303rd BG _H_ Combat Mission No. 347

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					               303rd BG (H) Combat Mission No. 347
                              28 March 1945
         Target: Branden-Burgische Motorenwerke at Berlin/Spandau
                          Crews Dispatched: 40
                    Crews Lost: Lt. Fredrickson - 1 KIA
  Crewmembers Lost or Wounded: Lt. Wokersien & Sgt Bovey, KIA: 2 wounded
                  Length of Mission: 9 hours, 41 minutes
       Bomb Load: 6 x 500 lb H.E. M43 & 4 x 500 lb Incendiary bombs
              Bombing Altitudes: 26,500, 25,500, & 27,300 ft
                          Ammo Fired: 0 rounds

      deep penetration mission to Berlin/Spandau, Germany, to bomb the Branden-

A     Burgische Motorenwerke was the 303rd BG(H) first priority (visual) and second
      priority (H2X) target. The third priority targets were targets of opportunity at Stendal
marshalling yard, Gardelegan Airfield, or other airfields in a designated area. There were
no early returns.

       Thirty-seven Fortresses dropped 213 500-lb. H.E. M43, 144 500-lb. incendiary
bombs, and 10 units of leaflets on the first priority target in Berlin. The target was covered
by a 10/10 undercast and adverse weather conditions with layered clouds were
encountered from Belgium back to Molesworth on the return route. There was no enemy
air opposition and friendly fighter support by 245 P-51s was good. Flak was meager and
accurate at the target and at Brandenburg and Stendal. Six aircraft had major battle
damage and 13, minor damage.

       Captain Arnold Mosel, Low Squadron Lead Pilot, left the formation 30 minutes after
leaving the target. He feathered the #3 and #4 engines of #44-8439, 360BS with gas for
the #1 and #2 engines almost nil. Landing was made at the 416BG airfield #A-69 at
Laon/Athies, France. He returned to Molesworth on 29 March. The Squadron lead was
taken over by 1Lt. Jack W. Weaver.

        Two aircraft failed to assemble and bombed with the 3rd AD on a target in the
Hannover area. One of them, B-17G #43-38248 Jigger Rooche II, piloted by 2Lt. Carl A.
Fredrickson, was lost from the formation under adverse weather conditions. Just after
"bombs away," the lead aircraft made a right turn off the target and Jigger Rooche II was
not spotted again. F/O Harold W. Goetz reported that his aircraft was hit by flak on its
underside, severing some of the control cables. The pilot, engineer, and navigator were
wounded and the crew elected to remain with the aircraft. With three engines out and
applying full rudder and heavy aileron control, the co-pilot was able to find a small clearing
in an area near the Oder River in Poland to make a crash landing. The wings were sheared
off and, by some miracle, the fuselage snaked through the trees and avoided any head-on
collision with the terrain or trees. Sgt. Harry G. Stube died from his wounds. Lt.
Fredrickson and F/O Arthur L. Herman had their wounds treated by Russian doctors. All
survivors became guests of the Russians. They finally managed to join up with friendly
troops in June and were returned to American lines.

                                      Mission 347 - 1
                              The bad weather on the return route, together with gas
                      shortages, caused nine aircraft to land on the Continent and eight to
                      land at other airdromes or to crash-land in the UK. Sgt. Charles D.
                      Bovey, ball turret gunner on #43-37590, Neva-The Silver Lady,
                      358BS, piloted by 2Lt. Harry E. Nester, bailed out over the English
                      Channel at 1438 hours on the return route. The reason for his bailout
                      was not known. He had a parachute on when he jumped from the
 Sgt Charles D. Bovey
                      aircraft, but with the heavy cloud conditions, crewmen were unable to
                      see if his parachute opened. Dinghies were thrown from the aircraft
                      and Air-Sea Rescue was notified. The RAF 11 Group sent two rescue
vessels to search for Sgt. Bovey. He is listed on the Wall of the Missing at Cambridge.

                                Cambridge American Cemetery Wall of Missing
   On the wall running from the entrance to the chapel are inscribed the names of 5,126 Americans who gave their lives in the
                          service of their country, but whose remains were never recovered or identified.

