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									                          "Developing News"
                       DG 25-E1 District Governor Sara Provines
                     306 W. Market Street, Spencer, In 47460       812-829-3168
                     saraprovines@yahoo.com               November 2010- Edition 5

                    .....Developing Friendships thru service......

 “Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we
go……..”. As a child, this song meant to me that it was Thanksgiving and the
whole family would be gathering at Grandma’s house. The men chopped                  Vice District Governor
wood; the women cooked a huge meal; and the cousins played games, laughed            Dave Parker
                                                                                     3408 Wenzel Drive
and helped with cleanup. Preparations had been made for another winter - the
                                                                                     Terre Haute, IN 478033
cellar was stocked with fruits and vegetables; meat was cured in the                 dpmd25eone@gmail.com
smokehouse; and the woodpile was taller than me! As we gathered for our              812-235-8738
meal, Grandpa would take a few moments to remind us how blessed we were
                                                                                     2nd Vice District Governor
on that Thanksgiving Day and all throughout the year.                                Brenda Lawson
                                                                                     10475 W. State Road 42
These memories are from many years ago. My Grandparents and Parents are              Stilesville, IN 46180
gone. Now I am the Grandma!                                                          brendalawson@ccrtc.com

Lions are similar to grandparents and parents. We train new members to be
involved with their clubs and keep them involved until they are fully prepared       Cabinet Secretary
to remain a Lion on their own. Some want to work only in their communities,          PDG Ray Collins
                                                                                     10294 S. Spring Street
while others may desire to take on leadership roles. There are opportunities for     Terre Haute, IN 47802
all Lions to be involved at whatever level they choose. But each Lion must           812-299-2019
determine his/her own commitment.                                                    pmlaray@frontier.com

We will be gathering on December 4th in Eminence for a District Cabinet              Cabinet Treasurer, Lion
meeting. All Lions of District E1 are invited to attend. We will share plans for      James (Jimmy) P. M. Query
our district. Details for registration and location are elsewhere in this            2408 Shepard Patrick Rd.
newsletter.                                                                          Spencer, IN 47460
The Lions of Indiana are once again sponsoring the Mid-Winter Conference on
January 8, 2011. This affordable one-day conference offers workshops and             Public Relations
seminars to anyone who wants to know more about what Lions do. It is a day           Lion Sandy Ruane
                                                                                     203 S. Park Drive
of training and preparing ourselves for the future of our Lions Clubs.               Seymour, IN 47274
Registration guidelines and workshop/seminar details are in the October issue        812-522-1395
of the Hoosier Lion. Be sure to let me know if you do not have that issue and I      fsruane@frontier.com
will make sure you get the information.
                                                                                     Newsletter Editor
                                                                                     PCC Linda Tincher
                                                                                     PO Box 158
This has been an exciting year for me and I am truly grateful for every Lion of      Riley, IN 47871
District E1! It has been good to develop new friendships while renewing some         812-894-2750
of the older friendships. PCC Vernon and I wish you a very “Happy                    vtincher@ma.rr.com
Thanksgiving!” DG Sara and PCC Vernon
                           It doesn’t seem possible that Thanksgiving is this month. But time moves on and we must plan
                             for the future. The Indiana Lions (MD 25) District Governors (hopefuls) for next year have
                           started their training and formulating a plan for the next Lions year. And if all goes as planned
                                                   I look forward to serving and visiting each of you.

                           If you plan to hold a position of leadership I urge each of you to start making a plan and attend
                           training for that position. In the meantime I hope to get-out-the-word that every Lion and all
                           visitors are invited to the district functions and I hope to see each you at the cabinet meeting
                           and at midwinter conference.
                            Happy Thanksgiving to you and those you serve. ........VDG David

