Safe Forklift Operations by chenmeixiu


									   Safe Forklift Operations
Dustin Flavell
Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center
       Training Session Overview

Terminology Overview
Safety Video
Operating Rules for Industrial Trucks
Load Capacity Requirements
Pre-shift Inspection
Unusual Features of Forklift Operation
Safety Video
       Operating Rules – Industrial Trucks

5. Keep clear of forklift mast uprights and all other
   parts where shear and crushing hazards exist
       Operating Rules – Industrial Trucks

6. Do not stand, pass or work under the elevated
   portion of a forklift
    Operating Rules – Industrial Trucks

7. Forklift must be check at least once before use
   each day
       Operating Rules – Industrial Trucks

8. Forklifts with fuel system leaks may not be
9. Forklifts must maintain a safe speed &
    distance from other vehicles
10. Do not pass other lifts at dangerous locations
11. Drivers must slow down & sound horn at
    dangerous locations
       Operating Rules – Industrial Trucks
12. Be sure all people are clear before moving a
    forklift in any direction
13. Do not drive towards people standing around
    fixed objects
       Operating Rules – Industrial Trucks
14. Ascend & Descend grades slowly
15. Forks shall be carried as low as possible
       Operating Rules – Industrial Trucks
16. When leaving a forklift unattended:
     • Shut the power off
     • Set the parking brake
     • Mast must be down in the vertical position
     • Wheels blocked if on an incline
How Far is Considered Unattended?

          25 feet

       Operating Rules – Industrial Trucks
24.   One tire width minimum distance from the
      edge of any elevated dock or platform
       Operating Rules – Industrial Trucks

26. Do not load forklifts in excess of their rated
27. A loaded forklift may not be moved until the
    load is safe and secure
28. Use extreme care when tilting loads
31. If loads are lifted by two or more forklifts
    working in unison the load shall not exceed the
    combined rated lifting capacity of all trucks
              Rules covered in video

1.   Only trained personnel may operate a forklift
2.   Stunt driving & horseplay is prohibited
3.   No riders on forklifts
4.   Riding is not allowed on the forks of a forklift
5.   ,7,11,13,17,20,21,22(18,19,23,25,30,31 – N/A)
         Unusual Features Forklift Operations
1. Rear Steering
2. Wide swing of rear of forklift when turning
3. Potential for tipping over
4. Potential for loss of load off forks during
5. Positioning of load
6. Reduction in rated capacity
7. Operating in reverse
        Operating Rules for Elevating People

1.   Only use a securely attached safety platform
2.   Be sure the lift mechanism is working smoothly
3.   Never tilt the mast forward or backward
4.   Place forklift in neutral with parking brake set
5.   Watch for overhead obstructions
6.   Keep hands clear of controls when not in use
7.   Never travel with personnel on the safety

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