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									                                                       “Focus on 4-H”
                                                  4-H Family Newsletter
                                                                May 2011

                                               ONLINE FAIR ENTRY SYSTEM
                                      Starting in 2011, 4-H, FFA and other youth exhibitors will
              Dodge County
                                      submit their fair entries online. Information on the procedure
                                      will be sent through the 4-H General
Dodge County                          Leaders or FFA Advisors. (The exhibitor
Extension Office
Administration Building               will be responsible for submitting his/her
127 East Oak Street                   own entry form online). The entry
Juneau WI 53039
                                      deadline for the 2011 Fair will be
Hours: 7am—4:30pm                     Monday, June 13, 2011 at 8:00pm. No
Phone (920) 386-3790
Fax (920) 386-3928                    late entries will be accepted. General
                                      Leaders will check their club’s entries at
                                      the June 20, 2011 Dodge County 4-H
10TH OF EACH MONTH                    Leader’s Association meeting. FFA Advisors should check
                                      over student entries before they are submitted. The entry fees
WEATHER                               and any stall fees will be paid online by credit card.
In case of bad weather, all
meeting cancellations will be         There will be selected times for members who don’t have
aired over WBEV/WXRO,
WTTN, & WTKM. You can also            internet access to come to the UW-Extension Office to
call the UW-Extension Office          complete their entries. PRE-REGISTRATION IS
between 8am-4:30pm.
                                      REQUIRED for entry assistance. Email or call Sally to
We put “Safety First.”                schedule a time slot within the specified times listed below:

Requests for reasonable
                                              DATES OF FAIR ENTRY ASSISTANCE
accommodation for disabilities or
limitations should be made prior to
the date of the program or activity                        Tues     May 17      4 pm—7 pm
for which it is needed. Please
make such requests as early as                             Sat      May 21      9 am—noon
possible by contacting the Dodge
County Office 920/386-3790 so
                                                           Mon      June 6      4 pm—7 pm
proper arrangements can be

“An EEO/Affirmative Action            More detailed information will be given to General
employer, University of Wisconsin-
Extension provides equal
                                      Leaders & FFA Advisors. If you have any questions,
opportunities in employment and
programming including Title IX and
                                      please call Sally at 920 386-3790.
ADA requirements.
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                         Page 2

Inside this issue:
                                     Club Happenings
4-H Camps Information        10      A-OK (Emma Meyer) Dog toys and cat mats
4-H Family Picnic             6      were donated and delivered to the Humane
Adult / Youth Leadership      5
Animal Sciences              11      Leipsic (Madelin McGauley) A report was
                                     given on making Little Dresses for Africa
Cloverbuds & Explorers        7
                                     Richwood Rangers (Paige Wollin) Plan to
Club Happenings & Hats Off    2      tour Jelly Belly Warehouse in Pleasant
Dairy & Livestock Projects   13      Prairie
Dodge County Dairy Brunch     4
                                     Trenton Highlights (Marissa Schmitz)
Events Calendars             20      Visits were made to the Randolph Golden
General Information           3
                                     Living Center and to Beaver Dam Golden
                                     Living Center
Looking Ahead                 4
                                     Watertown Badgers (Hailey Connor)
                                     Reports were given at the meeting                              Spring is here!
Hats Off

   To the participants in the Cultural,           Heather Rynearson, Hunter, Schultz,           To the clubs at the Drama
     Communication Arts Festival: Madelyn           Jessica Schultz, Tara Schultz, Graham           & Music Festival: Astico
     Adsit, Alexandra Bahr, Angela Bock,            Wagner, Gwen Woerishofer, and Maggie            Perseverance, and A-OK for their dramas
     Natalie Bock, Anna Boschert, Andy              Woerishofer. Thanks to our judges Gloria        and Juneau Victorians and Astico
     Boschert, Kaitlin Daane, Michaela              Hafemeister, Patti Roden, Missy Schall,         Perseverance for their musicals.
     Daane, Andrew Elmhorst, Abby Hein,             and Rachel Weinheimer and to our                Participants were: Clarice Case, Darby
     Alex Hahn, Ginger Hahn, Abby Hein,             helpers, Jennifer Fink and Nicki Gunst.         Casperson, Debby Casperson, Dale
     Hailey Krause, Brianna Lerwick, Elena        To the participants in the Demonstration        Casperson, Deloris Casperson, Diana
     Lerwick, Linnea Lerwick, Alexis                Contest: Anna Boschert, Andy Boschert,          Casperson, David Casperson, Nathan
     Luedtke, Cassandra Luedtke, Marshall           Tyler Fink, Adam Fink, Alexis Luedtke,          Fink, Brandon Franke, Emily Jensen,
     McGauley, Morgan McGauley, Samantha            Esther Lynch, Hannah Lynch, Abe                 Maya Krause David Marek, Peyton
     Pitterle, Taya Plummer, Cameron                Neuman, Maggie Neuman, Samantha                 Litterick, Presley Litterick, Hannah
     Poporny, Dylon Pokorny, Katrina                Pitterle, Jon Schroedel, Autumn,                Lynch, Esther Lynch, Benn McKean,
     Pokorny, Callie Price, Ashley Saniter,         Schroedel, Rachel Tank, and Sarah Tank.         Emma Meyer, Lydia Meyer, Mikayla
     Kelsey Saniter, Olivia Saniter, Kyler          Top Demonstrators include: Marshal              Meyer, Abe Newman, Maggie Newman,
     Schaalma, Natalie Siedschlag Maggie            McGauley, Andy Boschert, Anna                   Chrissy O'Toole, Erin O'Toole, Joe
     Stebbins, Morgan Stebbins, Emily Swan,         Boschert, Maggie Newman.                        Pillsbury, Trina Purdy, Erika Schauer,
     Heidi Swan, Meghan Turner, Meredith            State Fair Delegates include: Ester             Monica Schauer, Autumn Soter Alisha
     Turner,Branna Tonn, Jeni Tujeski, Jonan        Lynch, Hannah Lynch, Rachel and Sara            Tank, Rachel Tank, and Sarah Tank.
     Tujeski, Andrew Twardokus, Olivia              Tank. Thanks to our judges Heidi Tunak          Congratulations to the Astico
     Voelker, and Matthew Wiersma.                  and Janelle Wiebelhause-Finger. Thanks          Perseverance Top Club Award and to A-
   To the participants in the Speaking            to our room volunteers Mary Pat                 OK Runner Up. Thanks to our MC’s
     Contest: Abigail Elmorst, Andrew               Boschert and Rita Lynch. Thanks to              Emma & Mikayla Meyer, Diane Neff for
     Elmhorst, Nathan Fink, Matthew Gunst,          Dodge County Fair Association for               coordinating the Festival . Thanks to
     Ama Maria Miller, Maggie Neuman,               sponsoring the awards.                          Virgil & Pat Lauth for sponsoring the
     Holly Pamperion, Samantha Pitterle,                                                            Festival.

Building Etiquette?
     As many of you know, the UW-Extension Office at 127 East Oak Street, Juneau, is the home of countless meetings,
workshops, clinics, etc...involving literally hundreds of youth and adults each month. It’s an outstanding resource for all of us.
                                                         Let’s keep it that way!
     Please be sure your 4-H members know that certain portions of the building are off-limits to the general public and that all of us
are responsible for keeping the Administration Building auditorium, meeting rooms, and the UW-Extension office a friendly and
attractive place to meet.
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                  Page 3

About UW-Extension Dodge County 4-H

UWEX – “Where is it?”                        UW-Extension Dodge County                    Dodge Co. Registration
The UWEX office is located at 127 E          Website                                      Information
Oak Street in the Administration             We would also like to let you know that      Registration Information can be emailed
Building on the first floor in Juneau. It    the URL or web address has been              in UNLESS there is a registration fee. If
takes up the whole block [Oak/Main –         shortened to                                 there is a fee, registrations must be
State Road 26/Center/Miller Streets].         mailed in. Email NON-MONETORY
There is a parking lot on Miller Street.          The 4-H website will be getting a       registrations to
Our Office hours are                         new look. We took the information from . Make
8 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.       the surveys that were turned in and made     sure you have the information in the
                                             some changes. We hope that these             email that is requested on the clip-out.
Newsletter Information
                                             changes will make it easier to get the       WisLine Teleconferences
Newsletter Information is due to the UW
                                             information you need without scrolling
-Extension Office on or before the 10th of                                                Anyone wishing to attend a 4-H
                                             so far down the page. CONTACT US!
each month. You may e-mail your                                                           WISLINE audio-conference MUST
                                             Register for 4-H programs (without
information to Sally at                                                                   REGISTER with the UW-Extension
                                             registration fees) by fax or email:                                                                 office (call 920.386.3790) prior to the
                                             FAX 920.386.3928
                                                                                          conference so that the equipment will be
                                                                                          set up, directions available and copies
                                                  Sally:        made of any handouts. Most of these can
                                                  Deb:         also be called from your home.

