discover the magic of the provinceof Valladolid by chenmeixiu


									discover the magic of the                  province of Valladolid
            A G U I D E TO V I S I T I N G A N D E N J OY I N G O U R P ROV I N C E
                                  Path close to the Eresma river, in Tierra de Pinares


PUBLICATION: September 2008
                                                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

   INTRODUCTION    ..........5                      GASTRONOMY             . . . . . . . . . 31

       ART AND
CULTURAL EVENTS    ..........9
                                           LEISURE AND NATURE              . . . . . . . . . 33

   ONEOTOURISM     . . . . . . . . . 17
                                          THE WAY OF SANTIAGO
                                           in the province of Valladolid   . . . . . . . . . 37
    IN THE AREA    . . . . . . . . . 21
                                                ACTIVE TOURISM,
                                                      GOLF AND
                                                  THERMAL SPAS             . . . . . . . . . 41

  RURAL TOURISM    . . . . . . . . . 25

                                           LANGUAGE LEARNING               . . . . . . . . . 43
    FUN FOR ALL    . . . . . . . . . 27

AND CONFERENCES    . . . . . . . . . 29            INTEREST DATA           . . . . . . . . . 45

                                                                                            INTRODUCTION ·   3
              Mudejar tower of San Pelayo in Villavicencio de los Caballeros. It has been
              restored to be used as a scenic viewpoint to Tierra de Campos

                                                                                     … a privileged setting for communications
                                                                          Monument in honor of the pine seed
                                                                          collector and Monumental tree.
                                                                          Both in the pine tree forest.
                                                                          Pedrajas de San Esteban

Welcome to the province of Valladolid
                                       The province, located in the
                                       autonomous region of Castilla
                                       y León (Castile and Leon),
                                       covers an area of more than
                                       8200 km2 (3166 mi2) and has a
                                       strategic and privileged posi-
                                       tion in Northern Spain.
                                       The city and province have
                                       over 500,000 inhabitants,
                                       most of them living in the capi-
                                       tal city.

Ridges over the Pisuerga river, when   Valladolid is well connected by
flowing through Cabezón de Pisuerga    air and by land, making it an
                                       open and approachable city.

                                                                                                               INTRODUCTION ·   5
Pisuerga river, Cabezón de Pisuerga

                                                                                                  How to get there
Railway Station                   Airport
C/ Recondo s/n                    Road N-601
Phone number 902 240 202          (Road to León) 13 km from Valladolid)
(national information)            Phone number (+34) 983 415 500
Travel agency
Divina Pastora, 5
Phone number (+34) 983 210 928                                                                                                     TO FRANCE

Coach companies
                                                                          TO PORTUGAL
C/ Puente Colgante, 2             ÍSCAR
Phone number (+34) 983 236 308    Cabrero (coach company)
                                  Phone number (+34) 611 014
MEDINA DEL CAMPO                                                                        Airport
Coach Station                     OLMEDO
Phone number (+34) 983 800 535    Alsa (coach company)
La Regional (coach company)       Phone number (+34) 902 422 242
Phone number (+34) 983 308 088
MEDINA DE RIOSECO                 Coach Station
Linecar (coach company)           Phone number (+34) 983 770 072
Phone number (+34) 983 230 033
Alsa (coach company)              SIMANCAS
Phone number 902 422 242 (Alsa)   La Regional (coach company)
                                  Phone number (+34) 983 308 088
PEÑAFIEL                          Bus from and to Valladolid
De las Heras (coach company)      (AUVASA-bus number 5)
Phone number (+34) 983 271 587    Phone number 010/(+34) 983 330 359

                                                                                                  Motorways and highways (2008)
Autobuses Urbanos Valladolid (City bus of Valladolid)                                             Motorways and highways under construction/in project (2008)
AUVASA                                                                                            National and Regional roads (2008)
010 / (+34) 983 330359

                                                                                                                                                         INTRODUCTION ·   7
Church of Santa María in Wamba.
Montes Torozos area

                                                                                                                    A RT A N D C U LT U R A L E V E N T S
      The province of Valladolid maintains an important cultural legacy in each of its
  towns and villages and it is of great interest to visitors. The cultural heritage that
                                                                                                                                                  Church of Santa Cruz
 marks the geography of Valladolid bears exceptional witness to its history: Palaces,                                                            in Medina de Rioseco
       noble houses, monasteries, churches, castles, roman paved roads, bridges from
      different eras and styles can all be visited in our province. Visitors understand
better and enjoy our culture, our past and our history through our monuments, their
meaning in history and the variety of events held in the province. Each of the areas in
     the province of Valladolid maintains its unique cultural features and traditions.

Barcial de la Loma   Dovecot in Villavicencio de los Caballeros           Bridge to “Villalón”, Canal de Castilla

The North: Tierra de Campos
Tierra de Campos lies in the north of the province and is considered to be homogeneous in terms of his-
tory and geography. In this area, architecture as well as traditional handcraft is made of clay, being outs-
tanding the adobe houses and walls. One of the outstanding elements in the landscape of Tierra de
Campos, which has become a tourist attraction, is the dovecot, a different shaped building used to
breed pigeons: Square, rounded, polygonal dovecots… are frequent in the area. However, Tierra de
Campos has several towns and villages proud of their vast and monumental heritage.
In the heart of Tierra de Campos, in the so-called Ciudad de los Almirantes (City of the Admirals), Medina
de Rioseco, the wood and stone arcade in the Rua Mayor, stands out as well as the Villa doors, made of
ashlar stone. Among its excellent monuments, the church of Santa María de Mediavilla, its tower worth a
visit, and the church of Santiago can be pointed out and visitors are overwhelmed with the pieces of art
kept in the Museo de San Francisco (Museum of San Francisco). The church of Santa Cruz holds the
Museo de Semana Santa, a museum where most of the Holy Week "pasos" are kept. Villalón de Campos
is the next town worth a visit in the North area. In its Plaza porticada (porch or extended colonnade lea-
ding to a square) the Rollo jurisdiccional (a column where law was enforced in some towns and villages
in ancient times) was built in a flamboyant Gothic style and it is considered to be one of the most beauti-
ful and ornamented “rollos” (columns) in Spain. The flagship product making this town well-known in the
region, a designation of origin cheese, has its own Museum where the process is explained. The Museo

              del Calzado Ribot, a shoe museum including a variety of           The South: Tierra de Pinares
              handmade shoes, can also be visited in Villalón de                Heritage in Valladolid and its province is mainly Mudejar
              Campos. The church of San Juan in Mayorga, the next               (Moorish), distinguished by a plain, robust and simple
              town on our tour, holds the Museo del Pan, a museum               style. Although monuments and architectural elements can
              showing the bread making process in the province of               be found all along the province, most of them are located
              Valladolid. Mayorga was a booming town for Mudejar                south east, in the so-called area of "Tierra de Pinares."
              constructions in ancient times, as is evidenced by the            Vernacular architecture, and particularly the use of bricks
              church of Santa María de Arbás, among other examples.             in its construction, is one of the common features of the
              The lookout of “Mirador de Tierra de Campos" is located           Mudejar style. There are very many examples of this in the
              in Tordehumos and has become a tourist attraction thanks          mudejar-style churches of Alcazarén, Fresno el Viejo, Mo-
              to the hillside cleaning. The village of Tordehumos is named      jados, Pozaldez and Matapozuelos among others.
              after its castle, built in the Middle Ages, and in reference to   Lope de Vega universalized the town of Olmedo in his play
              smoke signals started from its fortified tower.                   about the legendary Gentleman (The Gentleman from Ol-
              Romans left their footprint in Becilla de Valderaduey,            medo), but this town is also considered to be one of the
              thanks to the bridge and the roman paved road.                    main settings for mudejar-style buildings in Castilla y León
                                                                                (Castile and León), featuring examples such as the church
              The Colegiata de San Luis (a collegiate church) in                of San Juan, a gothic-mudejar style church from the XIII cen-
              Villagarcía de Campos was designed by Rodrigo Gil de              tury or the church of San Andrés. A great part of the walls
              Hontañon and built in the XVI century. Nowadays, this             is still standing. The church of Santa María del Castillo, from
              collegiate church holds a very interesting historic-artis-        the XV century, has a beautiful plateresque-style altarpiece,
              tic museum The walls of the Quijada’s castle, where               by Gaspar de Tordesillas and the church of San Miguel is al-
              Juan de Austria was raised, are still standing.                   so outstanding. Both are gothic-mudejar style churches.
                                                                                The visit to the Palacio del Caballero de Olmedo is a recre-      Mudejar church in Fresno el Viejo
                                                                                ational, sensory and emotional tour through the province

