidivism). I think, "out with the old, in with the new" philosphy is not "green" . New hires,( when hiring is at a
            freeze anyway) and paying vendors for programs that sometimes don't "fill the bill',simply costs more. Retirees don't require anything but contracted hourly wages, and are willing to work flexible schedules. I hope you
            will consider my suggestion, and thanks for asking. Sincerely, xxxxxxxxxxx ( A reply would be greatly appreciated.)
Baltimore   stop the personal use of all state, county and municipal vehicles. There is NO reason why anybody should use any of these vehicles for anything other than business use. I have to pay for my own transportation why
            should MY taxes pay for their greediness.
Howard      Put Statestat on hiatus until better times. This waould save on the mileage and parking incurred by highly paid executive-branch personnel who report to this weekly meeting. These folks could be managing state
            business more efficiently and the same oversite could be accomplished via conference calls.
Cecil       Hello. Thank you for this opportunity. First - taxes CAN NOT rise. As a resident and small business owner, taxes are out of sight and need to be reduced in the near future. The state needs to STAY WITHIN THEIR
            MEANS WITH EXISTING REVENUE! A SIMPLE and effective cost savings is to have MVA use ONE license plate (like DE and PA) and ONE sticker for month and year (like DE). This would be a 50% savings in
            issuing plates and tags for motorvehicles in MD. Simple, easy, quick, logical, cost savings. How simple is that? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks
Harford     I suggest that residents be charged for trash collection. I reside in Aberdeen, Maryland and currently pay $0.80 for the collection of large trash bags and $0.40 for the collection of small trash bags. Additionally, trash
            collection can be limited to one day a week, if it is more than one day. Making recycling mandatory, will reduce the cost associated with trash collection because the amount of trash will be greatly reduced.
select your   Where do I begin? 1. Eliminate the road patrol vehicles that seem to cruise the interstates waiting for a potential accident or vehicle in distress. 2. Stop paving roads that don't need to be repaved (most recently the
county        inner loop of I-695 near Wilkens Ave.) 3. Increase tuition at all state funded schools - it is ridiculous that this has been fixed for four years. 4. Eliminate the state department of education entirely - let the counties
              handle this alone, or take over the education process entirely. The duplication in effort, oversite and regulation is foolish at best. 5. Stop the "greening" of the state house. The solar panels recently installed will never
              pay for themselves. Too much show - too few results. 6. Substantially increase MTA fares - rates have been artificially low for too long. These are user fees and should be paid for by those that use the systems, not
              the general populace.
Harford       Reduce state employees working hours from 8hrs to 6hrs. Shifts could be staggered:
              Early shift: 8:00am to 2:30pm with 1/2 hr lunch
              Late shift: 9:30 am to 4:00pm with 1/2 hr lunch

              This would decrease payroll costs by 2 hrs/day per employee
              or 10 hrs/wk per employee.

              Full staff would be available during a core time of 9:30am to

              Another benefit would be a reduction of morning and evening rush hour traffic.

              This could also eliminate the necessity to lay off state employees

Baltimore     Good morning,
              My suggestion would be to make some full time positions part time or atleast give the full time employess the option. Ofcourse they would risk not being eligible for certain benefits but it would be there choice. It would
              be surprising to find out that there are many full time state or city employees that may want there positions to be part time if possible. Me, I am in school part time and I work full time and I would like to work part time in
              the same position if possible in the near future. Also some agencies use to much energy where some of those employees can do their jobs at home with a safe state issued labtop. Please take some of these
              suggestions into consideration.
              Thank You.

Anne          I think you should stop FREE transportation to the State employees, such as Light Rail, etc., they should have to pay to get to work just like all the rest of us government employees. I work for Transportation and
Arundel       government and no one pays me to get to work. Look at the money to be saved there alone! And, if they are not essential or safety positions, take away the take home cars for now and make them go to work to pick
              them up to use for their jobs, there is no real need for them to take home all the time. And why is it that the retired employees are getting a 3.8% increase? The federal and local governments are not getting it for
              retirees, letters went out to them not to expect a cost of living this year or next year. Stop that too, this is a serious budget loss and ALL the people should have to give as well as the local and federal governments are.
              It infuriates me to see the state employees still getting things when federal and local are not and the state is taking from our budgets to help out, but yet the state employees still get the perks. Yes some of them are
              being furloughed, not all of them, but they're still getting perks that other jurisdictions are not and they are costly. Clean your own house before looking elsewhere as well. Because other jurisdictions make it all across
              the board for all employees, seems like it's not that way for the state employees across the board.
              Thank you.
Baltimore     I would suggest that state Senators, Representatives, the Governor, Vice Governor, and upper state employees take a salary cut of up to 15% over a period of a few years to help balance the budget. I would also
              recommend that state employees try to be more productive at completing their daily work load. Watching the state's work force at work when I went down to the state office building on Preston St. I concluded that you
              could eliminate about a quarter of the employees and still get the same amount of work done if people would just work a little harder and stop slacking off.
Howard        The biggest and most effective way to solve the problem is for you to step down and get out of office! That would be a great beginning to get this state back to where it should be.
Carroll       Instead of hiring outside consultants to conduct studies, why not utilize our own resources, let qualified state employees do this work?
Anne          Let me balance the budget. I balance my checkbook each month to the penny. I bet there is a lot of 'small' things that only a non-goverment worker could see that could be eliminated from your budget.
Anne        Make it illegal for government employees to use government cars for personal use. Saw a corrections officer parking on a no parking curb to go in and pay her Sprinit bill. This was at Dobbin Center. Governemtn cars
Arundel     used to go to McDonalds and other fast food and restaurants filled with correction officers to include offifers and sergeants.
            Make government emplyees to follow spedd limits and not speed thus reducing fuel consumption.
            Consolidate positions that current do the same process. This would reduce the number of people required and number of supervisors. Conduct a manpower, work and position review which may cost money but would
            in the long run reduce work force and save money. Have each person write what their job description is and force them to do it. But once data is collected then look at reductions.
            Get rid of the vacant slots that are in the government. I understand that each slot is funded but things are tough and the cuts have to come from somewhere.
            I was told there was a person getting paid a significant salary to manage black history. If it is true why? Even though it is important why do we need someone just to do that. Cost savings. xxxxxxxxxx

City        The state has valuable professional resources available through the body of knowledge that Chief Internal Auditors from various state agencies have via a host of credentials (MBA's, CIA's, CFE's, CPA's, JD's) as well
            as others who may be well seasoned from past experience.

            An Internal Auditor is defined as "providing independent objective assurances and consulting activity designed to add value and enhance an organizations operations."

            The Governor may want to call upon these professionals to solicit their assistance in helping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations.

Baltimore   Some time ago, The Sun had an article about some people in the Transportation Dept. spending time at work, watching porn online. So my cost-saving ideas would begin with getting rid of such money-wasters. Also,
            high-income government workers could reduce their benefits/salaries, and to get more money, traffic violations should be enforced. For instance, on Pikesville's Old Court Road and surrounding areas, I constantly see
            drivers passing on the right and speeding.
Anne        I would like to see cuts that make a difference not just cutting state employees.
Arundel     How about revamping the procurement process. We pay more for supplies based on having to use minority/ and small businesses.
            Cut some of the directors of the agencies we don't need 50 chiefs.
            Charge more for some services like accident reports, and replacment hunter and boater cards.
            Step technology up to the 21 century. The state uses a lot of processes that are outdated.
            Cut pay to prisoners they should work for free
            If the state employees take furlough days then the city and county should also.
            consilidate some of the agencies

Anne        Make the employees work faster. I was up at the Court house this year getting xxxxxxx Probation assignment and the woman behind the desk was elderly, very slow, she took her time, stopped twice to get up and get
Arundel     a drink, I think she only typed at pace of 10 WPM. It took her 45 minutes just to process xxxxxxxxx paperwork. Go into the MVA, or courthouse 'in cognito' one time and go into some of these offices and waiting areas,
            and watch your people at work. You will be surprised at what you see. Slow workers - unproductive workers, workers who really do not care about their job. They are just there to collect a check and benifits.
Baltimore   Take all the vacant positions that are not filled.
            Make a good offer for people who has 30 years or more to retire - preferably with all there money no percent and with full benefits
            Reduce office space and negotiate lower prices for state buildings
            Reduce the salary of staff with higher positions in the State
Harford     I work in baltimore city, I'm not sure if state or city is paying for beautifying main roadways like, Eastern Ave, Harford Rd, etc., but it seems to be an unnessecary improvement. the relevance of tearing up perfectly good
            streets and laying brick inlay walk ways and center medians seems very wasteful in these economic times.
            Also thru several business relationships I have become aware of much waste in the mechanics garages and service centers for the states road equipment. I have been told of truck and vehicle maintenance that is a
            "throw it away" policy and replace with new instead of having competent people fix and "re-use" parts. There are also many regular maintenance items that can greatly increase gas mileage and reduce repair costs
            that we sell thru one of my businesses. we have been trying to introduce these products to the Bus gargage (mass transit) and the state highway admin but have not had a lot of luck getting to the proper people.
            would be glad to set up a presentation for someone if possible. please contact me. email or cell xxxxxxxxxxxxxx thanks..

Anne        Expense accounts - for employees who take people out to lunch, dinner, etc. - Put a cap on the amount that will be reimbursed and do not reimburse any costs for alcoholic beverages (these can really make a bill add
Arundel     up), besides - they should not be drinking and driving while on Government business.
Anne        A few suggestions: First, there are many contracts presented before BPW for work that State employees already do or can do. The work should not be contracted out when it can be accomplished by adding one or two
Arundel     PINS. Secondly, why are Union employees paid a bonus to come to work in addition to receiving sick time to get paid for when they don’t? I believe it would be a great idea to abolish the bonuses before any furloughs
            or pay reductions are thought of. Lastly, instead of renegotiating office space leases negotiate the space that is owned by the State.
City        Looking at the state manpower pool, offer a employee out plan. For employees with 20-25 years of service, give them five years of service credits. Under new state retirement plan, they will only receive about 40% of
            their salaries and savings are great. For employees with 30+ years of service, entice them with five years of service credits and pay their current health insurance premiums. This is a large "chunk" of expenditures and
            would save the state millions. This would prevent layoffs and increased filings for unemployment.
            Again, the above targeted workforce would only qualify for about 40% of their regular salaries.
Baltimore   I wonder if the cost involved in mailing out a violation for going through EZ pass lane is worth the revenue received? I mistakenly got in the wrong lane recently and was mailed a violation notice to send in my $2.00. It
            struck me that the cost involved in mailing out the notice cancelled out the revenue to be procured.
Baltimore   I am amazed when I watch 8 men standing around a hole in the ground and only 2 men are actually working. We could save alot of money not paying the other 6 to stand around all day and watch. Make the crews
            smaller. Also why is when you need a permit in Balto City you have to see 5 different people(all on the payroll) when it should only take no more than 2 people. There are 7 cashiers and you still have to wait over 30
            minutes and there is no line (being paid to sit around and talk). I don't like to see anyone lose their job but in this recession and deep budget cuts I feel the government needs to look in their own back yards. The Mayor
            of Baltimore surly does not need all those cars. I just think the government needs to clean up their own mess before they start to cut out programs the tax payers are paying for. We are also paying for all the waste in
            the Maryland government. Have a nice day while I work to pay for more waste
Baltimore   you need to close and fire all the employee there since they go not do there job and are not held accountable so you are wasting alot of state money paying people who to not do their job.ex: last november more than 6
            people who brought in their information for food stamps including medical documentation ( can be used if you are disabled ) instead of working the cases , letters were sent out saying nothing was turned in( all of us
            had signed receipts) and all our food stamps were stopped . if you call me at xxxxxxxx i can tell alot more reasons why you should fore all these employees and the proof i have concerning this matter
            I've never worked for the government in any capacity and yet most of my friends and family are employed by either local, state or federal government. As an employee from the private sector who has managed
            employee benefits for a few large corporations, I have never seen leave time offered to my employees at the rate in which government employees seem to receive paid leave. In fact, in some cases I understand many
            government employees have not seen regular pay increases however they have received additional paid leave. This is an expensive benefit. For every hour/day/week an employee is away from their job we as tax
            payers are paying for down time. For instance, did you know that it has been a common practice for years for employees who work at DHR in Baltimore are afforded 3 days off for Christmas shopping every year. These
            days are intended to be taken at the employee's discretion. This does not include the "church ladies" (also DHR employees) who walk around each dept. every week taking orders for chicken dinners provided by their

            Everyone needs time off and that's a proven fact. But to stand on principle and talk about how the poor state employees haven't had a raise, is very misleading.

            Minor details? Perhaps...but if you're asking how to save money, the devil is in the details.
Baltimore     Get rid of the state chef and wait staff.
Baltimore     TAX TAX TAX companies that outsource work. BRING THE WORK BACK TO THE U.S. You would create millions of jobs if you would give tax breaks to companies that keep the jobs here and TAX TAX TAX
              companies that outsource work. Problems started when more and more jobs were outsourced - KEEP THE JOBS IN THE U.S.!!!! Most of the service jobs/clerical jobs/support jobs - GONE - all gone to outsourcing!!!!
              also -
              when work is done on the road, how come 2 guys are working and 5 are standing around watching. Employees are paid to stand around and watch? Where do I apply?

City          Furlough Monday's for everyone would recover the budget quickly. It should apply to everyone not according to salary brackets.
Baltimore     From everything that is being said about budget cuts. My thought is you are laying off the employees that make a difference everyday. I think you should take the salaries of the employees that make over $60,000 and
              cut there pay. (that way you can afford to pay the smaller salaries) By doing this you are not laying off the employees that make a difference. Everybody will still have a job. By laying people off the economy is going to
              get worse because the people you lay will not be able to afford to buy things. Unemployement Benefits are only $700.00 every two weeks. If you have a mortage of $1000.00 a month and other expensies we will have
              more forclosure. Also, when a non-state employee sees the state employees just sitting around they are the ones you should lay off.
Anne          cut the governor's paycheck
Arundel       charge the governor rent for staying in the governor's mansion.
              Cut back on the previous governor's pension (most of them have other jobs).
              Cut the pay of the legislators and the governor's staff. Return the new websites, they weren't necessary

Anne          I suggest that you do away with employees taking home Government owned cars and trucks. The tax payers are paying these people to drive back and forth work each day. I have to drive my own car back and forth
Arundel       to my job each day and I don't get reimbursed for gas. Perhaps you should build a private garage where the employees can drive their own cars to/from work and they can park there, pick up the Government car for
              'WORK USE ONLY' and then park it at the end of the day and drive their own car home. Think of how much money you could save just by doing this one small thing.
Anne          Stop printing direct deposit advices for employees. If an employee would like a printed copy they can go to the web site and print it out. Most of these are not picked up anyway and end up getting shredded
Wicomico      Give state employee's the 4 day 10 hour a day option and close buildings down for one day
Cecil         I think we could focus on all the out of state cars that are parked in parking lots in Apartment and Housing developments. These are people who are living here and never bothered to change vehicles to the State of
Carroll       1. Perhaps if SOME of the State Centers went to four ten hour days to cut utilities, I’m aware that not all buildings can do this but if some do what would be the total savings.

              2. Please don't lay state employees off..... Perhaps if we were to give up holidays or if ALL employees take more furloughs this would keep workers employed, I feel it is very important to keep people employed, it
              would only add problems if the unemployment rate went up in the state of MD.

              3. Cut “luxuries” employees, inmates, etc…. Go back to overheads, employee/students should write notes and stop the use of so much paper with hand outs. In short employees order and waste to many items. Cut
              what inmates are allotted.

              I hope this helps or that we as a state can come up with something.

select your   8iIFRx <a href="">rvyzhepelhyf</a>, [url=]fxughihovduk[/url], [link=]xqikveadjcgx[/link],
Baltimore     Give an incentive for State workers who are eligible for retirement to retire, such as 4 weeks of additional paid leave or whatever seems reasonable. This needs to be done quickly to result in the greatest gain.
              This would accomplish 3 things: 1. get a big salary off the payroll, 2. create a vacancy where salary savings can be gained, 3. create a vacancy that can be reviewed for possible elimination
Harford      Take automobiles away from State workers when they are off work. This would cut down on the gas, insurance to cover them and their families for personal use and the wear and tear on the vehicles that are needed
             to do their jobs.
Anne         How about getting rid of all those grossly overpaid government officials? You know the ones... who do nothing but want to "research" what they already know the results of. You know the bay bridge needs updated,
Arundel      there is no need to research this, it is fact. How about getting rid of dishonest government like Dixon? You know she took bribes and still she is paid how much money? How about cutting back on perks to criminals in
             jail? They dont need cable, weigh rooms, and huge libraries. They are being punished for crimes commited against the other law abiding citizens of this state. Use non violent criminals to clean the roadways, there are
             not nearly enough of these types of crews out there. Instead of sending state workers out to clean up carcuses on roadsides >which they dont do anyway< send non violent criminals out to do it. Have non violent
             criminals work as trash collecters. Stop paying state workers so much damned money to pick up trash. You need 1 driver and one "spotter" if you fit them with tracking devices before they go out, they wont get far.
             Stop supplying illegals with WIC, foodstamps, energy assistance, medical assistance and the likes. I've worked since i was 14 years old and paid into the system and can not get assistance for my 2 kids because my
             husband makes too much money, and yet we dont have enough to pay our bills. I could go on, but the obvious is all i'm stating, its too bad those on the government level refuse to see the obvious.
Calvert      Change Leadership, fourhlough all Polititions until they figure out what it's like to live in the real World. Take your Band and perform a few benefit Concerts to help with Maryland's economic crisis.
Carroll      stop state trucks from being taken home. and stop them from going to homes in pa. i see them dailey after 4:30 thru 5pm . there should be no!!!!!!! need for these vehicle to go home with workers or to pa..!!!!! itizens
             are watching!!!!!
Montgomery   Reduce or eliminate air conditioning in selected buildings. Turn OFF all equipment, routers, electronics; allow employees to wear shorts and tank tops to keep cool. Use led night lights at night. Compost in gardens to
             eliminate / reduce watering requirement. These policies have worked phenomenally for me at home. For any residential state-run institutions, or any institution that uses laundry: I have a working clothes line that is
             phenomenal with savings. Regarding telecommuniting: I work at home and it's a big headache, so I don't recommend that across the board (equipment problems are my biggest issue). Double and triple up on use of
             your cars for multiple errands at one time. Rely more on older employees for ideas for streamlining, so the wheel doesn't need to be reinvented, with resultant mountains of paperwork being generated to announce
             new "discoveries".
City         Cutting jobs is definitely not the way to fix the budget. People are already on the verge of losing their homes in most situations. Cutting education is not one of them either. I am a State Employee and a single mom of
             three who just moved into an apartment six months ago. The last thing I need to hear is that I'm losing my job and have no income to support me and my children. It's not fair. Some of these big suits in the state of
             Maryland should get some furloughs like we did. We mananged and now you want to do it again?? To us?? Not fair! If I can make if off of less than 30,000 a yr with only Medical assistance than we really need to look
             at that. I know people have different types of lifestyles but we all voted for change and I don't think this was the type of change we were expecting. I'm willing to do without some things in the State of Maryland but jobs
             and education should never be on the chopping block. So the question should be to anyone making the hundreds of thousands a year, What are they willing to do without?
Frederick    The best way that I know to balance the state budget is to go the way that North Dakota went 90 years ago and charter a state bank. (See the article by Ellen Brown at
City         My suggestion to save money, and reduce crime, is to cut off any state support through social service programs (ie Section 8 housing, food stamps, food vouchers, etc) of immediate families in which a member of the
             household commits a felony crime, either as an adult or juvenile. As example, 15 year old child, in a household headed by mother who receives public assistance, is convicted of a crime, the mother's support should be
             curtailed as she is basically being paid by the State to raise her child which she has failed to do, so payments to her should cease.
Harford      Take money from the new proposed light rail lines, or stop perchasing land that is already catagorized as swamp or marshland. Give state employees a break since they were hit hard late last year
Baltimore    First of all, I really don't understand why your state workers have to take so many cuts. We have lost raises, cost of living, 401k match,increments and furlough days. In atleast the past 5 years Maryland has lost
             billions of dollars by not having slots. It very hard to understand why the state would let this type of revenue keep passing us by. People complain of locations for slots, take for instance Pennsylvania, they took an old
             steel mill building in Bethlehem and transformed it into a casino. There are many areas in Maryland, such as warehouses and old mills, off to themselves that could be transformed as well.
Baltimore    The state could save a lot of money if the Loaned Educators at the Maryland State Department of Education were returned to his/her jurisdiction. Some Loaned Educators make 2X or 3X what other State employees
             make at MSDE.

Baltimore    Take all state employee that had 25 years are more, let go.and all other workers take a 10 per cent pay cut. Thank you. and save 20 million.
Harford      When I talk with State Employees I am always amazed by the amount of time off they have. I've worked in the private sector for almost 40 years and there is no doubt that private sector employees are much more
             efficient than govt employees. My simple suggestion, reduce the number of state employees and reduce the benefits they receive. Stay away from teachers because when you consider less than 40% of kids in
             Baltimore graduate, we cannot afford to compromise education.
Harford     I am a disabled veteran and am very limited to the funding that I need to fix my home to make it safe for me to get around. My suggestion to the Maryland Gov. and the federal Gov. is that you should do what we are
            expected to do. Cut your wages just like we askedto do to help. I can't understand why the pay to any one that is working for the people can justify the amount of money you take from taxes for a salary! Get a real job
            for the rest if the year when your in your nice homes with all the perks! Maybe that would be better than robbing the lottery money from the schools and veterans and needed services! Just stop the statium fund and
            use the lottery money for what it was intended for!
Anne        Legalize and tax marijuana. Maryland could bring in hundreds of millions of dollars by taxing the sale of Marijuana. This would also cut back on law enforcement spending by allowing police to focus on violent crimes,
Arundel     and cutting down on prison population and spending. Remember: Marijuana is "dangerous" because it is criminalized and forces otherwise law-abiding and tax-paying citizens to deal with criminals. Allow us legal
            access to Marijuana and you will save millions in law enforcement spending and generate hundreds of millions in tax revenue.
Howard      -Decrease K-12 education spending by $52 per student
            -Raise gas tax by 1 cent
            -Cut bonuses
            -Raise the cigarette tax
            -Raise toll violations
            -Have move government officials work from home
            -Have government officials cut back on travel
            -A fee for each animal slaughtered within the state (Wisconsin attempted to create this bill)
            -Entry fee for strip clubs
            -More work study programs in place of scholarships
            -Put a freeze on new state construction projects
            -Close a rest area on the highway
            -Close a post office.... e-mail!
            -Encourage recycling by using a private company that pays people to recycle (such as Recyclebank)

Baltimore   My suggestion will be to raise the cost of the Bay Bridge. In order to get to the beach by the way of 95 to route 1 the cost is almost triple.
City        1.Fiscal agents that are hired to replace state workers usually end up costing state government double then they aquire the bid to operate said services.
            2. To make changes that will allow deadwood (staff) to be release from state service faster and much easlier. It takes years to release someone that can not perform the job that they have been hired to do.
City        Recently Maryland's media has repeatedly reported on Govenor O'Malley's calls for budget-cutting suggestions from the public; however, I have not seen anything reporting on suggestions submitted. Has
            consideration been given to making suggestions available to the public on-line? I'm sure many Marylanders would be interested. A state resident reviewing submissions might spot what is to him an obvious omission
            and generate additional suggestions.
Cecil       We need more fraud investigators for the Department of Social Services. If we had more investigators possibly they could catch and remove the people from our welfare rolls that are fraudulently receiving public
            assistance. After living for the past 6 years around people who collect public assistance, I can tell you there are many who are committing fraud. I have personally turned several in to the "hot" line and nothing has
            been done. Get more investigators out there and get these people off of the public assistance rolls and this should more than pay for the cost of the investigators and save the State a lot of money too.
Harford     Encourage the public (and businesses)to support their local fire house and police thru community fund raising events. Events could be held at neighborhood churches, stadium parking lots, or anywhere there is room to
            park/land fire, rescue, and law enforcement equipment. Closer relationships are formed between the public (especially the youth) and it gives citizens the opportunity to support the heroes who protect them and keep
            them safe. The state emergency agencies receive donations collected at the events and profits from sales made by local vendors at the events. The money is then used to reduce the cost to the state of maintaining
            emergency and law enforcement agencies. We own a timeshare in Massanutten, VA where every October a fundraising event is held for the local fire and rescue companies. The kids get to climb on the fire trucks and
            see rescue dogs in action, while the parents drop cash and checks in the buckets. It's a win/win for everyone.

            Just a thought.
Carroll     I'll make this brief, but as a resident of MD, I could go on and on about this situation. Since budget cuts are inevitable at this point, I think a higher tax on alcohol would be appropriate (not on smoking products because
            I think those unfortunate residents have been taxed to death - and no, I'm not a smoker). Alcohol abuse is a major problem and I think it's time to place some burden on that bad habit. An increase on that tax would
            affect the abusers rather than putting a gas tax on the average hard-working citizen. I would rather see an increase at state colleges rather than cuts to the K-12 education program. This is the level where children get
            their basic education and they deserve the best we can give them. Rather than layoffs for state employees, I suggest furloughs to begin with so people don't actually lose jobs. Salary increases at the state level should
            be suspended as well as bonuses for anyone until the budget is stabilized. I worked for xxxx years for the federal government, and felt many of these budget crunches. Get those casinos up and running - they will
            generate lots of revenue (and, no I'm not a gambler either). The amount of money we are now having to pay energy companies is enormous and Marylanders are pulling together every penney they get just to pay
            electric bills - there is no money left to support and help local charities, etc. Let's also make sure that EVERY resident has paid up all their back taxes, and I am NOT in favor of supporting anyone who is not first, a
            citizen of the US, and second, a resident of the great state of Maryland. As elected officials, I wish you the very best of luck with this task for all our sakes. Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts.
City        With times being as they are I feel that no budget or department should be left out including education. I understand that funding to schools is important. But a modest cut of say 1% would not hurt the school to much. It
            the only way to be fair across the board. If one suffers, we all should suffer.
            - stop paying welfare for the illegal aliens
            - stop contributing towards college tuitions for illegal aliens
            - stop purchasing dead racetracks
            - stop purchasing foreclosed on theaters
Baltimore   There are a lot of state employees who have more than 30 years employment and who are literally retired in their positions, I think before furloughs and before layoffs employees with more than 30 or maybe even 35
            years should be told to retire. Either way, if the agency can prove the position needs to be filled, it can be filled at a much lower wage (probably the beginning of the grade) whereas these individuals are most likely at
            the top of their pay grade. This should more than cover whatever savings you would be getting from furloughs or layoffs.
Talbot      Maybe some of the huge sums that Maryland pays to independent contractors could be cut.
Anne        Reduce or eliminate use of state cars and/or drivers for most state and county officials.
City        No one ever wants to see folks loose their jobs, but you just have to walks around state offices and see how many people are doing nothing. This is one of the biggest expenses any business has. Look at road
            crews...two are working three are standing around. Appoint someone to walk around state offices. All businesses are having fewer people do more and that can be done at the state level as well. The Sunpaper laid off
            61 reporters in one day. How many will you lay off. It can and must be done despite AFSCME and the other unions.
Allegany    Agencies are presently compiling Overtime data to show that Patient Care staff (RN's,LPN's & Nursing Assistances) should be exempt from future Furloughs. What the OT fails to show is the reason for the OT. At my
            hospital,as with most State Agencies, 90+% of that OT is to cover sick leave used by the same staff. Nursing Management DOES NOT cover for absences, they pay Premium OT,and Management RN Positions
            account for an average of 20-25% of budgeted Patient Care Positions (and they are hiring more,we have RN's falling over themselves and still pay OT for their absences). I have worked 30+ years in State Hospitals
            and can document the stats. IF THERE MUST BE FURLOUGHS - ALL EMPLOYEES SHOULD SHARE THE BURDEN - NOT THE LOWEWST PAID CLASSES (Grade 15 and below)
Baltimore   Instead of cutting, think of enhancing or asking Marylanders to give back instead of take so much....For instance, you could do a Lottery where all Marylanders are eligable to buy tickets and win, sort of like the Big
            Game....The way people love to gamble you're bound to get a good penny for that....Plus this will go for the budget problems....

Allegany    Continue to maintain and repair roads, but suspend all new construction. Levy a ten percent wage cut on all employees making over $100,000 per year. Be less aggressive in snow removal operations. For example,
            don't send out trucks unless snow is actually falling. I see a lot of personnel sitting in plow trucks prior to perdicted snow. Do not permit State Police officers to use cruisers to travel daily distances over 20 from their
            home to their duty station. Thank you.
Anne        I work in the Maryland University system and think it is past time to look at tuition increases. I understand the rationale behind the hesitation to do this, but it's time the students and their families shouldered some of
Arundel     this burden. It should not always fall to state employees who have given many years of outstanding service to Maryland.
Allegany    the state starting in september to close all offices the first monday of every month
City         State employees:

             1. "Personal leave" days--Could some or all of these days (except possibly the three days originally established for observance of Jewish holidays) be eliminated?

             2. Maryland's annual leave policy is quite generous (without including personal leave)--after mid-December many agencies are almost deserted due to the "use it or lose it" policy and those employees who take little
             leave during the year. Would cutting the annual leave earning rate help the budget for the long-term?

             3. Furlough scheduling: December 26 and January 2 were mandatory furlough days which fell on Fridays, saving not only salary monies but also building operating costs. If furloughs will be in the FY'10 cost-cutting
             plan, I'd suggest further use of a statewide mandatory furlough day on the day preceding or following a scheduled holiday that falls on either Monday or Friday (e.g., Labor Day falls on Monday; mandatory furlough day
             could be either Friday or Tuesday or both days). Otherwise, plan furlough days for either Friday or Monday. Aside from salaries and building operating costs, this would give the employees a longer period to be with
             their families, and, since it would be scheduled in advance and announced through the media, would cause minimal disruption to public services. This, of course, could only apply to units of departments with the
             "normal" Monday-Friday "9-5" schedule. If the number of furlough days per employee will be calculated similarly to the last year (varying from three to five days) I suggest the "base" number of days required of all
             employees be done as above, with the rest done by "employee choice."

             4. State aircraft: The state owns a twin-engine aircraft utilized mainly for prisoner transport (operating cost estimated at approximately $1,000/hour [fuel and maintenance] [information from an acquaintance familiar
             with the aircraft]). Would an alternate method of transportion be more cost-effective given the budget situation? If security issues and utilization of this aircraft necessitate its retention would it be feasible to charter the
             aircraft to adjacent states for prisoner transport and general use?
Montgomery   Apply adhesive graphic wraps to MARC locomotives and cars that can generate advertising revenue. See the link.
Harford      TOO EASY! But drastic measures need to be taken seriously - less talk more action:

             - Go after the mis-use of disability, welfare, doctors offices, etc. Pay rewards to people to turn in these "criminals"

             - Switch back to odd - even driving days. Let folks get to know the transportaion system, and contribute to it.

             - A 4 day work week is a must - schools too - PEOPLE ADAPT. If it means the differance between a paycheck and no paycheck they will ADAPT.

             - Police Statewide - need to be all hands on streets. They signed up to do a job they need be on the streets. Beef up the K-9 unit. They do deter criminals and urge people to move along.

             -Higher back the retired folks at the lesser pays. Retirees are not your grandparents senior folk. They are energetic, loyal, eager, etc. Are a wealth of knowledge. Let them work in Day cares while the welfare folks
             "earn" their checks. Put them to work in the Police Departments as back fill to answer phones, files, etc.

             -On Gang, Murders, Crime... these thugs are plain and simple - terrorist, they terrorize communities. If they were illegals they would be handle as terrorist if they did what these gangs are doing. It is time to call in the
             National Guard until this situation is stabilzied, declare these criminals terrorist. Over and done. They will then be arrested and sent to Federal Prison...and our State Prisons are relieved of the burden of housing these

             Thank you for allowing me the "freedom" to express my concerns.
Anne         I think the landscaping idea is a good one, just cut the grass, also there are much cheaper and still good looking ways to landscape that aren't so fancy. I also think that the higher up people should have their pay cut,
Arundel      there is not way some of these people need the LARGE salary they are getting, they have too much money. Also people higher up should not get over time and bonuses. There are middle class working people with
             children that are stuck in a furlow struggling while these high paid people are sitting pretty with more money then they know what to do with. I think it is ridiculous that the people needed the most, police officers,
             firefighters, emt, teachers....are paid the least! As a family with police officers, I feel the pay scale for jobs is a little skewed to one side. These are people the world NEEDS, not just some job anyone can do. Without
             them chaos would ensue.
Baltimore   1. Delay or opt out of the planned expansion of part C of IDEA which is being forced on the counties by MSDE and which most of the people on the ground feel is a terrible idea at a time when preschool is being
            promoted for non disabled children.

            2. Carefully review all PIN numbers created or upgraded in the past 12 years, especially those which do not require professional licenses or certifications. These are almost all political appointees. In many cases there
            are 3 people doing the job 1 person used to do.(Yes, your administration is guilty too.) Too often these jobs are preserved while career state employees with the institutional knowledge to complete the mission are
            forced out.
            3. Don't force people into retirement as recently happened xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. If you want people to retire offer a buyout, while keeping in mind the
            need to preserve some institutional knowledge.
            4. Look carefully at all contracts for training and services and see if another department might be able to meet the need. Promote more interdepartmental sharing of resources.
            5. You can preserve money going to the counties for education while cutting some of the fat from MSDE.
            6. When considering salary cuts look at what the average state employee who is not a political appointee is making. For lower level employees it is barely livable and has not kept up with inflation since Schaeffer was
            Thank you for asking. Don't know if you are really going to use them but it is a great public relations move.
Anne        Baltimore City shouldn't have bought the stupid Senator Theatre and then maybe they could afford something much more important ... the cops on horses! Someone else did bid on that Theater and then the City
Arundel     would have been getting property taxes on it also but NO the City had to out bid for it??? What sense did that make?? State Officials need to learn how to spend money we have alittle smarter and then we wouldn't be
            in the mess this country is in! As far as the cash for clunkers deal, I am sick of it, I can't afford to buy a new car, but because of that now I am paying taxes for OTHER PEOPLE to buy a new car!!! I think the
            government has totally lost their minds with this spending spree. If I was going Bankrupt, I wouldn't go charge up my credit cards to the maximum but that is what the President is doing and sticking it to us taxpayers!
            Why don't you listen to "We the People" and stop the spending!
Baltimore   Here's a few suggestions:
            1. STOP TAXING AND FEE-ING US TO DEATH. If you hadn't increased taxes and fees like you did, maybe the state would have made more money from people SPENDING money instead of you taking it away from
            2. TAKE A PAY CUT YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CUT ANYONE ELSE'S PAY -- LEAD BY EXAMPLE! The highest earning people in my office (at the largest employer in the state) took pay cuts so no one had to be
            furloughed and it resulted in me not having to take a pay cut.
            3. STOP SPENDING. You can't make any money if you're just wasting it on things like fancy confrences to OC or you're huge fleet of cars and whatever else you spend money on...IRELAND...cough cough.

            YOU are here to SERVE us. Stop lying to the public. You may be able to fool some, but there is a large group of people who you have not fooled. Be smart. CUT FROM THE TOP DOWN. Everyone at the bottom has
            already made incredible sacrifices -- YOU SHOULD TOO. Try living on a salary of an average middle income person -- who doesn't get trips paid for by the sate.

            Oh and maybe you could stop giving illegals and deadbeat drug addicts so many benefits. If you made it harder for them to get FREE TAXPAYER MONEY maybe you could save some money. I'm tired of my money
            going to pay for wellfare when the people getting the wellfare can keep playing the system and never have to get a job. If I'd known living like that was so easy, I would have dropped out of high school, had a few kids
            and gotten a handy little addiction to crack. That's where the money is!

            Do what's right OWE'MALLEY.

Howard      I've been a state worker for 4 years now and I just dont understand why we must have furlough and salary reduction. Everything is going up but our paychecks and I feel like I will never get ahead with all of this. BGE
            seems to go up every year which I dont understand. There has to be a better way.
Baltimore   Cut everything. No exceptions. I don't want anything from the state government except less taxes.
Worchester   Hi, 1. I would add 50 Cents to the Bay Bridge for education. It would also facilitate faster traffic due to people not searching for change. 2. As a pharmacist I have worked in West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland &
             Virginia. Why not do what these states do and limit the number of prescriptions and doctors people on medicaid can get; also stop granting benefits to out-of-state people who become ineligable in their own states. I am
             retired now and if Gov. O'Malley should ever need me to help on the issue of Maryland drug coverage I'd be happy to meet with him. He can check with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx as to my credentials.
             Good luck with this fiscal year, xxxxxxx

City         Sir,
             I can tell you a couple of things that should have already happened, then I will get to my more helpful suggestions. Slots should have been legalized and already in place without some hefty and unsubstantiated license
             fee costing millions of dollars. How much revenue still goes out of state on a daily basis? More than we can afford, as is apparent! You need to get a leash on BGE (making record profits and executive salaries), if I
             can't heat my house this winter or afford to keep the lights on, I will be gone from this great state in which I have lived for all 41 years of my life. Mass or minor exodus of working citizens does not help any state's cause
             or existence. You will be left with a greater deficit funding the lifestyles of those who do not wish to work, live on welfare unnecessarily or will commit crimes as the easier alternative.
             Now to help - our state economy needs to stimulate itself. Hefty taxes, furloughs which lead to a loss of wages equates to less money consumers will have or be willing to spend. From a historical standpoint, Henry
             Ford increased his plant workers wages at a time when everyone else was decreasing wages and down sizing.As an end result, his employees had more to spend, were willing to spend and did stimulate the economy.
             This also ties in with getting a handle on BGE, people are scared to death of their next bill!
             I believed in you when you ran for this office, as did many of us. Follow thru on what you promised. You can lead us thru this, but we can only act TOGETHER (as you always emphasize) with a leadership in front of us
             that we believe in!

Baltimore    For employees to take furlough days.
Wicomico     Consider four ten-hour workdays for some state agencies. Though they can be an adjustment, they can in some cases save quite a bit of money on energy and other resources.
Somerset     add $.50 to the bridge
             take away the free pass to cross the bridges
             send illegals home
             drug test all on welfare and if they are postive stop payment
             increase college cost
             give more money to education
             up the sales tax

Baltimore    Saving money isn't always the result of massive cost cuts, but sometimes it's the result of smaller, cumulative efforts. With that in mind, I have some suggestions for slight cost savings.

             I was a state employee for a few years, and operations do differ from agency-to-agency. At Towson University I found capable employees who were dedicated to their work. At the Department of Education I found an
             apathetic bunch who had to turn in pencil stubs to get a new pencil. To keep positions open we had to temporarily fill them with low bid temps, who couldn't even perform the basic skills required of the jobs they were

             Recently I had to renew my Maryland driver's license. I continue to be stunned by the lack of efficiency and professonalism in this agency. Yes, there is a system in place to ensure the prioritization of clients, but the
             pace at which some employees move is at a snail's pace. For example, one employee was adjusting the drap where photos are taken...that task took about 10 minutes. Perhaps a manager from the agency should go
            "undercover" to all sites, wearing jeans & sneakers, and observe operations. Also, are performance metrics in place for state employees? If not, perhaps they should be (they are in private industry). Again, this is
            related to performance management, which translates to cost.

