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               STEP BY STEP SYSTEM.

                   JUST KEEP IN MIND THAT:
$50 PER DAY = $350 PER WEEK = OVER $18,000 DOLLARS A YEAR!!!
Thank you very much for parting with your hard earned cash to buy this book.

Good News.
Spending is OVER. Money earning begins from here on in.

Twitter Cash!

A little bit about me:
I saw early on the potential of Twitter as a marketing tool. I have been with them since
day one and indirectly they have made me close to $170,000 in 3 short years (through
my affiliate businesses). Not bad for a free service and not bad for the 20 minutes or so
I spend using Twitter every day.
Twitter is exploding in popularity at the moment and has an Alexa rank of 21. What
does this mean?? Check it out –

Read            all         about           Twitter           here:
Twitter is the way forward in terms of internet marketing. It is predicted to have 10s of
millions of users by 2011.
Twitter has many active celebrity users also; including Oprah, Ashton Kutcher,
Britney Spears, Kevin Spacey, Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Anniston, Stephen Fry,
Dave Matthews, Bono, Barack Obama, MC Hammer and the list goes on and on and

So far I have shown you the massive presence Twitter has on the internet.
I will show you a particular method that will tap into this and make you at least $50
dollars a day on auto-pilot in, or around 2 weeks after the initial set-up that is


I have tirelessly searched the internet for the best, free tools available which are
designed to automate your Twitter account management process.                  I have also
included a list of some websites that will monetize each of your accounts and create
several streams of income off each of your Twitter accounts.

   1. Create and automatically manage ‘marketable’ Twitter accounts.
   2. Generate mass following on each of these accounts using free internet tools.
   3. Sign-up to the most popular and profitable revenue generating pay-per-click
      websites available.
   4. Avoid the pitfalls of Twitter’s TOS and the PPC website’s TOS. In other words –
      how NOT to get banned!
   5. Spend your money when you have earned it... only joking, that’s entirely up to
      you ☺

This is a step by step process and you need to follow exactly the procedure which has
been meticulously crafted for you here. The book has been broken up into STEPS not

Ok, let’s get started...


     1.1   Twitter Account Creation & Profile Design


     2.1   Tweetlater

     2.2   Engaging your followers: Google Alerts and Twitterfeed



     4.1   RevTwt

     4.2   Twittad

     4.3   Magpie

     4.4   adCause

     4.5   Sponsored Tweets

1.1 TwitterAccountCreation&ProfileDesign

Currently Twitter has an account limit of 10 per IP address. That’s ok, 10 will do. The object
of the exercise is to create ‘attractive profiles’ so that people will be interested in you and be
eager to follow you and be on the look-out for your tweets, which will include adverts.      But
don’t worry about this now. Creating the Twitter accounts one after the other shouldn’t take
more than 15 mins. Best thing to do first is to create a GMail account (needed for the signup
process, BUT the accounts don’t need email verification) with as long a user name as
possible. For example, would suffice. The reason for
this is as follows:




Twit.terCashIsAwesome etc. etc.

The above are all different email addresses to GMail; but to the Twitter signup process they
are perceived as being different! Basically this saves you the headache of going and making
several GMail accounts and having to verify each one... you get the picture. So, if you choose
to take this approach all correspondence from Twitter in relation to these accounts’ activities
gets relayed to the original Simple.
When you have created your account click on the ‘settings’ link at the top right hand corner of
the page.
Keep same passwords for all accounts and don’t hyphenate the usernames. Trust me.

For each Twitter account fill in all relevant data using fake girl’s details etc.

The Bio is very important and should be ‘engaging’ to anybody who looks at it. Be creative. If
you are not feeling creative enter random girls names into the ‘Find People’ link and copy a
profile bio that you would find interesting.

This will result in having to approve every single one your followers. No-No!!

Fill out the rest of the account page as you see fit and using common sense – but DO fill it out.