                                                                                 ¡!      MUSEO DE LAS VILLAS ROMANAS
                                                                                          12 km away from Olmedo, the Museo de las Villas Romanas (a museum with
                                                                                 roman villa remains) is located in Almenara de Adaja and Almenara de Puras. It is a
                                                                                 unique museum in Spain that allows visitors to achieve a comprehensive approach
                                                                                 of a roman villa from the IV century, thanks to a very interesting tour through the
                                                                                 rooms of a luxurious stately house from that period. The tour is complemented with
                                                                                 a visit to a roman house replica and a children’s park from around that period.
                                                                                 Several didactic tours for high schools and other groups are organized; visitors en-
                                                                                 joy other activities such as roman dances, films, gastronomy from the period, etc.
                                                                                 Museo de las Villas Romanas. Almenara de Adaja-Puras
                                                                                 Phone number (+34) 983 626 036
              Rollo de justicia in Plaza Mayor. Villalón de Campos

of Castilla, The Golden Age, theatre plays and Lope de Ve-       Tordesillas is a relevant town in Spanish History becau-
                                                                                                                                                                          Mariemma museum in Íscar
ga. There, by means of modern techniques, visitors are wit-      se Juana I de Castilla (Joanna of Castile) was kept loc-
nesses to history.                                               ked away there and also because the Treaty of Tordesi-
                                                                 llas, an event treated in detail in the museum, was sig-
The remains of the castle in Iscar, a Middle Age fortress        ned there; Tordesillas has outstanding gothic-style chur-
dominates the town. The church of San Miguel with a be-          ches such as Santa María and San Pedro o the Iglesia
autiful Romanesque-style apse and the church of Santa Ma-        Museo de San Antolín. The Real Monasterio de Santa
ría deserve a visit. The Museo Mariemma is the first mu-         Clara, a monastery, is considered to be one of the best
seum devoted to Spanish-style dance. The museum takes            examples of mudejar (moorish) art in Castilla y León
its name after the famous dancer and choreographer from          (Castile and Leon). Medina del Campo became one of
Iscar, whose real name was Guillermina Martínez Cabrejas.        the most important commercial centres of the Castilian
Portillo still has two of the seven churches built in Ancient    Reign in the XV and XVI centuries because merchants
times. Its castle, built by the Alonso Pimentel family, stand    from throughout Europe attended its fairs. It became the
on the vast plain.                                               trade forum in Europe and the meaning of all these
                                                                 events is explained in the Museo de las Ferias (Trade
Simancas, a historic-artistic town, has, apart from its im-      museum). Apart from its impossing castle, the Castillo
pressive castle-fortress turned into a State Archive during      de la Mota, where Queen Isabel la Católica (Isabelle I of
the reign of King Philip II, the church of El Salvador with an   Castile) died, the Palacio Testamentario is another of the
outstanding tower, a Plaza Mayor full of local color and a       outstanding monuments that can be visited in Medina.
scenic viewpoint where visitors contemplate its medieval         Next to the Town hall, visitors can find the huge temple
bridge over the Pisuerga River.                                  known as colegiata de San Antolin. Another relevant

                                                                                         Monastery of Santa Clara in Tordesillas

                                                                                                                                   Entrance hall. Palacio del Caballero. Olmedo

                                                                                                                                   Archivo de Simancas (Nacional archives)

                                                                                                                                                                                  ART AND CULTURAL EVENTS ·   11
              church in Medina del Campo is Santiago el Real, a           The painting and sculpture outdoor museum in Serrada has
              church that has several important works of art. Civil       been possible thanks not only to a cultural and artistic pro-
              Works in Medina del Campo are the Palacio de las Due-       ject, but also to the cooperation and generous and unsel-
              ñas, a reinassance palace, the Antiguo Hospital Gene-       fish contribution of many painters and sculptors. Although
              ral de Simón Ruiz, a former hospital, las Reales Carnice-   sculptures have been placed all over Serrada they can
              rías y la Casa Blanca.                                      mainly be found in the so-called Paseo del Arte.

                                                                                                                                          Sculpture in the Paseo del Arte in Serrada

                                                                                                                                          The East: Duero-Esgueva
                                                                                                                                          The east in the province of Valladolid covers two areas
                                                                                                                                          influenced by the surrounding rivers: the Duero and the
                                                                                                                                          Esgueva. On the banks of the river Duero, surrounded by
                                                                                                                                          vineyards and soft undulations, world famous wineries
                                                                                                                                          from Valladolid as well as important towns are located.
                                                                                                                                          Towns such as Pesquera de Duero, Quintanilla de
                                                                                                                                          Onésimo or Quintanilla de Arriba, among others, boast
                                                                                                                                          of streets and squares and unique monasteries with a tra-
                                                                                                                                          ditional flavour for visitors to enjoy. These religious set-
                                                                                                                                          tings are an important tourist attraction not only due to
                                                                                                                                          their location, within historical ensembles, areas of natu-
                                                                                                                                          ral beauty or hidden valleys, but also for the rich cultural
                                                                                                                                          heritage they preserve. An example of this is the Abbey of
                                                                                                                                          Santa María de Retuerta in Sardón de Duero, whose
                                                                                                                                          Romanesque church, built by Benedictine monks, dates
                                                                                                                                          from the first half of the XII century. Nowadays, the abbey
                                                                                                                                          has become a winery. The Cisterian Abbey of Santa María,
                                                                                                                                          located in San Bernardo in the district of Valbuena de
                                                                                                                                          Duero, was founded in 1143 and has an extremely beauti-
                                                                                                                                          ful cloister which dates from the XIII and XVI centuries and
                                                                                                                                          a church from the XII and XIII centuries.
                Church of the Monastery                                                                                                   The banks of these rivers in Valladolid have been appealing
                Of Santa María de Valbuena.                                                                                               to humans since ancient times, as is made clear in the ar-
                San Bernardo.
                Valbuena de Duero                                                                                                         chaeological site in Pintia, located in Padilla de Duero, and
                                                                                                                                          considered to be one of the best Vaccaei sites in the world.

Peñafiel has a very original and unique Plaza del Coso (bull-       From its source, the river Esgueva undertakes quite a dis-
ring) where events which date from medieval times or ce-            tance through valleys, unique villages, antique wineries and
lebrations such as “Bajada del Ángel” during the Holy We-           powerful castles in the province of Valladolid.
ek are still organized. Other tourist sites are the Convent of
San Pablo and the Convent of Santa Clara, which has been            Outstanding examples belonging to different schools wi-
restored and has become a hotel or the church or the To-            thin the Romanesque Castilian style can be found in the
rre del Reloj (Clock Tower). Peñafiel's castle is considered        area. It is very easy to come across a wide variety of rural
to be one of the best fortresses of the Spanish Medieval            churches with their humble but really attractive apses,
Era. It is boat-shaped and nowadays holds the Museo Pro-            main facades, towers, etc. An example of this is the church
vincial del Vino (Wine museum), a must when visiting the            of Villanueva de los Infantes, a Romanesque building from
area. The Museo de la Radio (Radio museum) holds a co-              the XII century which has a very interesting painted apse.
llection of more than 600 radios and in the Casa de la Ri-          On the other side of the valley, in Villafuerte de Esgueva,
bera visitors experience what life was really like in 1900.         a well-restored castle, a church from the XII century, or the
The next stop on our tour through this area is Olivares de          temple of Canillas de Esgueva can be visited. The castle
Duero, whose Gothic-style church of San Pelayo worths a             in Encinas de Esgueva is believed to have been built in the
visit. Its magnificent altarpiece is one of the most spectacu-      XIV century and the coats of arms from the Aguilar family,
lar in the province and it is one of the best examples of the       Counts of Encinas and Lords of the castle, are found in its
Spanish renaissance style.                                          towers.                                                         Altarpiece from the church of San Pelayo in Olivares de Duero

The West: Montes Torozos                                            Hospitalarios, are still standing. The church of Santa
                                                                                                                                      Montealegre castle
The plateau known as Montes Torozos spreads out in the              María del Templo is built after the structure of a
west of the province; this area is full of fortresses and cas-      Romanesque style church, in a rectangular plan, and
tles built on small hills. Villages are small and robust, with      the church of Santiago was built in different styles,
adobe and stone houses and lacking balconies and galle-             from Romanesque to Neoclassic. The Museo de la
ries. It is an historical area, full of interesting towns and vi-   Carpintería (Carpenter’s workshop museum) holds a
llages, where important monasteries and abbeys were                 variety of tools related this this profession.
founded, memorable battles were fought.                             Not far away from Villalba de los Alcores, visitors come
Close to Valladolid, Fuensaldaña has an impressive castle,          across the remains of a small Castilian medieval village
                                                                    known as the Despoblado Medieval de Fuenteungrillo.               Medieval remains in Fuenteungrillo. Villalba de los Alcores
built in the XV century. The castle, built after the typical
structure of a manorial fortress of the so-called School of         Several buildings make up these remains, such as an ar-
Valladolid, is made of ashlar and the attached Homage To-           chaeological interpretation room or a replica house which
wer could only be reached by a drawbridge.                          intends to recreate the everyday life from that era.
In the heart of Montes Torozos, visitors are overwhel-              Close to these remains, the former Cisterian monastery of
med by the heritage found in Villalba de los Alcores.               Santa María de Matallana, built in the XII century, has be-
Remains of a wall and a castle, both built in the XII cen-          en restored to hold a multidisciplinary centre that gives vi-
tury by the religious order of San Juan de los                      sitors a unique chance to enter into nature's secrets.