            Recently I went to court to contest a parking ticket. The judge in the courtroom spent quite a bit of time ragging on the insurance industry, telling jokes, and telling defendants that they should be sentenced to the
            French Foreign Legion for speeding violations. My time was wasted, as was the time of every employee in that courtroom. I'm not saying that we shouldn't have a sense of humor, but really?

            I know that many state employees receive low rates of compensation, but sometimes we pay for what we get....

Baltimore   Get rid of goverment,boyh state and federal.
Wicomico    Stop subsidizing the MVA's of other states at the expense of Maryland employees. Twice I asked the Comptroller how much money was flowing into Maine because Maine plates were being used on trailers in
            Maryland. I provided the documentation explaining how individuals could get Maine plates. I provided documentation as to how Montana also wanted in on the action. I did not get an answer.
Wicomico    In these tough budget times, all state agencies need to purchase supplies, materials and services as economically as possible. I would like to suggest either suspending the MBE program temporarily or reducing the
            25% MBE requirement back to 5%; and I would also suggest that all state agencies, as well as USM be required to buy/replace fleet vehciles with hybrid vehicles that can obtain at least 45-50 miles per gallon.
Anne        I would give a 10% cut to all state employees including the Governor. If state employees don't want the cut, let them seek employment elsewhere. There would be thousands of people standing in line to take there
Arundel     place and probably do a better job. I'm sure however you will place the burden on the middle income folks and raise taxes.
Anne        Dear Governor O'Malley, During these tough economic times every person is vulnerable and equally concerned with being able to pay bills and provide for our families. As a state government employee, I feel
Arundel     particularly vulnerable at this time as state workers are looked to for pay reductions, furloughs and layoffs. I would like to ask for your help in encouraging state agencies to think outside of the box when considering
            alternatives to reducing salary expenditures. For example, employees could be asked to take voluntary furlough days in addition to the required ones. Or employees could be asked to volunteer to work part-time,
            instead of fulltime. In many cases a part time schedule may be exactly what an employee wants or needs to balance both work and home life. Employers could also examine work functions and identify those that could
            actually be performed on a part time basis and approach the employee with this alternative. Further, many employees are close to retirement, but not completely ready. These employees could also be offered part time
            employment. Some may actually be ready and willing to work less, while remaining gainfully employed for just a little while longer.

            I have not heard that options such as these are being explored or discussed. I hope that discussions such as these will take place. Times are tough for everyone and hopefully with God's blessings, our economy will
            improve in the near future. But until then, asking for help from state workers, citizens of the State of MD, may be another way to save money.

            Thank you for your consideration.
Baltimore   Stop makeing the medium strips on the roads. What a waste of the taxpayers money. For what reason are they wasting all the cement and man hours in the process. This money can be used some were else. We
            don't need any more obstacles in the way of driving. And then their are the circles are more of a hazard then you may think. You can't determine which direction the other cares are going. Stop all of this waste.
Anne        After 34 years in Government, I have learned that, altough federal and state budgets are complicated, finance is not. If you spend more than you make, you need to do one of two things. Raise revenue (taxes)... not
Arundel     smart or cut spending. I propose a 10% (or whatever it takes) cut across the board in ALL exceptions! (discretionary spending not entitlements). Freeze hiring...don't fire or furlough people. That will hurt
            what you are trying to fix...less wages mean less revenue...more deficit. Hope this helps.
Baltimore   WE NEED TO DITCH THE FREELOADERS. MY HUSBAND AND I ARE IN OUR SIXTIES, HOME OWNERS, HARD WORKERS and taxpayers. i am tired of watchng WELFARE FOLKS sitting on thier butts as we
            stumble off to work. THEY GET SECTION 8, food stamps and disability payments, which they sell and trade for cigs. and drugs.there is also the kid who lives in a home with retired grand parents who have a new car
            and he is picked up everyday in a taxi (paid for by us) to go to a so called DRUG PROGRAM. TAXPAYERS WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO VOLENTEER TO HELP WITH THIS.EVERYONE I TALK TO HAS
            THIS SAME FEELING.
Kent        all computers need to be shutdown at end of day would save some on electric bill,turns lights off in areas not being used,change to energy saving light bulbs,reduce lighting when possible in certian areas
Cecil       Instead of State employees having to take additional furlough days and pay cuts, why doesn't the Governor offer early retirement/butout to employees with 25 years service and eliminate thier PINS after they except
            the early retirement? This would help cut the fat and also save jobs for those State employees whom doesn't have 25 years of service. Thank You. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Anne          Restrict out of state travel for state agencies or limit it to one person per trip.
select your   If cuts must be made, they should be from the top 5 largest jurisdictions in Maryland who normally get the most funding.
Baltimore     Enforce immigration laws look at the companies doing business with the state and all the illegals they have working for them. Example the 95 express lanes being built. Maryland workers means more taxes etc.
Harford       Compensation and benefits have to be the largest budget expenditure. The state should focus on the costs of pension and retirement. Compared to private industry, the state is overly generous with the retirement
              benefits that it provides to state employees. You should consider making adjustments to this plan, as has private industry over the last decade. People are living longer and yet the amount of time needed to work has
              remained the same. Over time, any adjustments made now, while have tremendous savings for the state now and in the future.
Harford       Compensation and benefits have to be the largest budget expenditure. The state should focus on the costs of pension and retirement. Compared to private industry, the state is overly generous with the retirement
              benefits that it provides to state employees. You should consider making adjustments to this plan, as has private industry over the last decade. People are living longer and yet the amount of time needed to work has
              remained the same. Over time, any adjustments made now, while have tremendous savings for the state now and in the future.
Harford       Compensation and benefits have to be the largest budget expenditure. The state should focus on the costs of pension and retirement. Compared to private industry, the state is overly generous with the retirement
              benefits that it provides to state employees. You should consider making adjustments to this plan, as has private industry over the last decade. People are living longer and yet the amount of time needed to work has
              remained the same. Over time, any adjustments made now, while have tremendous savings for the state now and in the future.
Baltimore     Get rid of the comute drivers. It will save both on gas and the maintenance of state vehicles.
Harford       Cut Section 200 from I-95. The cost far exceeds the benefit once Section 100 is finished. The beltway and White Marshe is where the problem lies, not here. And to promote Smart Growth do not bulldoze acres of
              forest and wetlands for a Park & Ride in a no-growth area of the County on Route 152.
City          How about 1)Selling parking spaces on the streets, and fines of $250. City, counties and states. Fines shoud be $100 dollars (half to state, half to owner) plus towing and sforage of vehicle 2)Deportation of
              illegals.3)Fines for owners of abandon houses or homes that are eyesores in the neighborhoods. Allowing the city,county or state to take property and rent, lease or sell them.
Baltimore     Eliminate MBE program.
Baltimore     One good place to start is by down-sizing the amount of vehicles that elected officials have for their use. Example: the mayor has three vechicles for her use that the tax payers are paying for. Two vechicles could be
              eliminated without it causing any problem for her getting around. Most people are more than happy to have one, and they are able to do what is needed. Why in the world are we paying for three? That is a very easy
              cost saving action.
Baltimore     Enforce all laws regarding code violations in Baltimore County, especially Dundalk, North Point Villiage, WatersEdge, West Inveness, Graceland Park and other surrounding areas. As I travel throughout Dundalk. I find
              many garbage cans without lids, trash at curb side not in covered cans, trash in yards, untagged vehicles etc, name it claim it. Access the fines and generate more revenue for the state. Only one time in Graceland
              park were residents cited a fine for uncovered garbage cans. As you well know we have a serious rat problem in these areas. These areas should be inspected on a weekly basis and county code violations enforced to
              the letter.

              Pass legislation to stop assistance to children having children. In this generation we have too many children having children, let their parents support them. No more day care in our schools. These type of programs
              have to be eliminated, we as taxpayers and a state cannot afford all these give aways, somewhere it simply has to stop.

Baltimore     Enforce all laws regarding code violations in Baltimore County, especially Dundalk, North Point Villiage, WatersEdge, West Inveness, Graceland Park and other surrounding areas. As I travel throughout Dundalk. I find
              many garbage cans without lids, trash at curb side not in covered cans, trash in yards, untagged vehicles etc, name it claim it. Access the fines and generate more revenue for the state. Only one time in Graceland
              park were residents cited a fine for uncovered garbage cans. As you well know we have a serious rat problem in these areas. These areas should be inspected on a weekly basis and county code violations enforced to
              the letter.

              Pass legislation to stop assistance to children having children. In this generation we have too many children having children, let their parents support them. No more day care in our schools. These type of programs
              have to be eliminated, we as taxpayers and a state cannot afford all these give aways, somewhere it simply has to stop.
Baltimore     Enforce all laws regarding code violations in Baltimore County, especially Dundalk, North Point Villiage, WatersEdge, West Inveness, Graceland Park and other surrounding areas. As I travel throughout Dundalk. I find
              many garbage cans without lids, trash at curb side not in covered cans, trash in yards, untagged vehicles etc, name it claim it. Access the fines and generate more revenue for the state. Only one time in Graceland
              park were residents cited a fine for uncovered garbage cans. As you well know we have a serious rat problem in these areas. These areas should be inspected on a weekly basis and county code violations enforced to
              the letter.

              Pass legislation to stop assistance to children having children. In this generation we have too many children having children, let their parents support them. No more day care in our schools. These type of programs
              have to be eliminated, we as taxpayers and a state cannot afford all these give aways, somewhere it simply has to stop.

select your   Eliminate State employees who are using State vehicles to go back and forth to home and are commute exempt. This not only isn't fair to other employees, but reduces the amount of tax money going into State coffers
county        from gasoline tax.
City          We have several medicaid recipients assigned to MCO and Pac providers. These providers are paid each month and the recipient has never taken the time to call that physician and/or provider to make an appointment
              to be seen. These payment continue to the providers sometimes for years. I believe that if a recipient does not make an initial contact with a provider within 120 days they should be canceled from the program.
              Additionally, they should not be able to reapply unless they had made an attempt to contact the original assigned physician and/or MCO. The closing of the recipients that does not care to take care of themselves
              leaves money available for other things. This could help the State of Maryland get back on its feet.
Baltimore     As a resident of Hunt Valley, I suggest the light rail is curtailed to rush hour and stadium events. I have calculated that I sit for 8.6 hours/year in my car waiting for the light rail to pass with an average of 5 people on
              each train.
Baltimore     let every employee including executives take a pay cut that is proportional to their salary. That way ,everyone keeps their job.
Baltimore     Eliminate public spokespersons for all government agencies.
              Have prisoners pick up trash along hiways.
              Do not hire retired employees as contract hires.
              Do not allow illegle immigrants to receive social services.
              Have state senators, delegates, governor,etc. take 10% pay cut.
              Increase rate for water, waste management, etc.
              Close all tax loop holes for big business.
              Make people who file for unemployment do some sort of work for their benefits.

Baltimore     I suggest that the Maryland Legislature meet every other year. This would save a small fortune and eliminate 50% of the opportunities for the legislature to think up new ways to spend my tax dollars.
Baltimore     I suggest that the Maryland Legislature meet every other year. This would save a small fortune and eliminate 50% of the opportunities for the legislature to think up new ways to spend my tax dollars.
Baltimore     Stop replacing red lights-poles and new lights, where the lights that already there, Still work fine, you know the saying. dont fix something thats not broke.
Baltimore     Increase the cost of health insurance paid by employees and retirees, thereby reducing the amount of insurance paid by the state. This would then decrease the cost being paid out by the citizens of Maryland through
              income taxes as well as the state of Maryland itself.
City          Do 10 furlough days during Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks. Historically nothing gets done productive during this time so the state saves on salaries and heat may be shut down in state buildings to reduce cost.
              Employees may handle these furlough days better because they get time off with their families during the holiday seasons. Spread the salary reduction out over the entire year to reduce the negative impact on the
Howard        Honestly, if my family can make it on what we make, about 50,000 a year. Why not freeze pay raises and cut some of those big paychecks the "lawmakers" take home. Also stop buying all these new toys or technology
              , like the LED lights on the police cars. START ENFORCING the speed limits on the roads and highways, stop the violators and ticket them. Do the same for the road rage drivers. Watch the advertising for the Lotto , it
              is crazy with the percentage of the money going to advertising. Start installing Speed cameras all over the place, kill two birds with one stone, safety and money. Tax the crap out of the millionairs, sorry for the
              abruptness, but it is true, we the middle class are becoming a minority, the real working class.
City          1. A statewide furlough for all employees,and lawmakers. Employees should have between 3-5 days and lawmakers at least 2 days more.

              2. Cut all post GED programs for prison inmates.

              3. Freeze raises for state employees and lawmakers.
Frederick     Parole prison inmates that have been encarcerated for the USE of illegal drugs to reduce the prison population.
City          Gov. O'Malley,
              I'm a state employee who formerly worked in paperless offices xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and who observes inefficiencies in my dept. on a daily basis. My suggestions are:
              1/ Electronic time-keeping. At MSDE, we fill out our time sheets by hand and they are manually calculated. My recorded leave time is NEVER current, and I haven't worked at any organization with manual
              timekeeping since 1997.
              2/ Teleconferencing rather than travel to personal meetings whenever possible. Attendance rises when people don't have to travel far. To discourage travel for personal meetings and promote teleconferencing, strictly
              prohibit food from being provided, or place a strict limit for funds for food provided, at personal meetings, no matter who is expected to attend. It would show that our superiors are sharing the burden and are also
              subject to restrictions.
              3/ To further encourage teleconferencing, follow-up workgroups should be required to communicate by Sharepoint or Docushare web-based programs, rather than additional personal meetings.
              4/ Meetings/outings/conferences/retreats should take place at state buildings rather than at resorts or expensive hotels.
              5/ Teleworking for state employees at ALL agencies - production and morale have noted increases when allowing teleworking at least 1-2 days per week.
              6/ 4-day workweek to allow buildings to close an extra day.
              7/ Consolidation of office space and renegotiation of leased space.
              8/ Examine fees for services!! For example, teachers pay only $10 every 5 years (i.e., $2/year) as a teaching certificate processing fee. Perhaps raise it and similar fees to $25 every 5 years (i.e., $5/year). Astounding
              that these fees have remained the same for 20+ years, even though staffing has necessarily increased to process increased demand.
              9/ If necessary, continued mandatory furlough days rather than layoffs accompanied by a TRUE hiring freeze.

              Thanks for your time
Allegany       Eliminate troopers taking home their vehicles. We have 3 in our neighborhood and it doesn't deter crime. Waste of money to allow them, who are paid well to use it as family car. Cut salaries of oveer paid higher ed
Anne          all lawmakers should take a 5-10 percent pay cut, lets start leading my example, and show the people of Maryland that you are doing your parts as well, instead of making an 11th hour, back room deal to get yourselfs
Arundel       a pay raise, while people are lossing their homes
select your   i was born in baltimore and i have lived all my life ,, i have never seen crime like it is now ,, i am a contractor here in baltimore and i will not go in to soom areas. Too save money,, check on were the checks are going
county        in your welfare system. YOU HAVE TO POLICE THIS SYSTEM,,
City          I think that alot of money could be saved if the state was not paying for alot of extras for the prisioners in Maryland. Now they are getting Md State Id's free, they already get Birth Certificates free and i have two
              daughters who had to pay for their new born childrens birth certificates. This seems to be a new process of paying for their State Id's and it is costly, if the state spends money on 300 state id's last month and is
              continuing to do that look at the money that could have been saved. My suggestion is that they should have to pay for State Id's and Birth Certificates like every other citizens, even Senior Citizens pay for Id's and
Harford       Make it only 1 year for the welfair and have day care at each and every job for all of those mothers who are on welfair and make them go to work even if it means just flipping burgers.That will save alot of money and
              thay will get off of welfair and section 8.That will save alot of money.
              Make it mandatory.
Baltimore   Good leaders in the past lead by example. Budget cuts need to start with top leaders and their families. Cut payroll 1-5% throughout entire employees.My income is beiung cut 30$ 3-1-10 . I have prepared by
            downsizing my residence       Shopping at 3 different groceery stores. Cutting coupons Buying clothes when only absolutely neccessary.Shop WalMart, instead of Norstroms, Penny's and Macy's Buy $80. pair of
            shoes instead of $100 to 500. Buy $200 suits instead of $1000. Cut all programs whatever percent it takes to balance the budget. Education, health, safety. Don't pick and chose. Maybe some of your more elite
            employees need to put their children into the public school system. We bray wehave the best schools in the coiuntry. our leaders doubt that?. Stop state employees from taking their vcehicles home. Let them buy
            their owen energy effficient vehicles to travel back and All these proposals do not make for good votes next election. B ut you need to do them in order to help the mass Do it by starting in your residence. Maybe fresh
            flowers could be replace by atrficial, maybe dusting could be done once or twice a week instead of deaily. Do you have your hair done for you daily. M aybe once a week. What designeer clothes does your wife wear
            to special functions. You young son'sdress on TV coming through the kitchen on the tv special was wqearing a long sleeve pressed dress shirt on a regular day. When you are out and around the ordinaay people, see
            what their children are wearing. She what the people are wearing.
            Great leaders lead by example. It must start from the top. Do it and you will become the saviour of Maryland, if not
            you may not have a second term. Put people first, politics second.
Baltimore   Try selling the open space land that you bought as you asked State workers to take up to five days of furloughs. Also start putting common sense into practice ( like lowering taxes to give people more money to spend,
            we can spend it better than you)
City        The State of Maryland could see an increase in revenue by electing to choose to use more speed camera's on Maryland Highways.

            The University of Maryland Police Force would be more effective by being under the supervision of Maryland State Police instead of having individual police chiefs at each campus. Thus saving in salary's by the
            elimination of these high paid positions.

            The University of Maryland Police Force currently uses different equipment at each campus instead of using the Maryland State Police surplus equipment thus costing more from the State of Maryland Budget. Being
            able to purchase same or like equipment in volume is cheaper than individual cost from each campus with individual requirements and specifications.

Anne        Put off all Project that are not really need and does not affect public safety and well being. Reduce the number of State Vehicles. Start purchaseing fuel efficent vehicles. For example hybrid, natural gas, or electric
Arundel     vehicles. Look into using USED COOKING OIL in the Deisel vehicles.

            The most important thig is not to cut anything from Education. Keep in mind the Children are our future! They will be the future leaders. They will be taking care of use adults when we get older. What we do today is
            what they have to deal with.
Somerset    As a tenured college professor i recommend we offer 3 year - 12 month undergraduate degrees at the state universities. Our university just sits during the summer with the buildings all being open and maintained for
            just a few summer students. What a waste.
Anne        With all the hoopla on sports both hagh school and other activities it seems to me a lot of the bill is footed by the counties and the state. If the parents want their children in these let them foot the bill. Just think how
Arundel     much would be saved. I know of one High School field thet cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and it wasn't a football field
City        cut back use of state vehicles.
Harford      Having worked in state government at DHR during the Ehrlich administration I saw first hand the amount of waste each day. There are too many people close to retirement age who are just biding their time who look
             for obstacles to the use of technology and process changes to make government more efficient. Why not offer early retirement packages to people 55+ to reduce staff. The state bumping system when there are
             layoffs should also should be re-evaluated because often seniority and once doing a job years ago doesn't equate to efficiency and knowledge now. Combine many similar state support departments in different
             agencies under one centralized umbrella. Hire people like me who can analyze process and flow and facilitate changes for efficiency/cost savings and motivate employees in the process. Instead of bringing in
             expensive contractors, bring the right people/experts in house that have a vested interest. Right now the bureaucracy is so entrenched that it will be difficult to break, but to continue the status quo is not what is best for
             the state. Finally, if someone goes out on a disability pension, the state should NOT be hiring them in another state position full time!
Harford      Greetings Mr. Governor O'Malley

             First, I would like to thank you for alowing Marylanders to offer suggestions. I would like to make a suggestion that would save quite a bit of money for the State of Maryland. Just in my 90 home development alone
             there are at least (20) twenty officers of the law that use their patrol vehicle back and forth to work and other personal duties. I even have a fireman that brings the hooking ladder engine home and it takes up at least 3
             spots on the street. I'm sure this will not save the deficit, but it sure will assist in a drastic decrease. If there are this many in my community, just imagine the dollars being wasted on state and local work vehicles. Once
             again, I thank you for this opportunity to voice.

Baltimore    I would like to see a stop of prisoners and the people doing community services cleaning up the streets as the policy now.I see a 15 passenger van with two driver behind that a porta potti truck-one driver then a truck
             with the flashing single to move over with another driver and four guys picking up trash.This happens a lot and drives me crazy.I worked at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for twenty years and saw this all the time.Somebody get real-
             do we really have that much money to waste.Add all the money up with the drivers and the cost of the trucks for four people picking up trash?????
             Next I would change the way Maryland punishes criminals.Lets say yoy get twenty years-you do twenty years or you can put them to work on highways,roads,cuting grass or what ever and cut there time in half.If they
             dont want to do it-all twenty.That would send a message to the crimenals that if you do the crime you do all the time.And when they here how hard its going to drop it in half-and that gets back to the streets-maybe they
             will think twice about doing a crime.You could even sub them out to companys on big jobs and the city gets paid.I know they would need supervision but the savings would well over ride that.Lets say the Statium
             needed to be painted-money in the bank.Maybe they would like to get out of our state and move somewhere else.I know its not that easy to put this together but it would work and send a vary strong message.
              Thanks for reading this- xxx
Harford      1)Stop getting rid of the Indians and start getting rid of the chiefs; 2) Stop the give-away programs designed to buy votes (e.g., CASA); 3) stop cutting services and education first (as punishment) and get rid of pork-
             barrel (pet) projects; 4) Maryland is one of the wealthiest states in the union (3rd or 4th) and one of the smaller ones, but we do not have enough money; 5) I am retired and find living in this liberal paradise is becoming
             increasingly more of an economic difficulty because of rising property and income taxes. In fact, this state is economically hostile to retirees. 6) Have a state-wide audit by an out of state auditor and get rid of
             questionable programs and positions; 7) Do what you want, you, Busch, and Miller will anyway.
Baltimore    put all on welfare too work----clean the city and county

             find absent fathers---make them pay child support==if unemployed add them to the clean city county program

             upper class school teens--use public transportation--we did

             approve slots

Montgomery   Make budget cuts - don't raise taxes!
Anne         I have attached a bio on Sheriff Arpaio, Mariposa County, Arizona. What he has accomplished and saved the taxpayers in Arizona is amazing. His plan of using prisoners for free labor and cost savings are
Arundel      extraordinary. Please contact him re: saving money. Joseph M. Arpaio

             You probably know him as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” a name given to him years ago by the media. It’s a name he certainly has earned as head of the nation’s third largest Sheriff’s Office which employs over 3000
             people. But even before he became Sheriff in 1993, Joe Arpaio was one tough lawman. After serving in the U.S. Army from 1950 to 1953, and as a Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas, NV, police officer for almost five
             years, Arpaio went on to build a federal law enforcement career and a reputation for fighting crime and drug trafficking around the world.

             He began his career as a federal narcotics agent, establishing a stellar record in infiltrating drug organizations from Turkey to the Middle East to Mexico, Central, and South America to cities around the U.S. His
             expertise and success led him to top management positions around the world with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He concluded his remarkable 32-year federal career as head of the DEA for
          In 1992 Arpaio successfully campaigned to become the Sheriff of Maricopa County. Since then he has been reelected to an unprecedented four 4-year terms. During his tenure as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arpaio
          has consistently earned extraordinarily high public approval ratings.

          With over four decades experience in law enforcement, Arpaio knows what the public wants, “The public is my boss,” he says, “so I serve the public.” He has served them well by establishing several unique programs.

          Arpaio has over 10,000 inmates in his jail system. In August, 1993, he started the nation’s largest Tent City for convicted inmates. Two thousand convicted men and women serve their sentences in a canvas
          incarceration compound. It is a remarkable success story that has attracted the attention of government officials, presidential candidates, and media worldwide.

          Of equal success and notoriety are his chain gangs, which contribute thousands of dollars of free labor to the community. The male chain gang, and the world’s first-ever female and juvenile chain gangs, clean streets,
          paint over graffiti, and bury the indigent in the county cemetery.

          Also impressive are the Sheriff’s get tough policies. For example, he banned smoking, coffee, movies, pornographic magazines, and unrestricted TV in all jails. He has the cheapest meals in the U.S. too. The average
          meal costs about 15 cents, and inmates are fed only twice daily, to cut the labor costs of meal delivery. He even stopped serving them salt and pepper to save tax payers $20,000 a year.

          Another program Arpaio is very wellknown for is the pink under shorts he makes all inmates wear. Years ago, when the Sheriff learned that inmates were stealing jailhouse white boxers, Arpaio had all inmate
          underwear dyed pink for better inventory control. The same is true for the Sheriff’s handcuffs. When they started disappearing, he ordered pink handcuffs as a replacement. And later, when the Sheriff learned the
          calming, psychological effects of the color pink—sheets, towels, socks— everything inmates wear, except for the old-fashioned black and white striped uniform, were dyed pink.

          Arpaio has started another controversial program, the website, so that all those arrested (about 300 per day) are recorded on the Sheriff’s website as they are booked and processed into jail. Just
          under a million hits daily come into the website, making it one of the most visible law enforcement sites on the World Wide Web.

          In addition to these tough measures, the Sheriff has launched rehabilitative programs like “Hard Knocks High,” the only accredited high school under a Sheriff in an American jail, and ALPHA, an anti-substance-abuse
          program that has greatly reduced recidivism.

          As chief law enforcement officer for the county, Arpaio continues to reduce crime with hard-hitting enforcement methods. His deputies and detectives have solved several high-profile murder cases, including nine child
          murders. The posse, whose ranks have increased to 3,000 members under Arpaio, is the nation’s largest volunteer posse. Posse men and women help in search and rescue and other traditional police work as well as
          in special operations like rounding up deadbeat parents, fighting prostitution, patrolling malls during holidays, and investigating animal cruelty complaints. The posse’s contributions are invaluable and essentially free to

          No wonder Sheriff Arpaio has been profiled in over 2,000 U.S. and foreign newspapers, magazines, and TV news programs. His leadership and the excellent work of his staff have catapulted the Maricopa County
          Sheriff’s Office into the ranks of elite law enforcement agencies.

          On a personal note, Sheriff Arpaio and his wife Ava have been married for over 51 years and have two children, both residing in the Phoenix area. The Arpaios have four grandchildren.

          Arpaio looks forward to many more years as Sheriff of Maricopa County.
Anne      The legalization of marijuana is something that I thought should have been done nation wide a long time ago, not just for medical use but for any adult. Not only will it help the economy by creating jobs via farming,
Arundel   regulating, selling, packaging, and so on, but it will help with over populated prisons, with criminals from victimless crimes such as possession of marijuana. Marijuana is the kind of drug that mellows people, unlike with
          some people with alcohol. It isn’t addictive like alcohol or cigarettes or even some prescription medications. We could make the same kinds of laws about under age smoking or consumption of marijuana, and driving
          while under the influence. Frankly the type of people that would drive under the influence are the same people that are drinking and driving now. So I really don’t feel there would be an increase in that aspect. I do
          believe that marijuana does have medicinal properties as well. They say marijuana is a gateway drug, but is it really? Most of us know people that smoke it and they don’t move on to harder drugs. For those who do
          move on to harder drugs usually do it in there teen years, and they have mental illnesses and or have had a trauma of sorts to push them toward the harder drugs in the first place. I wouldn’t recommend it to people
          with asthma, or pregnant woman but we could put warnings on the packaging, same as cigarettes. Marijuana is a natural substance unlike manufactured beer and cigarettes. It would limit or put drug dealers out of
          business. Who is the prohibition of marijuana really protecting here? Answer: Drug Dealers and Cartels. Why is that? Who here in the government is benefiting from keep this illegal? People with criminal history of
          selling this drug while illegal can be barred from legally selling the product. I don't think it is the total solution, but I do think that legalization is a step in the right direction.
Anne          This is another suggestion based on a letter I wrote to the Editor of the Captial in September 2007. I guess no one read it - the idea still stands. Here is the text...."The Governor and the Maryland Legislature are trying
Arundel       to soften the blow of raising taxes with smoke and mirrors instead of actually closing the gaping tax loopholes that currently exist for the benefit of corporations over the average taxpayer. It must be very embarrassing
              for the Maryland Transit Administration to be paying a Maryland business located in Millersville for commuter buses and services when the buses are corporately registered in Florida and other states to possibly avoid
              Maryland taxes and maybe get around Maryland emission rules. The MTA slogan should be changed to “Ride the MTA because Florida loves our tax dollars and clean air”. There are numerous corporate entities in the
              State of Maryland using out-of-state registration for vehicles – just the other day I even saw a BGE contractor’s truck in my neighborhood with Florida tags. This tax and emissions loophole is huge and the cost of lost
              revenue and increased pollution is saddled onto the shoulders of the average Maryland taxpayer. This loophole and others like it must be closed before there is any talk of raising taxes on the general public. Maryland
              has made it cheaper for corporations to do business in the state at the expense of everyone else. It’s past time to level the playing field and require corporations to pay a fair share. I don’t think that Corporations in the
              State of Maryland using out-of-state registered vehicles are doing the right thing by subtlety passing on tax burden and increased pollution to the rest of the public. It’s a novel idea…. I suggest our lawmakers stop
              taking campaign contributions to turn the other way and actually do something that serves the public better.." the ball is in your court. The State of Maryland is losing lots of tax money and exhaust emissions
              regulations are being bypassed generating pollution and nothing but profits for large commerical interests.
Baltimore     To decrease state work week to 4 days and extend the works hours to 10 hrs instead of 8 hrs work days. This lower utility cost. Also recommend usage of more telecommute throughout various Agencies to include
              public safety.
select your   need to allow a system here so we can report waste within our State agency and not get in trouble from our bosses for reporting the waste.
City          Idea to add income to the state. I work with the telecom companies. As we deploy antennas throughout the state we find the state's existing towers are a perfect match. However, we've learned the state is so difficult
              to work with and so terribly unresponsive that we try to avoid working with the state at all costs. As a citizen I'm appalled that the state is ignoring this considerable revenue stream.
Anne          I wrote a letter to the Editor of the Captial in July 2007 about a novel way to stem the loss of tax revenue. I guess no one read it - the idea still stands. Here is the text...."I find it very interesting that the Governor and
Arundel       certain members of the Maryland Legislature are finding it necessary to cut programs and probably raise consumer taxes to balance a state budget that is suffering from shrinking revenue without considering an
              important fact. Statewide some of the national-chain stores to include some local names in hardware and grocery sales are significantly cutting employees at their cash register lines and replacing them with automated
              self checkout machines. This swap is creating fewer employees thus generating fewer income withholding taxes as well as the chain stores themselves paying fewer employee-related taxes. Maryland has made it
              cheaper for a corporate chain store to replace living breathing employees with impersonal and sometimes frustrating machines because the machines cost less than taxable tax revenue generating workers. In some of
              these stores depending on the day of the week it is next to impossible to find a live cashier to take payment and bag one’s purchases. Consumers should not be fooled – the chain stores did not put the automated
              machines in use for consumer convenience – instead these machines are contributing to the tax squeeze in Maryland which may in the long run end up costing consumers more of their pocketbook earnings to make
              up the state revenue imbalance. I don’t think that these big retail chain stores are doing the right thing by subtlety passing on a large portion of tax burden to the rest of the tax-paying public, reducing the number of
              employees in the operation of their businesses, and contributing to tax revenue shortages in the State of Maryland. I suggest our lawmakers take a look at taxing the automated machines in a manner that will even the
              playing field." the ball is in your court. The State of Maryland is losing lots of money and more and more people are being replaced by machines that pay no taxes and generate nothing but profits for large
              commerical interests.
select your   Maryland Troopers Drive their cars 100's of miles to work Overtime assignments that do not support the State Of Maryland. Troopers sit on the side of the Road at the National Security Agency (NSA) drawing their
county        overtime rate. They use their State cars to drive 100's of miles to this assignment. Make the troopers pay the Stae Mileage for these assignments.
Anne          The Maryland MVA pays State troopers and other Police at their Overtime rate to provide security at MVA offices. This equals up to 50$ ann hour and more. They could Hire Delta force commando's for that
Arundel       much.Either elliminate this security or sned Police as part of their normal patrol
Allegany      I cannot understand reducing payments to nursing homes as those that depend on these resources are among the most vulnerable. If we can't take care of the elderly, the infirm and our children then what does that
              say about us as a society. I realize that cuts have to be made but surely there are other options to cut.

              It is also hard for me to comprehend State employees having to take furlough days. How can people be expected to help the economy by spending when their income is being taken away. To me when a commitment
              is made by a government, it should be binding. When a person is told when they are hired that their salary will be a specified amount, that is what it should be. Perhaps instead of furloughs for state employees, it could
              be considered to give those retired employees who have taken contract positions with the state while drawing their pensions an indefinite furlough. The money alloted for those contracts could allow "unretired" state
              employees to take fewer (or no) furlough days. Also, that retired employee that returns as a contract employee is keeping a position that an otherwise unemployed qualified person could fill.

              I know that these are not going to solve the deficit; however, there has to be a way to cut costs without the two situations mentioned above.
Baltimore   Hello Governor O'Malley. I suggest that the revenue or a portion of the revenue from the Maryland Lottery that now currently goes to the Maryland Stadium Authority should go to help balance the state budget. The
            Maryland Lottery makes nearly 1 billion dollars every fiscal year. The Maryland lottery benefits from Maryland citizens. I don't see why some of that money should not go to help the state finacial budget. Why should it
            all go the Maryland Stadium Authority, since Maryland has not built any new multi-million dollar stadiums lately. Thank you, you're a great governor of maryland.
Baltimore   Dear Governor O'Malley

            The State would save 18-20 million dollars if the lost children from the Hickey School were sent to live and receive training at the Workforce and Technology Center on Argonne Drive. This facility is part of the Division
            of Rehabilitation Services (MSDE) and has its own police/security and specialty personnel (vocational, addiction, psychology, assistive technology) whose knowledge and training would greatly assist these individuals
            who have up to this point been "left behind".


            Maybe you could find room for me somewhere as I really enjoyed working for the State of Maryland.

            Good luck with this idea and your future career.


Baltimore   Dear Governor,

            I am writing this as a citizen of Maryland although I am also a state employee of 29 years. So, I am your employee with obvious limitations. I have been working for 21 years as

            Fiscal Officers are the ones who may know where financial waste happens and where savings can happen. You may benefit by calling a meeting of Fiscal Officers of all State budgetary units allowing them the freedom
            to speak their minds? You may hear a lot. I can give you some idea too.


            Fiscal Officers are the ones you may need to take into confidence at this time to find out possible solutions.

            I wish you all the best in this trying financial times.

            Yours truly,

Worchester   Enact sensible entitlement reform. Require a urinalysis test for those that apply for aid. Require those that receive State aid to perform community service when not actively looking for a job. Those that work all their life
             and pay into the system should be rewarded at a higher rate than those who do not (e.g. illegal aliens) I think it is ridiculous to consider allowing State workers to work at home.

             How about this one; don't spend more than you take in? Reduce taxes to spur the economy?



City         I am aware that there are people that have jobs in state agencies where the "job" itself really does not exist. They are either political appts that dont really have a clue or people hired by the appts just because they can
             do it. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
             Others have been reclassed because of politics yet they dont even have a real job and they brag about doing nothing all day and getting paid in upwards of $70,000 while others who are doing the actual work get
             turned down and looked over for the same jobs. I am not against people getting help but in times like this it makes it really difficult for those people who actually love Baltimore and the State of MD to understand what
             is going on. The MTA seems to have dumped a lot of people off on other agencies and some of the people dont have a good ethical background and are making decisions that are no doubt going to cost you money
             and votes in the next election. And I really dont want to see another republican run our state.
Anne         dear sir, I have sent this to the state comtroller on how to save this state on money only to get some cock and bull story. If our state would only have one rear tag on our autos and trucks this would save lots of money
Arundel      on materials and labor. if we need to cut this is a great place to start. also lets do like other states on recycling. give 5 cents on all glass bottles charge at the store extra moneys. look at all of the glass we could save at
             the bars and grocery store on returns of said items.if no one returns look at the money we could make.
Carroll      What a joke. I calculated that the $400 million cuts that you are looking for amount to only 3% of the $13+ billion budget. You should be ashamed of playing politics when any good manager could cut 5-10% of their
             budget, particularly in a bloated bureaucracy like the state government, with no effect on continuing operations. You are a fraud and sooner or later you will be found out and relegated to the "Who?" generation.
Baltimore    1. Eliminate all senatorial and delegates scholarships. They are not based on need - they are based on nepotism.
             2. Offer state employees the option of working a 80% work week.
             3. Offer state employees nearing retirement an early out incentive.
             4. Eliminate all funding education for people with green cards and illegals and their children - or make them pay for services.
             5. All legislators living within 50 miles of Annapolis should not receive expenses for overnight stays.
             6. Eliminate rehabilitation services for illegals and people with green cards. Put a cap on amount to be spent on each consumer receiving MSDE DORS services. Put a monetary cap on the amount paid for contractors
             providing services to DORS consumers.

Cecil        Do away with the Maryland Transportation Authority Police and move thier resources and responsibilities into the existing Maryland State Police.
Baltimore    How about shutting down all CIVILIAN parts of DPDS on holdiays. This would save money as well as give 24 hour CIVILIAN employees a chance to stay home with their families. Also furlough all people who make
Howard       1. enforce niose laws for motorcycles...will produce ticket revenue...reduce noise pollution...employ mechanics to replace illegally removed mufflers 2. only rear license plate... will save manufacture & distribution cost
Harford      I think it's time to give State Troopers a pay raise. They haven't recieved a raise in several years. Not only do the Troopers protect the citizens of Maryland, oh yes, they protect the Governor 24 hours a day and 7
             days a week. The worst part, they don't even work the road, criminal investigation, homicide, narcotics, etc...They just cover you. How about giving some pay raises to one of the lowest paid state agencies in the
             country. The ones that represent YOU and Maryland...the highest level of representation.
Howard       You have thousands of freeloaders in this state and now is the time to do something about it.
              These people would be the bicycle riders, not the kids on the sidewalks, but the Lance Armstrong imitators.
              Make them get licenes just like motorcycles and pay a fee and require that they take a safety coures.
              Require that they get tags and pay the same as a car or a motorcycle.
              If they could be identified by thier tag number and be lible for fine, maybe they would behave better.
              Fair is fair they use the roads too. If we have to pay so should they.
Carroll     1. State vehicles picked up and dropped off at State shops. No more taking the big yellow truck home. (Saves gas/wear and tear/insurance). (Better than being laid off).

            2. Make it harder to have positions get through the hiring freeze (exempted) ... some offices have existing employees that can pick up the slack. Some offices are already overextended.

