Daily Life in Ancient Greece by chenmeixiu


									                            Daily Life in Ancient Greece
                                 Library Research

Directions: In partners you will do the following…

   1. One page report of the important facts pertaining to your topic.
   2. A journal entry pretending you are a teenager and explain what your life would
      be like living during your topic.
   3. Completed works cited page.
   4. Visual aide
   5. Everything must be typed, double space.

   Places to go for your research…. English, bookmarks, 9thgrade, mythology and
   there are three sights book marked about daily life in ancient Greece. Also,
   Britannica Online and type in “Ancient Greek…..(whatever your subject is)

   Topics to choose from…

   1. Weapons, warfare and government_______________ __________________

   2. Clothing, weddings, hairstyles__________________ ___________________

   3. Food, drinks, baths __________________________ ___________________

   4. Health, medicine ___________________________ ____________________

   5. Greek Family life (people, men, women, babies,girls, boys, slaves)

        ____________________________ _______________________________

   6. Games, sports(first Olympics) _______________ ___________________

   7.   Art, architecture, literature_________________ ____________________

   8.   Religion, philosophy ,mythology   ___________________ ___________

   9.   Greek houses, villas ___________________ _____________________

   10. Money, toys, pets, schools________________ _____________________

   11. Death, suicide, funerals, afterlife ______________ ___________________

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