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									                 SERAC DPC Meeting Minutes
                    February 16th, 2005
 Bladen County Emergency Services         A   Mitchell Byrd, EMS Director
 Bladen County Hospital                   A   Terri Duncan, ED Disaster Chair
 Bladen County Health Department          A   Myra Johnson, Health Director
 Brunswick County Emergency Services      A   Tammy Simmons, EMS Training Officer
                                          A   Brian Watts, EMS Director
                                          P   Ray Vipperman, Asst. EMS Supervisor
 Brunswick Community Hospital             P   Shelia Gerald, ED Disaster Chair
 Brunswick County Health Department       A   Pauline Robinson, HD BT Planner
                                          P   Carrie Hassel, RN
 Columbus County Emergency Services       A   Ronnie Hayes, EM Director
                                          A   Kay Worrell, Assistant Deputy Director
 Columbus Regional Hospital               P   Becky Smith, ED Disaster Chair
                                          P   Veora Boren, Disaster/Decontamination
 Columbus County Health Department        A   Marian Duncan, Health Director
 Dosher Memorial Hospital                 P   Colleen Sadewater, ED Disaster Chair
 Naval Hospital                           A   Brad Brisco, EMS Nurse Liaison
                                          A   Stephen Elgin, HEAP Manpower
 New Hanover County EM                    A   Warren Lee, EM Director
                                          A   Wayne Pierce
 New Hanover County Health Department     P   Althea Johnson, HD BT Planner
                                          P   Page Dunn, RN, Comm. Supervisor
                                          P   Scott Harrelson, Health Admin.
 New Hanover Regional EMS                 P   Ed Woodard, VP/Emergency Services Chief
                                          A   Randall Heath, Admin Officer
 New Hanover Regional Medical Center      P   John Forestel, Safety Services
                                          A   Sue Ballato, Trauma Services Director
                                          P   Lorraine Wojcik, PH Nurse Epidemiologist
                                          P   Lynda Taylor, ED Educator
                                          P   Denise Garee, CNS ED
 Ogden New Hanover Rescue Squad           P   Cyndi Sessions, Assistant Chief
 Onslow County Emergency Services         A   Butch Thompson, EMS Director
                                          A   Steven Conrad, Training Officer
 Onslow County Hospital                   A   Lynda Buchikos, ED Disaster Chair
                                          A   Marlette Riley, EOC Chairman
 Onslow County Health Department          A   George O’Daniel, Health Director
                                          P   Michaele T. Constello, HD BT Planner
                                          P   Jenny Uzzell, RN
 Pender County Emergency Management       A   Eddie King, EM Director
 Pender County EMS                        A   Woody Sullivan, EMS Director
                                          A   David Stancil, SMAT III
 Pender County Hospital                   P   Andie Thomas, ED Disaster Chair
 Pender County Health Department          A   Shirley Steel, HD BT Planner
 Mental Health Task Force/ Coastal AHEC   P   Sheryl Pacelli, Coastal AHEC
 State OEMS                               P   Connie Batson, EMS Specialist
                                          A   Lyle Johnson, Eastern Reg. BT Specialist
                                          A   Keith Harris, Regional Manager
                                          A   Jeremy Beal, Regional Specialist
 PHRST2                                   A   Dr. Morris, MD
                                          A   Allison Stockweather, Industrial Hygienist
 RED CROSS, Cape Fear Chapter             A   Doug Erickson, Interim Director Emer. Services

2/16/05                                                               SERAC DPC Minutes
                  SERAC DPC Meeting Minutes
                     February 16th, 2005
 State Emergency Management                P   Paula Brown, Area 5 Coordinator
                                           A   Doug Haas, Area 4 Coordinator
                                           A   Tom Collins, Eastern Branch Manager
 SERAC                                     P   Christy Hollis, Manager
                                           P   Mark Bennett, Specialist