            3. Make any furlough days coincide with holidays ... save on heat in winter/opening buildings/turning on computers.

            4. No travel to conferences that are not work-related or necessary and no setting up tables at any fairs/conferences, etc. to promote a given agency. (State Fair, etc.)

            5. Compressed workweeks for all employees/job sharing rather than lay offs. Some employees may even volunteer to go 90% weekly if asked.

            Whatever is necessary to save jobs.

            Thank you.


Howard      Get rid of, or at least reduce, the the number of consultants employed by the state. In conclusion, do not feel the need to spend monies only for the sake of getting matching federal dollars or loosing those matching
            dollars if you decline. Sometimes you can't afford to buy the one even if the second one is free.
Baltimore   Use prisoners for state labor jobs. No reason we have to pay people to cut the grass. Prison labor is free labor. Drive them to the work zone, give them some tools and let them work. Saves gas money for the
            equipment we currently use and pay of those state workers. You're paying the prison guards anyway.

            Cut welfare! No more free rides. You want to be on welfare, then come help cut weeds or do some type of manual labor for the state. You're getting paid, do something.

            Sell the governor's mansion. Buy a house like everyone else and commute.

            Reduce pay of MD elected officials. Obviously you're not doing a good job, so why shouldn't you get a pay cut.

Somerset    Make state offices work a 4 day work week at 10 hrs. per day.
            Look at the cost savings for energy consumption, commuting,
            etc. Obviously all agencies can't do this but where possible
            the state and taxpayers can net a significant savings. Initial public response might be critical but eventually
            people will learn to adjust. A quick way to look at this is to look at the days the state shut down the extra days during the holidays (the days at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years) and see the benefit of this.
City        The illegal latin immigrant problem is a major burden to every state. Seems no one wants to admit this is what is Bankrupting CA. Maryland is no exception to this huge problem. I have seen it with my own eyes. I have
            seen illegal's on commercial job sites, New home construction sites, State Highway projects, Telephone companies, Electric Companies trimming trees around power lines and just about every Landscaping Co. This is
            a huge problem that is getting worse by the month. There are way to many companies in Maryland using illegal's. BIG companies! Maryland is losing massive taxes from these illegal workers and Companies that use
            them as well. Sad to say, every working tax payer is also paying for this huge problem. This is a crime but Illegal's receive: Drivers license, Free housing, Welfare, Unemployment, FREE Health Care, Free schooling.
            The illegal immigrants are taking jobs from all fields and putting legal hard working, tax paying American's out of work. Get rid of the illegal's and we would cut MD unemployment in half. No one wants to speak up and
            do something about this problem because they want to stay in office. They do not want be painted as a racist.
            I personally have no problem with any Latino that is in the US legally, has a S.S. number and pays taxes. It is the illegal's and the sad sack companies that hire such help.

            1. Increase ICE and go after these illegal's and every single company that employees or hires illegal immigrants.
              2. Any company caught using illegal's should be fined $1,000 per incident. (The state of maryland would raise tens of millions a year doing so. )
              3. Unemployment benefits, Maryland drivers license or welfare should not be give to any illegal immigrant, period.

              If this problem is not addressed Maryland will wind up just like CA.

Wicomico      Governor O'Malley,

                I would recommend offering an early out immediately for all state employees across the board (State Highway to State Police) who are within 2-3 years of retirement with no loss against their full retirement. Before
              reducing the pay of all, see if there are enough willing to leave early. I believe this will help maintain the moral of all state employees even if you have to eventually inact a pay cut to reach the budget. Thank you for
              your time and look forward to your response.

Baltimore     Cancel all the budget increases, that the past legislative session made. In addition cut all welfare payments to illegal aliens. The y are in the Illegally, so should not have any right to any benifits.
Anne          Schools: Instead of having grandparents day toward the end of the year, why not have it at the beginning of the year, or, better yet, send home with students, a letter addressed to their grandparents. In this letter would
Arundel       be a list of things that that child's classroom could really use to make their day of learning easier or better. Things that teachers either buy on their own or more expensive things that could be bought for the class from a
              collection of cash donations from grandparents to the school. Grandparents are always willing to help their grandchildren and usually need to be needed. Thank you.
Anne          For schools: I suggest students pay for uniforms for sports teams in schools. They either buy it or pay to use it and the next year someone else can pay to wear it. A large inventory of uniforms will then be available for
Arundel       all students, but the school still makes money to purchase needed equipment.
select your   My suggestions would be to discontinue the annual child support conferences. In my opinion, these conferences are nothing but a big party on the tax payers dime. Half of the people don't actually attend any of the
county        seminars, they go shopping, etc. I also think we should cut vendor contracts. I think there is alot of "fluff" in some of these contracts..i.e. $ alotted for snacks, gas cards for vendor employees..etc. I have heard that both
              the conferences and the vendor contracts are federally funded. I am not sure if this is the case, but either way there is huge waste going on and this is sad when state employees are facing additional furloughs,
              reductions in pay, etc. Thank you.
City          Eliminate the per diems, honorariums, and all forms of payment for the State's appointed Board members especially the USM regents. These are honorary positions which the appointees are holding to enhance their
              own credentials, and the taxpayers should not be paying political appointees hundreds of dollars just to attend meetings.
Howard        Marc train prices are very cheap-- When I worked in the district of Columbia I could not believe the price that I would pay to travel from BWI to Union Station. The amount was only $150 per month which included
              parking. If they would raise the price by just $2 dollars per day or a total of $40 dollars per month we could a significant increase in revenue. And the cost still would be less than what it would cost to drive and park in
              the DC.
Carroll       Last Friday I took my car for a Emission Inspection. The service was good there were 12 Technicians and my car.One tech. pluged in the (OBD) in less than one minute test was finished. Recived test results and I was
              out the Door. A tech told me they were doing away with the Treadmill test for the (OBD)test so close the stations and let local gas stations witch some are State Inspections stations do the test. Sell the property this will
              save money plus give you cash for dept reduction.
Baltimore     I would suggest an early retirement enhancement plan for State employees that have at least 25 or more years of service. You eliminate at least half of the positions vacated and hire new replacement for critical
              vacancies at a much lower salary rate.
select your   I would suggest an early retirement enhancement plan for State employees that have at least 25 or more years of service. You eliminate at least half of the positions vacated and hire new replacement for critical
county        vacancies at a much lower salary rate.
Howard      Dear Governor O'Malley,
            I am fortunate to be a retired state employee with a pension.In light of the challenging times for our investment portfolio, I would suggest that retirees receive their monthly pension checks on the first of the month rather
            than the end of the previous month. This would provide an additional day for the portfolio to earn interest and perhaps one day less of interest costs to the state if money is borrowed.This would provide 12 additional
            days of intrest accruing to pension account on an annual basis. I have no idea what the fiscal impact would be(no doubt modest) but it is a virtually painless way to generate some additional income for the state and is
            sellable given the reduction in the portfolio's value.I hope this suggestion is useful.

City        Sir,

            I think you should look at how Police Officers are driving their cars unnecessarily. Cut cost by cutting back on the amount of police cars put on the street daily. Have Police Officers put back on bikes or on foot patrol.
            This will also help officers get back into shape. I saw an officer here in Baltimore City who looked like he was 300 pounds.
Carroll     1. Raise the toll on the Bay Bridge and Harbor Tunnel bringing them in line with other jurisdictions that charge as much as $5.00. (not going to be popular, but certainly not going to break anyones bank)
            2. Raise the cost of lottery tickets.
            3. Raise the tax on whiskey and cigarettes. In the long run it will save on health care costs and lives.
            4. Stop paying prisoners for doing work on work details, and stop giving them all the modern ammenities. They are there for punishment, not rewards. That's why some of them don't want to leave or don't care if they
            go back.
            5. Put every able bodied person on welfare to work so they can earn the money they're getting such as trash pickup and removal, street cleaning, highway beautification and picking crops for farmers, etc. It might cut
            down on malingerers who only want to get the check, but they could work but choose not to try.
            6. Charge a heftier fine for individuals caught committing misdemeanor offenses and more serious traffic violations.
            7. Freeze all state public employees salaries for 2 years, including yours and elected state house officials,and eliminate all take home cars for supervisors of various departments. They should use their own cars like
            everyone else.

Baltimore   Arrange baltimore city community detention program to operate the same way as the central region mainly baltimore county. We have five workers each has an area of youth on community detention and we manage
            our case load 24 hours a day 7 days a week flex schedule. Working this way will cut out the need for unecessary workers, shifts, and less likely for youth to fall through the cracks. If you notice the city has so many
            issues with the program but has more workers baltimore county has less workers and way less problems.I aslo think providing youth in the program with a trade and job placement maybe for both the parent and child
            will reduce the return rate, thus costing the state less money.
Cecil       i suggest that instead of hiring consultants/contractors, that the hiring exception be relaxed in order to hire permanent employees. Consultants/contracts may make the agencies look like they have less FTEs but in
            order to get mandated work done, agencies are forced into hiring private consultants at a much higher cost. At the end of the fiscal year, the overall actuals are much higher for each department. Also, instead of direct
            purchase of replacement/additional vehicles, 3-year leases could be done (at least during this budget crisis).
Carroll     hi, i understand that there needs to be some budget cuts made but, there also have to be some funds transferred to other interests and programs. instead of cutting programs that can not afford being cut, put a salary
            cap on all state workers by years in service. there is another way to help state income, raise the tax on alcohol. alcohol kills more people than cigarettes. i have seen more vehicle accidents related to alcohol rather
            than cigarettes. thank you.
Somerset    Elimination of unnecessary travel by state employees would save a lot of money. Also, why are employees at correctional facilities provided free meals. Other state agencies don't provide meals. Charge for the meals
            and save money. Why were domestic partners allowed to be carried on insurance coverage when there were already budget problems? Certainly this has added substantial expense. Training should be done at the
            local state agencies instead of having everyone driving over the bridge. It's a lot cheaper to let the instructors travel.
Anne        Stop the practice of allowing police and all government employees taking their government-issued vehicles home. I see off-duty police using their government cars for personal use. This is extremely wasteful.
Baltimore   1. Increase college tuition for public institutions.
            2. Reduce or eliminate aid to private colleges.
            3. Reduce number of contractual employees.
            4. Offer early retirement and/or buyout to reduce the number of employees at the top of their pay scale.
            5. Have counties contribute their fair share to the teacher retirement system.
City        1) What ever happened to the slots? They were supposed
               to bring money into the state.

            2) How about making marijuana legal? Those who smoke,
               should pay sales tax. Those who sell, should pay
               income tax.

Anne        I think you should look at all the leakage in the state National Guard. I know for a fact, that soldiers get put on orders and do absolutly nothing. If they show up for work at all.
Baltimore   Fast track the slot casinos
Baltimore   Have a real hiring freeze. Stop all hiring except for Corrections and Public Hospitals. In order to get a position filled, there must be clear statistical justification for the need to hire. True data such as historical overtime
            costs for the position, similiar positions and positions in the department, identification of others who perform the same work,and staffing analysis and recommendation by a qualified HR professional to determine actual
            need or alternatives.

            Also, there needs to be a real study of all overtime costs. Many overtime costs could be reduced if workweek, hours of work and scheduling were changed to reflect the actual workload needs.

Harford     Those on SSI and Unemployment mostly sit home and collect the "free money" Why can you put a broom, shovel or something of that nature and put them to a different work? The streets everywhere would be cleaner
            and its not a brainer to operate a shovel and broom. Baltimore City used to have Hokie Men sweeping streets.
City        I am a state employee with ten years service xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I would like to see program audits/evaluations; a directory of departments and divisions with a
            description of the core responsibilities and/or services suitable for public dissemination. I would like to see a central cost center and bring financial responsibility and accountability under one tent. I very much want to
            see measurable, objective performance standards throughout the departments and divisions management, including upper management, to be held accountable. It is management that is responsible for leadership
            and leadership to is make clear the work, the responsibilities, the tasks and supply the limits and boundaries within the work settings, provide direction to the staff, and hold all to the same standards of the policies and
            procedures. Please, no more of the goofy motivational seminars. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. My pay is from
            taxpayers, I am a taxpayer, my work, for which I am grateful, and my pay is, to my thinking, my employee appreciation.
Baltimore   The skyrocketing energy costs in our state have made it difficult for many families to afford to make any but the most basic of purchases. Forcing down the cost of energy would allow MD families to spend again and
            provide tax revenues. The State government would also save on the cost of energy, most noticeable in our public school buildings. In this way, we could even save millions on education without taking from the ed.
            dollars. Thank you.
City        Much money is wasted on the penal system. Money could be saved from arresting people for failure to appear for traffic offenses. The money saved from feeding them alone should save LOTS of money.
Harford     The state is comprised of dozens of agencies that act independently, even when their duties overlap. All these agencies need to combine their purchasing power and have a quartermaster division for the state.

            The state is also ran as a government, not a business. What this means is we never really look at efficiencies in how we solve problems. The largest companies in the US use a system called Six Sigma, it is a
            mathematical approach to problem solving/business management, that companies have noted millions to billions of dollars in cost savings. This was started by Motorola and is continuing to spread. I personally am
            aware of situations where the state is spending a lot more money than it should be to get a task done because it involves multiple agencies, without anyone with the authority to make all three agencies involved work in
            the most effective manner, and I am sure this is the case all over the state. The next year should be the year of efficiency, not cuts, obviously you need to make cuts to get through the year, but this is an opportunity to
            make a real improvement in the state, offering more service for less money.

            Find volunteers, start looking at services the state provides that could be performed by volunteers. For example, cut our environmental preservation expenses, but fund more environmental volunteer programs.
            We need to encourage more people to move here and drive the economy up, giving the state more money to spend. The state should offer a reduced state income tax rate for new residents for their first year here.

            The state spends entirely too much time and money on our criminal justice system for non-violent crimes. One of your main platforms is to be tough on crime, but there needs to be a better prioritization of arrest and
            prosecution of crimes. This will reduce the case backlog in the courts, and reduce the cost of incarcerating individuals.

            In regard to individuals incarcerated, these people are extremely expensive to maintain. Instead of simply releasing individuals early due to the over crowding issues, offer reduced sentences for minor crimes in
            exchange for a fine and probation. All the state's attorneys should be directed to stop over using the STET docket to reduce their case load, instead they should be offering PBJ deals that include a fine, community
            service, and submission of a DNA sample even for minor crimes. The cost savings in investigating crimes is significant with the use of large DNA databases, and it is not an invasion of an individual’s rights if it is a pre-
            trial settlement.

            In the prison system, individuals should be provided the absolute minimum, with the opportunity to work and pay for more.

            Finally, make the state zero payment for illegal immigrants. This is an area the state can cut the budget and only risk angering a small group of voters, and will benefit the state as a whole. Then, offer a state
            sponsored path to citizenship that will allow individuals to gain state support that we are normally paying for anyway, but now they are being documented as being here, and the state can charge them for various
Baltimore   1. Re-centralize DSS offices in Baltimore City and other large jurisdictions. This would save the state money in rents and utility costs.
            2. Temporarily suspend payment and contracts to vendors( America Works, Office of Employment Development, etc.) responsible for getting jobs for TCA applicants and recipients and keeping them in work activities.
            In these difficult economic times, almost no one is finding jobs, including me! Once this can be done, staff assigned to monitor and impliment the work activity portion of the TCA program can be re-diverted to process
            other case work. This would be a more efficient use of staff. Although current employees are leaving and retiring, no new staff is being hired to match the rate of increased caseloads. Cutting staff at this critical time is
            not the answer to saving money unless, of course, you are willing to cut critical benefits and programs to the needy. The welfare rolls will continue to grow, but you will no longer have the staff to accomodate the
            demand for service.

City        As a case manager with the Baltimore City Department of Social Services I think it would be wise to shutting down those type of buildings for one or two days a week...possibly even more. My suggestion would be to
            close them on Fridays and Mondays and have available in office days be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I am often in the field. I service my customers in the community. While I do have to be in the building to
            do paperwork in our Chessie system, I could realistically spend one day a week doing this.

            I think it would be a good idea (like last year's idea of shutting down state offices the day after Christmas and New Years) to really consider more building shut downs and have people work from home. I would be very
            open to cutting back to a 4 day work week (i.e. 10 hours a day) with buildings closed on Fridays or Mondays. I am also an advocate of going paperless. We have our Chessie database to place all necessary
            information yet still have hard records with unnecessary use of paper.

Baltimore    I have 2 suggestions and 2 comments
              #1 Cut the State Employees Family leave
              #2 The cars that are being used by State Employee / Police - if not taking that privilege from them how about the total subsidy or at least the State pay only a per centage of the cost.
              ** I was a child during the Second World War and I don't remember the belly aching that I hear now. We all pulled together.
              ** I worked in a Community Hosp that had lost a company that gave a lot of money to support it. The Hospital Administrator let us know there might be lay offs among us nurses and there was definitely no funds for
            overtime. What did we nurses do? We worked after punching out at the time clock and when the end of the shift came we punched out and kept on working. The Administrators were horrified to see us at work. We just
            told them they were seeing things that we were not there. They caught on.

Anne        It would seem that an across the board percentage reduction in anual salary of state employees is significantly more effective. The administration of tracking furlough days is an administrative nightmare and costly.
Arundel     There would be no need to exempt large groups of safety sensitive critical employees as everyone would be treated the same. Last years exemptions given to Executive staff of MSP is a prime example of unfair
            treatment. You can't tell me that the exectutve staff works 24/7. Find a Captain or above who works multiple shifts. I support cost containment in government and am willing to sacrifice if everyone is treated fairly.
Howard        Mr. Governor. Thank you for allowing me this great opportunity to assist you.

              I have been a volunteer fire fighter in Baltimore County for 25 years. In that time I have seen particpation dwindle. I have also seen donations dwindle as well. The old trickle down affect if you would. Back in the mid
              '80's, the volunteer fire companies were holding what was called 'Las Vegas' nights. And these events would allow the volunteer fire companies to raise monies to assist with there over all operating expenses. If the
              State would allow the volunteer fire companies to use 'Las Vegas' nights as a fund raiser, this would (IMHO) alleviate some of the the financial burden of the State and Local governments to said volunteer fire

              This is not a 'slash monies' idea per say, but I do think that it could/would allow the state to perhaps cut some funding which in turn the fire companies could make up the difference with the casino nights. And if the
              State were to, let's say place a fee on said licenses, the State could prosper as well. I think it would be great to start at a 70/30 split. The 30 would cover all said licenses of course.

              Thank you for your time and consideration.
Carroll       As a former employee at a local state-funded xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I saw much waste: Two directors and only one doing the work, 6 secretaries doing the work of one or two, many
              sanitarians that were in the office several hours every day either not doing their job or with no work to do. My solution is to make one director retire (he has 30+ years), lay off 4 or 5 secretaries and make the
              sanitarians do their own paperwork and computer entry, schedule a "sanitarian of the day" (SOD)to answer phones and assist customers, and make a mandatory retirement for those eligible. In addition, make
              Maryland State employees who live out-of-state pay Maryland State taxes.
Talbot        In Maryland DHMH psychiatric inpatient facilities, reduce number of psychiatrists who currently manage a 7 patient caseload. Supplement healthcare services by having nurse practitioners and/or physician assistants
              on staff.

              Also in DHMH, consider converting Upper Shore Community Mental Health Center into an assisted living program, to reduce staffing costs.

              In Fleet Management, reduce number of vehicles for each facility. Replace with more fuel efficient vehicles. Eliminate the use of costly gas-guzzling SUVs for high ranking officials.

              Consider Early Retirement/Early Buyout option, in general for all state employees.

              Consider mandatory ten hour shifts for Maryland State Police personnel who work rotating shifts, to reduce fuel costs and overtime pay.

              Free promotions in all state facilities.

              Eliminate free and public education/healthcare provided to illegal residents.

              Expedite the process to implement slots in Maryland.

              Promote overseas corporations to establish locations in rural areas of the Eastern Shore of MD.

select your   Eliminate the need for two license plates for vehicles.
Cecil         Too many supervisors in county health departments that don't do any work. Do a desk audit of all employees and get rid of the dead weight.

              Also, consider longer work days with more regular days off to allow facilities to save operating expenses.

              Encourage more commuters to get Easy Passes by giving discount tolls to easy pass holders and making it easy to get the passes to reduce the need for toll takers.

Anne          The Toll for the Bay Bridge needs to be increased to $5 (Round Trip). This would bring in much needed revenue. It doesn't make sense to pay a $2.50 toll round-trip for the Bay Bridge when it costs $4 to make a round-
Arundel       trip over the Key Bridge or Harbor Tunnel.
Carroll       cut all travel expenses, and meals lodging
              hiring freeze
              review all newly hired appointed positions
Harford       Change requirement of two licens plates to one plate on the rear of the vehicle. Not a huge savings but a savings.
Anne          i am a retired state employee. i thank we could save money by returning to the old vision plan of eye glasses replacement every other year.
Anne          I suggest you cut your salary and the salary of all legisators and staffs. Cut the number of people working for legislators, Cut legislative expense accounts and vehicles. Turn down the heat and turn up the Air
Arundel       conditioning. Turn off lights that are not needed. at night limit the number of lights on inside and outside state buildings. Furlough yourselves!!
Anne          Schools: let parnents pay for books and then give them a tax credit at end of year.Open bids on bus contracts yearly
Arundel       Prisons: cut out the free ride!!! you go to jail in Md you work out in a gym,you go to libary or to a higher education class,free health care, 3 meals a day and sit on your butt!! bring back road gangs and then you can cut
              back on state hignway workers who you often see 5 guys just standing around watching 1 guy dig a hole. Go spend a day at DMV see whose working a full 8 hours, good luck
select your   I suggest an audit of all departments in DHMH, there is a real need for someone to look at the redundency of functions within the State Office Complex. Why would you need a Deputy Director and an assistant to help
county        out the Deputy Director, when there are four administrative assistants sitting around, overload in top management. Ask Mr. John Colmers to look closely at his organization. Lots of people, little work.
Baltimore     Mr. Governor,

              A suggestion, and not a popular one might be to cut back the retirement contribution the State of Maryland makes to various agencies including judges, police, educators, and employees. Keep in mind that we are in a
              deflationary economy and at the same time the State could allow employees to pick up the cut in the contribution. When the economy gets better, the State of Maryland could always reinstate. We know the federal
              government is not the answer for a one shot stimulas is just a patch to a complicated problem that our future children, yours and mine, will inherit . Just for the record, the cut in the retirement rate would impact me
              directly. A raise in taxes is not the answer for the people and businesses have been taxed enough. Mr. Governor, I wish to remain anonymous. I wish you the best in accomplishing your goal with these budget cuts.

              Thank you

Harford       Have an Independent Audit all Welfare cases. Make periodic drug testing of receipents. Too many with Independence cards, driving Cadillacs and capable of work.
Anne          I am a state worker & have been for 27 yrs.I'm thankful to have a job however the mamagement that the state has ex:unit manager,assistent manager,and many cheifs do we need.the higher
Arundel       mamagement people do so much less then the workers(me).If fourlough days are ahead I think that this situation s/b looked at so they make the big bucks & should have to take more then lower grades.I also see alot
              of positions being filled that are not the past3-4 yrs we as state workers have been doing 1-2 peoples jobs however we know thats the way it is.But when I see mamagement being hired at the price their
              being paid I just shake my head.
City          Do not pay state employees, for their birthdays, they can take the day off, but without pay.
              Also manatory for minimum 5 day furlough,per year, no overtime,and less perks in office,s such as coffee machines,unless paid for by employees. Sorry, but at least they keep their job.
Baltimore    Maybe actually putting in the slot machines instead of fighting over them.
Anne         Ban the use of state take home vehicles. State vehicles should be used only for business. This is not the case. Employees are able to commute to and from work with their vehicles and using them on the weekends.
Arundel      Vehicles should stay at the state facility and only be used during working hours. Commuting to and from work is not state time.
Baltimore    No introduction of legislation if it does not relate to the budget(the only mandate the legislators have that is passing the budget). Printing of legislation is no longer necessary and the public has access to any proposed
             legistion on line.
             The 90 day session can be reduced to two weeks to pass a budget and then send them home!!!! We have had many years that the 90 day session got the work done and so do away with any legislative meeting other
             than leadership outside of the 90 days. Tell the public what it cost per day to have all the legislators in Annapolis, housed, feed and milage. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Harford      Get all the Police out on rt95 and rt695 and ticket speeders.
             you could rake in a million a week.
Anne         Stop giving yearly budget increases beyond the cpi to every state agency. The state should live within its means and also save some money every year for times like this. Every time there is an economic downturn the
Arundel      folks in governement act surprised that the gravy train stopped and then they come to the same folks to fix it...the taxpayers........I am voting every incumbent out...period.
Baltimore    I think that you should reduce the counties and city budgets across the board by a percentage and let them figure out how to balance their budget and make up the difference (ie: furlaugh their employees) this year.
             Since my husband (a State Employee) was furlaughed last year!
Howard       You can and should reduce costs significantly by prohibiting services (except emergency medical services) for illegal aliens. This should also include removing the right to vote. What possible reasons could you have
             for providing support to these people who are in the country illegally? I would like to know !!
Calvert      No per diems during legislative session. The average Employee is not paid for travel and meals to work daily. Cut budget for legislative session: four day week, no temporary staff hiring, no new furniture, no
             Reduce senatorial scholarships funding and make it need based only.
             Increase UMS tuition 2%.
             Reduce Innovations Institute funding by 50%
             No out of state travel.
             Do not always replace highway signs to update the name of the governor. NO Governors' name should not be on any signs.
             No updating state maps, brochures, etc. with new photos of the governor.

Montgomery   Legalize marijuana and tax it. You won't have to spend money and resources trying to fight the drug and will make millions off the tax.
Baltimore    Institute a four-day work week for state employees.

             Set thermostats in all state offices at 75 degrees.
Harford      If you determine state furloughs are necessary, then the entire state should shut down on the same days. I suggest that consecutive Fridays be used for furlough days in december, january or feb. If Fridays are used
             then state buildings can be shut down for weekends in the winter saving salary and heating and building expenses.
Carroll      stop state employees, including state police, from using state vehicles for driving to and from work and personal use.
Carroll      Stop giving money to CASA. We shouldn't be aiding and abetting criminals, it's illegal.
Carroll      Make Maryland a "Shall Issue" Concealed Carry Weapon permit state. You'll get lots of revenue from permit applications, decrease violent crime and "Strike a blow for Liberty" ( Harry S. Truman)
Frederick    As you mentioned "No reductions to K-12 education are planned." in powerpoint presentation of 07-22-09 BPW briefing, Maryland School for the Deaf staff already had furlough. I requested to waive state furlough on
             teachers and other staff directly working with students in school system. Thanks
City         I think the heads of the state agencies should have a limit on the amount of compensatory time they can earn. Most are already being compensated with nice paychecks - very nice from what I remember reading. To
             also accrue a lot of compensatory time (which I assume they use instead of annual or personal leave - the annual which they can get paid for if they leave state service) just doesn't make good business sense. I see
             people in different professions (that are not state workers) that put in a lot of overtime and they don't think anything of it because they bring home a healthy paycheck. Now I know this won't make a huge budget help
             and may not be seen right away - but I think it would help in the long run. AND if you are going to abolish more state positions - how about cutting some from your office first? Like lead by example? (nothing personal
             against anyone - not that I even know anyone there - just saying there must be some on your staff that can take on extra duties like those of us in the trenches)
Baltimore    I think this would be a good way to help with the budget shortfall. In Maryland there are many thousands of illegal aliens that are employed with companies that withhold taxes.(state and federal) There are a few ways
             that the state could recover lost revenue and tax money. # 1 the illegal alients use false social security numbers and they increase the number of dependants and so their withholdings are minimal or nill.(so withholding
             is minimal and they are not going to file a return anyway) #2, if the state cracked down on the companies that employ all the illegal aliens and fined them they could create a great deal of revenue. #3 and most
             importantly and probably the best result would be to crack down on those companies that hire illegal aliens, then rehire those that are allowed to work in the US llegally. This would also reduce the unemployment
             claims in the state.

             While I dont want to cause problems for illegal aliens and I know they have families as well xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, making plenty of money for their companies and
             personally while the state and other Marylanders suffer.

             I would personally voluneer for the state to crack down to help with this isse.
Howard       Instead of just focusing on cuts, there should be a focus on increasing revenue. One source of revenue is out of state students attempting to enroll in our universities. Perhaps this is a time we could explore a possible
             enrollment increase.
Carroll      How about saving money instead of paying it to BGE and turn off the street lights on 795 during the day???????
Anne         Turn off lights when leaving the room. Sound too basic to even say??? I see co-workers leave lights on in single stall restrooms when they leave - see them leave the lights on in their office when leaving for a meeting
Arundel      and will be gone for more than 15 or 20 minutes. A simple electronic "turn off the light when you leave the room" campaign would be cheap (do it via email and it is free) and easy. No, this won't solve the budget
             problem but it could be a few drops in the bucket. When my roommates finally got the message our electric bill went down $40 a year... not a cure but I would think every penny helps.
Worchester   I work for DJS,when a resident is moved from detention to a placement transportation will not take the youths clothing.A Case Manager then has to drive the youths clothing to them.Often the youth may be from the
             Lower Shore and is placed in western MD.This takes the Case Manager out of the office all day often incurring overtime expences.
             2)Managers could help in unit coverage,particularly when multipal managers are on duty.Again this would reduce overtime.
             3)Hire a full time psychologist for all detention facilities.This would expedite testing, deleating the contracts for this service,improve the quality of care /treatment ,and help get the youth out of detention quicker.This
             would reduce the population in detention and again reduce the amount of staff needed ,reducing overtime.
Charles      It may be a great idea to cut every state employee to 4 day work week. I'm not exactly sure how many state employees there are but I think a 4 day work week would save a great deal of money. It would also allow us
             to preserve on other bills such as electricity. Hopefully this suggestion is considered.
Baltimore    Good day, Why not change the law that requires 2 license plates on our vehicles. Is it REALLY necessary to have front and back. The resources spent on making 1/2 of what is currently on our vehicles would save
             some money, and allow resources for other crucial areas. Thanks.
Worchester   I live in Worcester County (not Worchester Co.!!!!). 1) On Route 113, they have been spending more time and money on sediment ponds and trees, rather than actually building a road. 2) Our school children may be
             able to get by without brand new text books this year. 3) no out of country travel by state officials. 4) make MD more friendly to business (lower their taxes) so they may move or keep their businesses in our state. 5)
             stop over taxing the rich (this encourages them to move away) leaving the middle class holding the bag. 6) drill for oil off our shores as technology is such spills are very unlikely + this would provide year round, good
             paying jobs for my area as employment in this area is seasonal. - food for thought and thanks. I'm hoping and wishing that this mess can get fixed.
Baltimore    An accross the Board pay cut is fairer than furloughs as it would apply to all categories of employees. Furloughs are essentially a pay cut but do not apply to everyone(public safety etc.)and an actual paycut would be
Carroll      Capture paper recycling in all state offices instead of it going to charity.
Montgomery   DATE: July 18, 2005

             SUBJECT: Graduated Sanction Contract Proposal to the Secretary of the Department

             This writer seeks an audience with the Secretary of the Department of Juvenile Services for the purpose of proposing a statewide implementation of graduated sanctions through contract with DJS clients and their
             parents. By adopting the graduated sanction contract method, community case managers will have a greater ability to avoid Court resolutions (VOP, Review Hearings, etc.) and work with the youths of Maryland in a
             satisfactory manner to all parties involved. Further, this writer predicts a dramatic decrease in the number of youths being placed in residential facilities and being subjected to long-term detentions if this plan is

             What is the Graduated Sanction Contract Method?

             When a youth is placed on supervised probation by the Court, the following condition is requested by the DJS case manager to be placed in the Probation Order: Be subject to graduated sanctions to include Electronic
             Monitoring (E.M.) and weekend detentions in accordance with the DJS Graduated Sanction Contract. If the Court adopts the recommendation, then the DJS case manager, the youth, the youth’s parents and the
             defense attorney (optional) signs the DJS Graduated Sanction Contract (see attachment). The contract explains that graduated sanctions are community-based consequences for violating the conditions of the youth’s
             Probation Order. The contract further explains the three different types of sanctions (E.M., consequence beds and non-detention sanctions) and the procedure regarding how and when they are used. Initially, the case
             manager would resort to non-detention sanctions (warnings, meeting with parents, community service hour, etc.) to address the youth’s non-compliant behaviors. After two of these sanctions have been used, the case
             manager may resort to placing the youth on Electronic Monitoring as a sanction for the third or following violations. Consequence beds are to be used after both non-detention sanctions and E.M. have been tried or as
             a sanction for violating the rules of E.M.. When it is decided to give the youth a sanction of either E.M. or consequence bed (weekend detention), then the case manager will write a memorandum to the Court, SAO
             and the youth’s attorney informing them of the Department’s course of action and the reasons for it. In response, these parties may seek Court resolution if DJS conduct is not to their satisfaction.

             What is the history of the Graduated Sanction Contract Method?

             As far as this writer is aware, this particular method of graduated sanction implementation started over two years ago by the Intensive Aftercare Program in the DJS Rockville office. When the IAP program started, this
             office had problems conducting graduated sanctions in a manner which was satisfactory to the Court. The Court was concerned that the youths and their families were sometimes confused regarding the reasons why
             he or she were placed on E.M. or given weekend detentions as a graduated sanction. The Court was further concerned that only DJS were making decisions regarding matters which required specific Court Orders in
             the past and thereby placing the youth’s right to “due process” in jeopardy. As a result, many of the IAP graduated sanctions were achieved through further Court hearings or extremely specific Court Orders. These
             methods were both time consuming and restrictive. To correct this, the Rockville IAP team produced the Intensive Aftercare Graduated Sanction Contract for which the proposed DJS Graduated Sanction Contract is
             based on. Despite expected concerns from the Court, this writer was surprised to find that the Court’s acceptance of the contract was near immediate. Since then, the Rockville IAP team has continued to use the
             contract method which provides an immediate sanction for the youth, maximized the effectiveness of community-based programs (by keeping the youth in the community), reduced the frequency of “high risk” youth
             being subjected to residential programs/ long-term detentions and increased both the Court’s and the attorneys’ confidence in the IAP Program. As a result, this writer has developed a belief that the contract method
             could be equally, if not more rewarding to non-IAP/ lower risk youth on standard probation.

             What are the benefits of the Graduated Sanction Contract Method?

             There are multiple benefits to the contract method. First, it will provide more options for a community case manager to address and correct a youth’s non-compliant behaviors. Traditionally, when a case manager is
             confronted with violations of probation, he/ she are restricted to Court resolution (VOP Hearing, Review Hearing, etc.) which, on many occasions, result in the youth being detained and placed in a residential program.
             With the contract method, the youth is given several opportunities to improve his/ her behavior in the community without Court hearings and, thereby, reducing the risk of the youth being removed from the community.
             Since sanctions through the contract method are immediate, it will be easier for the youth to make a cognitive connection between the sanction and the undesired behavior. When a youth is addressed by the Court for
             undesired behaviors he or she committed weeks or even months earlier (depending on when the Court schedules a hearing), there is a higher probability that the youth does not make this cognitive connection which
             results in feelings of unjust treatment. Further, the contract method will maximize the effectiveness of community-based programs. Often, this writer has been confronted by situations where a program such as out-
             patient substance abuse treatment, intensive counseling program or other community youth programs wishes to expel a youth due to non-compliance. However, on many occasion these programs decline from
             expelling the youth after this writer has placed an immediate sanction upon him/ her for their behavior in the program. For example, if the youth is placed on Electronic Monitoring with the condition of compliance with
             the community-based program, the youth would be more encouraged to improve his behavior in the program so he or she can be discharged from E.M.. This, in turn, will increase the program’s desire to continue to
             work with the youth knowing that the community case manager is able to immediately and effectively address the concerns of the program.

             To help ensure that the Department of Juvenile Services commits itself to focus its efforts to address the needs of the youth of Maryland, in the community, the DJS community workers must become more field oriented
             (immediately addressing concerns of the homes, schools, community-based programs, etc.) than Court oriented (record violations and report them at hearings). With the Graduated Sanction Contract Method, the
             community workers will become more proactive when addressing problems in the community and will have a greater ability to support related agencies and programs who are dedicated to improving the lives of
             troubled youth. By adopting the DJS Graduated Sanction Contract, the Department of Juvenile Services will fulfill its promise as a “Child First” agency.

Carroll      Raise temperatures in State buildings to cut on electrical cost for air-conditioning. Have employees dress appropriately instead of lowering the temperature.

             In winter lower the temperature to no higher than 68 degrees and have employees dress appropriately. Cut heating costs.

             This will need to be a mandate like Nixon did in 1974.
Baltimore    Some agencies can be located in a more central place then having several locations, which would save in rent, utilities, etc., space permitting. Especially if they are not ones that the public needs to have easy access
             too. I do appreciate that you are 'greening' the buildings-and that saves money also.
Baltimore    The people in charge of this state (Mainly democrats) have consistently and methodically extorted taxes from the public.
             The size of Maryland goverment has more than doubled in the past 10 years. Totally unsustainable. How about cutting the state budget 5% in real dollars for 20 years? That would put us back to where we were 10
             years ago. The private sector which I am a member cannot to continue to finance this state. Cut,Cut Cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Employees, wages, procurement, hours, education. You will be forced to do it as revenues
             will continue to decline. I just last week lowered my 15 employees compensation 8%. Wake up!!!
Montgomery   Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anne         Eliminate funding to CASA, LA RAZA and ALL other programs designed to support and attract illegal aliens.
Washington   I was wondering if the State has looked into the posibility of reducing the number of hours in a work week to 35 hours a week. To me, this seems like it would lower the overhead costs of utilities and save salary costs.
             Perhaps this could be done on a voluntary basis for those employees who would be willing to do this as oppossed to having to take more furlough days. I understand not that all agencies could cut their work hours but
             perhaps those that have 8-5 hours could. Yes, it may reduce the hours we are open to the public, but honestly, the public should also be aware of the impact the budget issues is having and they should also have to
             make sacrifices. (State employess since October 1996 with the Dept. of Juvenile Services).
Baltimore    1. How about better oversight of county/state work crews? Just last week (on 2 occasions) I saw work crews with 3-4 people just standing around in the road. Just standing there doing absolutely nothing.

             2. Cut the advertising budget even more for MD Lottery. Everyone knows what it is and where to get a ticket. There is absolutely no reason why they should have an advertising budget as high as it is. Even with the
             proposed cut. Or do we need to get everyone always thinking abuot gambling to promote slots and the 3 years away casinos?

