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Sara Dement


									                                  THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY

                                 Department of Consumer Sciences
                                 Student Profile

                              Sara Dement
                              Hospitality Management, 2010
                                 What is the best part about the HM major?
                                  Learning to build professional relationships, networking, and the

                                 Where have you completed internships?
                                  Ohio Restaurant Association—Event Planning and Sysco Central
                                  Ohio—Sales Intern, worked with multiple positions including
                                  marketing and customer service

                                 Are you involved with any campus organizations?
                                  Yes…Delta Delta Delta Sorority, great for networking and it
                                  forces me to keep my GPA up and Campus Crusade for Christ, I
                                  got to travel to France with the organization.
What is your
                                 Have you received any awards while at OSU?
favorite OSU                      For excellence, I was a Sarah Ida Shaw award nominee with my
memory so far?                    sorority.

                                 What are your plans after graduation?
                                  I have accepted a Menu Services Coordinator position with Sysco.
 It’s not so much a
 memory as a feeling.            What advice would you give students in the HM major?
 Ohio State goes                  Do multiple internships, find out what area of the industry you are
 everywhere with me.              most interested in; work harder than you think you need to; strive
                                  for excellence; and get to know the faculty.
 There are OSU alumni
 and my sorority alumni all
 over the world. OSU is
 more than a memory.


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