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									GID Investment Advisers LLC

Multi-Family Joint Venture Equity
General Investment and Development (“GID”) forms partnerships with real estate developers in the
development of multi-family and mixed-use residential properties to generate strong returns for all parties. The
Joint Venture Equity Program provides your organization access to GID’s capital and real estate expertise to
drive profitability and grow your business. Your organization will benefit from more than just GID’s capital; it
will benefit from GID’s fifty years in the real estate development, investment, and property management
business. As a long-term investor, GID has the capabilities and motivation to see each investment through to
profitability. Benefits of co-investment with GID include:

              Ability to execute quickly
              Significant access to capital
              Possibility to provide additional pre-development investment during entitlement

GID’s focus is on the development of institutional quality assets in strong locations with excellent sponsorship.
GID seeks to invest in opportunities that provide strong risk-adjusted returns with a typical structure as follows:

Asset Types                                Multi-family residential
                                           Mixed-use residential

Deal Size                                  $25 MM - $80 MM; Larger deals considered on a case-by-case basis

Leverage                                   60% - 80% LTV 3rd party debt

Equity Investment                          70 – 95% of total equity requirement

Structure                                  Typically pari-pasu to the preferred return
                                           Promoted interest
                                           Market fees to developer partner

Return (IRR)                               Dependant upon risk and leverage

Term                                       3 to 5 years

For further information, or to discuss a specific project, please contact:

RICH ROSS                                                                                              BILL CHIASSON
Vice President and                                                                                     Vice President and
Director of Western Region Acquisitions                                                                Director of Eastern Region Acquisitions
80 E. Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Suite 3G                                                                 125 High Street, 27th Floor
Larkspur, CA 94939                                                                                     High Street Tower
415-464-1352                                                                                           Boston, MA 02110                                                                            617-854-6631

MATT STUART                                                                                            ANDY HUNTOON
Vice President and                                                                                     Senior Acquisition Analyst
Director of Central Region Acquisitions                                                                125 High Street, 27th Floor
80 E. Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Suite 3G                                                                 High Street Tower
Larkspur, CA 94939                                                                                     Boston, MA 02110
415-464-1356                                                                                           617-854-6660                                                                

GID Investment Advisers LLC is a Division of GID (The General Investment & Development Companies) which is a trade name for numerous entities engaged primarily in the
ownership, management and development of income-producing real estate. Any third party shall be entitled to look solely to the applicable and specific entity and its assets for payment,
other consideration or any form of judicial/administrative remedy.

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