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									                                 June 1, 2010 Cliffnotes

Molly Hatchet “Justice”
(SMH-CD-308232/693723308234) 6/1/10 AQ/16.98 IO: 4,000
                          st     nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 650 2 550 3 350
(SMH-LP-308231/693723082318) 6/1/10 CT/24.98 IO: 200
                          st    nd    rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 75 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: Jacksonville, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington
DC, Orlando, Boston, Tampa
Home Market: Jacksonville
Selling Points:
     Justice is marked by hot Southern rock that could hardly be more powerful and diverse.
     First studio album in 5 years
     The single ―Fly on Wings of Angels‖ is dedicated to young Florida murder victim Somer
     Molly Hatchet will play around 150 shows in the USA/Canada in 2010
Related Soundscan: Molly Hatchet ―Warriors of the Rainbow Bridge‖ (STMH/693723703923
5/24/05) 8,618

Howard Jones “Ordinary Heroes” (DTO-CD-762/5037300762685) 6/1/10 IO: 1,000
                           st     nd       rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: New York, L.A. Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia
Home Market: UK
Selling Points:
     This is the album that fans have been waiting for. Written and recorded over the past two
        years, ―Ordinary Heroes‖ is being regarded as Jones‘s best album in 20 years.
     To launch the album the track ―Love Never Wasted‖ was made available as a free
        download from Jones‘s website ( but also from many other sites
        including P2P sites.
     The album features a string quartet on every track and focuses on Jones as a songwriter.
        The album celebrates the heroism of people in everyday life.
     Tour later in the year (October)
Related Soundscan: Howard Jones ―Revolution of the Heart‖ (KOC-CD-9612/099923961222
9/6/05) 3,864

Stick to Your Guns “The Hope Division” (SUM-CD-31/894587001310) 6/1/10 IO: 7,000
                           st        nd       rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 2,000 2 1,300 3 800
Key Markets: San Diego, San Antonio, Anaheim, Houston, Las Vegas, Allentown, Seattle,
Dallas, Raleigh, Phoenix
Home Market: Anaheim, CA / Orange County, CA
Selling Points:
     Stick to Your Guns has proven to be one of the hardest working bands there is today.
        The Hope Division is the record to usher in a new decade of metal and hardcore with
        faith and passion of a new tomorrow.
     The band is headlining during album‘s release in top markets
     Supporting Born of Osiris and Asking Alexandria as part of the Thrash and Burn Tour this
        summer starting in July.
     Supported in the past year Unearth, Emmure, Winds of Plague, Parkway Drive, Darkest
        Hour, and more.
Related Soundscan: Stick to Your Guns ―Comes From the Heart‖ (CEME/727701848525
5/13/08) 16,078
Forgiven Rival “This is War” (IDI-CD-1044/895870001444) 6/1/10 IO: 500
                           st    nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: Atlanta GA, Jacksonville FL, Daytona Beach FL, Mobile AL, Austin TX, Houston
TX, Chattanooga TN, Charleston SC
Home Market: Australia
Selling Points:
     Anchored in the aggression of bands like Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying while
        channeling the pop sensibility of Story of the Year and Cartel, Australia‘s Forgiven Rival
        are quickly gaining momentum and drawing the attention of international audiences,
        sharing the stage with UnderOath, Story Of The Year, Escape The Fate, Haste The Day,
        Blessed by a Broken Heart, The Audition, Parkway Drive, Silverstein, Project 86, THSD,
        Sights and Sounds, Boys Night Out, MxPx, I Killed The Prom Queen, The Getaway Plan,
        and more.
     The band has played with a who‘s who list of contemporary metal and punk acts creating
        a strong buzz.
     For fans of Killswitch Engage, In Flames, and As I Lay Dying.
Related Soundscan: And Then There Was You ―What Doesn‘t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger‖ (IDI-
CD-1043/895870001437 10/13/09) 327

Moe. “Smash Hits Volume 1” (FBY-CD-6656/650869665621) 6/1/10 IO: 2,500
                           st      nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 750 2 400 3 250
Key Markets: Denver, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Philadelphia
Home Market: New York
Selling Points:
     From modest beginnings in a Buffalo basement over two decades ago to today‘s
        multifaceted success, the members of moe have never lost sight of the earnest,
        elemental goals that they aspired to from their very first show: to deliver honest, heartfelt
        music and to ensure the audience has a good time.
     Moe is known for their intricate studio work. Throughout its career moe has defied music
        industry odds. The band continues to improve upon its success during the most difficult
        time the music industry has faced while remaining one of its premier (independent) bands
        in the world.
     Moe is touring in support of ―Smash Hits‖ throughout the rest of the year. They will be
        appearing across the country as well as Japan.
Related Soundscan: moe ―Dr. Stan‘s Prescription Vol. 2‖ (FBY-CD-6654/650869665423
2/10/09) 2,894

Bullet For My Valentine Tribute- “String Tribute to Bullet For My Valentine Vol 2” (CCE-CD-
9246/ 707541924696) IO: 1,000 AL/ 12.98
                          st     nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia,
Boston, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego
Selling Points:
     Metal stars Bullet have sold over 2 million albums worldwide
     Timed to coincide with new release
Related Soundscan/ comparable: Bullet Tribute Vol 1 (CCE-CD-9644) 3,500 units

Justin Bieber Tribute- “Piano Tribute to Justin Bieber” (CCE-CD-9247/ 707541924795)
IO: 1,000 AK/ 11.98
                          st     nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia,
Boston, Minneapolis, Denver, Houston, Seattle, Miami, San Diego, Phoenix
Selling Points:
     Bieber has over 2 million sales (Soundscan) in the last 2 years
    Timed to coincide with new release and tour
Related Soundscan/ comparable: Justin Timberlake Tribute (CCE-CD-8877) 3,100 units

MR. CAPONE-E “The Blue Album” (HPO-CD-2149/8093672114927) IO: 6,000 AR/17.98
                          st        nd       rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 1,500 2 1000 3 900
Key Markets: Albuquerque, NM; Los Angeles, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Salt Lake City, UT; Sacramento-
Stockton, CA; Denver, CO; Seattle-Tacoma, WA; SF-Okland-San Jose; Portland, OR; Colorado
Springs-Pueblo, CO
Home Market: Los Angeles, CA
Selling Points:
     All new music from Mr. Capone-e
     Soundscan history of over 300k
     Full online marketing and street team campaign
     Track Listing
           1. Born Leader U Envy
           2. Blue-tiful County of L.A.
           3. Go Hard or go home
           4. That‘s how we grew up
           5. Upstate Vacation
           6. Sureno bang
           7. Rep it like you should
           8. Exposing the game
           9. Blue rag
           10. Like my watch "Watch it talk"
           11. True Blue roll call
           12. Don't cross our path
           13. Boy in blue
           14. Misty blue
           15. Streets of America preview feat
Related Soundscan: Mr. Capone-e ―Diary Of A G‖ (HPO 8/25/09) 7,716

