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                                                                        Test Booklet Series

Serial No.___________
                              TEST BOOKLET
                                   General Studies                          A
     Time allowed : Two hours                            Maximum Marks : 150

3.       You have to enter your Roll Number on this
         Test Booklet in the Box provided alongside. DO
         NOT write anything else on the Test Booklet.
4.       This Test Booklet contains 150 items (questions). Each item is printed both in Hindi
         and English. Each item comprises four responses (answers). You will select one
         response which you want to mark on the Answer Sheet. In case you feel that there is
         more than one correct response; mark the response which you consider the best. In
         any case, choose ONLY ONE response for each item.
S.       You have to mark all your responses ONLY on the separate Answer Sheet
         provided. See directions in the Answer Sheet.
6.       All items carry equal marks. Attempt ALL items. Your total marks will depend only
         on the number of correct responses marked by you in the Answer Sheet.
7.       Before you proceed to mark in the Answer Sheet the response to various items in the
         Test Booklet, you have to fill in some particulars in the Answer Sheet as per
         instructions sent to you with your Admission Certificate.
8.       After you have completed filling in all your responses on the Answer Sheet and the
         examination has concluded, you should hand over to the Invigilator only the Answer
         Sheet. You are permitted to take away with you the Test Booklet and rough sheets
         issued to you.

      1. Match List-I (Distinguished Person)         3. Match List-I (Distinguished Person) with
         with 3. List-II (Area of Work) and             List-II (Achievement/Known as) and select
         select the correct answer using the            the Correct answer using the code given
         code given below the lists:                    below the lists:

      List-I                     List-II                     List-1        List-II
  (Distinguished             (Area of Work)            (Distinguished      (Achievement
     Person)                                             Person)           known as)
A. B. V. Rao     I.         Automobiles              A. Guenter Grass      I. First woman Prime
                            Manufacture                                        Minister of Canada
                                                     B. Trevor             2. Nobel Prize Winner
B. C.K. Prahalad 2.         Fisheries                   Huddleston            for literature
                            Economy                  C. Dicky Dolm         3.Leading campaigner
C. John Kurien         3.   Information                                       against apartheid
                                                                               in South Africa
                            Technology and           D. Kim Campbell.      4. Youngest woman
                            Software                                           to climb the
D. Kiran Kamik         4.   Poultry Fanning                                    Mt. Everest
                                                                           5. American violinist
                       5.   Management
                            Science                          A      B      C       D
Code:                                                (a)     5      3      2       I
         A         B        C         D              (b)     2      3      4       I
(a)      2         5        I         3              (c)     5      3      4       2
(b)      4         3        2         5              (d)     2      4      I       3
(c)      2         3        1         5
(d)      4         5        2         3              4. Which one of the following countries does
                                                        not border Lithuania?
2. Consider the following statements:                   (a) Poland
1. The Charter of the United Nations                    (b) Ukraine
    Organisation was adopted at Geneva,                 (c) Belarus
    Switzerland in June, 1945                           (d) Latvia
2. India was admitted to the United Nations
                                                     5.     Where are the Balearic Islands located?
    Organization in the year 1945.
                                                        (a) Mediterranean Sea
3. The Trusteeship Council of the United                (b) Black Sea
   Nations Organization was established to              (c) Baltic Sea
   manage the affairs of territories detached           (d) North Sea
   from Japan and Italy after the Second
   World War or such territories not under the       6. Which one of the following is the correct
   control of a country at that time.                     sequence of the given towns of Pakistan
                                                          while moving from the North towards the
Which of the statements given above is / are              South?
correct ?                                            ( a)     Islamabad—Gujaranwaia—Peshawar—
(a)      1,2 and 3;                                           Multan .
                                                     (b)      Peshawar—Gujranwala—Multan—
(b)      2 only                                               Islamabad
(c)      2 and 3                                     ( c)     Peshawar—lslamabad—Gujranwala—
(d)      3 only                                      (d)      Islamabad—Multan—Peshawar—

7. Which one of the following pairs is not            12. Match List –I (Person) with List-II
     correctly matched?                                   (Organisation) and select the correct
(a)      Bahamas    : Nassau                              answer using the code given below the
(b)      Costa Rica : San Jose                            lists :
(c )     Nicaragua : Belmopan
(d)      Dominican : Santo Domingo                                List-I          List-II
         Republic                                                 (Person)        (Organization)
                                                      A. V.R.S. Natrajan          I. Bharat Heavy
8.    Consider    the    following sites
monuments                                                                               Electricals Limited
1.  Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeo- logical               B. A.K. Puri                2. Air India
    Park                                              C. V. Thulasias             3. Maruti Udyog
2.  Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Station,
    Mumbai                                                                              Limited
3.  Mamallapuram                                      D. Jagdish Khattar          4. Bharat Earth
4.  Sun Temple (Konark Temple)                                                          Movers Limited
                                                                                  5. Indian Space
Which of the above are included in the World
Heritage List of UNESCO?                                                              Research Orga-
(a)     1, 2 and 3                                                                    nization
(b)     1,3 and 4                                     Code:
(c)     2 and 4                                                   A        B      C          D
(d)     1, 2, 3 and 4
                                                      (a)         2        3      5          I
9. Which one of the following airports in             (b)         4        1      2          3
   India is the first to be owned by a public         (c)         2        1      5          3
   limited company?                                   (d)         4        3      2          1
   (a) Daholim Airport. Goa
   (b) Cochin airport
   (c) Hyderabad airport                              13. Which one of the following statements is
   (d) Bangalore airport                                  not correct?
                                                          (a) Rourkela Steel Plant, the first integrated
10. Which one of the following was probed by                  steel plant in the Public Sector of India
    the Liberhan Commission?                                  was set up with the Soviet Union
    (a) Test Cricket match fixing                             collaboration.
    (h) Best Bakery Case                                  (b) Salem Steel. Plant is a premier producer
    (c) Tehelka tapes Case                                    of stainless steel in India.
    (d) Demolition of the disputed structure at
        Ayodhya                                           (c) Maharashtra Elektrosmelt Ltd. is a
                                                              subsidiary of the Steel Authority of
11. Which one of the following is the correct                 India Ltd.
    statement?                                              (d) Visakhapatnarn Steel Plant is a unit of
    (a) The modern Kochi was a Dutch colony                     the Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd.
        till India's independence.
    (b) The Dutch defeated the Portugues and
        built Fort Williams in the modern             14. Which one of the following companies as
        Kochi.                                            started a rural marketing network called
    (c) The modem Kochi was first a Dutch                 ‘e-chaupals’ ?
        colony before the Portuguese too over             (a) ITC
        from them.                                          (b)       Dabur
    (d) The modem Kochi never became a part
        of the British colony                               (c)       Proctor and Gamble
                                                            (d)       Hindustan Lever