        The returning aircraft carried one officer who was killed, one
seriously wounded, and one crewman wounded — all due to flak. F/O
James T. Wokersien, co-pilot on #43-38958 Green Hill Belle, 427BS,
piloted by 2Lt. Lloyd L. Flanigan, was killed by flak fragments to the
chest about two minutes before the target. Lt. Flanigan landed the
aircraft at Airfield #89. F/O Wokersien was taken to British General
Hospital 101 situated at Louvain. British medics stated he had been                                       F/O James Wokersien
dead for a long time.

      Two aircraft crash-landed in England. One was #43-38451 (No Name), 360BS (1Lt.
Robert E. Edmunds). The pilot calculated that only 40 minutes fuel remained upon
reaching the English coast. He was instructed to land at the Manston Emergency Airfield,
but Manston weather was very restricted. The pilot heard over his VHF that the Splasher
No. 8 area was clear. Upon reaching this area, weather had "dropped to the ground." A
wheels-up landing on the beach near Rye Harbour damaged the ball and chin turrets. No

                                                    Mission 347 - 2
                                                                                      crew members were injured
                                                                                      and the B-17 was salvaged.

                                                                                              The second to crash-
                                                                                      land in England was #42-
                                                                                      97281 Queenie, 427BS (2Lt.
                                                                                      Forrest E. Miller). The
                                                                                      aircraft left the formation
                                                                                      over France when two
                                                                                      engines were running rough.
                                                                                      The No. 2 engine was
                                                                                      feathered. The navigator's
                                                                                      "G" box and radio compass
                                                                                      became inoperative and Lt.
                                                                                      Miller dropped to 500 ft. to
                                                                                      search for an airfield and
                                                                                      crash-landed wheels-up in a
                                                                                      pasture near Sandwich, in
                                                                                      southeast England. There
                ROBERT E. EDMUNDS CREW - 360th BS                                     were no crew injuries and
                         B-17G Idaliza #42-97546 (PU-E)                               the aircraft was salvaged.
           (crew assigned 360BS: 24 Dec 1944 - photo: 03 Jan 1945)
         (Back L-R) 2Lt Robert E. Edmunds (P), 2Lt Franklin W. Perry (B),
     2Lt Clarence E. Bristol, Jr. (CP), 2Lt Gordon B. Lofquist (N) - (Front L-R)
Sgt Norman D. Hammel (E), Sgt Gordon W. Farnham (BT), Sgt Matthew N. Polo (R),
            Sgt Frank C. Rumberger (TG), Sgt Raymond H. King (WG)

                                       FORREST E. MILLER CREW - 427th BS
                              (crew assigned 427BS: 15 Feb 1945 - photo: USA, Dec 1944)
               (Back L-R) S/Sgt Jerry E. Burns (BT), S/Sgt Robert R. Retzlaff (R), S/Sgt Robert B. Rogers (TG),
                S/Sgt Thomas R. Conroy (E), S/Sgt Walter Bulbach (WG) - (Front L-R) 2Lt Forrest E. Miller (P),
                   2Lt Kenneth R. Woodworth (CP), F/O Harold W. Higgens (N), F/O Arnold H. Hansen (B)

                                                   Mission 347 - 3
       Aircraft Formation at Assembly Point - Group A
                                           710 - PFF
                             Chuba                                   Kahler
                              311                                   545 - PFF
      Fredrickson                                                                         Grob
         248                                                                               597
                                               Flanigan                                                    Bashor
                                                 958                                                        289
                            Denison                                   Henning
                              937                                       875
         Lonski                                                                          F. Miller
          763                                                                               281
                                               Thomas                                                      Sabine
                                                 621                                                        885

                       B-17G Idle Wh eel #44-871 0 (427B S) PFF GN -Y
                 41st CBW-B Lead - Pilot Capt J.F. McNamara / CoPilot 1Lt D.I. Hewitt
(Back L-R) 1Lt A.D. Leavell (B), Capt M.A. Neubert (N), 1Lt Donald I. Hewitt (CP), Capt James F. McNamara (P),
                                 1Lt W.G. Mylan (M-N), F/O W.J. Shaughnessy (TG-O)
                        (Front L-R) Sgt Elmer J. Schmidt (R), Sgt Stephen R. Sabo (E),
                2Lt R.W. Fox (GH-N), S/Sgt James L. Mussi (WG), Cpl Garth G. Kohlmayer (BT)