Fund Raisers

CULVER’S Fund Raiser; PICK N’ SAVE “WE CARE;” MILK MOOLA-Earn Money for 4-H; and MCDONALD’S
receipts. Information on these fund raisers can be found on the Dodge County 4-H website located at
       $10 PIZZA HUT COUPONS—Proceeds go to the Small Animal Building at the Dodge County Fairgrounds

                    Information for New 4-H Families
                    This information is on the Dodge County 4-H Website, located at

                                                                                        You’ve Got Email?
Check out the State 4-H website, Community Club
                                                                          If you would like to be notified when the newsletter is
  Central at                            up on the web, let us know what your email is. You
     index.cfm for some excellent resources.                              will still receive a copy in the mail,
                                                                          unless stated in your email. If your
                                                                          EMAIL ADDRESS HAS
                                                                          CHANGED since you have filled
Record Book Guide                                                         out your enrollment form, please let
     The Record Book Guide is available online on the                     us know the new email address. We
4-H website:                             send out emails periodically to
development/forms-applications/. Also available online                    remind people of upcoming events.
(at the website listed above) are the Record Book forms.                  So if you would like to be notified
                                                                          please let us know.
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                          Page 4

                LOOKING AHEAD

                2011 Gateway Academy                                  Attention 4-H Families
                June 30 & July 1, 2011
                July 5-7, 2011                                     We are in need of empty Pringles cans
                    An Engineering day
                camp for girls and boys.
                Attendees will be working in                       Paper Toweling Tubes for 4-H projects.
                small groups with hands-on/                        They can be brought to the 4-H Office.
                minds-on projects related to:                              Thanks for your help!!
                Robotics & Automation,
                Digital Electronics, CAD/
                CAM Technologies, and
                much more!
                For more information see
                their website at:                                Dodge County Dairy Brunch
                                                                 Sunday, June 26, 9 am–12:30 pm

                                                                         Hildebrandt Farms
                Gateway_Academy/index.html                         N2963 County Road R, Hustisford
                    Sound Interesting? contact one of the             This event will have live broadcasts, music, and dis-
                leaders, Sean Behymer at 920-988-9740 or Jesse   plays, in addition to “all you can eat” pancakes, scrambled
                Domer at 920-219-2922                            eggs w/ham, cheese, sundaes, orange juice and milk.
                                                                      Help is needed from 4-H families!
                                                                   Shifts include: 8:30 – 10:30 am         10:30 am – 1 pm
                                                                      Help is also needed on Saturday, June 25! Complete
                Dodge County Fair Entries                        the clip-out by May 13 if you/your family can help.
                                                                 The Dairy Promotion Committee provides much support
                Online in 2011                                   of 4-H activities. (All youth who volunteer can purchase
                                                                 breakfast for half-price.)
                        This year we are TRYING
                  SOMETHING NEW for Fair Entries.
                   You will be entering your own fair            DODGE COUNTY DAIRY BRUNCH
                                                                 Sunday, June 26, 9 am – 12:30 pm
                entries on the Internet. It will be easy.        LOCATION: Hildebrandt Farms, Hustisford
                   You will have to pre-register for Fair        Our family/club will be available to help:
                Entry Assistance. Help will be available         Name(s) Ages __________________________________
                on the following dates at the Extension          ______________________________________________
                Office:                                          ______________________________________________
                            May 17, 4 pm-7 pm                    ______________________________________________
                           May 21, 9 am to noon                  Telephone: _____________ Club __________________
                             June 6, 4 pm-7 pm
                                                                 We can help on the following shift:
                                                                         Saturday, June 25 9 am – 11 am
                Fair Club Packets were distributed at the
                                                                          Sunday, June 26 8:30 am – 10:30 am
                Dodge County Leaders’ Association
                                                                          Sunday, June 26 10:30 – 1:00 pm
                Meeting on April 25, 2011
                                                                          Whenever you need us, just let us know
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                      Page 5

GIVING TO THE 4-H ENDOWMENT FUND                                         Beaver Dam Agri-Business Brunch
     The Endowment Fund principal remains in tact. Only the
                                                                         May 15, 2011—Beaver Dam High School
interest earned from the account are available for use. Deadlines
for grant application cycle are January 31 and June 30.                                      7:30 am—12:30 pm
     Donations and memorials to the Endowment Fund are                              $2.50 age 5-11 and $7 for 12 and over.
always welcome. Supporting the Endowment Fund today helps                                  Hope to see you there!
the 4-H youth of Dodge County for years to come.
     4-H families are encouraged to consider memorials as well
as “in honor” donations to recognize birthdays, weddings,
anniversaries, and other significant achievements. Donations are
welcomed from business friends and alumni, civic organizations,
and 4-H clubs. All contributions are tax deductible .
     To contribute, checks may be made payable to the Dodge
County 4-H Endowment Fund and mailed to the Dodge County
4-H Endowment Fund, 127 E Oak St, Juneau WI 53039-1379.                                          4-H Clothing Revue
DODGE CO 4-H ENDOWMENT FUND GRANTS                                                               Extension Auditorium, Juneau—
                                                                                                 Wednesday, June 22, 2011
     The Dodge County 4-H Endowment Fund Committee will
be taking applications for Grants from Dodge County 4-H Clubs          SCHEDULE
or 4-H County Committees or Groups. The interest from Dodge                 6:00 pm          Registration
County 4-H Endowment Fund will be used for these grants. The                6:00-6:30 pm Modeling Workshop
deadlines are January 31and June 30. For more information                   6:30 pm          Clothing Judging begins
contact Anne Oelke at 920.326.3875. The current application is         Entries are due May 20. The Revue will be judged on:
on the Website or call Sally for a copy.                                 Garment suitability to individual purpose (color/design).
                                                                         General appearance, neatness, posture and fit
                                                                         Construction (extent that it affects general appearance)
Using the 4-H Name & Emblem                                            Call Kathy Hetzel, Dodge County UW-Extension Family Living
     Did you know? The 4-H Name & Emblem is a highly                   Educator, at 386-3790 with entry questions.
valued mark within our county’s history. As such, it was granted          (Clothing Revue Garments can NOT be entered in County
a very unique and special status, it is in a category similar to the                                 Fair)
Presidential Seal and the Olympic Emblem. This federal                 Exhibitor may enter 2 entries for self in each class/project
protection makes it a mark into and of itself with protection that     enrolled in. Also 1 for another person. Grade as of 01/2011
supersedes the limited authorities of both a trademark and a                Exhibitors MUST model at County Fair Style Show to
copyright. As a result, responsibility and stewardship for the 4-      receive premiums!
H Name & Emblem were not given to the US Patent Office, but                  County Fair Style Show will be Sunday, August 21
were given to a higher level of the federal government, a
member of the Cabinet, the Secretary of Agriculture.                       SEE APRIL NEWSLETTER for more information.
     The Secretary has responsibility for the 4-H Name &
Emblem, at the direct request of Congress. The “18USC707” is
the statement in the United States Code that outlines the
protection of the 4-H Emblem. The official emblem is a clover          CLOTHING REVUE
with four leaves and an “H” on each leaf. The clover’s stem            June 22, UWEX, Juneau
must point to the right as you look at the image. The 4-H              Name_____________________________Grade______
Emblem is not a plain four-leaf clover. The 4-H Emblem should
appear in specific colors and in its entirety. The 4-H Name and        Address____________________ City ______________
Emblem belong to the 4-H Youth Development Program, under              Phone: ( )___________ Club ______________
the authority of USDA, and anyone wishing to use it must               Year in Clothing Project: _______
obtain permission. If you are a 4-H member or volunteer, you           Class      Lot       Description
are permitted to use the emblem. For detailed information on
using the 4-H Emblem contact the Extension Office or go to:            ______ _____ ____________________________                                 ______ _____ ____________________________
                                                                       ______ _____ ____________________________
                                                                       DEADLINE: May 20 to
                                                                       4-H Office, 127 E Oak St, Juneau 53039
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                            Page 6