                                                                                                                                                                                     ART AND CULTURAL EVENTS ·   13
Monastery of La Santa Espina              Church of Santa María in Wamba                                       Tiedra castle                                                   Torrelobatón castle

                At the edge of the high plateau, in the historic-artistic area of       Other heritage monuments in the west area to be mentio-             a castle where the Comuneros entrenched before the re-
                Montealegre, a medieval castle is located; the castle, resto-           ned are located in poner San Cebrián de Mazote and                  volt in Villalar. Nowadays, the castle has been restored to
                red to hold the interpretation centre of the Medieval Era, is           Wamba. The Moorish-style church of San Cipriano in San              house the Interpretation Centre for the Comuneros revolt.
                built in a geometrical area and crowned by turrets. Monteale-           Cebrián de Mazote is one of the most important architec-
                                                                                                                                                            Urueña is a unique town with a particular medieval street de-
                gre has the outstanding churches of Santa María and San Pe-             tonic monuments in Spain; on the other hand, the church
                                                                                                                                                            sign; it is worth a mention its well-preserved wall. In the valley,
                dro. Finally, on the outskirts, visitors come across the Museo          of Santa María in Wamba has a Moorish-style façade from
                                                                                                                                                            the Romanesque style chapel of Nuestra Señora de la Anun-
                                                                                        the X century, whereas the rest of the church was built in a
                del Pastor (Shepherd’s museum).                                                                                                             ciada, a beautiful example of early Romanesque-Lombard style,
                                                                                        Romanesque style. Tiedra’s castle was already mentioned
                                                                                                                                                            is located. The Casona de la Mayorazga holds the Fundación
                Going through La Mudarra and Castromonte, visitors reach the Mo-        in documents from the XI century, in times of Sancho II,
                                                                                                                                                            Joaquín Díaz, a folk music and ethnographic research centre in-
                nasterio de La Santa Espina, which is named after the relic it          when the King asks El Cid to meet Doña Urraca. The castle
                                                                                                                                                            cluding several collections made up of both engravings of tra-
                holds: a thorn from Christ’s crown. Its simple church is outstanding,   still maintains its Homage Tower, from the XIII century and
                                                                                                                                                            ditional costumes and traditional popular music instruments as
                as well as its two cloisters and the chapter house. The monastery       part of its walls from the XIV and XV centuries. Tierra also
                                                                                                                                                            well as sound archives and a specialized library.
                also houses the rural life interpretation Centre in Castile and Leon.   has three churches from the XVI century. Torrelobatón has

                                                                                         ¡!     VILLA DEL LIBRO
                                                                                                The Diputación Provincial in Valladolid (the provin-
                                                                                                cial government) stimulated and financially suppor-
                                                                                         ted the creation in Urueña of the first Villa del Libro (Book
                                                                                         Village) in Spain. It is a dynamic tourist and culture initiati-
                                                                                         ve based on books and all the aspects related to them.
                                                                                         The focal point is the so-called Centro e-Lea, a space devo-
                                                                                         ted to reading, writing and their applications. The Centro e-
                                                                                         Lea offers visitors a museum focused on book history, a ro-
                                                                                         om for temporary exhibitions as well as a training and a do-
                                                                                         cumentation room. Urueña also has ten specialized book
                                                                                         stores, a handmade book binding workshop and an asso-
                                                                                         ciation for antique calligraphy/handwriting.
                                                   Moorish church of San Cipriano        VILLA DEL LIBRO (URUEÑA) • CENTRO E-LEA (+34) 983 717 502
                                                       in San Cebrián de Mazote

Valladolid, the capital City                                    Other outstanding monuments in the city are the church of
Valladolid was once the city where Kings and Queens set-        San Benito, the Palace of Fabio Nelli, the convents of Des-
tled their courts and still retains a very important heritage   calzas Reales and Porta Coeli, etc.
legacy. Among the many nooks and crannies and monu-             Both streets and squares such as Duque de la Victoria, Ace-
ments, the Colegio (college) de Santa Cruz is one of the ol-    ra de Recoletos, Zorrilla or Colón well deserve a walk
dest monuments to be found. Close to it, the University         through them. A break in Campo Grande, the city park, is
square holds the original building of the University. The Ca-   also recommended.
thedral, designed by Juan de Herrera and the church La An-
tigua are two outstanding buildings close to the University.    The city offers a great variety of museums; batches of do-
Opposite the Teatro Calderón, the church of Las Angustias       cuments and collections are exhibited in monumental heri-
is located. The church of San Pablo has a spectacular faça-     tage buildings or in cozy House-Museums such as those be-
de, facing the Royal Palace and the Palace of Pimentel, whe-    longing to Columbus, Zorrilla or Cervantes. Valladolid has
re Philip II was born. The Palace of Villena displays batches   a wide variety of museums showing not only heritage from
of documents from the National Museum of San Gregorio.          the past as in the Museo Nacional Colegio de San Grego-       Plaza mayor in the capital city
The town hall and the statue of Conde Ansúrez, the person       rio, but also artistic treasures as in the Museo de la
who resettled the city, dominate the Plaza Mayor, a square      Ciencia, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, and the Patio
that became an inspiration for many other squares in Spain.     Herreriano.                                                                                                 Fuente de la Fama
                                                                                                                                                                                in the Campo
                                                                                                                                                                                  Grande Park

                                                                                                      Church of Santa María
                                                                                                                 La Antigua

  Pasaje Gutiérrez (an arcade)

                                                                                                                                                                ART AND CULTURAL EVENTS ·       15
                                                                                  Frechilla-Zuloaga, an international piano-concert award,
                                                                                  organized by the Diputación de Valladolid (provincial
                                                                                  government). This award, addressed to young pianists,
                                                                                  intends to maintain the prolific musical tradition in Valladolid,
                                                                                  where the two pianists, Frechilla and Zuloaga, after whom
                                                                                  the award was named, are outstanding. These two pianists
                                                                                  left their marks in concert and recital rooms all over the
                                                                                  Regarding theatre and apart from the Provincial theatre net-
                                                                                                                                                      International organ concert season
                                                                                  work, some festivals are outstanding: The Festival de Teatro
                                                                                  Clásico de Olmedo (Classic theatre festival in Olmedo)
                                                Musical evenings at the castles   gathers together some of the best representatives of Golden         Medieval trade fair “Maestro y Aprendiz" or Master and Apprentice Íscar
                                                                                  Age drama, and plays are performed by international and
                                                                                  national theatre companies; or the Festival de Teatro
              CULTURAL EVENTS                                                     Alternativo, an alternative theatre festival held in Urones de
              All through the year, Valladolid organizes exhibitions, artistic    Castroponce. In the capital city, theatre festivals reach their
              cultural expressions and cultural events. Several leisure and       climax in may in Teatro de Calle (a street theatre festival)
              cultural activities are already a tradition in the province         where companies from around Europe perform their plays in
              during the summer months: Musical evenings in castles,              the streets of Valladolid. Valladolid is full of actors and magi-
              where Medieval fortresses and castles are the perfect setting       cians these days offering their performances to the public.
              to perform different-trend music shows; the international           Valladolid has a great tradition of organizing Film festivals;
              organ season with 14 concerts organized in different villa-         Medina del Campo organizes an international short film fes-
              ges and where the organ plays the central roll on its own or        tival and on top of that, Valladolid organizes yearly the
              with other instruments, poetry or singing included.
                                                                                  SEMINCI, an International film festival which takes place in
              Another important cultural event which has become a refe-           October and which is considered to be one of the most
              rence in Valladolid is the Premio Internacional de Piano            serious film festivals in Europe.

                         Film festival in Medina del Campo                                                       Classic theater festival in Olmedo


                                                   Valladolid is known worldwide for its wines.
                                                 The province holds five Designations of Origin:
                                       Rueda, Ribera del Duero, Cigales, Toro and Tierra de León
                                                      which produces Red, white and rosé wines.

                                                               Winery. Barrel room

                                                                                              Winery. Restaurant

 Monastery of Valbuena de Duero

The province offers visitors a great variety of tourist resources based on wine culture. Wineries from the five
different Designations of origin are settled in the province, from the historical to the modern wineries, res-
taurants, special offer lodging and accommodation, wine shops, museums, handcrafted products, festivals
and traditions, wine tasting programs… different offers to make visitors understand and enjoy the interesting
wine culture.

