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                                                     Cradled amid continents   04
                                                  Western Cyprus
                                                                   The perfect setting

                                                  Cap St Georges Villa Club
                                                                           Managed by Thanos Hotels   15
                                                  Culture & antiquity
                                                                         Steeped in antiquity   19
                                                  Sensual elegance
                                                                  A private world   25
                                                  Design team
                                                         Bespoke design from an acclaimed team   42

Yeronisos Island from Cap St Georges show house
                                                                                     The coast at Cap St Georges

                                                           Cradled amid continents
    An island republic in the Eastern Mediterranean and
    member of the EU, Cyprus stands at the crossroads
    of Europe, Asia and Africa. Some 340 days of
    sunshine a year make for long, languid summers
    and mild winters. Landscapes are breathtaking,
    with mountains, vine-clad foothills, cedar forests
    and calm, azure seas. Meanwhile, the World Health
    Organisation rates Cyprus as one of the healthiest
    countries in the Mediterranean, and the European
    Environment Agency has consistently rated Cyprus’
    bathing waters the cleanest in the Mediterranean.
    A Mediterranean diet, modern healthcare and
    international schools ensure an excellent quality of
    life. Economic conditions are highly favourable too:
    a low tax regime, zero inheritance tax, and
    exemptions for overseas interests and dividends
    make it the perfect choice for second home owners
    and tax exiles.

4                                                                                                                  5
Akamas Peninsula
Easy access from Asia,                                                                                                                                                                                  Akamas Peninsula

Europe and Africa

Cyprus is within easy reach of Europe, Russia, the Middle East
and North Africa. Around 40 airlines fly to the island’s two
international airports: the new terminal at Paphos airport                                                   MEDITERRANEAN SEA
was completed in Autumn 2008 while Larnaca’s impressive
new terminal opened in November 2009. Both airports are well                                                                                         KERYNEIA

equipped to accommodate private jets and helicopters, while a                                                                               MORFOU      NICOSIA
new 1,100-berth marina close to Cap St Georges will provide
ample space for super-yachts.                                                                                                                               LARNACA


International airports to Cyprus              Local airports to Cap St Georges
Amsterdam      4 hours                        Paphos 25 km                       30 mins
Kiev     2 hrs 55 mins                        Larnaca 155 km                1 hr 45 mins
London   4 hrs 30 mins
Moscow 3 hrs 30 mins
Oslo     4 hrs 40 mins
Paris     4 hrs 15 mins
Zurich          3 hours


                                                                               Sweden                        Estonia

                        Eire                                     Denmark
                                                   Netherlands                                                                                                                         Kazakhstan
                                                  Belgium        Germany

                                                                              Czech Rep

                                         France                              Austria                                     Moldova
     Portugal                                                                                                                                                                    Georgia
                                                                                  Bosnia &                                               BLACK SEA
                                                                                 Herzegovina Serbia
                Spain                                                                   Montenegro            Bulgaria

                                                                                                    Macedonia                                                                                Iran


        Morocco                                                                                                                                                                       Iraq
                                                                                MEDITERRANEAN SEA
                                                    Tunisia                                                                               CYPRUS
                                                                                                                                                                            Saudi Arabia

8                                                                                                                                                                                                                          9
     Riding on Akamas Peninsula

10                                11
 Sunset at Cap St Georges

                            Cap St Georges is the perfect place to lie back, switch off
                            and relax. But those with a desire for more activity are
                            equally well served: swimming and water sports such as
                            windsurfing, scuba diving and kitesurfing are a sheer
                            indulgence in the tranquil blue sea while the more
                            adventurous can head to the mountains for terrain that will
                            delight mountain bikers, hikers, bird watchers, paragliders
                            and botanists alike. From here, the deep blue sea can be
                            glimpsed through the lace-like canopy of pine trees.

