BELTON PARISH COUNCIL MEETING
 Minutes of meeting of Belton Parish Council held on Tuesday 8th March 2011 at
          7.30pm at the Royal British Legion Hall, Haven Close, Belton

Present: Cllr N Burbidge-Mullen, Cllr P Rodgers, Cllr D Styles, Cllr L Wainwright,
Cllr L G Warrington, Cllr B Wilson,
Clerk; Sarah Codd
There were no members of the public in attendance.

26/2011 – Public questions and comments on items on the agenda:

27/2011 – Declarations of Interest both Personal and Prejudicial on
items of the agenda: Cllr Burbidge-Mullen and Cllr Wainwright declared a
Personal Interest in regards to item 42/2011.

28/2011 – To receive apologies for absence: PCSO Nicola Stanhope

29/2011 – To discuss matters raised by previous minutes of
Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 8th February 2011 if not
already included on the agenda.
019/2011 – Clerk to chase Annie Walker regarding Dog Bins. Push the Health
and Safety element and remind her that it was the District Council’s idea in the
first Place
020/2011 – Clerk to contact Alison, Head Gardener at Quorn Country Hotel
regarding cleaning of War Grave
022/2011 – Clerk to chase Countryside Gardens regarding start of mowing
contract for 2011/2012 season. Cllr Wilson requested that approximately 1ft is
left as rough along bottom hedge and alongside trees to allow for wild flower
seed to germinate.

30/2011 – To approve and sign minutes from Parish Council meeting of
8th February 2011 and minutes of Parish Council Working Party meeting
of 25th January 2011
Resolved: Minutes of both meetings duly signed.

31/2011 – Clerks Report (Appendix A)
Item 3 – The request received from Mike Hills regarding a donation towards
purchasing mugs for the royal wedding street was discussed. It was agreed that
giving a donation specifically for the mugs may not be allowed but that a
donation to the event may be possible. It was agreed this would need to be
discussed as an Agenda item at the next meeting.
Item 5 – It was agreed that the Parish Council should display posters advertising
the Vista charity.
Item 6 – Agreed that it would be sensible to archive old Parish Council
documents in the County Archive at Wigston.
Item 8 – Naming of Emerson Court. It was agreed that this needed to be
discussed as an Agenda item at the next meeting.
Item 9 – Planning Appeal, St John the Baptist. It was agreed that this would
need to be discussed as an Agenda item at the next meeting.

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32/2011 –Police Report
In the absence of PCSO Stanhope the report was read out by the clerk. There
have been several thefts from motor vehicles, targeting work vans. The Crime
figures for Belton for February were 1x theft from motor vehicle – diesel. PCSO
Stanhope will be asking for support for May Day Celebrations on 7th May 2011.

33/2011 – To discuss correspondence received from practise manager
at Belton Doctor’s Surgery in relation to proposed closure of the
dispensary and consider Belton Parish Council’s response.
It was agreed that the loss of the dispensary would have a huge detrimental
effect on Belton residents and that the Parish Council would support the surgery
in trying to prevent its closure. It was agreed that Cllr Styles would formulate a
response and carry out further research before the Parish Council formally
respond. The response needs to focus on why we consider Belton to be rural
rather than urban and include mention of the size of the village, impact on shop
and bus service, impact on carbon footprint and mention that the Parish Council
is working with the ‘Rural’ Housing Enabler on a Rural Housing Survey.
Resolved: Support Manor House Surgery in their campaign against the closure
of the dispensary. Cllr Styles to formulate response on behalf of the Parish

34/2011 – To consider request from a resident regarding the provision
of grit bins
It was agreed that the Parish Council ought to provide grit bins for the village at
cost of £110 per bin. The County Council would carry out any consultation
regarding the location and cover the cost of installation and filling/re-filling the
bins. The locations considered were; School Lane near the junction of Sandhills,
Mill Lane near the junction with The Toft, De Verdun Avenue and Vicarage Lane
at the junction of Market Place. It was suggested that a maximum of 6 bins be
installed and that the purchase of such should be mentioned in the forthcoming
Maypole magazine with a request for residents to let the Parish Council know
where they feel they are required.
 Resolved: Await feedback from residents as to where grit bins are required
then go ahead and order grit bins as needed.

35/2011 – To consider the installation of a new Parish Notice Board on
Rempstone Road.
After discussing the various options for a noticeboard on Rempstone Road, it was
agreed that the best solution was to order a wall mounted 9 xA4 sized lockable
noticeboard which can be fixed to the wall of the bus shelter. The Noticeboard
Company offered the most suitable best value for money option and it was
agreed that a noticeboard with a header engraved ‘Belton Parish Council’ should
be ordered. This was proposed by Cllr Warrington and seconded by Cllr
Rodgers. The Parish Council were hopeful that the noticeboard could be installed
by J F Hewitt & Sons who are carrying out the shelter repairs at the start of
April. If this is not possible a quote for installation needs to be sought. The
noticeboard needs to be installed so that it is seen by the maximum number of
people, i.e. on the left hand gable end of the shelter or in the back of the shelter
depending on space.
Resolved: To order noticeboard and arrange installation.

