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  2010/11                        Student and Alumni
                                 Guild E-Journal
                                 Web essentials: Are you drifting or maintaining your position
                                 on the vast ocean which is the World Wide Web?
                                 Frances McDougall

                                  Anna‘s website had been       the site. This seemed sur-
                                 up and running for five        prising as more than half
                                 years – twelve HTML pages      my clients come via my
                                 with descriptions of all her   website. We began trying
                                 services, and side columns     to replicate a client‘s expe-
In this issue:                   for the navigation and         rience; brainstorming typi-
                                 ―featured‖ items. It ade-      cal search phrases which
Web Essentials              1
Frances McDougall                quately conveyed infor-        matched her services, then
                                 mation, but looked rather      scanning the first 100
                                                                Google listings for each.       therapists in my area even
                                 cramped and dated. Anna
Message from the Editor—    1                                   Her site was nowhere to be      have a website. Those who
                                 explained that she wanted
Su Ricks-McPherson                                                                              do seem to regard their
                                 to be able to change and       seen. After 45 minutes we
Celebrating Success         2                                   gave up. Since 2006 she         sites simply as online bro-
                                 add items herself. The cur-
                                                                had paid more than £1000        chures – something to be
                                 rent site was already cost-
Next Years Conference & 2                                                                       put on the web and then
                                 ing her over £200 a year in    plus design fees for a web-
Specialist Pain Workshop                                                                        left alone for long periods.
                                 hosting so she avoided pay-    site no one could find…
                                                                                                New website owners often
Update on VSR–              3    ing for any other updates to
                                                                I mention this example be-      assume that their work is
Su Ricks-McPherson               content.
                                                                cause, although I was           ended once the initial site
Hypnotherapy and IBS        4    ―How many clients find you     stunned at the time, it prob-   is up, and that it will soon
Richard Nicholls                 through your website?‖ I       ably isn‘t unusual. As well     be found by search engines
                                 innocently enquired.           as concealing private infor-    and gradually move up the
In the News                 4                                   mation, therapists often        listings over time. Sadly
                                 ―None,‖ she replied.
                                                                tend to be cautious about       this isn‘t true.
Dieting Re programs the     5
Brain—Research Synopsis          In five years no one had       technology. Fewer than
- Jo Goss                        actually mentioned seeing      20% of the UKCP listed                       (Continued on page 8)

Helping Clients With Season- 6
al Affective Disorder
Su Ricks-McPherson               Welcome to the E-journal
                                 Wow, what a busy time it       and enthusiasm he applies       though….so please consid-
Lateral Thinking Game       7
                                 has been since the last        to these roles—so watch         er making a contribution to
                                 edition!                       this space!                     the next edition—you don‘t
Phantom Limb Pain           12                                                                  have to re-write ―War and
                                 Hypnotherapy finally           As ever, my sincere thanks
Ron Eslinger                                                                                    Peace‖, even the smallest
                                 achieved VSR and our           goes to contributors to this
                                                                                                snippets are welcome! Hap-
                                 founding chair Fiona has       edition of the E-Journal,
Lateral Thinking Game       16   finally admitted that she      Richard, Jo, Ron Eslinger       py reading   Su
Answers                          has too much on her plate      and especially to Frances
                                 asking the effervescent        who has provided an excel-
                                 Richard Nicholls to pick up    lent piece on making your            Next E-Journal
Message from the Chair—     16
Richard Nicholls                 the baton as chair of the      presence felt on the World            Submission
                                 NCSAG committee. Now, I        Wide Web. I cannot help                 Deadline
                                 have known Rich for a few      thinking that we could do           15th March 2011
                                 years and I know the energy    SO MUCH MORE
               Page 2                                                        Student and Alumni Guild E-Journal

Congratulations! Join us in celebrating the achievements of the following students:

                                                3rd Annual International of in
                                                                     to increase the number
                                            There are three sorts of Na-
                                                                     hours in the qualification,
                                            tional College student at the
                                            moment,                  order to permit registration
                                                                     with UKCP upon completion of
                                                those who know what
                                                            ConferenceIn order tocollegethe
                                                 an S3C is and who
                                                                     level 4.
                                                                     requirement, the
                                                actively participate,   either add another 14 class-
                                                albeit with11-12 June 2011
                                                           lousy        room-based weekends (and
                                                spelling but a willing-
                                              Ramada Hotel, Central Leicester that
                                                ness to give it a go,
                                                                        just think how much
                                                                        would cost us) or make use of
                                                (these bizarre crea-    virtual interfaces and spread it
                                                tures are currently as
                                           Two days of top class presentations cost. Now
                                                rare as hens‘ teeth);                       from
                                                                        out over the training period
                                                                        and not add to the
                                                             who know in       field of
                                                    lurkers,expertswhatthe it may be just that I am stingy
                                                                               and I like my lie in at the week-
                                                            hypno-psychotherapy. me it is a no-
                                                    a S3C is and even
                                                                               ends but for
Certificate in Hypno-Psychotherapy:                 where to find one, but
                                                          Ron Eslinger - TBA I started doing S3Cs
                                                    haven‘t quite got round
                                                                               three months ago when I start-
Stuart Cale                                         to actively participating
                                                                               ed back with and Fear
                                          Su Ricks-McPherson– Loss, Griefthe college (I took
                                                    in them regularly,
                                                                               a bit of break in the
                                                   Adrian Rhodes - Self-psychology middle
                                                    though they might take
Simon Taylor                                        a look at what others
                                                               Josie num-
                                                                               there) and so far have done
                                                                               - TBA
                                                                        Fraser 10.
                                                    have written, (the
                                                                               The idea of Hypno-
                                              Alan Greaves - Contemporaryusing online fo-
                                                    ber of these is un-
                                                    known but perhaps          rums and chat rooms might
Diploma in Hypno-Psychotherapy:                                                seem unusual Oracles
                                          psychotherapy and Ancient Greekto those of us
                                                    growing); and

                                                   those who Ablack                          Body
                                                  Carmen may have - Integrative really were the
                                                                               who can remember when mo-
Geoff Ibbottson                                                                bile phones
                                                                  Psychotherapy a brick, but it is definite-
                                                    heard or read the term     size of
                                                    S3C but quickly put it
                                                                               ly the way that education is
                                                    out of Robin Thorburn - REBT21st century. The
                                                           mind, secure in     going in the
                                          Shaunthe knowledge that to Magical Metaphors
                                                      Brookhouse -
                                                    they will get around
                                                                               evidence, such as it is, sug-
                                                                               gests that properly engaged
                                                               Irene Rooney -IBSwho do the research
                                                    it some day, but not
                                                    just yet.                  and get involved in the de-

 Something to tell us?                     Which one are you?
                                           Pain—Specialist Certification
                                           The S3C is essentially an
                                                                               bates, gain substantially from
                                                                               the online method of teaching
                                                                               and that it is as valid as any
                                           online seminar that replaces a
 In addition to the conference                   Workshop with
                                           classroom based experience
                                                                               other educative process. The-
                                                                               se days you can get entire
                                           and can be attended by any-
 speakers listed we are invit-                    Ron Eslinger
                                           one anywhere who has a suita-
                                                                               degrees online from reputable
                                                                               institutions such Open Univer-
                                           ble internet connection. Held
 ing NCHP graduates to give                                                    sity, so doing just a portion of
                                                                9-10 June 2011, this way in no way
                                           weekly, on a theme set in ad-       our learning
                                           vance, they consist of a week‘s
 a 10 minute presentation on                       of messages Hotel,
                                                                               degrades the quality of our
                                           worthRamada on a mes- Central Leicester done
                                                                               education – not if it is
                                           sage board followed by an
 their dissertations, case                    A retired US Navy Captain and Nurse
                                           hour in a real-time online cha-
                                                                               properly, anyway.

