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									Human Resources Web Forms
           for Expert Users

             Approver Training

              Turing Auditorium
The Workflow Project
The Workflow Project's basic design goals are to:
   Use existing business applications to the extent possible
    to meet workflow needs
   Keep the workflow processes as consistent as possible
    across business applications
   Use Authority Manager for defining system identified
    approvers and FYI recipients
   In PeopleSoft 7.6, there were staging tables for Create
    Position, Create Job Requisition, Applicant Hire, and Add
    Concurrent Job.
   Workflow was added to GFS in version 8 to include both
    Home Department and Financial Approvers.
   For version 8, Central HR envisioned an easier to use web
    form outside of PeopleSoft HR that would be imported by
    an Expert User after the request is approved.
The Goals of Workflow
   Replace needed functionality lost with the initial PeopleSoft
        Legacy HR transactions were workflow-enabled, providing consistent
         online transaction routing, approval, and audit functionality.
        Legacy HR System Supported infrequent users with screens that provided
         comprehensive data editing and process support.
   Provide an audit record for HR actions such as hires, promotions,
    salary changes, leaves, and terminations.
   Use web-enabled forms with flexibility to meet local needs and support
    decentralized HR decisions in diverse organizations.
   Promote self-service by providing easy to use forms that do not require
    extensive knowledge of PeopleSoft.
   Use the Stanford-designed worklist and workflow platform developed
    by the initial PeopleSoft/Workflow development project to route forms
    for approval.
   Ensure transaction and data integrity by routing forms to expert users,
    skilled in HR practices and PeopleSoft use, who audit transactions for
    accuracy and completeness before they become part of the official HR
What is a Web Form?
A Web Form is a request for a PeopleSoft HR
  transaction. The process goes like this:
 Web Forms are entered and saved for approval
 Web Forms are approved using the Worklist
 Web Forms are loaded into PeopleSoft by an
  Expert User
 Additions and Changes are made by the Expert
 The transaction is saved in PeopleSoft by the
  Expert User
 An audit record of who originated and approved
  the web form is kept for reference.
Web Forms
Hire                                 Employment Update
    This Web Form combines the         This Web Form will load data to
    necessary fields for doing:        the Job Data Component to
 Add Applicant                        facilitate:
 Applicant Hire                      Pay Rate Change
 Rehire                              Change of Position Number (for
 Hire
                                       promotions, etc.)
 Change of Position (for change     Leave of Absence
    of department)                      This Web Form is being
 Add Concurrent Job                    developed to facilitate:
                                      Leave of Absence (Paid)
                                      Leave of Absence (Unpaid)
   This Web Form replaces the
   current paper termination form.    Return from Leave

                                     Fill A Vacancy
Supplemental Pay
                                          This Web Form is used to:
   This Web Form is used to
                                      Create a Job Requisition
   facilitate a request for
   Supplemental Pay.                  Update a Job Requisitions
Web Forms Roles
   Web Forms Users
     Enter data on the web form, identify
     approvers, and manage that transaction
     through the approval process
   Approvers
     Approve, decline, or return transactions
   FYI Recipients
     Receive an email notification that a
     transaction occurred
   Expert HR Users
     Loads the approved web form into PeopleSoft,
     making any needed corrections or additions
   Super-Approvers
     Have override approval authority
Approved Transactions
 Currently you must search for approved
 Web Forms Originators have been
  asked to add their Expert User as an
  Additional FYI
 Around April 1st the Expert User FYI
  will automatically be added to the
   On new records, PeopleSoft will open to the
    Load Transaction page. Click Load.
   On existing records, PeopleSoft will open to the
    first page of the component (Work Location).
    Insert a row, then go to the STF Load tab, then
    click load.
   PeopleSoft windows open as new popups.
       Turn off or disable any popup blockers
       Always close the popup window after saving your
   You may load a web form into more than one
    PeopleSoft component as needed.
       Example: Load to Add Applicant to associate with a
        job requisition, then load to Hire Applicant.
Expert User Responsibilities
   The Expert User is responsible for PeopleSoft
    data integrity.
   Always double check:
       Compensation values
       Remarks
       Action/Reason
       Effective Dates
   Send a HelpSU request immediately if
    inaccurate data is saved.
Getting Help
   Use the Help button                   in the
    Worklist Manager
       Different help topics are displayed
        depending on the tab you are using
   Submit a HelpSU ticket
       Use Request Category: Administrative
           For Web Forms originator or loading issues, use
            Request Type: PeopleSoft HR
           For Worklist issues, use Request Type: Worklist
   One-on-One Support
       Monday 10am to noon or by appointment
       Godzilla Training Lab
       Every Monday in March!
What Questions Do You Have?
Contact the Workflow Team
You may think of something after this sesssion,
  or talk to others in your organization who
  have additional comments. We want to hear
  your feedback.
 Ammy Hill
  Campus Readiness Analyst
 Mario Acquesta
  Director of HRIS
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