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					    Unit 3
language in use
What do you think of this poem?
        By plane
If I could go on holiday,
I’d like to go by plane.
I wouldn’t go by bus or ship,
nor would I take the train.
I would go to sunny Spain,
I’d lie on the beach all day.
 Then I’d take the plane again,
 and fly home all the way.
 But I can’t go on holiday,
 and I can’t go by plane.
 I can’t travel or go away,
 until summer is back again.
What do you think of this poem?
   Language practice
We’d have a fantastic time.
I’d like to go to New York.
I wouldn’t take the plane.
Where would you go?
□ 1. Choose the correct words
1. Daming would like/likes to go to
  Africa. He wants to see the animals.
2. Lingling goes/would like to go with
  Sally, but she’s afraid of flying.
3. Why wouldn’t/doesn’t Lingling
  like to take the plane?
   4. You can/would fly to many
      different countries from here.
 5. I don’t want to dance, but I am/
    would be happy to watch you.
 6. He would go/went to Hollywood,
    but he didn’t meet any stars.
7. She would like to stay/stayed longer,
  but she has to catch her plane.
8. –I’d like to go to the pop concert.
 --So do / would I.
9. I would have / have a great time
 in England.
10. –Would you like to come / come
  with me?
  --Yes, I’d like to.
□ Complete the passage with
    the correct form of the words.
e.g. Tony would like (like) to travel
  around the world. (5) would spend
(1) would start      (6) would not stay
(2) would swim       (7) would fly
(3) would travel     (8) visit
(4) likes            (9) would be
       □ Work in pairs.
          Ask and answer.
1. would/you like to meet a film star?
2. who / you like to meet?
3. what you / ask him or her?
4. would / you like to be a film star?
  Why / Why not?
         Make a dialogue
 □ Complete the passage
with the correct form of the
     words in the box.
board depend on        empty
anywhere flight       food
gate   sandwich       silly
(1) anywhere
(2) gate       (6) food
(3) board      (7) empty
(4) silly      (8) depend on
(5) flight     (9) sandwiches
  □ Join the sentences with
           although or but.
e.g. Flying is exciting. It isn’t dangerous
   Although flying is exciting, it
   isn’t dangerous.
   Flying is exciting, but it isn’t
1.The boy got up so late that he was
  late for school this Monday.
2.The weather is so hot that my T-
  shirt is all wet.
3.Tony was so lazy with his school
  work that his parents got angry.
4. The song is so beautiful that I
  want to sing.
5. 我太困了以至于在复习时睡着
I was so sleepy that I fell asleep
while I was going over my lessons.
□7. Complete the sentences with
 so…that or the words in the box.
afraid cold dark hungry late tired
e.g. The train was so late that they
  missed their flight.
1. She was so afraid that she couldn’t
  get on the plane.
                so hungry that
2. They were ______________ they
   ate all the food.
3. It was ____________ they couldn’t
            so dark that
   see where they were going.
4. They were so tired that they fell
   asleep immediately.
5. I was so cold that my face turned
 □ Listen and check (√) what each
   person would like to do.
                Lingling Betty Daming Tony
Doing sports             √             √
Learning a
new language
Meeting new
people            √
Reading books                   √
Travelling        √             √     √
    Work in groups
             new words
To summarise useful phrases
              the use of “would”
 And write them down

 Then use them to do Part 9.
10. Complete the passage with the
correct form of the phrases in the box.
 be around        depend on
 look after       see off
      (1) see them off
      (2) be around
      (3) look after
      (4) depend on
  Around the world
People going on holiday
1.When do most people go on holiday?
2.Is the ice hotel open in summer?
3.Is the ice hotel built every year?
4.What bed do the visitors sleep in?
5.What do the visitors have to wear?
6.Is there any ice hotel in China?
           Module task
Writing about your perfect holiday
  Work in pairs. Write about
      your perfect holiday.
  Present your holiday plan to
      the class.
My holiday plan

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