                                             anesthetist , Ron                  expert up using
                                           troom. Being virtual, these is an If you show onfor the forums,
 studies, learning experienc-              seminars allow the college to       make three or four posts that
                                           provide a large number treatment and control of the
                                           hypnosis for theof ad-              show you have considered
 es etc.                                   ditional hours of education pain. topic and what the other peo-
                                           every member, wherever they         ple on the forum have said,
 If you are interested in one              live, at very low cost.             come to some justified conclu-
                                                                               sions and then participate in
                                           The main now and spread the chatroom you should pass.
                                          to bookreason for introduc-           payment over the
 of these slots, please con-               ing them appears to be that,
                                               year, contact
                                           under UKCP rules, we needed
                                                                               Total time taken is supposed
 tact                                                    to be at least two hours, but if
Winter 2010                                                                               Page 3

Hypnotherapy Profession Achieves VSR—At Last!
Update from Su Ricks-McPherson UKCHO representative for NCSAG
It has been a long and       therapy, the Govern-         the general public’s
sometimes rocky road,        ment‘s advice is to          guide to identifying best
but at last Hypnotherapy     choose a practitioner        practice in complemen-
has achieved voluntary       registered with a reputa-    tary healthcare provision.
self regulation via the      ble voluntary registration   The quality mark can be
Complementary and Nat-       body such as the CNHC.‖      displayed in their prac-
ural Healthcare Council.                                  tice and in their publicity
                             The advantages listed on
                                                          materials such as leaf-
At the end of November       the CNHC website in-
                                                          lets and websites
2010 all UKCHO regis-        clude;
trants information was                                    • Members of the public
                             By registering with CNHC
transferred to the CNHC                                   are able to confirm a
                             practitioners demon-                                         Su Ricks-McPherson
and they are now in the                                   practitioner’s registration
                             strate to the general pub-
process of verifying the                                  via the CNHC website,
data and inviting thera-
                             lic and to other
                                                          providing a quick and                  “If patients
                             healthcare providers that
pists to register.           they conform to national
                                                          easy route for them to
                                                          confirm that standards
                                                                                               choose to use
At the time of this update   standards of practice in
(15th Dec) I have not        their work.
                                                          have been met                  complementary or
personally received my
                             Confirmation of quality
                                                          Employment advantages         alternative therapy,
email as yet, but I know                                  • An increasing range of
that several NCSAG           • Registration with
                                                          bodies , such as other
                                                                                          the Government’s
                             CNHC is seen as the
members have enrolled
and the feedback is that     ‘gold standard’ for com-
                                                          regulators, DH, employ-       advice is to choose
                                                          ers and insurers are
the process is simple        plementary healthcare
                                                          working with CNHC to           a practitioner reg-
and that the registration    practitioners
fee can be paid online.      • Registration with
                                                          use the quality mark as
                                                          an independent valida-
                                                                                         istered with a rep-
In spite of some other       CNHC provides practi-        tion of standards                 utable voluntary
UKCHO registered organi-     tioners with a nationally
sations claiming that        recognised quality mark
                                                          Wider influence in policy        registration body
they have brokered           for their work
                                                          CNHC will provide a
                                                                                                  such as the
―special deals‖ for their    • Members of the public
members with the CNHC        are able to confirm that
                                                          strong public interest                     CNHC”
it should be made clear                                   voice for complementary            Department of Health
                             a complementary
that all negotiations have                                healthcare in the wider
                             healthcare professional
been handled by UKCHO,       has met CNHC’s stand-        policy field.
who have brokered a re-      ards for safe practice                                     ginning with ―A‖, but to-
duced registration fee of                                                               day a quick query of the
£30 for therapists sign-     Referrals                    Registration will also en-    register is displaying
ing up within 2 months of                                 able you to use the CNHC      ―M‖‘s, so they are defi-
                             • Other healthcare pro-
the opening of the regis-                                 quality mark on your          nitely getting there!
                             fessionals use CNHC reg-
ter.                                                      website and promotional
                             istration as a pre-                               join or not to
                             requisite when consider-     material.
Registration is not man-                                                                join….it is clearly up to
datory, however with the     ing referrals to a comple-   The process is perhaps        you, however viewing the
CNHC being the only reg-     mentary healthcare pro-      taking longer than some       profession from a clients
ulatory body recognised      fessional. e.g. for NHS      of us would have hoped,       point of view clarifies
by the Department of         work                         and it appears that the       things for me; after all,
Health, the advantages.                                   CNHC is working through       who would you choose as
                             Visible standards            the UKCHO database            a therapist, someone
In May 2009 the DOH          • Practitioners on the       alphabetically. The be-       who meets the National
stated ― If patients         CNHC Register are able       ginning of this week saw      Occupational Standards
choose to use comple-        to display the CNHC qual-    successful registrants        and can prove it, or
mentary or alternative       ity mark, which becomes      with surnames only be-        someone else?
Page 4                                                                                                      Student and Alumni Guild E-Journal

Hypnotherapy and IBS
Richard Nicholls
IBS can be an extremely debili-     Medical School and Director of        changed intensely for most
tating problem affecting            the South Manchester Func-            participants, with just three
around 15% of the population        tional Bowel Service.                 months of weekly Hypnothera-
of the UK, with symptoms in-                                              py treatment.
                                    Most recently, two hundred
cluding diarrhoea, pain and
                                    and fifty patients who have           The findings also indicate that
bloating. The condition can
                                    suffered from IBS for over two        treating IBS patients with Hyp-
seriously affect sufferers' qual-
                                    years and had failed to receive       notherapy can be very cost-
ity of life and finding treatment
                                    benefit from other treatments,        effective, in particular due to
can be difficult, leading many
                                    were given twelve one-hour            the fact that relief from this
                                                                                                                     Richard Nicholls
doctors to feel they can do
                                    sessions, during which they           notoriously hard-to-treat condi-
little to help as there are no                                                                                  symptoms, whereas some of
                                    were given an explanation of          tion can be sustainable as
pharmaceutical treatments                                                                                       the drugs available reduce
                                    how the gut works and what            improvements are usually
available that seem to effec-                                                                                   only a few," he goes on to ex-
                                    causes their symptoms.                permanent.
tively treat IBS.                                                                                               plain. "As IBS can be a life-long
                                    Patients scored themselves on         "IBS is ideal for treatment with      condition it could clearly be a
Because of that, patients will
                                    such issues as presence and           hypnosis, as there is no              very valuable option for pa-
often continue to experience
                                    severity of IBS symptoms,             structural damage to the              tients‖
the problem for life whilst con-
                                    quality of life, and level of anxi-   body," explained Professor
stantly costing the NHS money,
                                    ety and depression.                   Whorwell. "During the hypno-
a reported £50 million per
                                                                          therapy, sufferers learn how to
annum, with patients only end-      Almost all mentioned that their
                                                                          influence and gain control of
ing their treatment when be-        sense of overall well-being                                                 References:
                                                                          their gut function, and then
coming disenchanted with it.        increased enormously. Any
                                                                          seem to be able to change the         Whorwell PJ; Prior A; Faragher
                                    anxiety and depression eased
But over the last 20 years                                                way the brain modulates their         EB. Controlled trial of hypno-
                                    considerably. The only partici-
there has been much research                                              gut activity."                        therapy in the treatment of
                                    pants that did not improve
into the treatment and relapse                                                                                  severe refractory irritable-
                                    particularly well to hypnothera-      With 78% success from his
prevention of IBS using Hypno-                                                                                  bowel syndrome.The Lancet
                                    py were males with diarrhoea.         most recent study Professor
therapy.                                                                                                        1984, 2: 1232-4.
                                                                          Whorwell believes that hypno-
                                    This large-scale review con-
In the UK the instigator of                                               therapy could be an extremely         Whorwell PJ; Prior A; Colgan
                                    firms the knowledge of the
much of this research has                                                 effective treatment for the           SM. Hypnotherapy in severe
                                    benefits of treating IBS with
been Professor Peter Whor-                                                condition; and a less expen-          irritable bowel syndrome: fur-
                                    Hypnotherapy. Symptoms such
well, Professor of Medicine                                               sive alternative to new, costly       ther experience. Gut, 1987
                                    as pain and distension, as well
and Gastroenterology in the                                               drugs coming onto the market.         Apr, 28:4, 423-5.
                                    as the level of so-called
University of Manchester's
                                    "disease interference" with life,     "We've found it to help all the