              Designation of origin of Rueda                                      Designation of origin Of Cigales                            Designation of origin of Tierra de León
              Rueda is one of the most important wine growing regions             This Designation of origin is located to the north of the   The grape variety grown to produce wines from the
              with Designation of origin in Spain, and the first founded in       Duero river, where the main grape variety grown is Tinta    Designation of origin of Tierra de León is Prieto Picudo,
              Castile and Leon. Its wines used to be the King’s wines du-         del País. Its different aromatic and high quality rosé      which gets its name from the way the grape bunches
              ring the reign of the Catholic monarchs. The grape variety          wines are outstanding, although red wines are also pro-     grow: tight, peak-shaped bunches. The wine-growing
              mainly grown is Verdejo. Apart from being an area speciali-         duced.                                                      region is located south of Leon and includes part of the
              sed in the elaboration of worldwide recognised white wines,         CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O. CIGALES
                                                                                                                                              north area in the province of Valladolid.
              it also produces great rosé and red wines.                          Phone number (+34) 983 580 074                              CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O. TIERRA DE LEÓN
                                                                                  Website:                                 Phone number (+34) 987 751 089
              Phone number (+34) 983 868 248                                                                                                  Website:
              Website:                                            Designation of origin Of Toro                               Apart from the five designations of origin, some wineries
                                                                                                                                              are grouped together under the denomination:
                                                                                  This designation of origin is located between Zamora
              Designation of origin Of Ribera del Duero                           and the province of Valladolid. Wineries from this desig-
              International sommeliers have given many awards to Ribe-            nation produce and bottle great white, rosé and red         Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León
              ra del Duero wines, thus allowing it to achieve an internatio-      wines; the Malvasía grape variety is grown to produce
                                                                                                                                              Red, rosé or white wines are produced and bottled in
              nal reputation and to become one of the most well-known             white wine; a combination of Tinta de Toro and
                                                                                                                                              Castile and Leon wineries which only use authorized and
              wines in Spain and a flagship of this region. The grape va-         Garnacha varieties is used for rosé wines and the Tinta
                                                                                                                                              recommended grapes coming from the authorized towns
              riety mainly grown to produce Ribera del Duero wines is Tin-        de Toro grape variety is grown to produce red wines.
                                                                                                                                              and villages according to their norms and rules.
              ta del País which has a particular full-bodied consistency,         CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O. TORO
              aroma and color. Ribera del Duero produces young, crianza           PALACIO CONDES DE REQUENA                                   ASOCIACIÓN DE BODEGAS ELABORADORAS DE VINO
              (aged wine), reserva and gran reserve wines.                        Phone number (+34) 980 690 335                              VINO DE LA TIERRA DE CASTILLA Y LEÓN
                                                                                  Website:                                     Phone number (+34) 983 360 386
              CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O. RIBERA DEL DUERO                                                                                         Website:
              Phone number (+34) 947 541 221
                                                                        soul and aroma...
                                                        Wine tasting      Vineyards

Oenotourism                                                                                   Peñafiel castle,
                                                                        site of the provincial wine museum
Wine-related tourist resources are more and more frequent in the
province of Valladolid. Small municipalities, strategically located,
offer visitors a wine-culture learning program through different
resources showing not only the wine-making process but also the
social, ethnographic and cultural world surrounding wine culture.
A variety of wineries, shops and tourist companies, organizing
different wine events and activities, are located in the province of
Valladolid and within its five designations of origin. Guided tours
in wineries, heritage tours in wine-growing areas, harvest excur-
sions, wine tasting courses, special lodges and accommodation,
rural houses, wine-therapy programs…
A complete experience for your senses.

 The provincial wine museum receives more and more visitors
 every year and stands as a national reference in terms of wine
 museums. Peñafiel castle, built on high ground, is the perfect set-
 ting for a museum devoted to exploring and learning the main
 aspects related to wine culture.
 Through the different museum rooms, visitors understand and
 learn both wine culture and all the aspects related to wine ma-
 king: from the vineyard to the cellar, going through the vine-
 growing stages. Apart from this, a complete program of cultu-
 ral, tourist and leisure activities related to oenology are organi-
 zed in the museum: wine tasting courses, organized tours, spe-
 cialized courses, concerts...
 Phone number (+34) 983 881 199

                                                                                    OENOTOURISM ·
                                                                                     ENOTURISMO           19
                                      Bodega Aula de Interpretación Mucientes (In-                 Centro de Interpretación Vitivinícola Emina
                                      terpretive room-cellar in Mucientes) Mucientes               (wine interpretation centre Emina). Valbuena
                                      This interpretive room-cellar shows a traditional            de Duero
                                      winery, its elements and development, the wine-              It is devised as a leisure, cultural, business, tourist,
                                      making process, the way life was in these under-             training and gastronomic centre… with the aim of sho-
                                      ground caverns, myths, the harvest gastronomy…               wing wine culture. It allows visitors to learn the com-
                                      Phone number (+34) 983 587 709                               plete wine making process up to the moment when
                                                                                                   wine is kept in the cellar and bottled, an activity
                                                                                                   undertaken under a crystal pyramid.
                                      Tonelería (cooperage) Burgos. Nava del Rey
                                                                                                   Phone number (+34) 983 683 315 - 902 430 170
                                      Barrel making is an outdated sight on its own that can       Website:
                                      be enjoyed in the workshop located in calle del Seco
                                      in Nava del Rey.
                                      Phone number ( +34) 983 850 114

                                       ¡!      FAIRS AND FESTIVALS RELATED
                                               WITH OENOTOURISM
                                       • Harvest Fair: Rueda, Peñafiel, Serrada,
                                         Quintanilla de Onésimo, Cigales and much more.
                                       • Wine Awards: Pámpano awards in Fuensaldaña.
                                       • Fairs: Medivinia in Medina del Campo.
                                       • Verdejo harvest Fair: La Seca
                                       • Riberjoven y Provin (wine exhibition from
                                         Ribera del Duero) in Peñafiel
                                       • Vendimiario in Mucientes.                             Vineyards

                                       Bodega Aula de Interpretación                           Wine interpretation centre
                                       Mucientes (Interpretive room-
                                       cellar in Mucientes)

                     Mudejar winery

                                                      FESTIVALS AND TRADITIONS IN THE AREA

                Festivals celebrated in the pro-
                vince of Valladolid have much to
                do not only with religious and
                artistic-cultural expressions or
                historic commemoration, but
                also with the open and welco-
                ming nature of our people. Peñas
                (groups of local friends gathe-
                ring together during the festi-
                vals of a town or village), run-
                ning of the bulls, bullfights,
                local and folkloric expressions
                and a wide variety of activities
                attract more and more visitors
                every year.

Holy Week in Valladolid
                                                   Chúndara. Festivals in honour of Ntra Sra and San Roque in Peñafiel

              Our Holy Week deserves a separate mention. Apart from the chance to witness the streets             Pregón de las Siete Palabras. Valladolid
              becoming museums, the main appeal for visitors and locals is likely to be its austere and seve-
              re nature together with the cheerful and local atmosphere of every town.
              Among all the festivals and dates to be pointed out, those festivals, declared of International
              Tourist Interest because of their anthropological, cultural or artistic value are to be highligh-
              ted in this section.
              In the province of Valladolid, five towns and municipalities celebrate a Holy week declared as
              Tourist Interest, although there are other municipalities celebrating very interesting proces-
              sions as well.

              art and passion …

              Holy Week in Valladolid
              It is one of the main iconography exhibitions and religious devotion acts in Spain. Halfway bet-
              ween religion and art, the Holy Week offers tourists the unique chance to witness streets full
              of images and carvings kept in museums, churches and convents during the year. There are
              now 19 cofradías (brotherhoods) performing different acts of worship through the year and
              taking their sculptures and carvings out in the streets during the week (from Friday of Sorrows
              to Palm Sunday), accompanied by drum and trumpet bands. The Sermón de las siete palabras
              (a sermon) on Good Friday Morning is worth attending.
              Phone number (+34) 983 206 322 - 983 205 108
              E-mail address:

Holy Week in Medina de Rioseco                       Holy Week in Tordesillas
The Holy Week in Medina del Rioseco is one of        The procession of El Encuentro Doloroso bet-
the most interesting in Spain as it has outstan-     ween Christ, carrying the cross, and La Virgen
ding sculpted works. Visitors cannot miss the        de la Soledad, his mother alone and in grief,
exit and entrance of the big “pasos” (floats or      takes place on Wednesday in the Plaza Mayor.
sculptures) from the churches where they are         On the other hand, the procession known as La
kept during the year. It is worth witnessing pasos   Pasión de Cristo (the passion) takes place on
such as El Descendimiento, known as “the             Good Friday and fourteen floats take part in it.
Descent from the Cross,” La Crucifixión (the         JUNTA LOCAL DE SEMANA SANTA DE TORDESILLAS
crucifixion) or Longinos entering and exiting        Phone number (+34) 983 771 067
their churches. It is also remarkable the Desfile
de Gremio (Trade parade) or “La rodillada,” that     Bajada del Ángel. Peñafiel
is to say, the kneeling down of those brothers       REGIONAL TOURIST ATTRACTION
carrying a float before the Virgen de la Cruz.
                                                     A week full of acts devoted to worship ends on
JUNTA LOCAL DE SEMANA SANTA DE MEDINA DE RIOSECO     Easter Sunday when the Plaza del Coso puts on
Phone number (+34) 983 700 586
                                                     its best finery to witness the most interesting act:
                                                     La Bajada del Ángel (The descent of the angel): A
Holy Week in Medina del Campo                        boy dressed in white and crowned, representing
NATIONAL TOURIST ATTRACTION                          an angel, reveals to the Virgin the resurrection of
Medina del Campo celebrates the oldest peni-         Jesus Christ.
tential processions in Spain. The procession         JUNTA LOCAL DE SEMANA SANTA DE PEÑAFIEL
organized by the brotherhood of La Vera Cruz         Phone number (+34) 983 880 767
is known as Procesión de los Faroles, as lamps
are the only lights accompanying the sculptu-
res and images. Another emotional procession         Other towns and municipalities in Valladolid,
is La Procesión del Encuentro entre Jesús            such as Alaejos, Cuenca de Campos,                     Medina de Rioseco
Nazareno y la Virgen de la Soledad (The              Villavicencio de los Caballeros, Nava del Rey
Encounter between Christ and the Virgin);            or Villanueva de Duero, also perform worship
                                                                                                            Bajada del Ángel, in Peñafiel           Medina del Campo
however, the Procesión del Silencio (The silen-      acts steeped in tradition where brotherhoods
ce) is the most important procession in terms        created ages ago play an important role.
of renaissance iconography, as an impressive
sculpture of Christ from the XVI century is
carried through the streets of Medina.               Tordesillas