                         November is here , a time to reflect over the year and be thankful for the many blessings we so
                         often take for granted. The air we breathe, the water we drink, a bed to sleep in, a roof over our
                        head and life , oh how precious. Recently a family that I do not know suddenly lost their 29 year
                          old daughter in a head-on collision. She and her baby daughter lived with her parents. When I
                           learned of this tragic event I called on them, introduced myself and explained that I had just
                       learned of their tragedy. I gave them some money to help in some small way with their unexpected
                       expenses. They of course are devastated. As many tears were shed I listened to them talk and I ask
                             if I could hug each one of them. Then I offered to be of help in any way that I could. The
                               grandmother kept hugging me and said" you have already helped by showing that you
                        care". Wow! We can be a "Beacon of Hope " in so many ways. Our Lions club has voted also to
                       send a check for them to use however they need. Let's remember to call on those we know of who
                            are hurting because of losing loved ones. My challenge this month is to have a wonderful
                          'Thanksgiving" and remember to be thankful ALL year long. We can be a "Beacon of Hope "
                  where ever we are. Blessings to all of you as together "We Serve".....2nd VDG Brenda

                                   Activity Award Application 2010-2011

 This contest is not to be confused with the District points Contest --------This an ACTIVITY your club does.

Name of Club______________________________(circle one) Lion or Leo
Phone Number_____________________________e-mail_______________
         Attach a detailed written report including the following information
         *** Describe the service activity
         ***Show the direct relationship between the determined need and the service activity      of the Lions Club.
         *** Include news articles and photos

Rules: The activity must be held within the April 1, 2010-to April 2, 2011 time span. If the activity or project was begun
before April 2010 and finished within the above time line, it is eligible. The activity must have been within the
community where the club is located. It cannot be an activity funded by Lions International, such as Habitat for
Humanity. The activity must benefit the local community or a family /or families within the local community. This
application must be received by the District Activities Chair by April 1, 20100. If your district votes to pick a district
winner, the entry must be submitted to the Sate Activities Chair by April 12, 2011. If you do not have a district contest,
all entries submitted to the State Chair will be judged. All judging will be done by an outside source. The winner will be
announced at the State Convention in 2011.

For more information contact:District Chair PDG Paul Schoonmaker, 537 Birch Street, Ellettsville, In 47429
e-mail: schoonmaker. paul@yahoo.com 812-876-1424 or State Activities Chair Melba Edwards
address/phone: Box 43 Zanesville, In 46799 1-260-638-4327
Schedule DG Sara's Official Visit before December 2010 and Earn
Recognition points or your club.
Club Name_____________________________________
First Date Request____________________
Second Choice________________________
Is this a dinner Meeting:________yes or no_________
Time Meeting Starts:___________Location;____________________________________
Contact Person__________________________Home Phone#______________________
Cell Phone Number or number where someone can be reached on meeting night_________________(This is just in case we
might have a problem en route to your meeting or we might need additional directions.)
Please advise if you will need member induction, Melvin Jones Presentation or any special

                                        Important Dates to Remember:
                          DG Sara's available dates are filling up fast - Schedule Now!

Nov. 1, 2010.... Prairie Creek Official Visit
Nov. 2, 2010... Martinsville Evening Official Visit              Feb. 3, 2011...... Harrodsburg Official Visit
Nov. 8, 2010......Bedford Official Visit                         Feb. 15, 2011....Monrovia
Nov. 9, 2010 .....Bloomington West                               Feb.19, 2011..... Puttin’ Along Party
Nov. 15, 2010.... Mooresville Official Visit                     Mar.14, 2011.. Shoals 65th Anniversary
Nov. 16, 2010... Sullivan Official Visit                         Mar. 18-19, 2011..25-E1 District Spring Convention
Nov. 18, 2010... Ellettsville                                    Apr. 29-May 1, 2011 - State Convention -
Dec. 4, 2010...... Second Cabinet Meeting                                          Bloomington, IN
Jan. 4, 2011..... Odon Official Visit                            July 4-8, 2011 - International Convention -
Jan. 11, 2011 .....Carlisle                                                         Seattle, WA.
Jan. 18, 2011......Spencer
Jan. 8, 2011...... Mid-Winter Conference