                                    Comment On The News—Copy and paste the blue links into your web browser
                                     Daily Express online                 Wales Online                         Psychology Today
                                     November 2010                        December 2010                        December 2010
                                     A WOMAN who went
                                                                          S4C presenter Nia Parry              A thought provoking piece
                                     through years of unsuc-
                                                                          said no to pain relief during        on the impact and potential
                                     cessful IVF treatment says
                                                                          the birth of her first child         functions of silence in ther-
                                     she has become pregnant
                                                                          Hedd. She told Health Edi-           apy.
                                     naturally after being hypno-
                                                                          tor Madeleine Brindley how
                                     tised                                                                     http://www.psychologytoda
                                                                          hypnobirthing took the fear
                                                                          – and pain – out of child-
                                     posts/view/209904/-Mum-                                                   in-psychotherapy
                                     worked-where-IVF-failed              news/health-
Winter 2010                                                                                                                    Page 5

Dieting Reprograms How the Brain Deals with Stress and Promotes Binge Eating
Research synopsis provided by Jo Goss
It has long been known that      ing the fat content of the      b. ‗How that Yo-yo Diet Can
dieting has a very poor suc-     diet, another similarity to     Wind You Up‘. Richard Al-
cess rate in the long-term.      many human diets, with the      leyne. The Daily Telegraph,
Indeed, in many cases as         same results.                   1 December 2010.
soon as people resume a
more normal eating pattern                                       Research News
they not only regain all the     Subsequently the research       Contemporary Hypnosis.
lost weight, but may even        team investigated the long-
put on even more than be-                                        Many of you may already be        Jo Goss, NCSAG Research Coordinator
                                 term behavioural conse-
fore. I think most of us                                         aware that Wiley Inter-
                                 quences. They found that
would agree that it is far                                       Science has handed over
                                 those mice that had been
more effective to simply eat                                     the publication of the re-
                                 put on the restricted diet
                                                                 search journal
anything you wish in moder-      continued to show a signifi-
                                                                 ‗Contemporary Hypnosis‘ to            “long-term or
ation and to enjoy healthy       cant increase in binge eat-
exercise.                        ing of high-fat food when
                                                                 Crown House Publishing.
                                                                 Individuals wishing to sub-
                                                                                                        yo-yo dieting
                                 exposed to stressful situa-
                                 tions even once their nor-
                                                                 scribe to this journal may
                                                                 now do so on-line at
                                                                                                       actually alters
Research carried out at the      mal eating patterns had
University of Philadelphia       been resumed, whilst mice
                                                        Sub-             the structure of
                                                                 scription fees are as fol-
has indicated that one rea-
son for the failure to main-
                                 in the control group, who
                                 had been fed on a normal        lows:                                 DNA in those
tain a healthy weight after
dieting is that the stress
                                 diet, showed no tendency
                                 to resort to binge eating in    1.Electronic subscriptions
                                                                                                            areas that
caused by long-term or yo-       the same situations.            £55                                           release
yo dieting actually alters the                                   2.UK Individual subscrip-
structure of DNA in those                                        tions (paper) £65                    corticosterone,
areas that release corti-        The implication of this is      3. UK Individual subscrip-
costerone, a hormone that        that not only does dieting      tions (electronic and paper)
                                                                                                     a hormone that
controls anxiety levels.         increase stress, but that
Even once eating habits          also it reprograms the brain
                                                                 £75                                 controls anxiety
                                                                 Wiley Online Library
return to normal these
changes, caused by the
                                 to turn to food in all future
                                 stressful situations. If this
                                                                 Since early in August 2010
stress, remain. It must be       is indeed the case it ex-       Wiley Interscience has been
noted that the experiments       plains why so many human        replaced by Wiley Online
so far have only been car-       dieters find it so hard to      Library and this can be ac-
ried out on mice and not on      maintain a healthy weight       cessed via a new web site
humans. However, the re-         once they stop dieting. It      at
searchers consider that the      comes as no surprise then
effect would be very similar.    that the researchers recom-
                                 mend that stress-
                                 management during dieting       For those of you who were
The experiment with the          could be beneficial in long-    previously registered users       Although the majority of
mice was carried out over a      term maintenance.               of Wiley InterScience, your       articles are not free they
period of three weeks. Dur-                                      details will have automati-       may be purchased individu-
ing this period of calorie                                       cally been transferred to         ally on-line. Those of you
restriction the mice lost                                        the new site. For newcom-         with access to Athens will
approximately 10-15% of                                          ers to Wiley, it is possible to   be able to log onto the site
body weight. This is regard-     References:                     register free of charge, and      through this and have free
ed as similar to the weight      a. ‗Caloric Restriction Expe-   this will allow you to browse     access to all journals. For
loss produced by dieting in      rience Reprograms Stress        through a large s                 further details please visit
humans. During this time it      and Orexigenic Pathways         election of journals. In
was noted that the corti-        and Promotes Binge Eat-         most cases you will also be       /info.
costerone levels in the mice     ing‘. Diana E. Pankevich et     able to access abstracts
increased considerably,          al. The Journal of Neurosci-    free of charge, whilst in a
resulting in increased           ence, Dec 1, 2010, 30(48),      few cases you will also be
stress. Similar experiments      p.p. 16399-16407.               able to download the com-
were carried out by reduc-                                       plete article free of charge.
Page 6                                                                                                             NCSAG E-Journal