                                                                       Kid’s Quilt Challenge 2011
                   4-H Family Picnic                                   September 8-10, 2011
     Dodge County Admin Bldg, Friday, July 15, 2011                    Mark your calendar!!!
                                                                            The 2011 Quilt Expo invites young quilters to
                                                                       enter their quilts in this year's Kids' Quilt Challenge.
                          MEAL: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.                       The contest is part of the sixth-annual, award-
                     VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION at 7:30 p.m.                winning Quilt Expo presented by WPT and Nancy
                                                                       Zieman ProductionsTM — 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
                                                                       Thursday, Sept. 8 through Saturday, Sept. 10 — in
           All Dodge County 4-H families are invited!                  the Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center in
           A completely catered menu will be served!                        The Kids' Quilt Challenge for youth age 15 and
                 It will be held rain or shine!                        under is sponsored by Nancy Zieman Productions
    ENJOY this FAMILY OPPORTUNITY with Dodge County 4-H!               and awards gift certificates to the top three quilts —
4-H LEADERS ASSOCIATION will provide a FULLY CATERED MEAL              a $200 certificate for first place, $100 for second
                                                                       place and $50 for third place.
                                                                            The 2011 Kids' Quilt Challenge Rules & Entry
                      Youth Games and BINGO!!                          Form can be downloaded at on the
        EACH CLUB is responsible for at least (3) Bingo Prizes!        Web. For more information, call 877-496-8060.
  (50¢ - $1 value) (EXAMPLES: Kleenex, candy, soda, towels, pencils,        Quilt Expo event highlights include the 10-
                                                                       category and youth quilt contest exhibits, additional
                         coloring books, etc.)
                                                                       special quilt exhibits, educational lectures, and Sit
   PRE-REGISTER FOR MEAL COUNT and GAME! $1.50/PERSON                  & Sew and hands-on workshops taught by leading
                        REGISTRATION FEE                               quilting educators. Stage presentations with
                                                                       innovative tips and techniques, a vendor mall with
                     Return clip-out by July 1
                                                                       national and local businesses, two special evening
                                                                       events, appearances by Nancy Zieman of public
                                                                       television’s Sewing With Nancy® and prize

Make check payable to: Dodge County 4-H
Name(s) _________________________________________________________________________________________________

No. Attending Adults ___________ Children _________      $1.50/person Amount enclosed $ _______________
Return to: 4-H Office, 127 E Oak St., Juneau WI 53039

                                 Family Dairy Day at Culver’s
                                                Beaver Dam, WI
                                              Saturday, June 4, 2011
                                                  11 am – 2 p.m.
                 TENATIVE DATE
                 Check website for details.
                                     Come Join Us in Supporting Dodge County
                                                       4-H Youth
                                Come and enjoy a family outing
                Proceeds from this will go to the Dodge County Leaders Association
                           10% of the sales goes to Dodge County 4-H
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                                   Page 7

                                 Cloverbud/Exploring and Knitting Workshops

                                                                                             ATTENTION CLOVERBUDS & EXPLORERS
                                                      MAY Workshop
                                                                                                                NEW in 2011
                                                      “WOODWORKING BASICS”                Each workshop is $1 per participant fee (for Explorers,
                                                                                          Cloverbuds, and younger brothers and sisters) MUST be
                                        May’s workshop is on woodworking.                 sent in with your registration. This will help Janet
                                           Come join us in this fun activity.
                                                                                          greatly in the planning of these workshops. Thank you
                                                                                          for your cooperation.

                                 CLOVERBUDS & EXPLORERS
                                 2011 Meeting Schedule                                    Knitting Workshops
                                 Janet Zander will again be conducting monthly meetings      Anyone interested in knitting?
                                 for Cloverbuds and Exploring Members at 6 pm.            Beginners or refreshers. Think about trying a new
                                 Date              Day      Room Return Clipout           project; consider KNITTING, but you don’t need to be in
                                 May 17        Tues       F&G      May 13                 the project. Anyone is welcome, parents, members,
                                                                                          Cloverbuds, Explorers, etc. Workshops will be usually
                                 June 21       Tues       F&G      June 10                held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month except for August-
                                 July 19       Tues       F&G      July 8                 Fair month and Nov. The time for the Knitting
                                 $1.00 Session Fee per person must accompany clip-out.    Workshops are 7-9 pm at the Dodge County
                                                                                          Administration Building, Juneau.
                                 ENCLOSE a check made payable to Dodge County 4-H
                                                                                          May 17 Room 1H           Return Clip out May 13
                                 Return clip-out to Dodge County 4-H, 127 E Oak St,
                                                                                          Jun 21    Room 1H         Return Clip out June 10
                                 Juneau, WI 53039
                                                                                          Jul 19    Room 1H         Return Clip out July 8
                                                                                              Please return the clip-out by the appropriate dates. It
                                                                                          is important to return the clip-out so we know who is
                                                                                          coming. If you have any questions, please call Georgia at

                                 CLOVERBUDS & EXPLORERS
                                 Club:                                                    Knitting Workshops
                                 Phone:                                                   Name:
                                 Date              Day     Room    Return Clipout         Club:
                                  May 17        Tues      F&G               May 13       Phone:
                                  June 21       Tues      F&G               June 10       May 17 Room 1F           Return Clip out May 13
                                  July 19       Tues      F&G               July 8        June 21 Room 1H          Return Clip out June 10
                                 $1.00 Session Fee per person must accompany clip-out.     July 19 Room 1H          Return Clip out July 8
                                 ENCLOSE a check made payable to Dodge County 4-H
                                 Return clip-out to Dodge County 4-H, 127 E Oak St,       Return the clip-out to Dodge County 4-H, 127 E Oak St,
                                 Juneau, WI 53039                                         Juneau, WI 53039
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                       Page 8

Youth & Adult Leadership

                                                            4-H Leader Recognition
      4-H Executive Board Meeting                           Milestone leaders will be recognized at the 4-H Family
                                                            Picnic. Do plan to attend the picnic with your whole
               May 17, 2011, 7 PM                           family and honor these volunteer leaders who have
4-H Leaders’ Association Meeting                            dedicated so much to making the 4-H Program in Dodge
                                                            County such as a success. Policy adopted 5/83: No 1st Year
                                                            leader pins given; pins given every 5 years IF eligible leaders
               June 20, 2011, 7 PM                          return CLIPOUT by MAY 13; pins paid for by Leaders
                                                            Association and/or sponsor.
             (Fair Information DUE)                         These leaders are eligible according to our records:
                                                            5 Years                          20 Years
                                                            Behling, Kari                    Bronner, Kathleen
                                                            Gensch, Heather                  Henken, Georgia
Wisconsin Outdoor Education Expo                            Hafestein, Debra                 Klas, Krista
                                                            Kasten, Donna                    Loomis-Vierck, Dawn
Looking for Volunteers                                      Krahn, Joy                       Sterr, Karen
May 19 and 20, 2011, Dodge County Fairgrounds               Roden Patricia                   Zander, Janet
              8:00 am to 3:00 pm                            Schlender, Ashley              Sterr, Lucas                     25 Years
See April newsletter for more information.                  Vierck, Steven                   Behl, Deborah
                                                                                             Borden, Bonnie
                                                            10 Years                         Rinzel, Anne

                                                            Arndt, Janet                     Thorman, David
                                                            Capaul, Kari
                                                            Capaul, Pete                     30 Years
Counselors Needed                                           Eedy, Noel                       Oelke, Robert
                                                            Hildebrandt, Fay
Call Sally or return clip-out at 4-H Office to be a youth   Hildebrandt, Roger               35 Years
counselor by May 13. Counselors ages 13+ are needed for     Koneck Robert                    Helmer, Sherry
                                                            Pamperin, Cathy                  Neff, Diane
    Wild Wacky Weekday Day Camp (5-9 year olds)             Toepfer, Gail
   June 13, 15 & 17 at Glacier Hills Park, Hartford         Voigt, Kevin                     40 Years
                         AND                                                                 Roll, Allen
      Safety Day Camp (7-12 year olds) June 24 at           15 Years
             Glacier Hills Park, Hartford                   Gensch, Leanne
                                                            Henken, Ross
                                                            Hron, Norbert
   Kids & Cops Day Camp (5-10 year olds) June 28 at         Kuenzi, Heather
       Dodge County Fairgrounds, Beaver Dam                 Mason, Elaine
Return to 4-H office, 127 E Oak St, Juneau WI 53039         Oechsner, Jenifer
                                                            Othmer, Sally
                                                            Schuett, David
                                                            Schuett, Ronda
                                                            Seaver, Penelope
                                                            Thompson, Sheri
Counselors Needed                                           Tunak, Heidi
Deadline: May 13, 2011                                      Weihert, Karen
Club:                                                       LEADER RECOGNITION
                                                            Request by: May 13!
Phone:                                 Grade
                                                            I wish to receive my Leader Recognition Pin:
       WWW-June 13        WWW-June 15                     Name_______________________________No. Years___
       WWW-June 17        Safety Day Camp-June 24
       Kids & Cops-June 28
                                                            Phone:______________ Club_______________________
Return to 4-H office, 127 E Oak St, Juneau WI 53039         Return by May 13 to: 4-H Office, 127 E Oak St, Juneau
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                  Page 9

INSTRUCTION ON VIEWING & PRINTING                                       Leader Website Information
The Focus on 4-H will be on our Web site as an                               As you know the University of Wisconsin has
                                                                        made changes to how our website looks and
Adobe Acrobat PDF document. All this means is
                                                                        functions. The Leader Logues, Leader Forms (i.e.
that it has been condensed for easier loading on the                    Community Service Report, 4-H Grant, etc.) and
Web site. It will still print as a normal document.                     volunteer time sheet are available on the website. The
You will, however need to have Adobe Reader on                          4-H Executive Board members, and the meeting dates
your computer. Please go to the Adobe Acrobat site                      of the 4-H Leaders’ Association and the 4-H
below to get your FREE Adobe Reader:                                    Executive Board are on the website also.
                                                                             You go to the Dodge County UW-Extension
                                                                        website at and hover over the
readstep2.html                                                          yellow words “4-H Youth Development” and a drop-
                                                                        down box appears. Scroll down to the 4-H Leaders’
                                                                        Association and click on those words. All the
                                                                        information is on this page.
                                                                             If you have any questions please feel free to call
                                                                        our office and talk to Regenia at 920 386-3834.


