Mystic Aquarium Field Trip Reflections

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					                                                       Mystic Aquarium Field Trip Reflections

I liked the way the beluga whales came up to the glass and interacted with you.
Brackish water is part salt and fresh water. KD

I like the way the seahorses wrap their tail around everything.
Sea lions work in the Navy.   AD

The best exhibit was the stingray pool when you touched the rays because they were soft and it was cool.
There were 2 baby sea lions that had been rescued off the coast of California.    CW

Beluga whales can swim on their sides.
Sea lions are very intelligent. SM

The eels had a lot of pipes they could swim around and in and there was a dome where you could go under the eel’s to look at them.
Sea lions have longer flippers than seals.     TD

It was cool to watch the penguins swim around underwater.
It was really fun to see all the sea animals living in their environments.    IF

I really liked the part of the sea lion show when they showed a video of how they do rescue missions in real life.
Some jellyfish have really pretty tentacles. MS

Never grab a crab by its head.           GN

Some jellyfish glowed.           DN

I liked looking at the beluga whales from the tunnel.
The sting rays splashed us and felt rubbery and smooth.         RB

The penguins were really cute and really cool.
The sea lions are very athletic and flexible. KR

Sea lions can do flips.
Beluga whales make high pitched noises.         BB

The penguins played with a toy in the water.
The sea lions did a dance.     SS
Some coral can glow as well as some fish.
Horseshoe crabs can flip themselves over.      KS

It was fascinating how smooth the beluga whale swims in the water.
A starfish can rip open a clam’s shell and eat it.  JH

You could climb in a little tunnel to sea the barracuda better.
Be careful petting the stingrays because they might splash you.       DP

I wonder how many animals are in the whole Mystic Aquarium.           PO

I loved the baby sea turtle nursery because they were trying to break through the glass to get together with the opposite sex.
When starfish lose an arm, they can grow it back.    AL

All water ends up in Long Island Sound (or in RI in Block Island Sound).      SO

The salinity in brackish water changes with the tides.
I learned that DO means dissolved oxygen in the water.         JC

The penguins swam right in front of the glass and dove into the water fast.
I got sprayed with the water the beluga whale breathed out!          MV

The sea turtle rested in an awkward position because it got hit by a propeller and it was partially paralyzed, but it looked gentle and sweet.
The sea lions were friendly and they went right up to the glass to see you. SP

The jellyfish appeared beautiful and gracious and some even had Christmas-colored lights flowing through their small, transparent bodies.
The sea lions can reach 2,000 pounds, or 1 ton.      MD

The beluga whales were graceful and beautiful.
The Long Island Sound is an estuary because the salt water and fresh water rivers mix.        CB

I loved the Beluga whales because my dad used to sing me songs about them.
I liked hearing the sounds a sea lion makes. VV

The pirhanas looked small in the big tank.     MG

There was a blue lobster in an exhibit.
The sting rays have their stingers clipped off like finger nails.        AR

I liked using my four senses with the sting rays. I could hear them splashing, smell their scent, touch their slimy, smooth bodies and see them swimming.
The sting rays mouth is under their body.      NC

It seemed like the penguins were flying instead of swimming.
The jellyfish exhibit was cool because you could see inside their heads (translucent) and their veins and how they have very few organs.   JP

Sting rays can feel when their stingers are removed. NK

The sting rays tail is not the stinger. I found this very interesting.   DB

The octopus was up against the wall of the tank.        DH

Sea lions can touch their noses to their spine.         MT

The big sea lion’s name was Kodiak.       HD

I really liked the black and white clown fish. They are in the movie “Finiding Nemo”. LB

The California sea lions live from Mexico up to California in many different temperature ranges.    AG

It was cool to pick up the crabs.
I wonder why the two sea turtles were separated.        SJ

Penguins can’t go in 10-15 degree water because their feet will get frostbite.
Horseshoe crabs mouths feel like a toothbrush and they can’t hurt you.         KG

Sea lions swallow their food whole.
Sea lions can do back flips in mid-air.           VS

Touching sting rays was cool because it is something you can’t do everyday.   EO

I liked learning about the oxygen levels in the water. FW

Coco, the sea lion, was really cute and Surfer was really fast!
Sea lions are used by the Navy to find lost equipment.          FP
The best part of the field trip was seeing all of the aquatic animals because I usually do not see them up close.
I would put my face up to the glass and all of a sudden a shark came past my face. CK

I wonder why there weren’t any dolphins.        BH

A sea lion can swim up to 25 miles per hour.    KM

I liked how the penguin tried to get on the rocks but and how the other penguin tried to get to the bottom but kept floating up again.   FR

There are different measures of salinity in the water.
I wonder if the paralyzed sea turtle will eventually get better. I feel bad for it.   SB

I loved how the beluga whales swam in a pattern: 5 tail movements the glide then take a breath.
I loved how the sea lions could actually distinguish different shapes. CN

All the animals had their own personality!      MW

Sea lions have hands kind of like ours.         EG
Sea lions have 5 bones in their flippers like we have in our hands.     KD

The ship wreck in the middle of the shark tank was cool.        AR

I really liked the glow in the dark fish because you could press a button and they would glow red and yellow. RS

I wonder how long it takes the trainer to train the sea lions. CE

Clown fish have only 3 stripes.
Turtles will eat anything that they can find, so litter can be very unhealthy.        IG

I liked looking at the octopus stuck to the wall of the tank with its suction cups.   KJ

The penguins were funny because when they got out of the water they would shake their heads and tails.
The female penguins do not have as many white feathers as the males.      NT

The red dot on the starfish helps it breathe. ED

The best part of the field trip was seeing all the different animals because you got to learn a lot of facts about them.
I wonder if we will go on another field trip like this one!            MG

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