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									Page #    ISBN                                         Year
                              Product type Publication Title                               Long
                                                                  Subtitle Editors Names Description
      1   978-90-04-20988-6   Paperback                           Africa Negotiating an Emerging Multipolar World
                                                                                           With the end of the Cold
                                                2011 African Engagements Dietz, Havnevik, Kaag, Oestigaard War, the wor
      2   978-90-04-21128-5   Hardback                            A Study in Acculturation""
                                                                                           Presenting a large body of evidence fo
                                                2011 Hellenizing Art in Ancient Nubia 300 B.C. - AD 250 and its Egyptian Model
      3   978-90-04-20753-0   Hardback                             France and Values
                                                2011 The Jews ofIdentity Today             Recent nation-wide surveys of the Jew
      4   978-90-04-21214-5   Hardback                            E            Jacobsen A neglected topic in the research on y
                                                2011 Yoga Powersxtraordinary Capacities Attained Through Meditation and Co
      5   978-90-04-17894-6   Hardback                            Society, Theology, Biography
                                                                                           <i>Society, Theology, Biography</i> co
                                                2011 Brill's Encyclopedia of Hinduism. Volume Three
      6   978-19-06-87651-7   Hardback                            A Complete Record        Launched in December 1869 in direct
                                                2011 Japan and The Graphic Bennett of Events, 1870-1899
      7   978-90-04-21003-5   Hardback                                         Starrs
                                                2011 Rethinking Japanese Modernism Edited by Roy Starrs, this collection of
      8   978-90-04-21211-4   Hardback          2011 The Thought of Mou Zongsan            Mou Zongsan牟宗三 (1909-1995) was
      9   978-90-04-20275-7   Hardback                            Modalpartikeln           In den letzten Jahren <i>nimirum</i>
                                                2011 Lateinische <i>Nempe, quippe, scilicet, videlicet</i> und hat das Interesse
    10    978-90-04-20707-3   Paperback                           Volume XXVI (2010) Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy
                                                                               Gurtler,    This
                                                2011 Proceedings of the Boston AreaWians volume, the twenty-sixth year of p
    11    978-90-04-20710-3   Hardback                                                     <i>Cult and</i> Koinon <i>in Hellenisti
                                                2011 Cult and <i>Koinon</i> in Hellenistic Thessaly
    12    978-90-04-20797-4   Hardback                            A Figurines from Delos This book investigates Hellenistic popu
                                                2011 Egyptianizing Study in Hellenistic Religion
    13    978-90-04-20767-7   Hardback          2011 Stesichoros's <i>Geryoneis</i>        Stesichoros’s <i>Geryoneis</i> is with
    14    978-90-04-20661-8   Hardback                            Academic                 Academic condemnation has 1277-14
                                                2011 The School of HereticsCondemnation at the University of Oxford,long bee
    15    978-90-04-18012-3   Hardback                            Between Three Kingdoms
                                                2011 A Bishopric Calahorra, 1045-1190 In 1045, the northern Iberian Bishopri
    16    978-90-04-20348-8   Hardback                            Die lateinische Odyssee-Übersetzung des1462 Francesco
                                                                                           In about the year Francesco Griffolini
                                                2011 Odyssea Homeri a Francisco Griffolino Aretino in Latinum translata Griff
    17    978-90-04-20989-3   Hardback                             and Norwegian History   This
                                                2011 Kings' SagasProblems and Perspectives book is an examination of some o
    18    978-90-04-20955-8   Hardback          2011 Secularisation and the Leiden Circle  This book shows how a group of early-
    19    978-90-04-20947-3   Hardback                             Hugenotten und der Fall Barbeyrac (1685-1720)
                                                                                           This im Refuge
                                                2011 Die BerlinerOrthodoxe und ‘Sozinianer’ study offers a thorough, archive-b
    20    978-90-04-20946-6   Hardback                            Hermann Samuel Reimarus (1694-1768) Reimarus (1694-176
                                                                               Radical     Hermann Samuel
                                                2011 Between Philology and MulsowEnlightenment
    21    978-90-04-21105-6   Hardback                            Old-Testament Faith-Warriors for the faith, dying for the fa
                                                2011 Dying for the Faith, Killing for the Faith (Maccabees 1 and 2) in Historic
    22    978-90-04-20973-2   Hardback                            Epistolary Culture       Egodocuments are cherished because
                                                2011 Conventional Correspondenceof the Dutch Elite, 1770-1850
    23    978-90-04-20148-4   Hardback                            The Organisation         The late Markets in Holland, c. the -
                                                2011 Shaping Medieval Markets of CommodityMiddle Ages witnessed1200tr
    24    978-90-04-20935-0   Hardback                            Geography, Religion, and Scholarship, 1550-1700
                                                2011 Sacred Words and Worlds               In early modern Europe, fundamental
