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									                                                                 June, 19-20 2003
                                                                  Barcelona, SPAIN

                                 C. Mazel                        Outcome and
                      e-mail:          Controversial Points
                        Tel.: 0033 1/56 61 64 01            in Cervical Myelopathy
                        Fax: 0033 1/56 61 63 37

                                 C. Olerud
                         Tel.: 0046 18/66 44 83             CHAIRMAN: J. M. Casamitjana
                         Fax: 0046 18/50 94 27
                                                               Scientific Committee
                                Treasurer                              .
                                                                      P Bancel
                                   E. Sim                             M. Laus
                                      C. Logroscino
                             Tel.: 43 1/60150
                          Fax: 43 1/601503075                 Organizing Committee
                                                                 J. M. Casamitjana
                                Website                             C. Villanueva
                              E-M. Buchholz                             J. Bagó
                                             F. Pellisé

                               Ph. Bancel,
                           J. M. Casamitjana,
                              A. Crockard,
                                 J. Goffin,
                                 D. Grob,
                              A. Jackowski,
                              B. Jeanneret,
                                  P Kehr,
                                D. Korres,
                                 M. Laus,
                              C. Logroscino,
                                  C. Villas

                                          GUEST PROFESSORS
Alan Crockard                 Dieter Grob              Tatsuo Itoh               Wolfgang Rauschning
Neurosurgeon                  Orthopaedic surgeon      Orthopaedic surgeon       Orthopaedic-Anatomist
London, UK                    Zurich, SWITZERLAND      Tokyo, JAPAN              Uppsala, SWEDEN

Federico Balagué              Jorgen Harms             Christian Mazel           Katsuro Tomita
Rheumatologist                Orthopaedic surgeon      Orthopaedic surgeon       Orthopaedic surgeon
Fribourg, SWITZERLAND         Karlsbad, GERMANY        Paris, FRANCE             Kanazawa, JAPAN

Jiri Dvorak                   John G. Heller           Manohar Panjabi           Cristopher Ullrich
Neurologist                   Ortopaedic surgeon       Biomechanic               Neuroradiologist
Zurich, SWITZERLAND           Decatur, USA             New Haven, USA            Charlotte, USA
                              7’30                                                       10´20
              Thursday 19th
                              Registration                                               CT Scan Assessment of Anterior Paravertebral
                                                                                         Bone Formation After Total Cervical Disc
                              8’00                                                       Replacement: Temporal Relationships and the
                              Welcome to the participants                                Effect of NSAIDs.
                              José M. CASAMITJANA                                        J.G. Heller; A.E Park; P.J. Tortolani; F. Tong; J. Goffin; Sambale;
                              Christian MAZEL                                            K. Liebig; Coetzee; V. Pointillart; S. Papadapoulous

                              8’10                                                       10’30                   PAUSE
                              Guest Lestures
                              Round Table I                                              11’00
                              Approximation to the Myelopathy                            Free communications
                                                                                         Section II:
                              Moderators: Jan GOFFIN (Leuven, BELGIUM )
                                                                                         Pathology and Instrumentation C1-C2
                              Claus OLERUD (Uppsala, SWEDEN)                             Moderators:
                              J. DVORAK: “Cervical myelopathy? A Diagnostic Challenge”   Pierre KEHR (Illkirch, FRANCE)
                              M. PANJABI: “Biomechanics of Myelopathy”                   Rafael CRUZ CONDE (Madrid, SPAIN)
                              W. RAUSCHNING: “Pathoanatomy of Cervical Spondylosis
                                                and Myelopathy”                          11´00
                                                                                         Surgical Treatment of Painful Atlanto-Axial
                              C. ULLRICH: “The radiographic assessment of cervical
                                                                                         Osteoarthritis (RA excluded)
                              Myelopathy”                                                S. Schaeren; B. Jeanneret

