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                                        UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO CEARÁ
                                              CENTRO DE HUMANIDADES
                                            CASA DE CULTURA BRITÂNICA
                                       PLACEMENT TEST / 2000.1 – SEMESTER VI

     Nome do candidato: _______________________________________________________________________
     Número de inscrição: __________________________


                                                                                Test audiences in America were
                                      Elvis lives – and
                                                                  25 amazed when Elvis walked on stage, introduced
                             he‟s going on tour! That‟s
                                                                       his band, chatted with them before songs and
                             right – the king is back,
                                                                       belted out his hits as though he‟d never been
                             ready to wiggle his
                                                                       away. It was an emotional experience, says Joe
                           5 legendary pelvis and
                                                                       Guercio, the show‟s musical director. "We hadn‟t
                             croon the tunes that set
                                                                  30   seen each other in years," he says.
   the world a-rockin‟.
                                                                                 "We all gathered together, hugged and
            His death 21 years ago has proved a
                                                                       carried on. We had to call a 10-minute break
   mere inconvenience to the promoters of Elvis –
                                                                       because some of the girls started crying and
10 The Concert, who‟ve even recruited his original
                                                                       couldn‟t get through it. That‟s how real it got. "
   backing band for a worldwide series of dates.
                                                                  35             But this Elvis is only going to remember
            Todd Morgan, director of creative
                                                                       the good old days. He‟s unrecognisable from the
   services at Graceland, is the brains behind the
                                                                       sweating, bloated figure that characterised the
   event. "The idea was, „Let‟s plan an Elvis
                                                                       final concerts. "In our show, Elvis never has
15 concert!‟ "he recalls. " Let‟s forget for a moment
                                                                       more than a 30 or 32-inch waist, " Morgan says.
   that Elvis is no longer among the living. That‟s
                                                                  40   "Vocally he‟s at the absolute height of his
   just a minor technicality." The result is staggering.
                                                                       powers. His presence is so strong, the interaction
   Using footage of his performances from 1968 to
                                                                       so seamless and the audience reaction so
   1973, technicians have isolated Elvis‟s voice and
                                                                       intense that, one or two songs into the show, you
20 created a library of jokes, anecdotes and asides.
                                                                       forget Elvis isn‟t really there in person. It‟s like
   Using computers, video projectors and a
                                                                  45   he‟s really back in the building."
   sprinkling of high-tech know-how, they‟ve
   reincarnated the King.

                                                                           (Adapted from Speak Up number 149, 1999)
     1. The text says that...
     a) Elvis Presley hasn‟t died.                                     c) Elvis Presley is going to travel.
     b) Elvis Presley is virtually alive.                              d) Elvis Presley has never been away.
     2. The responsible for the Elvis‟ virtual show is / are...
     a) Joe Guercio.                                                   c) Some technicians.
     b) Todd Morgan                                                    d) The promoters of Elvis – The Concert.
     3. Put true (T) or false (F) by the sentences, then choose the best alternative:
     ( ) The virtual Elvis Presley didn‟t seem real.
     ( ) In Elvis‟s virtual concert, his appearance is the same as in his last shows.
     ( ) Joe Guercio had never met Elvis Presley before.
     ( ) The result of the virtual concert was satisfying.
     a) F, F, F, T                                                 c) F, T, F, T
     b) F, F, T, T                                                 d) T, F ,F, F
     4. The main idea of the text is...
     a) Elvis was a great singer.                                  c) Present technology can do incredible things.
     b) Everybody is going to see Elvis‟ virtual show.             d) Elvis will never be forgotten.
     5. The sentence “... Elvis never has more than a 30 or 32-inch waist” (lines 38/39) means that...
     a) Elvis is very fat.                                         c) Elvis is in a good shape.
     b) Elvis is between 30 and 32 years old.                      d) Elvis is very tall.