    25    978-90-04-20154-5   Hardback                            Nobles, Bishops, and the German of the Catholic Prince-Bisho
                                                2011 Between Opposition and Collaboration study Reformations in the Prince-
    26    978-90-04-20296-2   Hardback                                                     This unique book,
                                                2011 Human Rights and U.N. Peace Operations: Yugoslaviaone of the first of its
    27    978-90-04-21203-9   Hardback                                         Guild, Minderhoud
                                                                                           More than a decade has passed since
                                                2011 The First Decade of EU Migration and Asylum Law
    28    978-90-04-19587-5   Hardback                            Guidance for Internal Actorsbook is at heart aViolenton how to
                                                                                           This Responsible for guide Intrastat
                                                2011 The Internal Implementation of Peace Agreements after Implementation
    29    978-90-04-19516-5   Hardback                                         O'Flaherty, Ulrich, Kędzia, Müller
                                                                                           The <i>Nottingham
                                                2011 Human Rights Diplomacy: Contemporary Perspectives Studies on Human
    30    978-90-04-19175-4   Hardback                            Climate Globalisation Have Fisheries, Biodiversity, Shipping,
                                                2011 The World Ocean inChange, Sustainable we already entered a new epoch
    31    978-90-04-21005-9   Hardback          2011 South Africa and the Law of the Sea   Being at the confluence of the Atlantic
    32    978-90-04-20620-5   Hardback                             the Law of the Sea      <i>Mexico
                                                2011 Mexico andContributions and Compromises and the Law of the Sea: Con
    33    978-90-04-20375-4   Hardback                              International Organizations 2011-2012 (Volume 4)
                                                                               Union of International Associations
                                                                                           Providing both an international
                                                2011 Yearbook ofInternational Organization Bibliography and Resources organi
    34    978-90-04-21125-4   Hardback                                         in Persian Poetry
                                                2011 Metaphor and Imagery Seyed-Gohrab volume is a collection of essays on
    35    978-90-04-20930-5   Hardback                            Ibn Sabaʾ and            This book is an
                                                2011 The Caliph and the Heretic the Origins of Shīʾismexamination of the trad
    36    978-90-04-19389-5   Paperback                           An Spain                 Writings from 1492 to 1826 Interactio
                                                2011 The Animals of Introduction to Imperial Perceptions and Humanreveal tha
    37    978-90-04-20721-9   Hardback                            A Study of Jewish        Despite his reputation
                                                2011 Salvation through Spinoza Culture in Weimar Germanyas a heretic, Ba
    38    978-90-04-20692-2   Hardback                            Transmission and Interpretation of
                                                                               of the BookThe Book
                                                2011 The Texts and Versions Rey, Joostenof Ben Sira Ben Sira comes to us in a
    39    978-90-04-20726-4   Hardback                                                     Books and writing, according to Jacque
                                                2011 The Heavenly Book Motif in Judeo-Christian Apocalypses 200 BCE-200 CE
    40    978-90-04-20869-8   Hardback                            Liberalism, and of Worldmaking religion cope with from Bibl
                                                                               Becking     How
                                                2011 Orthodoxy, Essays on Ways Adaptation doesin Times of Change changing
    41    978-90-04-18903-4   Hardback                            Integrating Lange, Tov, The
                                                                               Context Sea Scrolls Sea Scrolls of Ancient Texts,
                                                2011 The Dead Sea Scrolls In the Dead(2 vols)Deadin the Study enrich many area
    42    978-90-04-19384-0   Hardback                             Humanity                Wisdoms have
                                                2011 Wisdoms ofBuddhism, Paganism, and Christianity often been considered
    43    978-90-04-19799-2   Hardback                            Gagauz Folk Religion Discourse and Practice
                                                2011 Text, Context and Performance in Past scholarship on the Gagauz people
    44    978-90-04-20778-3   Hardback                             United Front            The proceedings of the last Comintern
                                                2011 Toward the Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist Interna
    45    978-90-04-21123-0   Hardback                                                     This in Catalonia
                                                2011 Language, migration and social mobilitybook presents the results of a res
    46    978-90-04-20247-4   Hardback                            Unfreedom, Capitalism The object is to
                                                                                            and Primitive Accumulation
                                                2011 Labour Régime Change in the Twenty-First Centuryassess the validity, in t
                          ReadershipReviews CVs
             Short Description                                                Classification BIC2
                                                                 Classification BIC1                                   Classification BISAC2
