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					Puerto Rico

Genni and Alexis
                     About Puerto Rico
There are many differences between Puerto Rico and the U.S.
  They have Different Foods, Different Languages, and a
  Different Flag. There are suprising similarities. We’re going to
  tell you all of those things.
                                The Capital
     The Capital, President, and Governor
• La capital es San Juan
• El presidene es Barack Obama
• El gobernador es Luis Fortuno
                      Los Deportes
• El Baisbol
• el Baloncasto
• el Voleibol

     Javier Vasquez
         Los Colores de la bandera son…
• Rojo
• Blanco
• Azul
 The Puerto Rico flag was adopted on the July 24,1952. The Red
   stripes symbolize the blood of the brave warriors. The White
   symbolizes the victory and peace after obtaining independence.
   The Blue Triangle symbolizes the blue sky of Puerto
                Las Comidas Populares Son…
•   Arroz Con Gandules (Main Meal)
•   Lachon Asado al Horno (Main Meal)
•   Sofrito (Side)
•   Tostones (Side)                           Coquito

•   Coquito (Beverage)

    Arroz Con        Lachon Asado   Sofrito
    Gandules                                    Tostones
                     al Horno
         Los Animales que viven aqui son…
•   Murcielago
•   Mongosta
•   Siepiente                               Siepiente

•   Iguana
•   Largartija
•   Coqui                                     Coqui

                               Iguana       Mongosta
•   New Years Day – Christmas Season
•   Day of 3 Kings – January 6th
•   Birth of Eugenio María de Hostos - January 11th
•   Martin Luther King Day – January 12th
•   Presidents' Day – February 16th
•   The Abolition of Slavery – March 22nd
•   Discovery of Puerto Rico – November 19th
                          Famous People

•     José Campeche – Artist
•     José de Diego - Politician, Poet
•     Luis Muñoz Marín - politician
•     Rita Moreno – Actress/Singer
•     Roberto Clemente Walker – Baseball Player

    José Campeche                   Luis Muñoz
                    José de Diego   Marín        Rita Moreno   Roberto
                The Current Currency
• The Current Currency of Puerto Rico is The U.S Dollar.
• 1 U.S Dollar
                     Land and Climate
• The Average Temp. is 70F-80F

El clima de Puerto Rico es tropical

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