YUKMOUTH “Free At Last” (RBC-CD-91/893589001915) I.O. 6,000 AS/18.98
                          st        nd        rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 1500 2 1000 3 800
Key Markets: LA, SF-Oakland-San Jose, Sacramento CA, Seattle WA, Kansas City, DC,
Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas
Home Market: SF-Oakland-San Jose, Currently Resides in LA
Selling Points:
     Member of platinum selling rap duo The Luniz with Numskill
     Soundscan history as a solo artists over 600k
     Full online and grassroots marketing (,,,…)
     Consumer advertising:
           o TV- 25k BET and MTV2
           o Online advertising- 10k
           o Print Ads- Murder Dog, Ozone, XXL
     Track Listing
                1. Free At Last ft. Country Black
                2. The Life ft. Ya Boy/Jay Rock/London
                3. Laughin @ U Clownz
                4. 2-11 ft. L.E.P. Bogus Boys
                5. She Want It ft. Rankin Scroo
                6. Smell It On Me ft. Gudda Gudda/ Titty Boy/D-Golder
                7. 100 Brick Boy ft. Lucci
                8. Lets Get It Lets Go ft. Lil Hyfe/Ampichino/Lee Majors/Tha
             Realest/Freeze/Rah-Mean/Matt Blaque
             9. Bang-Bang
             10. Shine ft. Messy Marv/Choppa City
             11. The West Iz Back ft. Roccett/2-Eleven
             12. Rise 2 The Top
             13. That‘s Outta Here ft. Mistah Fab/Chop Black
             14. The Hard Way ft. Jannine-V
             15. So Trill ft. Lil Hyfe/Dru Down
             16. Pac-Man
             17. Smokin Treez ft. Curren$y/Chop Black
             18. Hubba Rocks ft. StevieJoe/Philthy Rich/Lee Majors
             19. Da Town Remix ft. Richie Rich/Beeda-Weeda/AgerMan/
Related Soundscan: YUKMOUTH ―West Coast Don‖ (RBC 7/14/09) 7,826

LALA “Lala Land” (RBC-CD-90) I.O. 6,000 AM/13.98
                            st        nd    rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 1500 2 800 3 600
Key Markets: LA, Sacramento, Phoenix, SF-Oakland, Albuquerque, Fresno CA, New York, San
Diego, Denver
Home Market: Los Angeles, CA
Selling Points:
     La La has had a significant amount of exposure on MTV Tr3s and their TRL program
        reaching #1 twice (Beating Rihanna, Lady Gaga and more!).
     Her MySpace page has some of the most dedicated fans with over 9 MILLION plays and
        36,000 fan comments.
     La La Land is Executive Produced by of the most prominent producers today with Tricky
        Stewart (Rihanna, Britney Spears, Madonna) guiding the direction and vibe of the album.
     La La‘s videos have collectively garnered nearly 5,000,000 views on YouTube with many
        fans making their own ―Homegurlz‖ dedication videos.
     Album features The Game, Fat Joe and others…also includes single ―Do It Like Me‖ &
        remixes to the hit singles ―Homegurlz‖ & ―Sprung On A Thug
     For fans who like Thalia, Salena, Lumidee, Nina Sky…
     Tour & Appearances:
            o April, 24 2010 02:00 PM - Knotts Berry Farm Theme Park
            o April, 28 2010 06:00 PM – Salazar‟s in Oxnard
            o April, 30 2010 08:00 PM – KCAQ Event
            o May, 5 2010 12:00 PM – Los Angeles Cinco De Mayo Event
            o May, 9 2010 12:00 PM – Local High School Tour
            o May, 13 2010 12:00 PM – Local High School Tour
            o May, 21 2010 01:00 PM – Local High School Tour
            o May, 23 2010 02:00 PM - Knotts Berry Farm Theme Park
     TV Advertisement flight plan 5/25-6/8
        Market               Dates       Len Spots System(s)
        Los Angeles, CA 5/25- 6/8 :30 14x             Comcast Interconnect
        Sacramento           5/25- 6/8 :30 14x        Comcast
        Dallas, TX           5/25- 6/8 :30 14x        Comcast
        El Paso, TX          5/25- 6/8 :30 14x        Comcast
        San Diego, CA        5/25- 6/8 :30 14x        Comcast Interconnect
        Las Vegas, NV        5/25- 6/8 :30 14x        Comcast Interconnect
        Houston, TX          5/25- 6/8 :30            NCC-Interconnect

Related Soundscan: Thalia ―Thalia En Primera Fila‖ (SML 11/17/09) 36,432
Krayzie Bone “Fixtape Vol. 3” (RBC-CD-87/893589001878) I.O. 8,000 AS/18.98
                           st        nd       rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 2000 2 1000 3 700
Key Markets: LA, Cleveland OH, Washington DC, Chicago IL, New York NY, Atlanta GA,
Phoenix AZ, Seattle WA, SF-Okland
Home Market: Cleveland OH and Los Angeles CA
Selling Points:
     Krayzie Bone has scanned well over 1 Million units in his solo career
     The first two ―Fixtape‖ Volumes scanning over 25K to date
     Krayzie Bone next solo project titled ―Lyrical Paraphernalia‖
     Bone Thugs-n-Harmony sold over 20 million records
     After numerous line up changes, Bone is back in a big way.
     Bone Thugs-n-Harmony next album ―Uni-5‖ will be the first album over decade that
        features ALL of the original members
     A full original music video will be shot and serviced to online outlets for promotion and ex
        posure regarding the release of the album.
     The album covers and release date will be tagged prior to and before the video‘s run.
     Grass roots online marketing campaign targeting message boards, webblogs and chat ro
     Online publicity targets including:,,,,
        m,, and others…
     Consumer Advertising
            o Print: full page ads in Murder Dog, XXL, The Source, and Ozone in back to back
            o Television: $25k towards TV campaign with :30 second spots targeting BET, MT
                V2, Fuse, ESPN, and Comedy Central.
            o Online Advertising: Huge $10K online marketing campaign that will strategically
                place banner ads on various websites.
     Track Listing
            o Scrape The Block
            o SUICIDE
            o One Life
            o My Street Blues
            o Ain‘t Gon Save Em
            o Hard To Let Go
            o What Have I Become (Troubled)
            o Conversations By Myself
            o Let It all Go
            o Whatcha Gon Do For Me
            o What Have We Done

Related Soundscan: Krayzie Bone ―Fix: Just One Mo Hit‖ (RBC 3/24/09) 11,318

Amad Jamal “Barely Hangin On….” (ABB-CD-89018/671678901826) I.O. 500 AL/12.98
                          st       nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, WA
Home Market: LA
Selling Points:
         Single ―Believe‖ ft. Dilated Peoples produced by Brisk One
         Guest Appearances from Dilated Peoples, Defari, Doc One, Mayya Lady Dragon,
           D.U., Mean Green, Dirty Twan, Gotham Green
         For fans of Dilated Peoples, Beat Junkies, Souls of Mischief, Little Brother, and Mos
         Sampler:
         ―Best of Amad-Jamal‖ Playlists featured on all major social network sites. ―Barely
          Hangin‘ On: listening parties in Key Markets.
        College Radio & Internet Promotions, Interviews, Music Videos promoted online &
          off, Remix/ User-generated contests.
        New Media Content (video, mp3s, e-cards, widgets, etc.) distributed directly to Amad-
          Jamal‘s fan network.
        Traditional and non-traditional retail programs in conjunction with major chains, indie
          stores and lifestyle accounts.
        Various live shows throughout the West Coast and upcoming tour currently being
          planned. Incorporation of local radio, TV, media and lifestyle activities at applicable
          tour stops. Sponsorship and branded product placement opportunities in conjunction
          with tour stops.
        Traditional and non-traditional retail programs in conjunction with major chains, indie
          stores and lifestyle accounts.
        Social Links: Artist Website:,
 Label Website:
        Write-up on key urban tastemaker sites…
        Track Listing:
               1. Intro
               2. We
               3. Rodney King
               4. Believe The ft. Dilated Peoples
               5. Goin Postal
               6. Beautiful Hardcore
               7. The Pros ft. Doc One
               8. Stop Clowin‘ Around ft. Maaya Ota aka Lady Dragon
               9. On Point ft. Doc One
               10. Boy Meets Girl
               11. Spreak Love ft. D.U.
               12. Hood Tales ft. Mean Green
               13. Regardless ft. Defari Herut
               14. Interlude
               15. Ger Peace ft. Dirty Twan & Gotham Green
               16. Outro
Related Soundscan: Dilated Peoples ―20/20‖ (CAP 2/21/06) 56,407
                     Defari ―Street Music‖ (ABB 08/08/06) 3,832