                                                                                           Division Classification BISAC1
                          All those interested in Africa's role from a is Director of2BICJP
                                                    <b>Ton Dietz</b>
                                                                 and position in current Africandynamics,Centre and Professor of African Developmen
                                                                              2BICJF, theglobal Studies the neoliberalrecent globally imposing its la
                                                                                            African Studies
                                                                                                         HIS001000 African West history;
With the end of the Cold War, the world seemed to move 1BIC1Hbipolar to a unipolar system, withand inSOC000000, POL000000as well as tho
                            of evidence for the first time, this book offers 2BIC1QDAE, 2BIC3D, 2BICHDDG Egypt architecture, sculpture, Foreign M
                                                    <b>László Török</b>, Doctor of theAncient Near history, architecture, HIS002000, SOC003000 o
                                                                 1BICACG a comprehensiveancient East &Nubian
                                                                                             the treatment of of Sciences in History (1992), and arts
Presenting a large bodyAll those interested in culture transfer and acculturation, inHungarian ART015000HIS002030, sculpture and minor mino
                          Scholars, researchers and yieldedCohen</b>, PhD inof this community one of the X, an analysis Diaspora populations
                                                    <b>Erik H. 1BICJFSR1picture Sociology, University of Paris largest Jewish associate Professor
                                                                   detailed 2BIC1DDF, 2BIC3JM, 2BICHRJP
                                                                                           Jewish StudiesSOC039000HIS013000, HIS037080, REL040010
Recent nation-wide surveys of the Jews of Francestudentsainterested in the Jewish community, of France andFrance, is anof the social, politicali
                          All those on yoga and meditation traditions, Yoga , the (1994) capacitiesBuddhist and Jainaofare at the as well as Indol
                                                    <b>Knut A. 1BICHRKN 2BIC1FK, 2BICHRLK Hindu, at the University REL062000
                                                                 Jacobsen</b>, Ph.D. history of          REL024000 HIS017000, Bergen, core of He reli
A neglected topic in the researchinterested in religions in South Asia, the extraordinaryis Professorcalled yoga powerstraditions,Norway. the is th
                                                                 1BICHBJF 2BIC1FK                        HIS003000 HIS017000
<i>Society, Theology, Biography</i> covers social structures and organizations as well as professions. Major religious communities and theolog
                                                                 1BIC1FPJ                                HIS021000
Launched in December 1869 in direct competition to <i>The Illustrated London News</i>, (ILN) which first appeared in 1842, <i>The Graphic</
                                                    <b>Roy A. Starrs</b>, Ph.D. (1986) in Asian Studies, University of British and thinking on Japan
                                                                 1BICGTB 2BIC1FPJ, 2BICJFCA, 2BICJFCX    BUS067000HIS021000, SOC022000, teaches at th
Edited by Roy Starrs, this collection of essays by an international group of leading Japan scholars presents new researchColumbia, SOC000000
                          All those interested in the thought 1BICHPDF New Confucianism, philosophical and culturalAdelaide, is visiting fellowc
                                                    <b>N. Serina Chan</b>,2BIC1FPC, Confucianism, Neo-Confucianism, movement marking the
                                                                 of behind PhD. (2010) in ChinesePHI000000 HIS008000, HIS037020
                                                                                           Modern         Studies, University
Mou Zongsan牟宗三 (1909-1995) was the theoretical genius Mou Zongsan, New 2BIC3J a & Contemporary China ofChinese thought, Chinese re
                          Altphilologen, sowohl literaturwissenschaflich Rolle in der Classical Studies
                                                    <b>Dr. Josine wichtige als studierte Klassiche FOR016000LAN006000
                                                                 1BIC2ADL 2BICCFK Interaktion PhilologieSprecher Linguisten (vor spielen, sehr
                                                                                                         zwischen an der Universität von Amsterdam und
In den letzten Jahren hat das Interesse an Partikeln, die eine Schrickx</b>sprachwissenschaftlich orientierte, und und Adressatenallem mit Inte
                          All those interested in recent scholarship within different traditions ofPHI002000presented Boston College. including sc
                                                    <b>Gary M.1BICHPCA S.J., papers and commentaries
                                                                  Gurtler</b>,             Philosophy interpretation in ancient philosophy, He has pub
This volume, the twenty-sixth year of published proceedings, contains sevenis Associate Professor of Philosophy atto the Boston Area Colloqui
                           <i>in Hellenistic Thessaly</i> examines the Greek Ph.D. (2006) in religion, and epigraphy,ca. well as BCE of the history
                                                     scholars of 1BICHBLA1 2BICHDDK Classical the Thessalian League as is Director and the devel
                                                                  ancient territorial expansion of Studies
                                                                                                         HIS002000 University,
<i>Cult and</i> Koinon Advanced students and<b>Denver Graninger</b>,history, politics, Classics, CornellSOC003000196-27 scholars ofAmerica
