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									Graduate Catalog                                                                    College of Arts and Sciences 119
                                                              System (IELTS). A total score of 80 on the iBT TOEFL or
English                                                       6.3 overall on the IELTS is required.
Carmela Pinto McIntire, Associate Professor and                  5. Two letters of recommendation from undergraduate
  Chairperson                                                 or graduate professors;
St. George Tucker Arnold, Associate Professor                    6. A personal essay;
Joan L. Baker, Associate Professor                               7. Those who might be chosen for teaching
Lynne Barrett, Professor                                      assistantships will be interviewed by at least one member
Lynn M. Berk, Professor                                       of the committee.
Greg Bowe, Assistant Professor and Director of
                                                              Degree Requirements
  Undergraduate Writing
Gisela Casines, Associate Professor and Associate             The Master’s degree program consists of 30 semester
  Dean                                                        hours of course work at a graduate level (course numbers
Maneck Daruwala, Associate Professor                          5000 or above) and a thesis (6 credits). A maximum of six
Carole Boyce Davies, Professor                                semester hours may be transferred into the program
John Dufresne, Professor                                      subject to the approval of the graduate committee.
Denise Duhamel, Assistant Professor                           Required Courses
Peggy Endel, Associate Professor                              ENG 5048          Literary Theory                          3
Mary Free, Associate Professor and Associate                  LIT 5405          Literature, Language and Society         3
  Chairperson                                                 Electives: A maximum of 24 semester hours (5000 or
James Hall, Professor                                         6000) level may be taken at either campus.
Kimberly Harrison, Assistant Professor                        Thesis: LIT 6970 Master’s Thesis                           6
Bruce Harvey, Associate Professor                               The student must complete a research thesis. The topic
Marilyn Hoder-Salmon, Associate Professor                     must be approved by the faculty member who will
Tometro Hopkins, Associate Professor                          supervise the research and then by the Graduate
Kenneth Johnson, Associate Professor and Assistant            Committee. The thesis will be accepted only after being
  Vice President of Academic Affairs                          read and approved by a Reading Committee. An oral
Anna Luzczynska, Assistant Professor                          defense is required before the Reading Committee.
Kathleen McCormack, Associate Professor                         Below is a list of graduate courses that are offered by
Campbell McGrath, Associate Professor                         the English Department in addition to those offered in the
Kathryn McKinley, Associate Professor                         Creative Writing and Linguistics programs. Graduate
Phil Marcus, Professor                                        standing is required for admission into all graduate
Asher Z. Milbauer, Associate Professor and Director of        courses.
  Graduate Studies in Literature
Meri-Jane Rochelson, Associate Professor                      Course Descriptions
Richard Schwartz Professor
Lester Standiford, Professor and Director of Creative
                                                              Definition of Prefixes
  Writing Program                                             AML - American Literature; CRW-Creative Writing; ENG-
                                                              English-General; ENL-English Literature; LIN - Linguistics;
Richard Sugg, Professor
James Sutton, Associate Professor
Ellen Thompson, Assistant Professor                           AML 5305 Major American Literary Figures (3). Each
Dan Wakefield, Writer in Residence and Lecturer               section will consider the lifework of several authors such
Donald Watson, Professor                                      as Hawthorne, Melville, Whitman, Twain, James, Faulkner,
Donna Weir, Assistant Professor                               Mailer, Wright, Baldwin. May be repeated.
Feryal Yavas, Lecturer and Director of the Linguistics        AML 5505 Periods in American Literature (3). The
  Program                                                     literature and criticism of one specified period of American
Mehmet Yavas, Professor                                       literature, such as Colonial, Federal, Transcendental,
The English Department offers three graduate degree           Antebellum, and Twentieth Century. May be repeated with
programs: Creative Writing, Linguistics and Literature. The   change of period.
descriptions of the Creative Writing and the Linguistics
                                                              CRW 6806 Teaching Creative Writing (3). The course
programs can be found under their respective headings in
                                                              will prepare graduate students (and teachers from
this catalog.
                                                              secondary schools and community colleges) to teach
Master of Arts in English                                     introductory classes and workshops in Creatice Writing.
                                                              Students will observe and participate in the depaartment’s
To be admitted into the Master’s program in English, a        CRW 2001 courses. Prerequisites: CRW 3111, 3311, or
student must meet the University’s graduate admission         graduate standing, or permission of instructor.
requirements and have:
  1. A bachelor’s degree in English or a related field;       ENG 5009 Literary Criticism and Scholarship (3).
  2. A minimum 3.0 undergraduate grade point average;         Techniques and goals of humanistic research,
  3. A combination of 1000 (verbal and quantitative) on       bibliography, and critical commentary.
the GRE;                                                      ENG 5018 Practical Criticism (3). Applies various critical
  4. International graduate student applicants whose          theories - e.g. the formalistic, historical, structural,
native language is not English are required to submit a       archetypal, sociological, etc. - to specific literary
score for the Test of English as a Foreign Language           productions.
(TOEFL) or for the International English Language Testing
120 College of Arts and Sciences                                                                        Graduate Catalog
ENG 5026 Advanced Textual Reading (3). The study of             English Literature, such as Medieval, Renaissance,
selected texts for interpretation from different critical and   Victorian, Twentieth Century, and Contemporary. May be
theoretical perspectives. May be repeated. Prerequisite:        repeated with change of period.
Admission to the graduate program in English or by
                                                                LIN 5019 Metaphor, Language, and Literature (3).