Phone number (+34) 983 811 825

                                                                                                                                            FESTIVALS AND TRADITIONS IN THE AREA   ·   23
                                                               Festivals in honour of Nuestra                        Toro de Vega. Tordesillas
                                                               Señora and San Roque                                  REGIONAL TOURIST ATTRACTION
                                                               REGIONAL TOURIST ATTRACTION                           It is one of the oldest and unique bull festi-
                                                               From August 14th to August 18th Peñafiel              vals in Spain: the lancing of a bull. A bull,
                                                               holds one of the most famous and crowded              usually heavier than 500 kilos, runs free
                                                               local popular festivals in Castile and Leon.          through the streets of Tordesillas until it
                                                               These festivals are well-known for the running        crosses the bridge over the Duero river and          Harvest Fair in Cigales
                El Vítor, in Mayorga                           of the bulls and the capeas (amateur bullfights       reaches the fertile lowlands in the village.
                                                               using young bulls) that take place in and out         Men carrying lances, on foot and riding hor-
                                                               the ring, and the popular “Chúndara” an               ses, await the bull in the lowlands, try to
              OTHER FESTIVALS                                  endless parade where young boys stop in               bring it down in the open country.
                                                               front of every house on the way to the bullring       According to the tradition, if the bull leaves
              El Vítor. Mayorga                                asking the neighbours to throw them buckets           the lowlands alive, it is pardoned.
              NATIONAL TOURIST ATTRACTION                      full of water.                                        TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE IN TORDESILLAS
              El Vítor is a night procession that has taken                                                          Phone number (+34) 983 771 067
                                                               TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE IN PEÑAFIEL
              place in Mayorga on September the 27th           Phone number (+34) 983 881 526
                                                                                                                                                                          Nava del rey
              since 1737 to commemorate the arrival of
              Santo Toribio’s relics in the village. This
                                                                                                                     Nava del Rey. Virgen de los Pegotes
              torch procession lasts for 6 hours and more      Harvest Fair in Cigales                               REGIONAL TOURIST ATTRACTION
              than 1,000 wine skins are burnt to honour        REGIONAL TOURIST ATTRACTION                           In 1745, the Town Hall in Nava del Rey agrees
              and pay tribute to the Saint.                    It is a week full of activities related to the wine   to honor Ntra. Sra de la Concepcion with a no-
                                                               making process, such as lectures, wine tasting        vena. In order to do so, the image of the Virgin
              Phone number (+34) 983 752 027                   courses, cultural and sport events. The popu-         is taken down to the parish church by proces-
                                                               lar festival week starts with an opening speech       sion on December the 6th 1745. History says
              Traditional running of the bulls.                and afterwards the Bodeguero Mayor (an                that a few moments before this first novena, a
              Medina del Campo                                 award given to a local person) steps on the gra-      storm started making the locals both put off the
                                                                                                                     procession and artificially light the way to the     Living Nativity in Cabezón de Pisuerga
                                                               pes so that the first grape juice is obtained.
                                                                                                                     church with bonfires and pegotes, torches ma-
              During the festivals in honor of San Antolín,    TOWN HALL IN CIGALES
                                                               Phone number (+34) 983 580 000                        de up of fish. In the village, the Virgin is named
              on September, three different types of the       Website:                               Virgen de los Pegotes after the torches used
              running of the bulls take place in Medina del                                                          that night.
              Campo: on horseback, in the open country,        Living Nativity. Cabezón de Pisuerga
              on foot in the streets of the village and ama-                                                         The descent takes place on November 30th, at
                                                               REGIONAL TOURIST ATTRACTION                           night, whereas the ascent takes place on De-
              teur bullfights using young bulls (capeas)
              and cortes, acrobatics performed with bulls      The living nativity is a Christmas play where         cember the 8th, when the novena ends.
              (cortes) in the bullring.                        locals recreate the day Christ was born.
                                                                                                                     TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE IN NAVA DEL REY
                                                               TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE                            Phone number (+34) 983 850 111
              TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE IN MEDINA DEL CAMPO                                                         Website:
                                                               IN CABEZÓN DE PISUERGA
              Phone number (+34) 983 811 357
                                                               Phone number (+34) 983 500 616                                                                             Traditional running of the bulls. Medina del Campo

                                                                                                                      RURAL TOURISM

Rural tourist accommodation

                       The province of Valladolid has more than 130 rural lodges offering visitors
                         the best customized service, with quality facilities and a warm and familiar
                                           environment as the common denominator of all of them.

                                     There are more than 1,400 beds arranged in different types of
                       accommodation: Rural houses, tourist rural centres, guest houses known as
                        Posadas and Royal guest houses or Royal Posadas. All of them are equipped
                        to make pleasant and unforgettable an individual, family or group getaway.

                                                                                                        Rural house               25
Ridges in Cabezón de Pisuerga   Accommodation in rural houses consists of lodging in           Royal Posadas are guest houses that meet certain
                                traditional houses located in the country or in isolated       quality standards to make the stay become a unique
                                settings which still keep their charming atmosphere.           experience in a charming and warm accommodation,
                                Two possibilities are offered within rural houses: ren-        offering guests different services and an atmosphere
                                ting the whole house or sharing the lodging with the
                                                                                               where even the smallest detail has been taken care of.
                                owner of the house, who assigns certain rooms of the
                                                                                               Guests are offered high quality facilities and a custo-
                                house to the guests.
                                                                                               mized service in the Royal Posadas.
                                Rural Tourist centres are traditionally-built houses
                                where a greater number of guests than in a rural house         Apart from the rural lodging, there are very many
                                can be lodged and where visitors find, apart from lod-         hotels in every spot in the province which complete
                                ging and gastronomy services, a wide choice of leisu-          the accommodation offer and provide an added value
                                re and spare time services.                                    with an excellent gastronomy and natural, cultural and
                                Posadas (guest houses) are a type of rural accommo-            leisure services.
                                dation located in traditionally-built, historic, cultural or   For more information, visit our website at:
                                ethnographic houses and located in beautiful settings.

                                                                                                                     Room in a
                                 Rural tourist accommodation                                                         rural house

                                                                                                                                          FUN FOR ALL
                                                                                                                                               El Valle de los 6 Sentidos
                                                                                                                                                               (the valley
Valladolid is a province full of possibilities to enjoy leisure as it has a wide variety of programs                                                   of the six senses)
 for all the members of the family. Different options, such as nature, thematic amusement parks,
                                                interpretation centres, etc. are offered to visitors.

                             El Valle de los 6 Sentidos
                         (the valley of the six senses)

                                                          Children’s playground in the Nature Interpretation centre in Matallana

Tourist centres belonging to the Diputación de Valladolid (provincial government) include theme amusement areas
for the youngsters within the tourist spots. Hence, castles are the main subject on the hillsides of Peñafiel castle,
where the provincial wine museum is located as well as roman life in the Museo de las Villas Romanas or environment
in the C.I.N in Matallana. Matallana.

El Valle de los 6 Sentidos (the valley of the six senses)
This incredible amusement park, located in Renedo de Esgueva, is addressed to children of all ages. Games in the park
make children develop all their senses and it is the ideal setting for all the members of the family to have a good time.
It is considered to be the most ambitious and complete park in Europe because of its design and of the number and
variety of games available. Apart from games such as “Puente de cuerdas” or cord bridge, “columpio asociado” or
the associated swing, action and movement games, water games, scientific and music games… it has a theatre where
shows and story telling are organized.
                                                           EL VALLE DE LOS 6 SENTIDOS (THE VALLEY OF THE SIX SENSES) Renedo de Esgueva
                                                                                         Phone number (+34) 983 427 174 - 618 761 011