                                                                                 WISCONSIN STATE FAIR
                                                                            NON ANIMAL ENTRY INFORMATION
Fair Clean Up – Set Up                                                              AND CLIP-OUTS
Sat, July 23
If you and your family would like to help with Fair Setup in the                  SEE page 18 in this newsletter
Youth Building, call Sally 920.386.3790 to let her know.
Please call as this date may be changed.
                                                                   Youth Building Supervisors
                                                                   If you can help with Youth Building supervision during Fair fill
                                                                   out clip-out or call by July 8. Days/Shift are:

                                                                   Wednesday                      8 – 10 PM
4-H Fair Helpers Needed
                                                                   Thursday       6 – 8 PM        8 – 10 PM
Each year we are fortunate to have adult Superintendents who       Friday         6 – 8 PM        8 – 10 PM
add leadership, dedication & year to year continuity to getting    Saturday       4 – 6 PM        6 – 8 PM      8 – 10 PM
the job done. We need lots of help! Entry Day presents many        Sunday         4 – 6 PM
challenges. Judging/recording helpers, supervising entries,
release…all need YOUR help (14+ member + adults). Return
clip-out by July 8 or call 4-H office 386-3790.
                                                                    FAIR Youth Building SUPERVISORS

                                                                    Name(s) ________________________________________
                                                                    Phone ____________________________
 Name(s) ________________________________________                   ___ Wednesday  8-10 pm
 Phone ____________________________                                 ___ Thursday  6-8 pm  8-10 pm
 [ ] I/we are interest in helping with Fair:                        ___ Friday  6-8 pm  8-10 pm
          Date Preferred ______________________________             ___ Saturday  4-6 pm  6-8 pm  8-10 pm
          Area/Task __________________________________              ___ Sunday  4-6 pm
 DEADLINE July 8: 4-H Office, 127 E Oak, Juneau 53039               DEADLINE July 8: 4-H Office, 127 E Oak, Juneau 53039
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                   Page 10

                                        Kids and Cops
                                  Summer Safety Day Camp
                                  DODGE COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS
                                        8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

                                        TUESDAY, JUNE 28

                                          DEADLINE JUNE 6, 2011

                             Super SAFETY Summer Day Camp
                                     Friday, June 24, 2011
                                      8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

                                         Glacier Hills Park
                            7 miles southeast of Hartford, off of Friess Lake Road

                             Anyone 5-10 YEARS OLD MAY ATTEND
                             You do not need to be a 4-H member to attend.
                           For more information check the Dodge County 4-H website
                                         DEADLINE is May 10, 2011

                           Wild Wacky Weekdays Summer Day Camp
                                  “Bats, Rats and Habitats”
                          Monday, June 13, 8:30am - 2:00 p.m.
                               Wednesday, June 15, 8:30am - 2:00 p.m.
                                Friday, June 17, 8:30am - 2:00pm
     For more information see March 2011 4-H newsletter or check the Dodge County 4-H website

    All Forms are online. Go to the Dodge County 4-H website or call if you need a form.
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                      Page 11

4-H Rabbit, Poultry, Goat, and Pet Pal Projects
Rabbit, Poultry, Goat, & Pet Pals Meeting                  Rabbit, Poultry, & Pet Pals
MEETING SCHEDULE for 2011                                       Exhibitors must attend two county meetings to show at
                                                           the fair. FFA members can have signature from the 4-H
Held at Dodgeland High School, 7 pm
                                                           county leader or a FFA advisor. 4-H members must have
           October 20, 2011
                                                           signature from 4-H County Leader in your particular project.
Held at Dodge County Fairgrounds, 7 pm                     Any questions call Tom Kohn, 920.261.3535; Don Schwandt,
    May 19, 2011; June 16, 2011; July 21, 2011             920.386.9030; Dan Schwandt, 262.534.2045;
Rabbbit Breed of the Month: Polish. If you own this        Chris Leischer, 920.262.0693 or April Doll, 920.386.2136.
breed, please bring one to help us learn about this        Raising Broilers & Roasters as a 4-H/FFA project
breed.                                                     There is a brochure up on the Dodge County 4-H website
MAY MEETING: Main topic: Selecting fair entries            under Poultry Project.
and bring your questions and experiences for               development/4-h-projects/poultry/

4-H Horse Project

Horse Project Meeting—7 pm                                      JUDGE’S CLINIC
Dodge County Admin. Bldg, 127 E Oak St, Juneau                  Bring your horse or if you can’t bring your horse, bring

                                                                                                                               ANIMAL SCIENCES
                                                                yourself. You will be able to ask questions of the judge
NO MAY MEETING            Thurs, July 28, 2011                  and work on showmanship and riding. It will be held at the
Tuesday, June 28, 2011—Dodge Co Fairgrounds                     Dodge County Fairgrounds Horse Arena from 6-8 pm.
                                                                The June meeting will be held with this clinic.
conjunction with the Judge’s Clinic on Tuesday, June 28,        YOUTH FUN SPEED SHOW 
2011 at the Dodge County Fairgrounds from 6-8                   Dodge County Fairgrounds on Saturday, July 30th starting
pm. There will be no June meeting at the                        at 8:30 am. Showbill is available.
Administration Building on the June 27th date!
                                                                           WATCH FOR FURTHER UPDATES ON
REQUIREMENTS--by August 1st to show at fair                                 HEATHER’S CLINIC THIS SUMMER.
 Four meetings (one must be County Project meeting,           STATE SHOW DATES:
     one must be a Fundraiser, one must be Safety; see
     approved list);                                            All Around State Shows ENTRY DEADLINE with $2
                                                                to be received is MAY 15th! Check the handbook for
 SEI approved helmet (State 4-H Rule) & hard soled            form.
     heeled boots,
                                                                Hunt-Dressage-Cross-Country Show—June 24-26 at
 2011 Coggins (law);
                                                                The Sheboygan County Fairgrounds, Plymouth. This is a
 $5.00 project fee.                                           non-qualifying show but you must be in at least sixth
QUESTIONS?? Contact Sherry Helmer, N10791 County                grade. Over Fence Clinic is June 25 with the Dressage
Rd FF, Fox Lake or phone 920.928.2478 or email                  Clinic June 26.                                           Deadline for show and clinics is June 6. Remember you
Wisconsin State 4-H Horse Handbook updates for 2011             need four signatures on the entry form!
are now available online at         Gymkhana—September 10-11 at West Allis.
                                                                This is a non-qualifying show but you must be in at least
                                                                sixth grade
STATE HORSE BOWL AND HIPPOLOGY                                  Expo—September 15-18 at West Allis.
CONTESTS                                                        Educational classes are open to grade 4 and up. You don’t
May 7 at 9 AM at the UW-Marathon County Campus,                 need to qualify for the educational events. You need be in
Wausau. DEADLINE for the horse bowl is April 21st-              at least sixth grade and qualify at our fair show for the
must have a team. Hippology contest has no pre-entry and        horse classes with a blue ribbon (halter classes don’t
$ 5 per member is payable that day.                             count). New for this year: Western Riding Class has been
                                                                added; Trail Pattern to be used is posted online
AREA ANIMAL SCIENCE DAYS are here at the                        (Handbook); all photos must be 8 x 10’s; computer art
Dodge County Fairgrounds on June 22.                            graphics need to be put in the correct category.
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                 Page 12

               4-H Dog Project

              Dog Project                                                  NOTE:
              If you have any questions call Tiffeny Herioux, 920 285-      Members MUST BE AT 8 TRAINING SESSIONS
              3275.                                                           to show at the Dog Show. To receive credit for class,
                                                                              the member must be an active participant for at least
              Be sure to READ this Countywide Dog Project section of          30 minutes of the appropriate session. There will be
              your newsletter EACH MONTH to help you become                   no private make-up sessions allowed. In the event of
              aware of valuable training regulations/dates/and notices        discrepancy, the trainer’s attendance record will
              pertinent to your participation in the Dodge County 4-H         prevail.
              Dog Project.                                                  Any cancellations due to weather will be announced
                                                                              on WBEV/WXRO and WTKM. If unsure, contact
              TRAINING SESSIONS are held at the Dodge County                  your instructor or committee member. (i.e. heat or
              Fairgrounds Youth Building. Sessions start the first            inclement weather) a decision will be made by
              Monday in April.                                                3 p.m. on the day of training.
                                                                            Dog Fair entry forms must be approved & signed by
                                                                              Trainers and returned with your entry form to your
                                                                              general leader by your club’s deadline.