15. For which one of the following, is Satara              Directions (For the next FOUR items) : Based
      is well-known? .                                     on the information given below, answer the four
      (a)    Thermal power plant                           items which follow it :
      (b)    Wind energy plant
      (c)    Hydro-electric plant                          Gopal, Harsh, Inder, Jai and Krishnan have
      (d)    Nuclear power plant                           Ahmedabad,         Bhopal,    Cuttack,        Delhi      and
                                                           Ernakulam as their hometowns (Not necessarily
16. Consider the following statements:
                                                           in that order). They are studying in Engineering,
I.    Vigyan Rail is a Science Exhibition on
      wheels organized by the Council     of               Medical, Commerce, Economics and History
      Scientific and Industrial Research.                  Colleges (Not necessarily in that order). None of
2. Vigyan Prasar is an autonomous body under               the five boys is studying in his hometown, but
   the Ministry of Human Resource
   Development.                                            each of them studies in one of the cities given
3. EDUSAT, the ISRO's educational satellite                above.
   was launched from French Guyana in 2004.                Further, it is given that:
Which of the statements given above is are                 (i)     Gopal's hometown is Emakulam.
    (a) 1,2 and 3                                          (ii)    Harsh is not studying in Ahmedabad or
      (b)    I and 2                                               Bhopal.
      (c)    2 and 3                                       (iii) Economics College is in Bhopal.
      (d)    None                                          (iv)    Inder's hometown is Cuttack
                                                           (v)     Krishnan is studying in Delhi.
17.         Consider the following statements:             (vi)    Jai is studying in Emakulam and the
1. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is liquefied
                                                                  History    College    is   in    his     hometown
   under extremely cold temperatures and high
   pressure to         facilitate storage or                      Ahmedabad.
   transportation in specially designed vessels.
                                                           (vii) Engineering       College        is     situated    in
2. First LNG terminal in India was built in
   Hassan.                                                        Emakulam.

3. Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) are separated                 Based on the information given above answer
   from LPG and these include           ethane,            the next FOUR items :
   propane, butane and natural gasoline.
Which of the statements given above is           are
correct ?                                                  18.     Which is Krishnan's hometown?
(a)         1 only                                         (a)     Ahmedabad
(b)         1 and 3                                        (b)     Cuttack
(c)         2 and 3                                        (c )    Bhopal
(d)         1,2 and 3                                      (d)     Cannot be determined

19.   Which College is situated in Inder'                 23. On a railway route between two places A
      hometown?                                           and B, there are' 10 stations on the way. If 4
(a)   Commerce                                            new stations are to be added,       how many
(b)   Medical                                             types of new tickets will be required if each
(c)   Economics                                           ticket is issued for a one-way journey?
(d)   Commerce or Medical                                 (a)    14
                                                          (b)    48
20.   Who studies in Bhopal?                              (c)    96
(a)   Gopal                                               (d)    108
(b)   Harsh
                                                          24.    Aryan     runs   at   a   speed    of   40
(c)       Gopal or Inder
                                                          metre/minute. Rahul follows him after an
(d)       lnder or Harsh
                                                          interval of 5 minutes and runs at a speed of
21.       If lnder studies in Ahmedabad, then
                                                          50 metre/minute. Rahul's dog runs at a speed
which     one of the following is the correct
                                                          of 60 metre/minute and starts along with
combination of Person-Hometown- Place of
                                                          Rahul. The dog reaches Arya'1 and then
Study ?
                                                          comes back to Rahul, and continues to do so
(3)       Gopal—Emakulam-—elhi
                                                          till Rahul reaches Aryan. What is the total
(b)       Jai—Ahmedabad—Emakulam
                                                          distance covered by the dog ?
(c)       Krishnan—Delhi—Emakulam
                                                          (a)    600 metres .
(d)       Harsh—Bhopal—Delhi
                                                          (b)    750 metres
                                                          (c)    980 metres
22. Left pan of a faulty balance weighs 100
                                                          (d)    1200 metres
gram more than its right pan. A , shopkeeper
                                                          25.      A big rectangular plot of area 4320
keeps the weight measure in            the left pan
                                                          m2 is divided into 3 square-shaped smaller
while buying goods but keeps it in the right              plots by fencing parallel to the smaller side of
                                                          the plot. However some area of land was still
pan while selling his goods. He uses only I kg
                                                          left as a square could not be formed. So, 3
weight measure. If he sells his goods at the              more square-shaped plots were Conned by
                                                          fencing parallel to the longer side of the
listed cost price, what is his gain?
                                                          original plot such that no area of the plot was
(a)       200/11%                                         left surplus. What are the dimensions of the
                                                          original plot?
(b)       100/11%
                                                          (a)     160 m x 27 m
(c)       1 00/9%
                                                          (b)    240 m x 18 m
(d)       200/9%
                                                          (c)    120 m x 36 m
                                                          (d)    135 m x 32 m

26. Match List-I (Atomic Power Plants/Heavy          29. Men and 1 woman board a bus in which 5
                                                         seats are vacant. One of these five seats is
      Water Plants) with List-II (State) and
                                                         reserved for ladies. A woman mayor
      select the correct answer using the code           may not sit on the seat reserved for ladies
                                                         but a man can not sit on the seat reserved
      given below the lists:
                                                         for ladies. In how many different ways
          List-I                   List-II               can the five seats be occupied by these
                                                         three passengers?
      (Atomic Power Plants         (State)
                                                     (a)     15
      Heat Water Plants)                             (b)     36
                                                     (c)     48
A. Thai                    1. Andhra Pradesh
                                                     (d)     60
B. Manuguru                2. Gujarat
                                                     30       Consider the following statements:
C. Kakrapar.               3. Maharashtra
                                                           1.  The Constitution of India has 20 parts.
D. Kaiga                   4. Rajasthan                    2.  There are 390 Articles in the
                                                               Constitution of India in all.
                           5. Kamataka
                                                           3.  Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth
                                                               Schedules were added to the
Code :                                                         Constitution of India by the
          A        B       C       D                           Constitution (Amendment) Acts.
(a)       2        1       4       5
                                                     Which of       the statements given above is/ are
(b)       3        5       2       1
(c)       2        5       4       1                       (a)       1 and 2
                                                           (b)       2 only
(d)       3        1       2       5
                                                           (c)       3 only
                                                           (d)       1, 2 and 3
27. Which one of the following is the correct
                                                     31.        Who among the following was the
sequence of the given substances in the
                                                                Chairman of the Union Constitution
decreasing order of their densities?                            Committee     of   the   Constituent
(a) Steel > Mercury > Gold
                                                                (a) B.R. Ambedkar
(b) Gold> Mercury> Steel                                        (b) J.B. Kripalani
                                                                (c) Jawaharlal Nehru
(c) Steel> Gold> Mercury
                                                                (d) Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar
(d) Gold> Steel> Mercury
                                                     32.     Which one of the following pairs is
                                                     not correctly matched ?
28.       Of which one of the following games         (a) Southern Air:      Thiruvanantha-
                                                             Command          puram
is Shanmugham Venkatesh an outstanding
player?                                               (b)        Eastern Naval:      Visakhapatnam
(a)       Table tennis.
(b)       Hockey                                      ( c)       Armoured Corps:     Jabalpur
                                                                 Centre and School
(c)       Football
(d)       Basketball                                  (d)        Army Medical:       Lucknow
                                                                 Corps Centre
                                                                 and School