                                          Mission 347 - 4
                 Aircraft Formation at Assembly Point - Group B
                                        C. Miller-Milman
                                           351 - PFF
                                McKimmie                 Cunningham
                                  999                        258
                  Nester                                                                Bohle
                   590                                                                   949
McLeod                                              Greene
  096                                                 191
                                  Beasley                                Perkins
                                   734                                    554
                  Stewart                                                              Murray
                    878                                                                 427
                                                   Woodard                                           Mauger
                                                    006                                               127

                Aircraft Formation at Assembly Point - Group C
                                                 439 - PFF
                                  Statton                               Weaver
                                    842                                  672
                  Lester                                                               Austin
                   860                                                                  532
                                                   Edmunds                                                Vail
                                                     451                                                  645
                                  Fowler                                 Bitler
                                   517                                    870
                  Lacker                                                                Smith
                   318                                                                   563
                                                        Hardy                                       Bentzlin
                                                         544                                          523

                                            KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS
CREW POSITIONS              TOG - Togglier                 PAS - Passenger             POW - Prisoner of war
CMP - Command Pilot         BT - Ball Turret Operator      PHO - Photographer          DOW - Died of wounds
P - Pilot                   TT - Top Turret Operator       Y - Y-Operators (YRO,YO)    EVD - Evaded the enemy
CP - Co-Pilot               TG - Tail Gunner               RCM - Radio Cntr Measures   REP - Repatriated
NAV - Navigator             WG - Waist Gunner              SJ - Spot Jammer            RES - Rescued
ANV - Ass't. Navigator      LWG - Left Waist Gunner                                    ESC - Escaped
MNV - Mickey Navigator      RWG - Right Waist Gunner       RESULTS OF MISSION          BO - Bailed out
ENG - Engineer              GUN - Gunner                   KIA - Killed in action      DCH - Ditched
BOM - Bombardier            VI - Voice Interpreter         WIA - Wounded in action     CR-L - Crashed on land
RO - Radio Operator         OBS - Observer                 MIA - Missing in action     CR-S - Crashed at sea

                                              Mission 347 - 5
               358th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists

      B-17G #42-97949 (No Name)                           B-17G #43-38191 Shasta
P     Bohle, Loren W., 2Lt                     P        Greene, Robert E., 1Lt
CP    Gordon, Joseph, 2Lt                      CP       Parson, Jerome G., 2Lt
NAV   Gerhardstein, Eugene M., F/O             NAV      Milligan, William J., 2Lt
TOG   Sproule, Wayne O., Sgt                   BOM      Oettinger, George F., 2Lt
ENG   Bigelow, Robert F., Sgt                  ENG      Rollinger, Joseph C., Sgt
RO    Genter, Norman, Sgt                      RO       Thompson, Joe C., Sgt
BT    Aldous, George C., Sgt                   BT       Covert, John L., Sgt
TG    Smith, Jack C., Sgt                      TG       Jobe, Milton L., Sgt

      B-17G #43-39096 Sky Demon                  B-17G #43-37590 Neva-The Silver Lady
P     McLeod, William S., 1Lt                  P     Nester, Harry E., 2Lt
CP    Elkins, Richard A., 2Lt                  CP    Craig, Fred, 2Lt
NAV   Cooper, Saul A., F/O                     NAV Rainey, John L., 2Lt
TOG   Rafferty, William A., Sgt                TOG Jones, James P., Sgt
ENG   DeWillers, Edgar, S/Sgt                  ENG Kappardaki, Kermit P., Sgt
RO    Guenin, Wayne E., T/Sgt                  RO    Strouse, Jacob J., Sgt
BT    Nichols, William A., Jr., Sgt            BT    Bovey, Charles D., Sgt    KIA
TG    James, Frank M., Sgt                     TG    Edleman, Robert W., Sgt

