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					Job Application Kit :: Artistic Associate
Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in working with Urban Theatre Projects (UTP). In recognition of increased
activity within western Sydney and the UTP’s growing profile, the company will also increase its capacity to
support local emerging and established artists, community members and cultural development in the region
through the appointment of an Artistic Associate.

The part-time position will extend the company’s role in nurturing independent arts activity and is designed
to foster and support local projects, and emerging artists and groups. This position is scheduled to
commence in April 2008.

This part-time position is being initially offered as a 1-year contract, at which time it’s success will be
evaluated. The intention is to continue this position beyond the initial 12-month period, dependent on

This package contains the following information:
    • Job Description (including Selection Criteria)
    • Brief information about the company, how we make work and staffing structure
    • Artistic overview for 2008

More information about UTP is available on our website, but please feel free to request information that is
not contained there.

How to Apply
Please read the supplied information carefully before preparing your application. To be considered, your
application MUST include:
    • A statement addressing the Selection Criteria.
    • Your resume, highlighting relevant experience and key achievements.
    • The names and daytime contact details of three referees.

Applications must be received by 5pm, Friday 14 March.

Applications may be posted or emailed, but applicants are responsible for ensuring their application is
received and readable. If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 9707
2111 or

Best wishes,

Simon Wellington
General Manager

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Position Description :: Artistic Associate
Hours:                           22 hours per week (or 3 working days)
Basis of employment:             12-months, Part-time
Starting Salary Range:           $47,000 per annum (pro-rated at 0.6 FT), PLUS Superannuation
Employment Conditions:           Time off in lieu of overtime
                                 4 weeks annual leave, pro-rated
                                 Probationary period of 3 months
Special conditions:              Up to 4 weeks leave-without-pay per year may be negotiated to undertake
                                 creative work outside the company

The Artistic Associate is primarily responsible for networking with key western Sydney stakeholders, building
relationships with local organisations and artists, coordinating the company’s support programs, and
supporting emerging and established artists, and community members, in a range of independent cultural

The position is ideal for an experienced artist who has a strong commitment to supporting a diverse range of
art forms, the development of emerging artists, community and cultural groups.

The Artistic Associate must have a proven record of artistic innovation, possess excellent communication
skills, experience working with a diverse range of groups and stakeholders, exceptional project management
and planning skills, and a proven ability to attract funding and support for arts projects.

While the initial phase of this position prioritises developing relationships in the region and supporting UTP’s
existing program, in the longer term the Artistic Associate is encouraged to develop projects and/or ideas
that may lead to the creation of new work.

Detailed responsibilities will be negotiated with the successful applicant, depending on their skills and
experience. The core skills and duties are those detailed below.

The Artistic Associate reports to the Artistic Director and General Manager.

Responsibilities in Detail

Cultural Liaison
         •   Establish and maintain networks with western Sydney based artists, organizations, community
             and cultural groups;
         •   Liaise with networks regarding UTP programs and initiatives;
         •   Identify projects that could be supported by UTP; and
         •   Assist identified projects with artistic and management support or advice.

Arts Support
         •   Manage the company’s Intersection residency program, ie. Coordination of promotion,
             administration, etc.;
         •   In consultation with the Artistic Director, undertake selection for recipients of arts support
         •   Provide artistic and arts management support and/or advice to artists and groups, where
         •   Identify artists and projects to whom the company could provide support; and
         •   Identify opportunities for the company to initiate or be involved in arts development or support

Project Management
         •   Prepare detailed project management plans and timelines in collaboration with the Artistic
              Director and General Manager;

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         •   Apply for funding to support new projects or initiatives;
         •    Prepare draft contracts for guest artists, in collaboration with the Administrator;
         •   Coordinate the documentation of projects;
         •   Coordinate and facilitate project debriefs; and
         •   Prepare reports mapping the outcomes of projects.

Artistic Program
         •   In consultation with the Artistic Director, have a role in supporting the company’s core projects;
         •   Propose new works for development within the company’s core program; and
         •   Undertake research and creative development of new works, in negotiation with the Artistic

Professional Development
         •   Participate in evaluation and planning sessions with Board representatives; and
         •   Undertake identified training

Selection Criteria

Please address the following criteria in your application:

    1. A commitment to high quality contemporary arts practice;
    2. An understanding of and commitment to cultural diversity;
    3. A commitment to the development of emerging artists and an understanding of community cultural
    4. Outstanding communication skills;
    5. A proven ability to manage arts projects; and
    6. Demonstrated success in attracting diverse sources of income and support for arts projects.

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About The Company
                            “Refreshingly honest, unpatronising and bullshit-free... “
                                                                             The Sydney Morning Herald

Urban Theatre Projects creates distinctive new theatre works based on a process of dialogue between
contemporary theatre practice and Sydney’s diverse communities. Stories and images of contemporary life
are created in collaboration with teams of artists from hybrid art practices and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Over the past decade UTP has become increasingly renowned for creating new performance works
generated by multi-skilled teams of artists working in residence in specific sites. These performances are
developed through ongoing consultation and, consequently, have a strong connection to specific places and
issues critical to the people who interact with those sites.