33. Which of the following pairs are correctly            35. In which country is Bandung, where the
                                                              Conference of African and Asian nations
                                                              was held which led to establishing Non-
           Publication      Group                             Aligned Movement (NAM), situated?
                                                                  (a) Thailand
I.         Sportstar :      The Hindu publication.
                                                                  (b) Egypt
                            group                                 (c) Indonesia
                                                                  (d) Philippines
2.         Business:        ABP group
                            world                         36. Match       items     in    the       List-I
                                                              (Businesswomen) with those in the List-II
3.         The Week:        Malayala Manorama
                                                              (Company) and select the correct answer
                            publication group                 using the code given below the lists:
4.         Reader's:        Indian Express publi- ,                    List-I              List-II
           Digest .         cation group
                                                                 (Businesswoman)      (Company)

                                                           A. Zia Mody           I. Venkateshwara
Select the correct answer using the codes given
below: .
                                                           B. Anuradha J.        2. AZB & Partner
           (a) 1, 2, 3 and 4
           (b) 1, 2 and 3
                                                           C. Villoo Morawala 3. Quantum Market -I
           (c) 2 and 4                                                               Patell Research
           (d) 1 and 3                                     D. Mrena Kaushik      4. Avestha Gengraine
34.        Which of the following pairs are                                      5. Biocor1 India
correctly matched?                                                        A      B        C          D
      Enterprise               Industrial Group                  (a)      4      1        5          3
                                                                 (b)      2      3        4          1
1.         VSNL :         Bharati Group
2.         Mundra Special: Adani Group                           (c)      4      3        5          1
                                                                 (d)      2      1        4          3
           Economic Zone
           Ltd.                                           37.     A square is divided into 9 identical
3.         CMC Ltd. :       Tata Group                    smaller squares. Six identical balls are to be
                                                          placed in these smaller squares such that
4.         IPCL :           Reliance Group.               each or the three rows gets at least one ball
           Select the correct answer using the            (one pall in one square only). In how many
                                                          different ways can this be done?
codes given below:                                                (a) 27
(a) 1, 2 and 3                                                    (b) 36
(b) 3 and           4                                             (c) 54
(c) 1, 2 and 4                                                    (d) 81

(d) 2, 3 and 4

                                                      42.   Consider the following statements:
38. There are 6 persons —A, 0, C, D, E and            1. The Constitution of the United States of
    F. They are to be seated in a row such
    that 0 never sits anywhere ahead of A,                  America came into force in the year 1810.
    and C never sits anywhere ahead of B.
    III how many different ways can this be           2. All revenue bills must originate in the House
    done ?.                                                 of Representatives of the US Congress.
   (a)    60
                                                      3. George W. Bush is the only President in the
   (b)    72
                                                            history of the United States of     America
   (c)    120
   (d)    None of the above                                 whose father was also the President of the
                                                            United States of America.
39. For which one of the following items, is
    Tirupur well-known as a huge exporter to
    many parts of the world ?                         Which of the statements given above is         are
    (a) Gems and Jewellery                            correct?
                                                      (a) 1 only
   (b)    Leather goods
                                                      (b) 2 only
   (c )   Knitted garn1ents
   (d)    Handicrafts                                 (c) 1 and 2
                                                      (d) 2 and Y
40. Which one of the following pairs is not
correctly matched?                                    43. Match List-I (City) with List-II (River)
           Project            Company
(a) Integrated Steel:   Steel Authority               and select the correct answer using the code
     Plant at Jajpur    of India                      given below the lists:
     (Orissa)                                                    List-I        List-II
(b) Power Plant at :    Essar Power
                                                                 (City)        (River)
     Jamnagar (Gujarat)
                                                      A. Washington. D.C       1. River Manzanares
(c ) Nabinagar Power. Indian Railways
     Plant (Bihar)                                    B. Berlin                2. River Seine
(d) Kayamkulom Power: National Thermal                C. Paris                 3. River Spree
     Plant (Kerala)     Power Corporation             D. Madrid                4. River Potomac
41.      Virtual water trade is being looked at
by experts as a solution to the world's water                    A        B    C         D
crisis. What does virtual water (VW) imply?
                                                      (a)        2        3    4         1
  (a) Volume of heavy water required to
       replace ordinary water                         (b)        4        1    2         3
  (b) Volume of water required to produce a           (c)        2        1    4         3
       commodity or service
                                                      (d)        4        3    2         1
  (c) Volume of water saved by using rain-
       water harvesting
  (d) Volume of water utilized by an effective
       flood control

44. Which one of the following is the correct          47. Which one of the following pairs is "ot
                                                            correctly matched ?
      sequence of the given Indian cities in the
                                                                British Prime        Political Party
      Decreasing order of their normal annual                   Minister
                                                       (a) John Major:        Conservative Party
                                                       (b) James Callaghan : Labour Party
(a)       Kochi —Kolkata—Delhi—Patna                   (c) Harold Wilson:     Conservative Party
                                                       (d) Margaret :         Conservative Party
(h)       Kolkata —Kochi—Patna—Delhi
(c)       Kochi —Kolkata—Patna—Delhi
                                                       48. Which one of the following cities is the
(d)       Kolkata —Kochi-—Delhi—Patna
                                                          seat of Parliament of South Africa?
                                                          (a) Pretoria
45. In which one of the following countries, is           (b) Durban
                                                          (c) Johannesburg
      Tamil a major language?
                                                          (d) Cape Town
(a) Myanmar
                                                       49. Which of the following States border
(h) Indonesia
                                                           Uttar Pradesh?
(c) Mauritius                                              1. Punjab
                                                           2. Rajasthan.
(d) Singapore
                                                           3. Chhattisgarh
                                                           4. Jharkhand
46.       Match items in the List-I (Location)
with those in the List-II (Known For/In News           Select the correct answer using the code given
for) and select the correct answer using the
                                                           (a) 1, 2, 3 and 4
code given below the lists:                                (b) 2, 3 and 4
                                                           (c) I and 4
          List-I         List-II
                                                           (d) I and 3
          (Location)     (Known For/In
                                                       50. There are 10 identical coins and each one
                         News for)
                                                           of them has ‘H’ engraved on its one face
A. Kakinada              1. Skybus Metro rail              and ‘T’ engraved on its other face. These
                            test-run                       10 coins are lying on a table and each one
                                                           of them has .H' face as the upper face.
B. Dundigal              2. ITC paper board
                                                           In one attempt, exactly four (neither
                                                           more nor less) coins can turned upside
C. Margao                3. Bio-diesel plant
                                                           down. What is the minimum total number
D. Bhadrachalam          4. Indian Air Force
                                                           of attempts in which the ‘T’ faces of all
                                                           the 10 coins can be brought to be the
                                                           upper faces?
         A         B     C         D
                                                           (a) 4
(a)      2         I     4         3
                                                          (b)   7
(b)      3         4     I         2
                                                          (c)   8
(c)      2         4     I         3
                                                          (d)   Not possible
(d)      3         I     4         2