                                                                                                       Centro de Interpretación (interpre-
                                                                                                       tation centre) del Valle Esgueva y
                                                                                                       Sendero Verde
                                                                                                       Valle de Esgueva (The Valley of the Esgueva Ri-
                                                                                                       ver) is a cultural and natural heritage countrysi-
                                                                                                       de, whose municipalities are got together by the
                                                                                                       Located in Renedo de Esgueva, the Interpreta-
                                                                                                       tion centre is the starting point for the Sendero
                                                                                                       Verde (The Green Path) and informs visitors of
                                                                                                       the activities that can be carried out in the valley.
                                                                                                       The Sendero Verde (green path) can be enjo-
                                                                                                       yed on foot or by bike up to Villarmentero. The
                                                                                                       path has rest areas with scenic views in Rene-
Canal de Castilla                                                                                      do de Esgueva, Castronuevo, Villarmentero and
The final stage in the branch of the river in Tierra de Campos                                         Encinas de Esgueva.
(Medina de Rioseco-Villanueva de San Mancio-Tamariz de Campos)                                                                                                 Centro de Interpretación (Nature
                                                                                                       CENTRO DE INTERPRETACIÓN DEL VALLE DEL ESGUEVA
                                                                                                       Renedo de Esgueva
                                                                                                                                                               interpretation centre) Matallana
The Canal de Castilla (Channel of Castile) was a very important waterway to both cereal trans-         Phone number (+34) 983 427 174 - 618 761 011            This centre, located in Villalba de los Alcores
portation and energy production thanks to the mills built along its banks. The channel is 207 km                                                               gives the visitor the unique chance to enter in-
long and a total of 49 locks were built through it. A great number of both flour and paper mills                                                               to nature’s secrets in the province as well as to
as well as shipyards were established along the banks of the river. The former flour mill of San                                                               discover the remains of the former Cisterian
Antonio can be visited in Medina de Rioseco. Apart from this, the Centro de Recepción de                                                                       Monastery of Santa María. It has a temporal and
Viajeros del Canal de Castilla (Visitors centre in the Channel) offers a wide variety of activities                                                            permanent exhibition room, a botanical garden,
for visitors to practice; sport and leisure activities such as canoe routes, electric boat journeys,                                                           archaeological remains, a restored dovecot and
cycling routes, trekking, etc.                                                                                                                                 an area with sheep from all over the world. The
                                                                                                                                                               hostel maintain the former monks’ cellar and of-
Tourist Boat “Antonio de Ulloa”. The Tourist Boat “Antonio de Ulloa” takes visitors along the
                                                                                                                                                               fers the chance to organize conferences, wor-
channel to enjoy, all the year round, excellent sightseeing tours. The boat sets sail from the
                                                                                                                                                               king lunches, etc. The interpretation centre al-
Dársena del Canal de Medina de Rioseco (the dock of the Channel in Medina de Rioseco) and
                                                                                                                                                               so has a children's park devoted to nature, he-
makes routes to Tamariz de Campos, allowing visitors to understand the way the sixth and
                                                                                                                                                               ritage and environment.
seventh locks were used to provide energy and to transport cereal to reservoirs and bakeries in
the channel.                                                                                                                                                   FINCA MATALLANA
                                                                                                                                                               Villalba de los Alcores
CENTRO DE RECEPCIÓN DE VIAJEROS DEL CANAL DE CASTILLA                                                                                                          Phone number (+34) 983 721 599
Dársena del Canal (Dock).
Medina de Rioseco
Phone number (+34) 983 701 923
                                          journeys full of light,                                                                                              Website:

                                            beauty… and magic
28   · FUN FOR ALL
                                                                                          MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES
Valladolid meets all the requirements to host any type of
          professional conference, technical workshops,
presentations, seminars, etc. Its cultural life, traditions,
art, gastronomy, wines knowsn worldwide and resources
   make Valladolid the perfect province to host business
       meetings, with an undeniable value when designing
                                        activity programs.

Auditorium in Olmedo                                           Civic centre in Peñafiel

                                                                                                            Auditorium Miguel Delibes
                                                                                                                         in Valladolid

Auditorium in
Laguna de Duero                                                                                                                   29
                                                             Auditorium in Medina del Campo   Auditorium in Íscar

             Valladolid is an exceptional setting because of its acces-         ces lasting one or more days. The recently built           Valladolid has more than 8,000 hotel vacancies that,
             sibility: its privileged geographical setting, in the heart        Auditorio Miguel Delibes, the Conference Centre or the     together with its gastronomic offer, make the city the
             of the region, together with its road network, its inter-          Palacio Conde Ansúrez, a centre belonging to the           perfect setting for a professional meeting.
             national airport and the innauguration of the high speed           University of Valladolid, are examples of the conferen-    OFICINA DE CONGRESOS
             train Madrid-Valladolid, connecting the two cities in 55           ce centres Valladolid offers.                              VALLADOLID CONVENTION BUREAU
             minutes, is another incentive to choose Valladolid as a                                                                       Acera de Recoletos s/n. 47004 Valladolid
                                                                                Apart from this, certain towns and municipalities in the   Phone number (+34) 983 219 438
             business city
                                                                                province have special purpose rooms, modern audito-        Fax number: (+34) 983 217 860
             Valladolid has very many meeting centres, a set of audi-           riums, conference centres next to tourist and cultural     Website:
                                                                                                                                           E-mail address:
             toriums equipped with the latest technologies, multi-              resources and an extensive hotel offer that provides
             purpose rooms with a different capacity and different              specific options for conferences, meeting rooms and
             pavilions to host professional meetings and conferen-              conventions.


                   Enjoy Gastronomy in Valladolid, a province where quality and variety go together.
                         Our way of understanding cuisine aims at combining traditional recipes, and
                       homemade cuisine with innovation and the creation of new dishes, using a wide
                                                                   variety of high quality products.

Our world-famous wines from any of         BEST PRODUCTS OF OUR PROVINCE               value. Castilian chickpeas, essential
our five Designations of origin produ-     Due to its taste and whiteness, our bre-    to cook a meat and chickpea stew, are
ced in the province are the perfect        ad is well-known all across the country     also outstanding.
match to complement our delicate           as well as internationally. Our bread has   However, suckling lambs are one of
dishes.                                    achieved a quality designation: “Pan de     our most delicate dishes and the
Many head chefs in Valladolid cook a       Valladolid, Marca de Garantía.”             undoubtable star in the gastronomy in
wide and rich variety of our typical       Our farmhouse sheep cheese can be           Valladolid. Suckling lambs are exclusi-
dishes from the province.                  found in most of our villages in diffe-     vely fed with milk from a variety of
                                           rent styles and textures: fresh and         sheep (oveja churra) typical from the
Based on traditional cuisine, our cuisi-
                                           soft, dried, matured and semi-matu-         area. Suckling lambs are roasted in a
ne has been adapted to the new
                                           red cheese.                                 wood-burning oven, grilled or fried.
demands with a special focus on
miniature cuisine and tapas or small       Among all the legume stews, lentils         Together with suckling pigs, handma-
portions of food.                          from the pardina variety are highly         de pork products, such as cold meats,
                                           prized. These lentils have a soft taste,    sausages and blood sausages, are
                                           are very digestive and of great energy      worth tasting.

                                                                                                                                                      GASTRONOMIC CONFERENCES AND EVENTS
                                                                                                                                               In order to show the wide variety of our gastronomy and of our pro-
                                                                                                                                               ducts, Valladolid hosts, all through the year, several gastronomic
                                                                                                                                               events of all kinds, fairs, homemade product fairs … to relish tradi-
                                                                                                                                               tional recipes and buy homemade products. These fairs become tra-
                                                                                                                                               ditional festivals to honour a particular local product.
                                                                                                                                               For more information visit:

                                                                            a gift for
                                                                            your mouth
                                                                            and your sense ...
             Valladolid also has a tradition for dishes cooked with rab-
             bit, partridges or hares. Free-range chicken, rooster or hen   Pine tree forests in the province shelter the perfect location
             stews are also extraordinary. Young pigeons from Tierra de     for any type of wild mushrooms to grow. Pine nuts are used
             Campos have a tasty and tender meat and are a traditional      in our gastronomy to enrich not only our dishes but also
             stew in Valladolid.                                            our traditional sweets and pastries.
             Salads, made with freshly picked products from our gar-        Pastries are particularly rich and assorted in Valladolid. Ring-
             dens, are the perfect side dish for these stews. Lettuce or    shaped pastries, muffins, buns and endless handmade pro-
             chicory are particularly outstanding, although asparagus or    ducts, such as puff pastries, pastries, amarguillos and Chris-
             leeks from Tudela de Duero are also very tasteful. Delicious   tmas sweets can be tasted in the province of Valladolid.
             soups are cooked with the white and meaty Castilian garlic     Sweets made in convents and monasteries are highly re-
             cloves.                                                        cognized.

                                                                                                            LEISURE AND NATURE

                                Valladolid is a province full of possibilities to enjoy nature, adventure
                                 and sports. Regardless of the cardinal point visited, a wide choice of
                                          destinations open from their different geographical setting.

Landscape in the Torozos area

                                                                                                            Landscape in Tierra de Pinares   33
              Dovecot in Melgar de Abajo   Landscape in Matallana

                                                                                                        Landscape in Valladolid is really varied. The North,
                                                                                                        the so-called Tierra de Campos, has such huge
                                                                                                        fields of wheat and barley that they resemble the
                                                                                                        sea, the Castilian sea. The South, Tierra de Pinares
                                                                                                        (Pine tree land), has been transformed in a vine-
                                                                                                        yard area surrounded by pine trees and wetlands.
                                                                                                        Prairies full of vineyards and poplar trees dominate
                                                                                                        de East. The high plateau or moor and the woo-
                                                                                                        dland area called los Montes Torozos spread out in
                                                                                                        the West. However, the capital city, a modern and
                                                                                                        industrial city, is one of the capital cities with a high
                                                                                                        green area rate in Spain.

