JAPAN SHIP EXPORTERS' ASSOCIATION Shin Kurushima completes 6000 by chenmeixiu


									                                                                                                                               No. 277 Oct. - Nov. 1999

     Shin Kurushima completes 6,000-unit capacity PCTC

   Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co., Ltd. (SKD) has com-                              - The deadweight tonnage of the new PCTC is larger com-
pleted construction of the 57,566GT pure car/truck carrier                         pared with the conventional carrier. This also allows
(PCTC), Leo Leader, at the Onishi Works for the shipowner                          flexible accommodation of various types of vehicles rang-
Scorpio Carrier Ltd. The carrier is now operated world-                            ing from heavy-duty vehicles to small passenger cars.
wide by Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) and has a car carry-                           - On-board facilities for roll-on and off include a 40m-
ing capacity of 6,000 passenger automobiles.                                       long and 8m-wide shore ramp provided at the aft star-
   The Leo Leader has 12 car decks including liftable decks                        board, which can support a vehicle with a weight of
and movable ramps in the holds. The transport capacity is                          150t, and a 20m-long and 4.2m-wide shore ramp for
larger than those of previous car carriers. This arrange-                          30t at the midship starboard, and the upper deck has a
ment allows the carrier to load a variety of vehicles such                         heavy cargo lifter for about 50t.
as construction machinery and special-purpose vehicles                           - The inside of the car decks are reasonably arranged
beside passenger cars, coping with the increasing need for                         and formed for smooth and efficient car running and
transport of such special vehicles with different dimen-                           lashing. The in-board ramps have smooth curves and
sions. Thus the carrier is designed as a next generation                           gentle inclinations that permit low-suspension cars to
car carrier, which can easily respond to changes in market                         run safely.
needs for car transport.                                                         - The inside of the car decks and the engine room have
   Main features                                                                   high-performance fire alarm systems and fire extin-
- Five of the 12 car decks are liftable to accommodate                             guishers. This complies with the severe requirements
   large and tall vehicles. This permits loading a variety of                      of the shipowner, ensuring safety during navigation.
   vehicles. Cargo loading space provided for tall vehicles                      - The engine room is classified as M0 (man zero), and the
   is about 70% of the total space, and that for heavy-duty                        main engine is remotely controlled from the bridge. The
   vehicles, about 40%. This ratio is larger than the con-                         control of the main engine and auxiliaries can also be
   ventional carrier.
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                    For further information please contact:

                    15-16, Toranomon 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Tel: (03) 3508-9661 Fax: (03) 3508-2058 E-Mail: postmaster@jsea.or.jp
  Topics                                                                                 No. 277 Oct. - Nov. Page 2

      NZC completes PCC Eishun for Libero Panama S. A.
   Naikai Zosen Corp. (NZC) com-          decks provided below the freeboard            Roll-on and roll-off of vehicles can
pleted the 33,854GT pure car carrier,     and eight decks, over the freeboard.       be achieved via shore ramps equipped
Eishun (HN: 650), at the Setoda           The fixed Nos. 5 and 7 decks can ac-       at aft and bow starboard, and access
Works for Libero Panama S.A. on Sep-      commodate heavy-duty vehicles (con-        to each deck uses the hold ramp. The
tember 22. The carrier can carry 2,905    struction machinery), and other decks      carrier is propelled by a single screw
automobiles equivalent to passenger       are for passenger cars. The Nos. 4 and     and equipped with the Schilling rud-
types.                                    6 decks are the movable type to ac-        der and a bow thruster to facilitate
   The Eishun is the roll-on and roll-    commodate tall vehicles on the Nos. 5      berthing and unberthing.
off type with total 11 car decks, three   and 7 decks.                                  Principal particulars
                                                                                     Length (o.a.):                173.03m
                                                                                     Breadth, mld.:                 27.40m
                                                                                     Depth, mld.: 8.91m up to freeboard,
                                                                                                  26.25m up to upper deck
                                                                                     Draught, mld:         7.25m (full load)
                                                                                     Gross tonnage:                 33,854t
                                                                                     Deadweight:                      8,531t
                                                                                     Load capacity:                   6,336t
                                                                                             2,905 units in passenger cars
                                                                                     Main engine:Hitachi Zosen MAN B&W
                                                                                          8S42MC (Mark VI) diesel x 1 unit
                                                                                     Output:            10,040ps x 131rpm
                                                                                     Speed, service:                  18.0kt
                                                                                     Classification:                     NK