                              9’20                                                       11´10
                              Discussion                                                 Surgical Treatment of Infections
                                                                                         in the Atlanto-Axial Region
                              9’40                                                       R.P. Melcher; M. Ruf; J. Harms
                              Free Communications I
                              Section I: Cervical Disc Replacement                       11´20
                              Moderators:                                                Posterior C1-C2 Fusion in Children:
                              Carlo LOGROSCINO (Roma, ITALY)                             Polyaxial Screw and Rod Technique
                                                                                         with Clinical Follow-up
                              Vincent POINTILLART (Bordeaux, FRANCE)
                                                                                         R.P. Melcher; M.C. Nelson; M. Ruf; J. Harms
                              From Cage-Plate (CP) to Total Cervical Disc                11´30
                              Prosthesis (TCDP)                                          Posterior Atlantoaxial Fusion Using Atlasclaw
                              Experience in 86 CP and 44 TCDP                            of Olerud Cervical for Patients with
                              P. Kehr (Illkirch, FRANCE)                                 Rheumatoid Arthritis
                                                                                         T. Fuji; T. Shigi; A. Kanazawa; T. Owada; K. Fujiwara; M. Asano
                              Long-Term Experience with the Prestige T Cervical Disc     11´40
                              System in an End Satage Indication                         C1-C2 Polyaxial Screw Fixation Using Vertex®
                              V. Traynelis; S. Gill; R. Haid                             S. Eiskjaer; M. Buhl
                              R. Nelson; Bristol; J. Robertson; Zdeblick
                                                                                         Long-Term Results After Posterior
                                                                                         Transarticular C1-C2 Fusion
                              Cervical Spine Motion after Treatment of
                                                                                         F.H. Bremerich; J. Dvorak; A.F. Mannion; D. Grob
                              Degenerative Disc Disease with the Bryan TM
                              Cervical Disc Prothesis.
                              R.D. Sambale; M.A. Saur                                    12’00
                                                                                         Video Poster Transmission
                              10’10                                                      Alan CROCKARD - Christian MAZEL
                              Stability of the Bryan Cervical Disc Prosthesis at
June, 19-20 2003              the Bone Interface.
 Barcelona, SPAIN             Bengt Lind, Björn Zoëga
12’30                                                                             15´30
Workshops - Officers Meeting                                                      Circumferential Decompression
Aesculap: Aula 1                                                                  of Severe Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy
Anterior and Posterior Stabilization Systems & Interbody Fusion                   C. Logroscino; S. Astolfi; G. Zirio; S. Casula

DePuy AcroMed: Aula 2                                                             15’40
Total en Bloc Spondylectomy                                                       Free communications
"Surgical Technique and Instrumentation"                                          Section IV: Decompression and Reconstuction
K. Tomita (Kanazawa University, JAPAN)
Stratec: Aula 4                                                                   Philippe BANCEL(Paris,FRANCE)
Cervical Intervertebral Spacer Workshop:                                          Carlos VILLANUEVA (Barcelona SPAIN)
CERVIOS Clinical Experience in Combination
with chron OSTM                                                                   15´40
P.W. Pavlov (Chef Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, St. Maartenskliniek          Anterior Cervical Fusion with Dynamic Plating
Nijmengen,NETHERLANDS)                                                            J. Barberá
Medtronic Danek Sofamor: Magna 2                                                  15´50
Cervical Mobility Restoration                                                     Treament of Traumatic Cervical Spine Instability with
"State of the Art & Demonstration"                                                Interbody Fusion Cages
                                                                                  R. Pflugmacher; M. Scholz; T. Eindorf; N.P. Haas; F. Kandziora
13'30                               Lunch
14’30                                                                             Cervical Anterior Arthrodesis:
Honour Lecture                                                                    Three Levels Smith-Robinson vs. Two Level Corpectomy
J. G. HELLER: “New tendencies in the treatment of the                             Prospective Study
myelopathy in U.S.A.”                                                             R. González Díaz; E.J. Ortiz Cruz; J.I. Losada Viñas; R. Canosa Sevillano

15’00                                                                             16´10
Free communications                                                               Three and Four Levels Anterior Cervical Discectomy
Section III: Decompression and Reconstuction                                      and Fusion with Allograft: Report of 90 Patients
Moderators:                                                                       A.W. Poetscher; R.F. Davis; D.F. Antezana; J. Yingling; J. Awad; L. Shanidzi; Donlin M. Long
Massimo Andre JACKOWSKI (Birminghan,UK)
Joan BAGÓ (Barcelona, SPAIN)                                                      16’20                                    PAUSE

