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									            Student Exchange Program
       East Tennessee State University,
        Johnson City, Tennessee, USA
                    2 places are offered for one academic year

       East Tennessee State University is located in Johnson City, a community of nearly
60,000 residents, in the northeast corner of Tennessee, the Volunteer State.

East Tennessee State University
      offers the variety of courses, field experiences, and stellar out-of-classroom
       activities often associated primarily with much larger universities;
      provides a level of personal attention from highly qualified and doctoral-level
       faculty and highly committed staff traditionally found only in smaller schools;
      has six colleges: Arts & Sciences, Business & Technology, Education, Medicine,
       Nursing, and Public & Allied Health;
      has two schools: Continuing Studies and Graduate Studies;
      enjoys a reputation for quality instruction and leadership opportunities reflected
       by the fact that 95 percent of ETSU graduating students report their time at the
       university resulted in a greater ability to think for themselves and to support their
      offers exemplary professional programs in business, education, health sciences,
       and various technologies reflecting national recognition for quality assurance that
       comes with specialized accreditation;
      and undergraduate programming in digital media through the Advanced
       Visualization Laboratory within the Scott M. Niswonger Digital Media Center;

Activities Abound!
The rich heritage of the Appalachian region surrounds ETSU with a cultural mix of
professional theatre, music ranging from jazz to classical and ballet, and so much more. If
outdoor activities are your thing, you're within minutes of
      Backpacking
      Boating
      Camping
      Canoeing
      Spelunking
      Cross-Country Skiing
      Fishing
      Hiking

      Horseback riding
      Kayaking
      Mountain biking
      Rock climbing
      Scuba diving
      Snowboarding
      Snow skiing
      Water skiing
      Whitewater Rafting

Fall Semester: Late August - Mid December
Spring Semester: mid January - beginning of May

* More information on academic calendar is at http://www.etsu.edu/etsu/academicdates.asp
       College of Arts and Sciences http://www.etsu.edu/cas/
       College of Business and Technology http://www.etsu.edu/cbat/
       More information you may get from: http://www.etsu.edu/etsu/academics.asp

       Course Scheduling


       Tuition Fee – USD 2900 per semester to ETSU (no tuition fee to KIMEP)
       Application fee – USD 25
       Housing + meal plan: USD 3200 – 3500 per semester
       Round ticket: USD 1800
       Visa plus insurance: USD 150
       Books: 300 per semester
       Transportation: USD 70 per month
       Miscellaneous: 300 per semester

       Total: around USD 9000 per one semester

KIMEP students should pay in-state tuition fee ONLY to East Tennessee State University!
   All other personal expenses depend on the student’s personal life-style and preferences!

* All information about costs, you may find on: http://www.etsu.edu/comptrol/bursar_tuition_and_fees.htm

                                              Housing: http://www.etsu.edu/students/housing/housing.htm , or

                                                                       Housing fees information is available here:

                Housing application is here: http://www.etsu.edu/students/housing/prospectivestudents/applyhousing.aspx
                   I.     KIMEP Application Procedure:
         In order to apply for this exchange program, please ensure that you satisfy the requirements
  of the program and submit necessary completed documents to the International Relations Office in
               Good English skills
               At least one full year of undergraduate or one full semester of
                graduate study at KIMEP
               Completed KIMEP’s Application Form (download it from our website
                at http://www.kimep.kz/academics/international/kimep_students/how_to
                Completed Application Form for Pre-Approval of Transfer/Substitute
                Courses for KIMEP Exchange Students (download it from our website
                at http://www.kimep.kz/academics/international/kimep_students/how_to
               A recommendation letter from a KIMEP faculty member
               An unofficial transcript

                  II. Application Procedure to ETSE:

                              Application procedure:

Students must provide original TOEFL or IELTS exam certificates!

  Deadline for Application:
  Autumn semester: June 1
  Spring semester: October 15

                                       Ms. Maria Costa
                               East Tennessee State University
                               Office of International Programs
                                       P.O. Box 70,668
                                Johnson City, TN 37614-1701
                                    voice (423) 439 7737

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