        MES completes new-type 50,000DWT bulker, Eigen
   Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding      vious Handymax type, the Eigen has         L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 189.80m x 32.26m
Co., Ltd. (MES) has completed con-        larger DWT and cargo hold capacity            x 16.90m x 11.90m
struction of the newly-developed          of 63,000m3.                               DWT: 50,249t (d=11.925); 47,999t
50,000DWT bulk carrier, Eigen (HN:           The cargo holds consists of five com-      (d=11.505)
1494), for H Corporation, S. A. at the    partments, and also four 30t deck          GT: 27,986t
Tamano Works.                             cranes are installed between the cargo     Main engine: Mitsui MAN B&W
   The Eigen is the first MES             holds on the upper deck. The main             6S50MC-C diesel x 1 unit
50,000DWT class bulker developed as       engine is the 6S50MC-C, the latest         Engine output (MCR): 8,090kW at
a successor to the 46,000DWT bulk         model in MAN B&W 2-stroke low-                127.0rpm
carrier series. Compared with the pre-    speed diesel engines, which features       Speed: 14.50kt
                                          high output, light weight, and com-        Complement: 28
(Continued from page 1)                   pact size.                                 Classification: NK
  achieved at the engine control             Principal particulars                   Flag: Panama
  Principal particulars
Length, o.a.:             199.93m
Length, b.p.:             190.00m
Breadth, mld.:             32.26m
Depth, mld.:               34.55m
Draught, mld.:             10.00m
Deadweight:                22,733t
Gross tonnage:             57,566t
Car carrying capacity: 6,000 units
Main engine: 8UEC60LS diesel x 1
Speed, service:             19.3kt
Classification:                NK
   Topics                                                                               No. 277 Oct. - Nov. Page 3

                          IHI completes fifth F-48 bulk carrier
   Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy In-
dustries Co., Ltd. (IHI) completed the
fifth Future-48 (F-48) type
48,000DWT bulk carrier, Aurora
Amethyst, for Kritsas Shipping in Oc-
tober 1999. The F-48 type is the lat-
est of the F-series* ships developed by
IHI, and the first F-48 Crystal Lily was
delivered to MI-DAS Line S. A. of
Panama through Marubeni in Febru-
ary 1999. IHI has completed five ves-
sels during the last eight months, and
will complete 2 more vessels.
   The Future-48 type was developed
to meet recent requirements for larger
capacity Handymax bulkers. The car-                            The fifth Future-48 bulk carrier, Aurora Amethyst and the
rier is 9m longer and 1.7m wider than                                              waterfront of Tokyo in the background
the Future-42 (42,000DWT) type, but        type bulker. The size, however, does      coils. The upper deck is optional for
the designed draught of both types is      not compete with the Panamax              loading on-deck cargoes including
10.7m. The beam of the Future-48 is        bulkers.                                  lumber.
the same as that of a Panamax bulker,         The five cargo holds have 27.2m           The shallow draught and four deck
making it the ultimate Handymax            long flat bottoms capable of loading      cranes of the Future-48 allow calling
                                                               40ft pipes in tan-    at ports where the cargo-handling fa-
                                                               dem to the longi-     cilities are insufficient. The deck
                                                               tudinal direc-        cranes have a 10m-long overside
                                                               tion. For efficient   reach, which allow cargo loading di-
                                                               cargo handling,       rectly onto a vehicle on the wharf. The
                                                               the folding type      crane standard capacities are 25t x
                                                               hatch covers are      18.5m x 26m.
                                                               used, and these          For safe ship operation, a mechani-
                                                               are 20m long          cal ventilation system in the holds,
                                                               and 17m wide to       CO2 fire extinguisher devices, heat
                                                               provide larger        insulation for bow side wall of engine
                                                               hatch openings.       room, etc. are provided as options for
Excellent speed-power performance with IHI LV Fin              The No. 3 hold        the transport of hazardous materials.
fixed on the outer shell located on the propeller shaft        has the capacity         Principal particulars of the Future-
before the propeller as a standard fitting. The LV Fin
                                                               to load 15t steel     48
stands for low viscous resistance fin.
                                                                                     L (b.p.) x B x D x d: 181.00m x 32.20m
                                                                                        x 16.50m x 10.70m
                                                                                     DWT/GT: 48,600t/28,200t
                                                                                     Main engine: DU-Sulzer 6RTA48T
                                                                                        diesel x 1 unit
                                                                                     Service speed: 14.5kt
                                                                                     Complement: 25