     Casa de Cultura Britânica/UFC - Placement Test/2000.1 - Semester VI

6. The word them (line 26) refers to:
a) his band                                                   c) America
b) test audiences                                             d) songs
7. The word who (line 10) refers to:
a) The Concert                                                c) Elvis
b) original backing band                                      d) The promoters
8. In the sentence “It was an emotional experience...” (line 28), the word it refers to:
a) America                                                    c) 10-minute break
b) Elvis' band                                                d) seeing Elvis on the stage again
9. A synonym for the word seamless (line 42) is:
a) perfect                                                      c) similar
b) complete                                                     d) brilliant
10. The meanings of the phrasal verbs belted out (line 27), gathered together (line 31) and get through (line 34)
    in the text are respectively:
a) wrote, talked together, finish                           c) sang aloud, united, manage
b) whispered, sang together, avoid                          d) sold, moved, deny

11. I went to Paris _____ clothes.
a) for buy                                                      c) to buy
b) for to buy                                                   d) to buying
12. Paul works _____ .
a) hardly                                                       c) harder
b) hard                                                         d) hardest
13. I _____ you if I _____ time
a) will call, will have                                         c) call, will have
b) would call, have                                             d) will call, have
14. I told you, you _____ touch these papers!
a) haven‟t got to                                               c) mustn‟t
b) mustn‟t to                                                   d) don‟t must
15. _____ Laura recently?
a) Have you seen                                                c) Did you see
b) Have you saw                                                 d) Were you seeing
16. It _____ be better if we _____ more money.
a) will, had                                                    c) will, will have
b) would, had                                                   d) would, would have
17. I _____ ride a bike when I was a child.
a) use to                                                       c) usually
b) am used to                                                   d) used to
18. Jorge? I _____ him _____ years.
a) have known, for                                              c) know, since
b) knew, for                                                    d) have known, since
19. Choose the correct alternative:
a) Who does like this kind of music?
b) Who like this kind of music?
c) Who likes this kind of music?
d) Who‟s like this kind of music?
20. A: “__________?”
    B: “Yes, I did.”                                                                                          Nick

Casa de Cultura Britânica/UFC - Placement Test/2000.1 - Semester VI

a) You used to play tennis?                                     c) Did you used to play tennis?
b) Did you use to play tennis?                                  d) Did you use to playing tennis?
(Questions 21 and 22 are related to the pictures of Nick and Ryan)
21. Ryan is _____ and Nick is _____.
a) shorter, tallest                                        c) the shortest, the tallest
b) the shorter, the taller                                 d) the most short, the most tall

22. Which sentence is correct?
a) Ryan is as shorter as Nick.
b) Nick is less shorter than Ryan.
c) Nick is more tall than Ryan.
d) Ryan is shorter than Nick.
23. I‟m good at _____, but I‟m not good at _____.
a) play soccer, play tennis                                     c) playing soccer, play tennis
b) to play soccer, to play tennis                               d) soccer, tennis
24. I was very tired, _____ I stopped to rest.
a) because                                                      c) if
b) so                                                           d) instead
25. Mark the correct sentence:
a) There were too much people there.
b) I‟m going to say a few words.
c) I have a little problems to solve.
d) He has too many money to travel.
26. The policeman said: “Don‟t smoke here”. It means the same as:
a) The policeman told me not to smoke here.
b) The policeman told me to don‟t smoke here.
c) The policeman told me to not smoke here.
d) The policeman told me for don‟t smoke here.
27. You have never been to London, _____?
a) haven‟t you                                                  c) have you
b) didn‟t you                                                   d) have got you
28. A: “How long _____ in this company?”
    B: “_____ last year.”
a) did you work, From                                           c) have you worked, For
b) have you worked, Since                                       d) did you work, Since
29. A: “I have _____ finished my work. What about you?”
     B: “I haven‟t finished _____.”
a) just, already                                                c) already, already
b) yet, still                                                   d) already, yet
30. A: “I have many friends in this city.”
    B: “_____”
a) So do I.                                                     c) So I have.
b) So am I.                                                     d) I have, either.
31. Why do I have to speak _____ and be _____ ? Is anyone feeling _____ here?
a) quiet, careful, nervous                                 c) quiet, carefully, nervous
b) quietly, careful, nervous                               d) quietly, carefully, nervous
32. A: “I tried _____ this car, but it‟s too difficult.”
     B: “OK, I can help you. I don‟t mind _____ cars.”
a) fixing, fixing                                               c) fix, to fix
b) fixing, to fix                                               d) to fix, fixing
33. “Somebody stole my car yesterday”. Which is the passive form of this sentence?
a) My car was stolen yesterday.                             c) My car has been stolen yesterday
b) Somebody has stolen my car yesterday.                    d) My car was stole yesterday.
Casa de Cultura Britânica/UFC - Placement Test/2000.1 - Semester VI
34. “He‟s too short to be a soldier.” The sentence means that:
a) He‟s tall enough to be a soldier.                           c) He‟s not tall enough to be a soldier.
b) He‟s enough short to be a soldier.                          d) He‟s enough tall to be a soldier.
35. It was...
a) quiter nice day                                              c) quite a nice day
b) quite nice day                                               d) quite nice a day
36. I want a _____, a _____, two _____ and _____ sugar, please.
a) bread, coffee, glasses of milk, a lot of
b) loaf of bread, cup of coffee, milks, lots
c) bread, cup of coffee, milks, a lot of
d) loaf of bread, cup of coffee, glasses of milk, a lot of