15´00                                                                             16’30
Clinical Outcome of Fibular Allograft with Autologous                             Guest lectures
Bone Chip and Plate in cervical discectomy and                                    Round Table II
corpectomy                                                                        Controversies in Myelopathy
K-S. Cho; Ph.D. Jae-Kun Kim; Ch-K Park; P.W. Huh; D-S. Yoo; D-S. Kim; M-Ch. Kim   Moderators:
                                                                                  Christian MAZEL (Paris,FRANCE)
15´10                                                                             Demetrios KORRES (Athens,GREECE)
Experience with Titanium Mesh Cages (Harms cages)
in Cervical Spine. Indications, Applications and                                  A. CROCKARD: "Cervical spondylitic myelopathy:
outcome                                                                                           which operation and when?”
S. Dähn; D. Grob                                                                  J. HARMS: “Surgical treatment of the cervical myelopathy
                                                                                              by double instrumented approach (pedicle screw)”
Expansive Midline T-saw Laminoplasty with Coral Bone                              K. TOMITA: “Posterior midline T-saw (sagittal splitting) laminoplasty
Spacers for the Management of Multilevel Spondylotic                                          for multi level cervical myelopathy”
poster Myelopathy. Clinical Outcome, Complications,
CT-scan and MRI Evolutive Study.                                                  17’20
J. Maruenda; A. Martín-Benlloch; C. Barrios; M.J. Romero; M.Laguía                Discussion

                                                                                  20'00                                    Gala Dinner
                                                                                                                           The Royal Club of Polo
                            8’00                                                                   9´10
              Friday 20th
                            Free communication                                                     Cervical Spine Injuries and Lesions
                            Section I: Cervical Transpedicular Screws                              of Neural Elements
                            NEOPLASM                                                               D.S. Korres; A.A. Partsinevelos; P. Tsailas; G. Sapkas;
                            Moderators:                                                            K. Nikolopoulos; P.G. Papagelopoulos
                            Eva Mª BUCHHOLZ (Schweinfurt, GERMANY )
                            Ernst SIM (Wien, AUSTRIA )                                             Evaluation of patients with Chiari I. malformations
                                                                                                   and syringomyelia by cine phase-contrast
                            8´00                                                                   imaging: practical considerations
                            Anatomic Consideration of Transpedicular                               T. Fekete; J. Lafuente; A.T.H. Casey
                            Screw Placement in the Cervical Spine by Axial
                            Computed Tomography
                            T. Sakamoto; M. Neo; T. Nakamura
                                                                                                   Motor paralysis in the upper extremities
                                                                                                   after decompressive surgery for cervical
                            8´10                                                                   myelopathy
                            Cervical and High-Thoracic Pedicle Screws - Conventional               A. Yamazaki; T. Sato; K. Miura
                            vs. Computer-Assisted Placement
                            M. Richter; T. Mattes; B. Cakir                                        9´40
                                                                                                   Potential Risk Factors for Severe Neurologic
                            8´20                                                                   Deterioration after Surgery for Anterior
                            Biomechanical analysis of transpedicular screw                         Cervical Fusion.
                            fixation in the subaxial cervical spine                                E. Ashkenazy; N. Rand; Y. Floman; M. Millgram
                            R. Kothe; W. Rüther; E. Schneider; B. Linke
                            8´30                                                                   Posterior approach with spinal cord rotation
                            Osteoblastoma of the cervical spine: early                             and intraoperative SSEP recording, for
                            diagnosis and therapeutical                                            anteriorly placed spinal cord tumors and AVM.
                            V. Denaro; G. Gulino; N. Papapietro; E. Taglieri                       E.J. Saenz de Cabezón; A. Gómez; J. Rivero; D. Garcia-Enguita

