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					                                 PRODIP K. SAHA, MBA
                                    416 Chester Drive ~ Lewisville, TX 75056                                                                       214.783.2456

IT Director with longstanding experience leading high-visibility, mission-critical application development and
support objectives. Leads IT operations using a wealth of insight and technical knowledge of IT-driven
processes, platforms, and methodologies to translate business requirements into technological solutions that
drive positive, transformative results. Directs the efforts of cross-functional teams while engaging and
managing executive-level relationships with internal and external customer bases. Notable professional
achievements include:
o Guided the design, implementation, and maturation of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with WCF
    technology at Saxon; championed change efforts within the organization to gain acceptance of new
    technology that reduced programming times by 30 - 40%.

o   Guided the design and implementation of end-to-end Security Infrastructure for applications in Web and
    App Farms with real-time KPI, BI, audits, etc. in line with SOX compliance.

o   Increased user productivity by implementing real-time integration of Optimizer, a Commerce
    Velocity/Fidelity National Financial Services product for default workflow management with LPS/MSP using
    Gateway Web Service.
o   Advocated and implemented Foglight monitoring tool to provide centralized error handling and logging
    services, which resulted in a 25% savings in time required to respond to technical incidences.
o   Led an initiative to improve enterprise SQL job performance by reducing the processing time from 12 to 15
    hours to only three or four hours, achieving a 300% improvement to SQL performance.
o   Spearheaded the implementation of a Gateway API to achieve a 40% savings in development efforts.
o   Guided Web/App Farms infrastructure initiative to provide capacity for future growth and to provide
    redundancy using technologies like IIS 7.5 on Windows 2008 R2, NLB, SOA/WCF, etc.
o   Guide the business units to select partner/vendor’s technology products and establish the support model.

SAXON MORTGAGE, INC., Irving, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas                                          2007 - Present
Manager, SOA and Shared Services Application Development (2008 - Present)
   Currently leading BizTalk 2010 integration and multipurpose service design (BOD architecture) among the
    critical and strategic initiatives.
   Lead a team of programmers overseeing Shared Services Application Development, responsible for
    developing and managing applications and services shared by other applications in the enterprise.
   Define strategic vision and establish internal business culture conducive to promoting and implementing
    changes in the IT enterprise.
   Handle organizational decisions to approach and resolve a variety of technical and operational challenges;
    identify problems, evaluate alternatives and choices, and decide best courses of action in a timely manner.
   Coordinate with other cross-functional teams, including PM, PMO, BA, Network Administrator, DBA,
    Change Control, Helpdesk, and QA business groups to promote effective deployment of IT initiatives.
   Establish, implement, and communicate IT policies, guidelines, procedures, and SOX and FDICIA audits to
    maintain consistent quality in the development, deployment, and administration of IT Shared Services.
Application Architect/Team Lead (2007 - 2008)
   Assisted business groups in the initiation of IT projects, performing all functions of the Software
    Development Lifecycle (SDLC), including requirements gathering, providing project estimates of detail and
    timelines, application design and prototyping, code reviews, testing, launch.

PRODIP K. SAHA, MBA                                                                       PAGE TWO

P ROFESSIONAL H ISTORY ( C o n t i n u e d )
Application Architect/Team Lead (Continued)
   Managed a team of five programmers and business analysts to primarily support the Investor Accounting
    and Acquisition departments.
   Guided developers throughout all aspects of the development process and assisted them in overcoming
    technical challenges.
   Assisted IT managers to setup policies, procedures and standards, evaluate new software tools and
    recommend capital purchases.
   Collaborated with other business teams to design customized enterprise applications and platforms.

EMC MORTGAGE CORPORATION, Irving, Texas                                                          2000 - 2007
Application Architect
   Championed teams of offshore developers in Chennai and Mumbai, India; responsible for the overall
    architecture and all deliverables of enterprise applications.
   Developed an Investor Reporting solution to enable the business team to adapt quickly and accurately to
    ever-changing and complex mortgage security reporting requirements.
   Guided the offshore and onshore developers to overcome technical difficulties; reviewed code to ensure
    adherence to Agile methodology and code development standards.
   Used the Agile development methodology throughout all project phases; analyzed business requirements,
    created logical and physical designs, and implemented Proofs of Concept.
   Implemented development environments to facilitate the creation of the ASP.NET project on a Citrix
    server platform with Remote Debugging and ClearCase integrations for offshore teams.
   Created UI prototypes and demonstrated them to business owners, with all deliverables confirmed by
    users after reviewing the prototypes.

Master of Business Administration
Major: Finance
Bachelor of Science, Agriculture

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