                          Classical archaeologists; Egyptologists;interdisciplinary study of terracotta art historians; coroplastic specialists; Assista
                                                    <b>Caitlín E.an anthropologists (2009) in Anthropology (Archaeology), Yale University, from dom
                                                                   Barrett</b>, Ph.D. of Classical Studies
                                                                                                         HIS002000 SOC003000
This book investigates Hellenistic popular religion through 1BICHBLA1 2BICHDDK religion; ancient figurines of Egyptian deities, mostly is cerami
                          The book without appeals to those gems of the 6th century. This monograph offers the firstisFOR033000, to Fellowbeg
                                                    <b>Paul the1BICDSBB 2BIC2ADL,inClassical The Universitybe, Exeter, an Honourary those at
                                                                   specializing in lyric 2BIC2AHA, 2BICHBLA1 of however, very useful HIS002000
                                                                                             epic poetry. It
Stesichoros’s <i>Geryoneis</i> is primarilydoubt one of Curtis</b>, Ph.D. (2005)andClassics,Studies would FOR016000,full-length commentary (i
                          Those interested in the <b>Andrew1BICHB issue Ph.D. history of 2BICHPC, 2BICHRAX historyas the history of heresy, t
                                                     history of important 2BIC3H, 2BICHBTB, universities and University of medieval thought. Ye
                                                                  E. Larsen</b>, history of philosophy and theology,
                                                                                           Medieval Studies
                                                                                                         HIS000000 HIS037010,          Wisconsin-Madison, J
Academic condemnation has long been recognized as an universities, the in the (1998) in Medieval History,theas well HIS000000, PHI009000, R
                          All those interested in the history ofR. Carl</b>,into being2BICHBLCtheof History, HIS045000, the of his expanding fron
                                                    <b>Carolina1BICHBJD 2BIC1DSE, by García III HIS010000 University of St. Andrews, is History
                                                                   medieval Ph.D. (2005) in of Studies
                                                                                           Medieval Church, the history of HIS037010
In 1045, the northern Iberian Bishopric of Calahorra was brought backIberia, the historyMedievalNavarre on the frontline Rioja and theahistory o
                          Francesco Griffolini of in Classical,Schneider</b> (Dr. phil. FU Berlin Studies Emeritus Professor Pius II. and the receptio
                                                    <b>Bernd Medieval Odyssey of Homer into Latin is
                                                                 1BICDSBB 2BICHB            literature, Humanism, HIS000000 Studies In contrast to a
                                                                                                         LIT004190 Renaissance
In about the year 1462 All scholars interested Arezzo translated the and Neo-LatinMedieval 1969)at the behest of Pope for Classical Philologyth
                          Scholars and of the principal issues1BICHB fromas well as of the 2BIC3H, 2BICHBAH narrative sources the relationsh
                                                    <b>Shami Ghosh</b>, a the study Medieval Studies in medieval College, Oxford, received his
                                                                  arising     2BIC1DN, 2BIC3F, kings’fellow the HIS044000, HIS037010, HIS037010, H
                                                                                           of research HIS000000 main
This book is an examination of some students of medieval Scandinavia, postdoctoralthose interestedat Magdalen historiography, for Norwegian
                           group of early-seventeenth-century writers excluded theologically History 2BICJFCXUniversity, is Leverhulme Early C
                                                    <b>Mark Somos</b>, Ph.D. (2007) 2BIC3JD, grounded argument from a wide range Renaissance
                                                                 1BICHBJD 2BIC1DDN, Modern 2BICHPC, Harvard
                                                                                           in Political Science,
                                                                                                         HIS010000 HIS010020, HIS037040, PHI009000, S
This book shows how a Those interested in Western intellectual history, 3rd-18th centuries; Dutch historians, 16th-17th centuries;of discipline
                          Historians- of theology,<b>Fiammetta Palladini</b> graduated Huguenots, seventeenth century, and of early european
                                                     of Socinianism and Arminianism, Intellectual HIS010000 SOC000000
                                                                  Berlin Huguenot Refuge during the late of natural law theory, of the Sapienza. From
This study offers a thorough, archive-based account of the1BICHBJD 2BICJFCX of the1965 in Philosophy at University Roma-Lathe intellectua
                          All those interested in intellectual history, Bible criticism, the in Philosophy, Germany, as well as an eminent Enlighten
                                                    <b>Martin Mulsow</b>, Ph.D. (1991) history of Enlightenment philosophy and theology, as wel
                                                                 1BICJFCX 2BICHBLL, eighteenth-century
                                                                                           Intellectual SOC000000HIS037030, PHI000000, REL033000
Hermann Samuel Reimarus (1694-1768) was the most significant biblical critic in 2BICHP, 2BICHRAXUniversity of Munich, is Professor of Intelle
                                                    <b>Gabriela of the Books PhD (1991), Habilitation and pernicious as well as alreadyREL067000,
