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					                            MCS FITNESS ROOM RULES
Use of the Athletic Facilities is a privilege. Please respect our policies and regulations.

The Margaretville Central School Code of Conduct applies in the fitness room at all

Only MCS students, faculty, and staff are permitted to use the fitness room.

A 100% cotton towel, footwear and proper attire are required at all times.
    Rubber-soled athletic shoes that cover the entire foot must be worn. For health
     and safety reasons, sandals, spiked shoes, work boots and flip-flops are not
    Shirts must be worn at all times. Bathing suits and clothing with exposed metal
     rivets or parts are not permitted in the fitness room.

Please use towels and spray bottles to wipe down and clean equipment after use.

Please return all plates, dumbbells, jump ropes, medicine balls, exercise balls, curl bars,
pulley attachments and other exercise equipment to its proper location when finished.

Do not drop or slam weights on the floor.

Music and TV volume should be kept at a respectful level at all times.

Physical Education classes and athletic teams have priority. All other individuals
wishing to use the fitness room may do so during scheduled open hours.

Cardiovascular equipment use is limited to 30 minutes when people are waiting.

Use of a spotter when lifting free weights is recommended.

Please ask the supervisor for a demonstration if any questions arise.

We ask that inexperienced users be aware of their limitations and take proper
precautions to prevent injury.

No backpacks, gym bags, coats, etc. are permitted in the weight room.

Food is not permitted in the fitness room. Closed plastic water bottles are allowed.

No gum is allowed in the fitness room.

         Failure to comply with rules will result in loss of fitness room privileges.

             “Physical fitness is the basis for all other forms of excellence.”
                                      -John F. Kennedy