                                                           54.   300 persons are participating in a
51.     An equilateral triangular plate is to be                 meeting, out of which 120 are
                                                                 foreigners, and the rest are Indians. Out
        cut into n number of identical small
                                                                 of the Indians, there are 110 men who
        equilateral triangular plates. Which                     are not judges; 160 are men or judges,
                                                                 and 35 are women judges. There are no
        one of the following can be possible
                                                                 foreign judges. How        many Indian
        value of n ?                                             women attended the meeting?
                                                                 (a) 35
        (a)     196
                                                                 (b) 45
        (b)     216                                              (c) 55
                                                                 (d) 60
        (c)     256
        (d)     296                                        55.   Consider the following statements
                                                                 concerning the Indian Railways:
                                                                 1. The Head Quarters of the North
52.     Ten identical particles are moving
                                                                    Western    Railway       are located   at
        randomly inside a closed box. What is
                                                                    Jodhpur. X
        the probability that at any given point
                                                                 2. 'Indrail pass' — a travel-as-you-
        of time all the ten particles will be lying
                                                                    please    ticket   has    been   created
        in , the same half of the box?
                                                                    especially for freedom fighters and
      (a)       1/2
                                                                    sportspersons who have represented
      (b)       1/5
                                                                    India in any game/sport.
      (c)       2/9
                                                                 3. Fairy Queen is a train using the
      (d)       2/11
                                                                    world's oldest working engine and the
53.         There are 6 persons A, B, C, D, and F.                  Indian Railways conduct a journey of
            A has 3 items more than C
                                                                    wildlife and heritage sites on it.
            D has 4 items less than B
                                                                    Which of the statements given above
            E has 6 items less than F
                                                                    is are correct?
            C has 2 items more than E
                                                           (a)    2 only
            F has 3 items more than D
                                                           (b)    3 only
            Which one of the following figures can
                                                           (c)    I and 2
not equal to the total number of items possessed
                                                           (d)    None
by all the 6 persons?
      (a)       41
      (b)       47
      (c)       53
      (d)       58

56. Match List-I (National Park/Wildlife                   59.March items In the List-I (Country) with
                                                           those in the List-II (Name of Parliament) and
        Sanctuary) with List-II (State) and select
                                                           select the correct answer using the code given
        the correct answer using the code given            below the lists:
                                                                    List – I       List - II
        below the lists:
                                                                    (Country)        (Name of Parliament)
             List-I                 List-II
             (National Park/Wild-   (State)
                                                           A. Netherlands            I. Diet
             Life Sanctuary)
                                                           B. Ukraine                2. States General
A. Bondla Wildlife                  1. Orissa
                                                           C. Poland                 3. Supreme Court
                                                           D. Japan                  4. Sejm
B. Kangerghat Natiiona              2. Assam
C. Orang Sanctuary                  3. Chhattisgarh                 A       B        C         D
D. Ushakothi Wildlife.              4. Goa                 (a)      4       I        2         3
      Sanctuary                     5. Tripura             (b)      2       3        4         I
                                                           (c)      4       3        2         I
                                                           (d)      2       I        4         3
             A         B       C    D
(a)          2         I       5    3
(b)          4         3       2    1                      60.     Which one of the following is the
(c)          2         3       5    1                              correct      sequence of the given
(d)          4         1       2    3                              Continents in the decreasing order of
                                                                   their percentage of Earth's land?
57.     Who           among the following is not a               (a) North     America—Africa—       South
        recipient of the Bharat Ratna Award?
                                                                 (b)      Africa-North     America—South
      (a) Ustad Bismillah Khan                                       AmericaEurope
                                                                 (c) North      America—Africa—Europe—
      (b) Satyajit Ray
                                                                     South America
      (c) Lata Mangeshkar                                        (d) Africa-North—America-Europe—South
      (d) Raj Kapoor ...
                                                           61. Which one of the following pairs is not
58. For which one of the following countries,              correctly matched?
      is Spanish not an official language?                 (a) Seikan Rail Tunnel:             China
      (a) Chilr                                            (b) Petronas Towers:                Malaysia
      (b) Colombia                                         (c) Appalachian Trail               United States
      (c) Republic of Congo                                                                    of America
      (d) Cuba                                             (d) Rogun Dam :                     Tajikistan


62.      Consider the following Statements:                66.   Itaipu Dam built on the River Parana
      I. Kyoto Protocol came into force in I the                 is one of the largest darns in the world.
         year 2005.                                              Which of the following two countries
      2. Kyoto Protocol deals primarily with the                 have this as a joint project?
         depletion of the Ozone layer.                           (a) Brazil and Peru
      3. Methane as a greenhouse gas is more                     (b) Paraguay and Ecuador
         harmful than carbon dioxide.                            (c ) Brazil and Paraguay
      Which of the statements given above is are                 (d) Colombia and Paraguay
         correct ?
                                                           67.   According to the Census-200 I, which
            (a)   1 and 2                                        one of the following Indian States has
            (b)   1 and 3                                        the maximum population in India after
            (c)   I only                                         Uttar Pradesh?
            (d)   3 only                                         (a) West Bengal
                                                                 (b) Maharashtra
63.         Consider the following statements:                   (c) Bihar
            1. Total land area of Earth is                       (d) Tamil Nadu
               approximately 1475 lakh square
               kilometers.                                 68.      Consider the following statements:
            2. Ratio of land area to water area of               1.    The Parliament cannot enlarge the
               Earth is approximately 1 : 4.                           jurisdiction of the Supreme Court
            3. Maximum percentage of Earth's                           of; India as its jurisdiction is limited
               water is in the Pacific Ocean.                          to       that conferred by the
Which of the statements given above is are                       2.    The officers and servants of the
correct ?                                                              Supreme Court and High Courts are
(a)      I and 3                                                       appointed by the concerned Chief
(b)      2 and 3                                                       .Justice and the administrative
(c)      I only                                                        expenses are charged on the
(d)      3 only                                                        Consolidated Fund of India.

64.        Which one of the following cities is not        Which of    the statements given above is/are
           a former capital of the given country           correct?
           (Country given in the brackets) ?                     (a)   1 only
             (a) Karachi (Pakistan)                              (b)   2 only
             (b) Auckland (New Zealand)                          (c)   Both I and 2
             (c) Kyoto (Japan)                                   (d)   Neither 1 nor 2
             (d) Brisbane (Australia)
                                                           69. Consider the following statements:
65. Consider the following statements:                         1. Article 30 1 pertains to the Right to
     1. There are 25 High Courts In India:                        Property.
     2. Punjab, Haryana and the Union                          2. Right to Property is a legal right but not
         Territory of Chandigarh have a common                    a Fundamental Right.
         High Court.                                           3. Article 300 A was inserted in the
     3. National Capital Territory of Delhi has a                 Constitution of India by the Congress
         High Court of its own.                                   Government at the Centre by the 44th
Which of the statements given above is are                        Constitutional Amendment.
(a) 2 and 3                                                Which of the statements given above is/ are
(b) 1 and 2                                                correct '?
(c) 1,2 and 3                                                  (a) 2 only
(d) 3 only                                                     (b) 2 and 3
                                                               (c) 1 and 3
                                                               (d) 1, 2 and 3.