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14   15
Club services
meet your
every need
Cap St Georges operates just like a private members’
club: in partnership with Thanos Hotels, Cap St
Georges Villa Club combines prime freehold real
estate with all the luxury of staying in a world class
members’ club. Residents and their guests enjoy
exclusive facilities including a seashore clubhouse,
bar and restaurant, spa and treatment rooms, tennis
court and conference room. All villas are fully
serviced and chauffeurs, concierges, babysitters,
gardeners, maintenance staff and housekeepers are
on hand at all times.

16                                                       17
     Church at Agios Georgios

18                         19
 Mosaics, Kato Paphos

                        in antiquity
                        Travellers and traders have been drawn to Cyprus      and Latin churches, Venetian fortresses, castles
                        for centuries, attracted by its position at the       and mosques and Neolithic ruins are scattered
                        crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Their legacy   throughout the island. The goddess Aphrodite was
                        endures: the UNESCO city of Paphos offers an          born in Paphos; her famous bath lies in the nearby
                        ancient harbour and countless mosaics, while          Akamas mountains.
                        classical Greek and Roman monuments, Byzantine

                         Tombs of the Kings                                    Aphrodite’s bath

20                                                                                                                                 21
                  MEDITERRANEAN SEA
Europe's finest                                                                                                          Pomos

fairways & marinas                                                                                            Noa Dimmata

Thanks to its west-facing position, Cap St Georges
enjoys spectacular sunsets and panoramas — views
                        Cape Arnaoutis
maximised by the villas’ open, contemporary design.                                                           Gialia
The area’s sea caves and pure waters make it one of
the most idyllic stretches of the Mediterranean coast,
perfect for swimming and diving.                                                                 Argaka
Nearby Coral Bay is set to host one of the                                                   Magounta
Mediterranean's best marinas, providing the perfect
European base to explore the mysteriesNeokhorioEastern
                                         of the       Polis                                Pelathousa
Mediterranean or Italy's Amalfi coast. There are four                                                                                                    Stavros
highly-acclaimed championship golf courses within
30 minutes' driving distance of Cap St Georges.

                                        Phasli                                                                      Zakharla

                                                 Inia           Kritou Terra
                                           KATHIKAS                                                                              PANOS PANYLA
                                AGIOS GEORGIOS                                                             Lapithiou



                                Coral Bay Marina                                                        Kallepia                                                                 Sakamiou
                                                                                            Minthis Hills           Pitargou
                                                                       Tala                 Golf Club
                                 Coral Bay

                                             PAPHOS                                                                              Nata
                                                                     Golf & Spa         Koloni
                                                                                                                                                Pano Archimandrita
                                                                       Resort                                          Anarita
                                                                       (2010)              Paphos
                                                                                        International        Timi
                                                 Moulia Rocks
                                                                                                                         Nikoklia Kouklia

                                                                                                                                           Aphrodite Hills
                                                                                                                                           Golf Club
                                                                                                                                        Secret Valley
                                                                                                                                           Golf Club

                                                                                                                               Petra tou Rominou
22                                                                                                                                                                                          23
“I've tried to create an atmosphere of ‘sensual
elegance’, underpinned by world-class technology and
service. And with private pools, gyms, cinemas, wine
cellars, yoga terraces and jacuzzis, the inspiration
revolves around unadulterated pleasure.”
Georges Andraos Architect

A privAte world
Cap St Georges was born of a dream to create
a community: a place of refuge for high achievers
who sought an idyllic, private space for relaxing and
entertaining. The concept is simple: an enclave of
bespoke designer villas within paces of an unspoilt
shore and a shimmering blue sea, with first-class
security and concierge services on hand at all times.
Here, the clamouring world is shut out at the gate,
everyday stresses dissolve and families are free to
spend time together; it’s a place for Zen serenity
or lavish parties, whatever suits the mood.

The Villas
The villas are contemporary in style and designed     The villas also play with light and shade, blurring
with timeless elegance. A gentle slope towards the    the edges between inside and outside space and
sea affords every house a spectacular view.           making opulent living areas feel as if they’re part of
                                                      the spectacular landscape. All villas are serviced by
Owners can ‘live’ the local culture and its history   Thanos Hotels, owners of the five-star Anassa,
through rich and luxurious materials. From the        Almyra and Annabelle, who will also run the rental
lower-ground floors to the balconies, local colours   of your villa on request.
and flavours have been incorporated: stone, wood,
plants and mosaics.