                                                                                                        Different fauna in different ecosystems lives in
                                                                                                        Valladolid. There are very many rodents such as
                                                                                                        shrews or moles as well as game animals such as
                                                                                                        hares, partridges, rabbits and quails. Foxes and
                                                                                                        occasionally some wolves can also be found in the
                                                                                                        region. Small birds and water fauna in the water-
                                                                                                        lands are also outstanding in the province.

34   · LEISURE AND NATURE                                           Sunset in the Montes Torozos area
Nature reserves found in Valladolid are unique places full of life with both ecolo-
gical and environmental value.

Las Riberas de Castronuño - Vega del Duero
This nature reserve, located in the Embalse de San José (a reservoir), is conside-
red to be a Specific bird protection area in Europe. It is one of the most important
areas in the province in terms of fauna; more than 272 different species are listed
as living in the nature reserve and some of them are endangered species such as
the blue heron, the harrier and the night heron. La Casa de la Reserva releases the
unknown secrets of this nature reserve.
Phone number (+34) 983 866 215

El Embalse del Bajoz
Next to the Monasterio de la Santa Espina a small reservoir to irrigate the area was
built, thus modifying the original forest. Located at the bottom of the valley of the
Bajoz River, it is now a special interest waterland and where different species and
water fauna live.
There are also other outstanding reservoirs such as that in Encinas de Esgueva or
geological formations such as the ridges in Cabezón de Pisuerga and San Martín
de Valvení.

Nature reserve in Las Riberas de Castronuño - Vega del Duero                            LEISURE AND NATURE ·   35
              Bird-watching tourism                                                                                                           Bird-watching area in Lagunas de Tamariz de Campos
              Valladolid is the perfect setting to watch birds in Spain as rich and varied bird species are located in the province. At the
              end of the winter and in spring the so-called "ruedas de las avutardas," a great bustard courtship dance, take place; it is
              considered to be one of the most impressive sights in the farm lands in Spain and it gathers together a great number of
              bird-watchers and bird lovers.
              The Diputación Provincial of Valladolid, the provincial government, organizes different bird-watching activities and
              outings in the areas of Montes Torozos, Matallana and Lagunas de Boada, Tierra de Campos and Laguna de Tamariz de
              Campos and Reserva Natural de las Riberas de Castronuño-Vega del Duero.

              Paths, tracks and routes
              Trekking the different paths and routes in the province is the perfect way to meet nature. There is a great choice of rou-
              tes designed so as not to lose your way, since small signals painted on the floor or in the trees are noticeable not only
              along the short but also the long routes. Many of these routes can be either walked or mountain biked.

                                                                                                        Path along the Eresma River
                                                                                                        in Pedrajas de San Esteban
                                                                                                        Tierra de Pinares

                Bird-watching tower in Tierra de Campos. Environmental
                path in the Nature Interpretation centre in Matallana in
                Villalba de los Alcores

                                                                                               T H E WAY O F S A N T I A G O                               i n t h e p r o v i n c e o f Va l l a d o l i d

                                               The way of Santiago is a path full of art and culture followed
                                                   by thousands of pilgrims to recreate the tradition started
                                                   at the beginning of the IX century to go to Galicia and see
                                                                       the sepulchre of St. James, the Apostle.

                                                     Although the French route is the most popular, pilgrims
                                                   have designed an extensive network of routes to Santiago,
                                                two of them crossing the province of Valladolid and offering
                                             pilgrims the chance to enjoy our art, history, culture, landscape
                                                                            and the hospitality of our people.

Bridge over the Duero river in Tordesillas                                                                        Church of San Andrés in Villardefrades

                                                           Route from Madrid to Santiago
Dovecot in the Way of St James                             One of these routes is the way from Madrid to Santiago
                                                           de Compostela, crossing the provinces of Madrid,
                                                           Segovia and Valladolid to reach Sahagún, in the provin-
                                                           ce of León, where this route merges with the French
                                                           one. This route covers 153 kilometres in the province
                                                           of Valladolid and pilgrims enter our province through
                                                           the village of Alcazarén.

                                                           Route from the Southeast to Santiago
                                                           Another alternative route walked by pilgrims is the sou-
                                                           theast route whose stages were already described in
                                                           books in the XVI century.
                                                           In the province of Valladolid, it starts in Ataquines and
                                                           crosses Tierra de Pinares and Torozos and continues on
                                                           to San Pedro de Latarce.

                                                           The East route
                                                           From the Southeast route and starting in Medina del
                                                           Campo, the East route crosses our province through
                                                           Nava del Rey, Siete Iglesias de Trabancos, Castronuño
                                                           and Villafranca de Duero where pilgrims are led to Toro
                                                           and Zamora.
                                                           The East route is walked by those pilgrims starting their
                                                           pilgrimage in Valencia.

38   · THE WAY OF SANTIAGO in the province of Valladolid
Milestone in Simancas                                                  Pilgrims’ hospice in Villalón de Campos

                                                                                                               ... let
                                                                                                          your heart
                                                                                                             led you

For more information of the way to Santiago in the province of Valladolid:
DIPUTACIÓN DE VALLADOLID              ASOCIACIÓN                              ASOCIACIÓN DE AMIGOS               ASOCIACIÓN DEL
ÁREA DE CULTURA Y TURISMO             JACOBEA                                 DE LOS CAMINOS                     CAMINO DE SANTIAGO
PATRONATO DE TURISMO                  VALLISOLETANA                           DE SANTIAGO DE                     DEL SURESTE
C/ Angustias, 44                      C/ Real, 105                            MEDINA DE RIOSECO                  EN VALLADOLID
47003 Valladolid                      47152 Puente Duero                      Albergue de Peregrinos             Plaza Mayor, s/n
Phone number (+34) 983 427 259        Phone number (+34) 678 318 188          (Pilgrims’ hospice)                47120 Mota del Marqués
Fax (+34) 983 427 150                 Website:                   (Red cross post)                   E-mail address:
Website:                              E-mail address:                         47800 Medina de Rioseco                          Phone number (+34) 605 041 394     Phone number (+34) 669 474 348
E-mail address:                                                                                                                         Church of Santiago de los Caballeros in Medina de Rioseco (detail)

                                                                                                                                                      THE WAY OF SANTIAGO in the province of Valladolid       ·   39

                                                                                                                                                Way of St James
                                                                                                                                                in Valladolid
                                                                                                                                                         Route to Madrid
                                                                                                                                                         Route from the Southeast
                                                                                                                                                         to Santiago
                                                                                                                                                         The East Route


· THE WAY OF SANTIAGO in the province of Valladolid
                                                                                                 reception point

                                                                                            Berrueces              Canal de Castilla

                                                                                          reception point


                                                                                          reception point

                                                                                                                             reception point

                                                                                                                              reception point

                                                                 reception point

                                                                                                  Vega de
                                                                                                reception point


                                                                                                                                                             reception point

                                                                                                                                                                               and Madrid

                                                           A C T I V E T O U R I S M , G O L F A N D T H E R M A L S PA S
      Valladolid offers the chance to practice different
          outdoor activities where visitors find amazing
      settings. The province has a great number of both
    resources and facilities to practice outdoor sports.

              A province full
              of possibilities
- Boat journeys in the tourist boat “Antonio de Ulloa”.
- Canoeing.
- Mountain bike and horseback riding routes.
- Trekking.
- Bird-watching routes.
- Quads and Pedal Karts (Go-Karts).
- Paragliding and hang gliding.
- Ultralight aviation.
- Going for a ride in a hot-air balloon…

                                                                                             Canal del Duero between Quintanilla de Onésimo and Valladolid
Active tourism in Medina de Rioseco

                                                               Golfers and golf lovers have different golf courses to
                                                               enjoy this sport in the province.
                                                               Visitors have modern facilities offering a full and requi-
                                                               red service not only to practice the sport but also to
                                                               show their skills on the courses located in the province,
                                                               not far from the capital city.
                                                               There is no age or weight limit to practice this sport; it
                                                               is only necessary to have a golf handicap (a numerical
                                                               measure of an amateur golfer’s playing ability). To take
                                                               up golf, it is advisable to take one of the short lessons
                                                               for beginners held in every of our courses.

 Golf course in Simancas                                       Health tourism
                                                               This activity is becoming very popular. To escape from
                                                               the stress produced by the fast-paced life we lead, to
                                                               keep calm, or after practising any other sport, visitors
                                                               and locals have the chance to visit any of the relaxing
                                                               spas in the province of Valladolid, offering extraordinary
                                                               services and programs as well as a customized treat-
                                                               ment. These spas are designed to enable you to indulge
                                                               yourself with a treat, taking care of your health at the
                                                               same time: thermal baths, bubble baths, thermal sauna,
                                                               steam baths and body mud treatments... high quality

                                                                          ... a gift
                                                                   for your health
 Las Salinas Spa in Medina del Campo           Spa in Olmedo
                                                               and your five senses
                                                                      S PA N I S H L A N G UAG E L EA R N I N G

      Spanish is the second most spoken language in the
      world and Valladolid is famous for being the city
                        where the best Spanish is spoken.