UTP creates work over three stages of research, development and production, often spanning two or more
years. The company typically presents two new works each year, while also seeding projects in
development, and providing professional development opportunities for emerging and established artists.

Urban Theatre Projects was founded in 1981, originally under the name Death Defying Theatre. In 2002,
UTP was awarded the Sidney Myer Award in recognition of the company’s outstanding contribution to
Australian theatre.

UTP is   committed to:
   •      Creating new forms of performance
   •      Engaging with communities to make performance
   •      Making performance in western Sydney
   •      Making performance that reflects and is informed by Sydney’s cultural diversity

             “UTP is one of too few performance groups that continually think outside the square.”
                                                                                         The Sun-Herald

Artistic Director          Alicia Talbot
                           Develops and implements the artistic program, develops ideas for theatre
                           productions and takes a leading role in most creative projects.

General Manager            Simon Wellington
                           Develops and implements the business plan, project management, human
                           resources, fundraising, financial management, marketing and public relations.

Artistic Associate         Commencing April 2008.

Administrator              Stephanie Paton
                           Coordinates day-to-day administration functions of the UTP office, as well as
                           management of specific projects and specific areas within major projects.

Administrative Asst.       Amanda Smith (15 hours/week – 2 days)
                           Bookkeeping, as well as administration and project support.

Other Artists, Technicians & Marketing Staff engaged on a project basis.

Structure & Resources
Urban Theatre Projects is a non-profit organisation, limited by guarantee. The company is governed by a
volunteer Board of Directors comprising representatives from arts practice, arts management and

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community sectors. The Artistic Director and General Manager are both co-CEOs of the organisation and
Board members.

UTP has multi-year funding agreements with the Australia Council for the Arts and Arts NSW. Other funds
are secured from arts & non-arts sources for individual projects.

In our premises at Hackett House we are co-located with other arts organisations, Bankstown Youth
Development Service (BYDS) and Citymoon (the Vietnamese-Australian theatre company), as well as
Vietnamese Australian Welfare Association (VAWA). With BYDS and Citymoon, UTP was instrumental in
securing for Bankstown City Council a NSW State Government grant of $1.5 million to create a multi-purpose
facility to house our three organisations. We are in consultation with Council to finalise the development of
this facility.

The Company also owns equipment that is used for its own productions, and hired to other organisations. As
part of its commitment to professional development, UTP also provides management and creative support to
independent artists and emerging theatre organisations to enable a range of independent arts activity in
western Sydney. This is provided in the form of consultancies, workshops and masterclasses, residencies in
our rehearsal space and access to equipment, the auspicing of grants, and performance opportunities.

Artistic Program 2008
In 2008, Urban Theatre Projects will continue to make new performance works that engage in socially relevant
questions and are intimately connected to specific sites and diverse communities. These stories and images of
contemporary urban life are drawn from, and heavily influenced by, the company’s geographic and social location
in the western suburbs of Sydney.

In increasingly conservative times, one of the key roles for Urban Theatre Projects is to provide individuals,
communities, artists and audiences the opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue about the world we
live in. The diverse program of work explores the strength and resilience of individuals and communities by
unravelling some of the complex issues that are embedded within notions of contested land and nationalism,
dispossession and belonging, beliefs and aspirations.

The Last Highway is a new work directed by Alicia Talbot premiering in early 2008, created in residence and
developed in consultation with community members. Performed in a service station at an industrial site in
Bankstown, The Last Highway explores notions of personal beliefs and contested territory through investigating
the world of late night shift workers.

Stories of Love and Hate is a new work made in response to the Cronulla riots that will premiere in late-2008.
Directed by Roslyn Oades, the work builds on the team that created Fast Cars & Tractor Engines (2005) and
continue the company’s commitment to producing work by guest teams of independent artists.

In 2008, UTP is very proud to offer its inaugural residency program, intersection. While the company has
continually delivered artist support and professional development programs over previous years, intersection
is a new initiative that the company will imbed within its annual program to support artists in the research
and development of new work made in and about western Sydney. In additional to providing its rehearsal
space and equipment, the company has allocated $15,000 towards artist fees and salaries.

We will also undertake research and development for works to be developed over coming years. The Fence
is the first of these and explores the lives of older men and women from Indigenous and non-Indigenous
backgrounds separated from their families and detained in institutions and homes.

Attendance at the Australian Performing Arts Market in February 2008 will focus the company’s attention on
promoting its work in repertoire and establishing new touring and exchange opportunities. International
touring and exchange opportunities will continue to be explored, particularly building upon the established
relationships with Canada’s Harbourfront Centre, where the company toured in 2007.

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