                            The Season to be SAD? Su Ricks McPherson

                            It can be easy to overlook in       2 hours each day whilst you          they can do which are men-
                            our line of work, but the dark      are in the room. This has been       tioned above. I will also use a
                            Winter months can often be          found to be effective in 85% of      lot of ―bright‖ language in in-
                            responsible for the ―winter         diagnosed cases. I‘ve had one        terventions and mention how
                            blues‖ - shorter and often over-    for over 10 years—it made a          they will start to feel ―sunnier‖
                            cast days and longer nights         dramatic change to my own            the more they practice their
                            can mean that around 7% of          Winters and I have never             relaxation and visualisation
                            the population experience           looked back. Unfortunately           exercises.
                            a biochemical imbalance in          these are not available on the
                                                                                                     A useful technique for SAD
                            the hypothalamus which re-          NHS, but can be purchased
                                                                                                     clients is our good old fash-
                            sults in Seasonal Affective         VAT free if bought for medical
                                                                                                     ioned bubble; similar to
                            Disorder and around 17% suf-        conditions.
                                                                                                     Fiona‘s bubble taught on the
                            fer a milder form of the condi-
                                                                Anti-Depressants                     NCHP courses, I give my cli-
                            tion in which they just don‘t
                                                                Although not all anti-               ents the opportunity to create
                            feel like they are ―firing on all
                                                                depressants have been found          a beautiful bubble around
                                                                to work with SAD, some can be        themselves through which only
                            Basically, the symptoms of          effective - although most of my      positive things can pass.
                            SAD occur regularly each Win-       clients come to me with a de-
                                                                                                     I also suggest to them that
                            ter for sufferers, starting any     sire to avoid medication, my
                                                                                                     they can change the size and
                            time between September and          advice is not to suffer need-
          “Feelings of      November and often continu-         lessly; because if this is what it
                                                                                                     shape of their bubble to give
                                                                                                     them the right ―space‖ for their
                            ing until the Spring.               takes to get them through a
            depression,     Symptoms include;
                                                                bad patch, why suffer need-
                                                                                                     needs and also the thickness,
                                                                                                     so that on days when they feel
               lethargy,    Depression, or low mood which
                                                                Eat Well And Exercise
                                                                                                     vulnerable they can deploy
                                                                                                     greater protection.
                            is more prolonged or severe
                anxiety,    than ―normal‖ sadness               Feelings of depression, lethar-      But for my SAD clients, the
                                                                gy, anxiety, difficulty sleeping,    best thing they can do with
               difficulty   Feelings of Apathy
                                                                poor concentration etc. can          their bubble is to change the
                            Sleep Problems                      sometimes be exacerbated by          colour, making it brighter and
               sleeping,    Lethargy
                                                                a diet lacking in specific vita-     lighter, cleaner and clearer;
                                                                mins and minerals— I am not a        one even reported the appear-
                    poor    Fatigue                             nutritionist of course, but I do     ance of new fresh daisies re-
                                                                get my clients to check out this     minding her of Spring and that
         concentration      Over Eating, especially craving
                                                                great online resource and            Winter will pass.
                                                                think about how well they are
                                                                                                     For more information you can
            etc. can be     Difficulty Concentrating            looking after themselves.
           exacerbated      Irritability
                                                                                                     SAD.html or
                            Anxiety and Tension                 I also remind SAD clients that
               by a diet    Loss of Libido
                                                                exercise releases endorphins,
                                                                our natural ―feel good‖ hor-
             lacking in     Feeling better in the Spring!       mones and also helps to burn
                                                                off any extra calories that they

                 specific   Remember that if you believe
                            a client may be suffering from
                                                                may been tempted to con-
                                                                sume. In addition a brisk walk
                                                                                                      Of course as therapists many
                                                                                                     of us spend a lot of our time
                            SAD you should recommend
         vitamins and       they visit your GP for a proper
                                                                in the sunshine will add some
                                                                helpful real daylight stimula-
                                                                                                     indoors too, so if any of these
                                                                                                     symptoms seem familiar to
                            diagnosis but there are nu-
             minerals”      merous things you can also
                                                                tion for that tricky pineal gland,
                                                                so it‘s a double winner!
                                                                                                     you, you might consider the
                                                                                                     first rule of therapy which is to
                            suggest to help them feel bet-                                           make sure you look after your-
                            ter during the Winter months;       Hypno-psychotherapy (Of
                                                                                                     self in order to help you cli-
                            Light Therapy                                                            ents. Therapist, therap thyself!
                            This involves simply having a       If I suspect a client is suffering
                                                                                                     And Have A Happy Winter!
                            light with a brightness of at       from SAD, I will obviously talk
                            least 2500 lux on for about 1-      to them about the things that
Winter 2010                                                                           Page 7

Exercise your lateral thinking—some fun exercises to challenge your
preconceptions—answers on page14
Question 1- There is a man who lives on the top floor of a high rise
                       building. Every day, he takes the lift down
                       to the ground floor, but when he comes home
                       he only takes the lift to the middle floor and walks the
                       rest of the way unless someone else is in the lift, or it is
                       raining—why does he do this?

                       Question 2- There are six eggs in
                       a basket and six people. Each
                       person takes an egg and yet one
                       is left in the basket—how can this
                       be so?

                                                  Question 3— There are six
                                             glasses in a row, the first three
                                               are filled with juice, the last
                                                            three are empty.
                             How can you arrange them so that they are
                  alternately full and empty whilst moving only one glass?

              Question 4—A man drives down the motor-
              way at 70 miles per hour. He passes three
              cars going 80 miles per hour, but he gets
              pulled over by a police officer and is given a
              ticket. Why would this happen?
Page 8                                                                                  Student and Alumni Guild E-Journal

                        Web essentials cont….
                        (Continued from page 1)           of a flotilla, so you have        that if your website has
                                                          less chance of drifting out       valuable information not
                        Of course these are gener-        to sea on your own.               only will clients find you, but
                        alizations - there are techni-                                      other internet users will be
                                                          For anyone who has lost
Daily domain search     cally minded therapists,                                            so impressed they will vol-
                                                          track of my nautical analo-
                        and hypnotherapists often                                           untarily link to your site as a
                                                          gy, in internet terms, the
                        tend to be slightly more                                            vote of confidence. This
                                                          ‗shallows‘ you are aiming
                        web-wise than more tradi-                                           network of incoming links is
                                                          for are #1-30 on Google for
                        tional therapists - but                                             an important factor in hold-
                                                          the main keywords your
                        Anna‘s example reminded                                             ing or improving your posi-
                                                          potential clients use. If your
                        me that even people who                                             tion, especially in areas
                                                          site drifts to page 4 or be-
                        have had websites for                                               where there is a lot of com-
                                                          yond then few people will
                        some time may be unsure                                             petition.
                                                          find it. Sites which are stat-
                        about the basics.
                                                          ic, unchanging online bro-        Key elements
                        Adrift…                           chures are like boats with
                                                                                            There are five essential
                                                          slumbering crews which will
                        Let‘s start by thinking about                                       elements in developing a
       “If you sleep    the internet itself. The term
                                                          gradually fall in the listings
                                                                                            website that will prove ‗sea-
                                                          with time as the search
              and do    ―web‖ fails to convey the
                        sheer size and fluidity of
                                                          engine currents push them
                                                                                            worthy‘ in the current rather
                                                                                            stormy internet environ-
                                                          further out. The internet is
      nothing, your     this phenomenon: the in-
                        ternet is a vast, dynamic,
                                                          full of ghost sites which
                                                          have been abandoned, so           The domain name
      boat will drift   tidal entity with a life of its
                                                          search engines give prefer-
                        own. Imagine it as the                                              Strong infrastructure: a
                                                          ence to websites that prove
          on the tide   ocean, and your site as a
                                                          they are still active by regu-
                                                                                            website and hosting capa-
                        small fishing boat floating                                         ble of scaling up effortlessly
              and be    gently in the shallows hop-
                                                          lar updates.
                                                                                            with your needs
                        ing for a steady supply of        ‗Dropping anchor‘ equates
          carried out   mackerel and the occasion-        to using Google adwords to
                                                                                            Valuable content – words
                                                                                            and pictures designed to
                        al bass or sole.                  pin your site to the top of
      onto the open                                       the listings with an adver-
                                                                                            attract both clients and
                        If you sleep and do nothing,                                        search engines
       sea where the    your boat will drift on the
                                                          tisement. This can be use-
                                                          ful but is expensive as a         Enhancements - additional
                        tide and be carried out onto
      fish you want     the open sea where the fish
                                                          long term strategy, and re-
                                                          quires considerable experi-
                                                                                            features which encourage
                                                                                            visitors to return to your site
                        you want cannot find you.
         cannot find    Alternatively, you could
                                                          ence to pick the best key-        Search Engine Optimization
                                                          words.                            – keywords, sitemaps,
                        drop anchor to stay where
              you. ”    you want to be, or put ef-        This leaves regularly             links and other factors that
                        fort into checking and main-      ‗checking and maintaining         make your site more ap-
                        taining your position every       your position‘. You need to       pealing to search engines
                        now and then. If your boat        monitor how people search         If these areas are well
                        is in a popular area it will      for your services, design an      planned, regardless of the
                        take careful navigation and       interactive website around        swirls and eddies of search
                        attention to keep your spot       the best search phrases,          engine politics, your site
                        and avoid being squeezed          and then add new, relevant        should float to the top. As
                        out by other vessels. It‘s        and useful information fre-       this topic could span sever-
                        helpful to throw lines to         quently enough to hold the        al books, my article will only
                        other small vessels – and a       interest of search engines        provide an overview of the
                        few big ships if possible -       and prospective clients.
                                                                                                         (Continued on page 9)
                        linking up to become part         Google‘s central premise is
 Winter 2010                                                                                                           Page 9