                   May                  02         Obedience & Showmanship
                                        09         Obedience & Showmanship

                                        16         Obedience & Showmanship
                                        23         Obedience & Showmanship
                                        30         No Classes
                   June                 06         Obedience & Showmanship
                                        13         Obedience & Showmanship Run Throughs
                                        20         Obedience & Showmanship Run Throughs
                                        27         Obedience & Showmanship
                   July                 04         No Classes
                                        11         Obedience, Showmanship, Set-Up 6:30-8:30
                                        16         Dodge County DOG SHOW – 8 AM Youth Building
                   August               17         Dodge Co Fair Dog Performance Show 6:00 PM
                                                                     [Arrive by 5:45 PM]
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                              Page 13

Dairy and Livestock Projects

Bonnie’s Bidding—                                                        Junior livestock exhibitors and their families interested
Looking for volunteers for Area Animal Science Days                 in gaining knowledge of the livestock industry, expanding
hosted in Dodge County on Wednesday, June 22.                       project management skills, and learning new fitting and
Helpers needed in 1) registration; 2) set up; 3) clean up;          showing techniques, should consider adding the 13th
4) miscellaneous other help. Please call Bonnie at (920)            Wisconsin Junior Livestock Camp to your calendar of
386-3796 (Mon-Wed) to volunteer.                                    summer events! This year's camp is scheduled for June 17-
    IMPORTANT MESSAGE: MAKE SURE TO READ                            19th and will be held at Wisconsin State Fair Park. New
YOUR NEWSLETTER EACH MONTH FOR                                      this year; family friendly reduced rates! Out-of-state
UPCOMING EVENTS AND OPPORTUNITIES.                                  campers are welcome. Registration deadline is May 15th.
                                                                         WLBA’s newest event the “Wisconsin Summer
“County” Livestock Project Meetings
                                                                    Spectacular” will be held in Wausau on August 19-20th at
Mon, May 16, 7:00-8:30 pm Rooms F & G                               the Marathon County Fairgrounds. Following the format
Each counts for 1 point on your MAS Project Activity                of the popular Spring Preview Show, the Summer
Card. Topic for May is “Herdsmanship & Ethics and                   Spectacular will offer youth one last chance before the start

                                                                                                                                       DAIRY & LIVESTOCK PROJECTS
Livestock By-Products,” come for tips and information.              of school to exhibit their livestock projects and participate
“County” Livestock Project Meetings 2011                            in an educational quiz bowl and judging contest. Entries
Held at the Administration Bldg in Juneau, 7 pm                     for this show must be postmarked by July 31st.
Wed, June 15     rooms H & I Meat Animal Quality
                                                                    UW-Platteville Block & Bridle Lamb & Hog
                                 Assurance, 6 pm                    Showdown
                                                                                    Jackpot Show May 14, 2011
Attention Livestock Project Members Planning on                     The Annual Lamb & Hog Showdown Jackpot Show will
SELLING AN ANIMAL AT THE FAIR. . .                                  be held at the Grant County Fairgrounds, in Lancaster, WI.
     Members of the Goat, Sheep, Swine, and Beef projects           For more information, stop by the UW-Extension office or
as you start preparing to purchase project animals for the          visit the website at
next year, please remember to fill out the COOL affidavit           UW-Madison Saddle & Sirloin ~ Bucky’s
recording information about the seller/breeder of your              Spectacular
project animal. This affidavit is an important part of the          The 2011 UW-Madison Saddle & Sirloin ~ Bucky’s
Country of Origin Labeling Program (COOL). Please fill              Spectacular Gilt & Barrow Show will be held in Monroe,
out this affidavit as completely as possible and keep it in         WI at the Green County Fairgrounds on May 21st. There
your files for two years. If it is not possible to go back and      will be a $500 payout for the Grand Champion Gilt &
get the seller’s signature, please attach the bill of sale to the   Barrow and a $250 payout for the Reserve Champion Gilt
affidavit. Retention of this affidavit is imperative to the         & Barrow. Entry fee is $20 per head (No pre-entry
audit process the USDA can perform on any animal that is            required). This show is open to youth between the ages of
USDA inspected.                                                     5-21 as of Jan 1, 2011. Weigh in will be held from 8:00-
     The affidavit and a fact sheet on the COOL program is          10:00am. Contact Devan Brugger at 608-558-2646 with
available online at            any questions. For more details, visit the website at
     Any questions or to request a copy of the affidavit,
please contact the Extension Office 920.386.3790                    2011 Badger Bonanza Lamb Show
                                                                    May 8, 2011—Arlington Public Events Center
Dairy Youth Recognition Auction
                                                                         The Badger Bonanza gives youth the chance to get
Help is needed with putting together and serving the                their lambs into the ring early in the show season. The
auction lunch to bidder/buyers. Please call Bonnie at               Badger Bonanza is a sanctioned show by the Wisconsin
UWEX (Mon-Wed) if you are willing to support our dairy              Club Lamb Association (WCLA), however the show is
youth in this way.                                                  open to non-WCLA members as well. Visit the WCLA
Wisconsin Livestock Breeders                                        website at for
Announce 2011 Youth Events                                          more information.
The Wisconsin Livestock Breeders Association's 31st                      The Grand Champion Lamb and Reserve Grand
Annual Spring Preview Show will be held on June 11th,               Champion Lamb will be awarded cash prizes. Class
2011 at the Jefferson Fair Park, Jefferson, WI. Entries             payouts will be similar as past years and showmanship
must be postmarked by May 1st. Exhibitors age 8-19 by               classes will be offered with prizes awarded to the winners
January 1st, 2011 in the beef, sheep and swine projects are         of each age category. Contact Bailey Quam at
eligible to exhibit.                                      
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                    Page 14

Dodge-Point Lamb & Pig Extravaganza                                   MEAT ANIMAL QUALITY ASSURANCE
May 7, 2011                                                           June 15, 7 pm UW-Extension Auditorium
Hosted by Dodgeville & Mineral Point FFA chapters, this junior                     YOUTH CERTIFICATION PROGRAM
open show will be held at the Iowa County Fairgrounds in                               (1 point for MAS Activity Card)
Mineral Point. Weigh-runs from 7-8:30 am, with the show               This program will satisfy PQA III requirements for swine
starting at 10 am. Questions, contact:                                project members. The focus is to educate youth in the beef,
              Mike Robinson, 608-987-2321, ext 380                    sheep, and swine projects on quality assurance, good
             Denny McGraw, 608-935-3307, ext 4053                     management practices, and ethics. “Hands-on” activities make
Website:                             this an interactive and fun learning session.
                                                                      Beginning Level: Ages 8-11 as of January 1
                                                                       Must attend an MAQA CLASS session EVERY YEAR to
                    Badger Dairy Camp                                      remain certified.
             June 12-14, UW-Madison Campus                            Intermediate Level: Ages 12-14 as of January 1
Attending Badger Dairy Camp is a great opportunity for                 Can test out of the program to be certified until they reach
campers to solidify their dairy fundamentals and get a jump on             the Advance age level or take the class
the upcoming judging and showing season. The level of
instruction received at UW-Madison is second to none. Our             Advanced Level: Ages 15-18 as of January 1
dairy professionals have coached collegiate champion teams and         Can attend the class OR test out of the program to be
exhibited All- Americans. Campers will “Start their summer                 certified until they reach age 19
right” through hands-on activities and contests that incorporate      Advanced Level: Age19 as of January 1
fun, competition and learning. We will also hold workshops that
                                                                       19 year old exhibitors as of January 1 of the exhibition year
show the science of dairy science. Each camper will experience
                                                                           CAN participate in the MAQA Youth Program! If a 19
the same atmosphere, facilities, and instruction that Badger
                                                                           year old has not been recertified in the past 3 years, they
judges do -- the opportunity to experience first-hand a
                                                                           now have to take the advanced test again or the class.
championship caliber Big Ten judging program. All this fun and
competition is offered for $115. Dairy youth ages 12-18 are
                                                                      TEST OUT OPTION for Intermediate and Advanced
invited to join us for the tenth annual Badger Dairy Camp that
                                                                      Levels—Available at June 15 class ONLY. If a youth does not
will surely be one of the highlights of the summer. Be sure and
                                                                      pass with 70%, the youth will have to stay for the class.
get your application in early as enrollment is limited to the first
                                                                      Use this website to study for test. Website:
100 youth that apply.
     Top 10 Reasons to be a Badger Dairy Camper
10. When you say Wisconsin...You’ve said it all!
 9. Learn from nationally recognized dairy
 8. Explore some of the “science” of dairy science.                   Meat Animal Quality Assurance
 7. Get a taste of UW-Madison residence hall life.                    June 15—DEADLINE June 4
 6. Excitement for juniors of all ages.
 5. Build award winning judging, fitting and                          Name
    showing strategy.
 4. Take home life-lessons -- self-confidence, team                   Age (as of Jan 1)
    work and sportsmanship.                                           Address:
 3. Get a head start on the summer dairy project work.
 2. Meet exciting new friends that like cows too.                     City/Zip:
 1. It’s fun
More information and application go to the website:                   Phone:
                                                                         I would like to attend at 6 pm for the TEST OUT OPTION.
                                                                           I understand if I don’t pass the test, then I will need to
                                                                           attend the class.
                                                                         I will be coming at 7 pm for the class.
NASCO 25th Annual Showing & Grooming
Demonstrations— May 7, 2011                                           Send to Bonnie, 4-H office, 127 E Oak St, Juneau 53039
8:30 am – 3 pm, Fort Atkinson
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                  Page 15