   B-17G #43-38554 Bouncing Betty III                    B-17G #44-6006 (No Name)
P     Perkins, Morton C., 2Lt                  P        Woodard, John M., 2Lt
CP    Kamstra, Walter W., 2Lt                  CP       Laubhan, Bob, 2Lt
NAV Wyman, Asa H., F/O                         NAV      Moeller, Floyd E., 1Lt
TOG Allen, Arlan R., Sgt                       TOG      Jackson, Thomas W., Sgt
ENG Carlson, Charles F., S/Sgt                 ENG      Walley, Glen B., Sgt
RO    Little, Gerald G., Sgt                   BT       Sloan, Walter E., Sgt
BT    McDonald, John T., Sgt                   RO       Foreman, Dennis E., Sgt
TG    Beckwith, Walter D., Sgt                 TG       Johnson, Robert H., Sgt

                                      Mission 347 - 6
        358th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists - Cont'd.

       B-17G #43-38999 Emma                 B-17G #43-38258 Forget Me Not Olly
P   McKimmie, William L., 2Lt            P     Cunningham, Neil E., 2Lt
P   Sims, Allen R., 2Lt                  CP    Magid, Malcolm J., 2Lt
NAV Hopkins, William B., 2Lt             NAV Das, Mitchell C., 2Lt
BOM Jones, George W., 2Lt                TOG Quig, Francis X., Sgt
ENG Farmer, Evert L., S/Sgt              ENG Sprinkles, Leburn D., Sgt
RO  Kilroy, Robert E., S/Sgt             WG     Boone, Kenneth E., Sgt
BT  Kampa, Vernon L., Sgt                RO     Ennis, Charles S., S/Sgt
TG  Mogusar, John F., Sgt                BT     Carter, William J., Sgt
SJ  Scott, William R., S/Sgt             TG     Crigger, Richard S., Sgt

   B-17G #44-8427 Henn's Revenge            B-17G #44-8351 (No Name) - PFF
P    Murray, Robert I., 2Lt              P    Miller, Campbell, Capt
CP   Boardman, Robert, F/O               CP   Milman, Jerome, 1Lt
NAV Smith, Harold S., F/O                NAV Weber, George F., 1Lt
TOG Hammarlund, Carl O., Sgt             NAV Bannowsky, Lonvell A., 2Lt
ENG Brunale, Vito J., Sgt                BOM Green, George A., 1Lt
RO   Bates, Theodore A., Sgt             ENG Nelson, James B., T/Sgt
BT   Rodock, Nicholas, Sgt               WG   Beck, Harold P., S/Sgt
TG   Rennie, Robert P., Sgt              RO   Carter, Robert D., T/Sgt
WG   Dantzler, John R., Sgt              TG   Silver, Jack, F/O
SJ   Morrill, Charles K., Sgt

                                Mission 347 - 7
               359th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists

       B-17G #43-38875 Redwing                     B-17G #43-38289 Sweet LaRhonda
P     Henning, Clyde H., 2Lt                    P     Bashor, Oliver L., 2Lt
CP    Bauer, Donald R., F/O                     CP    Baker, Ira B., 2Lt
NAV   Webber, Gale M., 2Lt                      NAV Johnson, Herbert G., 2Lt
TOG   Jones, John V., Sgt                       TOG Hansen, Robert S., Sgt
ENG   Grant, Gilbert D., Sgt                    ENG Reed, Paul E., Sgt
RO    Ferche, Joseph P., Sgt                    RO    Shook, Victor N., Sgt
BT    Harper, Richard F., Sgt                   BT    Greene, Norman S., Sgt
TG    Barnett, Raymond L., Sgt                  TG    Theisen, Robert J., Sgt