Charles Wilson “That Girl Belongs To Me” (MUI-CD-41177/884502711775) I.O. 2,000
                             st     nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 300 2 200 3 150
Key Markets: Jackson MS, Memphis TN, Portland OR, Richmond VA, Washington DC, Detroit
MI, Greenville-Ashvll, Little Rock AR, Kansas City, Columbia SC
Home Market:
Selling Points:
     Featured Willie Clayton and Mel Waters
     See one sheet for marketing details
     See one sheet for track listing

Related Soundscan:      Charles Wilson ―After Party‖ (CDSR 9/18/09) 1,280
                        Willie Clayton ―Love, Romance & Respect‖ (MUI 10/6/9) 2,735

Starfish “Enter Sandbox” (WOR-CD-1012/826217101220) 6/1/10 IO: 500
                            st    nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: New York
Home Market: New York
Selling Points:
     Music produced for children can usually be segregated into one of two categories: songs
        that are more like commercials for popular television programs, movies, and toys or
        acoustic guitar oriented Americana. Starfish does not fit in either. With ―Enter Sandbox‖
        Starfish channels a time when rock ruled the airwaves and bands like Metallica, Pearl
        Jam, Van Halen, and Bon Jovi were selling millions of records. Providing nostalgia for
        parents while giving children a primer on how to rock, Starfish is going to save rock & roll
        one kid at a time.
     ―Starfish Stomp‖ will be included in the next Putumayo Kids compilation ―Rock & Roll
     The band consistently plays schools, festivals, and family oriented venues across the
Related Soundscan: Starfish ―Rocks‖ (CDBY/884501024471 8/12/08) 37

Vs. the Earth “The Initiative” (TEI-CD-15/850928002156) 6/1/10 IO: 1,000
                            st    nd       rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 250 2 150 3 100
Key Markets: Mid Atlantic Region
Home Market: Baltimore, MD
Selling Points:
     Vs. the Earth is a rock act from the mid-Atlantic region that has a unique sound. They
        combine guitar driven rhythm, real lyrical content, and infectious hook and melody to
        make a musical style unequaled in the region. VTE‘s exciting stage presence and high
        energy live set make them an act not to be missed.
     VTE is a four piece band that performs over 300 shows per year.
     Vs. the Earth has played with national acts such as the Gin Blossoms, Quiet Riot, Fuel,
        Caroline Spine, Eve 6, Everclear, Sister Hazel, Jimmy‘s Chicken Shack, Nine Days, SR-
        71, Kix, Breaking Benjamin, Michelle Branch, and Kenny Chesney.
     The band‘s growing fan base has landed them in MySpace‘s top 100 indie artists in 2009
        for two different genres.
     VTE has just wrapped their highly anticipated music video for their new single ―Better Off
        Dead‖. The video features reality TV show star Mindy Hall from VH1‘s ―Rock of Love‖.
Related Soundscan: Vs. the Earth ―The Initiative‖ (CDBY 7/17/07) 250

Atlanta Rhythm Section “Anthology – Greatest & Latest” (CLP-CD-9148/741157914825)
6/1/10 IO: 300
                          st    nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 10 2 10 3 10
Key Markets: Jacksonville, Atlanta, Knoxville, Los Angeles, SF-Oakland-San Jose
Home Market: Atlanta GA
Selling Points:
     Southern Rock heroes Atlanta Rhythm Section return with a brand new batch of studio
     Includes amazing new versions of the band‘s biggest hits ―Hold on Loosely,‖ ―So Into
        You‖ and ―Spooky‖ plus brand new cover versions of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bachman Turner
        Overdrive, ZZ Top as well as 3 new original compositions.
Related Soundscan: Atlanta Rhythm Section ―Anthology – Greatest & Latest‖ (CLP-CD-1820/
741157182026 5/15/07) 1,346
Various Artists “This is Progressive Trance” (CLP-CD-9149/741157914924) 6/1/10 IO: 300
                          st    nd    rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 10 2 10 3 10
Key Markets: Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Seattle-Tacoma, SF-Oakland-San Jose
Home Market: Various
Selling Points:
     A three disc, multi-media extravaganza featuring the hottest new sounds from the
        European trance club underground.
     2 audio discs of dance music plus a full length DVD of clubbers grooving to the sound of
        DJ Tiesto, Darude, Amoeba, Andy Hunter, Marc Dawn and more.
Related Soundscan: Various Artists ―This is Progressive Trance‖ (CLP-CD-1598/741157159820
1/31/06) 1,261

Various Artists “An „80‟s Metal Tribute to Journey” (CLP-CD-9150/741157915020) 6/1/10 IO:
                           st     nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 10 2 10 3 10
Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, SF-Oakland-San Jose
Home Market: San Francisco
Selling Points:
     An all-star line up of ‗80s metal legends - including Tommy Shaw (Styx), Mickey Thomas
        (Starship), Bobby Kimball (Toto), and others presents this superb tribute to the greatest
        arena rock band ever, Journey.
     Features spectacular versions of Journey‘s best such as ―Don‘t Stop Believin‘,‖ ―Separate
        Ways,‖ ―Open Arms‖ and more.
Related Soundscan: Various Artists ―An 80‘s Metal Tribute to Journey‖ (CLP-CD-
1635/741157163520 10/10/06) 4,169

MAYFIELD, Curtis: Curtis; MOF-CD-781 / 821797078160 - BC / 29.98 - I/O: 500; WK1: 50; WK
2: 50; WK: 3 50
Sales points
     The first solo album by the former leader of the Impressions, Curtis represented a
        musical apotheosis for Curtis Mayfield — indeed, it was practically the "Sgt. Pepper's"
        album of '70s soul, helping with its content and its success to open the whole genre to
        much bigger, richer musical canvases than artists had previously worked with.
     All of Mayfield's years of experience of life, music, and people were pulled together into a
        rich, powerful, topical musical statement that reflected not only the most up-to-date soul
        sounds of its period, finely produced by Mayfield himself, and the immediacy of the times
        and their political and social concerns, but also embraced the most elegant R&B sounds
        out of the past.
     As a producer, Mayfield embraced the most progressive soul sounds of the era,
        stretching them out compellingly on numbers like "Move on Up," but also drew on
        orchestral sounds (especially harps), to achieve some striking musical timbres (check out
        "Wild and Free"), and wove all of these influences, plus the topical nature of the songs,
        into a neat, amazingly lean whole.
     There was only one hit single off of this record, "(Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Down
        Below We're All Going to Go," which made number three, but the album as a whole was
        a single entity and really had to be heard that way.
DOOBIE BROTHERS: Takin' It To The Streets; MOF-SC-2043 / 821797204361 - BC / 29.98 -
I/O: 1000; WK1: 100       ; WK 2: 100; WK: 3: 100
Sales Points
     The group's first album with Michael McDonald marked a shift to a more mellow and self-
        consciously soulful sound for the Doobies, not all that different from what happened to
        Steely Dan — whence McDonald (and Jeff Baxter) had come — between, say, Can't Buy
        a Thrill and Pretzel Logic.
     They showed an ability to expand on the lyricism of Patrick Simmons and Baxter's writing
        on "Wheels of Fortune," while the title track introduced McDonald's white funk sound cold
        to their output, successfully. Simmons' "8th Avenue Shuffle" vaguely recalled "Black
        Water," only with an urban theme and a more self-consciously soul sound.
     "Rio" and "It Keeps You Runnin'" both manage to sound like Steely Dan tracks — and
        that's a compliment — while Tiran Porter's hauntingly beautiful "For Someone Special"
        was a pure soul classic right in the midst of all of these higher-energy pieces.
     Tom Johnston's "Turn It Loose" is a last look back to their earlier sound, while Simmons'
        "Carry Me Away" shows off the new interplay and sounds that were to carry the group
        into the 1980s, with gorgeous playing and singing all around.