White Show Pants Swap                                                MEAT ANIMAL PRE SALE MEETING
Needing white show pants and can’t find any? Have some that          If you DID NOT attend the Post Sale Meeting last October,--
are too small? Dodge County UWEX has some gently used                                 you MUST attend the
pants that may be your size. Please call ahead to have our           Presale Meeting on Monday, July 18 at 7:30 pm
boxes available to you in your search. If you have some to           at the Dodge County Fairgrounds. This is ONE of the
donate, please make sure they are clean before donating.             requirements necessary to be in the Meat Animal Sale at fair.
                                                                     We will be discussing many important issues concerning this
                                                                     year’s fair. Where? Grandstand, or if rainy—Farm Progress
                                                                     Arena. See you there!

Dairy Fitting & Showmanship Clinic
              Saturday, May 14 10 AM – 3:30 PM
                         Vande Holsteins                            “Hands On” Beef, Sheep and Swine Fitting &
                         11363 Hwy 26 S.
                                                                     $2 Showmanship Jackpot
                            Waupun, WI
Please join us for a day of learning! Older youth of the county     Thursday, June 16 Dodge County Fairgrounds 6:00 pm
will be leading sessions on preparing your animals, tack and            Learn some fitting and showing skills, AND earn 1
display for the fair. Youth of all ages are encouraged to attend.   educational point for your MAS Project activity card.
Our morning will be filled with 20 minute breakout sessions.        BEGINNERS: Come to have “Hands on” opportunity to learn
After lunch (which will be provided), you’ll have the chance to     how to “Fit” your beef, sheep or swine for shows. Learn
lead and clip heifers to gain more experience. We look forward      showmanship skills and have an opportunity to practice.
to you joining us! Please call Barb Natzke (920.979.0612) or        NOT-SO-BEGINNERS: Come to learn and strengthen your
Linda Behling (920.219.0105) if you have any questions. We          leadership skills by helping beginners to fit their livestock
hope to see you there!                                              project animals and gain confidence in showmanship.
10:00 – 12:00 p.m. 6 Breakout Sessions, 20 minutes each                  Participants need to bring swine, beef and sheep, some to
                        1. Packing the Showbox                      be breeding stock animals. (please only bring show ring
                        2. Washing                                  etiquette animals). Also bring clipping and fitting equipment.
                        3. Making a bedding pack                         Send clip-out and $2 for Showmanship Jackpot by
                        4. Herdsmanship Basics/Communicating        Friday, June 10 to indicate your interest in this event.
                           with the Public                          Questions, call Bonnie (Monday-Wednesday, 8 am to 2:30 pm
                        5. Selecting your calf                      at 920.386.3796).
                        6. Showmanship Basics
12:00 – 12:30 p.m. Lunch, provided
12:30 – 1:15 p.m.       Fitting Demonstration
1:15 – 2:45 p.m.        2 Hands-on Sessions – Fitting and           Fitting & Showmanship Jackpot—Thurs. June 16,
                        Showmanship                                 Fairgrounds
2:45 p.m.               Wrap-up/conclusion                          Deadline June 10 Cost $2/person
*** Please return the clip-out to the Extension Office by Friday
May 6 to be sure we have enough food for lunch***

Dairy Fitting & Showmanship Clinic                                  Grade              Phone
Saturday May 14, 10 am—3 pm                                         I will attend session for
                                                                      Sheep  Swine  Beef
Name(s):                                                            I am bringing:
Address                                                                Breeding stock  Sheep  Swine  Beef
                                                                       Market  Sheep  Swine  Beef
                                                                     I will bring some clipping and fitting equipment
Phone:                                            Grade:            Enclosed $2/person. Check payable to UW-Extension
Club:                                                               # of people ____ x $2 = $________
                                                                    Return to: 4-H Office, 127 E Oak St, Juneau WI 53039
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                                         Page 16

                                  Attention: All Dairy Project Members
                                  Any Dairy Project members or leaders that want to learn             LIVESTOCK and DAIRY
                                  more about Dairy Cattle Evaluation are encouraged to                  UPCOMING EVENTS
                                  attend these workshops. Generally, practices are going to
                                  be held on Thursday evenings, with the exception of
                                  April 14th (due to Spring Show). Dairy workshops will
                                  be held in preparation for Area Animal Science Days
                                  contest. All members that want to compete at Area                     May 6-7     COUNTY SHEEP/SWINE WEIGH-IN
                                  Animal Science Day as a member of the team are              Sat       May 7       NASCO Showing & Grooming Demonstration
                                  required to attend at least 75% of all judging practices.             May 7       Dodge Point Lamb & Pig Extravaganza
                                  There will be 12-14 practices throughout the spring         Sun       May 8       Badger Bonanza Lamb Show
                                  months.                                                               May 14      Dairy Fitting & Showmanship Clinic
                                                                                              Mon       May 16      County Livestock Project Meeting
                                  Each counts for 1 point on your Dairy Youth Award Card

                                                                                                        June 11     Spring Preview Show, Jefferson
                                  Thursday May 5th           Budjon Farms,                              June 13     MANDITORY WSF Livestock & Dairy
                                  7:30 p.m.                  N9996 Soo Rd. Lomira                       June 15     MAQA
                                                                                                        Jun 17-19   WI Annual Livestock Show Camp-WSF Park
                                  Thursday May 12th         TBD                                         June 22     AASD-Dodge County
                                  7:30 p.m.                                                             Aug 4-14    WI State Fair
                                                                                                        Aug 17-21   Dodge County Fair
                                  Thursday May 19th         Kari Behling,
                                                                                                        Aug 19-20   WI Summer Spectacular, Wausau
                                  7:30 p.m.                 W10001 Rake Rd, Fox Lake

                                  Thursday, May 26th        TBD
                                  7:30 p.m.
                                                                                               NASCO 4-H Rebate Program
                                                                                               When you place your order by mail, by calling the toll-free
                                                                                               phone order center 800.558.9595, or on Nasco’s website
                                                                                               (, then we will receive a 5% rebate check
                                                                                               after the Dodge County Fair to use toward the Livestock
                                                                                               Program. Dodge County’s number is 9800229(P)

                                   State and County Fair Information

                                  Market Hog & Lamb Weigh-In
                                  Fri., May 6, 7-9 PM / Sat., May 7, 9-10:30 AM
                                  The Swine Committee & Lamb Committee will weigh-in
                                  your Dodge County Fair entries. Families may have up to
                                  5 lambs and/or barrow/gilts per project member                    COUNTY FAIR SWINE RULE
                                  identified and weighed in. Families must identify project         CHANGES
                                  member names at time of weigh-in, but animal may remain
                                  in the “Family Name.” Members are asked to be present to          MINIMUM May weight for feeder pigs is 45
                                  assist the weigh in of their project animals. You need to         pounds. Also as a reminder the MAXIMUM
                                  carry your own entries to scales and back onto truck!             May weight for feeder pigs is 75 pounds.
                                  Lambs: No spring maximum weight for weigh-in                         Also in 2011 we will choose a “Market
                                  Hogs:       75# maximum and a 45# minimum, but classes            Hog—Supreme Champion.”
                                  not determined until fair

                                   DO NOT co-mingle pigs. ISOLATE entries
                                   upon returning home from other swine on your
                                   premises. This is good bio-security manage-
                                   ment as well as YOUR responsibility.
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                            Page 17

Animal Health Rules
You will find the Animal Health Rules at this website:
Please read them, THERE ARE CHANGES to the rules from last year. For a copy, go to the website. It will
also be available on the Dodge County 4-H website under the Dodge County Junior Fair.
Manure Bunkers
Dairy and Livestock exhibitors will have manure bunkers for the daily cleanings behind the animals. These
bunkers will be at the north-end of the barns to help keep the mess to a minimum. The public will appreciate
this effort on our part because they walk from one barn to another near the “clean up” areas. Please do your
part and take your wheelbarrow full of manure to the very front of the bunker to make it easier to fill the
bunker. If you have any questions, the superintendants of the respective departments will be able to answer
your questions at the fair.
MAS Pre-Auction Lunch
Before the MAS auction on August 18th, there will be the usual pre-auction lunch served as a “Welcome” to
our invited buyers and bidders. The Meat Animal Sale Committee reminds the livestock project families that
this is ONLY for the invited buyers and bidders and NOT for the public. The benefits of this auction come
to livestock project families in the form of a post fair check.

