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					New Horizon College English

                  Unit 4

Five Famous Symbols of American Culture
Pre-reading Activities       Expression & Patterns
Background information        Words using
Questions for discussion      Words game

Text Analysis                Summary
Text structure               Main idea
Devices for developing it

Writing                      Exercises
Writing skill               Homework & Revision
Writing practice
Pre-reading Activities

    Background Information
•   The Statue of Liberty
•   Barbie dolls
•   American Gothic
•   New York City’s Central Park
•   Uncle Sam
   Buffalo nickel
         The Statue of Liberty
The idea of creating the Statue of Liberty began in France at
a dinner party hosted by Edouard Rene Lefebvre Laboulaye,
a scholar. Laboulaye and Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, a
sculptor, began to discuss the idea of presenting the United
States with a monument to memorialize independence and
human liberty. Bartholdi sailed from France to New York on
June 8, 1871, to propose the building of the statue to honor
the friendship between France and the United States. As the
ship pulled into New York Harbor, Bartholdi spotted the
perfect location, Liberty Island.
               Barbie dolls
It was the late 1950s when Ruth Handler noticed
her daughter playing with paper dolls and
imagining them in grown-up roles. Since most dolls
at the time were baby dolls, Ruth envisioned one
that would inspire little girls to think about what
they wanted to be when they grew up. Ruth
created a teenage fashion model doll named Barbie
(after her daughter), and the rest is history. Barbie
has been an integral part of the lives of millions of
young girls. Her timeless appeal has resulted in a
dedicated legion of fans that love to collect her.
            American Gothic
Wood intended the couple to represent a typical
small town resident and his daughter, but most
interpret them as man and wife. Since completion,
Grant Wood’s 1930 painting American Gothic has
become a critically acclaimed work that continues
to enjoy enormous popularity. It also has become
an American icon and is the model for a countless
number of commercial art parodies, such as posters,
cards, and souvenirs. The painting hangs in the
Art Institute of Chicago.
       New York City’s Central Park
Central Park was the first landscaped public park in the United
States. Advocates of creating the park — primarily wealthy
merchants and landowners — admired the public grounds of London
and Paris and urged that New York needed a comparable facility to
establish its international reputation. A public park, they argued,
would offer their own families an attractive setting for carriage rides
and provide working-class New Yorkers with a healthy alternative
to the saloon. After three years of debate over the park site and cost,
in 1853 the state legislature authorized the City of New York to use
the power of eminent domain to acquire more than 700 acres of land
in the center of Manhattan.
                   Uncle Sam
The prevailing theory is that Uncle Sam was named after
Samuel Wilson. Wilson was born in Arlington, Mass., on
September 13, 1766. His childhood home was in Mason,
New Hampshire. The single most famous portrait of Uncle
Sam is the “I WANT YOU” Army recruiting poster from
World War I. The poster was painted by James
Montgomery Flag in 1916-1917.
                  Buffalo nickel
In 1911 sculptor James Earl Fraser began designing the
 “Buffalo” nickel. Fraser said the portrait on the “head’s”
 side was a composite of three American Indians — Iron
 Tail, Big Tree and Two Moons.
Pre-reading Activities

    Questions for discussion

work in pairs to discuss the
following questions.
       Pre-reading Activities

       Questions for discussion
1. What six symbols does the writer claim are American?