                                                                                       Note: (*) The IHI F-series includes
                                                                                       the Freedom (14,800DWT), Free-
                                                                                       dom Mk II (17,000DWT), Fortune
                                                                                       (22,000DWT), Friendship
                                                                                       (23,000DWT), Future-32/-32A
                                                                                       (32,000 to 38,000DWT), Future-42
                                                                                       (42,600DWT, below or over), and
Offshore cargo handling on the first F-48, Crystal Lily, is easy with four deck        Future-48 (48,600DWT, below or
cranes with a capacity of 25t and a 10m-long overside reach                            over).
  Topics                                                                               No. 277 Oct. - Nov. Page 4

       Hitachi Zosen completes West Venture for North Sea
   Hitachi Zosen Corp. (HZ)                                                                   Many automated facilities
has completed construction of                                                              and equipment are provided.
a next-generation semi-sub-                                                                A dual RamRig manufac-
mersible oil drilling rig, West                                                            tured by Maritime Hydrau-
Venture, for Smedvig Off-                                                                  lics is provided on the rig for
shore AS, a Norwegian drill-                                                               elevating drilling devices and
ing company, at the HZ Ari-                                                                pipes and enables simulta-
ake Works. The West Venture                                                                neous drilling and casing,
is the 22nd rig built by HZ.                                                               minimizing the loss of time in
(refer to SEA-Japan No. 263)                                                               drilling work. The efficiency
   The West Venture towed by                                                               of the drilling operation will
a tug left the works for the                                                               increase by 20% compared
North Sea off Bergen, Nor-                                                                 with the 4th generation rigs
way, on September 22. Tow-                                                                 built over ten years ago.
ing will require about two                                                                    Principal particulars
months via the Suez Canal.                                                                 Upper hull
After final trial operation at                                                             Length:                81.70m
the site, the rig will be deliv-                                                           Breadth:               69.70m
ered to the owner to begin                                                                 Depth:                  7.30m
                                           5th generation semi-submersible rig
commercial operation by a                                                          Pontoons
charterer, Norsk Hydro ASA of Nor-         of the largest rig in the past. Eight   Length:                      117.60m
way.                                       thrusters can achieve dynamic posi-     Breadth:                       14.45m
   The West Venture fully complies         tioning of the rig. Operable water      Depth:                         10.15m
with Norwegian regulations and has         depth is down to 1,500m under severe    Operation performance
a variable deck load of 5,500 tons. This   sea weather conditions, which is 600    Optimum water depth:           1,500m
figure is 1,000 tons larger than that      to 700m deeper than previous rigs.      Max. drilling depth:9,000m (approx.)