Baltimore    I have lived in Baltimore City/ County and work in Prince George's County. I work in many communities as a Federal Probation Officer. In the places where I work and live, at least 30% of the cars do not have Maryland
             License plates. These are cars in residential areas, neighborhoods, and are seen by me over and over. These cars are a Major key to your budget. Get these cars registered, pay the taxes like most residents of
             Maryland and you will have millions of dollars. Surely the laws to register cars and pay the taxes can be enforced. Please seriously look at this proposal. I have been saying this since I moved here from South Carolina.
Baltimore    As a long term state employee, I have seen cutbacks as well as waste in state service. During my earlier years, I remember when we had to turn off the light when we left our office to save energy. At the cost of
             electric today, that may be a good policy to re-institute. That could lead to a substantial savings and if allowed to telecommute, it could lead to even lower energy bills. Thanks for this forum.
Baltimore    cut out the cost for discounted/free fares or free for state for mass transportation. why should private sector employees/companies made to pay plus supplement government cost in mass transit fees.
Montgomery   Scrap the ICC. Simply put it's expensive to build, an expensive toll to use, it will most-likely be a desolate roadway, a long-term reminder of a bad idea that a then Governor could have avoided, and such a bad impact
             on the areas it winds through. Scrap the ICC and instead invest in streamlining our current roadways with live traffic light monitoring and improve mass transit. More roads are NOT the answer. Thank you for hearing
             the people!
Montgomery   HOV lanes have long been shown to do nothing to reduce traffic, but instead they just cause us to idle stuck in traffic jams, polluting the environment and wasting our lives away.
             They do however afford massive employment for Government workers who curn out nonsense studies of how much good they do for us all the time. And they require us to spend an apalling amount of money to study,
             build and maintain them.

             Get rid of them, and get rid of the Government Employees who have championed them and wasted our money, our time and corrupted the environment in the process!
Anne         Spend more money on MFCU to prevent Medicaid fraud.
Arundel      It will cost the State a lot money if the new health bill becomes law.

             Former state employee (Retired)
Montgomery   We all know that governments are inherently inefficient organizations, with burocracies that once established never seem to go away, but grow over time and protect the jobs of their members above all.

             One of the worst drivers of government inefficiency is an over-accumulation of Process. Doing anything in Government inevitably requires more steps, and the sign off of more people and departments, than would ever
             be tolerated in the 'real world'.

             In difficult times, all elements of the economy reduce their expenses and become more efficient, or they die off. As individuals, we constantly adapt our expenses to match our means, sometimes drastically.

             So here's s simple proposal. If we are X% over budget, then inform all Departments of the State Government that they will be required to submit a review in the next 60 days that shows how they will continue to carry
             out their mandate with x% less. Make it clear that staff reductions are acceptable, but not service reductions. Encourage the Departments to review their processes and eliminate and streamline them to the greatest
             practical degree. Also, make it clear that any Department Head that fails to submit an acceptable plan is gone, since managing their Dept within budget, all budgets, is a requirement of their Position.

             See what redundancies they find when pressed hard. It's what we are all doing out here in the tax-paying real world!
Frederick    Potential furloughs or pay freezes for those making in excess of $100,000. Examine positions and funding related to industries that have slowed, such as positions related to construction, housing, permits, etc. No MD
             citizen wants a state employee to lose their job, but more so they dont want to see tax dollars fund an employee to keep that job when there is no work to do or need for that position.
Baltimore    My suggestion is to defy the powerful alcohol industry lobby and raise the alcohol tax. It seems to me, as one who enjoys an alcoholic beverage, that there are many more people who drink alchol in our state, than
             those who smoke cigarettes; yet the tobacco tax seems to be the fall-guy. I believe a modest increase in the alcohol tax would be a relatively painless way for marylanders to help solve our fiscal problems. Politicians
             must fight the alcohol lobby, and do what is best for the state.
Carroll      I work in the health care field, in primary health care. I see a large amount of people taking advantage of the medical assistance program. This program should be followed more closely to monitor if people getting
             these funds are truly in need of them. This could save a large amount of funds if the people abusing it were kicked off, and made to pay back the funds used. Some of the people have very productive bussiness, and
             don't report all of there income. This program needs a good looking at. It could save a lot of money!!!
Kent         Eliminate personal use of state vehicles, i.e. police cars.
             Review the elimination of state positions by the size of the county and department.
             Eliminate overtime and replace with only comp time.
Washington   Borrow money from local/city/county government.
             Open new facilities to keep our Maryland children in Maryland.
             Rebid state contracts on a more frequent basis, ex. every 3-6 months.
City         As part of MD's very successful welfare reform program, all applicants for TCA must comply with a substance abuse screening (not testing) requirement. That is accomplished by DHR granting funds to DHMH, who in
             turn provides funds to local health departments to provide Substance Abuse Screeners on-site in local departments of social services. This program costs at least $2 million each year and has extremely low outcomes
             and effectiveness. The SATS screeners identify a VERY low number of abusers. Most of those they "identify" are people already in treatment who self-disclose this information during the screening.
             A much more effective and efficient method of screening TCA applicants would be to provide additional staff directly to local departments of social services who could administer a valid substance abuse screening
             questionnaire along with the current Family Investment Program assessments.
             Delegate Rosenberg was the sponsor of the original legislation and has championed this program. However, the goals of the legislation could still be met through this more efficient process.

Frederick    Enforce DJS carpooling when visiting facilities rather than numerous trips to the same facilities by diffferent workers
City         Submit the bill to the Maryland Assembly to repeal Thornton.

             Eliminate all of the gubernatorial staff positions that you created when you took office, then resign yourself!!
City         Current MBE requirements for State contracts inflate the costs of services purchased. In order to achieve the MBE goals for contracts that provide services there is a perverse incentive for a prime contractor to
             outsource some of the services and pay a premium, with additional adminstrative and overhead costs, for those services that could have been provided directly by employees of the prime vendor. This is true even if
             the prime contractor is a MBE since the goal only applies to the percentage of funds spent with MBE subcontractors, not total dollars expended on contracts with MBEs.
Baltimore    As a life-time Maryland resident, and current State Employee several modifications to DJS may be to continue to keep juveniles in Maryland placements, excelerate new committed programs at Charles Hickey. We
             have 315 acres of State owned property we could utilize for Juvenile Services. Continue to use this property to house State Workers to reduce the number of offices needed in rental properties. Some building and
             renovation may be required in addition to trailers but it would pay for itself in the long run. State-Wide, all tolls for roads, bridges etc. can be raised to provide additional revenue. Marylanders enjoy relatively low rates
             in this area. Continue to focus on providing Maryland Residents and out of State visitors the unique slots and gambling iniciatives that will be built in the coming years. These projects must move forward. As Marylamd
             residents we may have to dig a little deeper to keep our State in the position of prosperity that we have come to depend on for so long. Thank you to Governor O'Malley for the safe guards and budget strategies he has
             quickly enacted during his first term. As all States are feeling the budget crisis, Maryland has faired better then many. Thanks !
City         When times were good and Maryland had a surplus a couple of years ago (under Erlich), the marginal personal income tax rate was reduced. In deficit times, income taxes should be increased, at least as much as
             they were reduced! Furthermore, it is time to up-date the rate structure. The personal income tax rate structure is very regressive since the rates were set in 1967 when I earned $3,500 per year! Now when my kids
             earn that much they pay more tax to Maryland than to the federal government. Does that make sense?
City         State agencies are required to purchase office furniture and office renovation services from Maryland Correctional Enterprises. The price of these goods and services through MCE is not generally competitive with
             other, private providers.
Allegany     1. I often wonder if we could sell commercial adventising space to the back side of interstate signs. Something very tasteful and not too distracting. I thought banks and businesses like that might be interested. Like
             "In Partnership with Maryland". My guess is the payout would be minimal and they are already standing and wired for lighting.

             2. As a state employee I believe our purchasing and budget rules and regulation that may have once been designed to save money but are now costing us a fortune. We buy stuff from someone with a state contract
             and drive right past a local business that sells it for a 1/10 the cost. Crazy

             3 Someone created some kind of budgeting fiasco that requires us to have 10 - ?% of our positions vacant. So the result is we are always short staffed and working people overtime to provide minimal coverage. And
             one way they save money is not filling counselor positions which are not part of minimal coverage, but the end result of that is more incidents requiring more overtime.

             4. Someone needs to look at entitlement money. For starters, state employees can get disability checks when there is next to nothing wrong with them and then go out and work another job. Second we are paying
             out $'s to tons of people who don't have anything wrong with them - is the fraud ever looked at? are their claims ever questioned? does anyone keep track of this?
City         The Maryland State Department of Education headquarters is an overbloated and overly compensated, relative to other state agencies, bureacracy. There are far more relatively high paid administrators in that agency
             than other critical state agencies. They are also the only agency I know of that provides automatic increases in compensation based on acquiring additional education and degrees.
Carroll      Dear Gov.- If we are so stapped for cash, why are you assigning $5 million a year to support CASA of Md, an organization that supports the underground railroad of illegal immigrants ,teaching how to avoid the law,
             get free public assistance , and eventually get enough phony documentation to vote! Wait, i just answered my own question!!!!
City         While I understand the allure of making investments when costs are deflated, I also know that you cannot spend what you do not have. Despite my sharing your desire to preserve our environment and maintain green
             space, I think that Maryland cannot afford to be purchasing land through Program Open Space, or any other land preservation program, at this time.
Baltimore    All state employees should be required to receive their paychecks through direct deposit. Also, the Central Payroll Bureau has done a fantastic job with the Online Service Center and all state employees should be
             mandated to use this tool for receiving their paystubs. Several million dollars a year could be saved and employees actually would enjoy the convenience, once they have used the site. Employees without computer
             access at work or home could be accomodated with work place computer kiosk. Across the state, I can only imagine the number of work hours that would be saved by not having to handle paper paychecks and paper
             pay stubs.
Washington   I have read where Utah has required all state non 24 hour facilities to only be open four days a week. The state employees work 4 10 hour days and they have saved a significant amount of money on expenses for
             electricity, heat, and even decreased overtime. This would be a way for MD to save significant money for offices to only be open four days a week.
Washington   Hello, my suggestions focus on the Department of Juvenile Services,

             Eliminate educational services for youth in detention settings.

             Regionalize the DJS budget.

             Eliminate ALL Social Programs for illegal people.

Frederick    Provide early retirement to those staff who are at the top of the pay scale.
Baltimore    Let's cut the pay for public servant jobs. Hopefully there are enough citizens who care about the state willing to work for less. We do not need to attract elected officials or those in appointed roles with over payed
             positions. I am a middle class citizen and would like to be represented by people making a similar salary as myself. I don't appreciate working 50-60 hours a week to pay inflated salaries to those in Annapolis. Raising
             taxes is never the answer. A smaller government is the key to a successful Maryland. On a side note Baltimore could really take a couple of pointers from Ocean City on marketing itself. With more tourism you'd have
             more money in the cities economy.
City         Offer the option of telecommuting/teleworking to Support Staff on days that they are not needed in the office such as days after major state holidays.
Talbot      Stop paying insurance, hospital, and educational costs for illegal aliens that live in our communities - which is a burden to all taxpayers.

            Eliminate out of state travel for everyone in government, including executive branch.

            Stop funding project open space for two years.

            Raise tuition for out of state enrollment at our colleges and universities and a modest increase for in-state tuition.

            Look closely at funding "innovative courts" including truancy, drug courts, prostitution courts, mental health courts to determine if they are really paying off.

Baltimore   Stop paying for certain state emplyee's children to go to college. ( some only pay for housing) Look over if and how much the state should pay for health insurance once a person stops working for the state of Maryland.
            Look at traveling within each department. Stop putting flower on State high ways to make it look good. If you can take so much away from higer education, many the state emply's could as I said be getting a free ride
Baltimore   Governor O'Malley,

            Whatever you do, please do not reduce the retirement benefits of State employees soon to retire. I have worked for the State for 31+ years. I am in the "old" pension system. I was forced to take 5 furlough days last
            year, and I might have to take more this year. I have postponed my hard-earned and well-deserved retirement because of the rotten economy. I have done my share of belt-tightening for the State. I have more than
            held up my end of the bargain I made with the State when I began working in 1978. The State has not kept its side of the bargain. Not only should Maryland not cut retirees' benefits, if the State feels it must economize
            somehow, it should offer an incentive or "buy out" to those employees who are eligible to retire but have remained on the payroll. I know that when I retire, my position will NOT be filled. That will save many
            $thousands per year that can go into the retirement agency. An incentive would certainly influence me to retire. Realize that when I say retirement, I mean only retirement from State service. I will be too young to
            collect any Social Security. I will have to work, at least part-time, somewhere, to make ends meet. And into the forseeable future, maybe forever. Retirement is sacrosanct! HANDS OFF. Make sure I get all that I
            contracted for with 31+ years of my labor. It is just the right thing to do. And for my entire career, the State has tried to balance the budget on the backs of State employees. Salary freezes, layoffs, furloughs,
            downsizing. I am fed up. DO THE RIGHT THING! DO RIGHT BY MARYLAND'S CAREER PUBIC SERVANTS. If you follow even some of the plans for making gov't more efficient on this website, you will not have to
            disturb retirees' benefits. My brother is a State employee too. So was my father. He retired in 1988. The State kept its bargain with him, and he collected his benefits for 18 years, until his death in 2006. You should
            make sure that current employees will get the same when they retire.
Baltimore   Allow police to ask people immigration status and if illegal to arrest them. Stop allowing illegals to drive on our roads. Stop children of illegal aliens from going to our public schools. Lower our sales tax back to what it
            was when you came into office. Lower our electric rate as promised. Stop giving welfare payments to people capable of working.
            When furlough days are being taken by state employees, it would help add to the total amount if State Troopers had to take furlough days too. If ALL contribute it will add up. every little bit helps. You could
            temporiarly stop overtime use and off duty use of vehicles
Anne        Just a thought, are there any states that are not having financial troubles? If so, what financial steps are they taking that Maryland can model?
Baltimore   Save paper anywhere possible, so many things get printed by the State and thrown away. Also, stop wasting money decorating concrete medians, (which are a waste in themselves). The state should get the money
            from Lottery, the stadiums charge enough for seats they can pay for themselves. Also, get the slots in here. I am tried of giving my money to Delaware and West Virginia. Also, stop funding welfare programs, most of
            the people in them have no ambition of increasing their quality of life, they are content living off the system. Increase tax on alcohol. Reduce State employees pay, they are some of the highest paid people in our state.
Anne        - eliminate all taxpayer funded travel out of state by all employees and elected officials
            - implement mandatory state office building energy savings (i.e. - all lights out, computers off, printers & copiers off in all buildings). Employees who don't comply will be given extra furlough hours.

            - implement mandatory efficiency savings (i.e. require that all printers print double sided to save money on paper)

            - reduce hours / days of operation for all field offices that give customer service (i.e. DNR license centers; DMV; etc.) and save money on energy, salaries, etc.

            - consolidate field offices where the state pays rent into empty space in existing state-owned office buildings

            - do a person by person audit of state employees. what is each agencies goals / mission.. how does each employee contribute to that mission. So if your job is bay restoration.. evaluate every action.. will this result in
            pollution reduction? if no.. then don't do it. Every state agency should have a comprehensive plan with measurable annual goals.

            - It makes no sense to eliminate positions as people retire that may be critical needs. Give Department leadership the ability to meet budget goals without micromanaging who they hire and fire.

            - Suspend stipends for voluntary advisory commission members travel and meals.

            - Divert money from the lottery to pay for education. Why are we spending any money on stadiums at a time like this? Put dollars on priorities.

            - Suspend IT upgrades unless existing equipment is completely unfunctional.. why are employees and legislators getting the latest blackberries and laptops during a budget crisis when the old ones they had worked
            just fine?
Baltimore   Governor O'Malley: If you elect to implement furlough days again, I suggest you tie them to holidays and/or Fridays. By doing that, State buildings are closed consecutive days which creates energy savings. Possibly
            consider furlough days one Friday a month and/or December 28 through 31. While allowing employees to schedule their own furlough days (4 or 8 hours at a time) is most convient for workers, it does not give the
            State the additional savings building closings would provide. Thank you for considering these suggestions.
Wicomico    Stop printing "Drive Safe" pamphlets for troopers to hand out with the tickets. It will eliminate litter as well as expense.
Baltimore   1. Reset the thermostats in all state buildings to 80 degrees in the summer and 68 in the winter and don't leave the lights on overnight in any buildings.
            2. This will seem like a silly suggestion.. Ticket drivers that have their winsheid wipers on and their headlights off. This is a dangerous situation and frankly, the problem is out of control. Why pass a law you are going to
            3. Increase toll over the bay bridge as it is very low for a one direction toll when compared with the other one-way toll over the I95 bridge in Harford County.
            4. Increase state alcohol taxes
            5. Institute a federated GIS system state agency wide that allows access to one database thereby reducing redundency of data and personel. GIS has a significant ROI and will, in fact, save you money.
            6. Work with the Comptroller to create a two-week 50% sales tax period that will enable people to buy back to school items..but include big ticket items such as automobiles. 50% of a transaction is better than 100% of
            no transaction.
            (thinking way outside the box)

Baltimore   I am writing in response to a segment I saw on the local news wherein the governor was telling the public to send emails when they saw a way to possible say the state money.
            I was perplexed over something currently happening literally in front of my home right now. The home directly across the street was purchased by the state for demolition a few months ago, so that a new exit ramp off
            695 could be moved literally just a few feet. That being way out of my comprehension & knowledge, I accept, instead of question.
            However….the ramp they will be taking away is currently having new storm drains being installed on it. That seems ridiculous. Even if the demolition isn't slated to take place for a few years, it still seems like a major
            waste of funding.
            If this type of overlap happens often enough, the dollar amount could be quite significant.

Baltimore    Where feasible change office hours to four ten hour days a week so that the heating and air conditioning can be dialed back on the fifth day to save on energy. Mandate a 15% reduction in office supply purchases. Cut
             the travel and education budget for state employees for one year by 50%. Institute a pay freeze on all state employees who earn more than 250% of the poverty level for a family of four (that includes elected officials).
             Raise the gas tax by 2 cents per gallon.
Howard       1-Use some of your stimulus money to pave River Hill Road in Laurel so the 12 plus homes on the road would have higher assessments and would have to pay higher taxes.
Washington   Dear Mr. Governor O'malley,

             I have several suggestions to look into in order to help with the budget shortfall we face this year. I have been employed by the State of Maryland for almost 15years and I enjoy my career and work very hard to assist
             the citizens of the State of Maryland. I understand the difficult task you face. My suggestions are as follows:

             1. Significantly cut State Aid to Counties. Last year our county gave a 3% cost of living to their county employees. I work for the state and we had to accept furlough days in tough economic times. The State needs to
             cut aid to those counties that had enough money to give raises. The State can not force counties to furlough employees but the aid to those counties who do not want to join in with efforts to reduce the shortfall, but the
             State can cut the aid to each county by the number of employees it has equal to any furloughs that State Employees will face this year. The county then has a choice to follow the state in furloughs. If the county
             governments choose not to follow with furloughs an additional 10% penalty of State Aid should be taken.

             2. All overtime and comp time should be eliminated in every agency. In my agency, due to cuts and hiring freezes I am doing the task of 3 people as a supervisor. All agencies (including public safety) should have
             overtime eliminated. Supervisors can fill in and do the work if staff is short on certain days. I know through friends within MSP and DOC that supervisors aren’t as busy as within our agency and I feel if staff is short
             supervisors must have the ability to fill in and cover the duties of others. This can be done even in public safety.

              In remove the ability for property assessment appeals to be scheduled by property owners with the Department of Assessments & Taxation on Evenings and Saturdays. This overtime is not needed, owners have the
             ability to write in there appeal or schedule phone hearings. This is just our agency I’m sure every agency has similar ways to eliminate overtime. I have a friend who is a Trooper for the MSP and works overtime at the
             MVA in Frederick and earns a significant amount of overtime there. The MVA in Frederick is located next to the MSP barracks and there is no need according to him to have a Maryland State Trooper standing on duty
             in that office during hours of operation. The MVA budget should be cut to not include anymore paid time to MSP for security. If problems arise law enforcement is close by to respond or install emergency buttons
             under the counters like banks. Even private security is cheaper if needed. The MVA should recognize that in tough times we can no longer afford this cost.

             3. I know you are in the process of renegotiating leases of office space. GSA needs to be account for every space and ensure that it’s getting the best price/square foot for the area. Please make sure that every space
             is accounted for and ensure that there is a balance with true market rent for that space. Plenty of good space is available in these tough times and landlords know this.

             4. Review very closely all Enterprise Zone Areas and other similar zones with established areas that the state subsidizes money back to the counties. The state should ensure the counties are doing as the law requires
             in order to receive and grant the credit and a study should be conducted every so many years to determine if the zone is needed any longer. In our county there is an Enterprise Zone for an area of Retail, Hotel, and
             Restaurants near Interstate 81 and a large mall and retail area. This specific area would have those businesses regardless now due to its location and access without the need for state subsidized credits. A county
             official once stated they weren’t worried about that because it doesn’t cost the county any money and those credits were reimbursed by the state. We can not count on the counties to review the areas once they are
             established. This can save thousands if not millions over time.

             5. Review the duties and the budget of the Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board. The full time employees in the upper level of that agency seem to work minimal hours and there office is usually vacant. Why
             spend money on high office space rent and pay salaries to do little administration.

             Below are some ideas to create additional revenue without a significant burden to the average tax payer:

             1. Create a luxury tax of 1% on Vehicles over $45000, All Boat, Jet Skis, ATV’s, and other forms of entertainment vehicles.

             2. Increase or create a state hotel/motel tax and State’s Property Tax Rate.

             3. Fully Fund and staff the Department of Assessment & Taxation to ensure adequate staffing to defend property values and reviewing of eligibility for Homestead Credits and Homeowners Tax Credits which in will only
             save future state revenue.
          These are all just ideas and may seem like just a drop of money, but all added together should and will save the state millions and would not burden the average tax payer or State Employee.

          Thank you for all your efforts in light of a difficult task.

Harford   A lot of money would be saved by the elimination of the I-95 Section 200 plan from the MdTA agenda. Many Harford residents are very opposed to this plan, AND we have let MdTA know about this to no avail.
          Maybe, Gov. O'Malley, you could do something about that? It would save a ton of money, too. Thank you for any help.
Howard    This has furlough ideas for hard hit California for state employees and those on campuses such as our USM including matching married state employees and campus workers' schedules

          First furloughs scheduled at CSUS

          Buzz up!By Laurel Rosenhall

          Published: Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2009
          Staff and managers at Sacramento State will begin taking unpaid days off this week in the first phase of a one-year furlough plan at the university that will reduce employees' salary by 10 percent.

          Campus leaders have designated this Friday and next Friday, Aug. 14, as the first two furlough days at California State University, Sacramento.

          Most offices will be closed, but summer classes will be held and previously scheduled conferences will continue.

          The furlough plan for professors hasn't been finalized. Most won't be taking furlough days this month because they are on summer vacation.

          "Most of our faculty are not back until the end of this month so their furlough program will kick off in September," said David Wagner, vice president of human resources.

          Wagner said he is working with labor unions and the state chancellor's office to create campuswide furlough plans for the rest of the year.

          One scheduling difficulty is that the union representing support staff wants most of the 24 furlough days to be assigned for the whole campus, Wagner said, while the faculty union wants most days to be determined by
          individual professors and their supervisors.

          Staff want the days set in advance so they can plan accordingly, said Kim Harrington, a staff member who is president of the campus chapter of the CSU Employees Union.

          "This not knowing is the problem," she said. "We need the long-range plan for our folks."

          Many Sac State employees are married to state workers, Harrington said, so they would like the university's furlough days to synch up with furlough days for state workers.

          "Reducing their overall costs would be very helpful," she said.

          Professors, on the other hand, seek more flexibility in when they take their unpaid days off.

          "For a faculty member, if the campus closes down you're still working because you're still grading papers, or doing research, or preparing for class," said Lillian Taiz, president of the California Faculty Association.
            "Having some kind of flexibility was really vital if (professors') workload was going to be matched by the 10 percent cut in pay."

            Taiz said many CSU campuses may end up creating different furlough schedules for staff and faculty.

            1) As a state employee I think we could save a lot of money if time sheets and expense reports were done 100% online. I can't imagine how much money is wasted on all that paper!

            2) Between no raise, no step increase, furloughs, some state employees are feeling the pinch, spending less. Instead of these measures, why not allow employees to choose whether they want to be full time at 40
            hours, or full time at 32 hours. I think there are quite a few who would want more time off and still be full time while those who need the 40 hours would have it.

            3) Consider having the state open 4 days per week and the buildings completely shut down with minimal heat/cooling for 3 days. This would save a lot of money. This would also fit in with full time employees at 32 or
            40 hours over the 4 days. With the state open 4 days, there could be evening hours which would better serve the citizens perhaps M-Th 8:30A-6:30PM.

            4)Have standardized supplier for office supplies from one vendor with negotiated prices that apply to all state agencies.

            5) PEPs (employee evaluations) should be reduced to one page (both sides) and done online-- colossal waste of money and paper!

            Thank you for this opportunity to give suggestions. I hope you find them useful.
Cecil       If you are proposing furlough days you need to inform the state employees so that they can prepare. Most of us (State Employees) live pay check to paycheck and do not have extra money lying around to cover the
            days off without pay. I also think that the fat needs to be trimmed from the top. Start there and then work your way down to the lower payed employees. I have worked very hard for the State of Maryland and has
            always given more than I have received. It's like we (State Employees)are being punished for something that you did and that's not right. I have to live within my budget and balance my checkbook regularly, whose not
            doing their job and alowing the spending to continue when you know the State doesn't have any money. Please explain this to me. Robbing Peter to pay Paul doesn't work and never has. Stop spending money you
            don't have. Also the way supplies are ordered needs to be looked into. I know we have contracts with certain companies and they are robbing you blind.......
City        Governor, I applaud you for your due diligence in attempting to curb any further layoffs for the State of Maryland. In these hard economic times businesses closing and tax revenue at a lost, which funds government, it
            only make sense that some trimming must be had. I come from corporate America due to workforce reduction and having had the opportunity to work on a temporary and contractual assignment for two different
            Maryland State Government agencies. I had and continue to have the opportunity to witness an unbelievable amount of taxpayer dollars wasted. Bid contracts were honored out of relationship not productivity, quality,
            workmanship or economics, not to mention workflow and workforce redundancy with little accountability. As President Obama stated in his run for the Presidency and since his tenure the government ledger
            needs/must be reviewed line by line and each agency and department therein be evaluated and held accountable for effectiveness and efficiency this too must be the action for the State of Maryland. Let us stop
            wasting government dollars within the government.
Frederick   This morning, I hear of the proposal to develop the "red" line train at a stagering cost of $1.2 billion, 1/2 to come from Md. If we are broke, where does the money come from?
            With the budget deficit, don't spend the money on the train!!
Harford      decrease eic and refundable eic for this year. many recepients already are assisted by state and county with
             food stamps, housing, and medical. many times this taxpayer pays no income tax.

             survey street lightning and see if all lights necessary.
             rt 165 and greene rd have 3 lights and all are generally
             lit. they are all in the same block.

             up from 8000 to 10000 or 12000 amount of salary employers
             pay unemployment on.

             defer replacing equipment such as helicopters that have
             been on new a few months ago.

             no personal use of state and police vehicles.

             general assembly needs to change law their salaries acnnot be cut and reaises are automatic when rest of country
             is in financial crisis. the general publis is cutting
             and they need to also.

             cut lightning in state buildings to a minimum

Allegany     you have to cut personnel,where there is a every feild the supt. or support staff can cover it,also most inportant why does e.o.c.,emergency mgt. have to have top of the line everything and be manned 24
             hours by top dollar employees use support staff,also what kind of cuts have the house and senate taken although i don t know him the comtroller seems to have some good ideas
Baltimore    Instead of furloughs for state employees, why not reduce salaries, & then give employees some number of paid flexible holidays to be scheduled by each employee. This would stabilize the salaries each pay, & still let
             employees feel that they're getting time off in return for the salary reduction. (This is similar to the way Dec 26 & Jan 2 were handled.)
Frederick    Cut salaries of State legislators and representatives. Too often, cuts are made on the backs of State workers - no increments, furlough days, layoffs, cutting vacant positions, which just puts that much more of a burden
             on the workers who are left. We are voters and citizens, too, and it is not right that cuts come first from our income. I have a daughter who just finished college and we have tens of thousands of dollars in student
             loans to pay. I have a son in high school and I don't know how we'll pay for his education after high school. He is looking at going in the military, so we may be OK there, at least financially. Make your cuts from State
             workers LAST, not first, please.
Harford      I somewhat understand the budget cuts, however, I would like to make a heartfelt suggestion - when issuing furlough days, please take into consideration that there are some State employees who are married and we
             get hit twice as hard. If the "rumor" of 10 furlough days takes place, it will be 20 for my family - 20 days equal one months salary. Please, please, we struggle enough, but this will completely devastate us. We have two
             kids in college and live paycheck to paycheck.

             Thank you for your consideration.
Montgomery   Stop all funding for CASA of Maryland. Demand proof of legal presence for all taxpayer funded programs and services in Maryland. Mandate employer use of E-Verify for all Maryland state contracts.
City          * Government now more than ever needs to be fiscally responsible. Dollars versus political correctness is the issue. MBE and SBE purchasing often adds a 20 to 25% premium to the cost of doing business.
              Suspending these programs until the State becomes more financially solvent could realize a cost savings of $200,000,000 or more.

              * State employees and employees that work at State Universities should have a 2% salary reduction across the board. Then between Christmas and New year's, shut down all state office buildings giving the
              employees administrative leave. Actually, it's a way around furloughs with the State not only realizing approx. $120,000,000 savings in salaries as well as energy savings of between 1 and 2% by shutting off all lighting
              and throttling down heating systems. If the buildings are closed, there would be little if any water usage or sewage created. The salary reduction should be for all with no deferrals. All state and higher ed. people should
              feel the same pain. If people are considered essential, then they would need to work during the down time. In past practices, all who were not defered from furloughs paid the full tab. It's only fair that those who had the
              free ride in the past take up the slack this go around. I figure energy savings could be significant close to $100,000,000.

              * One other item of interest is the mandate for all state and higher ed. agencies to buy office furniture and other items from the MCE. That mandate causes state agencies to pay a much higher cost for goods and
              services that are provided. I have seen cost as much as 4 times higher then their counterparts in private industry.

              * Cut transportation costs, A) Restrict State vehicle usage to emergency use ie, fire, police, etc. B) Restrict or limit work related traveling,

              Layoff of State and higher ed. employees should be a last resort. There is an aging workforce and many people could retire if the State would offer incentives. This could reduce the labor force and save salary and
              benefit dollars.
select your   Quit spening $120K / year for speciaty translator for illegal alien held for killing her baby in Somerset County
Kent          Take away most of our sick days and let us use annual/personal days for that. Having just attended a national conference in Tucson with many state/county employees, most I spoke with are given 3 sick days, if that.
              They are given personal days, or annual days and must use that if sick. This gives a strong motivation to not take sick days as "mental health" days when you have to use your vacation time.

              Eliminate some duplicative agencies such as LMB or CSA, or GOCCP which only add an additional layer of bureaucracy
Howard        After working at MSDE and now working at an institution of higher education, I don't see a need for a large program approval branch under the division of Certification and Accreditation. The IHEs in Maryland with
              teacher preparation programs must gain national accreditation through NCATE. The overlap and redundancy of also having program approval specialists does not seem cost effective. The specialist travel to go to
              meetings, fund meetings, therefore their use of additional funds for driving, food and gaining comp time costs the state quite a bit of money.

select your   Why is the State data center moving to Dallas, Texas? Isn't this taking jobs away from Maryland citizens? We should be directing jobs to maryland, not away from it. If our State government doesn't keep their jobs in
county        Maryland, who will?
select your
Baltimore     Eliminate all vacant positions across state and utilize current staff to fill in necessary duties.
City          If an original signature is needed to process an application, a faxed application should not be accepted.

              Do not fax and mail the same materials.

              Limit the quantity of incoming and outgoing faxed documents.
select your   The Developmental Disabilities Coalition recommends the following:
              Institutions (SRCs)
              $49.8M of DDA's FY2010 budget is allocated for institutions (source: FY2010 budget books). This is an exceptionally large amount allocated to a very small number of people.

              1. Close the Brandenburg Center: The state can no longer justify the cost of $244,072 per person/year. There is no fiscally sound rationale for operating a 14-person facility. In addition, it simply is not needed. Most, if
              not all, of the residents have written plans of habilitation that have determined that they can be supported in the community and community services cost far less.

              2. Downsize and eventually close the Potomac Center. The average annual cost per person is $234,551. The large amount of land and the size of the units at Potomac Center far exceed the needs of the people living
              there. Every single person attends a day program outside of Potomac so there is no rationale that this high-cost service is needed or justified.

              The cost savings - over time- should be re-directed to support people on DDA's 19,000 person waiting list and to adequately support the under-funded DD community service programs. While these recommendations
              will garner quick savings, the economy is not improving significantly anytime soon. These recommendations represent sound fiscal policy and sound, progressive public policy.
Anne          Are we seriously going to fund expansion of metro with our current budget crisis? Are you kidding me? I'd rather have the money go toward keeping a full contingent of fire fighters, teachers, and police officers! We
Arundel       can deal with the traffic issues until the economy recovers. We need to be more realistic about what we are spending money on -- think this stuff through for heaven's sake.
Harford       Erect a toll booth on I-83 between the MD and PA line. This money could be used to help fund the Bay restoration fund. For each dollar collected, one dollar would be reduced from the general fund. This would allow
              the money now being taken from the general fund to be used to close the deficit. In future years, the money can then be used to reduce the State Debt. This reduction in debt not only will help reduce what the State
              would owe out right, but would reduce the interest due as well. The interest that would have been owed can also go toward debt reduction.
select your   Why not offer early retirements for employees and lose positions throuh attrition. If there has to be furloughs why not include all state employees starting with the gobs office. Lastly why are we still buying land for open
county        space when we really can't afford it.
Montgomery    I am a State Employee at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am also involved with the USM Council of University System Staff and have spoken to many employees thru out the State on this issue. As an
              employee and life long citizen of Maryland I would recomend a 2% accross the board salary reduction for a specific period of time- say two fiscal years.

              RATIONALE: The State has many different units that serve the people. The challenge is to continue a high level of service AND reduce expenditures. One solution accomplishes both tasks- a two year, 2% reduction in
              salary for ALL. In FY'09 the State provided each employees with a 2% COLA. To now roll back that COLA so employees can keep their jobs and the level of service to the citizens can be maintained is an option worth
              considering. Having a two year sunset provision for review of the reduction would assure the return of salary levels at a time when state supported budgets can afford it.

              Many thanks for your effort and consideration of this suggestion during this tough economic time.

Anne          Also, Cut the new voting system-42M, we can live without it for a while.
Anne          Cancel the new voting system
              Eliminate benefits to illegal aliens
Harford     Is a Press Office of this size benefitting the State of Maryland? Can't the work of the Governor's Office just be performed? Do you need all of this "People" hype? Let the private press/media handle any "press
            releases" that need to be released. Call a press conference and make the announcement. You will be re-elected anyway.

            PRESS OFFICE
            Rick Abbruzzese, Director of Communications
            Christine Hansen, Deputy Press Secretary
            Shaun Adamec, Deputy Press Secretary
            Frank Perrelli, Creative Director
            Jay Baker, Chief Photographer
            Nina F. Smith, Press Aide
            Steve Rabin, Chief Speechwriter
            Jackie Small, Speech Coordinator
            Chris Rieth, Speech Coordinator
            Kevin Large, Communications Manager
            Takirra Winfield, Communications Aide
            Rick Lippenholz, Staff Photographer

Baltimore   If you truely want to cut budget monies, why don't you go after the "supplies & miscellaneous" funds that are distributed to the agencies. Most of that money is wasted anyway. I have seen hundreds of dollars spent on
            office supplies, just to have them thrown away because they don't like the color or it has been barely used and they don't want the item any longer. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent thru out the state for
            supplies only for them to be taken home or trashed. No one likes to "recycle or reuse" anything if they can get it brand new. I came from private sector before working for the state and the owners & the bosses of the
            companies I worked for, insisted that we "recyle & reuse" as much of our supplies that we could. I also see monies being spent on breakfasts & lunches using the excuse that there is training going on and in fact it is
            not. Some of the monies come from the federal side as well as the general funds. Every agency tries very hard to slide stuff past the comptroller's office and when they get away with it they continue. Most of the
            supplies at my desk are ones that I purchased my self, because I like certain things and I don't expect the state to pay for them. Maybe if you truely listened to your public and some of your employees you might get
            somewhere and the state would no longer have irresponsible persons in positions of power spending money like it is water from a faucet. I hope whoever gets this will actually read the words and understand what is
            being said and get the point. The last time I did this the point was totally missed. Good luck....
Baltimore   While it very noble to provide for the referrenced needy, the one priority that pays for all state activities was left out. Jobs. Unemployed citizens don't pay taxes, and taxes pay for all state activities. Therefore I think
            that preservation of, and creation of new jobs should be the number one priority.
Baltimore   New State Spending Restraint Is Needed-Enable the State to deliver needed services more cost-effectively, skillfully and efficiently.
            It is very clear that throughout the public sphere that there must be a balance between governmental services and fiscal responsibility or resource constraints. That balance is often hard to strike due to New State
            Spending/debt and to the self-interest of a few.
            There is plenty of room for reducing Maryland's long-term structural deficit, by the way of slashing the 2009 Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond loan of $1.11 Billion in new state debt, state bonds and appropriations to
            Maryland Hospitals. With the tax breaks that Maryland hospitals receives (no property or income taxes that other corporations pay), hospitals earned millions from stocks, bonds, and other resources (today's market
            hospitals are showing paper losses traced to interest swaps but are still in the green as in Money!). Maryland hospitals due not need continuing state subsidies, it would be reasonable for the hospitals to provide charity
            care up to the amount they would pay in taxes.
            What is more galling, in FY 2008, approximately $1 Billion dollars was spent in Maryland's hospitals Outpatient-Emergency Care by users/payers (Taxpayers Subsidies, medical insurers and the self-insure).
            To ease the burden on the taxpayers, EMS Response Systems and hospital emergency departments, state and local governments "focus" should be on developing a solution on the Emergency Department Use. By
            the way of examples:
            1). EMS Response Systems merging with their local Public Health Departments to address Non-Emergent Care and Preventable Emergency department Care.
            2). It is time to implement the EMS Agenda for the Future, the Future is now. EMS Community-based health management (google-EMS Agenda for the Future Implementation Guide).
            3). Consider restructuring MIEMSS into the State Department of Public Health (DHMH).
            Iask that all parties keep the burden on the taxpayers of Maryland as light as possible.
            Respectfully Submitted

Anne          I am a state employee hoping to retire in June, 2010, along with several other people in my office. If these vacant positions could become contractual, it would save the state money that they would not have to pay
Arundel       employees in benefits. I would then be able to continue to work in the same position but as a contractual worker. Many retired people need to continue to earn income for several more years. As people retire, it would
              nice to be able to offer the retiree the choice to stay in their same position but as a contractual worker. I am 54 years old and hope to work for many more years. Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion.
Anne          How about taking 20.00 a pay for 26 pays from each state employee (70,000) - that equals 36 million dollars, instead of furloughs and 5% decrease in pay?? I think state employees have taken a beaten for years, no
Arundel       COLA's, no increments, no reclasses, furloughs. Plus our health care benefits have increased as well. The cost of living is going up and our pays are going down. we have families and mortgages too! The citizens of
              Maryland think that state employees don't pay taxes - well we do...and we do our share to support Maryland government.
Harford       I suggest the State of Maryland enact an early retirement Bill relative to the State Employees' Pension System.     Such a Bill will allow state employees in the pension system with at least 25 years of creditable service
              to receive benefits at a reduced salary rate.

select your   offer state employees a 25 year retirement and out plan, that should save the state millions, and then don't fill some of those positions
select your   1. Abolish the Citizen's Review Board, as there are now plenty of 'overseers' for child welfare. Formed about 30 years ago for a very good purpose, it has now outlived its utility, particularly in these fiscally very tight
county        times. Times have changed but the review board has not. Foster children's cases are now reviewed by the court at least every six months, each child has an attorney, there are state and federal audits, agencies who
              are accredited have peer reviews, there are supervisory reviews, parents havs attorneys, and an increasing number of children have Court Appointed Special Advocates. The Citizen's Review Board is advisory only
              and wields no meaningful power anymore. Armchair critics lend nothing to the work.

