Group exercise on Chapter 1 – Part 1

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                                     Group Exercise on Chapter 6 – Part 2
                     Blockages to, and Stepping Stones toward the Learning Organisation

    Exercise: In the left hand column of the table below, I have listed some key properties of learning organizations
    (LOs). (See Thornhill et al, p. 173 for a very similar list).

    (a) Focus on one organization that is well known to one or more group members and for each of the LO
        properties that is identified in the left hand column, identify one barrier that is in the way. Write down the
        blockages in the middle column.
    (b) For each of the blockages or barriers that are in the way of the organization becoming a LO, identify one or
        more steps that can be taken to remove the blockage.

Key properties of Learning      Some blockages to the properties of the      Steps that may be taken to remove the
Organisations                   LO (one for each property)                   blockages
1. Learning is derived from     Barrier to property 1:                       Steps to overcome barriers to 1:
all experiences, not just
from successes but also
from failures. Such learning
is actually used to guide
future behaviour.

2. Learning, especially         Barrier to property 2:                       Steps to overcome barriers to 2:
learning how to learn, is
valued for its own sake.

3. Learning from internal       Barrier to property 3:                       Steps to overcome barriers to 3:
and external environments
takes place at all levels and
people are strongly
encouraged to share
knowledge across groups.

4. Learning is ongoing and      Barrier to property 4:                       Steps to overcome barriers to 4:
powerful; with people and
groups being willing to
change their habits.

5. Managers accept the          Barrier to property 5:                       Steps to overcome barriers to 5:
need for ‘unlearning’ and
that they are responsible for
re-developing and
repositioning the
organisation’s knowledge

6. Whenever the                 Barrier to property 6:                       Steps to overcome barriers to 6:
organisation undergoes
change, learning needs are
identified and the
necessary learning is
deliberately facilitated.