LEGEND: THE VERY BEST OF TOWNES (SNP-CD-557 / 803415255726) AP/$15.98 I/O: 750
                      st   nd   rd
Projected SoundScan: 1 75 2 50 3 50


Since his death at the age of 52 in 1997, the reputation and popularity of Townes Van Zandt have grown greater by
the day. He left behind a musical legacy of some of the most beautifully crafted songs ever written and a legion of
ever growing grateful admirers. The solo tracks in this 2-CD collection cover Van Zandt's most creative period, when
he was recording for the Poppy and Tomato labels between 1968 and 1978. Most of his original output was recorded
during this decade and appeared on his first eight albums. All of his finest songs and performances are included here,
including 'Pancho And Lefty', ‗Tecumseh Valley‘, ‗For The Sake Of The Song‘ and 'If I Needed You.'

As a special bonus, this collection includes six duets with famous country artists, including Willie Nelson, Emmylou
Harris and Freddy Fender. These were recordings Townes made in the early nineties and later overdubbed by the
featured celebrities.

DING DONG PRESENTS VOLUME 1 (SNP-CD-559 / 803415255924) AP/$15.98 I/O: 500
                       st   nd   rd
Projected SoundScans: 1 50 2 25 3 25

The first in a series of key titles from the much loved Ding Dong Sun rock‟n‟roll collections which have never
                                          previously been available on CD.

Staying faithful to the wild original packaging each mid-price package contains two original albums on 2 discs with a

In the mid-eighties, Ding Dong, the legendary French Rock‘n‘Roll DJ, was allowed access to the Sun vaults in
Memphis, where he unearthed countless gems from this legendary label‘s catalogue including many previously
unheard or rare versions of tracks. He then complied these tracks into a series of seminal albums, which when they
were released introduced a new generation of music lovers to the tracks and created a new generation of rockabilly

The albums were only ever available on vinyl which is now almost impossible to find, but these double CD reissues
will give fans the chance to hear these tracks again.

The first volume of features the Rabbit Action and Rock A Billy Blues albums and includes tracks from Carl Perkins,
Junior Thompson, Gene Simmons, Jack Earls and Luke McDaniel.
OZRIC TENTACLES “ERPLAND” (SNP-CD-962 / 636551295628) AP/$15.98 I/O: 500
                       st   nd   rd
Projected SoundScans: 1 50 2 25 3 25

                                    LEGENDARY GIG ON DVD

One of the most influential bands to emerge from the UK‘s festival scene, the Ozrics layer ambient and ethereal
landscapes with freeform dub trips, incredible rave grooves and psychedelic progressive rock. It‘s an open exploration
of music and the soul.
For over 25 years, the Ozrics have experienced the vicissitudes of the rock and roll life. The band has flourished
through a number of line-up changes, spawned several side projects, created their own record label, put out close to
25 albums, scored a hit record and sold over a million albums world-wide. And yet, the basic motivation behind the
band‘s existence has never wavered. Their signature blend of hippy aesthetics and raver electronics with spiraling
guitars, textured waves of keyboard and midi samplers, and supergroovy bass and drum rhythms continues to delight
fans across the world to this day.
Erpland was the band‘s eighth release and was originally released in 1990 and is considered by many fans as one of
their finest works. The album has been remastered for this 2 disc set. Disc 2 is a DVD featuring the first authorized
released of the much sought after Brixton Fridge gig which has been lost for 20 years and only previously available on
bootlegged VHS tapes. The gig was recorded in May 1991 and features the classic line-up of Ed, Joie, Jon, Roly,
Merv and Paul Hankin.

STEVE HOWE “Trio Travelling” (HWS-CD-4 / 5065001227035) AP/$15.98 I/O:750 Projected
                 st    nd     rd
SoundScans: 1 75 2 50 3 50
For nearly 40 years, Steve Howe has been at the forefront of rock music as a model and inspiration for other guitarists
and musicians. He is perhaps best known as a member of the progressive rock group Yes and later in the reformed
The Steve Howe Trio features his son Dylan Howe, rightly acclaimed as one of the best drummers of his generation,
and keyboard maestro Ross Stanley on Hammond organ.
Recorded live in London UK and Canada 2008
1. Blue Bash / 2. Dream River / 3. Travelin‘ / 4. The Haunted Melody / 5. Tune Up /6. Siberian Khatru / 7. Mood For A
Day / 8. He Ain‘t Heavy, He‘s My Brother / 9: Momenta /10: Kenny‘s Sound / 11: Laughing With Larry / 12: Close To
The Edge

Ètoile de Dakar Featuring Youssou N‟Dour “Once Upon a Time in Senegal: The Birth of
Mbalax 1979-1981” (SAR-CD-3054/740042305427) 6/1/10 IO: 500
                             st     nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: Montreal, Boston, New York, Washington, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los
Home Market: Africa
Selling Points:
     Youssou N‘Dour is probably the most famous African pop star in the world. Since his first
        appearances in North America (sharing the stage with Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel
        and Sting on the Human Rights Now Tour in 1988), he has filled concert halls and arenas
        across the continent and earned a reputation as an enthralling performer, a commanding
        bandleader and one of the greatest singers alive. His duet with Neneh Cherry, ―7
        Seconds,‖ was a global smash hit in 1994 and his album Egypt won a Grammy in 2005.
     Étoile de Dakar has been Youssou‘s band for over 30 years. He was 19 when he and
        ten other young Senegalese musicians got together in 1978. Their style was a brash,
        innovative blend of traditional West African music, Latin music and American rock and
        soul music. They called it mbalax (the Wolof word for ―beat‖), and in Senegal it caused a
        sensation that has yet to subside. Étoile de Dakar‘s cassettes were all runaway
        bestsellers, and their all-night shows were the makings of an enduring legend. Youssou
        and his fellow singers, El Hadji Faye and Eric M‘Backe N‘Doye, became famous not only
        for their voices but also for their wild dancing. And yet their amazing tama-drummer,
        Assane Thiam, almost stole the show night after night.
      That exciting era is captured in Once Upon a Time in Senegal. Two CDs contain 23
       tracks selected from the historic cassettes Étoile de Dakar recorded between 1979 and
       1981. Six of these tracks are rarities that have never been released outside of Senegal
       until now. The boxed set includes a 48-page booklet of period photographs and an essay
       by Mark Hudson, the author of The Music in My Head, a novel inspired by Youssou
       N‘Dour, Étoile de Dakar and mbalax mania.
Related Soundscan: Ètoile de Dakar ―Xalis‖ (PAM 12/5/00) 105

DOC & MERLE WATSON “The best of the „70s: Columbus Stockade Blues” (RAV-CD-319 / 612657031926)
                                          st   nd   rd
AV/$21.98 I/O: 500 Projected SoundScans: 1 75 2 50 3 50