              2. Last year something around a million dollars was allocated to boost mental health crisis response in several Maryland jurisdictions for foster children to try to stabilize youth in regular foster families. Perhaps
              someone needs to look into how many children have been served to know whether continuation of the funding is even warranted?

              3. Make it simple for foster and adoptive parents to sign up for direct deposit of their monthly checks - make sure to send clear information about this to foster parents - might there be any incentive to go w/ direct

              Thanks for the opportunity to weigh in. These are difficult times, and we are hopeful that the children won't lose out. We appreciate Governor O'Malley's commitment.
City          As a state employee, I suggest furlough days for all on Dec. 24 and 31. And 5 more voluntary furlough days as the year progresses.
              I work in corrections (BCJJC) -- recommend we forgo the Correctional Education meeting this fall (3 daays in Ocean City). We can pick it up again next year.
Harford       Institute a tax penalty amnesty as New Jersey did. They are at $600 million and counting.
Baltimore     1- Do whatever is necessary to arrange for the legislature to be in session only every other year.

              2-Have all State agencies function on a four-day work week... 10 hrs per day for 4 days and the agency closes on the 5th day. There is no savings of energy, etc. if they agency remains open and only the employees
              are on a 4 day schedule.
Anne      Budget cutting ideas.
Arundel   a) For travel reimbursements only pay the cost of the meals instead of the full per diem. If lunch cost $5 and the per diem is $12, only pay 5. Over a multi-day conference this coold save a $100 or more per person for
          all those meals.
          b) Better idea than that - cut all out of state travel unless is is utmost urgently needed. Or..cut it all!
          c) Stop take-home vehicles or make people pay the State.
          ------those are warm ups. now for some biggies------
          d) Cut all State contracts 20%. Why pay contractors full pay and cut State workers by furlough days. Contractors will say "But we have a contract". Tough! Times are tough. Don't contracts have standard text that the
          contract depends on funds being there. Well, take 20% of those funds for other things and share the task of cutting back. State workers are being fired...and our contractors are fat and happy. Reduce their budgets.
          e) Cut contracts. End them. Look at each one and drop many of them. d and e wil save huge sums. There are retired State employees on contract. If not directly then they are a worker under someone else on contract.
          Cut those retired workers. Current employees shouldn't be furloughed or fired when retired workers are pulling two paychecks from the State of MD. This is a grievious issue festering.
          f) Stop buying land. In better times - ok. But not now! Workers are being fired and lives impacted...and we have few 100 more acres in our pocket. Not satisfying. Not wise.
          g) Cut major road projects.
          h) Cut various existing State programs. Which ones? Go line by line. If ever there was a time to be thorough, now is the time. If they don't measure up, then they get cut.
          i) Don't ask just the unit heads and Asst Sec's what to cut. Ask the people in the trenches. They know what is working and what isn't. Open a secure, anonymous suggestion box. You won't believe what you'll hear. (h)
          is difficult since people may be fired if they aren't already multi-tasking. If a program is cut but the staffer handles many duties, they can stay and still contribute but the big bucks for the cut program will be saved.
          j) Stand in front of your top level satffers with kiddie scissors and say "We have done a lot of this so far". snip snip. Then pull out garden shears and say "We have done some of this so far" snip snip. Then pull out a
          meat cleaver or some other eye catching monster and say "Now it's time to use this" whack! onto a chopping block. But in all seriousness, thanks for what you do in this challenge. Do more of it (cut).
          k) Keep employees who do the work. Give more furlough days if needed - plenty even - but not firings. Too drastic for the longstanding dedicated workers, especially when so many workers are on contract sitting

          Hang tough. Be tough. But with a dose of wisdom and caring.

Anne      This is a test without my email address and name. Prefer to remain anonymous
City      This is in response to your request that we taxpayers provide you with suggestions on how the Maryland State government might save money. Obviously anywhere there is duplication of effort is always a good place
          to look.

          Probably the most obvious duplication of effort in the state government is the effort put forth by Maryland to provide literature and telephone assistance in multiple languages. I realize that there are deep ideological
          and political reasons behind doing this but during tough times like these we need to look at some things we might not have previously considered.

          While I feel some sympathy for people who are making their way in a foreign country without a solid knowledge of the local language I can't help but feel that in the long run cutting the umbilical cord and providing an
          incentive to immigrant groups to learn the local language will be a benefit to them. Every time a caller is given the opportunity to press 2 and hear something in a foreign language they put off for another day mastering
          English. As a result of this they put off for another day learning a skill that is critical to getting ahead in our culture.

          Although I know that the intent of providing bilingual services is to make people feel welcome I can't help but feel that it is creating and perpetuating an underclass of people who will be relegated to lower paying jobs
          because they have lost any incentive to become fluent in English. Look on any construction project…the foreman is the one who speaks the best English. He makes the most money.

          I know many people of foreign origin and I have yet to find one who is incapable of learning English. If we are serious about helping immigrants become a useful part of our society I think we should consider eliminating
          this expensive and condescending practice.
Anne          1. Take a good look at the mess Obama is creating -- then DO NOT DO THE SAME.
              2. Cut all state agency funding by 10 per cent, hold an additional 10 per cent in reserve.

              3. Take a very hard look at the "timber contracts" for timber cut from state properties. Also enforce the "restoration" provisions on all properties that have been harvested.
Baltimore     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Montgomery    The tuition freeze at Maryland colleges and universities must be lifted. It is supremely irrational to expect them to maintain quality while resources shrink and shrink. The small amount of increase in an individual
              student's tuition would be inconsequential -- those who need college "affordability" will receive more direct aid to cover the cost. Those who do not receive aid (or only in the form of loans) probably don't have as great
              a need for "affordability." Either way, federal programs or wealthy individuals take the hit, while the state will not be required to reduce the quality of higher education.
Anne          As a way to raise revenue is it possible to sell advertising space on all State automobiles? You need to look to other alternatives to close the budget deficit besides the compensation of State Employees. State
Arundel       employees have sacrificed more than their share in the last 10 yrs. with furloughs, layoffs, pay freezes, hiring freezes, etc.
select your   hi,
              why don't you cut the number of legislators in both houses in half. eliminate some of their staff also.
Carroll       Current: When the legislator is in session bills that are being reviewed are printed and handed out.

              Suggestion: Limited the number of paper copies and rely more on email and provide possible bills as attachments.

City          Asked state employees strickly on a voluntarily basis to volunteer to work shorter work week, example, 4 days, 32 hours, 20 hrs. etc. I believe the responses will be greater than you anticipate. Depending on the
              responses, this could prevent some layoffs.
Washington    Offer early out incentives to employees nearing retirement. This would eliminate some possible layoffs. You would sacrifice experience but you would save new employees, the future.
City          I am a State employee working for the State of Maryland's Public School Construction Program. This might seem to be a very small cost-cutting idea, but if it can be done, it will save money on paper that the State
              uses. Anyone that uses the FMIS system can tell you that when they print a report, purchase order, etc., the last page is always blank.
              Why can't the programmers cut that one piece of paper out. When you think of how many FMIS users there are in the State of Maryland, I really think the savings could be quite substantial. Thank you very much for
              giving me the opportunity to correspond with and hopefully help, the Governor as he has to make some very difficult decisions quickly to save our State money.
City          Retirement incentives for employees with 30+ years. Reevaluate need for the position after retirement.
Howard        Implement time clocks for non-exempt State employees where they do not exist. This will result in improved worker productivity and ideally enhanced overall financial results. In many (all?) State buildings/institutions
              there is no adequate monitoring of employee work time and mush opportunity for employees to take advantage of the "loose" time keeping system.
select your
Howard        Cut the number of paid holidays that State employees receive. I'm a State employee and would gladly give up a few holidays versus having my pay cut or taking constant furloughs, both of which put a strain on my
              family finances. The number of holidays we get is excessive compared to corporate and non-profit institutions. Reducing paid holidays does not strain the family finances and keeps employees productive. Fewer
              employees will be needed in aggregate due to increased productivity and less time off that needs covered.
Anne          It is difficult for me to understand why your staff, along with the numerous legislators in our state, cannot devise a way to effectively address our budget crisis. If you use my suggestion, could I get a personal tour of the
Arundel       state house? To generate revenue for our state as well as help business owners in several markets, I suggest that Maryland implement a vehicle inspection program. This could stand-alone or be coupled with the
              state’s existing vehicle emissions program. For example, most (I think) vehicles are “selected” every two years for an emission test at a cost of $10. At that time, require a vehicle inspection checking everything from
              operational headlights to a functional muffler for an additional $10. That generates revenue for the state. I am no suggesting that the current emission stations be retrofitted into a garage, but have local garages
              become state-certified inspections stations. The state could charge an annual fee (e.g. $500) for garages or dealerships to become certified, then those locations could charge $25 ($10 to the state and $15 to the
              garage/dealer). That generates revenue for the business, which is taxable and again, generating revenue for the state. Additionally, if parts are needed to bring a vehicle into compliance, that means more money to
              businesses and the state (through taxes). I do not have any specific numbers because I was unable to find any statistics on how many vehicles are emissions tested each year.

              There is little startup cost to implement this program, basically a state agency that is willing to oversee the program and certify garages/dealerships. It would also be relatively easy to implement within a year. Plus, it
              promotes citizen safety by ensuring vehicles are in proper operating order.
Anne          Provide walkable paths/boundaries to schools and cut school bus transportation all together.
              AND Go solar as much as possible.
Baltimore     Dear Honorable Governor O'Malley,
              My suggestion to reduce the budget would be to set up a small task force directed at maryland medicaid to seek out and put a stop to all the medicaid fraud that is done by both recipients and providers. I am a nurse
              who used to case manage health choice clients and believe me, there is plenty of fraud to go around. Probably the largest area of fraud, and "frankly BS", pardon the expression, can be found in the use of private duty
              nursing. Some families are seriously abusing the intention of the benefit provided. What they truly want is the "Hazel benefit" where they have a live in nurse to be parent, housekeeper and supervisor of their kids 24-7.
              In some cases, they want absolutley no parental responsiblity. They want a nanny.
              The second area would be in durable medical equipment. The fraud that goes on here is of huge proportions. Getting rid of the fraud and abuse in both these areas would likely save hundreds of thousands, if not
              millions of dollars.

              Thank you for allowing me to participate in the discussion.
City          The University System of Maryland charges it's employees for parking on the various campuses. They structure this in increments of $20,000, based upon the employee's salary.

              The incremental fees stop at $80,000. There are plenty of USM employees who make more than $80K. Why not continue the incremental fees to include $80-$100K, $100K-$120K, $120 and above. And also
              considter an additional parking fee for every person who gets their own parking spot (Presidents, VP's, Deans, etc.) These are the folks making the most money and they should be able to pay more. When we asked
              on our local campus we were told, "This was a USM decision" (sounds like they want to protect their own and not share in the increasing costs of parking).

              This would be an easy way to help generate more funding for Maryland.
City         Governor O'Malley:

             Good morning.It is been my experience that the state of MD employees are always the hardest hit. We have always been looked at first to furlough, lay off or receive no increase.I was barely able to maintain my bills
             with the last round of furloughs and pay reduction. I work hard and try to do the right things by paying my bills on time along with my student loan debt. The people of the state of MD BEG you to consider not putting us
             through another round of this let alone one that is 3 times worse than the first.If anything, just keep the pay where it is with no increases until things resolve. Where would the motivation and morale be for state workers
             that go to work everyday but are being paid less? It is absolutely NOT fair. People that don't work and may not want to work seem to fair better than working people. Because we, the people that want and need to work
             don't want to be burdens on society continue to carry the burden of this deficit. Please do not penalize the very people that have been working without a pay increase prospect of one in the future only to actually
             decrease the pay. Please consider this from an educated state worker that has been employed for over 11 years and would love to retire with the state.
Montgomery   get the slots up and running, increase cigarette tax, increase booze tax (I do drink), open betting parlors on sports events and have them run by the state
Frederick    Have SHA employees maintain District Office (s) lawn care/plantings. SHA employees take one (1) Friday off per month without pay for six (6) months. SHA employees pay 1% more of their health care premiums for
             6-12 months.
City         1) After 5:00pm and on weekends many State office buildings still have the lights and computers on. I feel as though many if not all of these lights and computers could be shut off because they are not being used and I
             am sure that it makes the State's electricity bill unnecessarily high and waste money.

             2) Although it is great for State employees who take the subway and bus to be able to ride it for free perhaps that program could be done away with if it is costing the State alot of money?

             3) Perhaps money could be saved by limiting or eliminating the ability of State employees to take State vehicles home in the evening or on weekends when they are not working. Also no employee should be able to
             use a State gasoline card to fill up either their own vehicle or a State vehicle if the vehicle is not being used for State buisness or during their working hours.

             4) Perhaps overtime could be greatly cut or eliminated not only at this time but in general by making sure that work assignments are done during employees working hours because in my opionion some of the overtime
             that is done by State employees after their normal working hours could and should be done during their 8 hour shifts. Some State employees purposely work overtime doing assignments and projects that they could do
             during their normal working hours because they know they will make more money.

             5) Perhaps there could be some kind of monetary prize or award for employees who do not call out sick because this would reduce the amount of State employees calling out sick in general for no reason because they
             know that they can do it up to a certain point without any disciplinary consequences. Basically they have no incentive not to use their sick leave. Also instead of State employees having 30 days to turn in sick leave
             documentation that they were medically seen and treated perhaps they could be required to submit it in 7 days.

             6) Make sure that in all State facility's there are no dripping faucets, electrical appliances wasting energy because they are not up to date on energy conservation usage, air conditioning or heating systems that waste
             energy because they are not up to date on energy conservation, State vehicles that need maintenance such as regular tune ups etc. because all of these things waste money.

             7) Only granting liberal leave when absolutely necessary during inclement weather to State employees who are not essential and meet the requirements. I am not sure but perhaps this would save the State money?

             8)Perahps across the board having all State employees not work or be paid for say a Friday making it a 4 day work week either once or twice a year. I am not sure but this make safe the State money?

             9) Not paying nurses sign on bonuses or giving them bonuses in general for not having called out sick.

             10) Cutting down on State employees taking business trips or having lunches etc. where the State pays the bill.

             11) Having more monetary awards and prizes in general to State employees for perfect attendance, outstanding work performance, ideas that save the State money etc. This would give State employees incentive in all
             of these areas and other areas that I did not mention to be more productive, which ultimately will save the State money but not a system as was used in the past where State employees who received an outstanding
             PEP evaluation were paid a certain amount of money as were employees that received a better qualified PEP evalution because this cost the State money due to favortism and supervisor's and employees who did the
             PEP evaluations rating their friends falsely in order to assure that they would receive money.
Howard        Out of caution I must make my suggestions brief.

              1. For state workers, cut overtime for 6 months to a year or implement close monitoring of overtime so that it will only be used for preapproved specific job duties as authorized by senior level management only.

              2. Focus on long range and ongoing cost saving solutions by hiring more supervisors and management personnel with higher levels of business or public administration education with proven experience. (Require a
              style similar to xxxxxxx for incoming management at the supervisory, chief, program administrator, and director level.) I believe this will lead to more strategic managerial practices with appropriate evaluation and
              reevaluation systems put in place for workers. (Due to high levels of workloads in some areas as opposed to others the high areas of workloads managers have less time for close monitoring and consistent
              evaluations.) By hiring more top educated and high productivity producing managers you many find that you will receive more suggestions for restructuring, cost cutting, and quality and productivity initiatives.

              3. Figure out how to increase worker motivation so there won't be such a high number of times wasting which results in decreased productivity. This decreased productivity may create the illusion of a need for more
              workers when it may just be an issue of restructuring, and/or changes in delegation of tasks. There may also be a need to create more situations of shared work among programs within a division.

              4. Acknowledge workers who are extremely productive and who show initiative. Set up a system where people can safely offer their concerns and suggestions for improvement without the concerns of backlash. Only
              allow the people to read and receive the suggestions who are not within the division in order to eliminate biases that may thwart any and all opinions of the workers or managers.

              5. Implement a system that will evaluate productivity reports for everyone by someone outside of the division. Upper management only should delegate someone to review this information specifically for potential
              areas for cost cutting, elimination, and the need for personnel.

              6. Require more uniform reporting methods of workers to supervisors, and managers to upper managers.
              7. Implement mandatory surveys with a variety of specific questions and separate the responses by worker, supervisor, chief, and program administrator. Include areas for comments. The surveys must not be read by
              managers within their own divisions without being first read by upper management outside of the division.


Montgomery    Streamline procurement accross the Departments. Right now each agency/department has it's own procurement, plus there is the e-maryland marketplace procurement system. If you merge procurement functions,
              you could likely save costs on administrative overhead (supervisors) and it might be easier to find procurements from the State.
Baltimore     The Board of Ed's Infants & Toddlers (birth to 3) program is offered throughout the state as a free program. Maryland is one of the very few states that do not require its clients to pay for these services. This program
              employs many professionals, including teachers, language specialists, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, audiologists and office staffs. These offices must rent space,
              buy paper clips, and even pay clients' cabfare to and from groups and activities. I am not suggesting dropping from its rolls families that cannot afford the service, but rather to charge on a sliding scale. Many of the
              clients in this program can afford to pay some amount, indeed, some even could pay full price for a private service of its kind if it were not offered gratis by the State. The children pour into these programs at the
              slightest provocation. Granted, some actually do need the services, but it takes only a referral from ANY source to merit an evaluation - which in and of itself is an expensive proposition in these trying economic times.
              And now that the age limit is being raised to age 5. . .
select your   Have state workers telecommuter,and work 4-ten hour days a week, save on energy cost
Carroll       Charge a licensing fee for obtaining a license to be a child care home or center.
Baltimore     Governor O'Malley,
              My suggestion for cost containment for the State of Maryland is this: When a State employee travels for a conference or other State business, it is logical that they be reimbursed for their mileage because that is an
              expense they would not have incurred otherwise. The employee should have their lodging paid for because that too is an expense they would not have incurred had they not been travelling... HOWEVER, this employee
              would have had to EAT whether they were away on State business or not. Why should the State reimburse this employee $42 a day TO EAT?!? This is frivolous spending on the part of the State. How much precious
              money does Maryland waste paying its employees TO EAT!?! What other frivolous costs could we cut before we implement furloughs or lay offs!! Wouldn't it even make more sense to pay only a percentage or NOT
              EVEN pay travel reimbursement of any kind for a temporary period of time before people lose their jobs or take pay cuts (furloughs). I am not in any way involved with State budget, so I'm not sure if this idea would
              solve any cost containment issues, but it seems logical to me and I thought I would share it-since you asked for my opinion. :)
Baltimore     Not being a close follower of State government structure where elimination of various minor agencies could save money, I can only suggest little things that can add up.

              I am always amazed at the amount of money that is spent in the excessive mowing of grass along our highways....I am not saying lay folks off as there is plenty of needed work but the fuel bill for those mowers must be
              substantial. Also, I think that the State or Counties waste vast amounts in excess street lighting. I knew someone, now long moved away, who got an extra street light in front of his house on my county road...I call it
              the one case of whisky light pole.


select your   Sell Trade center. make 5 day furloughs permanent.
county        and put each one before a holiday.
Anne          Where can we go and view the proposed budget I would like to see what inidividual agency budgets are and other details if possible
Howard        The Thorton bill was passed without fiscal considerations. I would like to see a careful review of Thorton to make sure we are not mindlessly throwing money at education. DC has the largest per capita spending on
              education an I don't want Maryland to emulate DC's education system.
Montgomery    I am writing to you to request that you stop cutting local services, and especially stop cutting Local Management Boards, but instead look to your own State agencies, especially those which do not provide any services
              or direct benefit to Maryland citizens. I have been a teacher for ten years and I see the disservice it does when agencies such as these are cut.
              I have heard about the cuts being made to the local Baltimore Co Mgmt board that works with at-risk youth and families and it saddens me. We need people like them to work with these vulnerable families and their
              Please rethink your budget cuts!
              Thank you

Montgomery    Please stop funding Casa of Md. who use the money for illegal
              immigrants. I am so mad at the Mont. Co. (Leggett) people for
              misusing my tax dollars. I will vote against anyone who con-
              tinues to abuse our money in this way. Didn't you learn any-
              thing from the drivers license mess?
City          to save money you need to do a intense drug testing for all welfare clients because there are alot of clients that are wasting cash and stamps every month just to get high you can save loads of money that way.and i
              am staying at code blue and there is a whole lot of waste going on here that will save the city money.
Anne          The MDE currently requires the posting of a huge, heavy duty, 4 ft x 8 ft sign to publicize projects receiving "State of Maryland" financial support, under the direction of MDE, and approved by Board of Public Works.
Arundel       These signs cost in excess of $500 each and have been required for very short duration projects and small under $100K projects. This is tax payer money, not MDE's. Few people read them and they take up valuable
              time on the recipients part to order and install the signs. The signs have no educational value about why the project is being done and its benefits to the Bay watershed. I'm with a small watershed stewardship non-
              profit manned by volunteers, the $500 could be put to far better use than the State tooting its own horn on how it is spending our money. The example project consists of an under $50K 8 rain gardens installed in the
              back parking lot of St. Mary's Parish in Annapolis that will be completed in 2-3 weeks. Where is the common sense in this? Multiple the cost of signs for the Trust Fund grants and Stimulus grants and put it to good use
              on an in-ground stormwater runoff mitigation projects.
              The guidelines do not even allow the CACB 2010 Trust Grant recipient to put its name on the sign or list the match donations and partners supporting the project.
             This is one tiny example of how out of touch with reality MDE (and the state) is, particularly in dealing with non-profits working on the front lines to save the Bay. Non-profits cannot operate as local governments and
             cannot be treated the same by the state bureaucracy and outdated regulation/legislation. The power of non-profits is being thwarted by irrational regualtion and processes. Unless BayStat can bring the NPO's fully on
             board the Bay cannot be saved. 65% of the Bay's issues are private property, e.g., communities, residenses, churches,small businesses, etc. that must be dealt with through flexible private means to be successful.
             Treating these small, but important BayStat projects as if they were Capital Improvement 50 million dollar wastewater treatment plants is just crazy, and very costly. The MDE is wasting everyone's very valuable time,
             including their own people's productivity.
             If BayStat would seek input from non-profits about how the State can better enable them to work on Bay saving projects, rather than disable them and throw up irrational and illogical roadblocks, the NPO's could
             accomplish amazing things. They will act as a force multiplier of state funds, and not a waster of scare funds.

             The thoughts expressed are my own. I would be happy to sit down with BayStat and discuss a long list of issues the watershed organizations are dealing with respect to MDE's management of the Trust Fund and
             Stimulus grants. Millions could be saved by appling some simple common sense immediately, changing a few unapplicable policies, and maybe a little legislative tweaking. There are many reasonable options and
             quick fixes.

             One has to wonder why the all powerful Board of Public Works has to approve a $50K rain garden project the CACB 2010 Trust Fund Scientific Advisory Board has already approved and been signed off on by the

Baltimore    My suggestion is random urinalysis tests for anyone who is on welfare or has medical assistance. They should be initially tested prior to approval and randomly while using the program. If they test dirty they should
             immediately be terminated from the program and have to wait a certain amount of time before being able to re-apply. Why should we waste tax dollars on people who are NOT trying to better themselves or the
             community. And frankly I'm tired of wasting my tax dollars on people like that!
Frederick    Use open source software for kiosks, managing networks and other areas. Howard County Libraries have switched over to open source software and saved large amounts of money. I'm sure the same model can be
             achieved in other government / state institutions
City         My suggestion is to sit down personally with each department head and ask to see each expenditure and ask questions on why it was necessary to spend on such items. Hold them accountable for unneccessary
             spending within the department. A lot of money is wasted because there is not anyone approving each expenditure. Each department should have someone specifically approving expenditures and asking questions,
             and providing alternatives to reduce the amount of spending. For instance, at Baltimore City Community College, a meeting was arranged at a remote location. Why? There should be someone asking the same
             question. Why arrange a meeting off premises when you have an entire campus to use. The money used for that meeting facilty should not be spent. Another example, specifically at BCCC, the athletic department
             was suspended by the transportation department from being able to use BCCC transportation. In return the athletic department had to rent vehicles in order to have transportation to games. Again, why??? The
             school had adequate transportation, but money had to be spent on renting vehicles. It makes no sense whatsoever.

             I am sure this happens in all of the departments statewide. These departments receive money and they literally waste it. At the end of the each fiscal year, the departments should be able to return money because
             they should be practicing responsible spending. Just because they receive the money, doesn't mean they have to spend it.
Anne         On June 30th, I forwarded a suggestion to both Governor O'Malley and LT Governor Brown to recoup revenues to the State. Many government employees at local, county and state levels are required to order most
Arundel      medications (especially high priced specialty medications) by mail order. These mail order pharmacies and the PBM's that dictate this agenda are all out of state (Argus, Walgreens, Catalyst RX, Aetna Specialty,
             Freedom/Priority Healthcare, ExpressScripts). One Montgomery County Pharmacy lost 2 million in revenues in Q1 for 1 therapeutic class which then translated into $160,000 in tax revenues lost to the state. Local
             specialty pharmacies are experiencing substantial losses in revenues, citizens losses in choice and service and the state a considerable loss in a revenue source. Please reconsider these contractual restrictions with
             the insurance providers who quite frankly seem to be the primary beneficiary of these restrictions. That indeed, the cost savings realized when filling prescriptions outside the state may in actuality be costing more in
             lost tax revenues here and business viability and jobs inside the state. Thanks for your request for citizen feedback.
Montgomery   Put a cap on all State paid positions of not more than $175K
Anne         Legalize marijuana. It will bring in some extra cash to the state.
Anne        I am an attorney who defends physicians in medical malpractice cases. Since the 1970's Maryland has had the "Health Claims Arbitration Office," now called the "Health Care Alternative Dispute Resolution Office"
Arundel     (HCADRO). Years ago, this dept actually did at least a little something as some med mal cases were resolved via arbitration & not in Circuit Court. But about 10+ years ago, all med mal cases, after being 1st filed in
            HCADRO, have been immediately "waived" into circuit court for full blown discovery and trial, so HCADRO does nothing more than process the initial pleadings of the case, which is then filed all over again in circuit
            court. In other words, HCADRO serves NO useful function anymore, if it ever did. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. HCADRO occupies a few offices in the Wm. Donald Schaefer Tower in
            downtown Balto, a hi-rent district, & must have an additional budget for office supplies, etc - my guess is this is at least a $1 million/year budget item, which serves ZERO useful purpose. HCADRO should be eliminated
            & all med mal cases should be filed directly in the appropriate circuit or federal court. It is ridiculous to keep funding an office that does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but push paper!!! xxxxx
Harford     please reframe from cutting budgets at local management boards. Look to your internal staff and large budget increases to pet projects for a way to balance our budget. Your administration has burdened the working
            people and small businesses enough.
Anne        Raise the gas tax and fund public transit. Create a real, meaningful plan for the installation of public transit between Balt, Annap and DC like most other major metro areas. Create a floor for gas prices to induce better
Arundel     public decisions and fund transportation and related projects. Remove private money from electoral politics in MD and create true representative government that can make better policy decisions for citizens. Raise
            income taxes on those making over $500,000/yr. Create state plan for citizens to purchase college tuition for kids starting at age 5 regardless of future costs, bringing funds now to public education and promising
            college ed to those who may not be able to afford it. I am a state employee but maybe not for long due to cuts. Employees do not work well when they are not sure if they will employed in the near future. If the state
            values its employees, they will work harder. I am not impressed with a large percentage of the state employees I have worked with in various agencies. Employees need to have a clear role and review processes in
            place. By and large, the bureaucracy is broken and ineffective. Good luck!
Baltimore   Temporarily for 12 to 18 months increase sales tax from 6 to 6.5 or 7%, increase gasoline tax as well on a temporary basis.
            These are to be temporary measures, I believe most people would prefer to pay xtra now and save there job or avoid a furlogh knowing that it is temporary. In addition stop all frivolous spending, no pork only things
            that are necessary, work with local lenders to help free up credit for small business, stop taking money from federal government thats not going to help our state nor help the country. If every Marylander has to balance
            there checkbook every month without a bailout there's no excuses.
Baltimore   As you state, in Maryland, we are far more lucky than other states. I think one thing that would really help is a scaling down of the services that government receives locally but even more on a national level. I really
            think that this cap and trade bill and the new health care reform legislation will come down to bite your budget as they are implemented. Because it is an election year, I know you will work to not raise taxes but we do
            remember the special session that gave us our sales tax increase in addition with your work with BGE and the PSC and Constellation which has not been effective at all. Drive your own car, cook your own meals, pay
            for your own health insurance. Be a representative of the people you represent instead of an elitist who thinks we are all stupid.
Anne         I suggest you consider implementation of a "Primary Care Clinics" program offered by a company called Mainstreet to acheive a budget reduction by reducing the cost of the state employee group health benefits
Arundel     program.

            There has never been a better time for the state of Maryland to consider the financial and clinical values of supporting its’ own on-site primary care clinic. The on going challenge has been the ability to manage the
            health needs of the employees and dependents to the financial health of the plan. In addition to the “hard dollar” savings to the health plan there remains a continued need to manage and improve the productivity and
            absenteeism of the workforce. MainStreet has developed an employer sponsored HealthCare clinics program that provides the balance necessary to address all of these issues and provide real value to all involved.
            MainStreet provides a solution to the employer and employee demands in a number of ways.
            For the health benefits plans the immediate first year result is to flatten and often reduce the plans double digit increase in costs. Our clinics deliver low cost primary care at costs that are between 30%-40% less than if
            the identical services were delivered in the employer health plan. By developing effective communications and extinguishing all barriers to primary care access we create a proactive program. This prevention focus has
            both short and long term value to the employee’s health and the employer costs.
             The benefits to the employees in setting up a clinic are significant and varied. The clinics themselves are the centerpiece of the Employer sponsored program and can easily be integrated in to any current Disease
            Management or Wellness Program. If the client does not have either program MSHCC is able to provide these services as well.
            • Flattening/reducing cost during the first year • Reduced absenteeism
            • Closed model-minimal wait time • Built in incentive increases use of service
            • Internal “health management” services(DM, wellness, coaching) • No co-pays to employees
            • Health plan designs • Cut health plan services by up to 40%
            • Increased Productivity • Promoting wellness and prevention
Frederick    Do not try to resolve the state budget by shifting expenditures to local governments particularly in the middle of a fiscal year. County governments have already experienced declining revenues and have cut spending
             and services. County governments do not have the financial ability to absorb any additional state budget reductions. County governments provide essential services, such as education and public safety, which should
             be protected. Laying off county employees to solve the state budget is simply not fair. Shifting responsibilities also fails to address the budget situation - it just shifts it to others who did not create it in the first place.

             Consider eliminating or deferring the replacement of elections equipment which will save both the state and local governments money that does not exist without impacting existing services. There should also be a
             review of state owned properties which could be sold. The state has properties on E. Patrick St. and W. Third St. in the City of Frederick which have been vacant for several years. If there is no use for these building,
             then sell them and put them back on the tax roles. Consider eliminating the freeze on tution increases in higher education. This laudable goal is not sustainable in the current economic climate.

Wicomico     You could save several million dollars by doing away with off duty Maryland State Police Troopers at the MVA offices.
City         Dear Governor O'Malley-
             I recently wrote to you suggesting that one way to decrease the costs in State government would be to streamline the current payroll system. As I have continued to think about other ways to reduce costs, I come back
             to some of the daily process that are antiquated and could now be updated and automated with current technology. These processes include: reimbursements which are currently paper forms completed in triplicate
             and entered manually versus a computerized system that could be managed by a third party on a contract; travel requests which are also currently done on paper and could be managed by a third party on line; and
             lastly, a comprehensive review of the procurment system would reveal numerous inefficiencies that could be rectified with an online system.

             I hope you find these suggestions helpful and, again, if the State of Maryland is to continue to move into the 21st century it is important that we take advantage of the technology that exists to reduce our costs and
             increase our efficiency.

             Thank you -
City         Dear Governor O'Malley-
             As a state employee of almost 8 years I have personally seen government waste and inefficiency on many levels, however one area that I feel can be stream lined to save money and improve efficiency is the payroll
             system. When I came to work for the State I was shocked that salaried employees are required to fill out paper timesheets (in triplicate) and then individuals manually input time in/time out for each employee. On more
             than one occasion, errors have been made which causes numerous hours to correct.

             While I understand my proposal to streamline the payroll system either by subcontracting the system out to a third party to administer or making the system electronic, would reduce personnel, I feel that if Maryland is
             to continue to excel, we must move into the 21st century and take advantage of the systems that exist. This system would not only be beneficial to salaried employees but also hourly employees who could clock in and
             out online. Our system is antiquated and the cost of continuing to do business in this inefficient matter increases costs to the system.

             Thank you for your time and I hope you find my suggestion of benefit.

Anne         The state must be spending a tremendous amount of money on Microsoft products. Open source software could minimise this expense. I have used Open Office for years and never felt the need to purchase MS
Arundel      Office. Migrating to Linux would minimise the need to purchase new hardware because the Linux operating system will run on machines that are useless for running a Microsoft operating system.
Montgomery   Please provide funding for Montgomery County Technology Growth Program. While the return on investing in high technology research may be 2-3 years away, the government should not sacrifice the opportunity in
             search of short term gains.
Anne       My daughter has four step children, to put three of them into sports is an enormous amount of money. Hold on I am getting to budget cutting, just leading up to it. She had to pay $600.00 for one junior football player,
Arundel    and two cheerleaders. They do not have the money for this, so they dipped into their savings, what little they have, to put them into activities. It is a known fact that if you have no activities for your children, they will
           undoubtedly get in trouble with the law, essentially ending up in jail, and thereby costing the state and county money for clothing, housing, rehab and whatever else it takes to get these individuals back on the street.
           One ounce of prevention could make a big difference in this circle. Help out with the cost of these activities for the children, do not make them pay, merely ask for donations at the time of sign up. Those with the
           money could certainly afford to make a large contribution and those that do not have the money would not be embarrassed by dropping out because of teh large fee to enter this activity. Please consider this. These
           kids need help at the beginning of their juvenile years, and make them more involved in sports, will make them less involved in drugs and crime, thus costing much less to the state in the long run. It is an offset effort
           that is bound to pay off in the millions in the near future. Help these children.

City       I suggest you lower the reimbusement amount to state employees for mileage when they use their personal vehicles. The state pays .55 per mile. If you have a car that gets 15 miles/gallon and gas is at $3 (both on the
           very conservative end) thats a cost of .20 per mile. If you allow 100% additionally for wear and tear, oil, insurance etc (and I think that's generous!) that would take the cost to .40 mile. I know people in the state govt
           who can't wait to travel using their vehicles because they make a huge profit when they do. I don't think the taxpayers need to subsidize that additional income. My example would save the state 30% of the
           reimbursement expense, while not costing anyone anything, it would only remove the profit. I'd love for someone to tell me how much the state does spend on personal reimbusement, so we would know the savings.

           This is an easy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne       If the State of Maryland went to a four day work week, they would save money on utilities. The employees would save money on gas and get the benefit of a three day weekend.
           Also, reducing the number of copiers rented each month would save money. With the use of computers, the employee should print multiple copies rather than print one copy then going to the copier to print more. In
           the agencies I worked for there was one copier per office.

           Consider an "early out" retirement. This would give employees an incentive to retire and reduce the number of employees without laying people off.

Anne       Why don't we collect bottle and can deposits like other states do? Think JOBS and LESS trash.
Arundel    The state should harvest the existing Pawlonia Trees in our right-of-ways - the Japaneese pay big money for the wood (it is light in weight and very strong) - for that matter our state agribusiness ought to get on the
           stick and encourage farmers to grow it for it's strong lite weight.
           Thanks for coming to St.Annes the other day - isn't our music great? Come back anytime - no cars nessesary :)
           I have other ideas - but they may be more federally directed.
           Good Luck,
Wicomico   I researched and developed a Bay Bridge toll schedule that would have generated an additional $22M annually. It was a complete study using historical data and usage numbers. No one was interested. It centered on
           increased EZ pass, revised trucking and non EZ pass tolls.

Carroll   The following is a letter from our local paper:

          Missing the boat on tax free

           If statistics from the National Retail Federation are correct, more people are going to be looking for bargains in their back-to-school shopping and, sadly, that could hurt Maryland businesses.
          The NRF says 80 percent of this year's back-to-school shoppers surveyed said they planned on spending less — about $1.4 billion less — than they did last year.
          Shoppers, the NRF says, are looking to save money. According to the NRF survey, almost 75 percent said they planned to shop discount stores. Thrift stores and resale stores are ex¬pected to see big increases.
          But a lot of people also are likely to travel elsewhere for their back-to-school shopping. Pennsylvania, for instance, does not tax clothing, and with the recent increase in Maryland's sales tax, shopping there is more
          Other areas, such as Washington, D.C., and Virginia, offer tax-free weeks or weekends. D.C.'s tax-free period applies to clothing, shoes, accessories and school supplies less than $100 and runs from Saturday through
          Aug. 9.
          Virginia's tax free weekend is Aug. 7 to 9 and applies to clothing and footwear valued at less than $100, and school supplies valued at less than $20.
          Maryland has in the past embraced the tax-free week to give consumers a break. And the week will be back next year. But that doesn't do much good for families looking for deals today as they continue to weather the
          Maryland lawmakers are shortsighted in not previously making the tax-free week an annual event. They were too worried about lost revenue from sales taxes. And yes, rev¬enues may increase a little, but far more
          businesses would have been helped with the increased sales that they may now lose to neighboring states as residents look for the
          best deals.
          The state had an opportunity to help businesses, and consumers, but instead, our short sighted lawmakers chose a different path.
          That path is going to lead shoppers away from the state in search for a better deal.