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36/2010 – To consider implementing a maximum donation amount
given to individual groups and charities.
Due to the number of agenda items and the lateness of the evening, it was
agreed that this should be added to the agenda for the next Parish Council

37/2011 – To discuss previous request for donation to Coalville Citizens
Advice Bureau.
Resolved: It was agreed not to donate funds to Coalville Citizens Advice Bureau
as they are part funded by the District Council.

38/2011 – To discuss Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City
Council Waste Site Allocations and consider any response the
Due to the number of agenda items and the lateness of the evening, it was
agreed that this should be added to the agenda for the next Parish Council

39/2012 – To discuss condition and maintenance of Tyler’s Road, Belton
Due to the number of agenda items and the lateness of the evening, it was
agreed that this should be added to the agenda for the next Parish Council

40/2012 – To consider quote received for repair of two bench seats
(Sadlers Wells and Church Street
It was agreed that the quote received from Delegate Services for the repair of
the two benches was reasonable and that the Parish Council should go ahead
with the repair work as soon as possible. Proposed by Cllr Styles, Seconded by
Cllr Burbidge-Mullen. It was also agreed that the clerk needed to speak to
Angela Severn-Morrell to find out if anything had been agreed with the owners of
the bench at the end of Tyler’s Road which remained in a bad state of repair.
Resolved: Go ahead with the repair works to the two bench seats and enquire if
anything had been resolved regarding the seat on Tylers Road.

41/2012 – To consider purchase of computer softwear to ensure
compatibility between Parish Councillors personal computers. Due to the
number of agenda items and the lateness of the evening, it was agreed that this
should be added to the agenda for the next Parish Council Meeting.

42/2012 - To discuss the following in relation to Belton Pavilion:
          a. Progress of Pavilion repair works
          b. Re-instatement of Lease to Belton Villa Football Club
          c. Utility bills and contribution from Shepshed Town Cricket Club for
              ground/building maintenance.
a) The progress of the repair works was discussed. Once the pavilion had been dried
out the plaster boarding and skimming still needed to be done. A decision about the
type of insulation was required before the loft installation (if any) was carried out. It
was agreed that the pipe work definitely needed lagging but it was queried whether, as
the building was not properly heated loft insulation would have any benefit. It was
agreed that the Parish Council needed to find out whether providing loft insulation was
a condition of insuring the building before making a decision on this. The insurance
company may also specify what types of locks were needed on the building before they

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would insure the pavilion. The need for a Pavilion Committee was discussed.
Representatives would be required from each of the clubs, including Belton Juniors and
the Parish Council.
Cllr Burbidge Mullen declared that Belton Juniors had not made any contribution
towards the maintenance or running cost of the Pavilion and that they would be able to
contribute £300.00 towards the repair work. Cllr Burbidge-Mullen also said that there
were lots of parents who would be prepared to help with the repair works. It was
agreed that a job list be draw up by Cllr Wainwright and given to Cllr Burbidge-Mullen
to assist.
b) In order to re-instate the Lease or Licence (whichever was best fit for purpose) it
was agreed that a solicitor specialising in this type of work needs to be found. The
License needs to specify that a Committee be formed and all that the original
conditions of the Lease need honouring until 2019.
c) It was agreed that the utility bills for the Pavilion continue to be split 70-30. Belton
Villa Football Club will pay the larger proportion and, in the absence of Belton Cricket
Club, Belton Parish Council will pay the smaller proportion. Belton Parish Council would
recoup this money by charging Shepshed Town Cricket Club to use the facilities. It was
agreed that a fixed price sum of £700 per season be sought from Shepshed Town
Cricket Club. This amount includes a contribution towards mowing costs, the cost of
the Parish Council’s share of the utility bills and a contribution towards on-going
maintenance of the pavilion building. This was proposed by Cllr Wilson and seconded
by Cllr Styles. A similar arrangement would need to be agreed in relation to Belton
Juniors, who had previously agreed to contribute towards utility bills and mowing
costs. The contribution towards utility bills would need to go directly to Belton Villa
Football Club.
Resolved: Cllr Wainwright to draw up a jobs list in relation to the outstanding works
still to be done on the Pavilion building for Cllr Burbidge-Mullen. A solicitor needs to be
found to arrange the new License/Lease. Shepshed Town Cricket Club to be informed
of the charges for the forthcoming season. Belton Villa Football Club to be informed of
the utility bill spilt.

