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Health vs. Skill Related Components of Fitness

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									   Health vs. Skill
Related Components
     of Fitness
   Health Related Physical
• is the ability of your body systems to
  work together efficiently to allow you
  to be healthy and effectively perform
  activities of your everyday life.
   Cardiovascular Endurance
• the ability to exercise your entire body for an
  expended period of time
   • CV system- Heart and blood vessels.

   • Examples of activities: Running a mile, full game
     of soccer, long distance swimming.

   • Health Benefits: helps lower blood pressure, lower
     body fat, reduce risk of heart disease and stroke.
         Muscular Strength
• the amount of force your muscles can

  • Examples of activities: 1 Rep Max Squat or Bench,
    sumo wrestler, lifting a heavy object.

  • Health Benefits: helps with everyday task, improve
    body composition, reduce injury risk, and improve
    posture, strengthens bones.
       Muscular Endurance
• ability to use your muscles many times
  without tiring

  • Examples of activities: Wall sit, bent arm hang,
    core stability, marathon runner, long bike rides,
    lifting a light object many times.

  • Health Benefits: Very similar to muscular strength.
    Increase metabolism
• of your body to move your joints through
  a full range of motion

  • Examples of activities: Gymnastics, stretching,
    ballerina, yoga.

  • Health Benefits: Decrease chance of injury, better
    posture, fewer back problems, function more
   Body Composition/Fatness
 Body Composition- The percent of the body made up
  of fat, muscle, bones, body organs, and other body
  tissues. (What your body is make up of)

 Body Fatness- The percent of the body made up of

   • Examples of ways to test body composition: Calipers,
     Hydrostatic weighing, Bioelectrical Impedance, BMI, DEXA)

   • Health Benefits: lower risk of heart disease, type II diabetes,
     better self-esteem, less body fatigue.

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     Skill Related Physical
• different sports require different skill
  settings and most sports require
  several parts.
 the ability to change the position of your
  body quickly and to control your body

   Examples of activities: Running back,
    badminton, tennis, basketball, cone drills.
• the ability to keep an upright posture
  while standing still or moving

  • Examples of activities: Gymnastics,
    skateboarding, biking, figure skating.
• the ability to use strength quickly, it will
  use both speed and strength

  • Examples of activities: Football lineman,
    power lifting, jumping, discus thrower.
• the ability to perform a movement or
  cover a distance in a short period of

  • Examples of activities: Track sprinter,
    swimming 50 meters, football receiver.
           Reaction Time
• the amount of time it takes to move
  once you realize you need to act

  • Examples of activities: Tennis, ping pong,
    badminton, goalie.
• the ability to use your senses together
  with your body part or to use two or
  more body parts together

  • Examples of activities: Basketball, hitting a
    baseball/golf ball, dancing.

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