Permission of the instructor.
                                                                Examines nature of metaphor as a cognitive phenomenon;
ENG 5048 Literary Theory (3). An introduction to issues         how we use metaphor to conceptualize basic physical and
in the nature of literature, the philosophy of criticism, and   cultural notions; role of cognitive metaphor in literature.
methods of interpretation. The theoretical foundations for      Prerequisites: LIN 3013 or LIN 5018.
literary study. Prerequisites: Admission to the graduate
                                                                LIN 5211 Applied Phonetics (3). Study of sounds and
program in English or by permission of the instructor.
                                                                suprasegmentals of English. Comparison of phonetic
ENG 5058 Form and Theory of Contemporary                        features of English with those of other languages.
Literature (3). Various approaches and theories of              Universal constraints and markedness in learning
practice in the major genres of imaginative writing,            second/foreign language pronunciation. Prerequisites: LIN
including development and articulation of the creative          3010, LIN 3013, or LIN 5018 or the equivalent.
esthetic. May be repeated. Prerequisite: Permission of the
                                                                LIT 5358 Black Literature and Literary/Cultural Theory
                                                                (3). Examines 20C. black literary critical thought. Students
ENG 5907 Independent Study (VAR). Individual                    interrogate cultural theories and literary texts from African,
conferences, assigned readings, reports on independent          Caribbean, African-American, Black British and Afro-
investigations, with the consent of the chairperson.            Brazilian communities. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.
ENG 5950 Special Project in English (1-3). Pursuit of           LIT 5359 African Diaspora Women Writers (3). Study of
projects involving relationship of profession to university     black women writers from throughout the Diaspora from
and/or community and/or research issues in pedagogy,            the early 19th century to present. Prerequisite: Graduate
literature, or other areas.     Prerequisites: Consent of       standing.
Graduate Director or Department Chair. Corequisite:
                                                                LIT 5363 Literary Movements (3). Individual sections will
Consent of project supervisor.
                                                                study the authors, works, and audiences involved in such
ENG 5971 Thesis and Dissertation Workshop (3). A                phenomena as Humanism, Mannerism, Romanticism,
workshop providing practice in the type of writing,             Symbolism, the Harlem Renaissance, and others. May be
research, and analytical skills required for successful         repeated.
graduate study. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.
                                                                LIT 5405 Literature, Society, and Language (3). This
ENG 6909 Independent Study (VAR). Individual                    seminar explores language’s relationship to social
conferences, assigned readings, reports on independent          formation, specifically as it applies to the relationship
investigations, with the consent of the Chairperson.            between literature and social groups and institutions.
                                                                Prerequisites: Admission to the graduate program in
ENG 6935 Special Topics in College Pedagogy (3). The
                                                                English or by permission of the instructor.
pedagogy of teaching a designated area of college and
university English, such as Shakespeare, American               LIT 5426 Authors in their Times (3). A focus on one or
literature, film studies, creative writing, or linguistics.     more designated authors and the biographical, political
Course content and organization to be determined by the         and historical context in which they wrote, using current
individual professor. Course does not meet certification        critical and historical approaches. May be repeated.
requirements.                                                   Prerequisites: Admission to the graduate program in
                                                                English or by permission of the instructor.
ENG 6937 Teaching College Composition (3). A
seminar-workshop introducing the pedagogy of academic           LIT 5486 Literature: Continuity and Change (3).
and professional writing courses at the university and          Explores the development of a particular literary genre,
college level, to include traditional rhetoric, writing as      ideological concept, or cultural tradition over a broad
process, the modes of discourse, and post-structuralist         period of time. May be repeated. Prerequisites: Admission
theory. Course does not meet certification requirements.        to the graduate program in English or by permission of the
Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Corequisite: College           instructor.
composition practicum.
                                                                LIT 5487 Texts and Culture (3). The study of the
ENG 6942 College Composition Practicum (1). Practical           relationship between specified texts and an historically,
experience in the teaching of English at the university and     socially, or conceptually defined culture, such as Vietnam
college level through supervised activities to include          War Narratives, Jewish Literature, or Postmodernism. May
tutorials, evaluating, and commenting on student essays,        be repeated. Prerequisites: Admission to the graduate
supervised classroom discussion and teaching. Course            program in English or by permission of the instructor.
does not meet certification requirements.
                                                                LIT 5934 Special Topics (3). A course designed to give
ENL 5220 Major British Literary Figures (3). Each               groups of students an opportunity to pursue special
section will consider the lifework of an author such as         studies not otherwise offered. May be repeated.
Chaucer, Spenser, Milton, Pope, Wordsworth, Dickens,
                                                                LIT 6934 Special Topics (3). A course designed to give
Browning, Joyce, or others. May be repeated.
                                                                groups of students an opportunity to pursue special
ENL 5505 Periods in English Literature (3). The                 studies not otherwise offered. May be repeated.
literature and criticism regarding one specified period of
Graduate Catalog                                              College of Arts and Sciences 121
LIT 6935 Master’s Colloquium (3). Individual sections
study a specific literary topic, selected and presented
jointly by several faculty members. May be repeated.
Prerequisites: Admission to the graduate program in
English or by permission of the instructor.
LIT 6970 Master’s Thesis (1-6). A thesis is required of all
graduate students of English, to be written in the final
semester done under the supervision of a faculty member.
Prerequisites: Admission to the graduate program in
English and by permission of the supervising faculty.

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