70.    Who among the following invented                73.   Consider the following statements:
      Lasers? .                                              1. Lord Mountbatten was the Viceroy
      (a) Theodore Maiman                                       when Simla Conference took place.
      (b) Denis Papin
      (c) William Morton                                     2. Indian Navy Revolt, 1946 took place
      (d) Francis Crick                                         when the Indian sailors in the Royal
                                                                Indian Navy at Bombay and Karachi
71. Consider the following statements:                          rose against the Government.
     I. Articles 371 A to 371 I were Inserted          Which of    the statements given above is are
         in the Constitution of India to meet          correct?
         regional demands of Nagaland,                       (a)   I only
         Assam, Manipur, Andhra Pradesh,                     (b)   2 only
         Sikkim, Mizorarn, Arunachal Pradesh                 (c)   Both I and 2
         and Goa.                                            (d)   Neither nor 2
     2. Constitutions of India and the United
         States of America envisage a dual
                                                       74.   Which one of the following territories
         policy (The Union and the States) but
                                                             was not affected .by the Revolt of 1857 ?
         a single citizenship.
     3. A naturalized citizen of India can,                  (a) Jhansi
         never be deprived of his citizenship.               (b) Chittor
                                                             (c) Jagdishpur
      Which of the statements given above is                 (d) Lucknow
      correct?                                         .
      (a) 1,2 and 3                                    75.   Which one of the following places did
      (b) I and 3                                            Kunwar Singh, a prominent leader of
      (c) 3 only                                             the Revolt of 1857 belong to ?
      (d) I only                                             (a) Bihar
                                                             (b) Madhya Pradesh
72.     Consider the following statements :                  (c) Rajasthan
      I. Part IX of the Constitution of India                (d) Uttar Pradesh
         contains provisions for Panchayats
         and was inserted by the Constitution          76.      Which of the following pairs are
         (73rd Amendment) Act, 1992.                         correctly matched ?
      2. Part IX A of the Constitution of India                 Movement/          Person Actively
         contains provisions for municipalities                 Satyagraha        Associated With
         and the Article 243 Q envisages two           1. Champaran :          Rajendra Prasad
         types of municipalities — a Municipal
         Council and a Municipal Corporation           2. Ahmedabad:           Morarji Desai
         for every State.                                 Mill Workers
                                                       3. Kheda :              Vallabhbhai Patel
Which of the statements given above is!                Select the correct answer using the code
are correct?
                                                       given below:
(a) 1 only
                                                             (a) 1 and 2
(b) 2 only
                                                             (b) 2 and 3
(c ) Both I and 2                                            (c) I and 3
(d) Neither I nor 2                                          (d) 1, 2 and 3

77. Who among the following was not a               82. Consider the following statements. On the
    associated with the formation of U.P.
                                                          eve of launch of Quit India Movement,
    Kisan Sabha in February 1918 '?
        (a) Indra Narain Dwivedi                          Mahatma Gandhi
        (b) Gauri Shankar Misra                     I. asked the government servants to resign.
       (c) Jawaharlal Nehru                         2. asked the soldiers to leave their posts.
       (d) Madan Mohan Malviya..                    3. asked the Princes of the Princely States to
                                                    accept the sovereignty of their own people.
78. Who among the following drafted the
    resolution on fundamental rights for the        Which of the statements given above is/are
    Karachi Session of Congress in 1931?            correct?
      (a) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
                                                          (a) I and 2
     (b) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ...
                                                          (b) 2 and 3
     (c) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
     (d) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel                         (c) 3 only
                                                          (d) 1,2 and 3
79. In October 1920, who of the following           83.     Where         were      the       Ghadar
    headed a group of Indians gathered at
    Tashkent to set up a Communist Party of                 revolutionaries, who became active
    India ?                                                 during the outbreak of the World War
    (a) H.K. Sarkar
                                                            I based ?
   (b) P.C. Joshi
                                                          (a) Central America
   (c) M.C. Chagla
   (d) M.N. Roy.                                          (b) North America.
                                                          (c) West America
80. At which Congress Session was the
   Working Committee authorised to launch                 (d) South America
   a programme Civil Disobedience ?
                                                    84.       What was Komagata Maru ?
     (a)   Bombay
                                                            (a) A political party based in Taiwan
     (b)   Lahore                                           (b) Peasant communist leader of China,
     (c)   Lucknow                                          (c) A naval ship on voyage to Canada,
     (d)   Tripuri                                          (d) A Chinese village where Mao Tse
                                                            Tung began his Long march
81. In which one of the following provinces
    was a Congress ministry not formed
                                                    85. Who among the following was                  a
    under, the Act of 1935?
                                                    proponent' of Fabianism as a movement?
     (a) Bihar                                         (a) Annie Beasant
     (b) Madras                                           (b) A.D. Hume
     (c) Orissa                                           (c) Michael Madhusudan Dutt
     (d) Punjab                                           (d) R. Palme Dun

86.     Recently, to which of the following           90. Consider the following statements:
        countries did India offer to build a              1. The number of post offices in India is in
        Buddha Temple?                                       excess of 1.5 lakhs.
        (a) China                                         2. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)
        (b) Myanmar                                          was formed in the year 1997;
        (c) Thailand                                      3. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
        (d) Vietnam                                          (TRAI) was established in the year
87.     Which one of the following is not an          Which of       the statements given above is/ are
        ASEAN member '?                               correct ?
                                                            (a)      1,2 and 3
        (a) Cambodia                                        (b)      I and 2
        (b) China '                                         {c)      I only
        (c) Laos                                            (d)      3 only
        (d) Philippines
                                                      91. Consider the following statements :
                                                          I. The Man Booker Prize is awarded to
88. Consider the following:                                  citizen of any of the countries of the
    1. Disputes with mobile cellular companies               British Commonwealth or the Republic
      2. Motor accident cases                                of Ireland.
      3. Pension cases                                    2.   A leading London-based software
                                                               company underwrites the Man Booker
For which of the above are Lok Adalats held?                   Prize presently.
     (a) 1 only
                                                          3. The winner of the Man Booker Prize in
     (b) 1 and 2
                                                             year 2004 is a South Asian.
     (c) 2 only,
     (d) 1, 2 and 3.                                  Which of the statements given above is/ are
89. Which of the following pairs are correctly                 (a) 1 only
matched?                                                       (b) I and 3
         Person                  A ward                        (c) 2 and 3
1. Champadevi :         Goldman Environ                        (d) 1,2 and 3
    Shukla              mental Prize
2. Dr. P. Sri:          Vachaspati                    92. Consider the following statements:
   Ramachanrudu         Puraskar                          1. The forest cover in India constitutes
3. Ela Ramesh :         Lal Bahadur Shastri                  around 20% of its geographical area.
   Bhatt                National A ward                      Out of the total forest cover, dense
                        for Excellence in                    forest constitutes around 40%.
                        Public Administration
                                                          2. The National Forestry Action Programme
                        Academics and
                                                              aims at bringing one-third of the area of
                                                              India under tree/forest cover.
4. Upamanyu :           Lalit Kala Ratna
   Chatterjee           Award                         Which of       the statements given above is/are
Select the correct answer using the code              correct ?
given below:                                                   (a)    1 only
(a) 1 and 2                                                    (b)    2 only
(b) 1, 2 and 3                                                 (c)    Both 1 and 2
(c) 3 and 4                                                    (d)    Neither 1 nor 2
(d) 1, 2,3 and 4