          I feel the tax increases the current administration has imposed on the residents of the state has hurt the state revenue not helped. Please wake up and see what is going on in the state of Maryland. Are we number four
          in the nation as far as high taxes are concerned?
          Try lowering the sales tax rate back to 5% and see what happens! You may be amased.
          Thanks for your time,


Howard    I would like to suggest making employees with more then 30 years retire. This will give the state the leverage to monies from the top to allow growth from the bottom. This would also keep in my mind more people
          happy. I also think that the economy is getting better and will turn around very soon.
Harford   I am police officer at a state run college. Due to legislative mandate, there is a requirement that each of the ten state run colleges have college law enforcment on campus. This currently means 10 seperate police
          departments that act independant of one another. Prior to O'Malley, there was a commission appointed by Ehrlich to streamline state government. The 25-member commission, headed by former governor Marvin
          Mandel suggested the merging of all state university under one Police Department. This would reduce the redundancy in the command staff, records, and dispatch. This would enable one training division (currently
          UMCP has it's own academy).
Allegany   Dear Governor,

           Some suggestions that you should look at for cutting.
           Closing some Government offices that are open on every Saturday or reduce the openings to one Saturday a month. It was that way a long time ago when then Gov. Schaffer was in office. How much money in
           employee overtime, water, electric, heating and cooling will that save? What about setting the thermometers up two degrees or down two degrees? I do that at home and it saves on my electric bill. What would
           happen if every office in the state did that?

           Stop catering to everyone that wants a hand out. The purse strings of the State should be closed tight until we come out of this recession. If I am watching what I spend in my own household than the State also needs
           to watch handing over money to special interest groups and researchers, and every other group that would like a hand out/hand up.

           The State police deserve to have their cruisers and their gas paid by the citizens of MD. They protect us! But, what about all the other state agencies that the administrators, and supervisors drive state cars home
           each night. How many vehicle could be taken off the roads and how much in gas savings would the state see? Are these vehicles really being used for "business" or is it just a "perk" of office.

           What about the agency credit cards? Is someone watching the amounts that are spent? Are the amounts spent really necessary or are they reckless purchases? Is that money being used on office supplies, paper and
           ink? Or is that money being used for things that are not necessary. Remember the Federal Govnmt could not account for the credit cards they supplied their agencies or the reckless spending that went on.

           Greater accountability needs to occur. I understand that you like to see numbers, but I think Marylanders needs to say to every agency, special interest and other groups that receive money from the state to operate
           that they need to be wise investors of what they have been given and don't expect more if they run out. The saying "to bad so sad" really should be coming up more, but people do not want to hurt others feelings.

           Please remember that the State employees are working harder with less and they are willing to take a cut if it will save a job. However, if you cut to deeply then you should also be willing to say to the citizens of
           Maryland that some services that are provided by the state can not continue at current levels. We must strive to find the balance.

           Thank you for allowing this opportunity to provide feedback. I really would not want to be in your position, but Marylanders are a strong and persistant group of individuals. We can come together and weather the
           storm. I just don't want the State to tell me at tax time next year if I am due a refund that "We are sorry, but IOU." That would not look good on a re-election bid.

           Thank you,
Anne       The cut in the voting machine sounded like a worthwhile cut. The old one seemed to work ok. Best regards xxxxxxxxx
Charles    Reduce or eliminate the amount of money spent on supporting illegal immigrants schooling, health care and in-state tution for higher ed.
Charles    My suggestion for cost containment is the following:
           1) Require people that receive assistance benefits (FS, MA, TCA) also be required to get the birth control shot every 3 months perhaps DHMH can give the shot. This will hopefully prevent families and individuals from
           getting even more in debt and have a chance to move towards self-sufficiency, less CPS investigations, and less foster care/adoptions. If one doesn't comply then the benefits end and if people do not want to do this
           then he/she obviously does not want the state's assistance or supplement programs. The State should collect more information for these programs. I understand the State can not control what people do with their lives,
           but the State certainly can control what the State gives out. If someone is not making good choices (for example: I need my FS benefits so I can feed my family because I spent all my money on my cell phone bill) why
           does the State encourage those bad choices and just give it out.
           2) Set up/enhance programs: Welfare-to-Work. I am a fan of the program. It has expectations set, provides assistance and guidance, and has time limitations. Why does it not teach anything about money? How to
           balance a check book? How to develop a living expense budget? Basic survival skills.
           3) Change the Regulation in the Child Care Program: Does education level guarantee someone a job? Do the statistics prove that it is easier and quicker to find a better job if you already have one? So, why does the
           Child Care Program assistance people if they are: 1) working, 2) going to school, or 3) working and going to school. It would make sense to me that someone would benefit more if they are either 1) working or 2)
           working and going to school.
           4) Furloughs before layoffs at all costs
           5) Update ancient computer systems around the State. Make more automated systems. Condense the amount of forms required for programs. Computer software similar to DOS software still being used in the year
           2010. The State will be in terrible trouble when the select few individuals that actually know those systems retire SOON.
Somerset     Im a state employee where yet again im faced with having to take furlough days. There are agencies that were just frantically trying to spend end of year money and now we are faced with this. There are so many
             agencies that are laying off employees and other agencies that are still paying overtime due to lack of staff. If all avenues are looked at before furlough days go into effect it my eliminate the need for these days which
             will no doubt cause a financial hardship on any person having to take these days which may lead them to no other option but to find themselves having to turn to the state for assistance which there again could possibly
             be avoided.
Talbot       Stop State employees from traveling to attend staff meetings that should be held in thier local office. Some meetings could be held by a conference call.
             State employees are using state vehicles for comute when there is no benefit to the state. The claim a field office (which does not exist) and then get milage to travel to the regional office.
             State employees should not be allowed to ride the mass transit free wth thier ID card. This only benefits Baltimore employees as they are given free comute and others in the state have to pay for it or if using a state
             vehicle have to pay a benefit tax. Then we have to substutise the mass transit.
             You need to stop the spend or lose attitute agencys have, they know if they do not spend thier money next year they will not get it. You need to0 reward those that turn money back in at the end of the year and punish
             those that do not.
             Why are some Department secrataries having new pictures taken of themself and mailing them to the regional officies to replace the one they already have of them. In the private sector you would fire someone that did
             that during these hard economic times.
             All out of state travel and overnight Travel should be stopped except for emergencies.
             Everyone needs to understand this wasteful spending could cost someone thier job and everyone in the private sector is struggling to pay their bills. Its time for the leaders to lead by example.
             I would like to thank you for allowing our input.
Howard       Freeze all hiring except security and medical. I see the state has a hiring freeze; however there are two new positions being advertised on the state web site (Jessup regional dietary director and Jessup regional
             maintenance director). We are in a budget deficit, but there are still new senior positions being advertised. With benefits these positions will cost the state a quarter of a million dollars a year. I cant understand how you
             can't fill entry level positions but can fill positions to make these agencies more top heavy.
Baltimore    Governor O'Malley is asking for feedback from the general public on how he should apply future budget cuts. I am requesting that he stop cutting local services, and especially stop cutting Local Management Boards,
             but instead look to his own State agencies, especially those which do not provide any services or direct benefit to Maryland citizens. Or even better.... if everyone on the budget took a $1 - 2k cut on their salary, we
             could keep hundreds of people... no, families employed in this economic struggle we are facing. That evens out to people loosing approximately $115 a month (with a $2k cut from their salary) after taking out a third for
             taxes. Im sure one of the richest states in the country can see that $50 a paycheck will not seriously injure a families budget, whereas the loss of a job could devastate them. Please consider new alternatives. Cutting
             out is not the same as trimming back...
Caroline        Do away with front license plates on our vehicles. This would save quite a bit just in the material resources alone.
                Roll back all new spending that you have made since your tax increase from the special legislation session from two years ago. The new spending just for that one year would save tax payers one point three billion
             Sincerely xxxxxxxxxxx
Washington   Dear Gov. O'Malley,
             I have a few thoughts on cost-saving for our state. I am a bookkeeper for a small business accounting firm and daily see the impact of the recession on our small businesses and individual people. I think the problem
             can be looked at two ways: 1)keeping Maryland's small businesses active and helping our citizens stay here rather than being forced away from Maryland and 2) cutting costs for the state itself.
             It is always tempting to increase taxes in order to raise money; however, in this recession, we see that there are fewer people in the tax base. As people lose their jobs and their homes, or face reductions in earnings,
             there is simply less income to tax and the burden will fall inordinately on the lucky who have managed to hold on to their jobs. Increasing their taxes while the cost of energy, health insurance, gas and food also
             continue upwards may just drive people out of Maryland. Rather than increase personal or property taxes or place additional taxes on items such as alcohol, tobacco, soft drinks, services, or general sales tax, the
             emphasis should be placed on promoting small business growth - small businesses traditionally employ much of our population - and doing all that can be done NOT to burden the general population with further
             taxation. We need people to stay in their homes and keep their jobs in Maryland, if only to preserve the property tax base adequately and limit the state's exposure to unemployment benefit claims. This is clearly a far-
             seeing approach, not an immediate solution to any specific problem, but the benefits should be obvious. Small businesses could be given tax-break incentives to remain open or to start up within our communities.
             Another issue which should be addressed is that of the rising cost of energy in our state. The deregulation and decoupling of the energy providers in Maryland was a mistake. These companies are increasing costs to
             consumers at an unprecedented rate and this hardship will be at its worst during the winter months. The state should re-regulate these companies and restrict their profits for the health and well-being of the citizens. I
             am not sure if there is a way this will benefit the state directly, unless the state were to impose a windfall-profits tax on these companies, but it will certainly help keep people in their homes, which is a very important,
             albeit indirect, benefit.
             As far as cost-cutting ideas for the state itself to consider implementing, I have two ideas. One is that state employees may need to face a pay freeze for the next year or two. I know this is tough thing to sell, but I can
             tell you that quite a number of people, myself included, have not had raises in the past several years. We choose to stay in our jobs because we are glad to have jobs at all and know that our pay freezes keep our
            companies going in these tough times. The business owners I work with are frequently cutting their own pay, sometimes living off savings and taking no paycheck at all, in order to retain employees and stay in
            business. I would suggest that state employees may find the idea of a salary freeze preferable to the potential of more job losses. My sister in Utah recently told me that the Governor of her state has found a way to
            save millions of dollars and I will pass this idea on to you. Utah has changed the work week for many branches of its state workforce to a 10 hour, 4 days a week schedule. This includes departments such as social
            services, the Comptroller's office, the state unemployment office, etc. This has reduced the cost of energy consumed in state buildings by millions a year (as the buildings are only using lights and heat for 4, rather than
            5 days, a week) and alleviated some of the worst traffic patterns around the big cities. It is an adjustment for the employees, who must adapt their day-care arrangements, but overall, the employees have been highly
            satisfied by the change, enjoying an extra day at home or to shop, and notice a distinct savings in their commuting costs. The general population was skeptical at first, but has adapted as well, and many claim that
            having social services and employment offices open in the evening hours has been a welcome and helpful change.
            Thank you for the chance to share some thoughts and ideas.
            Sincerely, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Baltimore   I would like to request that cuts be made first from state agencies that do not provide services of direct benefit to Maryland citizens. Stop cutting local services, specifically local management boards, and services for
            our most at-risk youth and families. Place a freeze on travel reimbursement for state employees.
            In these extraordinary fiscal times, it is more important than ever to focus public resources where they are most critically needed - at the local level.
Talbot      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                                                                     July 31, 2009

            Dear Governor Martin O’Malley,

                I have commented on several opinions you have asked for in earlier e-mails/ correspondents. I really would like to say “we as Marylanders are truly feeling the economic effect of this struggling economy. I am
            certainly glad that I was brought up with work ethics and survival skills. Since this down pouring effect my position at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx was out-sourced to a CPA firm, with hopes of saving funds, however,
            my salaries was split up between the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and several other employees. With no surprise Sir, there has been no savings; I was an ethical, hard working, honest person and did not stand a chance up
            against dis-honest board members and other employees, so I am out sourced! Perhaps the state could cut there contribution to the library in half and let the Libraries Foundation support them for a while. Those funds
            could be used for more important matters, like creating jobs for honest hard working employees. When a person thinks they are doing the right thing and being ethical, they seem to be the ones put out on the street!
            Non- profit organizations really need to be looked at very carefully. It appears Directors feel as though the funds are their own. Perhaps it may be time for those who can retire, should be made to retire instead of steady
            collecting a pay check, just because they can. Say with a salary of $80,000-$90,000, Directors salary who can retire, and use those funds to pay for two employees salaries, and hopefully get more ethical, honest and
            responsible work out of them! What do you think about that Sir?

              After being kicked out on the street, I worked for a construction company and was unemployed again. The construction company had to down-size due to the down pouring economic crunch. Now, thank god, I am
            working for the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, this is a much more ethical work environment, and I am still pursuing my bachelor degree as we speak. I have not given up and I won’t. I want to be part of the State of
            Maryland’s work force one day, and help keep Maryland dollars spent ethical and have a strong accountability for every area those funds are used for.

               I hope you except my opinion and perhaps utilize them, so we can keep Maryland’s money safe and accountable.

            Thank you so very much
Anne        Why not offer a retirement incentive (additional retirement years of service-1 month for each year of service or buy-out- cash payment for each year of service)? The employee must be within six months of retirement
Arundel     eligibility to be eligible. The Legislative Auditor released a report several years ago which contained estimates of the number of employees who would be eligible for retirement over the next several years. The report
            was about preparing for the retirement of knowlegable senior staff. The negative aspects of the impact on state operations could be offset through contractual rehires for critical personnel. The pension law could be
            changed (with sunset provison)to eliminate earning and employment rehire time frame lapse requirements. This would appeal to more personnel. Savings could be as much as $200 million (based on 6,000
            employees) in the first year depending how the incentive is implemeded. This is option downsizes the state without hurting younger employees. Positions vacated would be abolished or downgraded to the lowest
            salary grade and step in the classification series, Both the retirees and working state employees would have the means to keep paying taxes and add to the economic recovery.
City         When considering furloughs for Maryland state employees, I'm suggesting a furlough between Christmas and New Year's. Several state employees need to take that time to be with their families and closing state
             buildings may offer a small savings in utilities.
             Employee paychecks could be pro-rata for the remainder of FY 2010, helping the state to realize those savings on an operating basis. The impact on employees would be reduced by distributing the slary reduction
             over a longer period.
             Thank you for this opportunity for input.
Anne         Reduce the number of blackberry's used in each agency, i.e. to executive staff only.
             Offer an early out to State employees with over 25 years of service.

             If furloughs are under consideration, make the furloughs applicable to agencies which rely primarily on State funding.

             Reduce the number of State automobiles supplied to State employees for daily commuting.

Montgomery   Plant wild flowers instead of grass to reduce mowing expenses along highways.
             My middle school child was issued textbooks for each subject at the beginning of the year, but only actually used 2 or 3. What's with that?
Howard       I am a state empoyee making under $50,000. With furloughs and no cost of living raises my paycheck has decreased while the cost of living has skyrocketed. I would suggest a mandatory 4 day work week for all state
             employees, closing state buildings on either Mondays or Fridays to tie into the weekend. I would turn off nearly all the lights and keep heat/air conditioning to a bare minimum. This would save a tremendous amount in
             utility bills, janitoial staff, commuting expenses, etc.
             I would set a cap for social service payments to single parents. After two children, the amount of monthly money does not increase. I would also check into the duplicity of social service programs. I know of people
             who are double dipping. I would abolish programs where a parent who has a special needs child is given extra money once a month for a weekend babysitter. This should not fall on the tax payer. I would have
             everyone who is a medicaid have a copay everytime they use the emergency room as a doctor's office visit ( unless admitted to the hospital). I would have this copay deducted directly from their monthly check or food
             stamp allotment. I would freeze teachers pay. Although I recognize the need for great teachers, many are overpaid. They work a 10 month year with a lot of days off during the school year. Just because you have 30
             or 60 plus hours over your Master's degree doesn't necessarily make you a better teacher - especially at the pre college level. It's what in your heart and your desire to educate. I would eliminate some assistant
             principal positions - expecially in the elementary schools.
             I would look again at the effectiveness and therefore the need for methadone clinics. I have gone to Lexington Market for my lunch break only to see crowds of people not working and high on their methadone while
             I'm working 50 hour weeks (with my commute)and struggling to pay my bills. The program doesn't seem to be working. I would increase the number of classes a full time college instructor has to teach and greatly
             reduce part time instructors.
Montgomery   Please be sure all state buildings and state facilities located in non state owned buildings turn off lighting whenever the facility is not in use unless absolutely required for safety. Use minimum lighting necessary when in
             use.When lights need to be replaced, install low energy bulbs.
             Please ask all state agencies to keep thermostats no lower than 78 degrees in summer, higher if possible, and no higher than 68 degrees in winter. Use fans when necessary. If a roof needs to be replaced, consider
             green roof or at least white as US DOE has suggested to reflect sun, cut heat buildup and lower energy costs. Please periodically publish on this web site all suggestions, Maryland's response and any savings. Thank
Baltimore    Stop cutting local services, and especially stop cutting Local Management Boards, but instead look to your own State agencies, especialy those which do not provide any services or direct benefit to Maryland citizens.

Anne         For state employees increase the credit for unused sick leave as an incentive to retire.
Anne        How about we cut state employee parking permits for 1 yr for all state agency employees. Let state employees pay for their own parking or use public transportion or carpool. It's like killing two birds with one stone eg.
Arundel     save on hundred thousand of dollars in parking permits, reduce gas pollution and be good to envirnment, and encourge public transportation.
            Secondly, eliminate any outside contracting jobs for IT related work. If state agencies can't do the job then State created IT department should provide resources then giving our money to outside contractors. This
            would enhance and enrich state employees skills needed and save money.
Baltimore   Dear Governor,

            Please allow me to point out, Life and Change are clearly inextricably intertwined.

            You have an opportunity to fix the state's long-term budget deficit that will enable the State to deliver needed services more cost-effectively, skillfully and efficiently by reducing or eliminating inefficient and unwarranted
            bureaucratic redundancies. By the way of example, An $11 Million Dollar Independent State Agency-Maryland Institute For Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS).

            It is time to eliminate MIEMSS needless redundancies and put their resources in the filed where they can do the most good efficiently and cost effectively. Maintaining this "Gigantic Independent State Bureaucracy" at
            its current level is fiscally irresponsible:
            1. No other state in the Country has a large a coordination "Gigantic Bureaucracy" within its state trauma/ems as does the State of Maryland.
            2. Restructuring MIEMSS will not affect local government EMS Response Systems coordination, local jurisdictions capabilities to communicate, response and delivery, budgeting, planning, operations,evaluation,
            education and research of Maryland's EMSs.
            3. Maryland local jurisdictions EMS Systems and their trauma centers must adhere to accepted National and Industry Standards and Regulations.
            4. MIEMSS circumvents and duplicates accepted EMS/Trauma National and Industry Standards and Regulations.
            5. MIEMSS Promulgating Regulatory Performance Is Incomplete.
            6. MSP, MIEMSS, and MIEMSS Aeromedical Office has failed to evolve throughout the years to incorporate and benefit from marked efficiency improvements within the helicopter and air medical industries.
            7. MIEMSS EMS Protocol Clarification Document dated 14 Feb.07, Educators and EMS Providers have requested a formal clarification document (topics 1 through 19 and A through J).
            8. 27-28 Nov. 08 Panel of National Experts Review Maryland Transport Protocols.
            9. Million of Taxpayers hard-earned money for MIEMSS "Consultants!"
            10. MVA Surcharge for EMS/Trauma "Operational" has been stretched for Capital, Consultants and for non-emergency purpose, now the Governor and legislators are planning to enact another MVA Surcharge Fee
            11. Patients/Victims are not being efficiently passe3d through the trauma/ems systems.
            12. A very specious two hour ground search and rescue (SAR) for the MSP helicopter and crash Victims.
            13. Etcetera!
            I thank you for giving this Citizen/Taxpayer the opportunity to express a few of my concerncs relating to "Our" long-term budget deficit.
                        Respectfully Submitted

Baltimore   State employees are always an easy target when there is a budget to be cut, but not when there is an abundance of dollars. I think that it is time to cut aid to the counties, most county employees get paid more than
            state ones, yet no county employees are being furloughed or laid off and some..Baltimore County are getting a COLA in Jan. 2010. Let's make the counties shoulder some of this burden.
            Secondly, there are many agencies that could increase the number of employees who telework. This would not only be good for the State, to reduce leases, but it would be good for the environment to reduce gas
            consumption and pollution.
            Agencies could set up cluster offices where staff could report when they needed to. This would allow them to cancel some leased space.
            Finally, this is something that I had hoped that you would do as soon as you came into office, but you didn't. The state should contract with an independent company to complete a top to bottom audit of each state
            agency to determine duplicity, non-functional programs or departments and superfluous staff, including Deputies. Once completed, make recommendations to you as to what should go based on efficiency.

City        I am proposing that one lane at each Maryland toll facility be increased by a certain amount, the proceeds of which would be used to reduce the shortfall. The payment would be voluntary, and tax deductible for
            commuters. The incentive (for non-EZ pass users) would be to avoid waiting in long lines during peak travel periods.
Baltimore    The State should develope and Automated Time Sheet Collection System where the employees can directly enter their time and leave into a system instead of the paper and data entry system currently in use. This
             wou increas the efficiency of the Time sheet System and free up some PINS to be cut or reassigned. Unfortunately many jobs many be lost saving the state money.
Baltimore    Implement direct entry of payroll information like so many private sector entities do. Employee enters hours. Supervisor reviews / approves hours. Info. is then sent electronically to the payroll processing center. This
             eliminates the need for multipart paper forms and for manual data entry (which is the current state system). Up front cost for development should be low if limited to the data entry + approval. Cost savings should
             accrue the first year!!!
Baltimore    I thought the increase in sales tax was "supposed" to help with the deficit. How much more do you think the taxpayers can afford to give without giving up their lifestyles? Also, being a state employee, is it really
             beneficial to furlough the state employee who are 90% federally funded and 10% state funded?
Carroll      Why do we continue to provide FREE medical services, WIC and other programs to illegal aliens who do not pay any tax money into our state. Our own citizens have trouble getting services, yet we expand health
             services to illegals!! This type of help is going to bankrupt all our state governments if we continue to provide these services. Make these people pay for services if they wish to receive them, or PAY TAXES!!
Montgomery   As a 20 year Montgomery county resident who pays huge state and local taxes ( if you don't believe me feel free to pull my tax records)... Stop supporting Casa De Maryland and illegal aliens with my tax dollars.
Baltimore    During this time of necessary budget cuts, there should be NO MORE FUNDING FOR CASA OF MARYLAND AND illegal aliens!!!!!, but a necessary "legal presence" for all taxpayer funded programs and services in
             our state. It is imperative that employer use of E-verify continue for all Maryland employers and state contracts.
             In this wonderful country, we MUST "take care of our own", as these are the people who have contributed and paid into the system.

Dorchester   Hi Governor O'Malley. I have another recommendation that you should consider when trying to balance the state budget. I live in a housing development with 66 homes in Dorchester County. Of these 66 homes, 4
             homes are owned by police officers. I notice that these 4 police officers all take home government police vehicles. I would ask, what does this cost the taxpayers of Maryland to let these government employees ride to
             and from work in a police vehicle? How many extra miles per year does this add to a taxpayer owned vehicle? How much extra gas does this cost the Maryland taxpayer? I notice that these vehicles sit for days at a
             time at these officers home while they are not working? Wouldn't it make better sense to have the officers bring back the vehicle to the police station to hand off to another officer to use for the next shift? There would
             be less vehicles that the Maryland taxpayers would have to finance, less money for gas as these officers take the vehicles to and from work, less miles put on the vehicles as I see some of these officers work 50 miles
             from the counties they serve, and less waste from cars sitting at houses for days without being used. In addition, isn't it a Federal law that these officers track the miles to and from work and pay taxes on those miles
             as use of an employer vehicle? Do you think that is being done? Thanks for your time.
Baltimore    stop wasting milliams of dollars landscaping along major highways and spend our tax dollars on actually repairing them.
             We don't care if the side of some road looks pretty if other ones are unsafe to drive down.
Baltimore    stop wasting milliams of dollars landscaping along major highways and spend our tax dollars on actually repairing them.
             We don't care if the side of some road looks pretty if other ones are unsafe to drive down.
Washington   Take the goodies away fron the incarcerated & make them aware of why they are in prison.
Washington   Take the goodies away fron the incarcerateD & make them aware of why they are in prison.
Harford      Eliminate all non essential spending - travel, training,land acquisitions,overtime,vehicle purchases, etc. Cut down on office supplies. Furloughs not layoffs. Temporary salary reductions for those who make over
             $75,000/year. You must keep as many people working as possible. Only when consumers feel safe in their job will they begin to spend money. Once the money starts flowing, revenues will rise. I would not be opposed
             to a temporary toll hike on 95 North in Cecil County. Add $.05 to the gas tax. Increase the Liquor tax. You must protect jobs most of all to get out of this mess. This includes causing layoffs at local levels. Thanks.

Harford      What cost savings is there when you close BWI Welcome Center when everyone is a volunteer and the two paid part time people are paid by funds from the airport budget. I believe the Welcome Center contributes to
             the 1.7 billon collected from tourism for the state. But do away with the center and toursim will no longer be promoted to the millions of travelers that pass thru BWI. I guess we should put a sign out that "MARYLAND

City         Close the Health Care Alternative Dispute Resolution Office. It serves no purpose other than to add a step of cost and bureaucracy to medical malpractice litigation.
Anne         A walk through of numerous agencies will allow you to see the many employees that are not performing productive work. If I were governer, I would ask each of my managers to submit a list of people, projects and
Arundel      programs that can give me a bottom line 12% savings.
Kent        I haven't heard anything the Governor, himself, is doing to reduce the deficet. Has he given any thought to taking a day with no pay as well as members of his staff doing so? When we hear about the cuts, it's always
            the everyday workforce that have to take a cut of some sort. If the Governor and his staff are taking such cuts, we should be aware of it.
City        Replace commercial window cleaner/Windex with 50% vinegar/50%water.
            Cut down on ordering "sticky notes" & encourage use/reuse/recycling of other scrap paper (e.g. fax confirmation pages...cut 4 ways & staple together for note pads)....BTW, I'm already doing this one.
Baltimore   I disagree with the suggested cuts to small county programs, that in reality have a greater impact on the overall welfare of the county than the larger, more wasteful agencies that do not always favor general welfare
            above bureaucratic road blocks to progress. I recommend for Mr. O'Malley to trim from the state-level Governor's Office for Children, an organization that accomplishes nothing, aside from delaying local groups from
            implementing their good works. A more worthy agency, the Local Management Board, is facing staff cuts of around 40%, which could have a crippling effect on its ability to provide the necessary services for children
            that it is known for, and could prevent altogether the creation of innovative new programs that provide resources to youths.
            I recommend that the governor discern which programs are actually the most influential and keep the interests of local children in mind, instead of making decisions to keep up appearances.
Baltimore   Dear Governor O'Malley,

            I propose the following suggestions -
            Cut State Legislator income by $5,000 per year
            Cut your own income by $20,000 per year
            Cut $70 million from the teacher's pension fund
            Freeze "Assistance Payments" and "Home Energy Programs" to fiscal year 2009 levels (Cut approximately $100 million)
            This is a start, but should not be the end of spending cuts. I suggest the State hires an independent auditor to review every single State department's budget line by line. Thank you and good luck.

Baltimore   Abolish the Office of Personnel Services and Benefits in DBM. State agencies already have their own personnel offices.This appears to be a duplication of services. Abolishing OPSB was suggested by prior
            administrationsin in order to save costs, but for some reason was never followed through.This suggestion could save millions.
Baltimore   Dear Governor O'Malley,

            As one who was so looking forward to your election for the riddance of the Ehrlich regime, I am extremely distraught over some of the apparently thoughtless budget cuts you are now proposing. While I recognize that
            cuts must be made, the Maryland bureaucracy must look more closely at the 'where' and the subsequent results and not at the 'who' and the benefactors.

            One specific area that has been brought to my attention is the cuts in local services to children, specifically, Local Management Boards. These areas have already had their fair share of cuts and lay offs, and have been
            devastated by the lack of funding to secure the needs of children and the services which these areas provide for local children.
            It has also been brought to my attention that the state-level Governor's Office for Children provides no direct services to any of Maryland's children. I understand that you have not included this department in your next
            round of cuts but have restored much of the capacity previously included in budget cuts. In tough times, it is precisely the ground-level, local government agencies that can help people, not insulated bureaucrats. It
            seems that you have your priorities backwards.

            Governor, this type of politics does not have a good "smell" to it. As you go through the areas of State, City, and County where you need to cut funding please do not forget that childrens' needs are also served through
            state allocations to counties and cities and to eliminate those would be an injustice to our future generations who depend on you now. As a final note, everyone knows, given the tiny budget of LMBs in the first place,
            cutting them won't actually help close the deficit, but it will prevent care from reaching those who need.

            Please reconsider the proposed cuts to LMBs, Governor O'Malley.

            Sincerely, a concerned citizen
Montgomery    Student Service Learning Office should be eliminated from State Board of Education. I was community service coordinator for xxx years at xxxxxxxx High School in xxxxxxxx MD so even though it is a high school
              requirement to perform x amount of hours, that is fudged by principals and parents so that kids graduate in many cases without performing the service or meaningless kinds of service such as picking up trash in the
              school's parking lot hours before graduation in order to get the hours completed is not serving the best interests of anyone. I have no idea what the current budget is for that office, but in these astere times, it is "fluff."
Calvert       I would suggest that the State of Maryland elimate the use of the front license plates on cars and vans. Many states do not require a front license plate (PA, NY, etc) and if the licensing fee stays the same, the cost to
              the State to make the plates is reduced by 50%. Around 200,000 new cars are purchased in Maryland each year. As an example, if the cost to manufacture two license plates is $20, the cost for just one plate should
              be around half or $10. Keeping the licensing fee the same, the State would save $1 million in this example.
City          Dear Governor O'Malley,

              I request that you stop cutting local services, and specifically stop cutting local management boards, but instead look to your own State agencies, especially those which do not provide any services or direct benefit to
              Maryland citizens. In these extraordinary fiscal times, it is my opinion that it is more important than ever to focus public resources where they are most needed and to protect the most vulnerable, especially at-risk
Washington    Take programs away from inmates; and the parasites who take from the working people, and suckle off the governmental tit!!!
City          I believe that early retirement for state employees with at least 25 years of service may serve as a good way to help with the budget cuts. If they retire at a discounted rate, the state will save money and be able to hire
              younger people who will stick with the state for long periods of time. Also, another way to handle it is to give others more duties and allow them to pick up the slack for those positions in which people have chosen to
              retire early.
Wicomico      Cut contractors and consultants let the actual state employees do the work. It may take longer but it will get done in time.
Anne          Dear Govenor O'Malley
Arundel       At challenging economic times like there everyone must share in the pain. The private sector is now, and has been for several years, experiencing reduced income levels combined with reduced and more expensive
              benefits. The time has come for the public sector to make similar sacrifices. However state employeees continue to receive generous pay increases and benefits which seem to be regarded as politically untouchable.
              Its time to put the public and private sectors on an equal footing when making sacrifices, and for the unions representing State employees to accept the same kind of concessions being made in the private sector.


Baltimore     Has anyone taken the time to find out why MSDE officials feel that they can snow an expert in the field of Juvenile
              Correctional Education?? These folks may know alot about public education, but they know nothing about juvenile education. We're not getting our money's worth out of these overpaid arrogant SOBS. We don't need
              a shakeup in DJS, we need a complete overall from top to bottom at MSDE Juvenile Education. Why should taxpayers continue to finance the failures we continue to see in the field of juvenile education. Bring in
              people who have experience with this population, and people who care...
Washington    I am a child support enforcement worker.Maybe you could look at switching to four day work week except for essential personnel. For some programs, this would benefit customers as we would be open later (child
              services, etc.) and would also aid in energy, less computer, running costs. Remove extra funding for conferences and unnecessary traveling.
Montgomery    Dear Governor O'Malley,
              Please require the managers of state owned buildings to reconfigure the lighting and HVAC computerized building management systems to save electricity costs. Have them turn off all but emergency lights at night.
              Security is not an excuse. Pay security guards. Put people to work and save on the exorbitant republican deregulated power bills.
              Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

select your   Money is being wasted at the Department of Agriculture by creating more and more administrative assistants. This is the case in the Animal Health Section where positions that deliver public services in the laboratories
county        are being eliminated to create "assistants". Actual public service is suffering and the newly created assistant positions, who are all veterinarians, collect bigger paychecks than the frontline positions that are being
              eliminated to make way for them.
Washington    Get rid of the prisoners that are on death row they are taking up space and money to keep them there
Anne        Rescheduling the hours worked @ the toll booths, at least at the Bay Bridge, could reap a lot of cash. I know that for at least the last ten years, whoever is assigning work hours is doing a very bad job. Case in point:
Arundel     We used to travel across the bridge frequently in the late nineties, and every time that we pulled up to the toll booth at non-rush hours there would be way too many booths open and absolutely no lines. I would moan
            and groan and say that I was going to call someone. Never did, but one Christmas I did take a picture as we approached the booths, and I still have it. It was Christmas night.(Dbl overtime?)No one goes anywhere.
            As I recall all booths with the exception of 2 or 3 had green lights and no business.
            A person would think times change, schedules change. Not at the Bay Bridge. We went over to dinner a few weeks ago, and on our way back around 9 o'clock all those lights were still green. I turned around to look.
            Thanks for your time.

Baltimore   Will the Governor consider retirement packages for University of Maryland workers?
Frederick   The Maryland government is currently $750 million over budget. I have a suggestion... to cut the newly proposed voting system. It will cost the state $42 million. If this voting system is cut, no jobs will be lost and no
            additional funds would be needed to use the existing system (which is a wonderful system, by the way!). This is definitely an option that would harm no one and take a big chunk out of the deficit.
Anne        Institute a 4 day workweek for state offices. 4 ten hour days would reduce the costs of lighting, heating or air conditioning state office buildings. Shelve the construction of the ICC. While in good economic times the
Arundel     project makes sense, when we are facing such enormous financial difficulties it doesn't make sense. I don't want to see cuts in teachers, police, or firefighters. These positions are essential and should be preserved at
            all costs. Require legislators to take a pay cut. I would rather see that than to have the little guy laid off. Increase tuition at public institutions. I feel for parents struggling to find funding to send their kids to college, but
            we can't let the institutions fail just to keep tuition costs down. Lastly, raise taxes. We cannot continue to function without adequate funding. There's only so much fat you can trim off the budget before things start to
            bleed. I would rather pay higher taxes than not have adequate public education and police/fire protection!!!
Baltimore   Start school in late September and end in May add 1 hour to school day. Paper usage reduction, Teleworking.
Frederick   I cannot understand how the local police departments in your press release date 07/28/2009 is receiving funding, when the Maryland State Police is down approximately 200 Troopers, furthermore, furthermore, the MD
            ST Police who have not had raises is over 10 years are not receiving any funding at all?


            The Frederick County Narcotic Task Force, who is the highest performing task force in the state, cannot perform their jobs efficiently without overtime and funding. How do you expect any task force to continue to fight
            these battles if you are cutting essential personal budgets? For example furlough days, decreased salaries, plus no overtime.

            I honestly do not know how you can make these guys take furlough days, plus a salary decrease without production decrease.

            I do have one solution, offer 20 year retirement to those who are eligible to retire. Let them go get other jobs so their families can stop wondering how to survive from one pay period to another.

Anne        Sell naming rights for government buildings. The "Verizong Statehouse" or "Constellation Government House" have a nice ring to them and could bring in millions in new revenue annually.
Anne       Phase out or reduce by 50%:
           Police Aid
           Local Jail grant

           Cap disparity grant at $75 million

           In lieu of furloughs, etc modify employee/retiree health insurance to increase co-insurance (at least 5%) and family cap of prescription co-pays (at least for employees earning more than $50,000).

           Reduce local share of highway user as much as possible for as long as possible (like forever).

           Reduce salaries (2 to 5%) in exchange for additional holidays or a return to the pre 40 hour work week or or either or neither.

           Alter benefit package for new workers. Suspend COLAs for retirees. Increase retirement age. Resist early retirement panacea.

           Plan for shift of some portion of teachers retirement to locals in 2012.

           End tuition freeze and reduce general funds for public four year higher education.

           If you want more, just ask.

Caroline   The first thing I would look at is something I could cut with minimum pain. To me that would be the state supplied take home vehicle. I am not talking about a police vehicle being used as a take home vehicle because
           a police vehicles presence on the road makes people more law observant and if needed an officer can respond from home if needed while off duty. What I am refering to is a vehicle given to different non-emergency
           department heads and others and used as a personnel vehicle (just one of the perks of the job they would say). You not only have the cost of the vehicle but it's upkeep, and all other costs associated with a motor
           vehicle. Another perk I would look at would be carry over sick leave. I can see carry over of a years sickleave but when you have cases of people retiring and selling back several thousand dollars worth of sick leave. I
           believe this is a little bit over board. Or when you have a teacher who can sit home on sick leave the last school year before their retirement and being paid a full salary and requiring a substitute to fill in. (Probally most
           elect to sell the sick leave back). Another abused area is prescription drugs. Most of the time a patient is given a name brand simply because their insurance will pay for it even if a generic is
           available. Also I would raise the Bay Bridge toll another $.50 from 5:00pm Friday till 11:00pm Sunday. This would primarly impact the beach traffic. Frankly if they can afford to go to the beach they can afford another
           $.50 toll. If a vehicle has prepaid commuter pass the extra charge should be exempted. One final note: The inherited structural deficit was that from the former Republican Governor or Democratic Gov. Glendening?
Anne        1. The new $40 million voting system would be very disadvantages to the handicap persons versus our current system.
Arundel     2.The current voting system is not even paid for so we can just put off the change for a few years.
            3. We need to cancel or delay this awful voting system before it is implemented.
            4. The delay will allow upgrades to the new system to be handicap accessable.
City        Why not look back at the Mandell Commission's recommendations in their effectiveness and efficiency report. For example, the consolidation of several police forces, namely the University System of Maryland, would
            save the USM several million dollars and increase efficiency...
Calvert     Number 5, 8 and 9 are the most important ones to consider.

            1) require medicaid eligible customers to pay a co-pay for doctor's of $5.00 and $20.00 for hospital visits (emergency room as well as overnight stays. This will cut down on emergency room abuse.

            2) require child support to collect for pre-natal care of pregnant women. Each parent should contribute towards paying for prenatal care and delivery. Also each parent should contribute to the cost of medical care for
            their children.

            3) abolish contracts that are not sucessful for TANF programs.

            4) Cut-off TANF customers who have consistently failed to cooperate with work programs.


            6) review all state agencies and set a equal number of staff to complete certain tasks. Example: large departments should not have file clerks if small departments do not have file clerks. Level the working field.

            7) Terminating difficult and unproductive staff should be easier and not take up so much of administration's time. Also, staff should not be able to "bump" more productive staff just because of the time they have in
            state government.

            8) abolish business managers positions in local DSS offices. They are not needed.