Raven presents the first comprehensive Best Of CD covering the 1970s recordings of the father / son duo
DOC and MERLE WATSON, The Best Of The ‘70s: Columbus Stockade Blues. Arthel ―Doc‖ Watson is the
flat-picking guitar genius from Deep Gap, NC, who is considered alongside Merle Travis and Chet Atkins to be
one of the most influential folk / country guitar players ever. Country performers Ricky Scaggs, Vince Gill, the
late Clarence White and hundreds of others, acknowledge their great debt to Watson. Joined in the early ‗70s
by his son Merle, a talent in his own right, the duo went on to create an enduring legacy of fine recordings.
This generously compiled 30-track collection is culled from seven critically acclaimed albums the pair recorded
for Poppy and United Artists (including Memories, Live and Pickin’ and the Grammy Award-winning Then and
Now and Two Days in November,). ‗Bonaparte‘s Retreat‘, ‗Doc‘s Rag‘, ‗Shady Grove‘, ‗Columbus Stockade‘,
‗Natural Born Gamblin‘ Man‘, ‗Minglewood Blues‘ and ‗Big Sandy / Leather Britches‘ range in mood from
mellow and whimsical, energetic and playful to earthy and bittersweet, yet throughout Doc sings and picks with
a pure and emotional authenticity. ―Doc Watson is an American treasure‖ – AllMusic Guide. With superb
quality audio, detailed notes and color booklet, this splendid collection is a must-have for fans of traditional
country and folk guitar picking.

RICHIE HAVENS “Mixed Bag & Something Else Again” (RAV-CD-321 / 612657032121) DM/$25.98 I/O: 500
                       st   nd   rd
Projected SoundScans: 1 75 2 50 3 50

Raven presents a splendid Double CD by renowned New York folk-rock singer / song writer
RICHIE HAVENS, combining his first (Mixed Bag, 1967) and second (Something Else Again,
1968) albums recorded for MGM‘s folk label Verve Forecast. Born in the Bedford-Stuyvesant
section of Brooklyn, NY, Havens moved to Greenwich Village in 1961 just as the folk boom began
to explode. His contemporaries included the likes of Fred Neil, Bob Dylan and Dave Van Ronk.
Prior to his crowd-stirring performance at the Woodstock festival in 1969, these recordings saw
Havens establishing his reputation as one of the most distinctive performers of the era. With his
unusual open-E guitar tuning, unmistakable thumb-chorded strumming and distinctive smoky
voice, much of the music features an organic and melancholy vibe. In combining inspirational
self-penned songs such as the strident anti-war song ‗Handsome Johnny‘, ‗No Opportunity
Necessary, No Experience Needed‘ and ‗Somethin‘ Else Again‘ and traditional tunes (‗Run,
Shaker Life‘) with exuberant covers of material by Billy Ed Wheeler (‗High Flyin‘ Bird‘), Tuli
Kupferberg (‗Morning, Morning‘), Dylan (‗Just Like a Woman‘, ‗Maggie‘s Farm‘) and Lennon /
McCartney (‗Eleanor Rigby‘) Havens affirms his intuitive connection with the song writers‘ craft.
Havens continues to tour and record. With superb quality audio, color booklet and detailed liner
notes this is a must for fans of earthy and literate folk-rock.

Mixed Bag (1967)

Something Else Again (1968)

Axel Rudi Pell “The Crest” (SMH-CD-308222/693723082226) 6/1/10 IO: 1,250
                             st      nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 250 2 200 3 100
Key Markets: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Baltimore, San Francisco,
Washington DC, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Phoenix
Home Market: Germany
Selling Points:
     Axel Rudi Pell‘s career began in 1980 with the band, Steeler, who sold over 30,000
        copies of their commercially most successful release, Strike Back, and brought out their
        fourth and final album, Undercover Animal, in 1988. In November of that year, Pell
        formed his own group together with Jörg Deisinger (ex-Bonfire), drummer Jörg Michael,
        bassist Thomas Smuszynski (ex-U.D.O.) and the American vocalist, Charlie Huhn (Ted
        Nugent, Gary Moore, Victory). Their debut album, Wild Obsessions, arrived at the stores
        one year later, followed by Nasty Reputation, for whom Pell enlisted the American
        frontman, Rob Rock (M.A.R.S, Impellitteri), who was replaced during the subsequent
        German tour by former Malmsteen vocalist, Jeff Scott Soto. With Soto as a new member,
        the third album, Eternal Prisoner (1992), was undeniable proof that the band had found
        their own, unmistakable style. One year later, Pell brought out The Ballads, an album
        featuring his most accomplished rock ballads. With Between The Walls (1994) and the
        live recording, Made In Germany, the guitarist from Bochum held on to his typical style
        even in the post-grunge era. The subsequent Black Moon Pyramid (1996) was the
        second Pell album in succession to make the German album charts. 1997 saw the arrival
        of Pell‘s eighth offering, Magic, featuring a thematically consistent concept based on
        supernatural stories. Magic also entered the charts, followed by Oceans of Time, the
        commercially most successful album at that time by the Axel Rudi Pell band, and the
        continuation of Pell‘s ballad concept (The Ballads II, 1999). Following the departure of
        Jeff Scott Soto, Pell enlisted American vocalist Johnny Gioeli (ex-Hardline) for the
        production of Oceans of Time, The Ballads III and his 2000 release, Masquerade Ball.
        His characteristic voice also enhanced the subsequent releases, Shadow Zone (2002)
        and Kings & Queens (2004), as well as the highly accomplished Mystica (2006) and the
        covers album, Diamonds Unlocked. Tales Of The Crown (2008), the most recent studio
        recording by the ARP Band, surprised with a number of innovations and made no. 41 of
        the German album charts. The Crest is set to repeat this triumphal march.
     First new studio album since 2008
     10 brand new Axel Rudi Pell tracks including the sequel to ―Oceans of Time‖ (his most
        successful album)
     With ―The Crest‖ Axel Rudi Pell returns to his successful melodic hard rock style
     Axel Rudi Pell celebrated his 20th anniversary as a solo artist last year with a total of
        1,000,000 copies sold since 1989 (all titles combined)
Related Soundscan: Axel Rudi Pell ―Tales of the Crown‖ (STMH/693723917023 11/4/08) 1,807
MATT DAREY “Nocturnal 2010” (BHC-CD-68 / 808798106825) AT/$19.98 I/O 250 Projected SoundScans: 1 50
 nd   rd
2 50 3 50

Matt Darey is one of the pioneers in the dance industry and has always been a major inspiration for the known DJs of
today. He has been active for more than 18 years and sold well over 2 million hit singles and albums worldwide. This
brand new mix compilation entitled ―Nocturnal 2010‖ named after his internationally renowned podcast- is the ultimate
confirmation that Matt Darey is still on top of the game. His selection of tracks, which contains brand new and
exclusive titles by the likes of First State, BT, Alex Gold, Timo Garcia and many, many more will most certainly catch
the attention of those who enjoy a professional DJ that pushes forward the sounds of dance music into new areas.
Matt Darey‘s mix compilation ―Nocturnal 2010‖ is an absolute must have!