                                                                   Signori</b>, of Maccabees is martial (1999), HIS002000, REL006210, pointed the
                                                                                            2BICHRCF1, 2BICHRCM, 2BICJFCX
<i>Killing for the faith, dying for the faith</i>: the message1BICHBJD 2BIC1QDAL,Intellectual HIS010000 is Professor of Medieval History inoutS
                          All those interested in the they supposedly provide Professorfamily and gender history, the history of Her research ch
                                                    Willemijn of autobiographical writing, in Cultural History individuals in past and present. Rece
                                                                 1BICJFCX 2BICBJ, 2BICHBJD History
                                                                                           Modern SOC000000BIO000000, HIS010000
Egodocuments are cherished because of the view historyRuberg is Assistantinto the innermost feelings ofat Utrecht University.emotions and an
                          All those interested in economic history, the history of(2010)peripheral agrarian region to Institutional Economics in his
                                                    <b>Jessica 1BICKCZ Holland markets and BUS023000HIS010020, a postdoc
                                                                 county of 2BIC1DDN, a in History, Utrecht University, highly commercialised at
The late Middle Ages witnessed the transformation of theDijkman</b>, Ph.D.from2BICHBLCtrade, the use of New a is HIS037010researcherandt
                          All researchers and collections interested in early modern became Princetonand intellectual history, geographicalsacre
                                                    <b>Zur well1BICPDX 2BICGTN, 2BICHBJD, unstable. At the intersection of the and teaching ea
                                                                  as religious certainties History, cultural University, is
                                                                                                         SCI034000 EDU036000, HIS010000, stood and
In early modern Europe, fundamental geographical as Shalev</b>, Ph.D. (2004) in European2BICHBLH, 2BICHRAM3researching twoHIS037020, r
                          All those interested in the Reformation, church history, nobles, andHistory University of Pennsylvania, is Assistant Profe
                                                    <b>Richard J. Ninness</b>, Ph.D. (2006) in History,
                                                                  its largely 2BIC1DF, aristocracyearly modern HIS010010, HIS010010, and tradition
                                                                                           Modern demonstrates that
                                                                                                         HIS010000 Germany.
This study of the Catholic Prince-Bishopric of Bamberg and1BICHBJD Protestant2BIC1DV, 2BICHBLH, 2BICHBLL shared family ties HIS037020, H
                                                    <b>Dr. how human rights actually featured in UN peace operations in the (Lincoln’s Inn), in th
                                                                 1BICL        2BICLBB                    Ph.D. (LSE),LAW051000
This unique book, one of the first of its kind, discussesBertrand G. Ramcharan</b> Ll.M (LSE), LAW044000 Barrister-at-Lawdeadly conflicts Distin
                                                    <b>Elspeth 1BICLNDA3 of the <i.European Journal of Migration and Law</i>, which was establi
                                                                 Guild</b> is Professor                   migration lawSOC007000
More than a decade has passed since the appearance of the first issue2BICJFFD of EuropeanLAW032000 at the Radboud University Nijmeg
                          Anyone how to best approach or managementthe an internally-led peace peace implementation in settings of internal
                                                    <b>Arist von Hehn</b>2BICJP
                                                                 1BICLBB         of theory and practice of University Viadrina Frankfurt a violent intra
                                                                                                         LAW051000     POL000000
This book is at heart a guide on affected by or involvedthe interested inDoctorate in Law, Europeanimplementation process after (Oder), Maste
                                                                 1BICLB       2BICLBBD                   of essays on  LAW051000
The <i>Nottingham Studies on Human Rights</i> series contains monographs and collections LAW051000 current issues within the field of hum
                          Scholars epoch, the Anthropocene,1BICLBB is Research Professor andLAW051000the Law of interested in Earth at the
                                                    <b>Davor Vidas</b> 2BICLBBK the law of theDirector of LAW066000 effects of increasing glo
                                                                  dominated law and International Law       activities? What of the
Have we already entered a new and graduate students of internationalby the impact of humansea; political scientiststhe Sea Programme System
                                                    the Indian HG Vrancken</b> is Professor ofSouthand HeadHIS001000
                                                                 1BICLBBK 2BIC1HF           Ocean, Law Africa plays a considerable role in the smooth
Being at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean, <b>Patrick Ocean and the SouthernPublic International Lawof the Department of Public Law at t
                           of the the Contributions international law professors, oil Public International Law of San scientists and ecologists, U.S
                                                    <b>Jorge A.1BICLBBK 2BIC1KLCM,Mexico’s legal work at the Third UN Conference on of Law o
                                                                  Vargas</b> examines andLaw LAW066000
                                                                                             of maritime University    HIS025000, LAW051000