Web essentials cont….
(Continued from page 8)         Be guided by it as there         probably isn‘t an ideal do-
                                may be surprises – for in-       main despite the 60,500
initial three points: name,     stance ―hypnotherapy for         UK searches.
infrastructure and content.     stopping smoking‖ gets
Domain names                    27,100 local searches per
                                month in UK, whereas             Before purchasing a do-
Web experts will invariably     ―stopping smoking hypno-         main always check web-
deny that your domain
name is important, saying
                                therapy‖ only gets 12,100.
                                (All variations of these do-
                                                                 sites with other variants (eg
                                                                 .com, .net, and .org) to
any site can reach the top
of Google with the right
                                main names are available,
                                so if smoking is your niche
                                                                 find out what company you
                                                                 may be keeping. Many of
                                                                                                        domain names
―optimization‖. Which is
odd as ‗good‘ domain
                                market one would probably
                                be worth buying.) From the
                                                                 these may be holding pages
                                                                 of domains for sale, and it
                                                                                                           sell for huge
names sell for huge
amounts of money - often
                                picture you may just be
                                able to see that ―anxiety
                                                                 can be worth buying a do-
                                                                 main this way if you are
                                                                                                           amounts of
to web experts who recog-
nise their value! Yes, with a
                                hypnotherapy‖ gets 1300
                                searches, but ―anxiety hyp-
                                                                 prepared to pay a little
                                                                 more. If you are consider-
                                                                                                         money - often
great deal of time, effort,
research and tweaking you
                                nosis‖ gets 5400.                ing a domain as the main
                                                                 name for your business it              to web experts
can get into the listings for   When you have several po-
                                                                 is wise to check with Com-
particular phrases regard-      tential names in mind,
                                                                 panies House, and to see if             who recognise
less of the name of your        check their availability with
                                                                 the term is trademarked.
site – but do you really        an inexpensive domain reg-
                                istrar such as
                                                                 Your domain name does                   their value! ”
want to go to all that trou-                                     not necessarily need to be
ble when there is an easier or
                                                                 the name of your business.
way? In nine years of cre- . Most
                                                                 If you have an established
ating websites, I‘ve found      popular domains will usual-
                                                                 business name and domain
the quickest and easiest        ly be taken, but in using
                                                                 that you like, but which
strategy is to ensure that      your keywords results try
                                                                 doesn‘t perform well in
your domain name and the        combining a popular word
                                                                 searches, simply buy a new
title of your website is ex-    like ‗hypnotherapy‘ or
                                                                 domain to improve your
actly what people type into     ‗hypnosis‘ with a place
                                                                 web position and perma-
the Google search bar.          name or a specialism. Try
                                                                 nently ―park‖ your old do-
                                to keep names as short
How do you know what peo-       and simple as possible –
ple search for? By using        there‘s less opportunity for
the free Google Adwords         misspelling, and people
Keywords tool:                  don‘t like typing sentences!       If your desired name
m/o/Targeting/Explorer?__       doesn‘t seem to be availa-
u=1000000000&__c=100            ble remember to check for
0000000&ideaRequestTyp          it with and without hyphens,
e=KEYWORD_IDEAS#searc           and to try changing the
h.none                          word order. As far as
Type in the phrases that        search engines are con-
you imagine someone look-       cerned ―therapy-cognitive‖
ing for your services might     is the equivalent of
use, set your location to UK,   ―cognitive-therapy‖. This
and see what the ―local         trick clearly works better for   Google Keyword Tool
search‖ figures show. The       some names than others:
tool will show alternatives.
                                                                               (Continued on page 10)
Page 10                                                                                          Student and Alumni Guild E-Journal

                                                                                               Solitude, Authenticity and Hypno-Psychotherapy cont...

                                Web essentials cont….
                                (Continued from page 9)           MySQL databases.                   are not as well indexed by
                                                                                                     search engines because
                                                                                                     the structure of each page
                                                                  What hosting features do           is unique and unfamiliar,
                                                                  you really need - and why?         and it is far more time-
                                                                                                     consuming and expensive
                                                                                                     to extend them to provide
                                                                  CPanel hosting panel               features that come as a
                                                                  MySQL databases                    matter of course with more
                                                                                                     contemporary Content Man-
                                                                  Host multiple domains              agement Systems such as
                                                                  Good security                      Joomla and Wordpress.

                                                                  Good support                       Content Management Sys-
                                                                  Adequate space and band-
                                                                  width                              Content Management Sys-
                                                                                                     tems (CMS) are ―off the
           C Panel              main on it. But do ensure         Joomla and Wordpress               shelf‖ empty websites
                                you change content and            installation                       which install on the net in a
                                page titles to use the new        Desirable:                         couple of clicks, ready for
                                domain keywords.                                                     you to add your specific
                                                                  Automated script installa-         content and styling. Joom-
      MOVING TO A                                                 tion                               la, Wordpress and others
        NEW HOST…               Beware - domain buying            Unlimited storage                  are award winning Open
        If you have had a       can be addictive! It‘s gen-                                          Source projects run by huge
                                erally better to buy .uk do-      Unlimited traffic                  communities of web-
        website set up by a     mains in UK and .com, .net        Unlimited domains                  developers across the
    developer you may feel      through America registrars
                                                                  Migration from previous
                                                                                                     globe combining their skills
                                where they tend to cost half                                         to create free and ever-
     stuck with him, and        as much – typically $10 a         host.                              improving software. New,
  pay whatever he asks to       year. However, many web           You may be wondering why           safer and better versions
                                hosts will include a free         you need all this. For a           are released about every
               host the site.   domain with a new hosting                                            six weeks - unlike commer-
                                                                  small, simple HTML website
   But any website can be       account, so once you have         you actually need minimal          cial software which may
                                a name in mind it is time to      hosting – often the free           take years to evolve. In ad-
    backed up and moved.
                                move on to buy your host-         webspace offered by many           dition to the core code,
      Many good webhosts        ing…                              internet service providers         there are thousands of op-
  will offer to import sites                                      is enough. But there are           tional extensions, most of
                                Hosting and website struc-
                                                                  two main disadvantages             which are free, which allow
  free of charge when you       ture
                                                                  with HTML sites:                   you to do everything from
     open an account with       Web hosting is a minefield.
                                                                  unless you wish to learn
                                                                                                     linking to Facebook, to add-
                                Unless you understand ex-                                            ing online appointment-
         them. A simple         actly what facilities you         how to use WebPlus,                booking or selling down-
                                                                  FrontPage, Dreamweaver or
  HTML website can be           need and why, you can pay
                                                                  a similar package you will
                                                                                                     loads. Joomla is used for
                                a lot of money for very little.                                      small individual websites,
      zipped, downloaded,       It‘s easy to be lured by of-      have to employ someone to          by public bodies such as
        uploaded to a new       fers of free bundled soft-        make changes to your web-          the High Court of Australia
                                ware which you will never         site                               and UK‘s Serious Organ-
    location and extracted
                                use, and then discover that       HTML sites are limited and         ised Crime Agency, and by
       within 15 minutes.       you have to pay extra for         becoming out dated : pages         large companies such as
                                vital features such as            are slower to load, and they                          (Continued on page 11)
 Winter 2010                                                                                                        Page 11