93. Which one of the following statements is                     95.     Match     List  –I   (Lawn     Tennis
                                                                         Tournament) with List-II {Winner of
       not correct?
                                                                         Women Singles) and select the correct
       (a) There          is   no   definition   of   the                answer using the code given below the
             Scheduled Tribe in the Constitution of
                                                                            List-1              List-II
             India.                                                    (Lawn Tennis      (Winner of Women
       (b) North-East India accounts for a little                    Tournament)                  Singles)
             over half of the country's tribal                   A. French               I. Svetlana
             population.                                               Open-2004             Kuznetsova
       (c) The people known as Todas live in the                 B. Wimhledon-           2. Anastasia
                                                                    2004                    Myskina
             Nilgiri area.
                                                                 C. US Open-2004         3. Maria Sharapova
       (d) Lotha is a language spoken in
                                                                 D. Australian           4. Serena Williams
             Nagaland.                                                 Open-2004
                                                                                         5. Justinc Henin-
94.    Match List-I (Famous Former Sports-                                                  Hardene
       person) with List-II (Gamel / Sport) and                            A         B   C       D
       select the correct answer using the code                  (a)       5         I   4       2
                                                                 (b)       2         3   I       5
       given below the lists:                                    (c)       5         3   I       2
                                                                 (d)       2         I   4       5
         List-1                         List-II
       (Famous Former               (Game/Sport)                 96.    Consider the following statements:
.        (Sportsperson)                                               1. India is the second country in the
A. Wally Grout,                1. Swimming                                world to adopt a National Family
                                                                          Planning Programme. .
B. Eusebio                     2. Lawn Tennis                         2. The National Population Policy of
                                                                          India 2000 seeks to achieve
C. Rod Laver                   3. Cricket                                 replacement level of fertility by 2010
                                                                          with a population of III crores.
D. Mark Spitz                  4 Football                             3. Kerala is the first State in India to
                                                                          achieve replacement level of fertility.
                               5. Basketball                     Which of the statements given above is/ are
Code :                                                              correct?
         A            B        C        D
(a)      3            5        2        4                              (a) 1 only
(b)      2            4        3        I                              (b) 1 and 2
(c )     3            4        2        1                              (c) 2 and 3
(d)      2            5        3        4                              (d) 1, 2 and 3

97.   The Constitution (98th Amendment)
      Act is related to :                                 101. Which one of the following statements is
      (a) Empowering the Centre to levy and                     correct?
          appropriate service tax                             (a) The First Meeting of the Parties
      (b) The constitution of the National                          (MOP I) to the Cartagena Protocol on
          Judicial Commission                                       Biosafety was held in Philippines in
      (c) Readjustment         of    electoral                      the year 2004
          constituencies on the basis of the                  (b) India is not a signatory to the
          Population Census 2001                                    Biosafety Protocol/Convention on
      (d) The demarcation of new boundaries                         Biological Diversity
          between States                                      (c) The Biosafety Protocol deals with
                                                                    genetically modified organisms
98.   Which one of the following is the                       (d) The United States of America is
      correct statement on the basis of                             member of the Biosafety Protocol/
      Census-200 1?                                                 Convention on Biological Diversity
      (a) Bihar has the highest percentage of the
          Scheduled Castes of its population              102. Which one of the following pairs is not
      (h) The decadal growth of population of                   correctly matched?
          India (1991-2001) has been below                      Current Name       Old Name
          20%                                             (a) Harare :          Salisbury
      (c) Mizoram is the Indian State with the
                                                          (b) Ethiopia:          Abyssinia
          least population
      (d) Pondicherry has the highest sex ratio,          (c) Ghana:             Dutch Guiana
          among the Union Territories
                                                          (d) Kinshasa: Leopoldville
99.   Consider the following statements:
      I. Global Trust Bank has been                       103. Consider the following statements:
           amalgamated with the Punjab                    1.   Areawise, Chhattisgarh is larger than West
           National Bank. .                                    Bengal.
      2. The second report of the Kelkar                  2.   According to the Population 2001 Census,
           Committee dealing with direct and                   population of West Bengal is larger than
           indirect taxes has maintained its                   that of Chhattisgarh.
           original recommendations including             Which of the statements given above is/are
           the abolition of exemptions relating to             correct?
           housing loans.                                      (a) I only
Which of the statements given above is/are                     (b) 2 only
correct ?                                                      (c) Both I and 2
      (a) I only                                               (d) Neither I nor 2
      (b) 2 only
      (c) Both 1 and 2                                    104. In which one of the following countries
      (d) Neither 1 nor 2                                 did hundreds of people die in year 2004 as a
                                                          result of flooding and mudslides triggered by
100. Where was world's largest ever Meet on               Tropical Storm Jeanne ?
HIV, AIDS held in July, 2004 ?                                  (a) Colombia
     (a) Bangkok                                                (b) Haiti
     (b) Singapore                                              (c) Sudan
     (c) New York                                               (d) Ghana
     (d) Rome