<i>Mexico and the Law Law of Sea:sea specialists, and Compromises</i>is Professor 2BICLB at theattorneys, marine Diego (USD) SchooltheLaw. H
                                                    <b>The Union of International Associations (UIA)</b> is a research and information resources su
                                                                 1BICLBBU 2BICJPS          International Relations POL011000
Providing both an international organizations and research bibliography, Volume 4 cites over LAW051000   46,000 publications institute and documentation
                          All of essays on classical Persian figures, poetic forms suchIran in Persian literatureespecially imagerywell as transmissio
                                                    Ali-Asghar Seyed-Gohrab, Ph.D. Persian& 2BICDSC
                                                                 1BICGTB 2BIC1FBN, 2BICDC,  as rhetoricalStudies and mysticism, is and metaphors. T
                                                                                                         BUS067000HIS026000, POE000000, LIT014000
This volume is a collection those interested in rhetorical literature, focusing on (2001)debate poetry, Aristotelian poetics, as associate Professo
                          All those interested in religious history, the history Islam’sHistory Antiquity, the history of Shi'ism, and the history of as
                                                    Sean W. Anthony, Ph.D. (2009) in Near EasternHIS026000 and Civilizations, is Assistant Professo
                                                                 1BICHBJF1                  first and Culture
This book is an examination of the traditions and legends concerning early of Islamic Late & most infamous heretic, the Yemenite Jew known Isl
                          All those interested history of animals in the Spanish empire transcended the bullfight. biology toat Amherst, is Associ
                                                    <b>Abel A. Alves</b>, Ph.D. (1990)Philosophy University of Massachusetts human behavior, an
                                                                 1BICJFFZ 2BICHBLH in History, SOC000000HIS037020
Writings from 1492 to 1826 reveal that the in the early modern Spanish empire, the application of evolutionary The early modern Spanish emp
                          All heretic, Baruch in Spinoza, one of Jewish2BICHBJD of the Jewish culturalWeimar Germany and Jewish Studies in g
                                                    <b>David J. 1BICHRJ
                                                                 Wertheim</b> Ph.D.the cultural history of Renaissance in Netherlands, is director
                                                                               culture, Biblical History, Judaism & Christianity
                                                                                                         REL040000 HIS010000
Despite his reputation as athose interested Spinoza wasGermanthe major heroes(2005) in Studies, Universiteit Utrecht,Weimar Germany. This s
                          All those interested in the variety of ancient textual ThD (2006), Strasbourg the book Christianity de ancient translatio
                                                    <b>Jean-Sébastien Rey</b>, forms. Each especially and Leuven, book was received and interpr
                                                                 1BICHRJ                   Biblical Studies, Judaism & of is Maître
The Book of Ben Sira comes to us in a bewilderinghistory and literature of Early Judaism,version shows how theBen Sira, andConférences at th
                          All those interested in Jewish always concerned with questions ofStudies, and Judaism in Antiquity, University of Notre
                                                    <b>Leslie Christian apocalyptic literature, Second Judaism & Christianity more true than regar
                                                                 1BICHRJ                   Biblical life REL040000 Judaism, is this
                                                                                                         and death.
Books and writing, according to Jacques Derrida, areandBaynes</b>, Ph. D. (2005) in Christianity Temple Nowhere and orality and literacy stud
                            with changing situations? Are orthodoxy andreligion and in Theology, Utrecht University, is Senior Research of religion
                                                    <b>Bob Becking</b>, liberalism really competing strategies? Christianity sociologists Professor
                                                                 1BICHRAX 2BICHBLH Biblical Studies, Judaism & historians,
                                                                                                         REL033000 HIS037020
How does religion copeAll those interested in the interface between Ph.D. (1985) society in past and present,The essays in this volume argue th
                          All those interested in the research, as well as the study ofancient and rabbinic Judaism as well Christian and other anc
                                                    <b>Armin Lange</b>, Dr. theol. (1995), University Judaism & is Professor for Second Temple Ju
                                                                 1BICHRCF1                   ancient and rabbinic Judasim, early as
The Dead Sea Scrolls enrich many areas of biblicalDead Sea Scrolls, Hebrew Bible, Biblical Studies,of Münster,Christianity early Christian and o
                          All considered either the history of religions, the history timorous and mediocre ways
                                                    Daniel servants to religions, or as of Westernand Director REL017000,of Christian spirituality, or
                                                                 1BICHRAX 2BICHRAC, 2BICHRC, 2BICHRE, Theology
                                                                                           Religious philosophy, the history (CNRS, Paris). on a new a
                                                                                                         REL033000 of research REL015000, REL007000,
Wisdoms have often been those interested inas meek Dubuisson is docteur ès lettres (1983)Studies & 2BICHRQof living.<br>Resting He has pubR