The picture is probably the most important aspect to the whole account – this is the first thing
they see. Do not use Google™ Images as you may inadvertently use a picture of some
foreign celebrity (some followers may recognise it) and make your resulting profile scream
‘Fake!!’ and people will unfollow you.         Believe me.    The best thing to do is to go on and find cute girls (not gorgeous girls) or any other ‘follower attracting’ images
you can think of. Be creative, although I have found cute girls the best.

Twitter has many templates for the design of your profile, pick a girly one or if you really want
to invest effort go to They have a host of cool backgrounds
and different ‘follow me’ buttons which will add value to your profile and make your girls seem
more real.


Automatic management of your Twitter accounts is of vital importance if you want to decrease
your work load. I am introducing you to the best auto-management tools out there. They are
all FREE!!

As part of the automation process I am introducing you to a website called Tweet Later. It is a
popular website that many internet marketers use in their marketing business and you are
going to use it too.

                       Signup here right here        TweetLater

Once you are signed up and logged in you will be brought to this page.

On the right hand side of the page there is “My Account” heading. Just under it click on the
‘Accounts’ tab and you will be brought to the accounts page.

Scroll down and you should see this:

I have uploaded my accounts (Add Account) but have scratched out the usernames for
privacy. To the far right of every username there is an “Edit” tab, click this.

You should see down on the page something like this.

I want you now to tick on 3 boxes ONLY. Namely the Auto Message, Auto Follow and Auto
Unfollow boxes. For the Auto Message I would like you to place the following message (in
Copy & paste this following message as your own to speed things up.
MAKING MONEY from your tweets? No!? I am. Making $$$ daily on autopilot. Make money
too - TODAY! Thanks for following!

That link in the message is a link to the website which is pretty long and as you are only
allowed 140 characters per message on Twitter, I have shortened it through This is
a nice way of thanking your followers for following you and introducing them to the money
making business I have introduced you to. It is a good way to build rapport with your followers
and makes them feel ‘special’.
The auto-follow is used to automatically follow people who follow you and likewise with the
This is a good place to mention the following facts about Twitter. As a Twitter user, you are
allowed an unlimited amount of followers but the amount of people you can follow is 2,000. To
go above this you must always have your ‘follower’ count being 90% of your ‘following’ count.

So to follow more than 2,000 people you must have at least 1,800 followers (i.e. 1,800 = 90%
of 2,000). This is why we must auto-unfollow people. Tweetlater does take its time though (on
a free account) but website does provide an instantaneous
unfollowing and following service for free to ensure that you can keep following people, and
that your follower no. = 90% following no. At least!
Now that we have everything setup we can move onwards– Engaging and creating interesting
content for your followers i.e. automatically tweet links to news stories or funny videos etc to
keep your followers interested in you and click on your ads so that you get money!

2.2Engagingyourfollowers:Google™AlertsandTwitterfeed: You
   1. Google™ account, which you should have from Step 1.
   2. account. Fee to setup!
   3. Twitterfeed account. Which is free to setup!

[1] Sign in to Google™ alerts using your GMail account login.

Google™ alerts is a service Google™ provides, to alert you to any new articles or videos
which have just been created and put on the internet. For example say if you were interested
in ‘social media’ and wanted to know what is happening in the world of social media you would
create an alert for ‘social media’.

Then any time an article or video related to this gets put on the internet you will be delivered
email or notification that it has just happened. You can create as many as you like! Up to you

Let me explain even better.      The following image is a screenshot from Google™ Alerts
showing        all   my     alerts.      [Study    it    for    a     couple       of    minutes]

I want to provide my followers with any content that involves ‘social media’ for the simple
reason that your followers use Twitter, a social medium, and may interested in social media in

For contents sake we must include the allintitle: prefix [‘social media’ becomes ‘allintitle:social
media’ i.e. we will only be alerted to videos or articles which have social media in the title]. So
as you could imagine this provides more relevant data for our Twitter followers.

See the orange box symbols?? When you click on the ‘Feed’ link you should see something
like this (image below) I know it looks very busy! But listen, ignore everything on the page
except for what is highlighted in yellow. Copy that link (EXCLUDING THE QUOTATIONS “ ”)
and paste it somewhere safe.          This is your RSS ‘feed url’. We will need this later for

Create a number of feeds [New Alert] based on things that your followers might be interested
in.   Who knows what they might be.          Current affairs, popstars, new films, latest ipod...
whatever!!! So you should have a list like mine above. Use your imagination and be creative.
Anticipate your followers needs and post them things that everyone would be interested in.