105.      Consider the following statements:            108. Under which one of the Ministries of the
  1.      Silent Valley National Park is in the               Government of India does the Food and
                                                              Nutrition Board work?
          Nallamalai range.
                                                               (a) Ministry of Agriculture
  2.      Pathrakkadavu Hydroelectric Project is               (b) Ministry of Health and Family
          proposed to be built near the Silent                         Welfare
          Valley National Park.                                  (c)    Ministry    of   Human      Resource
  3.      The Kunthi river originates in Silent                        Development
          Valley's rainforests.                                  (d) Ministry of Rural Development
Which of the statements given above is/ are
correct ?                                               109.     Which of the following diseases of
      (a) 1 and 3                                                milching animals are infectious ?
                                                                 I.   Foot and Mouth disease
        (b)   2 only
                                                                 2.     Anthrax
        (c)   2 and 3
                                                                 3.     Black Quarter
        (d)   1,2 and 3
                                                                 4.     Cowpox
106.      Who among the following is not a              Select the correct answer using the code given
        member of the Investment Commission             below :
        formed in December, 2004 '?                             (a) 1,2 and 3
        (a) Ratan Tata
                                                                 (b)    2,3 and 4
        (b)   Deepak Parekh
                                                                 (c)    1 and 4
        (c)   Ashok Ganguly
                                                                 (d)    1, 2, 3 and 4
        (d)   Kumannangalam Birla.
                                                        110. Match items in the List-I (Power
                                                             Station) with those in the List-II (State)
107.   Consider the following statements:                    and select the correct answer using the
    1. Dengue is a protozoan disease                         code given below the lists:
                                                               List-1                  List-II
          transmitted by mosquitoes.
                                                               (Power Station)              (State)
       2. Retro-orbital pain is not a symptom of
                                                        A. Kothagudem               1. Andhra Pradesh
                                                        B. Raichur                  2. Gujarat
       3. Skin rash and bleeding from nose and
                                                        C. Mettur                   3. Karnataka
          gums are some of the symptoms of
                                                        D. Wanakbori                4. Tamil Nadu
Which of the statements given above is/are
correct ?                                                        A        B         C       D
        (a) 1 and 2                                     (a)      4        2         1       3
        (b) 3 only                                      (b)      1        3         4       2
        (c) 2 only                                      (c)      4        3         1       2
        (d) 1 and 3                                     (d)      1        2         4       3

111. Which one of the following pairs is not
     correctly matched ?                               116. Which one of the following is the
(a) Arjun :       Indigenously produced                     correct    chronological order of the
                                                            battles. Fought in India in the 18th
                  Main Battle Tank (MBl)                    Century ?
(b) Phalcon :     Cruise missile supplied                   (a) Battle of Wandiwash— Battle of
                                                                  Buxar-Battle of Ambur-Battle of
                  by Russia to India                              Flassey
(c) Saras :       Indigenously developed                    (b) Battle of Ambur—Battle of Plassey-
                  civilian passenger                              Battle of Wandiwash—Battle of
                  aircraft                                  (c) Battle of Wandiwash—Battle of
(d) Operation: New Indian Naval                                   Plassey-Battle of Ambur-Battle of
                                                                  Buxar .
                  Seabird Base at Karwar
                                                            (d) Battle of Ambur—Battle of Buxar-
                                                                  Battle of Wandiwash-Battle of
112. Consider the following statements:                           Plassey
1.    India is the only country in the world
      producing all the five known commercial          117.   Consider the following statements:
      varieties of silk.                                   1. Warren Hastings was the first Governor
2.    India is the largest producer of sugar in               General who established a          regular
      the world.
                                                              police force in India on the       British
Which of      the statements given above is/are
correct?                                                      pattern.
      (a)     1 only                                      2. A Supreme Court was established at
      (b)     2 only
      (c)     Both I and 2                                    Calcutta by the Regulating Act, 1773.
      (d)     Neither 1 nor 2                             3. The Indian Penal Code came into effect

113. Whose autobiography is the book “My                      in the year 1860.
     Music My Life” ?                                  Which of the statements given above are
      (a) Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma                     correct?
                                                           (a) I and 2
      (b) Ustad Amjad Ali Khan V
      (c) Pandit Ravi Shankar.                            (b) 2 and 3

      (d) Ustad Zakir Hussain                             (c) I and 3
                                                          (d) I, 2 and 3
114. Where do thc Sahariya tribals, who were
     recently in the news, live?                       118. Consider the following statements:
     (a) Andhra Pradesh                                The Government of India Act, 1935 provided for
     (b) Assam                                               1. the provincial autonomy.
     (c) Rajasthan                                          2. the establishment of Federal Court.
     (d) Orissa
                                                            3. All India Federation at the centre.
115. Which countries played in the Lawn                Which of the statements given above are
     Tennis Davis Cup Final in the year                correct?
     2004                                                    (a) I and 2
     (a) Switzerland and United States of
         America                                            (b) 2 and 3
     (b) Spain and United States of America                 (c) 1 and 3
     (c) Australia and Argentina
     (d) Sweden and Belgium                                 (d) 1,2 and 3

1l9. Who among the following was not           a         123. What is the order of magnitude of
    contemporary of the other three?                          electric resistance of the human body
      (a) Bimbsara .                                          (dry) ?
                                                              (a) 102 ohm
       (b) Gautama Buddha
                                                               (b) 104 ohm
       (c) Milinda
       (d) Prasenjit                                           (c) 106 ohm
                                                               (d) 108 ohm
120. Pneumoconiosis afflicts the workers
     who work mainly in :                                124.     Consider the following statements:
     (a) Tanneries                                           1. A geostationary satellite is at an
                                                                  approximate height of 10.000 km.
       (b) Coal mining industry
                                                             2. FM transmission of music is of very
       (c) Distilleries                                           good quality because the atmospheric or
       (d) Glass industry                                         man-made noises which are generally
                                                                  frequency variations can do little harm.
121. Which one of the following is the                   Which of the statements given above is/ are
     landmark       perfom1ance of Dr. V.                correct?
     Mohan Reddy, an Indian born doctor                      (a) I only
     working in USA. during. February.                       (b) 2 only
     2005 ?                                                  (c) Both I and 2
     (a) Research on human stem cell which is                (d) Neither I nor 2
         likely to revolutionise treatment of
         deadly disease like cancer.                     125. Consider the following statements :
     (b) Successful open heart procedure                      1. Anhydrous sodium carbonate is
         called arterial switch performed on an                   commonly known as baking sods.
         infant.                                              2. Baking soda is used in fire extinguishers.
     (c) Research on genetic engineering                      3. Bleaching powder is manufactured in
         which can help in treatment of deadly                    Hasenclever plant.
         disease like AIDS.                              Which of the statements given above is/are
     (d) Successful brain surgery to revive the          correct?
         function of nearly dead brain of a              (a) 1.2 and 3
         premature born infant.                          (b) 2 and 3
                                                         (c) 3 only
122.      Consider the following statements:             (d) 1 and 2
         1.   The axis of the earth's magnetic
                                                         126. `Consider the following statements:
              field is inclined at 231/2 O to the
                                                         1. During the year 2004, India's foreign
              geographic axis of the earth.
                                                              exchange reserves did not exceed the 125
         2.     The earth's magnetic pole in the              billion U.S. Dollar mark.
                northern hemisphere is located on        2. The series of index numbers of wholesale
                a peninsula in northern Canada.               prices introduced from April, 2000 has the
         3.    Earth's magnetic equator pass. If              year 1993-94 base year.
               through Thumba in South India.            Which of the statements given above is/are
Which of the statements given above is/are               correct '?
correct?                                                 (a) 1 only
      (a) 1.2 and 3                                      (b) 2 only
      (b) 2 and 3                                        (c) Both I and 2
      (c) 2 only                                         (d) Neither I nor 2
      (d) 3 only