                            8´40                                                                   10’00                     PAUSE
                            Posterior pedicle screw instrumentation and
                            decompression in cervical neoplasm                                     10’30
                            K. Huch; B. Cakir; K. Dreinhö W. Puhl; M. Richter                 Free communications
                                                                                                   Section III:
                            8´50                                                                   Kyphotic-Deformity Miscellaneous
                            Reconstructive Surgery for Metastatic Lesions of                       Moderators:
                            the Cervical Spine Using Pedicle Screws Fixation
                                                                                                   Friederich MAGERL (St. Gallen, SWITZERLAND)
                            Systems: A Retrospective Analysis of 32 Patients
                            K. Abumi; M. Ito; Y. Kotani; N. Takeda; I. Oda                         Carlos VILLAS (Pamplona, SPAIN)

                            9’00                                                                   10´30
                            Free communications                                                    Is there an association between
                            Section II:                                                            Apolipoprotein E polymorphism and outcome
                            Surgical Complications Miscellaneous                                   in patients treated for Cervical Spondylotic
                                                                                                   J. Lafuente; A.T.H. Casey; J. Nicoll; A. Singh; H.A. Crockard
                            Jeffry COE (Los Gatos,CA USA )
                            Takachika SHIMITZU (Gunma, JAPAN)                                      10´40
                                                                                                   Myelopathy associated with Kyphotic Deformity:
                            9´00                                                                   Does Improvement in Kyphotic Angle
                            Kinematics of the Upper Cervical Spine                                 Improve Myelopathic Outcome?
                            in Head Rotation                                                       R. Ferch; A. Shad; T. Cadoux-Hudson; P. Teddy
                            T. Ishii; Y. Mukai; N. Hosono; H. Sakaura; K. Sugamoto; H. Yoshikawa
June, 19-20 2003
 Barcelona, SPAIN
10´50                                                            Workshops - Officers Meeting
Management and surgical planning                                 DePuy: Aula Magna 2
of severe infantile cervical kyphosis                            Harms technique for C1/C2 Fixation
F. Kleinstueck; T. Forster; F. Lattig; D. Jeszenszky             R. Melcher and K. Karlsbad (Langensteinbach, Germany)
                                                                 Occipital Cervical Fixation
11´00                                                            Mr.G. Towns (Leeds General Infirmary, UK)
Spontaneous regression of soft disc herniation in
patients with cervical myelopathy.                               Prim: Aula 4
Who is a good candidate for conservative treatment?              Fijación Occipito-Cervicales
M. Matsumoto; K. Chiba; Y. Ogawa; M. Nakamura; Y. Toyama
                                                                 Medtronic Danek Sofamor: Aula 2
11´10                                                            Universal Posterior Cervical System - A Time Ahead
Spinal level and anatomic region-based facet joint
kinematics explain the susceptibility of females to              Stryker: Aula 3
whiplash trauma                                                  Anterior cervical spine surgery with Solis: fusion results
N. Yoganandan; B. Stemper; J.F. Cusick; F.A. Pintar              and experiences
                                                                 N. HABERLAND (BGU Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY)
11’20                                                            W. BOOS (BGU Murnau, GERMANY)
Free communications
Section IV: Bone Substitute
                                                                 13'40                              Lunch
Dieter GROB (Zurich, SWITZERLAND )                               14’40
Ferrán PELLISÉ (Barcelona, SPAIN)                                Honour Lecture
                                                                 Tatsuo ITOH: “New tendencies in the treatment of
                                                                 the multisegmental myelopathy in Japan. Indications,
                                                                 results and complications of cervical laminoplasty”
Clinical results of anterior cervical fusion with Infuse
(rhBMP-2) in cerical spondylotic myelopathy
N. Sundaresan; A. Rothman; K. Post
                                                                 Guest lectures
                                                                 Round Table III
11´30                                                            Controversies in Myelopathy.
Cervical interbody fusion with a new composite in                Surgical treatment and biomechanics
degenerative disk disease: a preliminary experience
J-Ch. Le Huec; S. Aunoble; V. Tonelle; R. Assaker
                                                                 Alan CROCKARD (London, UK)
11´40                                                            Bruce NOTHRUP (Philaphia, U.S.A.)
Comparison of a Cervical Fusion Cage with Autologous             D. GROB: “The role of anterior decompression and stabilization
Bone and with Biphasic Ceramic Bone Substitute
P. Bernard; F. Ganem; A. Ferreira                                          in cervical myelopathy”
                                                                 C. MAZEL: “360º approaches in severe cervical stenosis.
11´50                                                                        Indication and technique”
Bioabsorbable cervical spine cages. First in vivo results
                                                                 M. PANJABI: “Biomechanics of treatments for mylopathy”
F. Kandziora; R. Pflugmacher; M. Scholz; T. Eindorf; N.P. Haas
                                                                 F. BALAGUÉ: “Current outcome evaluation tendencies in myelopathy"
Video poster transmission                                        16’20
Christian MAZEL - Alan CROCKARD                                  Discussion