43/2012 - To discuss all outstanding works remaining on the recreation
ground including:
          a. Dog bin collection
          b. Springs on gates by car park area
          c. Erection of signs in car park
          d. Closure of car park at dusk
a) This had already been discussed under matters arising from previous meeting.
b) The springs on the gates had been tightened.
c-d) Due to the number of agenda items and the lateness of the evening, it was
agreed that this should be added to the agenda for the next Parish Council
A quote had been received from Chessman Contractors in relation to the laying
of hard core at the Pavilion end of the car park to level of the surface where
flooding has occurred. It was agreed that the Parish Council should go ahead
with this work. Proposed Cllr Wainwright, seconded, Cllr Rodgers.

44/2012 - To consider the following Planning Application:
     a. 11/00153/FUL, Erection of steel framed span and lean to gable and
        extension for agricultural purposes. Merrell Grange, Mill Lane, Belton
     b. 11/00142/FUL, Erection of singles storey side extension to form
        garage and external chimney. 8 De-Verdun Ave, Belton

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Resolved: There were no objections to either Planning Application.

45/ 2012 -To discuss previous Planning Applications:
       a. 11/00030/FUL, Erection of rear extension to Dr’s surgery to provide
           additional consulting rooms: Kitchen and conservatory. The Surgery,
           Mill Lane, Belton.
       b. 03/02982/OUT, Erection of two detached dwellings on site adjoining
           49 Long Street and erection of two detached dwellings on site
           adjoining 55 Long Street (Outline – means of access included) at
           Land Adj to 49 and 55 Long Street , Belton
       c. 07/00587/FUL, Erection of two storey extension. 7 Market Place,
       d. Planning Permission - 10/01180/VCU, Conversion and extension to
           form ten independent units without complying with Condition 2
           attached to Planning Permission 07/00979/FUL to enable the
           implementation of an amended scheme in respect of Unit 10 at The
           George Hotel, 17 Market Place
a)No objections had been raised by any Councillor in relation to the Planning
Application for the Doctors Surgery. Belton Parish Council therefore replied with no
b) Concern was raised about whether Planning Conditions were being adhered to in
relation to the development at 49-55 Long Street. Highways Road signs had been
taken out and repositioned and land right up to the verge edge was included within the
works. There was also concern that this development may affect the proposals to
improve the junction improvement works. It was agreed that this should be reported
to the enforcement team and that Highways needed to be informed about the
development in relation to the junction improvements.
C) The Planning Permission for 7 Market Place has lapsed but the screening and bricks
remain on the footpath. It was agreed that this should be reported to Highways as an
obstruction to the highways and removed.
d) The Planning Permission amendment for The George Hotel was noted.
The certificate of Lawfulness of existing use in relation to Highfields Manor, Rempstone
Road was also duly noted.
A letter regarding an appeal made by St John The Baptist Church, Belton in relation to
the proposals to install a door to the south porch and levelling of the footpath was read
out. It was agreed that Belton Parish Council’s view point had not changed since the
original Planning Application. The Clerk asked what this was and it was agreed that the
Council had been against the application but that it would be a good idea to find out
exactly what was said and respond if necessary.
Resolved: Clerk to contact enforcement team and highways in relation to 49-55 Long
Street and report the obstruction to the highway in relation to 7 Market Place. Clerk to
investigate original response to St John The Baptist Planning Application

46/2012 - To discuss impact of changes to HMRC in relation to Clerks pay role
and consider possibility of out sourcing payroll management.
From the 1st April Parish Clerks will no long be able to class themselves as self-
employed. They will have to follow the guidance set out by HMRC in relation to PAYE,
National Insurance and Tax. Clerk S Codd explained that although her wages fell below
the threshold for paying tax and national insurance the Parish Council still had a legal
obligation to fulfil PAYE requirements. Clerk S Codd explained that although she would
be happy to carry out all the necessary paper work herself, this would impact on her
working hours, particularly because the amount of work which would need doing

Belton Parish Council Minutes 8th March 2011                           Page 5 of 6
before the 1st April. It was therefore agreed that Douglas Tonks Lts act as HMRC
representatives for Belton Parish Council for the sum of £15.00 per pay day. They
would then be responsible for organising all the relevant documents and payslips and
paying the clerk directly from Parish Council funds rather than by cheque. This would
ensure that all the correct paper work was in place which would be of particular
importance in relation to S Codd claiming Maternity Leave in the summer. S Codd
agreed to be paid 4 times a year. Cllr Styles proposed that the Parish Council go ahead
with out-sourcing the payroll management to Douglas Tonks Ltd. This was seconded by
Cllr Warrington
Resolved: To go ahead and arrange for the payroll to be out sourced.

47/2012 - To read Banking Mandate and agree content in relation to signing
amended banking form to allow authority to pass to current clerk.
Resolved: The banking mandate was agreed and the relevant forms signed.

48/2012 - Any other business
                   i. Councillors Reports

49/2012 - Date of next meeting
The date of the next meeting was agreed as 12th April 2010 at 7.30pm, to be held in
the British Legion Hall, Haven Close, Belton.

The meeting ended at 10.30pm

Signed:                                        Date:

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