37. “The film depressed me and made me cry”. The similar sentence is:
a) The both film depressed me and made me cry.
b) Both the film depressed me and made me cry.
c) The film both depressed me and made me cry.
d) The film depressed me and both made me cry.
38. I don‟t like _____ films, but I enjoy _____ to music.
a) watching, to listen                                          c) watching, listening
b) to watch, to listen                                          d) watch, listening
39. Mark the correct sentence:
a) The film was too excellent.                                  c) Don‟t you think this is too heavy?
b) She was enough beautiful to be a model.                      d) You can go by bus either or by train.
40. The house was fairly big. The house was...
a) very big.                                                    c) extremely big.
b) really big.                                                  d) not very big.
41. Yesterday I _____ overwork, but I _____ do this today.
a) had got to, haven‟t got to                                   c) had to, mustn‟t
b) must, don‟t must to                                          d) had to, mustn‟t to
42. Why are you _____ at her? Does she _____ anybody you know?
a) looking, look like                                    c) looked, looking
b) looking, looks like                                   d) looking, look likes
43. You will not do this again, ______
a) won‟t you?                                                   c) would you?
b) do you?                                                      d) will you?
44. She‟s not a good singer, she sings very _____.
a) bad                                                          c) worse
b) badly                                                        d) terrible
45. A: “I have been working hard lately.”
     B: “_____”
a) So have I.                                                   c) I have so.
b) I have been either.                                          d) So do I.
46. I have saved a little money for my trip. The sentence means that...
a) I have saved a lot of money.                               c) I have saved some money, but not much.
b) I haven‟t saved almost any money.                          d) I have saved enough money.
47. A: “ _____?”
    B: “No, I didn‟t.”
a) You used to wear a uniform, did you?                         c) Did you used to wear a uniform?
b) You used to wear a uniform, didn‟t you?                      d) Did you use to wear a uniform, didn‟t you?
48. Choose the INCORRECT sentences:
I. I went to the movies since last week.
II. There were enough chairs for everybody.
III. She was too wonderful yesterday.
IV. I have already written the letter.
a) I, IV                                                        c) I, III
b) II, III, IV                                                  d) III, IV
49. Choose the INCORRECT alternative:
a) I think you should talk to Mike.

Casa de Cultura Britânica/UFC - Placement Test/2000.1 - Semester VI
b) He won‟t tell you the truth.
c) Will you to do your exercise?
d) They shouldn‟t get this bus
50. Which sentence is grammatically WRONG?
a) Can you fill my glass up ?                                   c) Why don‟t you ask for a pay increase?
b) I‟m looking forward to reading this book.                    d) Please, sit here down.

                          UNIVERDADE FEDERAL DO CEARÁ
                              CENTRO DE HUMANIDADES
                             CASA DE CULTURA BRITÂNICA
                        PLACEMENT TEST / 2000.1 – SEMESTER VI

                                        KEY ANSWER

         01                        B                        26                     A
         02                        B                        27                     C
         03                        A                        28                     B
         04                        C                        29                     D
         05                        C                        30                     A
         06                        B                        31                     B
         07                        D                        32                     D
         08                        D                        33                     A
         09                        A                        34                     C
         10                        C                        35                     C
         11                        C                        36                     D
         12                        B                        37                     C
         13                        D                        38                     C
         14                        C                        39                     C
         15                        A                        40                     D
         16                        B                        41                     C
         17                        D                        42                     A
         18                        A                        43                     D
         19                        C                        44                     B
         20                        B                        45                     A
         21                        C                        46                     C
         22                        D                        47                     B
         23                        D                        48                     C
Casa de Cultura Britânica/ UFC- Placement Test/ 2000.1 - Semester VI

         24                        B                        49         C
         25                        B                        50         D

Casa de Cultura Britânica/ UFC- Placement Test/ 2000.1 - Semester VI