Web essentials cont….
(Continued from page 10)        prefer the familiar structure
                                of WordPress and Joomla
                                                                 offers for new accounts. For
                                                                 example, Anna‘s new host-
                                                                                                     “when you
Ikea, McDonalds, and Or-
ange. It‘s all the same
                                because they have indexed        ing account cost about £30          make better
                                millions of these websites       (in total!) for 3 years host-
package: once installed,        before and know exactly          ing for 2 websites with un-         and more
you add your text and imag-     where to find the infor-         limited traffic and storage.
es via the simple admin         mation they need to pro-         That was owing to a 70%             accessible
panel – no coding required      mote the site.                   discount deal with
or complicated software
                                Why CPanel?
                                                                  content, the
packages to learn.                                               - a webhost I‘ve used for
                                CPanel is probably the most      two years as they respond           internet, as
                                widely used industry stand-
CMS were originally de-         ard hosting control panel .
                                                                 to queries within minutes
                                                                 and provide excellent secu-
                                                                                                     well as our
signed so that they could
be run by people who were
                                It is designed to be simple
                                to use despite the wide
                                                                 rity. They also plant a tree
                                                                 for each new account, use
not IT professionals so they
are simple to administer
                                range of features, and in-       green energy, import ac-            improves”
                                cludes video tutorials for       counts from other hosts
once you know your way          essential features to guide      free of charge, and have            Matthew
around. But if you are a        new users. Facilities in-        two excellent automated
confirmed technophobe it is     clude setting up email,          installation and update             Cutts—
probably wise to get a pro-     backing up files, installing     tools. In UK you can host 2
fessional to do the initial     software automatically, and      domains for £25 a year              Google
installation and set the site   checking web statistics. As      with -
up to your requirements for     it is so widely used transfer-   securely based in an ex-
a small fee. Both Joomla        ring websites between            MOD bunker! Other UK
and Wordpress are systems       hosts using CPanel is quick      hosts, that look potentially
which can meet your needs       and simple, and if you           good but I haven‘t tried,
now and expand for what-        change webhost you don‘t         are:
ever you want in the future,    need to learn a new set of
and once mastered, you will     hosting tools.                   /shared-hosting and
always have the skills to                              
                                Hosting in UK or USA?
run your own site. Choose                                        com . It is easy to pay a lot
hosting that allows multiple    This is the most difficult
domains because once you        aspect of your choice.
have one thriving website       Google has indicated that
you will probably want          where your domain is host-
more…                           ed can have some effect on
                                ranking, so if you have a
A CMS separates the code
                       domain it may be
that determines the look of
                                better to use a UK webhost.
your site – colour, style,
                                That said, my .net domain
fonts, positioning - from the
                                on a US server is between
unique text and images that
                                #1 and #3 on Google at
you want to put on it. This
                                present for my main search
means that pages load fast-
                                term so it is clearly not an
er as only a part of the page
                                over-riding problem. Ameri-
is being changed. All your
                                can hosting tends to be
content is automatically
                                cheaper, more efficient,
stored in a MySQL data-
                                and offers more facilities
base so it can be called up
                                than British webhosts.
instantly. Search engines
                                There are often discounted                  (Continued on page 14)
Page 12                                                                                               Newsletter Title

                            The Leg I Didn't Have Kept on Hurting - Ron Eslinger
                            "I don't know how this       just like I learned to do in   alive today because of
                            works, but it does."         the army when crawling         his friend.
                            Those were the words of      under machine gun fire,"
                                                                                        Bill had a Popetiel Artery
                            Bill twelve weeks after      Bill said. "Of course
                                                                                        Aneurysm, which rup-
                            his first visit to Healthy   crawling under that ma-
                                                                                        tured and created a
                            Visions Wellness Center      chine gun fire and con-
                                                                                        blood clot that stopped
                            where hypnosis was           certina wire wasn't any-
                                                                                        the flow of blood to Bill's
                            used to teach Bill how to    thing compared to com-
                                                                                        leg. His leg was amputat-
                            control his Phantom          ing down that mountain
                                                                                        ed just above the knee
                            Limb Pain. Prior to this,    thinking I was dying of
                                                                                        that day, but gangrene
                            Bill was taking pain medi-   pain." The pain was unre-
                                                                                        set in and two days later
                            cine two to three times a    lenting and after what
                                                                                        a second amputation
          Ron Eslinger      week. Sometimes the          seemed to be a lifetime,
                                                                                        was done that included
                            pain was so unbearable       he finally reached where
                                                                                        his hip joint.
                            that he went to the emer-    he had parked his truck.
                            gency room for intrave-      Once there, he could nei-      For fifteen years follow-
                            nous pain medication.        ther stand nor pull him-       ing the surgery Bill con-
                                                         self up into the truck.        tinued to have frequent
                            On a beautiful fall day
                                                         "With nothing else left to     and often severe pain in
                            fifteen years ago Bill
                                                         do, in agony, I spread my      his amputated leg. Then
                            went deer hunting at a
                                                         orange hunting jacket          one day a friend handed
             “For fifteen   favorite spot in the
                                                         out where it could be          him a business card from
                            mountains near Hunts-
                                                                                        Healthy Visions Wellness
                    years   ville, Tennessee. As he
                                                         seen from the sky and
                                                         crawled under my truck         Center and suggested he
                            reached the area where
               following    he would set up his deer
                                                         to...."                        call. Since his initial visit
                                                                                        on March 2, 2005, Bill
                            stand he was taken           Bill and a friend had ear-
             the surgery    down by a severe deep        lier discussed that they
                                                                                        has been pain free.
                            cramping and burning         would both be hunting in       Why and how does this
                     Bill   pain in his right leg. The   the same area of the           work? No one really
                                                                                        knows, but when some-
            continued to    pain was so severe that
                            it brought tears to his
                                                         mountain on the same
                                                         day. Luckily around lunch      thing happens that cre-
                    have    eyes and a scream of
                            agony from deep inside.
                                                         time, Bill's friend decided
                                                         to hike over to where he
                                                                                        ates pain, such as a burn
                                                                                        or a cut, the pain is sent
                frequent    The pain was so intense
                                                         knew Bill usually parked       by an electrical signal to
                                                                                        the brain. There is no
                                                         to have lunch with him. A
                            that he was unable to
               and often    walk or even stand. He
                                                         chill of dread went down       pain until this signal gets
                                                         his spine when he saw          to the brain. Stop the
             severe pain    fell down and was lying
                            on his back. The only way
                                                         Bill under the truck deliri-   signal and you stop the
                                                         ous with pain. He quickly      pain. A local anesthetic is
                   in his   down the mountain was
                            to use his rifle and good
                                                         dragged Bill from under        a good example. The
                                                         the truck and struggled        body has the ability to
              amputated     left leg to push himself
                                                         to get him inside. He          create its own anesthet-
                            inch by inch. He could
                                                         drove as quickly as he         ic. For Bill and many oth-
                     leg”   move only a few inches
                                                         could to Huntsville Hospi-     er amputees, the
                            with each desperately
                                                         tal where Life Star trans-     memory of their pain per-
                            painful push for what
                                                         ported Bill to University      sist and the subcon-
                            seemed like an eternity.
                                                         Medical Center. Bill is        scious mind can not tell
                            "I pushed with my rifle
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                       Page 13