 The Traveling Gavel.------Our very large gavel that travels from club to club is a fun way to visit other clubs. In my
 year as President of the Eminence Lions Club we received the gavel from the Bloomington West Lions Club. Since I
 was also the Zone Chair I decided it would be a good way to have all of the Clubs in my Zone pay a visit to each other.
 We visited the Cunot Club and were they surprised when I pulled the big gavel out of my shopping bag. Cunot Lions
 then took it to Gosport. They gladly accepted and later enjoyed handing it over to the Spencer club who in turn passed
 it on to the Mooresville Lions. Last night it finally made it to the Monrovia Lions Club. So watch out !!!! When you
 see a Monrovia Lion pay a visit to your club---SURPRISE --The Traveling Gavel has arrived. --Have fun passing it

                       October District Points Contest Results as of September 30, 2010

Division 3 - 46 + members       1. Martinsville Noon 36,024       2. Brown Co. 33,884             3. Riley Twp. 31,953
Division 2 - 25-45 members      1. Eminence 41,062                2. Bloomington W. 19,660        3. Shoals,     18,350
Division 1-less than 25 members 1. Indian Creek 11,013            2 Carlisle 7,363                3. Ellettsviile 6,283
Lions Law Camp State Chair - Past Council Chair Linda Tincher
Law Camp is over for2010, but we will soon be working on plans for 2011. In fact, newly promoted Sergeant " Lion"
Eric Dunn and PCC Linda Tincher will be conducting a Law Camp Workshop at Mid Winter Conference. Lions Law
                 Camp is for any boy or girls, entering or already in, the 7th or 8th grade next fall. We are looking for
                 good kids that are interested in what police officers do and how they can help their communities. We
                 are NOT looking for individuals that are in trouble with the law.

                   Plan to attend this very informative workshop and learn how you can identify students to attend this
                   camp. You will also learn how you help out - even if you don't have a child to send to the camp.

                    Lions Law Camp is a fun filled camp that runs Wed through Saturday at Vincennes and Anderson
Universities mid- June and July. Students participate in mock investigations, swimming, learn about internet safety and
how to keep from being bullied, how to be respectful, and gain respect for themselves as well as many other behind the
scenes activities of law enforcement. They also witness Lions promoting the "We Serve" motto as well as the police
officers living up to their motto of "To Serve & to Protect."

Call Lion Linda Tincher 812-894-2750 and arrange a program for your Lions Club today!

            Note: You may see abbreviations in the Newsletter you are not familiar with. They are
              approved Lions International abbreviations. For your convenience we have listed the
                                        abbreviations most often used.
        DG - District Governor        VDG - Vice District Governor
        CC - Council Chair            PCC - Past Council Chair                     IP - International
        ID - International Director   PID- Past International Director

District Diabetes Awareness Chair...... PDG Lion Jim Brown
Along with the cooler weather and colorful leaves of Fall, comes the beginning of cold and flu season. Traditionally,
October and November are the months to get vaccinated against the flu, a potentially deadly and highly contagious
disease. Flu season can last until as late as May.

The flu is a respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. For people with diabetes, this illness can impair the immune
system and cause serious complications such as bacterial pneumonia, dehydration, and an overall worsening of an already
difficult disease. People with diabetes who develop the flu are also at a high risk for developing pneumonia. People with
diabetes are three times more likely to die with influenza or the pneumonia. They are also six times more likely to be
hospitalized due to flu complications. For these reasons, everyone with diabetes should get a flu immunization as soon as
the annual vaccine becomes available.

The flu virus spreads mainly from person to person by way of coughing, sneezing, or transmission of the virus from an
object to the person’s mouth or nose. A person can be contagious from 1 day before symptoms appear up to 5 days after
becoming sick. It takes about 2 weeks after getting the flu vaccine for the antibodies to protect against the flu virus.

