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					Profile                                                               @Leisure
The @Leisure Group
The @Leisure Group is the Benelux market leader and one of the
largest players in the European market for accommodation rentals, in-
cluding holiday homes, holiday parks and hotels. The @Leisure Group
engages in a variety of online activities that include acting as a ‘tour
operator’, reseller (aggregator) and online marketplace (enabler).

The @Leisure Group serves as a tour operator in the holiday home
rental sector through its consumer brands of Belvilla, Ardennes Relais,
Jules Villas and CityTrips-europe. The holding company manages the
rental of around 20,000 holiday homes in 19 European countries. As
an aggregator, the @Leisure Group offers an even wider selection
of accommodations to several tour operators under the EuroRelais
brand. It also operates advertising models as an enabler.

A total staff of around 160 works at the offices in Heerhugowaard
(NL), Eindhoven (NL), Hamburg (DE), Cologne (DE), Kitzbühel (AT)
and Ibiza (ES).

The organisation’s origins date back to 1980. The @Leisure Group was originally a direct seller, specialising in the rental of
holiday homes online and by phone. Our primary target group is made up of holidaymakers in the Netherlands, Belgium,
Germany, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain and Italy. In 2009, 700,000 holidaymakers of 50 different nationalities
booked a holiday home through one of our brands. A booking turnover of more than €105 million was achieved that year.

The @Leisure name clearly reflects our business focus, with ‘leisure’ referring to the market itself and ‘at leisure’ referring to
what we offer our customers. The ‘at’ symbol in @Leisure emphasises our online focus.

The @Leisure Group consumer brands

• Belvilla is the Dutch market leader in online holiday home rental.
In addition to the Netherlands, this brand is also active in Belgium,
Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain and Italy. The
portfolio of accommodations consists of around 20,000 unique and
attractively priced holiday homes in 19 European countries. Belvilla
homes are always located in areas with plenty to see and do. Belvilla
is affiliated with the Dutch Home Shopping Association (Nederlandse
Thuiswinkel Organisatie), Travel Bookings Compensation Fund (SGR),
Calamity Fund (Calamiteitenfonds) and Dutch Association of Travel
Agencies (ANVR). Belvilla is also a member of the Belgian Professi-
onal Association of Realtors (BeroepsInstituut van Vastgoedmakelaars).
In Germany, Belvilla is affiliated with the VNT (Verband Neue Touristik)
and the German website belvilla.de has been awarded the TÜV cer-
Profile                                                               @Leisure
• EuroRelais is a holiday portal that offers distinctive high-quality ho-
liday accommodations in Europe. The portfolio of homes is extremely
varied and new holiday parks, hotels, holiday homes and other ac-
commodations from new brands are added regularly. The website is
designed to enable visitors to search through the extensive portfolio
easily and quickly. EuroRelais is a member of the Dutch Home Shop-
ping Association (Nederlandse Thuiswinkel Organisatie).

• Jules Villas originally specialised in the rental of luxury villas with
private swimming pools on Ibiza. Several years ago, the portfolio of
accommodations was expanded to include winter sports chalets and
luxury villas at other beautiful locations in Europe. Jules Villas speci-
alises in a personal approach, excellent service and high quality. With
local representatives at numerous locations, Jules Villas is always on
hand to assist its guests as needed. Jules Villas provides guests with
tips on good local restaurants, cafés, sights of interest and events in
the various regions. Jules Villas is affiliated with the Dutch Associa-
tion of Travel Agencies (ANVR), Travel Bookings Compensation Fund
(SGR) and Dutch Home Shopping Association (Nederlandse Thuiswin-
kel Organisatie)..

• Ardennes Relais is the top brand specialising in holiday homes in
the Ardennes and was established in 1980. With over 800 holiday
homes in the Ardennes, comprehensive service and an extremely
user-friendly website, Ardennes Relais has grown to become the
largest holiday home specialist in the region.
Profile                                                           @Leisure
• The CityTrips-europe theme website provides detailed informa-
tion on various European cities and offers self-catering city accom-
modations. The portfolio varies from traditional homes and attractive
apartments in historic buildings to Bed & Breakfasts and even boats
and houseboats. The website is available in both Dutch and English.