            9) Terminate MA programs that allow customers to declare their income. This invites fraud and is abused across the state. Every applicant should have to verify income and assets to determine eligibility
Anne        I believe that furloughs are acceptable to help achieve a balanced budget. I think that actual pay cuts (I have heard 5% bantered around) are harmful and demoralizing and I would hope you try to avoid that.
Anne        Why not cut the newly proposed voting system? It will cost the state $42 million. If this voting system is cut, no jobs will be lost and no additional funds would be needed to use the existing system (which is a wonderful
Arundel     system, by the way!). This is definitely an option that would harm no one and take a big chunk out of the deficit.
Allegany    Early ritirement for state employees.
Wicomico    Idea 1: Scan and email documents from office to office. Records are sent between/among counties certified. Stop mailing them. Info is on computer system and documents can be faxed, scanned and emailed. Not a lot
            of cost containment, but every dollar adds up.
            Idea 2: Mandate four-day 10 hr/day work week with every Monday all offices across the State are closed. Many holidays are on Monday - make them a furlough day if we are going down that path again.
Baltimore   Early retirement would help out along with cutting back on contractual positions and outside vendor cost.
            Please do not cut any more in education. Our students need all the support they can get to be more competitive. Families need to be able to afford higher education cost also. Some of our schools are still separate
            and not equal, so it's not fair to eliminate funding in education. I am a single parent that has had the opportunity to send my daughter to school here in Maryland with the assistance of the states aid through MHEC. If
            these funds are cut, I'm not sure if she will be able to continue next year. Thank you Governor O'Malley for doing the best you can to keep our state moving forward.
Baltimore     Reduce the state 8hr day to 7.5hrs. This can cut back on the cost of electricity. But don't reduce the pay. Employees can appreciate the additional time and boost moral. If there has to be furloughs, make it 1 day a
              month till the end of the year, but let employees know ahead of time so they can prepare for the loss of income.(4 days through 12/31/09). Reduction in pay can be done 1/2 day for each pay period each month.
              Example: 1 day in September, reduction in pay for 2 pays in September, etc.
Carroll       -Legalize marijuana and tax the hell out of it
              -Tax tattoo parlors
              -Charge state prisoners rent and cut their amenities like cable or satellite tv
              -Stop furloughing state workers, but eliminate unnecessary positions
              -More toll roads?
select your   State employees eligible for retirement should be asked to retire. In my office, a 64 year old supervisor, sleeps several hours a day on the job, while the newer employees do all the work. I think that people like this
county        should be forced into retirement.
Anne          Good morning Governor. I would like to suggest that we follow the Oregon method for Police training. They have one academy for the entire state located in Salem. It seems to me that centralizing training would save
Arundel       money for the state and counties. So... Good luck with that:)
Howard        Use <a href=""> this font, </a> which uses 20% less ink, for all documents.
Anne          Stop paying ILLEGAL immigrants health care and education. That will leave plenty of money for our CITIZENS.
Baltimore     Increase sales tax to 7%. Increase gas tax an additional two to four cents per gallon. This way, all citizens of Maryland share in the cost of cutting the deficit. If furlough days are really needed, exclude NO state
              employee, including public safety and the legislature. A police or corrections officer or legislator taking furlough days would be no different then them being on sick leave or vacation. This way the burden would fall on
              ALL state employees and shouldn't affect services.
Harford       Close the state retirement system. Employees who are vested or have over 20 years of service would remain fully in the system, those with between 10 and 20 years of service would remain in the system for only a
              percentage of the full benifit they would get, those with less than 10 years of service would get a lump sum pay out of the vested percentage of they're benifit depoisted into a retirement account (I assume a 401K or
              equilivant). For those who don't revice a full benifit, a increase in pay and state match to the 401K would make up the difference.

              Eliminate the funding for StateStat, we don't need meaningless graphs.

              Eliminate the State IT department and outsource the function, the systems would run better at a smaller cost to the tax payers.

              Cut funding to Casa de Maryland and similar organizations.

              Expand and raise prices on commuter services, it will pay for itself and reduce the wear and tear on our roads reducing maintenance costs.

              Eliminate the tuition freeze on colleges, they couldn't afford it to begin with. To go along with that, realize that not everyone benifits from a college education,

Caroline      Maryland has something like 7 or 9 state police agencies, i.e. Maryland State Police, Maryland Transit Administration Police, Maryland Capital Police, Department of Natural Resourses Police, Etc. Why don't you
              consoliate them all into 1 or 2 police agencies. Money could be saved with paying only 1 or 2 police chiefs/superintendents, uniform cost would be slashed, 1 or 2 training academies and so on. Also, I wish you would
              quit saying you inherited a structual deficit. It's yours and you added to it. If you didn't want it, you shouldn't have ran for governor. Be a man and accept it.
Anne          night shift worker cut off night bonus
Anne          Cut the newly proposed voting system. It will cost the state $42 million. If this voting system is cut, no jobs will be lost and no additional funds would be needed to use the existing system (which is a wonderful system,
Arundel       by the way!). This is definitely an option that would harm no one and take a big chunk out of the deficit.
Baltimore     Reform the homeless benefit or welfare - I have been volunteering in a shelter for homeless people - majority of them are women and kids. I was told, the kids lived in the shelter are transported back and forth to their
              original school on a daily base by Taxi. I was surprised about the Taxi instead of providing the family a livable place around their original school with the Taxi money. This might be something the government can look
              into - daily base Taxi fee is too much. I believe there must be other little things like this the government might be able to dig in and use tax money more wisely.

Baltimore     Replace all State government vehicles with fuel efficient cars. Cancel the program that allows State employees to use government vehicles to commute to and from their residence - no matter what their position. If
              someone cannot respond in a timely manner due to an emergency without a State government car, then the individual should not be in a position where this is required. There should be plenty of employees who live
              close enough to use their own vehicles. The rest of the population has to travel to and from their jobs without any compensation. State employees should be treated like everyone else. This should result in substantial
Baltimore     Have state employees work a 4 day work week. That would allow the offices to be closed an additional day saving operating/energy costs when entire buildings can be closed. Also employees will be saving on gas
              and reducing road congestion of Fridays.
              Also, simply turning off lights when we leave a room, would make an impact. There is no need for the bathroom light to remain on at all times. Lights could be set on motion sensors or simply request that employees
              turn lights off.
Washington    The budget cuts seem to be acceptable to the general consensus. Do not initiate pay cuts to state employees. My concern is the proposed 1.5 % paycut for the State Police. There has been a great deal of funding
              already cut from the State Police. Please look into other methods. The State Police can make revenue. The happier the trooper, the more money comes in. Something to think about.
select your   Our agency through MSDE Office of Child Care recently added positions for Lead Licensing Specialists. Many in the agency feel that this has been unnecessary and has more money going toward the salaries for
county        these individuals when what we need is more workers in the field instead of more higher level positions. In addition, while the furlough days were a strain on my personal budget, I think it beats not having a job at all.
              Perhaps we need to look at taking 2 more of those in the next fiscal year.
Baltimore     Revert State workforce hours from 40 to 35.5 per week -avg. savings of 9 hours per pay per worker (11% cut)
              Close non-critical State Agencies week between Christmas & New Years - all work skeleton crews only anyway and could conserve energy in heating/utilities in buildings - comp. time earned for 24/7 facilities.
Baltimore     the State of Maryland has the option to enact an early retirement Bill relative to the State Employees' Pension System. The last time the state had adopted a Bill was in 1996. Such a Bill will allow state employees in
              the pension system with at least 25 years of creditable service, to receive benefits at a reduced salary rate.

Anne          The Maryland government is currently $750 million over budget. Ask the Governor to cut the newly proposed voting system. It will cost the state $42 million. If this voting system is cut, no jobs will be lost and no
Arundel       additional funds would be needed to use the existing system (which is a wonderful system, by the way!). This is definitely an option that would harm no one and take a big chunk out of the deficit.
Anne          combine the 2nd level appeal (PTAAB) with the supervisor level, thus elimnating an office that is possibly leased for the ptaab clerk, her office would be combined with the Assessment Depts. in fact possibly doing
Arundel       away with the 2nd level of the appeals, as this level is nothing but a lip service and a waste of taxpapyers / government money as this level provides no help to the public due to the Homestead cap. You pay 3 board
              members for what, the 2nd level of the appeal can be done within the Assessment & Taxation depts within the counties.
              limit the amount of assessors that review property and use outside sources for this review type work.

              offer early retirement for those within 5 years of service, i have specifcally asked this question before, the response is that the governor does not want to lose good employees, but wouldnt that free up money also.

              raise the toll for the bay bridge to 5.00 dollars, lot easier to pull out 5.00 dollars out of pocket instead of searching for loose change, etc./ thus totaling 2.50 each way
              makes sense. i think the key bridge's toll is 2.00 dollars o/w
Harford      Turn street lights in front of Tawes building and parking lot in Annapolis off during the day. DGS maintenance says they are on a timer, but they are almost always on most of the morning daylight hours. DGS
             maintenance told me there is a short in underground wiring & they're waiting for a contractor to fix -- but I've never heard of a short keeping lights ON! The circuit should get a photoelectric device to turn the lights off
             automatically during daylight. This problem is chronic, has been going on since at least last May.
Baltimore    I suggest an Early Retirement Plan for the State of Maryland employees.
Charles      Why dont you cut the food stamps to the people that have money? Im so tired of going to the grocery store seeing so called people in need giving 2 and three food vouchers for payment the going to the parking lot and
             getting into a brand new Caddy Suv. I even seen someone get into a Mercedies once. You want to cut critical services like police, fire, schools???? Whats wrong with this picture.
Garrett      Dear sir,
                First let me say I taught school in this state for 39 years. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I would like to know why my tax dollars buy cars for certain groups of the state government? I was never given a car to take home to
             go to work in. I had to supply my own vehicle if I went to a meeting down state. I was paid mileage. Why am I paying for tires, oil changes, alignments, etc for these people? Recently on a trip I passed 3 vehicles with
             SG plates between Hagerstown and Hancock with only one person in each.
                I would also like to suggest that some sort of registration process be implemented on ATV vehicles, snow mobiles, etc. I have to put a sticker on my boat, after I pay a fee, to be able to put it on Deep Creek Lake. I
             have a friend who's son lives in Pa. He has to pay a fee for his four wheeler.
                 These are just a fee minor things that might help and only a small drop in the bucket. A lot of drops add up after awhile. Thank you for your time.

Frederick    delete the money for the new voter system. We do not need any paper backup, and it save $40M+/. As a republican.
Montgomery   Have the State get out of the cell phone business. Most people already have (and pay for) cell phones. If their MD position requires they be available via cell phone, then pay them a stipend, such as $5-$10 a month.
             This will be much cheaper than paying for phones with associated minute plans. The stipend would be a reasonable figure that would compensate individuals for the extra minutes, as well as a portion toward periodic
             "phone replacement".

Montgomery   Eliminate multiple phones and pagers. If a person has a cell phone provided by the State (or if a stipend toward personal phone use is paid by MD), then eliminate their desk phone. Provide either a cell phone (or
             stipend) OR a pager, but not both.

Montgomery   Review the organizational structure for the entire State with an eye toward "streamlining" the "top heavy" management system. Shoot for an employee to manager ratio of 6 to 1. And eliminate managers where the ratio
             is less than 4 to 1. This would not apply to Project Managers, but to "people" managers. Reorganize or eliminate managers, where the span of control is too small. Require HR approval for exceptions to this policy.
             Take a look at all "executive" or "assistant to the Boss" positions. Consider elimination of these positions. Re-assign their "additional" or "special" duties, and let the "Boss" manage the staff.

Montgomery   Eliminate or re-assign all MD vehicles that are "assigned" to a specific person. Put the vehicle into a "pool", and let the person schedule or compete for the use of the vehicle as other employees would. Any vehicle with
             consistently less than ?? miles driven, should be "given back" to the motor pool, so another unit can make better use of it, and avoid the purchase down the road of additional vehicles. If a person needs a vehicle at
             their disposal, then consider offering them a "stipend" to pay for gas and maintenance use of their personal vehicle. This will be cheaper than paying for upkeep on a UM vehicle.

Anne         Do not implement the proposed new voting system - save the $42M.
City          Since Juvenile education has been separated from adult corrections, the operation is much smaller yet the positions
              at the top have increased signficantly. I saw a position posted for a Librarian Media Coordinator for Juvenile Education. The salary was $95.000!!! And we don't even have a functioning library at any of the juvenile
              education locations. We have an Assistant Superintendent who oversees
              Juvenile Education, a Director, and a Field Director, and
              Coordinators all over the place, but we don't have money for
              paper!!! We have two principals in a school that only houses
              100 students!! Imagine what Alonzo would do in a case like that. We continue to squander money yet we have such a fiscal crisis,,,,,,

Allegany      10 hour shifts, 4 times a week for law enforcement and Corrections.
Howard        Freeze all law enforcement promotions for 1 year. How is there a budget problem when there are constant promotions within law enforcement and Corrections?
Anne          When state law enforcement and Correctional officers work overtime they should be allowed to convert it to Sick Leave instead of monetary compensation.
Frederick     Allow Correctional officers the ability to retire early
Baltimore     One way to cut the budget immediately is to offer Correctional Officers with 2 or less years to their 20 year retirement and are willing to retire immediately, the ability to retire early with the 67% salary they are at now.
              Most of these officers are at MAX salary while working and still receive shift differential,roll call, overtime, and are prone to medical retirements and IWIF claims. These officers also utilize more sick time which causes
              more overtime.
Anne          Please remove the proposed new voting system at an estimated cost of 42 million dollars. It is not the time to be revising a system that is working acceptably. Our school systems and infrastructure need tending to.
Arundel       The School structures in Anne Arundel County are shameful. I attended these schools as a child and my children are now attending these schools in the same condition.
              Thank you for your time.
Anne          Please remove the proposed new voting system at an estimated cost of 42 million dollars. It is not the time to be revising a system that is working acceptably. Our school systems and infrastructure need tending to.
Arundel       The School structures in Anne Arundel County are shameful. I attended these schools as a child and my children are now attending these schools in the same condition.
              Thank you for your time.
select your   I think that the md mva employees deserve more than whats giving to them, they do all the work and make a lot of the states money. starting salary is 24k, what is that when apartments in md require income of at least
county        30k? that is terrible, you can work for the state but not live in it!
Talbot        Feed prisoners to the homeless!
Dorchester    Mow the grass on the shoulders and in the median less often on state roads.
              It would save money, be better for the environment, and provide a more pleasant look and feel to the highways.

              A couple of mows a year should be enough to prevent it from becoming overgrown. The first thing I notice when I drive from Maryland to Virginia on a highway is that it suddenly feels more rural, even near cities. I
              finally figured it out -- their grass is taller. It seems that if they (and other states) are able to mow less often without safety or overgrowth concerns, then a similar cut could be implemented in Maryland.

              Thank you

Anne          I believe a company I work with can save the state some money in their area of expertise. The company is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and they specialize in Pharmacy Benefit Program audits of Large Group and Title XIX
Arundel       Medicaid program. They perform their services for a percent of the savings that are obtained through their analysis and audit of the programs. So, there is no cost to the state.
Carroll       reconsider and review the cost of a single license plate rather then two for each vehicle.
Carroll   Visiting athletes,performers ( non Maryland residents) that spend more then one day or come to Md for one day should pay taxes as the sport/entertainment (employment) brings them here to work. Therefore we
          should consider having them pay taxes such as they do in New Jersey and New York.
Carroll   Consider a seperate Combined Charities designation for State of Maryland contribution.
Carroll   why hire additional consultants for review of projects when the LEA or state agency has already hired a consultant? IE - schools hire a consultant for capital projects and then submit to General Services for review.
          General Services has to hire a consultant to review the already signed and certifed consultant's work. Just put the liability back into the original consultants scope of work and hold them accountable for all state
          requirements. Or charge the initial consultant a fee to perform state related work to ensure complaince with State requirements. certaainly could general Service a consinsiderable amount of monsy in consultant fees
          and manpower.
Carroll   How about imposing emissions laws and fees on the Eastern and other parts of the State. certainly the vehicles travel to the City and surrounding counties. This would bring in more revenue. after all Obama is
          considering taxing the foreign countries for the imports as the factories that produce products contribute to the pollution and the wind current carries to our country. Dont you think the crabbers,chicken suppliers travel
          over the bay bridge to the Western shore with their products?
City      Dear Governor O’Malley,

          While the approach of not cutting out but cutting back of various state programs is sound and functional, Marylanders do not think is a good decision is to layoff or furlough state employees. In last year’s budget, a
          severe response to the crisis was needed and most people understood that the situation required furloughing state employees.

          However, budget adjustments that impact state employees in this year’s budget suggests to many Marylanders that our great leaders do not have a sound plan to lead the state through this tumultuous time period. And
          instead, have chosen an easy, though difficult in many ways, choice for controlling the budget gap--- one that does not really address spending. And which limits money put back into circulation through consumer

          As you face difficult decisions in reducing funding for so many vital programs, please consider the following:

          * Purchasing of 4 helicopters for transporting patients at roughly $50 million each. Surely, outsourcing some of the needs to independent air transport companies is far cheaper.

          * Further reducing funding for bay restoration, I believe the media reported more than $100 million in funding budgeted for this effort. Deferring as much as half of this amount for one year is not likely to set back
          restoration efforts by all that much.

          * Change non-essential state employee work schedules to 10 hour days 4 days a week and close all non-essential buildings on Fridays. You could allow employees to work 8 hour days and use their vacation time to
          cover differences in their time.

          * Consider closing the remainder of the budget gap with reductions in Business and Economic Development and Agriculture, Environment & Natural Resources. Many Marylanders view these line items as extremely
          important but more for funding when the budget is less stressed.

          I certainly hope you will consider my recommendations as you move forward in tightening up Maryland’s budget. Thanks for everything you do to make these bad times not seem so bad and make Maryland a better

Anne        Get rid of the illegals aliens. I know of 5 million dollars that would have been saved and better used for U.S. citizens and their education.
Arundel     Look at Texas, follow their lead and get rid of Big Government. It's WE THE PEOPLE and not me (the representatives) the people. Quit spending our money on people who are breaking the law.
             Remember the 10th amendment and stand u[p for Marylanders and their rights. We don't need the gov'ts help in our lives. I love my health care. I don't want my parents to suffer in their care to help provide help for
Anne        I have three suggestions that I would like to make.
Arundel     1. Allow more state employees to Telecommunite. Telecommunting is a family-friendly, business-friendly public policy that promotes workplace efficiency, reduces strain on transportation infrastructure, and provides
            an opportunity to go green. In addition, telework can reduce electric cost for state agencies. Although, Maryland does have a state telecommunuting policy, many agencies do favor this policy.

            2. My other suggestion is getting the slot machines up and running will should assist with cost for education, transportation and health care.

            3. I know everyone does not want to increase taxes, but I propose we increase the tax for cigarettes or gas.

Baltimore   I want a straight answer to one question?
            What happens when the stimulus funds for COPS runs out. You can't blame that on the previous Administration.

            Notable cost savings, Delete STATESTAT and fire the staff required to maintain it. CITISTAT is so successful, the last update on the web is 10/15/08.
Baltimore   Dear Governor:

            As a 23 year State of Maryland employee, I have endured through many turbulent years. Not only have I gone through the increase in work hours from 71 to 80 without an increase in pay, I have also weathered the
            increase in tuition several years ago.

            Please while you attempt to balance the budget please remember the state employee that takes the reduction in salary and furlough days while also trying to send their children to in state universities; the state
            employee that takes pride in their job because of the people they serve.

            My only other suggestion is if before you possibly implement more furloughs can you possibly suggest a smooth way of proccessing them also. The time,effort and reporting process it has recently taken our office to
            track and process the furloughs was enormous.

            Thank you for listening and caring.

Allegany    Offer early retirement ( employees within five years of retirement) or allow employees to retire before they have their thirty years of employment with the state or sixty-two years old,, without penalty. Each year you retire
            before having either one of these, is a six percent penalty. Either one of these suggestions would allow the state to hire younger workers that would start at a lower pay scale because there would be older ones retiring.
            This would help the unemployment and you wouldn't have to lay any state employees off. I do hope you take these suggestions into consideration. Thanks,
Anne        Please cut the new proposed voting system. It costs $42 million. If cut, no jobs would be lost and no additional funds would be needed to use the existing system.
            Thank you.
Howard      Reduce spending by kicking out the illegal aliens that are costing the tax payers a lot of money and hour upon hour of waiting in the Emergeny Room for help while the illegals get preferential treatment as mandated by
            the local politicans/yuppies. Also, kick out the left wing liberal socialist/communist leaning politicians that support the above mentioned ilk. Do it now or the voters will do it at the next election. On the federal side,
            somebody should lean on the short fat little big mouth that likes to spew out millions in tax payer funds as "EAR MARKS" i.e; kiss my fannie by giving me special privileges at the ball park to the tune of 3 million plus.
            Please respond with comments from only one side of your mouth. signed -- one pissed off tax payer
Anne        Stop trying to sell junk in the internet. You statestat showed just the other day that only a small amount of money had been returned to the state. Please take into account the amount of hours and peope that work in
Arundel     selling junk excess materials. Also the accounting of materials is not real. If an item is purchased for $1000.00 in ten years when it is still on the books it is still listed as being worth $1000.00 Even thouhg it broke 5
            years ago and can not be repaired or it will cost more than buying 2 new ones.

            Why can't the Maryland Goverment be more like a will run business. It will also look better when the news papers get hold of a inventory and say the goverment lost 4$M when the stuff is only worth a few $s at the
            very best.

            Closing Jessep was a good step but the internet is not the answer.

Harford     Eliminate the use of state cars for personal use. People should not be taking these vehicles home.

            Take a closer look at job classifications and actual output. I observe people making 70-80 thousand dollars doing work that is pitiful in terms of its value to the state. Line staff do the work and others go to meetings, and
            gossip (character assassination) during lunches and parties during state working hours. Others work because there are not enough people to do the sheer volume of work necessary provide services required by law.
            It is pretty sickening to see these individuals continuing in this manner in these economic times when others would gladly work in their place.

            Stop paying for cell phone services for people who don't absolutely have to have a state funded phone.

            Get rid of these contracts for consultants who don't do anything all day except have social conversations and maintain the appearance of being actively completing a task while looking down their noses at people who
            are at or below what they consider their station in life.

            Complete evaluations or studies of job descriptions of certain administrative positions and see if the jobs can be done by lower level staff with certain protocols in place to achieve a certain outcome.
Baltimore   I'd like to see some belt-tightening being done by the elected officials in the state house. A recent letter to the editor suggested cancelling MACO. How about a 10% pay cut for those working in the State House,
            beginning w/yourself? How about giving up a few perks that are enjoyed by only a select few in the ivory tower? It's time to stop balancing the budget on the backs of those who put you in office.
Howard      Stop improving things that do not need improving such as building massive median strips on southwestern blvd. In the arbutus area. This road has done without medians for as long as I can remember and I am almost
            70 years old. The money spent on this silly project could be put to use on more important things. From the look of it is only goiung to make it harder on the folks trying to catch the train. I expect no responce but I just
            feel better voicing my opinion.
Frederick   Suggestions for Budget cuts or Revenue Enhancements
            Most of my comments concern saving money or increasing revenues in the long term.

            1. Maryland needs to do a better job of identifying those folks who receive welfare that may qualify for Federal programs, such as SSI, Veterans Compensation and Pension programs. Switching individuals to federal
            programs will save State dollars.
            2. Far too many groups, like clubs who profess to be non profit, who provide services to their individuals, are not reporting income or in kind services that are taxable both for Federal and state taxes.
            3. In California, Florida, and Washington, all who sell travel, have to be registered sellers of travel. There are fees associated with that, and with the failure to get a certificate, fines are awarded.
            4. Sales tax revenues are falling not only because of the economy, but because of the increase in internet sales that are tax free. Maryland needs to work in concert with the National Governors Association in passing
            internet tax legislation
            5. The state should pass back to the local governements responsbility for funding retire and health care for teachers.
Anne        Stop mandating citizens pay for services to illegal users. Education (including food & supplies), public safety and medical should free up a big chunk of money.
select your   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
county        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Baltimore     Is there any consideration to eliminating vacant state positions or offering a retirement incentive to encourage more employees to retire, thus reducing the state payroll?
select your   I would like to see a link to read what others in the State are recommending.
Anne          I don't know the reason, but there seems to be many fleet vehicles. I see SG license plates not only to and from work but also evenings and weekends. I know that there are some employees that need vehicle for their
Arundel       jobs, but possibly reducing the number of assigned vehicles that employees take home would reduce the cost of fuel and maitenance. If there is a need to have a vehicle during the day, why not use a pool vehicle?
              Also, not sure how much this would save, but what if it was made mandatory that computers were shut down in the evening or at least on the weekends. We are told to keep them in a log off mode for patches and
              such, however if these were scheduled arrangements could be made for that work to take place. In my office we are turning out lights in room when not in use, just trying to do whatever we can to reduce cost. I am a
              state employee and very proud of it. I will do whatever it takes to keep my job and the job of all follow employees. I do not object to furloughs if that is what it takes. My family made sacrifices last fiscal year and we
              made it. It is better than losing home because I don't have a job.
Carroll       Currently: Some state employees still receive a paper check.

              Suggestion: Require all state employees regardless of when they started state service to have direct deposit. This will eliminate the need to have paper checks printed for payroll purposes and will cut down on the mail
              cost associated with mailing checks to locale state offices.
              I can also be reach at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Carroll       Currently: Some state employees still receive a paper check.

              Suggestion: Require all state employees regardless of when they started state service to have direct deposit. This will eliminate the need to have paper checks printed for payroll purposes and will cut down on the mail
              cost associated with mailing checks to locale state offices.
              I can also be reached at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Anne          We only put out our trash one day per week, instead of using both of the scheduled days for trash pick up. Could you cut down the trash removal days to one day per week throughout the state? And encourage
Arundel       Marylanders to recycle and compost? Additionally, why doesn't Maryland charge an extra 5-10cents for bottles and cans? This would provide an incentive for Marylanders to recycle and not to litter. In the short-term it
              would provide some additional revenue to the state.
Anne          Save electricity at night by turning off all the lights on the interstates and multi-lane highways, except at exit ramps. I noticed Kentucky already doing this last time we drove through on I-64.
Carroll       Current Process: Currently there is no automated address change system in place for clients who have cases with child support. This causes a great deal of correspondence to go to addresses that clients no longer
              live at along with the many work hours to try and relocate clients. Not to mention the cost of mailing and re-mailing correspondence.

              Suggestion: Have the child support system connected to the United States Postal Address Change Service. This service will forward the mail to the new address and updated the system. This will save not only money
              that is spent on postage but in time it takes to relocate clients. There have been attempts in the passed to have this implemented however resources, mostly the availability of time remaining with the company that
              services our computer system, have kept it from being implemented.
              I can also be reached at
Carroll     Currently the annual collection fee that is paid by clients who have a child support case is $25.00 but is only paid when a client receives $3,500.00 within a 12 month period and the client has never received temporary
            public assistance.

            Suggested Change: Reduce the amount of money that most be collected back down to $500.00 and any client that is not currently on temporary public assistance should have to pay the annual collect fee of $25.00.
            I can also be reached at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Baltimore   Turn down the heat in the state office buildings. They are always over heated - the state guidelines are 68-76! An outrageous waste of energy and employees are less productive when it is so uncomfortable. Plant a
            "Green roof" like the Montgomery Ward bldg has. Make teleworking more feasible. Eliminate contractual "guards" who have no function at the Patterson Avenue address. Review all the at will positions for duplication of
            effort. Eliminate part-time positions - combine them into a full time position. Thanks for all you do!
Baltimore   Turn down the heat in the state office buildings. They are always over heated - the state guidelines are 68-76! An outrageous waste of energy and employees are less productive when it is so uncomfortable. Plant a
            "Green roof" like the montgomeory Ward bldg has
City        As a tax paying citizen of Baltimore City for decades, I am pretty much sick of the whole thing. How is it that a State as big as Flordia continues to run without the benefit of income tax? Perhaps your first order of
            business should be to talk to the governor of Florida and see how they do it down there. It seems to work. Second, cut out the holidays that only state workers get, mlk day, president's day, columbus day, vertans day,
            and american indian heritage day. Regular people don't get these holidays. That gives you 5 days that state workers are actually working which saves holiday pay. Third, overhaul the welfare system. Let all the
            unwed moms know that the citizens will take care of 1 child for 1 year. Everyone is entitled to 1 mistake. Take the year that the citizens are paying for the child and get a job. After the 1st year, they are done for life. If
            they have any more babies they are on their own. This would cut down the amount of money, food stamps and medical assistance given to people who have never worked and never intend to work, which would save
            millions. Why should the citizens have to pay these people to live when they can barley take care of themselves? When did it become ok to be a bum and get paid for it? At what point in our society was it decided that
            if you don't want to work and want to pop out babies, everyone else would pay for it? It is time to stop enabling people to do nothing. Finally, state workers are made fun of all of the time, because everyone knows that
            they don't have to work hard and most of them don't. I have no doubt that you could cut 25% of workers from every office/agency and let the remaining workers know if they don't get the work done that you will hire
            others and bam before you know it people will actually do their work and do it well and you will find that you didn't need nearly as many people as you thought to complete that job. Stop running the state like a
            governement and start running it like your family. Would you let your children do nothing and pay them for it? Would you let your children slack on the jobs you gave them and refuse to reprimand them for it and still
            pay and promote them? Would you encourage your children to have children so they can get a check, food stamps and medicaid free of charge until the next baby comes? The problem with this state and with this
            country is too much government. The city I live in has the highest property taxes and the state I live in has one of the highest income taxes. I get nothing for my money. Except of course to pay someone to do a job
            they don't do, pay people to have children, pay others health insurance and even tough I don't have a pension, I pay others to have one. It is seriously time to make an overhaul.
Howard      I would like to see the new voting machines cut. Oh, and I live in PG, but the drop down list won't let me select PG County.
Howard      I would like to see the new voting machines cut. Oh, and I live in PG, but the drop down list won't let me select PG County.
Anne        Whatever you do, please do not make state employees take a pay cut, more furlough days or anything else of the sort. State employees have already given their contribution to help the state budget. County and city
Arundel     employees however have not taken any furlough days. Continually taking money out of the paychecks of the people will not help the economy as a whole. Remember, when you take money out of our paychecks, the
            goverment loses taxes it would otherwise earn, not to mention it makes it extremely hard for people to pay their bills. This of course has a ripple effect because consumers cannot spend money that they do not have.
            Why is it that the consumers always have to bear the burden?
Baltimore   Ask state workers for a 10.00 danation to wear jeans to work for one week specified by you Governor O'Malley. That is a dent and a thought.
Howard      Make it illegal for principals to hire employees. That will cut down on social workers, head teachers, and assistant principals.
Anne        Please do NOT make state employees take more furloughs or participate in salary cuts. We've suffered enough and aren't getting a raise to cover the cost of inflation and rising costs of every thing else.
Baltimore   currently state workers use MTA services for free. Abolish the rule.
Baltimore   Reduce service on Metro train by one train per hour each direction during non peak hours (like other metro areas do)--

            Eliminate free rides for state employees as it seems only state employees are using it. I work for the State and take advantage of the free train service but have to admit that I am constantly amazed that it is free. It
            also seems to me that the vast majority of riders are state workers so I wonder how much revenue the trains actually generate. Instead the state could offer employees a "green incentive"-- a subsidy worth up to $30 or
            $35 dollars to take public transit, and/or a flexible spending account where commuting costs could be deducted like childcare and medical costs. This would also help the city of Baltimore in the form of more
            transportation related revenue (parking taxes, parking fees, tickets etc.)

City        Good afternoon Governor O'malley, I have a very good suggestion for preventing anymore layoffs for State Employees. I would suggest that you take some or all of the personal days that are allotted to us at the
            beginning of the year. If you took at least 3 from everybody, this should make up for a very large amount of money. The State Employees do accrue leave every pay period depending on how long they have been
            employed with the State. If that is not enough, take all six days from each employee. I think people would give up their personal days rather than loose their jobs. I have been employed with the Maryland Parole
            Commission for Twenty years and would like to be able to retire out rather than loose my job to budget cuts. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be heard.
Baltimore   How about not spending money on a new voting system? Special interest groups dictated that this was a need, but at what price to Maryland and it's citizens do you continue to buy this when we have a system that
            already works? We are talking almost $40 million, which as far as I can tell, is almost 6% of what you are trying to reduce. If you want to replace the system down the line in the future when there is more money, by all
            means, go ahead...But, please, do not waste our money because someone "thinks" that something is wrong. This is almost the same amount of money as two of the things that have already been announced as
            cuts...Health and Education...I wonder if you asked the voters what was more important to them, having a new voting system or cultivation of our youth and care of our elderly, what they would say...I think the answer is
            most obvious.
Baltimore   Dear Office of The Governor:

            I am a small business owner based in Maryland. I have a solution that may substantially generate revenues (possibly in millions) for the State. The solution is fairly simple and involves low investment. I would like to
            speak with the related office and discuss this further; with an understanding that the State will reimburse me a percentage of the revenues that will be generated as a result of this solution.

            I am looking forward to hearing back from your office soon.

Baltimore   take all spring water out of state agencies, since my office doesn't have any, all can save on this expence perhaps

            four day work weeks with 10 hour days for state employees may save some money

            Furlough day for all state employees no income limitation for a day or two.
Frederick   Governor O'Malley,
            We who are near retirement have special concerns now due to the revenue shortfall and the recession in general. Many of us are waiting and/or postponing retirement due to the loss of funds in our savings. A
            Win/Win suggestion is to offer State employees early retirement with the help of a "buy out"! The employee could offset his/her losses with a cash "buy out". The State would save in a big way because it could then
            eliminate the vacated position or hire a much less senior person for the vacant spot!
            My state salary plus benefits is over $95,000. I lost about 33% of my retirement savings this past year! If the State would offer a tax free cash buy out of 33% of my annual salary I would go ahead and retire.
            What do you think?
Montgomery   1) Require all persons receiving any State Services to have a lawful presence in this country.
             2) Require all contractors to use E-Verify, so my tax dollars are going to persons that have a legal right to work and in turn pay their taxes.
             3) Cut all funding to Casa de Maryland and like organizations that do not check for legal status and do not ensure all parties are paying their taxes.
             4) I view paying my taxes as my duty, but paying for persons that are here illegally irks me, to the point I ensure all persons working on or in my home are here legally no matter if they "appear" to be lawful or not,
             because otherwise

Howard       I am a child care licensing specialist for MSDE in Howard County. Recently the employees for our divison have been informed that we will receive electronic devices for our inspections. As a tax payer, I do not think we
             need these for our job. Many times I can do part of the inspection outside or where it is easiest for the provider, whether at the center or in a home. Currently we use scannable forms which I am sure were very
             expensive to produce. They are working fine. One of my home providers was furious when she had her fire inspection completed by an inspector who asked to plug in his laptop and use his color printer for the
             inspection. The fire department charges $75 for their visit. Our office does not charge. I think our agency's goal is to protect children. "New technology" does not always improve our service to the public.
City         Governor O'Malley: A cost saving measure for state employees could be that you don't take your health benefits with you unless you retire from state government with 30 years. It is a priviledge that Maryland State
             Employment provides health benefits for the rest of a state employees life when private industry does not. Why should someone get the same benefit when retiring with 16 full years/age 55 as an employee that has
             dedicated their life to state employment and retires after 30 years or better. You should not receive your health benefits at any cost unless you put in 30 or better years.
Anne         How about offering some state employees early retirement buyout credit (using sick and annual time accrued) if they have 25-30 yrs of service. Secondly, forcing peole to retire after 30 yrs of service.
Anne         How about offering some state employees early retirement buyout credit (using sick and annual time accrued) if they have 25-30 yrs of service. Secondly, forcing peole to retire after 30 yrs of service.
City         I suggest that state employees start a 10 hour/four day a week work schedule and have all state agencies closed on day a week. This will cut electric cost tremendously.
Calvert      I find it unfathomable that anyone would even consider additional furloughs to the employees that keep the business of Maryland going. Please, please, please consider removing the funding for a SECOND voting
             system until the FIRST system is paid. Local governments are already going to be hit extremely hard to pay for early voting. So how could you, in good conscience, ask these employees more or less to fund a
             SECOND voting system at this time. You may also want to look up the current version of the federal "Holt Bill" that very well could impact the voting systems for next year. Please, let's not let Maryland become the
             next "Florida". Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Anne         How about closing state offices for a week in December (Christmas Eve till the day after New Years ) this would save on Electric not to mention it would be 6 furlough days just a thought.
Anne         To reduce the number and cost of employees - I suggest the state offer early retirement.
Arundel      Reducing salaries on current employees, with furloughs or cuts, in a year with no colas and merit raises creates morale problems and results in great, hardworking and caring people leaving for other government areas
             (mostly at the federal level or federally related).
             Thank you.
Baltimore    Presently you have three chiefs of staff listed at the Transportation Authority Police
Montgomery   I have several suggestions to help reduce the budget.

             1. Raise the fines associated with traffic violations. I'm sad to say that I received a speeding ticket and was surprised at how cheap the fine was.
             2. Install red light cameras at every intersection. Everyday I witness multitudes of people who run red lights.
             3. Start having police enforce the traffic laws more. I can't remember the last time I saw a police officer pulling over a traffic violator.
             3. Stop all funding for illegal immigrants. No more social services, no more day laborer sites, no more funding for groups that promote illegal immigrants. I'm tired of my hard earned taxes going to support people who
             are in this country illegally.

Calvert      Have the state of Maryland go to a compressed work schedule with state agencies closed on either Monday's or Friday's and employee's working 10 hrs intead of 8.
Anne      Abolish 39 filled and 18.5 vacant positions. I hope these are high paying Executive/Management Positions.
          Have you considered cutting the hours of state employees and reflecting it through the salary scale? Instead of an 80 hour two week pay period, go to a 72 hour two week pay period. Close the state agenices every
          other Friday or Monday. Savings in salaries, heating/cooling, electric. If state employees must sacrifice at least try to make a positive out of it. Every other weekend, a three day weekend.
Garrett   Dear Governor O’Malley,

          I am a constituent who loves Maryland for its beauty and vibrancy. Like you, I believe that we will not only get through this economic downturn, but be better and brighter in the aftermath.

          You once did me a favor as Mayor of Baltimore when my son had been mistakenly issued a parking violation (he was at work at the Wisp on the date/time in question) by clearing the matter up within weeks. I wrote a
          note of thanks at the time, but perhaps I can do slightly better than that now by providing some input regarding remedies for the state’s budget situation.

          The Big Picture Vision

          If one begins with the supposition that there is authentic political will and the leadership to carry out strategic initiatives, then prospects of producing and maintaining high impact departments is very high. Reinventing
          government, here in Maryland , where readiness and engagement is at its peak, might slow the progress you and other progressive leaders have managed to embrace and evolve over the last decade.

          Maintaining high impact agencies requires leadership to continually improve upon both horizontal and vertical strategic framework; this dissuades agency plans that are disjointed, duplicative and disorderly. It is
          important to simultaneously strengthen core competencies while looking to shift emphasis from high risk, low impact endeavors to low risk, high impact endeavors.

          The reforms that are necessary to keep your agenda on course over the next five years do not need to be deep-cutting or arbitrary; rather, these reforms should highlight your genuine thoughtfulness.

          Vision is as Vision Does

          Are we managing for results, really? StateStats is an ideal framework for results based budgeting and management. Unfortunately the measures generally to not exceed beyond typical process benchmarks.