                                             PDG Mark Clark MD 25 Leadership Development Chairman

                           Just as the seasons are finally beginning to change, we realize that our Lions year is already
                           one-fourth complete. Soon the new calendar year will be upon us and January 2011 will be
                           here before we are aware. Mark January 8, 2011 on your calendar NOW. January 8, 2011 is
                           the date that Lions from across our Multiple District come together to learn and share ideas to
                           strengthen themselves individually and collectively.

                            Our Mid-Winter Leadership Conference will be held at Lawrence Central High School
                           located at 7300 East 56th Street, Indianapolis. The registration form is in this issue of the
                           Hoosier Lion and lists the many seminar topics that will be offered to the Lions this year. As
                           we know, Lions in Indiana perform outstanding and life changing service to others across our
state. As a Beacon of Service our clubs do extraordinary activities each and every day. To this end the Mid-Winter
Conference will offer seminars and workshops showing those services and activities. Our classes will also help give Lion
leaders new ideas on many different topics that are important to our individual clubs. We will have PID Dennis Cobler
leading a seminar on the new Club Excellence Program which I am sure will excite and motivate Lions in continued club

Our keynote presenter will be PID Harold R. Ott from Boalsburg, PA. Not only has PID Harold served in many club and
district positions, but he also serves as the LCIF Coordinator and as a Global Membership team advisor for Multiple
District 14. During his term PID Harold served on the Leadership and Executive committees of our International Board
of Directors. With this background, we can be assured of a GREAT keynote presentation that will inspire and motivate us
to continue our work in Indiana. PID Harold will also be leading a seminar at the conference, so this will be a perfect
opportunity for Indiana Lions to learn up close and personal from a past international director. Our conference is
privileged to have two past international directors attend and provide us with information that will help us grow and
mature as Lion Leaders.

With these two past international directors and our own line up of excellent presenters from Indiana, you can be assured
that the Mid Winter Leadership Conference will be a day of learning, motivation and inspiration for all of us. So while
you are reading this article now, do not let time pass you by. Find the registration form in this issue of the Hoosier Lion,
cut it out, complete it and mail it to our registrar, PDG Jim Querry. Mark your calendar now so you won’t forget to attend
the Mid-Winter Leadership Conference on January 8, 2011. I look forward to seeing your there.

                    Again this year there will be a silent auction at the Indiana Lions Mid-Winter
                    Leadership Conference on January 8, 2011 in Indianapolis. Each Indiana Lions
                    District is asked to donate at least 3 items worth $20 or more for the auction.

                    Last year every district made an outstanding effort to make the auction a great
                    success and over $1000 was raised for the Leo program. If you have items to
                    donate for the auction please contact DG Sara Provines, who will organize our
                    district’s participation.

Around District 25-E1............
           DG Sara was privileged to swear in a new member
           during her visitation to Crothersville. In the middle
           is new Lion Roger Teipen, and on the right is his
           sponsor, Lion Todd Baker.

                                                    September 17th was vision screening at Rural
                                                   Community Academy (RCA) Charter School at
                                                   Graysville, In. Ray Collins was there with us
                                                   and we screened 119 students.

                                                   Left to Right--Susie Pierce (school director)
                                                   Lions Bob Hendrix, Carol Hendrix, PDG Ray
                                                   Collins, Lions Ruth Ann Johnson, Glynn Wills,
                                                   and Richard Johnson.

                                                               “The Indian Creek Lions Club recently
 Council Chair Richard Halladay is presented                   awarded four $500 scholarships to eligible
 the Council Banner by PCC Linda Tincher                       students in Indian Creek Township. Roger
 His District Governor Years and Council                       Taylor, Treasurer of Indian Creek Lions
 Chair year were added to the list.                            Club, is pictured with this year’s recipients
                                                               (from left) Lauren Bradley, Lindsey Bradley
                                                               and Ashley Webster. Haley Hollers-Grubb
                                                               was also a recipient of a scholarship but was
                                                               not available for photo.”

                                               Martinsville Evening Lions Club Past President Lion Pat
                                               Rodebush and current President Lion Asbury Howard proudly
                                               presented Lion Raymond Scholl with the clubs first Melvin J

Indiana School for the Blind & Visually Impaired - October 10, 2010 Brian's Trike Race
  25-E1 Teams had a great time on a beautiful day and helped MD 25 raise about $4,000!