      B-17G #43-38878 (No Name)                          B-17G #43-39127 (No Name)
P     Stewart, Frederick A., 1Lt                P        Mauger, Warren, 2Lt
CP    Backer, Charles T., 2Lt                   CP       Burgess, William T., 2Lt
NAV   Knox, George R., 1Lt                      NAV      Udy, Donald M., F/O
TOG   Chornyei, Frank, Sgt                      TOG      Carlson, Dale H., S/Sgt
ENG   Bodin, Lloyd R., S/Sgt                    ENG      Jenkins, Maurice L., S/Sgt
RO    Bilski, Peter P., Sgt                     RO       Root, Carmen W., S/Sgt
BT    Callicott, William M., Sgt                BT       Kelley, Francis H., Sgt
TG    Cofrances, Ernest L., Jr., Sgt            TG       Dimick, Richard D., S/Sgt

      B-17G #44-8734 Hell's Cargo                        B-17G #43-38870 (No Name)
P     Beasley, William M., 2Lt                  P        Bitler, Hower E., 2Lt
CP    Rich, Richard H., 2Lt                     CP       McDowell, James B., 2Lt
NAV   Welsh, Harry A., 2Lt                      NAV      Bielski, Casimir, Jr., 2Lt
TOG   Harrigfeld, Thomas E., Sgt                TOG      Fogle, Jerome W., T/Sgt
ENG   Gornto, Jacob R., Sgt                     ENG      Driggers, Sherod R., Jr., S/Sgt
RO    Terrill, Jack W., Sgt                     RO       Mawdsley, Arnold, Sgt
TG    Gracida, Henry J., Jr., Sgt               TG       Proctor, Isaac H., Sgt
BT    Thomas, David W., Sgt                     BT       Hendon, William G., Sgt

                                       Mission 347 - 8
               360th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists

       B-17G #44-6523 (No Name)                       B-17G #43-38842 (No Name)
P     Bentzlin, Bertil V., 2Lt               P        Statton, Roy F., 1Lt
CP    Briley, Dewey E., 2Lt                  CP       Schroll, David A., 2Lt
NAV   Andrzejczyk, Walter A., F/O            NAV      Donahue, Thomas R., 2Lt
TOG   Friery, James R., Sgt                  TOG      Woods, Heiber J., S/Sgt
ENG   Rodgers, Walter D., Sgt                ENG      Rhodes, William H., Sgt
RO    Sole, John A., Sgt                     RO       Knowles, Charles D., Sgt
BT    Henderson, Clarence J., Sgt            BT       McNeel, Morgan L., S/Sgt
TG    Joneson, Leonard B., Sgt               TG       Maxson, Gordon H., Sgt

        B-17G #43-38563 Jackie                   B-17G #43-38451 (No Name)
P     Smith, Samuel W., 2Lt                  P   Edmunds, Robert E., 1Lt
CP    Shanafelt, Arthur S.C., 2Lt            CP  Johnson, Ralph L., 2Lt
NAV   Knudsen, Russell A., F/O               NAV Lofquist, Gordon B., 2Lt
TOG   Geyer, Walter A., Sgt                  BOM Potts, Joseph, Jr., 2Lt
ENG   Zenick, Thomas E., Sgt                 ENG Hammel, Norman D., Sgt
RO    Bridgman, Robert A., Sgt               RO  Polo, Matthew N., S/Sgt
BT    Kucab, Michael J., Sgt                 BT  Farnham, Gordon W., Sgt
TG    Jensen, Jens C., Sgt                   TG  Rumberger, Frank C., Sgt

      B-17G #43-38645 (No Name)                  B-17G #42-102544 Sack Time
P     Vail, Robert F., 2Lt                   P   Hardy, James H., 2Lt
CP    Tremelling, Claude C., 2Lt             CP  Maker, Eugene L., 2Lt
NAV   Blake, Mark, Jr., F/O                  NAV Strassburger, Harvey D., F/O
TOG   Kiddie, Darrell A., Sgt                BOM Galardi, John F., 2Lt
ENG   Larson, Arnold B., S/Sgt               ENG Smith, Paul R., Sgt
RO    Siegel, Edwin, Sgt                     RO  Wisniewski, Andrew J., Sgt
BT    Seats, Burton E., Sgt                  BT  Mattucks, Robert E., Sgt
TG    Ramaika, Joseph J., Sgt                TG  Martis, Joseph A., Sgt

                                    Mission 347 - 9
         360th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists - Cont'd.