          The effort requires taking the scope beyond stage one (quadrant one); with all due respect, counting how many of something tells us nothing about quality and service. And, if not now, when will it be time to accelerate
          data collection to stage four; who and how many people are better off because of the project, program, or service?
Where coordination is lacking, collaboration is impossible. There are several arenas, like technology, like health and human services, which in sum produce cost redundancies across the board. Generally speaking,
these systemic flaws diminish opportunities for growing the strengths found in optimal enterprise. In effect, operational anomalies undermine overall strategic success.

The Long and the Short of it


          Strengthen the Governors’ Office operations

o       Increasing horizontal/ flat operations

o       Articulate models of systems of care and complete system reform efforts

o       Work to eliminate poverty

o       Improve child and family well-being—transition efforts to primarily a prevention focus, this will be leverage in health care reform

o       Devolve management to the local level through funding formula mechanisms in which the State serves in one of two capacities; either oversight or expert guidance

o       Reorganize State agencies; align with national efforts, facilitate opportunities for regional and local ownership in process and planning.

o       Reinstate funds to higher education and Medicaid


o       Deinstitutionalize, by relocating, all adults with developmental disabilities to lesser restrictive alternatives; ideally from institutional placement to alternative living units.

o     Encourage local communities to support families and their children. Discontinue out-of-state placements as well as residential placements and foster care placements that exceed 6 months; provide return or
diversion funds to LMB’s for plan of care development through LCC for 50% of current care, for up to one year. Insist that family preservation programs have resources to be effective.

o       Relocate grants development and oversight to the Governor’s Grants Office; have staff earn grants management certification. This will streamline and align with state’s initiatives and eliminate reoccurring
       sanctions and/or audit findings. Expert grants writers will also allow Maryland to compete for grant and philanthropic funding efficiently.

       o    Make Maryland more business friendly but be willing to exercise ‘clawback’ mechanisms if business fails to be a good partner.

       o    Utilize DBM Compact mechanism for key state initiatives to demonstrate good will with local governments.

       o    Utilize technology more efficiently, encourage green measures like tele-commuting and tele-conferencing

       Best Regards,



City   It has been my desire for quite sometime now that the State of Maryland enact an early retirement Bill relative to the State Employees' Pension System. The last time the state had adopted a Bill was in 1996. Such a
       Bill will allow state employees in the pension system with at least 25 years of creditable service, to receive benefits at a reduced salary rate.

       Prayerfully, I hope this suggestion will be considered. For I know this is an excellent suggestion which will help to balance the state budget without impacting the environment, education and safety programs.

       I am employed with the State Highway Administration; however my resident is in Baltimore County.

City   Three suggestions:

       1. Most state workers are grateful to have to take furlough days in lieu of losing jobs. A more efficient way to administer furloughs could be to assign a certain $ amount to each person based on grade/salary. This
       dollar amount would translate into a certain number of days for each employee. Reduce salaries to reflect that reduction so that that the paychecks are a consistent number. The employee would be allowed to take
       the assigned number of furlough days as they schedule them-but over the course of the fiscal year the money has been accounted for.

       2. Convert to a paid 32 hour work week. Each employee would receive an across the board 16 hour cut from their salary--only this reduction would be permanent and could save money. If this option is used-
       furloughs would not be considered.

       3. Early retirement incentive for those close to retirement--add service years to make people eligible for retirement to make it beneficial to do so.
Baltimore   Please take care in laying off or furloughing state workers whose salaries are paid from federal funds. When this is done, the state loses income tax, sales tax,and like revenues from these workers, but saves little or
            nothing in salaries because the employees are funded with federal money. State leadership should take the time to determine which state workers are paid through federal money, whereby furloughing them saves the
            state nothing but loses it the taxes they would have paid if working. It is not too much to expect for the state governement to do this homework and make furoughs save the most money while costing the state the least.
            Each agency head could identify such employees among their staff. This is just efficient government rather that wholesale across the board furloughs that cost families income, cost the state tax revenues, and don't
            save any state salary dollars. This is especially true of staff members who conduct audits to recover state funds. An example would be furloughing employees who audit companies using medicaid funds and recover
            monies for the state. If paid with federal funds, when furloughed, the state not only loses the tax revenue without saving any salary money, but it also loses all of the medicaid funds these workers may have recovered
            for the state while furloughed. Is it too much to ask for the state government to determine who such workers are and thus make the furlough process as efficient monitarily as possible for taxpayers?
City        Three suggestions:

            1. Most state workers are grateful to have to take furlough days in lieu of losing jobs. A more efficient way to administer furloughs could be to assign a certain $ amount to each person based on grade/salary. This
            dollar amount would translate into a certain number of days for each employee. Reduce salaries to reflect that reduction so that that the paychecks are a consistent number. The employee would be allowed to take
            the assigned number of furlough days as they schedule them-but over the course of the fiscal year the money has been accounted for.

            2. Convert to a paid 32 hour work week. Each employee would receive an across the board 16 hour cut from their salary--only this reduction would be permanent and could save money. If this option is used-
            furloughs would not be considered.

            3. Early retirement incentive for those close to retirement--add service years to make people eligible for retirement to make it beneficial to do so.

Baltimore   Three suggestions:

            1. Most state workers are grateful to have to take furlough days in lieu of losing jobs. A more efficient way to administer furloughs could be to assign a certain $ amount to each person based on grade/salary. This
            dollar amount would translate into a certain number of days for each employee. Reduce salaries to reflect that reduction so that that the paychecks are a consistent number. The employee would be allowed to take
            the assigned number of furlough days as they schedule them-but over the course of the fiscal year the money has been accounted for.

            2. Convert to a paid 32 hour work week. Each employee would receive an across the board 16 hour cut from their salary--only this reduction would be permanent and could save money. If this option is used-
            furloughs would not be considered.

            3. Early retirement incentive for those close to retirement--add service years to make people eligible for retirement to make it beneficial to do so.

Baltimore   Offer early buy-outs for State Employees who have 25 to 30 years of service.

            Raise sales taxes to 7 or 8 percent
Anne        While it is not a "budget cut" collecting sales tax on purchases made via the Internet and TV offers etc. and shipped into Maryland; would go a long way to help reduce the defecit. States such as CA and NJ do this to
Arundel     an extent. Not only would this increase revenue from the millions in Sales Tax the state is already losing but it would help protect locally owned Maryland businesses. When you look at the saving consumers see on the
            web and then ad an additonal 6% in savings from the sales tax, it makes the purchase decision even easier for them. What most Marylanders don't understand is that this money they are "saving" is what funds their,
            first responders, teachers, road maintenance etc. Mr. Governor I urge you to consider what collecting sales tax on out of state purchaces could do for the state. Maybe by "adding" this tax you could afford to decrease
            the sales tax a token amount while still increasing the overall revenue to the state.
Washington    Governor in Public safety eliminate appointed under Ehrlich Positions which prior to same were never in this bloated Beuracracy:
              Regional Assistant Commissioners and recently "made position for a former replaced warden -Road Crews Director(100grand which even he is laughing about) - Salaries along with exec. Assts and their sectys with
              benefits -1-1.5miillon and no change in the way business is done, hey if you need these double dippers then why have Wardens and Asst. Wardens and Security Chiefs etc. etc., another 2 million at least in savings.
              Better shift allocatoion and elimination of Lineup time for COs saves 3-4 million a year.
              State Police and other State Law Enforcement take home cars- Gasoline and wear and tear on autos will save 1-2million-per year as they speed up and down road while passing rest of us.. off duty and not on calls
              either as I am a former Police Officer and know...well just a few suggestions.

Anne          Mandatory 10 hour workdays (4 day weeks) for all state agencies -- physically closing of state buildings on day 5 to save energy and money.
Howard        I am dismayed at the current rumors about another furlough of State workers. State workers salaries are not equal to the private sector but the trade off has been an increased measure of job security. That does not
              mean, however, that State workers should bear the brunt of the State's budget shortfalls. It is a double edge sword. Take from State workers and you are cutting income taxes. State workers having less to spend and
              thereby comntributes to a decline in sales tax and retail loss. My suggestion is to truley cut the real budget; not the PROJECTED budget. Cut out some of the line item programs that continue to aborb money with little
              or no real return. Hold the line. Don't make State workers take the brunt.
select your   Impose one mandatory furlough day per month for all state employees,to include closing facilities where possible. I recommend that the closure be instituted on a Friday/Monday to maximize the benefit to the state. I
county        also think it makes an easier sell to employees. I would venture to say that most funds are allocated to direct cost thus this should result in the greatest savings.The by-product is this allows all of us to share in the
              challege and to avoid misplacing our co-workers and colleagues. (Human Perspective) It would be my hope that the unions embrace this option for the greater good but have a gemtlemen agreement that when the
              economy turns around parties of interest will come back to the table and renegotiate. This makes good business sense. Consider options that result in generating the greatest savings and minimum disruption/ and this
              is one since I would venture to say most funds are allocated to direct cost. It is my belief that a modified work schedule is better than no work schedule. Avoid layoff-offs at all cost because they adverserly work against
              recovery from a local,state and national perspective. We need to keep money flowing into the economy. In sum,layoffs negate this goal and have far reaching negative implications to the economy. Does the state need
              to absorb the cost for both cell and land phones? Has a cost/benefit analysis been done regarding contractual services and are all of them needed? What about consultants? While we do not pay them benefits
              sometimes the rates are at the high end. Maybe this is an opportunity to adjust rates. But more importantly do you need all the consultants in lean times. What can you afford when revenues are declining? We know it
              cannot be business as usual so the question is what do we absolutely need at this time to get thru the recession. To me that means living within your means and protecting needed services. There is no place for frills at
              this time. Did you do the essential services,non-essential services,and wish list test of what we do in the state of Maryland? You may want to appoint a workgroup to assist with this process. Folkes who are willing to
              think outside of the box and not be territorial. Thanks for allowing me to comment. I know better times are coming and other states are watching to see how Maryland turn these challenges into opportunities.
Baltimore     State employees should be obliged, unless undue hardship is confirmed, to use only electronic deposit of paychecks and electronic paystubs. No more paper copies. This will save printing costs, paper and envelopes.

select your   I suggest that a non-exempt employee not be granted overtime until the budget gets back on track.
              I also suggest that a non-exempt employee not be granted overtime when they are taking a furlough day for that pay period.
City          One mandatory furlough day per month for all state employees; thereby, retaining all state paid holidays for fiscal year 2010.
Harford       As a state employee, I would like to make some suggestions. I have a wife and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to support, so I need to keep my job and do not want to be laid off. Therefore, I suggest more furlough days.
              California is mandating three furlough days per month for its state employees. I would prefer more furlough days to losing my job altogether. I also suggest that as employees leave state employment, eliminate their
              pin. I would rather have an increased work load than to lose my job. I also suggest that some state holidays be changed into work days. Why should the state pay me to be off on Columbus Day or Veterans Day? If
              these days (and potential other days like Martin Luther King's Birthday, President's Day, Memorial Day, and the day after Thanksgiving) were regular work days, then the state would not be paying all of its employees
              for not working on those days and if employees wanted to take off, then they would need to use their leave time, which would result in less paid leave time for employees during the course of the year. Again, I am
              willing to sacrifice these holidays so that I may not lose my job. All divisions should be working on eliminating costs such as paper. Let's try to not print as much as we all do and create policies that cut down on our
              use of paper, printers, and supplies. I work for the Office of Child Care. We do not have a fee for our licenses that we issue. We have brought this subject up several times, but it never makes any headway. Why
              can't the state charge a fee for a child care license? You have to pay for every other license that you get, why not child care? Income from fees for child care registartions and licenses would bring in a lot of money to
              the state. There are THOUSANDS of licensed child care providers in the state. In my caseload alone, I have approximately 130 child care providers. If each had to pay $25 per year for their license or registration,
              then that would be $3250 collected by the state. There are 13 total caseloads in my office, which would bring in approximately $42,250 per year. And that is just for my office in Baltimore County. Add in all the other
              counties in Maryland and the sum would be significantly higher. I believe that charging a fee for child care registrations and licenses would help to bring more income to the state. I am making these suggestions
              because I want as many state workers to keep their jobs as possible, including me. It is important that services be provided by state agencies and I don't want to see services significantly cut, either. I would appreciate
              it if all could be done to avoid layoffs of state workers to protect families and avoid sending more people to the unemployment line. I would welcome the furloughs and increased workload due to the elimination of
            vacant positions rather than fidn myslef without a job.

Baltimore   I work for the Office of Child Care and our Region is Baltimore County and our office is located in Towson, 409 Washington Ave. Suite LL8, basement. I'm not sure who owns the old emisions inspection station and/or
            land on Rossville Blvd. but I think our office and even our Resource and Reffferal office could share the space? Our office in Towson is pretty expensive, 99,000 a year for rent? We also have to pay for parking. The
            location is close to the beltway. I'm not trying to make waves but it might be do-able...Since you asked, thank you.
            This is a great idea to allow "regular" people to share what might help -
Baltimore   When I refer to government employees, this means EVERY employee(i.e. governor, legislators, judges, political appointees, senators, delegates, teachers) at all levels(i.e. city, county, township)

            -cut back on tax payer funded trips for ALL government employees

            -reduce money to local governments(should have been done 7 months ago). Local governments will then have to institute furloughs, which will offset the lack of state funding. Why should the burden be placed solely
            upon state workers.

            -If doing furloughs, you need to realize that it will not garner a great deal of money. Reducing pay reduces consumer spending, which reduces collected sales taxes. Reducing pay also reduces income tax collected.

Baltimore   The daily fuel consumption of our public school buses must be huge, not to mention the pollution! As a Father, it seems to me that there is a lot of waste in running these buses before Labor Day and after Memorial
            Day, most schools are on auto-pilot during these periods anyway. Shorten the school year, thanks.
Cecil       The way payroll is calculated seems unnecessarily laborious. It is based on 26 bi-weekly pay periods of 14 days each. However, 26 x 14 = only 364 days, and since most state salaries are based on an annual
            amount, that leaves an extra day (2 in a leap year) that has to be accounted for in order to equal the gross salary (grade, step) per the pay scale.

            It would be more efficient to adopt either of two possible methods:
            1) Divide annual salary into 26 (# of pay periods), rounded to nearest cent, or
            2) Use hours instead of days: bi-weekly pay would be based on 80 hours instead of 14 days. 80 hrs. x 26 pay periods = 2,080 hours, which is evenly divisible by one 80-hr. pay period, thus no overlap.

            Adopting one of these systems should produce savings in accounting time & reporting: simpler calculations and fewer journal entries and end-of-period accruals.

Allegany    Stop all tuition reimbursement.

            Stop giving any sign on bonuses to new workers/new hires.
Baltimore   I know people won't like it, but another way we could increase revenue for the state is to increase the tax on alcohol and cigarettes. Also, increase the fee for license registration renewal ... I think it's $128 every 2
            years ... just increase that another $5 per person ... that won't kill anyone and it will generate a lot of money. People just have to realize that we are in this together and we all have to do our part. We are just going to
            have to tighten our belts. I don't want anyone to lose their jobs ... they need their jobs to survive and I think you've done a fabulous job in keeping positions for state workers. Times are tough ... we need our jobs so
            perhaps you could just eliminate all the vacant positions and just don't hire for them. We already are doing more than 1 person can and we'll just have to do a little more that's all. It's good for us. I love my job and I
            know that I am providing a good service to my agency. We do have some folks around here who really do nothing all day long ... those folks need to go, but how do you do that when they have supervisors who protect
            them at all cost? Also, perhaps you could encourage folks to retire who have over 40 years of state service. And when they retire, take the PIN and break the job up among other staff persons. I know this is a tough
            issue trying to save money. But I have faith in you and your staff ... you can do it without hurting people.
City          Enact the EARLY RETIREMENT BILL for State Employees similar
              to 1996
Washington    Raising fees for ez-pass is the wrong approach. These devices save the state money in payroll, long term costs of retirement benefits and reduce delays at toll facilities. The message being sent by DOT is a
              disincentive to use one of these devices. Users should actually get a discount for using them. Backwards thinking ... making it harder to be more efficient.
Baltimore     i propose that we ask all rccipients of medicaid and medical assistance to contribute some cost to their healthcare, such as 1.00 for presciptions and 5.00 for doctors visits
Baltimore     I'm not sure how much this will help, but right off the top of my head, I'm wondering how much the state pays to have all those plants in the lobbies of state buildings. I love plants, but that is something I'm sure we can
              do without. If employees want plants around, they can donate plants to their buildings themselves. The state shouldn't pay for maintenance of such things ... that's a luxury for a building in my opinion.
City          From the State employee perspective, I'm in favor of the four day work week - I think it's human nature to be more productive if we have less time to do things. I think if you surveyed people the money lost is worth the
              time spent living our "other" lives (i.e.more balanced, happier workers). I also think telecommuting is very underrated and misunderstood. Perhaps we can create the choice of a once a month telecommuting or furlough
              day. By shutting down the offices we'll reap those savigns and again, productivity would be enhanced, less stress being in the office, less use of energy...more happy well adjusted workers.
Harford       1) Via Public Domain Laws condemn abandoned properties. Develop moderate priced residential structures to be sold thereby creating a sustainable real estate tax base. Use local youth and various training programs
              to build at the different locations and use Stimulus money to pay/train them....avoiding the "falling off a cliff scenario" and plant the seeds for a more skilled workforce. Have large contractors donate "green" building
              materials and let them have a tax credit for doing so. 2) Finalize the completion and implementation of slot machine locations. 3) Create Wind Farms in Western Maryland mountain locations and set up a State
              operated cooperative to sell power generated to other states or interested corporations.
Baltimore     Why are we still buying and spending money for 90 Acres of land for 1.1 Million dollars ??? and you want to lay-off and furloughs.
select your
Montgomery    I currently am a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx employee xxxxxxxxxxxxx the Maryland State Department of Education. Many districts have gone to a 4 day/40 hour workweek. The buildings are closed on Friday but salaries are
              not decreased. This saves on electricity, heating/cooling, transportation, and commuting costs. The workload does not change, the hours of work completed remains at 40 hours, and from conversations that I have
              had with the district personnel confirm the lack of stress involved in this revised process. I would like to see all state buildings go to 4 day/40 hour work weeks. I have seen the hardship the furlough days have had on
              our support staff and it is heartbreaking.
              Thank you for your kind consideration and allowing for our input.

Allegany      There are state employees, like me, that live paycheck to paycheck, no extra money left over for anything. We don't go on vacation, we don't have the money to buy new clothes. We shop at Goodwill and dollar
              stores. We can't afford furlough days. Appreciate state workers by keeping them employed and working their 40 hours a week.
Anne          I recommend postponing the purchase of new voting machines. In the law provision was made for postponing the move to paper ballots if the budget could not cover the move. Since we have machines that are fully
Arundel       functional and that we are still paying for, I think it would be prudent to wait to implement the new machines until a different budget cycle. (By the way - I'm from PG County, but the apostrophe was throwing an SQL
              Error. The website developers probably need to look into that.)
Howard        The state could charge a fee to rec. a license or certificate of registration to operate a childcare center, family child care or any non-public nursery school that is regulated by the State.
Harford       why does the state have a seperate police unit with the Maryland state transit authority with seperate administration, why not roll this unit into the State police and save the administration costs? Also why is the a
              Department of disabilities and then a Department of rehabilitation services, why not combine them so there is not a duplication of services? Last what is the purpose of counselors for the Blind enterprise program,
              when all the individuals that have units are considered Independent contractors and run their business as they want and these couselors have no resposibility for those operations?
Baltimore     I am a state employee and last year suggested that as other states have embraced the idea of closing their buildings one day a wk, MD State follow in their steps to conserve costs & energy. Maybe it can be gradually
              implemented by asking Department heads to inquire of their staff who is willing to work a 4-day, 9 hour/day work week while retaining full benefits? Another suggestion is that the air conditioning units/ventilation
              system be adjusted to not blow so strongly (waste of energy, increase in cost). Thank you for your time & efforts in budget reductions.
City          Why can't there be budget cuts for the people with salaries ranging 80,00 or more, those that are in the high class. It seems as though the low class and middle class always have to suffer much in struggling to make
              ends meet.
Washington    I recently took my Support Services test and received in the mail, six (6) notices of my test results. Each was identical, except for the "Test for:" and "Class". Each letter had postage of $.44. I calculated that with 20
              individuals taking the test x2 that date (total of 40) and receiving an average of six test result notices, the cost to the State of Maryland for postage ONLY was $105.60. That doesn't take into account the paper,
              envelopes, printer & ink, electricity to run it, manpower to fold and stuff the envelopes, etc. I'm curious as to the true total cost to send me multiple mailings such as this. With today's technology and all of the IT staff
              we have, could these test results not be either e-mailed if available or all categories and results listed on one sheet?

              This is one very small example of our taxpayers monies being used foolishly.

              Thank you for hearing me out on this matter.

select your   hkjhlkhlkhlkjhkj
Anne          I suggest the work week for state workers be adjusted to four ten hour days (i.e. all agencies close on Monday or Friday). This would result in significant cost savings in energy from all state agencies. This would also
Arundel       result in travel commute savings for the employee.
Howard        Governor O'Malley,
              I am astutely aware of the economic crisis that is facing Maryland and the country at large. However, I strongly urge you to carefully consider State employee furloughs as one way to save money for the State. Why
              should State employees shoulder the burden for every citizen of Maryland? It does not make good economic sense - you cut employees wages which brings in less in income taxes, leaves less money to spend thereby
              reducing sales tax to the State, and further risking families to ecomonic strife. This only contributes negatively to subsequent years budget woes. Cuts to balance the budget should be in areas that will impact everyone
              who then will share equally in this process. Labor negotiations analysts admit that furloughs for only a specific group of individuals is a "chicken sh--" way of dealing with a budget problem. PLEASE do not furlough
              State employees or at least keep the number of days to an absolute minimum; 5 to 10 is putting too much hardship on these workers. Thank you

City          Use this opportunity to make Maryland a more healthy, humane, and efficient state:

              1. Institute a Fat Tax on junk food and tax other unhealthy items, like tobacco and alcohol, more heavily.
              2. Increase taxes on all forms of gambling.
              3. Increase fines on all automobile moving violations and parking tickets.
              4. Lay off city, county, and state workers who are not effective.
              5. Raise fees on tolls to encourage motorists to take trains and busses.

              You get the idea.


Howard        Some private agencies and Goverment agencies have given early retirement package options to employees who are close to retiring during economic times like this. This is an option that should be considered for this
Baltimore     Return employer retirement contribution costs for teachers and librarians to the local school systems. It is completely nonsensical for the State to pay the entire retirement costs for local school systems, at a projected
              cost in FY 2010 of $774,330,507, when the State has no input as to salary levels which directly impact retirement costs. This amounts to a subsidy to local school systems, whereby they can increase salaries without
              any regard to the retirement costs associated with those salaries. At current employer contribution rates, these costs may well top $1 billion in FY 2011, and most certainly will by FY 2012. This is a cost to the State
              which is unsustainable, and it is more properly borne by the school systems themselves.
select your   Offer state employees early retirement
Kent          When I am off on weekends I see a lot of state cars parked in peoples driveways and I feel that the state could save a lot of money by leaving these vehicles on the property of their agency. This would save the state a
              lot of money on gas. I live on the shore and sometimes I feel that if one lives on the shore and works across the bridge they should use their own vehicles.
Cecil         - Cut down on the abuse of sick leave, particularly abuse of the Family Medical Leave Act. FMLA was intended to grant unpaid leave for family emergencies, but instead employees are using paid sick leave.

              - Give employees incentives for good attendance.

              - Review the Employees' Leave Bank Program. It too seems to maximize the amount of sick leave the state has to pay for.
Howard        As a state employee, I strongly suggest that buildings such as MSDE limit the hours of availability. Specifically, there is no need to have the building open 24/7, which requires paying security and the wasted use of
              electricity. Modifying the hours e.g 6am-10 pm Mon -Sat and closed on Sumdays would certainly be more cost effective.
select your   Allow state offices who are non essential go to 10 hour work days to eliminate operating costs for one day per week.
Baltimore     Let Maryland State Government go to the 4 day work week, thus saving utility cost of major facilities while still providing full 40 hours of available services to the public.
Baltimore     Dear Gov
              Please lower the overall taxes in the State. Most of my family has moved to the shores of DE
              Please cut welfare,shut down giveaways to non productives, turn away the illegal aliens, and bring us back to the "Land of Pleasant Living."GOV U CAN CHANGE THIS!

Baltimore     In the context of converting available taxpayers dollars into economic efficiency and state bureaucratic performance, output per dollar, and focus on easing the financial burden placed on "we" the taxpayers; by the way
              of examples: 1). abusive and irresponsible state spending by addressing the Office of Legislative Auditors' reports on the many agencies that seriously fail to operate in a economic, efficient, effective manner, and fail to
              operate within compliance with state accounting laws and regulations and by "streamlining bureaucracies. The waste and abuse of the taxpayers money may be as much as $2 Billion annually. 2). State Police
              helicopters, the $52 million for new helicopters should be directed at upgrading the current Dauphin fleet of 11 helicopters at $3.8 million each or less (depending on age) per helicopter verus purchasing new
              helicopters at $20 million each and or reduce the current fleet of Dauphins to 8 helicopters and four bases.With proper maintenance, mandatory maintenance, helicopter upgrades and a sound infrastructure you can
              safely extend the state police helicopter life-cycle to 41 years. Changing helicopter manufacture for the sake of change will not save the taxpayers any money. Change would be very expensive and potentially
              dangerous during the long-term transition to a new helicopter manufacture such as the Agusta AW139. 3). Yield to Maryland's Code: Section 34. Restrictions on loans and extension of credit; "...The credit of the state
              shall not in any manner be given, or loaned to, or in aid of any individual association or corporation;... ." and 4). New State Spending Restraint is needed: State debit-Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loans 2008
              through 2011 redirect back into the General Funds. During the 2007 emergency special session session to address the $1.7 Billion deficit, new spending and taxes were added creating a financial strain on "We" the
              taxpayers. Redirect the new spending back into the General Funds .

              Please focus on easing the financial burden placed on "We" the taxpayers by the Executive and Legislative Branch of Government. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Frederick     Certainly is a shame that instead of increasing tax on liquor sold in Maryland, that you have chosen to cut benefits provided by the state. Shame on our government.
Washington    If you have to cut the State workers pay, make it across the board. The non-essentials employees should not have to bear the brunt of the cut backs.

              If you would have asked sooner, I would have recommended not giving the correctional officers their retention bonus. It was the most absurd waste of money I can think of. If you knew how to work the system you
              could get the bonus. I feel like the non-essential workers paid for the correctional officers bonuses with their furlough days.
Washington   Gov. O'Malley....have you ever stopped at Sideling Hill? I think you need to come out here before the STUPID decision to close it happens. My sister and nephews saw it for the 1st time xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx and
             loved it. We were there for a few hours. Collect some donations to help with expenses (just a stand that people can put $$ in) but don't shut it down! It is BEAUTIFUL! DON'T CLOSE DOWN SOMETHING that is so
             special to Washington Co!
Anne         Reduce the size of state government permanently. It is that simple.
Anne         I am a 40 year resident of Maryland. I do not believe the tax on alcohol has been raised in at least that many years. It is TIME to thwart the pricey liquor lobbyists (Jay) and raise the tax on beer, liquor and maybe even
Arundel      wine. This would reap a small fortune and would hardly be noticed by the users. Tough medicine--but very necessary.
Washington   Have ALL state employees take furlough days - not just the same few ones -- include police, correctional officers, judges, legislators, executive branch, etc.
Carroll      To the honorable Governor Martin O’Malley,

             I appreciate the opportunity to provide you with suggestions on a direct basis. Here are a few thought for reducing the budget:

             1. Offer early retirement to state employees. Furloughs and layoff were understandable last year--- now these measures suggest a lack of leadership on the part of the legislature to tackle the difficult issues in
             balancing the budget. We have wonderful thought leaders and can do much better.
             2. Increase weekly hours worked for non-essential state employees to ten hour per day and close state buildings one day a week.
             3. Cut bay restoration funding all together for this year.
             4. Reduce funding for natural resources and the environment. You should call on the residents of the state to fill in where decreases occur.

             Best wishes!

Dorchester   close all social services offices, give free one way bus rides to all person receiving welfare to california
Dorchester   review the budget and do away with all services that are not essential
Dorchester   increase taxes on tobacco and gambling and horse racing and sporting events
Dorchester   do away with police taking cars home; have the police only use cars when on duty
Dorchester   go to a 4 day workweek for all state employees and close offices for 3 days a week to save energy
Dorchester   Turn the lights off at night in the state office buildings
Dorchester   Stop giving money and benefits to illegal alliens.
City         Dear Governor O’Malley,

             Thank you taking the time to ask Marylanders for their view on budget cuts your administration should consider. This alone is a remarkable first step in using technology to seek input from those who care deeply about
             key items in state government. Your administration has taken huge steps to tighten up the budget in Maryland--- everyone in your office deserves an applause….

             Many Marylanders think your approach to reducing… but not cutting programs is a good one! It shows fiscal responsibility and suggests that in good times you might be open to expanding spending in these areas.
             What many Marylanders do not think is a good decision is to layoff or furlough state employees. In last year’s budget, a severe response to the crisis was needed and most people understood that the situation required
             furloughing state employees.

             Budget adjustments that impact state employees in this year’s budget suggests to many Marylanders that our great leaders do not have a sound plan to lead the state through this tumultuous time period. And instead,
             have chosen an easy, though difficult in many ways, choice for controlling the budget gap--- one that does not really address spending.
             Your supporters encourage you to look at big ticket items to defer spending for the remainder of this fiscal year and more closely examine program funding next year. Please consider the following deferments:

             * Purchasing of 4 helicopters for transporting patients at roughly $50 million each. Surely, outsourcing some of the needs to independent air transport companies is far cheaper.

             * Further reducing funding for bay restoration, I believe the media reported more than $100 million in funding budgeted for this effort. Deferring as much as half of this amount for one year is not likely to set back
             restoration efforts by all that much.

             * Change non-essential state employee work schedules to 10 hour days 4 days a week and close all non-essential buildings on Fridays. You could allow employees to work 8 hour days and use their vacation time to
             cover differences in their time.

             * Consider closing the remainder of the budget gap with reductions in Business and Economic Development and Agriculture, Environment & Natural Resources. Many Marylanders view these line items as extremely
             important but more for funding when the budget is less stressed.

             I certainly hope you will consider my recommendations as you move forward in tightening up Maryland’s budget. Thanks for everything you do to make these bad times not seem so bad and make Maryland a better


Washington   Get rid of the speed camera program and keep the sidling hill rest area open.
Allegany     Tax out of state employees. I work for DOC and guys from PA and WVA are taxed less. They brag all the time. PA doesn't allow you to work in corrections unless you are live in PA.
Cecil        I feel strongly that contractual workers should be looked at. I know of several agencies that used contractual people to suplimit the loss of state workers. As one example, a certain department has 70 people. Of these
             70 only 20 are state employees. With an average cost difference of 3-1, large saving can be created and bring work back to state employees at a cheaper cost.
Baltimore    I would offer that government spend only what they take in. It seems that there are folks on the payroll who who do not work. There are programs and Salaries paid that are way out of Line. They issue of spending and
             wasting tax payers funds is out of control. This Governor has done to the State what he did in Baltimore city. This is a shame and a disgrace of how he has handle this. But not much will be done or said why not
             continue to balance this off the Working class.
Howard       1. Cut out travel of all state employees to things like conferences, etc unless the conference fee is free (or waived)and the only reimbursement for any travel costs should be for actual costs such as tolls, parking and
             actual gas costs (the non-reimbursed federal per mile cost of travel would then be eligible for claiming as a tax deduction).

             2. Eliminate or greatly reduce the meal reimbursement for travel costs (to the extent one eats a meal more expensive than a McDonalds or Burger King meal, which restaurants are ubiquitous throughout the state, one
             could argue in these times such meals are now an extravagance if reimbursement is then sought from taxpayers).

             3. Since all state employees can take public transportation for free, all state vehicles for commuting should be greatly reduced or eliminated if not already done so, and state employees who receive state parking
             should pay either a portion or all costs of the monthly permit; also, the state should then try to negotiate lower monthly charges from private garages threatened with the loss of these permits, and the garages must
             offer the negotiated rate to all state employees who purchase monthly permits or the state may purchase in bulk and charge employees a percentage - perhaps half the permit cost to the state (I think any elimination of
             free parking would get great opposition, and perhaps a phase -in based on economic conditions would be more palatable and fair). Also, in locations where parking is not free to the public, such as downtown
             Baltimore and all of Annapolis, a parking fee should be imposed on all state employees (including elected officials if it could politically be done), who receive free parking permits.

             4. If pension fund investments have recovered to an acceptable extent by the rising stock market so that retirement can be promoted at an acceptable cost to the near term state budget, an effort must be made to
             encourage greater levels of retirement which traditionally (and most easily implemented with the least opposition) involves an early retirement "bonus" inducement (such as when Gov. Schaefer allowed employees to
             obtain 25 additional months of credit for a limited period if they retire). Inducement for retirement is generally acceptable to employee groups, and potentially saves the state enormous amounts of money, especially if
             coupled with a true hiring freeze of the position (for at least 6 months). Also, when new employees are eventualy hired, they are hired at base salaries rather than the advanced level of the retiring employee, also
             resulting in large savings. This would also promote eventual openings for more younger job seekers who currently are unable to find jobs due to the poor job market, thereby reducing unemployment.

             5. Furloughs are most cost-effective with shutting down the state facilities, with the greatest savings achieved if done in conformance with times of peak energy usage (the state should be negotiating with utilities a
             special reduced rate for shutting down offices during peak energy periods, and should consider closing state offices or reducing hours of operations during peak periods in exchange for reduced energy rates).

              In making the above suggestions, I am a long time state employee who would be adversely impacted by the above suggestions, but believe all are palatable and would help the state's fiscal crisis in this trying time,
             and I appreciate Governor O'Malley's sincere efforts to balance the budget . I have many other suggestions, which I truly believe could help balance the state budget, but many would be controversial and I would not
             wish to disclose these except in a confidential setting. If interested in further discussing the above or any other suggestions, I can be reached at my state office during the work day at xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Baltimore    A review of salaries in the State of Maryland's University and College System should be conducted. I think the results will reveal that these salaries are highly inflated.
Baltimore    A review of salaries in the State of Maryland's University and College System should be conducted. I think the results will reveal that these salaries are highly inflated.
Anne         Double the toll on the Bay Bridge, "it hasn't braised in a long time". Doubling the toll on commercial trucks is a tax on ALL of us marylanders.
             Eliminate the discount for commuters and shoppers. This will ENCOURAGE CARPOOLING!

             You intend to spend $3 billion Federal stimulous dollars on RT 50 that our children will have to repay. Make today's users pay for their for use of our highways. You can use the above fees to put people to work building
             a world class transportation system. Sack 3/4 of the MTA administration for lack of imagination. They should have given a $1.50 Credit/month to E-ZPass users to increase their productivity and reduce air and WATER

Baltimore    The State Highway Administration just completed the bid for having settlement companies do closings of property for the Office of Real Estate. The Office of Real Estate should continue to do its on settlements
             because of the additional expense of having an outside firm do it.
Baltimore    lay off 10% of goverment workers like the private sector had to do cut all pay raises for all management.
Anne         Cut tha cigarette tax by $15.00 to $5.00 a carton. So people will not have to go out of MD. to save money. Cut the sales tax back to 5%. Marylanders will support local business who will make more money and pay
Arundel      more taxes.
Cecil        Drop the ballistic fingerprinting system. Increase the price of handgun permits and make the state shall issue instead of may issue. I have seen the fiscal analysis from the MSP and I would be willing to pay more for a
             permit to cover the cost and let the state make some profit. Lower the cigarette tax enticing people to buy cigarettes in state instead of illegally out of state. Stop giving retirement packages to state legislators who
             don't serve 20 years in office. Stop giving annual raises to legislators while other state employees suffer. They should not get a raise if other state employees don't get a raise. Increase traffic violation fines again. Tell
             judges to stop adjusting a fine to a lower amount so that the court cost, other fees and fine are what it originally was anyway. If someone wants to go to court, they should pay the fine as it is on the ticket, the court
             cost, and the MEDEVAC fund. When judges lower it, the states makes less money. Stop telling people you close certain office buildings while they remain sate buildings and get used for something else. Close the
             building and sell it. Increase partnership with federal agencies for things like assigning more personnel to task forces who would pay salaries for the use of the personnel.
Anne         Eliminate all non-competitive scholarships given by State Delegates and Representatives.
             Eliminate funding for all benefits to illegal aliens (except those manadated by Federal Law).
Montgomery   2 suggestions: (1) Higher Education: require that professors at state universities obtain a greater portion of their salary from external sources and cut university administrative budgets.

             (2) Alcohol - increase the amount of revenue collected through licenses and taxation by allowing bars, resturants and nightclubs the opportunity to get a 3am liquor license (same closing time as DC). The extra revenue
             from the fees and taxes will reduce the amount of cuts that need to be made and the extra money people will be paying will be voluntary.
Montgomery   Cut out funding that supports illegal immigrants such as funding for CASA of Maryland. Also require Legal Presence for all taxpayer funded programs and services in Maryland and mandate employer use of E-Verify for
             all Maryland State Contracts. Illegal immigrants are a drain on our Services and we would save a bundle by getting rid of them by whatever means are available to Maryland.
Baltimore     I would like to know how many government owned vehicles currently being used as personal commute tool, what is the reason, and how the government can reduce or eliminate them all together. I know at least one
              person is abusing state owned vehicle policy. I would like to see the elimination of this policy.

Dorchester    1. Employees in healthcare should have the choice of taking furlough days if they choose rather than a blanket no furlough days for healthcare providers. It gives a sense of everyone doing what they can to help.

              2. Sick leave should revert back to three days with a doctor's note rather than 5 days. Staff take mini vacations and drive up overtime costs. Ask the union to make concessions.

              3. Leave bank without payback is no incentive to come to work and save your time, not when you can use the state's time free and get paid.
Carroll       Consider a commuter tax on workers living in PA but working in MD. One of the reasons the Hampstead Bypass was needed was all of the commuters coming from Hanover, PA and driving to the Baltimore area to
              work. Traffic on I-83 and Rte 97 from PA is also impacted by these commuters. I know of many people who come from PA to MD for the jobs but none who commute from MD to PA. These people pay no state tax but
              use the infrastucture that the MD tax payers pay for. Most of the revenue generated by them leaves the state (income tax, most sales tax, property tax). It doesn't have to be a huge tax - 1% on their gross wages
              should help. I don't believe such a tax is required for the VA workers as I know of many who live in MD and work in VA and vice versa. I also suspect the same type of inequity occurs with WV. These people want it
              both ways - the low property values in WV and PA but the high wages paid in the Baltimore-Washington area.
select your   Contact any sports team, the Orioles, the Ravens, the Redskins etc...they obviously have the money and pay MILLIONS to these atheletes. No one is worth that much money. They get paid millions of dollars to do
county        something that they love. They may stand in right field and not touch to ball all game. Sixteen football games per season, are you kidding me!!!! The average person works 32 to 40 hours per we