The Leg I Didn't Have Kept on Hurting Cont….
the difference from a
memory and the real
                              tween the amputated leg
                              and the brain. Since
                                                             I am always astounded,
                                                             as I was with Bill, at how
thing. However, when we
change the memory or
                              there is no pain until the
                              message gets to the
                                                             hypnosis can make such
                                                             major changes in peo-
the thought, we change        brain he was able to           ple's lives. I saw it hap-   mind does not
the brain's response.         switch off the pain signal     pen so often while on
One way to experience
                              keeping it from reaching       active duty with the Navy,   know the
                              the brain. He was also         especially as a staff
this is to imagine or pre-
tend you are eating a
                              taught many other tech-        member at the Navy           difference between
                              niques to stop the possi-      Medical Center, Ports-
lemon. For most people
thinking about eating a
                              bility of future pain, in-     mouth, Virginia Pain         what is real and
                              cluding pretending that        Management Center.
lemon leaves ta tart and
                              he had a TV remote con-        While there, I had the       what is imagined,
tangy taste, and some-
                              trol that he could use to      opportunity to work with
times a pain in the jaw,
                              turn the pain up or down.      many amputees and oth-
                                                                                          so that in Bill's
as if a lemon is actually
being eaten. That is be-
                              He could hit the mute
                              button or simply hit the
                                                             er people with many
                                                             types of pain. I watched
                                                                                          case, by changing
cause the memory or the
thought of the lemon to
                              off button to stop the
                              pain. He also used the
                                                             people who had pain for
                                                             2 years, 10 years, and
                                                                                          the thought and
the subconscious mind is
real, so it responds as it
                              remote to let him travel       even as long as 15 years,    uncovering a past
                              into the future to see         either become totally
would to the actual eat-
ing of the lemon. It cre-
                              himself doing the things       pain free, as in the case    memory, he was
                              he likes to do and doing       of Bill, or to be able to
ates the same biochemi-
cal, physiological re-
                              them comfortably.              decrease the pain to a       able to change
                                                             level that allowed them
sponse as if the lemon
was actually eaten. So,
                              When Bill went to the
                              doctor he was asked,
                                                             to lead functional and       pain into
                                                             productive lives.
change the thought and        "what is your pain on a                                     comfort”
you change the re-            scale of 0-10." From the
sponse.                       first session at Healthy
                                                                Retired US Navy Cap-
                              Visions Wellness Center
This worked with Bill by                                        tain and Nurse anes-
                              he was taught how to
teaching him how to                                             thetist , Ron is an ex-
                              think of his pain scale as
think back to a time and
                              his comfort scale. He           pert on using hypnosis
remember how the leg
felt before the trauma
                              was seen five times prior        for the treatment and
                              to the writing of this arti-            control of pain.
and amputation. The
                              cle, during which he               He is leading a
subconscious mind does
                              learned self-hypnosis,
not know the difference                                      Specialist Certification
                              guided imagery, and cre-
between what is real and                                      In Pain Management
                              ative visualization to
what is imagined, so that                                      Workshop for us on
                              manage his stress, his
in Bill's case, by changing                                      9-10 June 2011,
                              comfort, and his quality
the thought and uncover-
                              of life. Because all hyp-      Ramada Hotel, Central
ing a past memory, he
                              nosis is self-hypnosis, he             Leicester
was able to change pain
                              easily learned how to               Contact enquir-
into comfort.
                              control his pain and not for
Bill was also instructed      let it control him.
to imagine a switch be-                                           further details
Page 14                                                                              Student and Alumni Guild E-Journal

                       Solitude cont

                       Web essentials cont….
                       (Continued from page 11)         sites inevitably lose position   tral part of your
                                                        as search engines promote        ―relationship marketing‖
                       for bad web hosting - but if     newer and more active            approach. Your aim is to
                       you know what to look for        websites. Have you added         get people to come back
                       you can pay surprisingly         anything new in the last two     regularly to see what is
                       little for hosting with excel-   weeks?                           new, and to give them op-
                       lent features.                                                    portunities to sample what
                                                        As the main aim of getting
                                                                                         you offer. If you are a ther-
                       CONTENT                          search engines to notice
                                                                                         apist this means building
                                                        your site is so that potential
                       According to Matthew Cutts                                        up the site as a resource
                                                        customers can find it, it is
      “www.attack      – the voice of Google -
                                                        worth stepping back and
                                                                                         which includes:
                       ―when you make better and    more accessible content,
                                                        wondering how an objective
                                                        stranger might view your
                                                                                         information on common
                                                                                         problems (or your specialist
                       the internet, as well as our
      probably isn’t   index, improves‖. Google
                                                        website if they did stumble      area),
                                                        across it. What would they
                       bases its evaluation of your                                      brief helpful articles which
           an ideal    website on assumptions
                                                        see to hold their attention,
                                                                                         give some idea of your ap-
                                                        make them believe in your
            domain     about what content is going
                       to be useful to people
                                                        credibility, and choose you
                                                                                         proach to people and their
                                                        over the dozens of other
         despite the   browsing for your keywords;
                       it prefers pages which pro-
                                                        therapists in the area?          In return for their email ad-
                                                                                         dress, and permission for
       60,500 UK       vide clear, accurate and up      Relationship marketing
                                                                                         you to send them your
                       to date information rather
                                                        Recent trends in website         email newsletter, they
         searches ”    than sales pages or lists of
                                                        design stress the interac-       might get access to:
                       services. A typical therapist
                                                        tive possibilities of having
                       site which says, in slightly                                      a longer ebook on how to
                                                        an online showcase for your
                       expanded form, ―I am                                              deal with a specific difficul-
                                                        skills. ―Relationship mar-
                       Franz Mesmer and I can                                            ty short audio downloads
                                                        keting‖ is based on re-
                       help you with smoking,                                            for relaxation, breathing
                                                        search demonstrating that
                       weight loss, insomnia, anxi-                                      etc.
                                                        on average people need to
                       ety and your irrational fear
                                                        be exposed to a product          podcasts, videos and inter-
                       of bus stops‖ rarely lives
                                                        seven or more times before       active online courses (for
                       up to Google‘s aspiration to
                                                        they will seriously consider     therapists who feel adven-
                       improve the internet. How
                                                        buying it. This can be any       turous!)
                       does your website – or any
                                                        combination of marketing
                       site you are thinking of cre-                                     All these features – site
                                                        strategies - seeing your ad-
                       ating – measure against                                           membership, email address
                                                        vert in the local newspaper,
                       this criteria?                                                    capture, automated news-
                                                        visiting your website, read-
                                                                                         letters, videos, audio down-
                       Google also likes ―dynamic       ing your newsletters, pick-
                                                                                         loads (free and paid) – can
                       websites‖ which are updat-       ing up your leaflet at the
                                                                                         easily be added to a con-
                       ed frequently with new and       whole-food store, and so
                                                                                         tent management based
                       topical material – it helps      on - but it emphasises that
                                                                                         site such as Joomla or
                       them to send people to ac-       people rarely decide to
                                                                                         Wordpress, but would re-
                       tive sites rather than the       book an appointment the
                                                                                         quire considerably more
                       vast number of abandoned         first time they encounter
                                                                                         time, effort and expense to
                       sites that litter the web. If    you.
                                                                                         write for an individually
                       your site never changes
                                                        If you are going to invest       coded HTML website. This
                       how are search engines to
                                                        money in a website it needs      is why it is important to en-
                       know whether you are still
                                                        to offer more than a bro-        sure at the start that your
                       in practice or not? Static
                                                        chure – it should be a cen-                  (Continued on page 15)
 Winter 2010                                                                                                             Page 15