2. What else do you know about the American
Expressions & patterns

   Words & Expression

    Word Using

    Word Game
Words using
1. His mother could not approve of her son’s affection for a woman
   she had never met. (para.2)
e.g. His mother couldn’t agree to her son’s love for a woman…
vi. approve of (sb./sth.) 同意
e.g. She doesn’t want to take her new boyfriend home in case her
   parents don’t approve (of him)
vt. approve sth./sb. 批准
e.g. The Parliament has approved a program of education reform.
2. The same year Bartholdi had assembled the statue’s right arm and
——fit together (the parts of sth.)组装,装配
e.g. She spent the whole day to assemble the computer.)
Words using
——(cause people or things to) come together; collect (使)集合,
e.g. The whole school (was) assembled in the main hall)
3. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on an island…(para.4)
——dedicate oneself / sth. to sth.把…奉献给
e.g. dedicate her life to helping the poor)
——dedicate sth (to sb/sth) 以庄严的仪式把…奉献给(上帝. 圣
e.g. the church was dedicated in 1880
4. be disgusted by: dislike greatly. (para.10)
e.g. I was greatly disgusted by his words
5. American Gothic (para.11)
——of or like a style of building common in Europe between the
   12th and the 16th centuries哥特式的(建筑)
Words using
6. He was strongly influenced by medieval artists and inspired by the
   Gothic window of an old farmhouse. (para.12)
——give sb. a feeling of wanting and being able to do sth. good,
   create a work of art, etc. 给…以灵感
e.g. The lake scenery inspired him to write his great poetry
——fill sb. with confidence 鼓舞;激励
e.g. inspire hope / loyalty / enthusiasm in sb; inspire sb. with loyalty
7. …honored a pair of connected tragedies from the settlement of the
   American frontier.(para.16)
( Am.E: border) 边境;边界;边疆(一般boundary只指相邻的边界)
e.g. Sweden has frontiers with Norway and Finland
8. …famed artist James Earle Fraser went against tradition by using
   three actual American Indians as models for his creation. (para.17)
Words using
go against: be opposite to 与.…..相反,违背
Translate: 撒谎是与我的原则相违背的。
 Lying goes against my principles.
9. During a later war in 1812, Wilson gained a position inspecting
   meat for US Army forces. (para.21)
——look at sth. closely or in great detail 检查
e.g. The customs officer inspected his passport suspiciously.
inspect sb./sth. for sth.
e.g. inspect the crime scene for fingerprints.
——make an official visit to make sure that rules are being obeyed,
   work is being done properly, etc 视察
Several government officials came to inspect our factory last week.
Words using
10. ….working with a man who had signed a contract with the
   government to provide meat to the army. (para.21)
——n. a legal document that states and explains a formal agreement
   between two different people or groups 合同,契约
e.g. We have signed a contract with the school for the supply of
   vehicles/to supply vehicles
——v. make a written legal agreement with sb. for a purpose 订合同,
e.g. We have contracted with an enterprise for the supply of fuel
11. After the war, a character called Uncle Sam began appearing in
   political cartoons, his from evolving from an earlier cartoon
   character called Brother Jonathan that was popular during the
   American Revolution. (para.22)
Words using
v. (cause to) develop gradually (使)演变,变化,发展
e.g. Some people still don’t believe that man evolved from
12. The most enduring portrait of Uncle Sam was Created
   by artist James Montgomery Flagg in his famous army
   recruiting posters of World Wars ⅠandⅡ
v. persuade sb. to become a new member of an organization,
   esp. the army招募,征兵
e.g. The students are recruiting new members to the club.
Words Game

         complete the words based
         on the meanings
Words Game
 think that sb. or sth. is good, right   approve

 a feeling of liking or love             affection

 fit together the parts of sth.          assemble

 a legal written agreement

  the place or situation in which sth.   origin
  begins to exist
 set sb. or sth. free                     liberate
     Text Analysis

            Part I (1—4): The Statue of Liberty
            Part II (5—10): Barbie
Structure   Part III (11—14 ): American Gothic
            Part IV (15—18): Buffalo Nickel

            Part V (19—22): Uncle Sam
Text Analysis

     devices for developing it
   time sequence (paras. 15-17)

           Uncle Same

                        time marker: during the American Revolution (1775-1783)