TRAE “Reasonable Drought” (OAR-CD-40833) I.O. 500 AL/12.98
                              st     nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: Houston, Dallas, DC, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Austin TX, Kansas City, Waco
TX, Atlanta, Little Rock, Colorado CO
Home Market: Houston, TX
Selling Points:
     New Music from TRAE
     Artist sales history over 300k combined
                  1) Intro
                  2) Run This Town
                  3) Dear Summer Ft. Chalie Boy
                  4) Something Real
                  5) Wall Money
                  6) Still A Boss Ft. Slim Thug
                  7) I Look Good FT. Slim Thug
                  8) Five Star Chick
                  9) Top Of the world
                  10) Back To Da Money
                  11) Forever
                  12) Slab Music Ft Lil Keke
Related Soundscan: TRAE ―TRAE Day‖ (OAR 1/09/09) 1,190

KIDD KIDD “KIDD of the Street 2” (OAR-CD-40834) I.O. 500 AH/9.98
                            st    nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Memphis, Biloxi, Kansas City, Oklahoma City
Home Market: New Orleans
Selling Points:
     Debute Album from Kidd Kidd
     Features from Z-Ro, Lil Keke, Webbie, Jody Brees, Currensy, and more…
                1) All On Me
                2) Hittin Hustles
                3) Quarter Key Drop
                4) Live Forever
                5) Do It For the Skrilla
                6) Ridagang Who?
                7) She Want Me
                8) We Got It
                9) Rise to Power
                10) Money Over Here
                11) Off Safety
                12) Cheer for the N***a
                13) Let the Back Rock
                14) Mo Money
                15) Break Bread
                16) Understand
                17) All We Know

Various “Thug/Goon” (OAR-CD-40835) I.O. 500 AH/9.98
                          st   nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Memphis
Home Market: Houston, TX
Selling Points:
     Album features Icberg, Plies, Fella, Trick Daddy and others
     Track listing
                1. GOON INTRO
                2. CHEF
                3. THE SHIT THAT I LIVE
                4. BET I GET OFF
                5. GHETTO SUPASTAR
                6. BECKY
                7. I CAN TELL
                8. ON YAC (PLIES & FELLA)
                9. NIGGA U DID THAT -ICEBERG
                10. 36
                11. RUBY RED
                12. GUN PLAY
                13. CANT FUCK WIT THE SOUTH
                14. BID LONG
                15. HOMIE SONG
                16. GOD TIRED OF LYING
                17. TEARS OF GROWN MAN
                18. BOND MONEY
                19. BITCH ASS NIGGAS
                20. WHERE HE AT
                21. 50 GRAND

Armar‟rae Hill and True Foundation- “Breakthrough” (AVI-CD-0003/ 654367212769) IO:
2,000 AJ/ 10.98
                           st      nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 200 2 200 3 200
Key Markets: Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas
Baltimore, Detroit, Houston, Norfolk, Memphis, Charlotte, Richmond, New Orleans
Home Market: Florence SC, Bloomington IN
Selling Points:
     First single ―Rain‖ to be serviced to Gospel radio panel
     Video to be serviced to TBN, GMC, BET and Gospel outlets
     Marketing includes street teams and Internet/viral campaigns
Related Soundscan/ comparable: “Smokie Norful- “Worship & A Word ” (2010); 2,200 units

VARIOUS: MORNING COFFEE; SUL-CD-24462 / 622237244622                      - AK / 11.98 - I/O: 300;
WK1: 30; WK 2: 30; WK: 3; 30
Selling Points:
     An award-winning documentary
     This eclectic compilation of melodies is the perfect mixture for starting any day with zest
        and spirit
     Features instrumental tracks composed by Peter Breiner and Don Gillis.
VARIOUS: JUST MARRIED; SUL-CD-24442 / 622237244424 - AK / 11.98 - I/O: 300; WK1: 30;
WK 2: 30; WK: 3 30
Selling Points:
     Whether this collection of melodies is sent as a gift or selections from it are played for the
        big event this romantic and tender anthology of music, for nuptials large or small, is a
        wonderful way to send your very best wishes to the lucky couple
     Features instrumental tracks composed by Peter Breiner and Don Gillis.

VARIOUS: IMPRESSIONS DE PARIS; SUL-CD-24452 / 622237244523 – AK / 11.98 - I/O:
        300; WK1: 30; WK 2: 30; WK: 3 30
Selling Points:
     Sit back and relax to the exotic strains of themes inspired by la vie en rose.
     Images of Parisian cafes, the River Seine, the Luxembourg Gardens and the Champs
        Elysees can all be conjured up with these exquisitely arranged melodies designed to
        provide an instant escape from the doldrums of a hectic schedule.
     Features instrumental tracks composed by Peter Breiner and Don Gillis.

VARIOUS: TEA TIME; SUL-CD-24472 / 622237244721 - AK / 11.98 - I/O:                   300; WK1: 30;
WK 2: 30; WK: 3 30
Selling Points:
     This eclectic compilation of classical melodies is the perfect mixture for taking time out in
        any busy afternoon. An elegant way to enjoy a pot of tea in a formal or informal setting,
        this collection offers a superb prospect for finding relaxation in a busy schedule or a lazy
     Features instrumental tracks composed by Peter Breiner and Don Gillis.
VARIOUS: THANK YOU; SUL-CD-24432 / 622237244325 - AK / 11.98 - I/O: 300; WK1: 30; WK
2: 30; WK: 3 30
Sales Points
     These are all instrumental.
     The composers are Peter Breiner and Don Gillis.
     New Age.
     Inspirational. New Age

BILL WYMAN: RHYTHM KINGS “Just for a Thrill/live” (FLO-CD-6041 / 0805772604124)
                                                st    nd     rd
AS/$18.98 I/O 200 Projected SoundScans: 1 50 2 25 3 25
A 2 CD set which features 2 original albums reissued.
Just For A Thrill was originally released in 2004 and playing with the ex ROLLING STONE are ALBERT LEE, CHRIS
Live was recorded in June 2004 in Berlin and playing with Bill then were ANDY FAIRWEATHER LOW, ALBERT LEE
as well as the regular RYTHM KINGS band
BILL WYMAN has recently toured the UK and Europe offering up his brand of funky blues and R&B
The return of these two excellent albums into print will be welcomed by all.

STEVE YOUNG “Solo Live/ Switchblades of love” (FLO-CD-6045 / 0805772604520)
                                               st     nd    rd
AS/$18.98 I/O: 200 Porjected SoundScans: 1 50 2 25 3 25
A 2 CD set containing two original albums by the talented American singer songwriter.

Solo Live was originally released in 1991, recorded live in Texas and released at the time
on Watermelon Records with a note by Townes Van Zandt.

Switchblades of Love also came out on Watermelon but this time with a full band.

Playing with Steve on this set are KATY MOFFATT, BENMONT TENCH, VAN DYKE PARKS, STEVEN SOLES and
a whole range of top session players.
The albums have been re packaged and re mastered for this release.
WEBB WILDER “Town and Country/ Acres Of Suede” (FLO-CD-6047 / 0805772604728)
                                                st     nd     rd
AS/$18.98 I/O: 150 Projected SoundScans: 1 50 2 25 3 25
A 2 CD set containing 2 original albums originally released in 1995 and 1996.

Webb was originally a character created for a short film about a musician, who was
also a private detective. He combined the rock roots of Duane Eddy with the guitar sound
of The Ventures with a strong country influence.

Town and Country is an eclectic set of covers from WAYLON JENNINGS,
SMALL FACES, and RODNEY CROWELL and is prime roadhouse music.

Acres of Suede was considered to be his most radio friendly album at the time of
release and it sold very well. It is vintage Rock ‗n‘ Roll with a blend of Country, Blues and Pop.

DICKEY BETTS & GREAT SOUTHERN “Atlantas Burning Down/Great Southern) (FLO-CD-
                                                                 st  nd   rd
6049 / 0805772604926) AS/$18.98 I/O: 200 Projected SoundScans: 1 50 2 25 3 25
Two original great ―Southern Rock‖ albums now reissued on 1 CD .