Web essentials cont….
                                ple decide to include lots of    than defining difficulties in   tinguish your services in
(Continued from page 14)        education about therapy,         clinical terms, try to see      some way. A specialist
                                tons of articles, and the        them from the client‘s per-     website with new, original
website has a sufficiently      like. That may be nice, but      spective and talk about the     content is likely to make a
flexible structure which will   your primary goal isn't to       issues as they might.           much greater contribution
allow you to expand as you      educate everyone about                                           to ―improving the internet‖
                                                                 It can be difficult to know
want extra features.            therapy, or to solve their                                       than yet another general
                                                                 what will make your ideal
Original content                problems online. It's to get                                     website, and so it is also
                                                                 client contact you – and
                                ideal clients to call or email                                   likely to receive more recog-
Another important factor to                                      like any advertising this
                                you.‖ This is a good point –                                     nition by search engines.
bear in mind is that all the                                     probably requires experi-
                                and especially helpful if,
text on your website needs                                       mentation. The important        This overview was intended
                                like me, you tend to be
to be original – not copied                                      thing to remember is that       to highlight things to take
                                something of a perfectionist
and vaguely adapted from                                         you don‘t have to put every-    into consideration when
                                and have trouble getting
books or other websites!                                         thing on the site at once.      setting up a new website, or
                                the basics of your website
All pages indexed by search                                      Start with the information      diagnosing why an estab-
                                finished because you are so
engines are scanned to see                                       and articles that you be-       lished one is not performing
                                aware of all the additional
if they match other pages;                                       lieve are most likely to be     as well as expected. Sites
                                stuff you need to write.
credit is always given to the                                    helpful to your ideal client,   which start with a strong
page which was indexed          What if you have no idea         and then build content from     name and infrastructure
earlier and plagiarism is       who your ideal client is?        there adding two or more        and try to provide valuable,
penalised. Google has al-       The ideal client is a fiction    items a month, and review-      interactive content on a
ready converted thousands       dreamt up for you to ad-         ing the effect.                 regular basis will usually
of books into digital formats   dress your marketing mes-                                        rise to the first page of list-
                                                                 Generalist or specialist?
so compares text with these     sage to. Imagine describing                                      ings within a few weeks or
                                what you do to a) a retired      Should you offer treatment      months of the site being
too. Search engine optimi-
                                woman who has spent most         and write articles about        launched, but they will still
zation tools such as
                                of her life raising a family,    everything – or decide to       need on-going input to re- allow you
                                b) a busy executive in his       become a specialist in a        main there. Putting these
to run all your website con-
                                mid-forties, and c) a pain-      smaller field? It is helpful    suggestions into practice
tent through plagiarism
                                fully shy 18 year old about      to make this decision be-       can take quite a lot of time
software to check for dupli-
                                to go to university. What        fore setting up a website,      and work. From 1st Jan I
                                are the differences in the       as it will have an impact on    will be building up a re-
The goal of your website        way you present yourself to      your choice of name, the        source with more detailed
By now it may be sounding       each of these? Relation-         way your site is organized,     information about these
an exhausting process try-      ship marketing is about          the content and your mar-       steps, along with checklists
ing to generate an ongoing      building a relationship –        keting strategy. Marketing      to evaluate your own site
supply of original articles,    which means letting as-          advice tends to suggest the     and links to marketing re-
newsletters, audio and          pects of your personality        bigger the territory and the    sources, on my new web-
video just to keep the vora-    show as a way of keeping         more competition there is,      site
cious search engines fed.       people engaged with you.         the more ―expert‖ you           . Over the coming months I
This may be why Peter Han-       You will meet all sorts of      should become. In rural or      will be attempting to put
nah                             people in your practice, but     suburban areas where            into practice the strategies
(http://googlefortherapists.    who do you feel most at          there is little competition     described – and evaluating , and             ease, or most stimulated,        and fewer potential clients     the results. Do join me and
http://www.yourgoogleguy.       working with? Once you           it makes sense to have a        comment on your experi-
com/ ) stresses the value       have a clear image of the        general practice, but in        ence.
of using adwords to pay to      sort of client you want,         large cities where you are
appear at the top if the        write your web pages in the      surrounded by other hypno-
page. However he also           voice you would use to           therapists or psychothera-
usefully says: ―Some peo-       speak to them. And rather        pists it is important to dis-
The NCSAG Committee                    Lateral Thinking Exercise—Answers
PO Box 5779,                                             Question 1, Solution 1— He‘s very short and can
Loughborough,                                            only reach the button for the top floor with an um-
LE12 5ZF                                                 brella or ask someone else to push it for him.
0845 2578735                             Solution 2— He likes the exercise , but it‘s too far
                                                         to walk the whole way!
 Chair
 Richard Nicholls
 E-Journal                                                Question 2, Solution— The
 Su Ricks-McPherson                                        last person took the basket as                                      well as the egg
 Commissioning Editor
 Harry Brownrigg
  harry.brownrigg@hypno-                            Question 3, Solution—pour the con-                                 tents of the second glass into the fifth
 Public Relations                                  glass and then put it back in its‘ origi-
  Chris Gelder                                      nal place.
 Research    Coordinator
  Jo Goss     Question 4, Solution— He was driv-
                                    ing in the wrong direction along the
 SAG Volunteers Awaiting Portfolio
  Gino Norris
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Message From The Chair—Richard Nicholls                                   

It's a real pleasure        the middle of a re-       know that you can                 ties to promote
to take over the            cession might seem        help them they will               what you do every-
reigns of Chair from        like a crazy idea,        often forget to ask               where.
Fiona as well as an         after all who's got       you what your                     2011 is going to be
honour that she             money to spend on         charges are any-                  a great year for us
feels that the Stu-         Therapy when they         way because they                  all.
dent and Alumni             might not even            really don't care.
Guild is in safe            have a job this time
hands in doing so,                                    The Therapists that
                            next week?
and I thank her for                                   fail in their business
                            But despite the fact      are usually the ones
everything that
                            that some people          who expect to, and
she's done so far,
                            will put it off until     we all know what
despite her tiny feet
                            they're even more         our expectations
I still have big boots
                            desperate, there          lead us to.
to fill!
                            are still plenty more
For new Therapists,                                   Expect success and
                            that need your help
starting a business in                                you'll see opportuni-
                            NOW and if they
                                                                              Richard Nicholls—Chair, NC Students & Alumni Guild

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