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Sawyer, Anthony. Comparison of the Niches of Spartina Species in Saltwater Marshes,
      Camden County High School, Camden, NC.

Two grass species of the genus Spartina, S. alterniflora and S. patens, are commonly found in
North Carolina saltwater marshes. We hypothesized that the two species occupy different
niches, and are therefore able to coexist in the saltwater marsh. This project compared the niches
of the two species in marshes on the barrier islands of Wrightsville Beach, Figure Eight, and
Masonboro. Relative elevation and percent coverage of plants was taken along transects. Soil
samples were also taken along the transects – one close to the tidal creek where S. alterniflora
was dominant, one near the wrack line where S. patens was dominant, and one where S. patens
and S. alterniflora coexisted. Results suggested that S. alterniflora soil contains more silt, clay,
and gravel than the S. patens soil, and that the soil where S. alterniflora and S. patens coexisted
was more like the soil of the S. patens. This indicated that S. alterniflora is capable of surviving
in the high intertidal zone. We also found that a steeper slope has more defined zonation of
plants than a flatter slope. Overall, results indicate that sediment size is not as important as
elevation and distance from the tidal creek in determining niche separation.

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