127. Who among the following is the                  131. Consider the following statements:
    President                                        1.   Great Britain comprises England, Wales,
of the FICCI ? \
                                                               Scotland and Northern Ireland.
      (a) Sunil Mittal
                                                     2.        England covers less than 60% of the total
     (b) Brijmohan Lal Munjal
                                                               area of the United Kingdom.
     (c) Onkar S. Kunwar .
     (d) Vivek Bumlan
                                                     Which of the statements given above is/are
128. Which party was founded by Subhash                  (a) 1 only
     Chandra Bose in the year 1939 after he
                                                          (b) 2 only
     broke away from the Congress?
     (a) Indian Freedom Party                             (c) Both 1 and 2
     (b) Azad Hind Fauj
                                                          (d) Neither 1 nor 2
     .(c) Revolutionary Front
     (d) Forward Block.                              132. Consider the following statements:
                                                       I. During the process of osmosis, the solvent
                                                           travels from the concentrated solution to
129. Consider the following statements:
                                                           the dilute solution.
  1. Second World Buddhist Summit was held
                                                       2. In the reverse osmosis, external pressure is
      in Bangkok in November-December,
                                                           applied to the dilute solution.
      2004. .
                                                     Which of the statements given above is/ are
  2. World Punjabi Conference was held in
      Jalandhar in December, 2004.
                                                         (a) 1 only
  3. 4th Meeting of the SAARC Trade
      Ministers was held in Islamabad in                  (b) 2 only
      November, 2004.
                                                          (c) Both 1 and 2
Which of the statements given above is/are
correct ?                                                 (d) Neither I nor 2
      (a) 3 only
     (b) 1 and 2                                     133. Consider the following statements:
     (c) 2 and 3                                          1. The Headquarters of the International
                                                             Organization for Standardization are
     (d) 1, 2 and 3                                          located in Rome.
                                                          2.     ISO 9000 relates to the quality
                                                                 management system and standards.
130. Consider the following statements :
  1. The Parliament of Russia is called                   3. ISO 14000 relates to environmental
      Federal Assembly.                                      management system standards.
  2. The Council of the Federation in the            Which of the statements given above is/are
      Russian Parliament is the lower house.         correct?
  3. The name of the upper house in the                    (a) 1, 2 and 3
      Russian Parliament is State Duma.
  Which of the statements given above is/ are                  (b) 3 only
      correct?                                                 (c) 2 and 3
    (a) I, 2 and 3
    (b) 1 and 2                                                (d) None
    (c) 2 and 3
    (d) 1 only

136. Consider the following statements:                 140.Which one of the following statements is
  1. In the First Round Table Conference, Dr.           Is not correct ?
      Ambedkar demanded separate electorates            (a) The Western Ghats are relatively higher in
      for the depressed classes.                            their northern region.
  2. In the Poona Act, special provisions for           (b) The Anai Mudi is the highest peak in the
      representation of the depressed people in             Western Ghats.
      the local bodies and civil services were          (c) Tapi river lies to the South of Satpura
      made.                                             (d) The Narmada and the Tapi river valleys
  3. The Indian National Congress did not
      take part in the Third Round Table                141. Gandhi Sagar Dam is a part of which
      Conference.                                            one of the following :

Which of the statements given above are/is                   (a) Chambal Project
correct?                                                     (b) Kosi Project
      (a) 1 and 2                                            (c) Damodar Valley Project
      (b) 2 and 3                                            (d) Bhakra Nangal Project
      (c) 1 and 3
      (d) 1, 2 and 3                                    142. Which one of the following is the correct
                                                              sequence of the given hills starting from
137. Consider the following statements:                       the north and going towards the south?
  1. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar founded the                (a) Nallamalai Hills—Nilgiri Hills—Javadi
      Bethune School at Calcutta with the main                Hills—Anaimaiai Hills
      aim of encouraging education for women.             (b) Anaimalai Hills—Javadi Hills-—Nilgiri
  2. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay was the                     Hills—Nallamalai Hills
      first graduate of the Calcutta University.          (c) Nallamalai Hills—Javadi HillsvNilgiri
  3. Keshav Chandra Sen's campaign against                    Hills—Anaimalai Hills
      Sati led to the enactment of a law to ban           (d) Anaimalai Hills—Nilgiri Hills—Javadi
      Sat; by the then Governor General.                      Hills—Nallamalai Hills
Which of the statements given above is/are
correct ?                                               143. Which one of the following is not a
      (a) I only                                             Biosphere Reserve?
      (b) 1 and 2                                            (a) Agasthyamalai
                                                             (b) Nallamalai
     (c) 2 and 3
                                                             (c) Nilgiri
     (d) 1, 2 and 3                                          (d) Panchmarhi

138. Who among the following repealed the
                                                        Directions :
     Vernacular Press Act?
                                                        The following 7 (Seven) items consist of two
     (a) Lord Dufferin
                                                        statements: one labelled as the 'Assertion (A)'
     (b) Lord Ripon                                     and the other as 'Reason (R)', You are to
                                                        examine these two statements carefully and
     (c) Lord Curzon
                                                        select the answers to these items using the code
     (d) Lord Hardinge                                  given below:

139. Where is the volcanic mountain, Mount
                                                          (a) Both A and R are individually true and
     St. Helens located?
                                                              R is the correct explanation of A
     (a) Chile
                                                          (b) Both A and R are individually true but R
     (b) Japan                                                is not the correct explanation of A
                                                         (c) A is true but R is false
     (c) Philippines
                                                         (d) A is false but R is true
     (d) United States of America

144. Assertion (A):   The same face of the              148. Assertion (A):   Wind      patterns    are
                      Moon       is     always                                clockwise       in    the
                      presented to the Earth.                                 northern      hemisphere
     Reason (R) :     The Moon rotates about                                  and anti-clockwise in
                      its own axis in 231/2                                   the              southern
                      days which is about the                                 hemisphere.
                      same time that it takes                Reason (R) :     The directions of wind
                      to orbit the Earth.                                     patterns in the northern
                                                                              and     the      southern
145. Assertion (A):   Existence of   human life                               hemisphere            are
                      on Venus       is highly                                governed       by     the
                      improbable.                                             Coriolis effect.
     Reason (R) :     Venus has       extremely
                      high level     of carbon          149. Assertion (A):   The main constituent of
                      dioxide        in      its                              the Liquefied Petroleum
                      atmosphere.                                             Gas is methane.
                                                             Reason (R) :     Methane can be used
146. Assertion (A):   All the proteins in our                                 directly for burning in
                      food are digested in                                    homes and factories
                      small intestine only.                                   where it can be supplied
     Reason (R) :     The protein-digesting                                   through pipelines.
                      enzymes from pancreas             150. Assertion (A):   The      person     with
                      are released into small                                 diabetes insipidus feels
                      intestine.                                              thirsty.
                                                        Reason (R)            A person with diabetes
147. Assertion (A): Amoeba reproduces by                                      insipidus suffers from
                    fission.                                                  excess secretion of
     Reason (R) :   All          unicellular                                  vasopressin.
                    organisms reproduce by
                    asexual methods.


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