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					                     Taking a Walk on the WILDE Side
             Wilde Imagination Celebrates Four Years in the Doll Business

by Debra DeForte
Marketing & Sales Director

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” - Oscar

That quote from Oscar Wilde has become the mission at Wilde Imagination. What
started out as a broad concept to shake up the collectible doll industry – let’s start a
quirky company that markets beautiful products unlike anything on the market today,
offers exceptional customer service, and sell it directly to consumers – has today become
a very successful reality.

As we celebrate our fourth year in business, we thought it might be a good time to reflect
on where we’ve been, and where we hope to be in the future.

Wilde Imagination began as an idea. And although it’s not a dangerous idea in the
traditional sense, it was a risky concept for a new company to sell direct to the consumer
via the internet and catalog. Added to the idea were financial backing, one experienced
direct marketing executive, a phone line, and a website. Okay….that was the easy part.
Next - the search for that first winning product. Enter Robert Tonner.

Robert offered Wilde a concept so new and fresh and perfect, that it was almost
serendipitous. That concept was Ellowyne Wilde – the moody 16” fashion doll that
suffers from chronic ennui and wallows in a well of woe, but somehow always looks
amazing with her thrift shop outfits and unique personality.

Both Ellowyne and Wilde Imagination launched in October 2006. Although we had no
idea what to expect, our hopes were high, our fingers were crossed, and happily, we were
not disappointed.

We started out with a very small list of collectors who had emailed us after the April
2006 Haute Doll issue appeared, which introduced Ellowyne Wilde to the doll world.
Four years later, that small list has grown substantially, and now includes collectors from
every state in the U.S. and 27 countries around the world that are now enjoying Ellowyne
and her world. Our website receives millions of hits per month, and we hosted our first
ever mini-convention last August. It was called A Day of Ennui and over 140 guests
came to experience an afternoon with Ellowyne.

Our line has gone from an initial offering of 13 products and a small fold-out brochure to
our newest 32-page fall 2010 catalog that offers more than 100 designer products for
Ellowyne, and over 50 designer products for Evangeline Ghastly, our ball jointed doll,
who was introduced in September 2007.

What is unique about Wilde is that we also offer collectors a chance to have some fun
with our dolls – to peek into their worlds and maybe even participate. Ellowyne goes to
therapy to help her get over her ‘condition’ and we post her therapy sessions on our
website for all to read; we’ve sponsored three poetry contests in the past two years, with
each contest receiving hundreds of entries. It’s amazing how everyone just ‘gets’
Ellowyne – perhaps we all suffer from a little ennui on occasion. There are videos to
watch, a page to view, and some of Ellowyne’s favorite personal dreams
are posted on the website.

Then there’s Evangeline Ghastly, who has her own intriguing story. Through her unique
website, collectors can read her diary entries, check out her favorite things, watch a
hauntingly beautiful, and humorous video entitled She Spends Most of Her Time Alone,
and revel in her amazing Victorian goth wardrobe – with each piece designed by creator
Joe Petrollese.

What you may also find intriguing is the story of how Evangeline came to be. As a new
manufacturer, we’re always on the look-out for new concepts. And who else but the
creative minds at Tonner Doll could come up with a doll born in Ipswich, England in
1924, lives alone in an attic with a pet skunk named Mouette, works in a mortuary, and
dresses like Morticia Addams? And on top of that make her beautiful, exciting, and
immensely different from anything else in the doll world today?

We introduced our Pop Goes Oz collection in 2009. They’re a unique take on the Wizard
of Oz characters – Dorothy, Glinda, and the Wicked Witch – and have gained a
substantial following of their own. These dolls definitely aren’t in Kansas anymore!

As for the future, we continue to look for new projects that fit into the Wilde Imagination
mold – beautiful, quirky, and fun. Our goal is to bring more amazing products for both
Ellowyne Wilde and Evangeline Ghastly to market that amaze and delight doll collectors
everywhere. Robert Tonner is working on a book that chronicles Ellowyne’s life, and we
hope to introduce new characters to both lines.

The big news is that we’re currently working on a brand new line to be introduced in the
spring of 2011. The details are a secret right now, and everything is in the very early
stages of development, so although we can’t divulge any details just yet, you can be
assured that it will be, well, amazing.

We feel very fortunate to be able to continue to offer beautiful products that collectors
want, at affordable prices – that’s the best part. And we hope that another four years
down the road, we can look back and say that this was only the beginning.


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