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					          JULY 2011
                                      Live Your Dream

               How to Make
     Your Customers NEVER Forget You!
                               When you touch lives, show genuine interest in
                               your customers and think about selling as giving:
                               giving of your time, attention, counsel, education,
                               empathy, and value you create memorable
                               interaction…one that will be unforgettable.
                                      Your Role as a Salesperson
                                         o Selling is giving: giving time, attention, counsel, education,
                                             empathy, and value.
                                      The problem with selling…
                                         o Most people have a hard time with it because of our idea of
                                             the traditional “pushy” salesperson.
       Piece by Piece                 Create Value
   Autism Cause Warmer                   o Give more in value than you take in payment.
         Available                       o “What makes a great salesperson great at sales is that he or
   until August 31, 2011                     she is wholeheartedly interested in the other person.”
                                         o Regardless of how great our product is, people are drawn to
                                             you (or not) because of how you make them feel.

    I Create Value…                   Creating Value through Appreciation
        o Excellence                     o Adding value to people’s lives often costs little or nothing
        o Consistency                        financially.
        o Attention                      o Write hand written thank you notes.
        o Empathy                        o Gift wrap
        o Appreciation                   o Offer free shipping

                                                        ”Your true value is determined by
“People will do business with and refer                 how much more you give in value
business to those people they know, like, and           than you take in payment”
                          The Go Giver

                                                                            Our Successes!
                                                                              Top 5 Consultants
                                                                               Tenesha Butler
                                                                               Stephanie Mitchell
                                                                               Amanda Sieckman
                                                                                   Kari Wells
                                                                                 Karen Thomas

      July Warmer of the Month (Mid-Size)
         10% off Regular Price ~ $22.50
  Isn’t this the cutest warmer you every saw?
         As we know, cupcakes are the rage right now…and
this one is sure to take the cake!
         Be sure to explain that this one is sure to be very                     Sales Over $500
popular and may possibility go on back order due to high                          Tenesha Butler
demand. When expressing this to your customers, stay
positive and I’m sure they will understand.                          Scentsy Stampede
         Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery and if they arrive            August 3-5, 2011
                                                                              Fort Worth, Texas
earlier, your customers will be THRILLED!
                                                                Early registration Wed. Aug 3rd ~ Noon to 7pm

   Get those emails out and share Scentsy!                            Meet and Greet ~ Wed Aug 3rd
                                                                 3:30pm – 4:30pm at the convention center.
                                                                       Becca has a room reserved.
JULY SCENT | Happy Birthday                                       Look for the sign “Live Your Dream”.
                                                                              I’ll have goodies for you.
Bring back childhood memories of licking
sweet, rich frosting off the beaters. Happy                           Friday, Aug. 5th – Group Pictures
Birthday is a “candy-licious” confection of                         We will be wearing white shirts and purple ties.
sparkling sugar, fluffy whipped cream, and                              Be sure to bring your purple tie.
warm vanilla extract.                                           I have a tie for those attending for the first time.
                             US    CAN
                                                                     FREE DOWNOWN TRANSPORTATION
Scent Circle      CC-HAP              $3.00 $2.70
Scentsy Bar       SB-HAP              $5.00 $4.50
Room Spray        RS-HAP              $8.00 $7.20
Scentsy Brick     SK-HAP             $20.00 $18.00
                                                                            Team Dinner
                                                                         Thursday Aug 4th ~ 7:30pm
Discounts do not apply to Combine and Save.                    Riscky’s Barbeque ~ 300 Main Street, Fort Worth
                                                               Check Out the Budget Friendly Menu
                                                                         Scentsy is NOT providing any meals.
                                                    JULY 2011
          Live Your Dream

    Simple Examples
you can start using today!
    Postcards (Address File)

    Scentsy Newsletter

    Monthly Specials

    Light Bulbs for Life

    Free Shipping

    Free gifts and samples

    Thank you notes

    How can I add value to this person’s
                                             “Your income is determined by how many people you serve
    Wish Lists                               and how well you serve them.”
                                                                                   Touch Lives…
Review your selling style, are you giving           Touching Lives
more in value than you are taking in                   o Your compensation is not a reflection of your
payment?                                                   goodness, worthiness, merit, or
                                                           industriousness: it is an echo of impact.
Create value through appreciation – try                o It’s not about who you know, it’s who knows
some of the simple examples today!                         you and who knows about you, even if they
                                                           haven’t actually met you.”
Think about how you are perceived as a
salesperson…is it time to change that
perception? If the answer is yes, start             “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you
today!                                              place other people’s interest first.”

  Touch the lives of others!

                                                    “The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.”

                     “Authentic values are those by which a life can be lived,
                 which can form a people that produces great deeds and thoughts.”
                                                                    Allan Bloom
             JULY 2011
                                                 Live Your Dream

What is “Branding”?
It's putting your name on EVERYTHING! Put your name on the box of each warmer, as well as the bottom of the
Full Size and Mid Size Warmers. Place your label on the inside of the Scentsy Bars. Take a small label and place it
on the Room Sprays not to cover the warning label.

Why do we brand?
It keeps your name in front of your customer at all times. Each time they open a Scentsy Bar they see you. When
they spray their room with a Scentsy Room Spray they see your name. Whenever they need something all they have
to do is look inside the clam shell or under the warmer.

Many Consultants have lost customers and sales from lack of branding!

                      Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses, and Inspire the Soul.

                                            Contact me anytime
                                          No Question is too small!
                                          Karen Pelley ~ Director

       "Some have a gift for helping others to see the world as a place of possibilities."
Thank you to Kara and Colette our Scentsy founders and Heidi and Orville our Scentsy owners.

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