                            time marker: when Sam Wilson was 23 years old

                               time marker: during the later war in 1812

                                       time marker: after the war

                                   time marker: during World Wars

                     Main Idea
Passage A gives us some insight into the origins of symbols by which
 the United States of America is known around the world. The
 Statue of Liberty is a female figure which derives from the two
 favorite women in French artist Bartholdi’s life. Another symbol of
 American culture is the Barbie doll, which derives from an old
 German toy model with the American designer’s daughter’s name on
 it. The great American Gothic painting is in the medieval European
 style showing the faces of an American dentist and the artist’s sister.
 The Buffalo nickel derives from an admiration for the American
 Buffalo and the Indian people. The most lasting image of America
 derives from the partly true but mostly fictitious story of Uncle Sam.
How to Do Something

 1. 某一事物的现状

 2. 分析该事物的重要性(或危害性/社会意义等)
 3. 怎样对待该事物

Ⅵ.                  Writing                  Back

    1) Much to our distress / delight /
surprise, these years have seen the
popularity / worsening / much improvement
/ a widespread neglect of sth. (议论的主题)
in society. 2) According to a recent / official
report / survey / opinion poll, ...(佐证陈述)
3) If this current is allowed to run its course,
things are bound to turn for the better /
worse. (Para. 1)
Ⅵ.                Writing                  Back

   4) The importance / harmfulness /
significance of sth. to sb. / sth. else,
(however), can be seen from the
perspectives as follows. 5) In the first
place, …(分析I)6) In the second, ... (分
析II) 7) And above all, …(分析III) 8)
To sum up, ... (归纳总结)
(Para. 2)
Ⅵ.                 Writing                  Back

   9) So the most pressing for us / basic
problem now is how to… 10) In my
opinion, the first step should be focused
upon …(建议I) 11) Then, greater
efforts must be made to ... (建议II) 12)
In one word, where there is …, there
is …(结论句) (Para. 3)

Ⅵ.                  Writing               Back

     How to Conduct Patriotic Education Among
                the Youth of Today

       1. 我国爱国主义教育的现状。
       2. 分析爱国主义教育的重要意义。
       3. 如何在青少年中开展爱国主义教育?
Ⅵ.                    Writing                    Back

   1) Much to our distress, these years have
seen a widespread neglect of patriotic
education in our society. 2) According to some
official reports, many patriotic education
centers have been closed down or kept open to
the public for other more profitable purposes
while many of our national heroes have given
way to today’s pop stars in youths’ minds. 3) If
this current is allowed to run its course, I am
afraid, things are bound to turn for the worse,
with less and less sense of patriotism left in the
Ⅵ.                   Writing

   4) The significance of patriotic education
to our society, however, can be seen from
the perspectives as follows. 5) In the first
place, the patriotic education can make
youth more aware of the glorious history
and culture of our nation, thus building up
their sense of pride as Chinese. 6) In the
second, the patriotic education helps youth
value today’s hard-earned life so as to hold
Ⅵ.                   Writing                      Back

 dearer their golden chances of enriching
 themselves with knowledge in peace. 7) And
 above all, the patriotic education can push
 youth to draw upon more of their capabilities
 in order to make tomorrow’s life better than
 today’s and leave behind themselves more
 highlights for the nation’s culture. 8) To sum
 up, patriotic education is a key ingredient in
 the all-round development of youth.
Ⅵ.                    Writing

   9) So the most pressing for us now is how to Back
effectively inculcate patriotism in the youth of
today. 10) In my opinion, the first step should be
focused upon giving fuller play to the potentials of
patriotic education centers instead of running
them for the purpose of making money. 11) Then,
greater efforts must be made to integrate the
patriotic education into the curriculums
throughout youth’s education. 12) In one word,
where there is an effective patriotic education of
youth, there is a greater enhancement of national
• Learn the new words and
  expressions of the text by heart.
• Go over the text and try to get the
  main idea of the text.
• Do the exercises on pages.
Everyday Sentence
The decline of literature indicates the
decline of a nation ; the two keep in
their downward tendency.

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