12´30                                                            16’30
Presentation New European CSRS President                         Mario Boni Award
Presentation European CSRS 2004 Porto                             .
                                                                 P KHER (Illkirch, FRANCE)

12’40                                                            16’45
                                                                 General Assembly of the Society

                                                                 20'00                  Adjourment DINNER
                                                                                        La font de Prades
                 Workshop                Companion Activities                                     Resume
       Scientific Activities             June 18                                                  13 Guest lectures
           Thursday 19 June              At 20'00 h,                                              40 Free communications
                    4 workshop           Welcome cocktail, Hotel Plaza                            1 Hour for video poster transmission
         from 12’30h to 13’30h                                                                    8 x 1 h workshop
                        Aesculap         June 19                                                  3 Pauses
                 DePuy Acromed           At 9'00,                                                 2 Lunch pause of 1h
       Medtronic Danek Sofamor           depart from Hotel Plaza for Panoramic City Tour by bus
                 Stratec Medical         At 13'00                                                 Social Activities
                                         lunch in "Trovador Restaurant"                           Wednesday18 June
              Friday 20 June             At 15'00                                                 Welcome cocktail
                    4 workshop           guided visit to Casa Mila"La Pradera"                    Hotel Plaza
         from 12’30h to 13’30h           At 20'00
                 DePuy Acromed           depart from Hotel Plaza for Gala Dinner                  Wednesday 18 June
                            Prim                                                                  Faculty members dinner
                                         in the Royal Club of Polo
       Medtronic Danek Sofamor                                                                    Hotel Fira
                                         June 20
                                         Depart at 9'00 f                                         Thursday 19 June
Commercial Exhibitors                    rom Hotel to visit Gothic Area                           Gala dinner
- AESCULAP                  stand nº06   At 11'00                                                 Royal Club of Polo
- DEPUY-ACROMED             stand nº07   visit to Picasso Museum
- EUROSURGICAL              stand nº05   At 13'30                                                 Friday 20 June
- MBA GRUPO                 stand nº10   lunch in Barceloneta Restaurant,                         Adjournment dinner
- IMPLEX                    stand nº01                                                            (no included in registration fee)
                                         overlooking Barcelona´s oldest harbor
- I.Q.L.                    stand nº02                                                            La Font de Prades and Flamenco show
                                         Adjournment dinner (no included in registration fee)
- MEDTRONIC DANEK-SOFAMOR   stand nº08   Depart at 19'00
- SPINE-NEXT                stand nº14   from Hotel, for a 5 minutes walk to "Pueblo España"
- SPINE VISION IBERICA      stand nº11   and visit the very interesting corners
- SIGNUS                    stand nº13   At 20'00
- SCIENT-X                  stand nº12   snack and dinner in "La font de Prades"
- STRATEC MEDICAL           stand nº04   At 24'00
- STRYKER                   stand nº09   Spectacle in "Tablao de Carmen"
- ULRICH                    stand nº03

                                                               Hotel Plaza

                                                      The Royal Club of Polo
    Address and Telephones of Interest

                  Organising Secretary

                          ORG. CONGRESOS
                  Av.Diagonal,491, 6º1ª,08029 BCN
            Tel. +34 93 4108377; Fax +34 93 4108377

              Avda. de l’Estadi (Montjuich), Barcelona
                     Tel. +34 93 425 55 45

                         Hotel Plaza
                 Plaza España 6-8; 08014 Barcelona
            Tel: +34/934262600; Fax: +34/934260400

The organization is not liable for individual medical,
travel or personal insurance. Participants are strongly
advised to take out personal insurance on their own

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