      OSC completes bulker, Federal Oshima, for Fednav Limited
   Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.           in international trades. Fednav has     was suitable not only for Lake trad-
(OSC) delivered the 36,563DWT              operated vessels into and out of the    ing but also to be competitive in cross-
bulker, Federal Oshima, the first of       St. Lawrence Seaway System since it     trade. The selection of OSC was based
seven St. Lawrence Seaway Max-             was opened in 1959 and therefore has    not only on the shipyard’s excellent
Beam ocean going bulk carriers, to         very substantial experience of Laker    record in the design and construction
Fednav Limited, Montreal, on Sept.         operation.                              of bulk carriers, but in addition on the
30, 1999.                                     OSC was entrusted by Fednav Ltd.     shipyard’s ability and willingness to
   Fednav Ltd. is the largest Cana-        on an exclusive basis to design and     interpret the owner’s Laker experi-
dian bulk carrier owner and operator       construct a modern bulk carrier which   ence into new design.
                                                                                      The design development included
                                                                                   a number of Lakes voyages being
                                                                                   made by members of the OSC design
                                                                                   team. This direct approach to the
                                                                                   project greatly helped to produce a
                                                                                   superior vessel.
                                                                                      Joining OSC and Fednav Ltd. in
                                                                                   the technical discussion was Det
                                                                                   Norske Veritas (DNV) who were able
                                                                                   to provide additional design guidance
                                                                                   and evaluation.
                                                                                      The name of the first vessel, Fed-
                                                                                   eral Oshima, was selected by Fednav
                                                                                   in recognition of the shipyard’s stand-
                                                                                   ing as a leading constructor of bulk
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   Industry News in Brief                                                               No. 277 Oct. - Nov. Page 5

               NZC launches container carrier, Wan Hai 231
   Naikai Zosen Corporation (NZ) has
launched the Wan Hai 231(HN: 652),
a 17,900DWT container carrier, built
for Wan Hai Lines, Ltd. at the Setoda
Works. The ceremony was open to the
public, commemorating the comple-
tion of the so-called Shimanami Kaido,
a toll road linking Hiroshima
(Onomichi) and Ehime (Imabari).
Many bridges form the road spans
between islands extending from
Onomichi to Imabari.
   The Wan Hai 231 has a container
carrying capacity of 1,660TEUs in-
cluding 150 reefer containers. After
completion on Feb. 15, 2000, the con-
tainer carrier will enter service be-
tween Japan, S.E. Asia and Austra-
lia.                                      power saving. The super-long stroke        navigation, and an elevator with a
   Five container holds are provided      diesel engine is used as the main en-      loading capacity of 4 persons. The
in which five tiers of containers can     gine for energy saving and propulsion      GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress
be loaded. The upper deck can load        efficiency.                                and Safety System) is also applied to
six tiers of containers, and hazardous       Other special equipment and in-         the container carrier.
containers can be loaded over the         stallations include the bow thruster          Principal particulars
hatch covers.                             for efficient berthing and unberthing,     L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 191.44m x 28.00m
   The main engine room is provided       an auto-heeling control device for en-        x 14.10m x 9.50m
with advanced equipment allowing          sured cargo loading and unloading,         DWT/GT: 20,900t/17,900t
unattended engine operation for man-      collision avoidance equipment for safe     Main engine: Hitachi Zosen-MAN
                                                                                        B&W 7S60MC-C diesel x 1 unit
                                                                                     Speed, Max. trial: 22.7t
(Continued from page 4)                                                              Classification: CR/ABS
                                          - Computer based fatigue assess-
carriers and the excellent relationship      ment of high-tensile steel structural   Completion: Feb. 15, 2000
developed with Oshima during the             design details
realization of the project.               - Ice Class regulations (including a               To our readers
   The principal features of the Fed-        stern ice knife) applied for enabling
                                                                                       • Please notify us of any change
eral Oshima are:                             ship trade in the St. Lawrence              in address by letter or telefax
- Maximum Lakes width of 23.762m             River during winter                         together with the old mailing
   to maximize the seaway cargo lift      - Installation of a bow thruster to aid        label to ensure you continue
- Wide hatches and the inclusion of          maneuverability                             to receive SEA-Japan.
                                                                                       • We welcome your comments
   long holds for project cargo           - Installation of 3 units of 30t cranes        about SEA-Japan. Please ad-
- Vertical sides incorporated in the         each outfitted for operation of 10.0        dress all correspondence to the
   lower wing ballast tanks to improve       m3 grab                                     Japan Ship Exporters' Asso-
   the stowage of steel and project       - Reduced fuel consumption over                ciation (JSEA), or the Japan
   cargo                                                                                 Ship Center in London.
                                             that obtained by previous genera-         • Address (Tokyo): 15-16, Tora-
- Cargo holds clear of obstructions to       tion vessels                                nomon 1-chome, Minato-ku,
   aid cleaning                              Principal particulars                       Tokyo 105-0001 / Tel: (03)
- Fully enclosed access ladders to        L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 199.99m x 23.762m        3508-9661 Fax: (03) 3508-
   each cargo hold to prevent damage                                                     2058
                                             x 14.85m x 10.731m
                                                                                         E-mail: postmaster@jsea.or.jp
   and to promote safer access            DWT/GT: 36,563t/20,569t                      • Address (London): 11th Fl, St.
- Block loading applied to enhance        Main engine: Kawasaki-MAN B&W                  Clare House, 30/33 Minories,
   the parceling capability                  6S46MC-C diesel x 1 unit                    London EC3N 1DD / Tel: 44-
- Self-contained hold washing reten-      Speed, service: 14kt                           171-488-0311 / Fax: 44-171-
   tion system to meet the owner’s        Cargo hold capacity: 44,084m3 (grain);         E-mail: info@jsc.org.uk
   environmental requirements                42,289m3 (bale)
  Shipyard Activities                                                             No. 277 Oct. - Nov. Page 6