[2] Now visit and signup for a free account.

This is a neat little site which allows you to take a long URL and turn it into a small one.
This is important as Twitter only allows 140 characters for every message, and a long URL
would take up too much space. Signup and at the top right hand corner beside ‘Welcome,
{username}’, there will be an Account link. In this page look for the API key (should be a string
of numbers and letters) and copy and paste that somewhere safe.           We will need this for
Twitterfeed. Also make note of your username!

[3] Now go to Twitterfeed

Twitterfeed is an automatic feeding system that takes the alerts from Google™ and turns them
into ‘tweets’ to be posted periodically on Twitter. So, signup for a free account and you should
see a page like this. Allow Twitterfeed access to your Twitter account. Name your feed and
remember that RSS feed url that I told you to copy and paste somewhere safe!? Well retrieve
that and paste in the box provided. Test the feed to make sure that its ok and click on the
Advanced settings tab.

Because we want to be smart at what we are doing we will adjust the advanced settings.

Only what is highlighted in yellow is important.    Now you will need roughly 20 non-advert
tweets every day for reasons I will explain later. You can judge the update frequency of the
tweets based on the number of feeds you have, obviously. You obviously don’t want to bore
your followers with the same topic all the time so pick about 20 different subjects and tweet
them once a day. Now from your account I need you to paste your username in the
API login box and your API key (I asked you to copy and paste this somewhere safe in step 2)
in the API key box. Then click ‘Save Feed’.

That was a lot of information I’ve given out I know but read it a couple of times and I promise it
will make sense when you go to do it. But well done the hard part is over!!

Now every day you must post your own tweets to give the impression that you are a real
twitter user so that you don’t violate RevTwts TOS. So post stuff like ‘Work is boring, can’t
wait for cinema tonight’ etc. etc. Tell a joke would work even better.


This step is absolutely VITAL in generating your income and you should really put the
effort into this daily, for two weeks. If you do not your earnings will SUFFER. Simple as


There are many ways of getting a large following on Twitter. One way is to search random
people and follow all their followers and usually 40-50% will follow you back. This is probably
the best way but it is time consuming, especially when you have 10 accounts to manage.
Equally important is to get followers in specific countries.
You should aim for followers that come from the following countries:        U.S.A, UK, Australia,
France, and Germany, but mostly from the U.S as most of the best earning ads only accept
clicks from the U.S of A.

Below are lists of websites that provide a service of finding followers: Very useful!

I will not go into great detail about these websites, as they are well explained on their
respective homepages, therefore I have only given you the links.


Finally the fun bit...
RevTwt is the highest payer from the 5 that I am going to introduce to you.    Therefore I
suggest that you sign up with them first. The rest are essentially the same as RevTwt and I
have just provided the links for them. The majority of your money will be made on RevTwt

RevTwt is a new company which specialises in placing ads in the form of tweets on your
Twitter profile [and lately they also have recently included Facebook, so you may want to try
this also but stick with Twitter the time being], as part of their advertising campaigns.
Basically, companies give the adverts to RevTwt and then RevTwt gives you the choice of ads
you want to post. The ads cover many marketing niches and can be posted either manually or
on auto-pilot. The amount of ads that can be posted daily, varies depending on your follower
Before we go into this you need to sign up for a free RevTwt account. This shouldn’t take
more than a minute. Also another tasty feature of RevTwt is that when you exceed 8,000
followers on an Twitter account you will therefore be eligible for entrance into the Elite Twitter
programme wherby you will get paid at least twice as much than normal. BUT be sure to read
their Terms of Service before you do this to ensure that you get paid.

                            Sign-up right now!            RevTwt

Once your RevTwt account has been created it is time to add your Twitter accounts.

Here is an image of RevTwt’s homepage.