Dodge County Junior Fair Website Information                      LITTLE BRITCHES CONTEST RULES & REGISTRATION             FORM
APPLICATION-FORM.pdf                                                  FORM
The Fairest of the Fair Application is also available in a Word
document on the Dodge County 4-H Junior Fair Page.                2011-TO-2013-WebSiteFormat.pdf

SCHEDULES—FOOD STANDS                                           2011 DRESS YOUR ANIMAL CONTEST FORM    
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                     Page 18

WSF Junior Exhibitors
Wisconsin State Fair forms are on the Wisconsin State Fair website including entry forms, health forms and dorm room
forms. If you don’t have access to the internet, forms can be picked up at the UWEX office.
fair_info/junior_livestock.html Junior exhibitors interested in participating in the Wisconsin State Fair must contact their local UW-
Extension office for entry deadlines and information. There will be no printed copies of the rules and regulations for the 2011 Fair.
For further information contact Wisconsin State Fair Park at 414.266.7051

Youth interested in participating in the 2011 Wisconsin State
                                                                                  State Fair Non-Animal Exhibits
Fair Market Lamb and Performance Divisions must identify                  If you received a Special Merit at the 2009 Dodge
their market lambs at one of the upcoming official sites.                 County Jr. Fair on a non-animal, non-food or non-
Lambs will be individually identified, receive an official                photography entry, you can enter it at State Fair.
Wisconsin State Fair ear tag and be required to                           Participants will be responsible for getting exhibits to
have a DNA sample collected. A $10.00 fee per animal will be              Milwaukee and for picking them up. If you are interested
collected at the check-in sites. Market                                   in exhibiting your Special Merit entry, return the clip-out
lamb identification enables Wisconsin State Fair to maintain a            by June 3. Dodge County has a limit, so the first 15
higher level of quality control. See April newsletter for more            returning clip-outs can enter their item.
              2011 WSF Sheep Identification Sites:
           Jefferson County Fairgrounds - Jefferson                        NON ANIMAL STATE FAIR INTEREST
                Wednesday, May 4, 5 pm to 7 pm
               Contact Keith Schultz 920.568.0895                          Name __________________________ Grade ______
          Dodge County Fairgrounds - Beaver Dam
                Saturday, May 7, 9 am to 11 am                             Phone _________________________
              Contact Courtney Meyer 920.387.2717                          Club ______________________________________
                                                                           Special Merit Entry ____________________________

 Wisconsin State Fair Day Camp                                                          Deadline JUNE 3 to 4-H Office
 The Wisconsin State Fair Day Camp is planned at State Fair
 Park for Friday, Aug. 6 or Tuesday, Aug 10, from 8 am - 3:30
                                                                          Wisconsin State Fair Junior Dairy Show
 pm (for incoming 2, 3, 4, & 5 graders). Registration is $15
 per camper, which includes Fair admission, morning snack,                Updates
 lunch, a t-shirt, a backpack and camp supplies. Contact Brian                 The 2011 Wisconsin State Fair Junior Dairy Shows
 Bolan at 414.266.7050 or immedi-                will be held August 4th – 7th at Wisconsin State Fair Park.
 ately.                                                                   The following are a few reminders and rule updates and
                                                                          clarifications for the 2011 Fair.
                                                                           Ownership deadline is January 1, 2011 for all dairy
                                                                               cattle two years and older. New clarification:
  MANDATORY WSF Livestock                                                      Registration papers must show exhibitor recorded as
                                                                               owner or co-owned with immediate junior family
  Meeting—Monday, June 13                                                      members only. Immediate junior family members
  Meeting is held at the Dodge County                                          must be under 21 years of age as of January 1st of the
  Administration Building Auditorium at                                        current Fair year. Immediate junior family members
                                                                               include siblings (brother or sister) and step- siblings
  7:00 pm. This includes, goats, rabbits, poultry,                             (step-brother or sister). Animals co-owned with
  beef, sheep, and swine.                                                      parents, the family farm or others are considered
                                                                             Calves and yearling ownership/co-ownership deadline
                                                                               will continue to be May 31st.
   MANDATORY WSF Dairy Meeting                                                 The Wisconsin State Fair is proud to be the state’s
  Thursday, June 13
                                                                          largest Agricultural Showcase. If you have any questions
                                                                          please go to or by contacting the
  Meeting is held at the Dodge County                                     Wisconsin State Fair Agriculture department at
  Administration Building Auditorium at 8 pm.                             414.266.7050.
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011                                                                                                                                                 Page 19

                                   2011 FOOD STAND & FISH POND SHIFT SCHEDULES
                 (Call the 4-H Office @ 386-3790 to sign up for time slots, also on the Dodge County Junior Fair page under schedules)
                                         Have VARIOUS times selected in case your first preference is filled!
                                   We need clubs to help in MORE than ONE stand & for more than ONE SHIFT!
Proceeds from our fair stand efforts benefit ALL Dodge County 4-H'ers including:
• 4-H trip participant funding                           • County Events & Activities                                       • 4-H Promotion
• County program judges/evaluators                       • State N Central Leaders Forum                                    • Family Learning Day
• Leader Recognition (expenses & awards)                 • District/State Leader Council                                    • Leader Training
• Camp costs not covered by camper fees                  • Wisconsin 4-H Foundation dues                                    • Achievement Awards
• Award expenses not covered by sponsors                 • New Family Orientation                                           • Leader Workshops
• Special Emphasis                                       • Community Builders Banquet                                       • Family Programs
• Literature Costs                                       • County Fair                                                      • Many More

                                                                                                                                         FISH POND
FARM BUREAU/4-H STAND                                         4-H CREAM PUFFS &                                                        (Youth Building)
                (Coop Building)                             CARAMEL APPLE SLICES
                                                                  (Coop Building)                           WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17
TUESDAY, AUGUST 16:                                                                                         9am-12pm ....................... Watertown Badgers
11-1pm ...... Mayville Lucky Clovers              WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17                                      12-2pm ................................. Oak Grove Owls
1-3pm .............................River Oaks     10am-2pm .............. Watertown Badgers                 2-4m ................................. Rock River Royals
3-5pm ................ Trenton Highlights                                                                   4-6pm .............................................. Sinissippi
                                                  2-6pm .......................Richwood Rangers
                                                                                                            6-8:pm ...............................................Lakeside
5-8pm ................ Trenton Highlights         6-10pm ...................... Juneau Victorians
                                                                                                            THURSDAY, AUGUST 18
                                                  THURSDAY, AUGUST 18                                       9am-12pm ........................................... Leipsic
                                                  10am-1pm .............. Watertown Badgers                 12-2pm ........................ Lomira Clover Leaves
9am-1pm .............. Lebanon Luckies                                                                      2-4pm .......................... Lomira Clover Leaves
                                                  1-4pm ........................ Juneau Victorians
1-4pm ....................Oak Grove Owls          4-7pm ........................ 2 adults + 3 youth         4-6pm ............................................ River Oaks
4-7pm .................. 2 adults + 4 youth                                                                 6-8:pm ........................................... River Oaks
                                                  7-10pm ......................................... A-OK
7-10pm ................. Neosho Utopians                                                                    FRIDAY, AUGUST 19
                                                  FRIDAY, AUGUST 19                                         10am-12pm ..................................... Sinissippi
THURSDAY, AUGUST 18:                              10am-1pm ............................ River Oaks          12-2pm ............................................ Sinissippi
9am-1pm ........... Rock River Royals             1-4pm .......................Richwood Rangers             2-4pm ............................... Richwood Rangers
                                                  4-7pm ......................................... Leipsic   4-6pm ..............................................................
1-4pm ................................ Lakeside                                                             6-8pm .................................................... A-OK
                                                  7-10pm ...................... 2 adults + 3 youth
4-7pm .................... Herman Hornets
                                                                                                            SATURDAY, AUGUST 20
7-10pm ................ 3 adults + 3 youth        SATURDAY, AUGUST 20
                                                                                                            10am-12pm ...................... Rock River Royals
                                                  10am-1pm ....................Herman Hornets               12-2pm ............................. Richwood Rangers
FRIDAY, AUGUST 19:                                1-4pm ................. Lomira Clover Leaves              2-4pm ............................... Trenton Highlights
9am-1pm ............. 2 adults + 3 youth          4-7pm .........................Portland Boosters          4-6pm ................................. Lebonon Luckiies
1-4pm .................. 2 adults + 3 youth       7-10pm ...................... 1 adults + 3 youth          6-8pm ..............................................................
4-7pm ................... Lebanon Luckies                                                                   SUNDAY, AUGUST 21
                                                  SUNDAY, AUGUST 21
7-10pm ................ 3 adults + 3 youth                                                                  10am-12pm ...................... Richwood Rangers
                                                  11am-2pm ................Richwood Rangers                 12-2pm ................................. Herman Hornets
                                                  2-6pm ..................................... Sinissippi    2-4pm ..............................................................
SATURDAY, AUGUST 20:                                                                                        4-6pm ..............................................................
9am-1pm .............................. Leipsic                                                              We need 2 or 3 volunteers per shift. Younger
1-4pm ................ Richwood Rangers                                                                     members are encouraged to help but a parent or
                                                        4-H Promotion Booth Schedule
4-7pm ...........................County Line                          (Youth Building)
                                                                                                            leader must sign with them. Although helping the
7-10pm ................ 3 adults + 3 youth                                                                  customer “fish” is a simple job someone must be able
                                                                     CLUB       Responsible Adult
                                                                                                            to make change so keep this in mind when
                                                  WEDS, Aug 18
                                                                                                            volunteering. Anyone younger than sixth (6) grade
SUNDAY, AUGUST 21:                                1-2:30pm     _____________                  ___________
                                                                                                            needs an adult supervising.
                                                  2:30-4pm     _____________                  ___________
9am-1pm ............. Portland Boosters
1-4pm .................. 2 adults + 3 youth       THURS, Aug 19                                             GUIDELINES FOR ALL FOOD STANDS
4-7pm .................. 2 adults + 4 youth       1-2:30pm     _____________                  ___________
                                                  2:30-4pm     _____________                  ___________   Be neatly dressed (No short shorts!)
Each shift needs to have the number of            FRI, Aug 20                                               If coming directly from the barn, remember to be
adults listed PLUS the number of youth.           1-2:30pm                   A-OK                           CLEAN as you are dealing with food! (This means
Shifts after 7 pm can include a combina-          2:30-4pm                   Leipsic                        clean CLOTHES and shoes)
tion of adults OR youth aged 14 & over
                                                  SAT, Aug 21                                               Arrive 5-10 minutes before shift to make changes
as the adult portion                              1-2:30pm                   Trenton Highlights             easier........
                                                  2:30-4pm                   Herman Hornets
                                                                                                            Do NOT leave until next shift arrives!
                                                  SUN, Aug 22
                                                  1-2:30pm            _____________           ___________   All adults and youth MUST WEAR a hair net or
                                                  2:30-4pm            _____________           ___________   bring your own hat while working in All Food
                                                                                                MAY 2011
Page 20