  Seymour Noon Lions Club: Lions Rich
  Steele, Dave MeGinnis, Christine Nelson
  and Lion Dave Wooldridge.
                                                   Seymour Noon Lions & Leos:
                                                   Back Row Lions Shawn Busy, Brad Nolan, Leos Gray
                                                   Nelson, Brandon Harrell, Nikki Nolan, Lions Rich Steele &
                                                   Lion Dave Wooldridge Lawrence. 2nd Row (left to right)
                                                   Chris Busby, Christy Nolan, Christine Nelson,
                                                   (Kneeling is Lion Dave Meginnis, Kirstin Maprs (kneeling)

Martinsville Leo's Max Wolfe, Emily Gough, Lauren
Lucan & Ryan Schneck, Eminence Leos participated but
no picture is available. Below is the Eminence Lions
team: Jeff Feutz, Jerry Kreamer, Lorie Scottt & PDG
Gary Lawson.

PDG Gary Lawson

                                                   Riley Lions Team, PDG Vern Tincher, Lion Ken Nordmeyer,
                                                   Lion Wayne Clifton & VDG Dave Parker won a hardship
                                                   award - they finished last, but they got a "big" trophy they
                                                   were very proud of! If you look close, you might see the
                                                   Good Triking- Guys...........

Shoals Lions Make a Difference ---
                                           Reality Store 2010.
                                           Reality store is for Shoals, Loogootee, North Daviess,
                                           and Barr Reeve 8th grade students. The start out with
                                           a occupation, whether they are married, or have kids.
                                           They get a monthly income, then have to visits booths,
                                           such as Electric company, child care, insurance, car
                                           lot, vacations, grocery store, and several more booths
                                           pertaining to real life. If they don't have any money or
                                           come up short, they must visit the SOS booth, to get a
                                           part time job or down size their car or clothes. Their
                                           goal at the end of the day is to have money left at the
                                           end of the month.
                                           Front Row: Lions: Theresa Fuhrman
                                           Second Row, left to right is: Indiana State Police
                                           Trooper L ion Ken Miller, Lions Gerald Montgomery,
                                           Julie Fithian, Linda Dillon, Dan Steiner, Donna
                                           Stoughton, and Jim Stoughton.

          MARCH 12, 2011
          DINNER 6:00 P.M.

          Reservations by FEBRUARY 25,
          FUHRMAN, 812-247-3979 OR
           812-631-1044 OR                 Shoals Pancake Fry that was held October 16.
           e-mail lthefuhrman@mcol.us      In the picture is Bob Force, Norm Rush, and Ken
                                           Miller to right) as they were preparing to fry some
                                           more pancakes.

                             Would you Like to Win $400?
              Sponsor a new member between now and June 30, 2011
   Be sure your Secretary turns in a MMR - Monthly Membership Report that
 Includes your name as the sponsor and your name will be included a drawing at
       the first 2011-2012 Council Meeting YOU just might win $400!!!!
                           Sponsored by the State Merle Team.

        85th Anniversary Martinsville Noon
                   by Betty Jo Blunk, & J. Ross Drapalik

                                                The Martinsville Noon Lions
                                                Club recently celebrated its
                                                85th anniversary of service to
                                                the Martinsville community
                                                and the world at a banquet
                                                held on October 23, 2010 at
                                                Liberty Christian Church in
                                                Martinsville. The
Martinsville Lions Club was chartered by nineteen area
                                                                                      Pictured left to right: International 2nd Vice President Wayne
businessmen on October 19, 1925.                                                      Madden, Past International Director Doug Lozier, Martinsville
                                                                                      Noon Lions Club President J. Ross Drapalik
                                                                                      - Photo by Lion John Basham
The evening’s Master of Ceremonies, Lion Phil Deckard,
acknowledged several dignitaries from visiting clubs from around the state including Past International Director Doug
Lozier from Carmel, Indiana, and International 2 nd Vice President Wayne Madden from Auburn, Indiana.