             Carol                              La Selva                              Top Beuaty
Owner: Hung Fu Shipping (Sin-                                              Owner: Noisette Shipping Corpora-
  gapore) Pte. Ltd.                                                          tion
Builder: Mitsui Engineering & Ship-                                        Builder: Oshima Shipbuilding Co.,
  building Co., Ltd.                                                         Ltd.
Hull No.: 1473                                                             Hull No.: 10247
Ship type: Bulk carrier                                                    Ship type: Bulk carrier
L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 225.00m x                                            L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 225.00m x
  32.26m x 19.25m x 13.90m                                                   32.26m x 18.90m x 13.904m

                                      Owner: Arcadia Shipholding S. A.
                                      Builder: NKK Corp.
                                      Hull No.: 189
                                      Ship type: Bulk carrier
                                      L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 289.00m x
                                        45.00m x 24.10m x 17.78m
                                      DWT/GT: 172,515t/87,363t
                                      Main engine: MES-MAN B&W
                                        6S70MC (Mark VI) diesel x 1 unit   DWT/GT: 73,941t/38,646t
DWT/GT: 75,608t/39,996t
                                      Speed: 14.95kt                       Main engine: DU Sulzer 7RTA48TB
Main engine: Mitsui-MAN B&W
                                      Classification: LRS                    diesel x 1 unit
  7S50MC-C diesel x 1 unit
                                      Completion: Oct. 26, 1999            Speed: 14.70kt
Speed, service: 14.67kt
                                                                           Classification: ABS
Classification: NK                             Pine Hurst                  Completion: Sept. 16, 1999
Completion: Oct. 13, 1999
                                      Owner: Diamond Camellia S. A.
            Sifnos                    Builder: Hakodate Dock Co., Ltd.                  Ammon
                                      Hull No.: 775
Owner: Royal Maritime Corp.           Ship type: Bulk carrier
Builder: NKK Corp.                    L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 176.82m x
Hull No.: 196                           29.40m x 13.50m x 9.55m
                                      DWT/GT: 31,784t/19,728t
                                      Main engine: 6UEC52LA diesel x 1
                                      Speed: 14.2kt
                                      Classification: NK
                                      Completion: Sept. 22, 1999           Owner: Ammon Maritime Inc.
                                                                           Builder: Namura Shipbuilding Co.,
Ship type: Tanker                                                          Hull No.: 976
L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 274.20m x                                            Ship type: Tanker
  48.00m x 22.40m x 16.00m                                                 L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 240.99m x
DWT/GT: 150,875t/78,845t                                                     42.00m x 21.20m x 14.923m
Main engine: DU Sulzer 6RTA72                                              DWT/GT: 106,122t/56,249t
  diesel x 1 unit                                                          Main engine: Sulzer 7RTA58T die-
Speed: 15.40kt                                                               sel x 1 unit
Classification: LRS                                                        Speed, Max. trial: 16.17kt
Completion: Oct. 14, 1999                                                  Classification: ABS
                                                                           Completion: Sept. 30, 1999

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