26                                                                                                                    27

28                   29


30               31

32           33
 Epsilon   Epsilon

34                   35

36             37

38                   39
Sumptuous features   The villas are exemplars of luxury living. Residents
                     can while away hours in their private pool or jacuzzi,
                                                                              All materials are extremely high quality, from natural
                                                                              stone floors and glass mosaic tiles to hardwood

and finishes
                     unwind in their sauna or enjoy the latest films in       screens and anodized aluminium windows. Products
                     their state-of-the-art home cinema. Wine cellars,        and appliances have to earn their place too: only the
                     sculpture courts and well-equipped gyms are also         best brands are being used with the likes of Grohe
                     key features.                                            taps, Siematic Kitchens, Duravit Bathroom
                                                                              Appliances, Daikin Air-conditioning and Delta Lights
                                                                              or similar exuding quality and style.

40                                                                                                                                     41
Bespoke design from
an acclaimed team
Private consultations with the design team enable owners to
create their ideal villa, completely tailored to their lifestyle and
personal tastes. Owners can select everything from internal
lay-out to high-spec fittings and garden landscaping.

Design meetings are held at venues of the client’s choosing
— anywhere in the world including their family home or office.
The design team is also keen to involve spouses and other
family members where possible.

                                                         “The spirit of Cap St Georges is pure, seductive
                                                          and sexy. It’s not cold minimalism, it’s clean lines
                                                          but with soul. It’s rich in detail and warm in
                                                          texture. I’ve designed each villa to be a haven
                                                          with intriguing corners and discreet hideaways;
                                                          each is designed differently, each has a different
                                                          view of the mountains and ocean, but all are
                                                          entrancing. It’s very transparent; very Zen.”
                                                          Georges Andraos, architect of private residences and
                                                          boutique hotels world-wide, including royal palaces in the
                                                          Middle East and country clubs in Spain.

                                                         “We are using colour, texture, antiques,
                                                          contemporary furniture and art work to create
                                                          a unique interior for each client. Materials are
                                                          locally inspired — the azure sea, cedar woods,
                                                          olive groves — and the ambiance timeless.”
                                                          Mary Fox Linton, leading residential and commercial interior
                                                          designer. Projects run from villas in Greece, France, Italy and
                                                          Spain to London’s One Aldwych and Tokyo’s Shiodome Tower.
                                                          Mary’s numerous plaudits include awards from Design and
                                                          Decoration, Condé Nast Traveller and Sleeper.

                                                         “We collaborate with the environment to create
                                                          moments of discovery and joy. Here we are
                                                          blurring the boundaries between outside and
                                                          in: allowing parties to ebb and flow, maximising
                                                          contact with the sea and providing space for
                                                          eastern rituals and martial arts.”
                                                          Stephen Woodhams, landscape architect.

42                                                                                                                          43
For more information please contact:

Sales & Marketing
Cap St Georges
c/o Silfona Developments Ltd.
3/5 Harbour Yard
Chelsea Harbour
London SW10 0XD

UK office: +44 (0) 207 352 6766
UK mob: +44 (0) 7565 808633
Cyprus mob: +357 99 752558

All information cited in this brochure does not form part of any offer or contract and must not be relied upon as a statement of fact. The features, facilities and amenities described and depicted in this
brochure are based upon the current development plans, which plans are subject to change without notice, and there is no guarantee that the said features, facilities and amenities will be provided, or
if provided, will be of the same type, size or nature as depicted or described. All artist representations and interior decoration are for illustrative purposes only. Any areas, measurements or distances are
approximate. It should not be assumed that the property has all necessary planning and building consents. All information is subject to change. No liability is assumed for the accuracy or completeness
of information contained herein.
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