                           Gagauz interested in the folkA. Kapaló, Ph.D. (2009) intheReligiousbetween&speakingof Orientaland Africanin Moldov
                                                    James their ethnic origins and thetensionofStudies their HIS010020, REL015000, REL084000 i
                                                                 1BICHRAX 2BIC1DVT, 2BICHRC, 2BICHRLM School
                                                                                             Study      Turkish
                                                                                                         REL033000 Christian faith Orthodoxy Studies,
Past scholarship on the All thosepeople has focused onreligion and history of the Gagauz andReligions,TheologyChristians, andTurkish linguistic U
                           last Comintern congress in which and participated, the at last 2BICJPA in English, reveals aSOC002000, POL000000
                                                    <b>John Riddell</b> has translatedSociology POL005000HIS037070, Communist Communist
                                                                 1BICJPFC 2BIC3JJG, 2BICJH, available volumes of documents of efforts at social
                                                                                            and edited seven
The proceedings of the All those interested in CommunistLeninlabour history,now political theory of radical movements, global the world movem
                          Professors research on<b>Amado Alarcónsociology of migration, sociology of 2BICJFFNde Barcelona, 2002) isof work in
                                                     the integration of </b> (PhD Sociology, Universitat Autonoma
                                                                 1BICJHB 2BIC1DSE, 2BICCFB, 2BICJFFM, ethnic relationships, sociology Associate
                                                                                           Sociology in Catalonia. Drawing LAN009000, SOC000000,
This book presents the results of aand researchers in the fields of second generation migrantsSOC026000HIS045000,on in-depth biographical an
                          The book is aimed at an<b>Tom Brass</b>, development,2BICJPFC,and academic researchers at Cambridge University a
                                                     audience of undergraduate, postgraduatelectured in the SPS Faculty with an interest in agraria
                                                                 1BICJH       2BICJHBA, Sociology2BICKCF
                                                                                           of the        SOC002000SOC024000, POL005000, BUS038000
The object is to assess the validity, in the light of current economicD.Phil (1982) formerlyepistemology structuring different historical interpret
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            viii,                                                      May 2011 Africa-Europe Group for       Oestigaard (eds.)
In production 390 pp.Paperback EUR 59.00 US$ 81.00 Ton Dietz, Kjell Havnevik, Mayke Kaag, Terje 7 Interdisciplinary Studies
In production 484 pp.                                                                                       of
                        Hardback EUR 161.00US$ 221.00László Török Sep-11 Culture and History 53 the Ancient Near East
In production 232 pp.Hardback EUR 99.00 US$ 135.00Erik H. Cohen Sep-11 Jewish Identities in a Changing World18
            approx. 450Hardback EUR 143.00US$ 196.00Edited by Knut A. Jacobsen Indological Library
In production            pp.                                               Sep-11 Brill's                   37
            approx. 850Hardback EUR 244.00US$ 334.00Edited by Knut A. Jacobsen (Editor-in-Chief), <i>University of Bergen</i>
In production            pp.                                                                             22/3
                                                                           Sep-11 Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 2 South As
            approx. 400Hardback EUR 140.00US$ 192.00
In production            pp.                                               Sep-11
            approx. 390Hardback EUR 115.00US$ 158.00Edited by Roy Starrs
In production            pp.                                               Aug-11
In production x, 320 pp.Hardback EUR 121.00US$ 166.00N. Serina Chan Sep-11 Modern Chinese Philosophy         4
In production           Hardback EUR 108.00US$ 148.00J. Schrickx                                            in
                                                                           Sep-11 Amsterdam Studies 19 Classical Philology
Available                                                              May 2011 Proceedings of the Boston   26
                        Paperback EUR 89.00 US$ 121.00Edited by Gary M. Gurtler, S.J. & William Wians Area Colloquium in An
In production           Hardback EUR 93.00 US$ 127.00Denver Graninger                                        and
                                                                       July 2011 Brill Studies in Greek 1 Roman Epigraphy
In production                                                              S                                the
                        Hardback EUR 176.00US$ 241.00Caitlín E. Barrett ep-11 Columbia Studies in 36 Classical Tradition
In production           Hardback EUR 93.00 US$ 127.00Paul Curtis           Aug-11 Mnemosyne, Supplements  333
In production pp.       Hardback EUR 121.00US$ 166.00Andrew E. Larsen                                       40
                                                                           Sep-11 Education and Society in the Middle Ages and Re
In production pp.                                                                                           43
                        Hardback EUR 121.00US$ 166.00Carolina Carl Aug-11 The Medieval and Early Modern Iberian World
In production pp.                                                      July 2011 Mittellateinische Studien und Texte
                        Hardback EUR 128.00US$ 176.00eingeleitet und herausgegeben von Bernd Schneider und Christina Meck
In production pp.       Hardback EUR 121.00US$ 166.00Shami Ghosh Aug-11 The Northern World54
            approx. 544Hardback EUR 149.00US$ 204.00Mark Somos Sep-11
In production            pp.