Click on the Twitter Accts tab to add your 10 Twitter accounts.       In the Twitter accts page
there will be a “Setup Auto Post” tab which we will use to allow RevTwt to post the adverts on
our Twitter accounts.

The ad will be posted on each Twitter account throughout the day, without you ever having to
do this manually, unless of course you want more control over what ads get placed, as some
ads are only valid if clicked by people in certain countries.
RevTwtonlypaybyPayPal Signuphere -


Twittad is similar to RevTwt in the sense that you grant advertisers access to your accounts to
be used for commercial. Basically, you submit your Twitter profiles to Twittad and advertisers
may offer you money to use your account background to place an advertisement or pay you
for posting adverts.
                           Signup here:


                            Signup here


                           Signup right here

4.5 SponsoredTweets

                  Sign-up Right here

Twitter do not like aggressive following. Therefore do not follow more than 1000 a day on any
individual account. Roughly 50% will follow you back. Doing this will take over two weeks to
gain 8,000 followers. I know, I know this seems like a lot of work and it is to be honest but this
method does work I assure you.         Spamming people with messages across your multiple
accounts is also a big no-no! Do not do it, Twitter will find out instantly and suspend your
accounts. Pretty much anything that will be considered offensive is also to be avoided.
RevTwt is against click fraud i.e. clicking your own ads. Make sure to read their TOS. RevTwt
also insist that the number of tweets to number of ads ratio must be 5. That is 5 non-ad tweets for
every 1 ad.   For safety’s sake make sure this ratio is 6.     So from this work out how many
twitterfeeds you should have on each account every day. Throw it plenty of manual tweets too like
‘Can’t wait for ball game this Sunday’ or whatever. Don’t have them one after another if you can.
Keep the account real.

The amount of auto-posted ads allowed by RevTwt changes as your followers count grows.
Under 1,000 followers – 1 autopost a day (2 if you do it manually)
Over a thousand – 2 autopost a day (3 manually)
It keeps going like this to infinity and beyond!
Congratulations, you have made it this far and if you have done everything that I have told
you, you have planted a money tree that will generate you anything from between $40 - $60
dollars every single day. It mightn’t seem like much but that is whopping $18,000 every year.
It might pay for that gigantic plasma TV you had your eye on or pay for a holiday with the
family to somewhere expensive.
OR whatever floats your boat!!!

Whatever your story is this method will make you money!! My point is that $50 a day isn’t to
be laughed and believe me it took me a lot longer to start making $50 a day than it is going to
take you! So I want you to go and      DO this!!!


  TAKE ACTION!!! –                          YOU ARE IN CONTROL

For those of you interested, here are some tools that will aid you in your account management,
especially if you are a guy/girl who is planning on scaling this method up big time. (Hint Hint

Wait more good news!! ☺

You have full master resell rights to this book. You therefore can basically do whatever you like with this.
You have no permission however to alter or change the content in this book under any circumstances.
You may choose to give this book to 10 of your best friends or give it to somebody as a gift. You may
choose to sell this on Ebay (should fetch about $10 to $30) or give it away as part of an email opt-in offer.

Oh and one more thing... SPAM BELONGS IN THE CAN!!!

The reason that I have produced this guide is the fact that I have consistently made at least $50 a day on average from this method and am willing
to share this knowledge of how I did it with you. I cannot guarantee that it will be at least $50 as this figure is based on statistical trends and not on
fact. That is, I cannot make people click your ads and I have no control over which ads people will be interested in and of course I do not know
which ones you will post. But I honestly believe that if you have followed exactly what I have told you and applied some common sense this method
will earn you at least $18,000 per year. Again I make nogurantee of this amount.
I assume no responsibility for the use and/or misuse of this information.
The user of this information does so at their own risk.
I make no guarantee as to a specific level of income.
We assume no responsibility for any errors, omissions, or contradictory
statements/interpretations within this program. In no event shall we, or any
suppliers of this program, be held liable for damages of any kind, including but
not limited to, incidental, direct, indirect, compensatory, punitive, or
consequential damages, loss of data, loss of income, loss of profit, or
loss/damage of property.


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