                          Sun                        Mon                      Tue                      Wed   Thu                    Fri                       Sat
                          1                          2                        3                        4     5                      6                         7
                                                     Dog Training                                                                   DEADLINE: Dairy Fitting   County Lamb and Hog
                                                       6:30pm, Fairgrounds                                                          & Showmanship Clinic      Weigh-in
                                                                                                                                    County Lamb and Hog         Fairgrounds
                                                                                                                                    Weigh-in                  NASCO Showing
                                                                                                                                      Fairgrounds             Grooming Demos
                                                                                                                                                                Fort Atkinson
                          8                          9                        10                       11    12                     13                        14
                          Badger Bonanza Lamb Show   Dog Training                                                                   DEADLINES: Knitting       Dairy Fitting &
                                                       6:30pm , Fairgrounds                                                         Cloverbuds/Exploring      Showmanship Clinic
                                                                                                                                    Leader Recognition        Vande Zande Farm
                          15                         16                       17                       18    19                     20                        21
                          DEADLINE: WSF Livestock    Dog Training             Fair Entry Help 4-7 pm         Rabbits, Poultry Mtg   DEADLINE: Camp            Fair Entry Help
                          Interest Due                 6:30pm , Fairgrounds   Must pre-register                7 pm Fairgrounds     Counselors                Must pre-register
                          Beaver Dam                 Co Livestock Project     At UW-Extension Office                                                          9 am to noon
                          Agribusiness Brunch          7 pm Admin., Juneau    Cloverbuds/Exploring                                                            UW-Extension Office
                                                                                6 pm Admin., Juneau
                                                                              Knitting Workshop
                                                                                7 pm Admin., Juneau
                                                                              4-H Exec Board.                Outdoor Expo           Outdoor Expo
                          22                         23                       24                       25    26                     27                        28
                                                     Dog Training                                                                                             Camp & WWW
                                                       6:30pm , Fairgrounds                                                                                   Counselor Meeting
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011

                          29                         30 OFFICE CLOSED         31
                                                                                                 JUNE 2011
Page 21

                          Sun                  Mon                         Tue                     Wed                         Thu                     Fri                         Sat
                                                                                                   1                           2                       3                           4
                                                                                                   DEADLINE: Dairy                                                                 DEADLINE: MAQA
                                                                                                   Youth Recognition
                          5                    6                           7                       8                           9                       10                          11
                                               Dog Training                                        World Pork Expo                                     DEADLINES: Knitting         Spring Preview
                                                 6:30pm, Fairgrounds                                 June 8-10 Iowa State                              Cloverbuds/Exploring        Show
                                               Fair Entry Help 4-7 pm                              Fairgrounds, Des Moines                                                           Jefferson
                                                 Must pre-register
                          12                   13                          14                      15                          16                      17                          18
                                               Dog Training                                        DEADLINE: WSF Live-         Rabbits, Poultry Mtg    WWW Day Camp
                                                 6:30pm , Fairgrounds                              stock Entries and Money       7 pm Fairgrounds        Glacier Hills, Hartford
                                               WWW Day Camp                                        WWW Day Camp
                                                 Glacier Hills, Hartford                             Glacier Hills, Hartford   Fitting & Showmanship
                                               MANDATORY WSF Livestock                             MAQA Training               Jackpot
                                                 7 pm Admin., Juneau                                 7 pm, Admin., Juneau        6 pm Fairgrounds
                                               MANDATORY WSF Dairy Mtg                                                                                 LIVESTOCK SHOW              LIVESTOCK SHOW
                              BADGER DAIRY       8 pm, Admin., Juneau                                                              4-H SUMMER CAMP     CAMP—June 17-19             CAMP—June 17-19
                                 CAMP                                                                                                 Upham Woods        West Allis                  West Allis
                          19                   20                          21                      22                          23                      24                          25
                                               Dog Training                Cloverbuds/Exploring    Clothing Revue                                      Safety Day Camp
                                                 6:30pm , Fairgrounds        6 pm Admin., Juneau     6 pm Admin., Juneau                                 Glacier Hills, Hartford
                                               4-H Leaders Assoc.          Knitting Workshop       Area Animal Science
                          LIVESTOCK              7 pm Admin., Juneau         7 pm Admin., Juneau     Dodge County
                          SHOW CAMP—                  Fair Entries Due
                          June 17-19
“Focus on 4-H” May 2011

                          26                   27                          28                      29                          30
                          DAIRY BRUNCH         Dog Training                Kids & Cops Day
                            9 am Hildebrandt     6:30pm , Fairgrounds      Camp
                          Farm                 Horse Project Mtg             Fairgrounds
                               Hustisford        MOVED TO TUESDAYàà        Horse Project Mtg /
                                                                           Judges Clinic
                                                4-H YOUTH CONFERENCE         Fairgrounds
                                                  June 27-30 - Madison
UW-Extension Dodge County
Dodge County Administration Building
127 East Oak Street                                                                              NONPROFIT
Juneau WI 53039                                                                               US POSTAGE PAID
CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED                                                                         JUNEAU WI
                                                    DATED MATERIAL                              PERMIT NO. 5

                                              Focus on 4-H
                                    DODGE COUNTY 4-H FAMILY NEWSLETTER
   Dodge County 4-H Leaders Association                 Dodge County
   Executive Board                                      University of Wisconsin Extension
       Ashley Schlender, President                      127 East Oak Street – Room 108
       Janelle Wiebelhaus-Finger, President-Elect       Juneau WI 53039-1379
       Karen Weihert, Vice President                    Phone (920) 386-3790
       Noreen Dogs, Treasurer                           FaX(920) 386-3928
       Deb Merfeld, Secretary
       Pat Hahn, Reporter                               Office Hours: Monday through Friday
       Sylvia Hinrichs, Past President                  7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
       Diane Neff, State Council
         Delegates At Large:                            Sally Schoenike, 4-H Youth Development
       Carolyn Dehler                                   Deb Wiebelhaus, 4-H Youth Program Assistant
       Sheri Thompson                                   Bonnie Borden, Youth Dairy & Livestock
       Karen Schmidt                                    Matt Hanson, Co-Director, Crops & Soils
       Helen Weisensel                                  Kathy Hetzel, Co-Director, Family Living
         Youth Representatives:                         Jeff Hoffman, Community Development
       Ben Buske                                        Becky Gutzman, Nutrition Education
       Jessie Gaska                                     Bob Kaiser, Dairy
       Brian Richards                                   Jana Stephens, Nutrition Education
       Laura Schoenike                                  Support Staff: Regenia Muche, Brenda Wenzel
                                                        Receptionist: Sharon Uelmen
                                                        Patti Roden, Americorp/VISTA

              The 4-H name and emblem are federally protected under Title 18 US Code 707.

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