      B-17G #43-38532 (No Name)                        B-17G #42-97860 (No Name)
P     Austin, Charles A., 1Lt                 P        Lester, Jack L., 2Lt
CP    Johnson, Arthur E., 2Lt                 CP       Gaspar, Robert V., F/O
NAV   Kokoska, Florian T., 2Lt                NAV      Sutherland, James M., 2Lt
TOG   Stuckey, Edward C., Sgt                 TOG      Gerstel, Charles L., T/Sgt
ENG   Ingles, Howard L., Sgt                  ENG      Livingston, Edward B., Sgt
RO    Kummer, Burnell R., Sgt                 RO       Rachel, Frank R., Sgt
BT    Danielsen, Stanley K., Sgt              BT       Keenan, Alexander J., Sgt
TG    Krouse, Thomas R., Sgt                  TG       Donner, Eugene D., Sgt

    B-17G #43-38672 (No Name)                            B-17G #44-6517 Old Cock
P   Weaver, Jack W., 1Lt                      P        Fowler, Robert R., 2Lt
CP  Chalmers, John D., 2Lt                    CP       Boyles, Kenneth L., 2Lt
NAV Polkabla, William J., 1Lt                 NAV      Sarkis, George A., F/O
BOM Hight, Basil D., 2Lt                      TOG      Bice, Lowell E., S/Sgt
ENG Murphy, Jason, T/Sgt                      ENG      Bryson, Emil M., T/Sgt
RO  Berly, Joel A., Jr., S/Sgt                RO       Ahland, Walter F., S/Sgt
BT  Kaber, Harvey N., S/Sgt                   BT       Henager, Rudolph M., Sgt
TG  Yepes, William J., S/Sgt                  TG       Jones, William P., Sgt
VI  Conrad, Joseph, T/Sgt (427th)             VI       Elliott, Richard D., S/Sgt

   B-17G #44-8439 (No Name) - PFF                  B-17G #44-8318 (No Name)
P    Mosel, Arnold, Capt                      P   Lacker, Howard C., 2Lt
CP   Shields, Emerson H., 1Lt                 CP  Kaltenbacher, Robert F., 2Lt
NAV Papp, Melvin E., 1Lt                      NAV O'Neil, James B., 2Lt
MN   Wilson, Joseph R., F/O                   TOG Mooneyham, Clarence, Jr., Sgt
MN   Fleming, David D., 2Lt                   ENG Bratcher, Francis E., Sgt
BOM Puryear, James L., 1Lt                    RO  Foster, Lane, Sgt
ENG Schieferstein, Ernest G., T/Sgt           BT  Reynolds, Robert R., Sgt
RO   Lillis, Joseph D., Pvt                   TG  Garbarino, Louis V., Jr., Sgt
TG   Patterson, charles A., S/Sgt             RCM Fegette, Iva L., T/Sgt
WG   Koshar, Jerome J., S/Sgt

                                    Mission 347 - 10
              427th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists

       B-17G #44-6937 El Sereano                       B-17G #42-97281 Queenie
P     Denison, William A., 2Lt               P        Miller, Forrest E., 2Lt
CP    Haynes, Charles H., 2Lt                CP       Woodworth, Kenneth R., F/O
NAV   Zabelicky, John E., F/O                NAV      Higgins, Harold W., 2Lt
TOG   Mack, William H., Sgt                  TOG      McDonald, Francis E., Sgt
TT    Eckert, Clair E., S/Sgt                TT       Conroy, Thomas R., S/Sgt
BT    Conyer, Roy, Jr., Sgt                  BT       Burns, Jerry E., Sgt
RO    Kiggens, William P., Sgt               RO       Retzlaff, Robert R., Sgt
TG    O'Hearn, Walter D., Sgt                TG       Bulbach, Walter, Sgt

