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					                                                                            Agenda Item No. __________
                                                           FRESNO COUNTY EMPLOYEES’ RETIREMENT ASSOCIATION
                                                                                       BOARD OF RETIREMENT
                                                                                           John P. Souza, Chair
                                                                                     Vera Dominguez, Vice Chair
                                                                                              Michael Cardenas
                                                                                                     Vicki Crow
                                                                                                 Steven J. Jolly
                                                                                                    Phil Larson
                                                                                                     A. Papaleo
                                                                                            Stephanie Savrnoch
Roberto L. Peña                                                                                  William Storey
Retirement Administrator                                                               Ronald S. Frye, Alternate

DATE:           January 4, 2006

TO:             Trustees Board of Retirement

FROM:           Roberto L. Peña
                Retirement Administrator

SUBJECT: Request to purchase General Service as Safety Time - Jeffrey Dement

Mr. Dement was born on August 10, 1972 and is 33 years old. On May 8, 1995, he was
hired as a Special Guard with the Fresno County Sheriff's Department on a temporary basis.
Mr. Dement became a permanent employee of Fresno County on November 18, 1996 as a
Correctional Officer I. He became a member of the Fresno County Employees' Retirement
Association effective December 2, 1996.

On August 19, 2004, Mr. Dement submitted a request to purchase his extra help service from
May 8, 1995 to November 17, 1996 as a Special Guard and receive safety credit.

Similar to earlier cases decided by the Board of Retirement, the issue is whether Mr. Dement
performed the duties of a safety member, Correctional Officer I, when he worked as a
Special Guard. The Association’s investigation has led to similar results as in the earlier
cases. The Association interviewed Lieutenant Rick Pursell who supervised Mr. Dement
when he worked as a Special Guard. Lieutenant Pursell indicated that Mr. Dement
performed all the duties of a Correctional Officer I when he worked as a Special Guard.


Since the evidence supporting Mr. Dement’s claim regarding the Correctional Officer I duties
he performed as a Special Guard is strong, and given the Board of Retirement’s earlier
decisions allowing others to purchase their Special Guard service as safety, I recommend
that the Board of Retirement allow Mr. Dement to purchase his extra help service and
receive credit as a safety member for his employment as a Special Guard.


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