       Guest Speaker, Andy Albright, Department of Homeland Security/USCG
      NC Regional Homeland Security Exercise presentation
           o Planning meetings: March 15th-seminar (Carteret); May 17th-working
              group; July 19th-functional exercise; August 17 & 18-full scale exercise
           o Emails to get on RSVP list to participate, or to get more information
              (please copy your local Emergency Management Coordinator on the
              email): and
           o Participation in this drill will verify your agency has exercised and
              participated in NIMS (National Incident Management System), the NRP
              (National Response Plan) and UC (unified command)
           o NIMS:,, and
     (National Strikeforce Coordination center)
              website has tutorials.
           o website training-review training opportunities, EM pays
              for hotel, meal, and registration, fill out application and send it to the local
              EM Coordinator.
           o Hendersonville, NC will repeat the Jacksonville Incident Command for
              WMD training in April.
           o Regionally, the group will attempt to activate the RAC-hospital EOC’s
              will activate to organize mass movement of patients and exercise the
              SERAC Regional Disaster Plan.
           o Mark will email more information to members and share information from
              the March 15th meeting.
      Meeting minutes approved from January 12, 2005 meeting.
      Regional Communications Proposal-includes NCMCN, CARES, & NCHSS
       (Mark will send copy to participants)
      Alternate Care Facilities: reminder to each county/hospital to identify ACF’s with
       local EM Coordinators. Every hospital needs to identify one ACF for their
       hospital to include a minimum of 40 patients in an area that is not used everyday.
       Each county needs to identify one isolation facility in the county outside of the
       everyday patient care areas. Members may use the ACF rating tool that Mark has
       emailed out to rank viability of possible site. These will be mapped into the NC
      HRSA grant: Make sure that hospital plans include 911 Center representatives,
       school nurses, and long term care facilities. NH County school nurses are
       included under Public Health, other counties school nurses are under the
       supervision of the Board of Education.

2/16/05                                                               SERAC DPC Minutes
                 SERAC DPC Meeting Minutes
                    February 16th, 2005
           o March 31st deadline to get all reimbursement in to state. In thirty days, any
               money not spent will be re-allocated for special projects. Mark will work
               with any agencies that wish to re-apply.
           o Web based needs assessment for hospitals will be coming out soon-no
               date yet.
           o ‘04-‘05 grant award letters should be out to hospitals within the next
      SMAT II WMD Training April 16 & 17 AHEC Auditoriums. EMS SMAT III can
       participate, but will need to add two modules not offered in the SMAT II training.
       Anyone may attend, you do not have to me an SMAT member.
      Education for March meeting: open
      Agency Updates:
           o Paula Brown, Emergency Management-Homeland Security Grant: 50%
               must be for interoperability in communication (specifically VIPER), the
               remaining 50% will be awarded regionally. March 23rd deadline.
           o Michaele Costello, Onslow Health Dept-Bill Furny will do a Crisis
               Communications class 10-2p, on March 9th, 2005, Onslow Memorial
               Hospital, free of charge, call 910-347-2154 ext 8205 to register
           o Sheryl Pacelli, AHEC-Behavioral Health Training, March 15th Northeast
               Public Library-required training for Crisis Team Leader for HRSA
               hospital appointees. Second PH/MH TAugust 16 & 17 Hilton. Disaster
               Mental Health in April, all hazards disaster training.
           o Linda Taylor, NHRMC ED-going to PHRST 2, Denise Garee ED Clinical
               Nurse Specialist introduced.
           o Page Dunn, NHC HD-Recent table top with local representatives to
               discuss forensic epidemiological episode. March 28th & 29th Forensic
               Epidemiology training to be held at Wrightsville Beach-contact Wake
           o Christy Spivey, SERAC Manager-Eighth RAC established in state, Capital
               RAC, Wake Med in Raleigh will host the new RAC.
           o Lorraine Wojeck, NHRMC Epidemiology-peak flu season, influenza A,
               increased admissions.
           o John Forestell, Safety NHRMC-All HRSA grant items from last year have

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 16th, 2005 1pm-3pm, Canterbury Annex NHRMC

2/16/05                                                            SERAC DPC Minutes

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