   B-17G #43-38958 Green Hill Belle           B-17G #43-38248 Jigger Rooche II CR-L
P    Flanigan, Lloyd J., 2Lt                 P     Fredrickson, Carl A., 2Lt WIA/RTD
CP   Wokersien, James T., F/O KIA            CP    Goetz, Harold W., F/O      RTD
NAV Heaney, Edward J., F/O                   NAV Herman, Arthur L., F/O      WIA/RTD
BOM Hansen, Arnold H., F/O                   TOG Farrell, Charles M., Sgt     RTD
TT   Gilkes, Beresford B., Sgt               TT    Stube, Harry G., Sgt       KIA
BT   Safley, Delbert A., Sgt                 BT    Bailey, George E., Sgt     RTD
RO   Gourly, Charles B., Sgt                 RO    Stewart, John R., Sgt      RTD
TG   Neiswender, John J., Sgt                TG    Milliman, Harold R., Sgt   RTD

  B-17G #43-37597 Earthquake McGoon            B-17G #42-39885 Sweet Rose O'Grady
P     Grob, Emil E., Jr., 2Lt                P     Sabine, George E., 1Lt
CP    Vanderhei, Vivian S., 2Lt              CP    Abbott, Robert E., 2Lt
NAV Slauson, Leon H., 2Lt                    NAV Dickey, Warren B., 1Lt
TOG Allen, Herrold E., Sgt                   TOG Carnegie, Earl B., Sgt
TT    Loy, Vernon C., Sgt                    TT    Bielecki, John B., Jr., Sgt
BT    Apel, Charles W., Sgt                  BT    Bowler, Richard, Jr., Sgt
RO    Mullen, John P., Sgt                   RO    Bernheim, John, Sgt
TG    Nutting, Rufus R., Sgt                 TG    Akens, Thomas I., Sgt

                                   Mission 347 - 11
         427th Bombardment Squadron Crew Lists - Cont'd.

   B-17G #44-8545 (No Name) - PFF                  B-17G #43-38763 (No Name)
P    Kahler, Thomas F., 2Lt               P        Lonski, Charles J., 1Lt
CP   Cotton, Lewis, F/O                   CP       Halonen, Eugene L., 2Lt
NAV Smith, Charles W., 2Lt                NAV      Szymanski, Milton J., 2Lt
MN   Perry, Franklin W., 2Lt              TOG      Campen, Donald O., Jr., Sgt
MN   Grendin, Nicholas A., 1Lt            TT       Beadle, Richard H., Sgt
BOM Marshall, Alexander F., 1Lt           BT       Czarny, Alex G., Sgt
TT   Lowery, Lloyd, S/Sgt                 RO       Newby, Sidney W., Sgt
RO   Latz, Leslie L., S/Sgt               TG       Bourget, Joseph B., Sgt
TG   Anderson, Dale R., Sgt               WG       Ladd, John M., Sgt

   B-17G #42-97311 Shoo Shoo Baby                  B-17G #43-38621 50 Ragged
P     Chuba, Francis B., 2Lt              P        Thomas, Blaine E., 2Lt
CP    Rogers, Ennis L., 2Lt               CP       Bartholomew, Max R., 2Lt
NAV Wolf, Robert J., 2Lt                  NAV      Bonanno, Joseph, F/O
TOG Malmo, Richard C., Sgt                TOG      Eschinger, Edward G., Sgt
TT    Ayers, Francis H., Sgt              TT       Haynes, Harry W., Jr., Sgt
BT    Paananen, Uhlo J., Sgt              BT       Contreras, Luis L., Sgt
RO    Harkey, Charles I., Sgt             RO       Smith, Walter E., Sgt
TG    Huckabay, Harvey H., Sgt            TG       Carlson, Melvin C., Sgt
Y     Brenner, Seymour, S/Sgt             SJ       Higginbotham, Frank D., Sgt

   B-17G #44-8710 Idle Wheel - PFF
P    McNamara, James F., Capt
CP   Hewitt, Donald I., 1Lt
NAV Neubert, Marshall A., Capt
NAV Fox, Richard W., 2Lt
MN   Mylan, William G., 1Lt
BOM Leavell, Adelbert D., Jr., 1Lt
TT   Sabo, Stephen R., Sgt
RO   Schmidt, Elmer J., T/Sgt
BT   Kohlmayer, Garth G., Sgt
TG   Shaughnessy, William J., F/O
WG   Mussi, James L., Sgt

                                Mission 347 - 12