Recorded by DICKEY BETTS after he left THE ALLMAN BROTHERS in 1977 and 1978 and originally released on
Arista. Dickey‘s distinctive guitar style, so evident on all the Allman Brothers albums, is very much in evidence hear
and all Allman fans will appreciate these fine albums.

COPPERHEAD “Copperhead” (FLO-CD-6051 / 0805772605121) AS/$18.98 I/O: 150
                             st    nd     rd
Projected SoundScans: 1 50 2 25 3 25
The only official release by the band formed by the late great JOHN CIPOLLINA

We have added a bonus track ―CHAMELEON‖ once a B side from the bands
only single. In 1972 Copperhead was signed to a major-label record deal by Clive Davis at Columbia and recorded
this album. It came out in the spring of 1973. Unfortunately, Davis was fired from Columbia shortly after the album's
release, an action that doomed any developing band that had been signed under his aegis. The album went nowhere,
and when Columbia refused to release their second album, Copperhead folded.
                                                                                          st     nd
INNES SIBUN “The Box Set” (BHH-CD-10653 / 880831065320) AN/$14.98 I/O: 250 1 50 2
50 3 50
―Innes Sibun wastes no time in getting to his point with the first assault from his opus. …Sibun‗s high-
energy fervor, blistering, no-nonsense guitar artistry and raggedly honest vocals recall Rory Gallagher.‖ Just Great!
Innes Sibun made his first album with legendary producer Mike Vernon whoproduced the John Mayall/Eric Clapton Be
ano album as well as all the Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac albums. On his current album ―The BOX SET‖ he
presents another high energy blues played with passion!! New international tour in summer and fall 2010!

                                       st   nd     rd
880831065528) AP/$15.98 I/O: 400 1 50 2 50 3 50
Multiple Grammywinning WDR Big Band from Cologne, Germany, led by legendary arranger Vince Mendoza, who ha
s worked with Bjork, Joni Mitchell, The Brecker Brothers, Pat Metheny, and has a few Grammys himself!

During the `Caribbean Night`, band and conductor put it all out and make this a musical experience you have never
had before.
Featuring Andy Narell, Ray Holman, Tom Miller, Alan Lightner (all steel drums), Dario Eskenazi (keyboards), Peter Er
skine (drums), Luis Conte (percussion).

 Track list:Jenny's room (8:51), Pan woman (8:39), Babe of the day (8:17), Shadow play (8:40), Groove town (8:11), O
range guitars (11:08).
                                                                                         st    nd
ROCOLA BACALAO “Infierno” (UBR-CD-43 / 4260130090432) AR/$17.98 I/O: 250 1 25 2
25 3 25
- Rolling Stone says: Top-10 Latin Ska Band of the world, one of the best 50 albums in 2007
- Infierno is produced by Grammy-winner TWEETY GONZÁLES (SHAKIRA, GUSTAVO CERATI)
 The Band played shows together with THE SKATALITES, MOLOTOV, PANTHÉON ROCOCÓ,
MAD PROFESSOR and others. ROCOLA BACALAO has the energy of PANTEÓN ROCOCÓ and the
hits from KARAMELO SANTO plus an insane, particularly reckless hornsection that'll blow your ears out. Infierno mea
ns: Fasten your seatbelts and welcome to a colorful, adrenalin loaded latin rodeo ride.

ROCOLA BACALAO means something like a „Rockin' Rum-
Cola Boss― and as we said these guys are crazy. They are from Quito, Ecuador, and have been
playing music together for over 9 years. They've played their asses off and their fingers sore.
We believe Rolling Stone Latin America when they state that these 9 nice gents – 5 of them horn section –
from the the 2nd highest capitol of the world are one of the eight best bands from all of South
America! They blend the mestizo-like ingredients Ska, Cumbia and Punk to their own, unique, mix. Fantastic!

TOM CLOUD A.K.A. THOMAS BLUM “A New Day” (ITW-CD-3X / 808798300339) AR/$17.98
          st     nd    rd
I/O: 300 1 50 2 25 3 25
June 2010 marks the release of the new edition of one of the most prolific, and popular trance album series to date,
In Trance We Trust. After highly successful editions by legends like Eyal Barkan and First State, In Trance We Trust
003 has been produced by Tom Cloud. Supporting artists like Tom's favorite vocalists Tiff Lacey, Esmaye, Antonio Lu
cas, as well as Russian dream team Moonbeam, all joined in to furnish the album with spectacular vocal
sessions, also adding their production skills.

Starting his career under the wings of Tiësto resulted in a string of opportunities for Tom Cloud. Tom was asked to re
mix some of the biggest names in the trance industry such as Andrew Bennett, Cosmic Gate, Andy Moor, Carl B and
Johan Gielen, to name a few. However, Tom experienced his most shining professional moment remix-
wise when Tiësto personally asked him to remix one of his upcoming singles. The Tom Cloud remix for Tiësto‘s
production Sweet Things was conceived, added to the original version, and promptly became a worldwide monster
tune, thus making Tom Cloud a household name in the trance genre.
If every cloud has a silver lining, Tom Cloud‘s lining must be made of pure gold... a man to keep your eyes on,
and your ears open in the near future!

HAMMILL, PETER: The Passionkirche;             USD-CD-1595 / 604388336920 – AY / 24.98 -
I/O:   100; WK1: 10; WK 2: 10; WK: 3 10
Sales Points
      Live acoustic performance of his opera based on the Poe novel
      All solo just Mr. Hammill

IONA AND OTHER ARTISTS: Songs For Luca 2; USD-CD-1625 / 604388698028 – AY / 24.98
- I/O: 100; WK1: 10; WK 2: 10 ; WK: 3 10
Sales Points:
      Benefit record for autism charity in the UK
      All star cast of prog-rock artists

KARNATAKA: The Gathering Light; USD-CD-1664 / 604388736126 - AS / 18.98 - I/O: 100;
WK1: 10; WK 2: 10; WK: 3 10
    The Gathering Light‘ identifiably includes the original feel of the ―old‖ Karnataka, this is a
      much more ambitious and progressive album.
    Material that is more ethereal and often fragile but also incorporating much more complex
      soundscapes and these have been carried to the next level of accomplishment across
      the eight tracks, three of which (‗Serpent And The Sea‘, Forsaken‘ and the title track) are
      of epic proportions.
    Lisa‘s multi-tracked vocals create an atmospheric mood against often complex rhythms
      and layers of instrumentation.
PHILLIPS, ANTHONY: Private Parts and Pieces 1 & 2; USD-CD-1665 / 604388338122 - AS
       / 18.98 - I/O: 100; WK1: 10; WK 2: 10; WK: 3 10
Sales Points
     Solo guitar and piano music
     Guest stars in clued Mike Rutherford from Genesis (where Phillips came from)
Also Andy McCulloch on drums

Phonomik “Soul Creeper” (NGT-CD-97198/786984097198) 6/1/10 IO: 300
                             st     nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 30 2 30 3 30
Key Markets: Minneapolis, Des Moines, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Tulsa, Los Angeles, Las
Vegas, Seattle, Chicago
Home Market: Denmark
Selling Points:
     Diversity and experience and most of all passion make Phonomik‘s music vivid and
        intense. The style is a culmination of timeless and classic rock. Melodic integrity and hard
        rocking riffs play in favor for Phonomik‘s unique sound.
     Grinding the edge while borderlining hard rock and metal Phonomik is an experience of
        profound art and lyrical poetry dating back to the origin of emotion - recognizable and
        real as every second just past.
     Inspired by and honoring the great heroes of rock, Phonomik wishes to contribute to the
        universal art of music by standing on the shoulders of giants.
Related Soundscan: Myrath ―Desert Call‖ (NGT-CD-23006/734923006251 3/9/10) 146