Martinsville Noon Lions Club President J. Ross Drapalik noted that much of the success that the club has had during the
past 85 years revolves simply around having fun. Another unique feature of the club is that it has had 86 presidents
during the past 85 years with no one Lion having served more than a single, one-year term. This long standing tradition
insures that the club keeps moving forward with fresh, new ideas in an ever changing society.

Lions Clubs International 2nd Vice President Wayne Madden delivered greetings from International President Sid L.
Scruggs, III, from North Carolina, who congratulated the club on 85 years of excellence and service to Lions Clubs

Past International Director Doug Lozier was introduced as the evening’s keynote speaker by Past District Governor Ray
Blunk of the Martinsville Noon Lions Club, and PID Lozier gave a brief history of the events that happened in 1925. Of
particular interest was that in 1925 Helen Keller addressed the delegates at the Lions International Convention in Cedar
Point, Ohio, and dubbed the Lions as the “Knights of the Blind.” Lozier also noted local relief efforts that the Lions
provided during the 2002 tornado and the 2008 flood as well as the
international relief efforts in Sumatra, Indonesia after the tsunami
in 2004 and after the earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti earlier this
year. He challenged the Lions to imagine a world without Lions.

Lion Leroy Postel capped off the evening by awarding several
Monarch Awards for extended service to the Lions Club, with the
most notable award being a “60 Year Monarch Award” presented
to Lion Hubert Bastin for 60 years of service to the Martinsville
Noon Lion Club.

The sixty-six members of the Martinsville Noon Lions Club are
members of Lions Clubs International which currently has 1.35               Pictured left to right: Lion Leroy Postel, Lion Hubert “Boob” Bastin,
million members in 45,000 clubs located in 206 countries and                Hubert’s daughter Peggy Davis and husband Jeff Davis. - Photo by
geographic areas. The Martinsville Noon Lions Club has a long               Lion John Basham
tradition of furnishing eye glasses to needy children and works
closely with area optometrists to insure that no child be left in the dark. Most recently the club has partnered with the
other six Lions Club from Morgan County to vision screen the children of Morgan County. Within the next week, all of

(continued from page 10) the kindergarten, first and third grade students in the MSD of Martinsville will have been
screened by the local Lions Clubs. The Martinsville Noon Lions club has also been active with Operation KidSight,
which provides vision screening to preschool age children ages 1-5.

In addition to these services, the Martinsville Noon Lions Club annually contributes around $12,000 back to the
community through various donations to other not-for-profit organizations, youth services, and academic scholarships.

The Martinsville Noon Lions supports the five Indiana Lions state projects including the Indiana Lions Cancer Control
Fund, the Indiana Lions Eye & Tissue Transplant Bank, Leader Dogs for the Blind, Indiana School for the Blind and
Visually Impaired, and Indiana Lions Speech & Hearing.

For more information about the Martinsville               Noon    Lions    Club,    please   visit   their   webpage   at
www.martinsvillenoonlions.org. “WE SERVE.”

                            PDG Ray Blunk & Lion Jo Blunk enjoy a moment before the event. The
                            Lion was a gift to Lion Jo's Father, PDG T. Perry Wesley, from Melvin
                            Jones founder of Lions International.

      PDG Vern Tincher and Lion Leroy Postel
      chat with Martinsville Noon's oldest Lion
                                                             Adm. Sec. Carl Goss, talking with PDG Vern Tincher
      Hubert Bastin, 92. Lion Hubert was
                                                             on left background. Seated at the table are VDG
      presented with a Monarch Award by Lion
                                                             Dave Parker, DG Sara and PCC Vernon Provines
      Leroy for 60 years of service to the
                                                             were some of the invited dignitaries in attendance.
      Martinsville Noon Club.

DG Sara Provines
District 25-E1
306 West Market Street
Spencer, IN 47460


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