            approx. 483Hardback 12 illustrations) 177.00Fiammetta Palladini Brill's Studies in Intellectual History
In production            pp. (incl. EUR 129.00US$                          Sep-11                         204
            approx. 246Hardback EUR 99.00 US$ 136.00Edited by Martin Mulsow
In production            pp.                                           October 2011                       203
                                                                                    Brill's Studies in Intellectual History
            approx. 310Hardback EUR 99.00 US$ 136.00Edited by Gabriela Signori Studies in Intellectual History
In production            pp.                                           October 2011 Brill's               206
            approx. 288Hardback EUR 99.00 US$ 136.00Willemijn Ruberg. Translated by Maria and History Series
In production            pp.                                               Sep-11 Egodocuments Sherwood-Smith4
            approx. 436Hardback EUR 129.00US$ 177.00Jessica DijkmanAug-11 Global Economic History Series
In production            pp., approx. 14 figures & 11 tables                                                 8
            approx. 320Hardback EUR 99.00 US$ 136.00Zur Shalev
In production            pp.                                                                              and
                                                                           Sep-11 History of Science22/1 Medicine Library
            approx. 240Hardback EUR 99.00 US$ 136.00Richard J. Ninness
In production            pp.                                                                                53
                                                                           Sep-11 Studies in Central European Histories
In production pp.       Hardback EUR 105.00US$ 144.00Bertrand G. Ramcharan Sep-11
In production                                                          October 2011 Paul Minderhoud
                                                                                    and                     24
                        Hardback EUR 133.00US$ 182.00Edited by Elspeth Guild Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy in Europ
In production pp.                                                                                           33
                        Hardback EUR 161.00US$ 221.00Arist von Hehn Aug-11 International Humanitarian Law Series
In production                                                          October 2011 Nottingham Studies on Human Rights
                        Hardback EUR 99.00 US$ 136.00Michael O’Flaherty, George Ulrich, Amrei Müller and Zdzisław Kędzia
In production                                                          July Vidas,
                        Hardback EUR 173.00US$ 237.00Edited by Davor2011 <i>The Fridtjof Nansen Institute</i>, and Peter Jo
            xxxiv, 534 pp.
In production                                                              Sep-11
                        Hardback EUR 161.00US$ 221.00Patrick H.G. Vrancken, <i>Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University</i>
In production 546 pp.                                                      Aug-11 Publications Diego</i>    69
                        Hardback EUR 155.00US$ 212.00Jorge A. Vargas, <i>University of Sanon Ocean Development
            approx 680 Hardback EUR 359.00US$ 492.00Edited by the Union of InternationalInternational Organizations
In production           pp.                                                Sep-11 Yearbook of Associations
            approx. 300Hardback EUR 110.00US$ 151.00edited by Ali Asghar Seyed-Gohrab
In production            pp.                                               Nov-11 Iran Studies               6
            Approx. 352 pp.
In production                                                          October Islamic History and Civilization
                        Hardback EUR 128.00US$ 175.00Sean W. Anthony 2011                                   91
In production                                                              A
                        Paperback EUR 88.00 US$ 121.00By Abel A. Alves ug-11 Human-Animal Studies           13
In production           Hardback EUR 99.00 US$ 136.00David J. Wertheim     Sep-11 Jewish and Christian21     Perspectives Series
            x,                      EUR 128.00US$ 175.00Edited by Jean- Sébastien Rey and Jan Joosten
In production 354 pp. Cloth with dustjacket                                                               150
                                                                       June 2011 Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Juda
In production                       EUR 99.00
                        Cloth with dustjacket US$ 136.00Baynes                                            152
                                                                           Sep-11 Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Juda
            Approximately 230 pp. EUR 99.00 US$ 135.00Edited by Bob Becking Studies in Theology 15 Religion
In production           Hardback                                           Aug-11                           and
            Vol.        Hardback EUR 239.00US$                         October 2011 Emmanuel Tov, Matthias Weigold,
In production 1: xvi, 456 pp. with dustjacket 340.00Edited by Armin Lange, Vetus Testamentum, Supplements and Bennie H
In production pp.                                                          Sep-11 Numen Seth Series 36
                        Hardback EUR 99.00 US$ 135.00By Daniel Dubuisson (transl. by Book Cherney)        1
In production                                                              Sep-11 Numen Book Series 35
                        Hardback EUR 121.00US$ 166.00by James Alexander Kapaló                            1
            approx. 1504 pp.
In production                                                              Sep-11 Historical Materialism Book Series
                        Hardback EUR 199.00US$ 283.00Edited and translated by John Riddell                  34
            approx. 170Hardback EUR 89.00 US$ 122.00Edited by Amado Alarcón and Luis Garzón 121 Sociology and Social Anth
In production            pp.                                               Sep-11 International Studies in
            approx. 352Hardback EUR 99.00 US$ 136.00Tom Brass
In production            pp.                                                                                35
                                                                           Sep-11 Studies in Critical Social Sciences
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