Valladolid’s public University dates from the XII century and has
more than 40,000 students attending its lessons every year. There
are very many centres specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign
language in Valladolid which, added to other values such as cultu-
re, art, leisure, gastronomy…, make Valladolid the perfect place to
learn and practice our language.

          the best referent for
         the spanish language
             There are very many centres and schools specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language in the province of Valladolid.
              UNIVERSIDAD DE VALLADOLID                    FUNDACIÓN DE LA LENGUA ESPAÑOLA                  IH VALLADOLID                          E.L.E. INSTITUTO
                                 C/ Santiago, 15 1º izda                          Plaza Mayor, 3 1º izda                 Paseo Filipinos, 5
                                                           Phone number (+34) 902 284 848                   Phone number (+34) 983 337 432         Website:
              ACADEMIA DUERO                               Website:                  Website:
              C/ Gutierrez Mellado, 5                                                                                                              UNIVERSIDAD EUROPEA
              47100 Tordesillas (Valladolid)               FUNDACIÓN SAN PABLO CEU                          INLINGUA                               MIGUEL DE CERVANTES
              Phone number (+34) 983 797 912               Plaza San Pablo, 4                               C/ Gregorio Fernández, 6 47006         C/ Padre Julio Chevalier, 2
              Website:        Phone number (+34) 983 331 422                   Phone number (+34) 983 358 697         Phone number (+34) 983 228 508
                                                           Website:                          Website:   Website:
              ACADEMIA PÁRAMO
              C/ Correos, 7 1º izda.                       HISPALENGUA                                      LA CASA DEL ESPAÑOL
              Phone number (+34) 983 373 754               Website:                     Paseo Zorrilla, 198
              Website:                                                               Phone number (+34) 983 200 999

                                                                                               Façade of the University of Valladolid

                                                                                                                                                                                  INTEREST DATA
TOURIST                                     TOURIST INFORMATION              CONSULAR
INFORMATION                                 OFFICES IN THE PROVINCE          SERVICES
PATRONATO PROVINCIAL                        Cabezón de Pisuerga              FRANCE
TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE IN               Phone number (+34) 983 500 616   Plaza del Poniente, 5
VALLADOLID                                  Fresno el Viejo                  Phone number (+34) 983 339 666
PALACIO DE PIMENTEL                         Phone number (+34) 983 863 683
                                                                             CÍRCULO HISPANO-GERMÁNICO
C/ Angustias, 44                            Íscar                            Acera de Recoletos, 19
47003 VALLADOLID.                           Phone number (+34) 983 612 703   Phone number (+34) 983 210 037
Phone number (+34) 983 427 259              Phone number (+34) 606 688 273
Fax number (+34) 983 427 150                Laguna de Duero
E-mail address:   Phone number (+34) 983 542 350   UNIVERSIDAD
Website:      Mayorga                          DE VALLADOLID
                                            Phone number (+34) 983 752 027   Plaza de Santa Cruz. Valladolid
CENTRO DE RECURSOS                                                           Phone number (+34) 983 423 000               RENTAL CAR COMPANIES                                   DIMOL RENT A CAR
                                            Medina del Campo                                                                                                                     Avda. Madrid, Km 187
TURÍSTICOS VALLADOLID                       Phone number (+34) 983 811 357   Centro de Idiomas                            ANECAR
VALLADOLID (TOURIST RESOURCE                                                                                                                                                     Phone number (+34) 983 222 950
                                                                             de la Universidad de Valladolid Valladolid   Hernando de Acuña, 44 (Parquesol)
                                            Medina de Rioseco
CENTRE IN VALLADOLID)                                                        (Language school                             Phone number (+34) 983 361 052
                                            Phone number (+34) 983 720 319                                                                                                       EUROPCAR
Pabellón de Cristal                                                          in the University of Valladolid)             Phone number (+34) 902 287 600
                                            Mucientes                                                                                                                            Information and bookings
Acera de Recoletos, s/n. Valladolid                                          Campus Miguel Delibes                                                                               Phone number (+34) 902 105 030
Phone number (+34) 983 219 310              Phone number (+34) 983 587 623   Camino del Cementerio, s/n                   AUTOS CASTILLA                                         Estación Campo Grande
                                            Nava del Rey                     Phone number (+34) 983 184 669               Paseo Arco de Ladrillo, 64                             Phone number (+34) 983 307 661
TOURIST INFORMATION SERVICE                 Phone number (+34) 983 850 111                                                (Edificio Centro Madrid)                               Airport office
“PALACIO DE PIMENTEL”                       Olmedo                           UNIVERSIDAD EUROPEA                          Phone number (+34) 983 226 385                         Phone number (+34) 983 560 091
Diputación de Valladolid                    Phone number (+34) 983 623 222   MIGUEL DE CERVANTES
C/ Angustias, 44. Valladolid                Peñafiel                         C/Padre Julio Chevalier, n°2.                AVIS                                                   HERTZ
Phone number (+34) 983 427 100              Phone number (+34) 983 881 526   47012 – Valladolid                           C/ Recondo, s/n (at the train station)                 Airport office
                                                                             Telf.: (+34) 983 228 508                     Phone number (+34) 983 292 222                         Phone number (+34) 983 415 546
                                            Rueda                                                                         Airport office
TOURIST INFORMATION SERVICE                                                  Website:                                                                                Phone number (+34) 902 100 101
                                            Phone number (+34) 983 868 119                                                Phone number (+34) 983 415 530
VILLANUBLA AIRPORT                                                           E-mail address:
Phone number (+34) 983 560 433              Serrada
                                                                                                                                                                                 NATIONAL ATESA
                                            Phone number (+34) 983 559 309                                                CONCE RENT                                             C/ Perú
Phone number (+34) 983 415 517
                                            Simancas                         TAXIS SERVICE                                Avda. Gijón, 84                                        Phone number (+34) 983 390 337
                                            Phone number (+34) 983 590 123                                                Phone number (+34) 983 359 409                         Phone number (+34) 902 100 101
ASOCIACIÓN DE GUÍAS DE VALLADOLID                                            (Valladolid and province)
Phone number (+34) 636 933 391              Tiedra                           Agrupación de Taxistas
                                            Phone number (+34) 983 791 405   de Valladolid
                                                                                                                          EMERGENCY SERVICES                                     POST OFFICE
                                                                             Phone number (+34) 983 207 755 (24h.)
                                            Phone number (+34) 983 771 067   Radio Taxi Valladolid                        EMERGENCY SERVICES                                     Plaza de la Rinconada, s/n
FAIRS                                       Torrelobatón                     Phone number (+34) 983 291 411               Phone number 112                                       Valladolid
                                            Phone number (+34) 665 834 753                                                                                                       Phone number (+34) 983 362 270
AND CONFERENCES                                                              Handicap taxi                                POLICÍA NACIONAL EN VALLADOLID
                                            Phone number (+34) 983 563 413                                                                                                       Phone number (+34) 983 362 274
                                                                             Phone number (+34) 983 207 755 (24h.)        (POLICE)
CONVENTION CENTRE BUREAU                    Tudela de Duero                                                               Emergency: 091
Pabellón de Cristal                                                          Taxis service in Medina de Rioseco
                                            Phone number (+34) 983 522 038   Phone number (+34) 983 700 958               POLICE STATION IN SAN PABLO                            Telegram service on the phone
Acera de Recoletos, s/n                                                                                                   Valladolid Centralita                                  Phone number (+34) 983 342 000
                                            Urueña                           Taxis service in Medina del Campo
Phone number (+34) 983 219 438                                                                                            Phone number (+34) 983 263 704                         Phone number (+34) 902 197 197 (24h.)
                                            Phone number (+34) 983 717 445   Phone number (+34) 983 801 055
FERIA DE VALLADOLID                         Villalba de los Alcores          Taxis service in Tordesillas                 POLICE STATION IN DELICIAS
Avda. Ramón Pradera, s/n                    Phone number (+34) 983 721 500   Phone number (+34) 983 771 305               C/ Gerona, s/n Valladolid
Phone number (+34) 983 429 300              Villalón de Campos                                                            Phone number (+34) 983 479 341
                                                                             Taxis service in Peñafiel
                                            Phone number (+34) 983 761 185   Phone number (+34) 983 880 228               Phone number (+34) 902 102 112
                                                                                                                          (Attention to tourists offered in several languages)

Tiles in the hallway at Pimentel Palace                      (Central office of the regional government)

                  Reales Sitios (Royal sites)                                       Baptism of Philip II                     Tournament in Plaza Mayor               Proclamation of Philip II as King of Castile

 Introducing Juan de Austria on the occasion of Doctor                         First arrival of Philip II                    Entrance of the relic of St Benito           Procession with the relic of St Benito
 Cazalla’s auto de fe (public penance of heretics by the                   as king of Spain to Valladolid
       Inquisition in medieval Spain and Portugal

        Church of Santa María La Antigua                   Fire in Valladolid on the 21st of September 1561   Philip II orders rebuilding of the burnt down area   Arrival of Saint Teresa and St Juan de la Cruz
                         Tourist Information:
             Diputación de Valladolid
          Patronato Provincial de Turismo
                       C/ Angustias, 44
Phone Number (+34) 983 427 259 - Fax number: (+34) 983 427 150
           E-mail address:


               Tourist information              Nature reserve

               Tourist attraction               Camping

                                                Way of Santiago

                                                National road
               Bird-Watch area                  Regional road
                                                Local road

               Golf courses                     River / channel

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