Hard “Time is Waiting For No One” (NGT-CD-97297/786984097297) 6/1/10 IO: 300
                           st      nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 30 2 30 3 30
Key Markets: Minneapolis, Des Moines, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Tulsa, Chicago, Los
Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle
Home Market: Sweden
Selling Points:
     Hard is a Swedish-Hungarian hard rock group, formed in 2004 by some of the finest
        musicians in the Hungarian hard rock scene. After two critically acclaimed and award
        nominated albums in Hungary, the band decided to take a step forward and hit the
        international music territories with English lyrics.
     After several line-up changes, their first international offering, ―Traveler‖, thanks to the
        album‘s leading single, ―Stay‖, soon became successful. The band has appeared in the
        biggest international hard rock & heavy metal magazines, such us Metal Hammer, Burrn!,
        Fireworks, Hardline, Powerplay, etc. Rave reviews were made from every corner of the
        planet, even from the USA.
     None other than famed record producer Beau Hill (of Winger/Ratt/Warrant / Airborne
        fame) blew his mind when he first heard the album, so he immediately asked the guys to
        let him remix some of the tunes. They agreed, and the result was more than amazing.
        The band also made a highly successful guest appearance at the Z Rock Festival in the
        UK in May 2009.
Related Soundscan: Myrath ―Desert Call‖ (NGT-CD-23006/734923006251 3/9/10) 146

Yngwie Malmsteen “Raw Live”
IO: 1,250 6/1/10
Selling Points:
     ―Raw Live‖ provides an unprecedented and unique look at the rise of a guitar god.
         Spanning from 1981 through 1999 and encompassing extremely rare footage of
        Yngwie‘s early years in Sweden, this video displays the infancy of Yngwie‘s prodigious
        skills well prior to his first worldwide album and travels through Yngwie‘s masterful
        career, including his masterful performances from his first solo albums, Rising Force,
        Marching Out, and Trilogy. Also included in this unique video are never released behind
        the scenes footage of Yngwie and newly shot personal touches of Yngwie which open up
        the viewer to a side of the guitar maestro which is rarely seen by the public.
       "Raw Live" captures the rise of Yngwie with rarely seen footage from his youth in Sweden
        in 1981 through his mega-successful albums in the 90‘s. Also containing never released
        behind the scenes footage and as an added bonus contains newly shot personal touches
        of Yngwie which allow the viewer to peek behind the public current of the guitar god.

Estelle Tribute- “Estelle Smooth Jazz Tribute” (CCE-CD-9206/ 707541920698) IO: 1,000 AK/
11.98 (bumped from April book 4/6/10)
                           st    nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia,
Boston, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Houston, Miami, San Francisco, Houston
Selling Points:
     Smooth Jazz tribute to R&B artist/producer Estelle
     Huge marketplace awareness from Grammy-winning collaboration with Kanye West
     Timed to coincide with new release
Related Soundscan/ comparable: Erykah Badu Tribute (CCE-CD-9333) 4,000 units

                                   June 15th , 2010 Cliffnotes
Confederate Railroad Live “TBD” (E1E-CD-2309/099923230922) 6/15/10 IO: 1500
                             st              nd          rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 week 150 2 week 150 3 week 150
Key Markets: Nashville, West Virginia, Lexington KY, Washington DC, Atlanta, All markets
Tennessee, Springfield IL, Little Rock AK, Charlotte NC, Oklahoma City
Home Market: Georgia
Selling Points:
     Confederate Railroad has spent a career racking up hits on the national country music
        scene. They have traveled the world sharing their ―Southern‖ experience with friends and
        fans alike. After almost 3 million record sold, Grammy nominations and accolades from
        the Academy Of Country Music, the band has finally recorded their first ever ―Live‖
        project. A collection of their hits and some new songs also, this is the definitive must have
        CD for Railroad fans across the country.
     Confederate Railroad will be working 100+ dates in 2010 in support of the ―Live‖ project.
     Over 3 million units sold in the course of band‘s career

 Queen Of Memphis                4:58
 Elvis and Andy                  3:21
 When You Leave That Way         4:07
 When And Where                  2:25
 She Took It Like A Man          2:44
 Jesus And Mama                  3:24
 Bill's Laundromat Bar and
 Grill                           3:43
 Daddy Never Was The
 Cadillac Kind                   3:40
 White Trash With Money          3:41
 That's What Brothers Do         4:03
 B. B. Gun                      2:59
 Trashy Women                   4:29

Tour Dates:
City                   Venue                  Time                   Details
                                              Leeds Center For The   7:00pm &
03-05-2010             Winchester, KY
                                              Arts                   9:00pm
03-06-2010             Prestonburg, KY        Mountain Arts Center   8:00pm
                                              Lower Level -
03-13-2010             Chattanooga, TN                               10:00pm
                                              Formerly Gov's
                                              The Lower Alabama
03-19-2010             Destin, FL                                    TBA
03-20-2010             Immokalee, FL          Immokalee Rodeo        TBA
03-21-2010             Myakka City, FL        Lake St. Clair         4:00pm
03-25-2010             Denver, CO             Club Inferno           11:00pm
                                              Salt Creek
03-26-2010             Nephi, UT                                     TBA
03-27-2010             Laughlin, NV           Edgewater Casino       TBA
03-28-2010             Flagstaff, AZ          The Museum Club        TBA
                                              Toby Keith's I Love
03-29-2010             Mesa, AZ                                      8:00pm
                                              This Bar

                                         April 2010

Date          City                       Venue                       Time
04-02-2010    Colombia, MO               Snorty Horse Saloon         TBA
04-10-2010    De Quincy, LA              Railroad Festival           8:30pm
04-17-2010    Fannetsburg, PA            Hillside Tavern             TBD
04-24-2010    Geneva, AL                 Festival of the Rivers      4:30pm

                                         May 2010

Date       City                          Venue                       Time
05-01-2010 Clarksville, TN               Kickers                     10:00pm
                                         Osceola Heritage Music
05-22-2010 Osceola, AR                                               9:30pm
05-29-2010 Brimley, MI                   Bay Mills Resort & Casino &

                                         June 2010

Date          City                       Venue                       Time

                                         Girl Scout Camp
06-05-2010 Conowingo, MD                                              8:00pm
06-19-2010 Lenora, KS                    Lenora Jubilee / Larric Park 8:00pm
06-25-2010 Oshosh, WI                    Country USA 2010             2:30pm
06-26-2010 Mishawaka, IN                 River Fest                   8:30pm
                                 July 2010

Date       City                   Venue                        Time
07-03-2010 Clinton, IA            Clinton Riverboat Days       TBA
                                  Wild Rose Casino &
07-04-2010 Clinton, IA                                         TBA
07-17-2010 Eleanor, WV            Putnam County Fair           TBA
07-28-2010 Cottageville, WV       Jackson County Jr. Fair      8:00pm
07-31-2010 Rural, VA              Rural Retreat Heritage Day   6:00pm

                                August 2010

Date       City                   Venue                        Time
08-03-2010 Lisbon, OH             Columbiana County Fair       TBA
08-04-2010 Front Royal, VA        Warren County Fair           8:00pm
                                                               7:00 &
08-05-2010 Mannington, WV         Mannington District Fair
                                  Champaign Valley
08-07-2010 Plattsburgh, NY                                     8:00pm
                                  Motorcycle Rally
08-14-2010 Akaska, SD             Alaska Festival              9:30pm
08-15-2010 Sauk Rapids, MN        Rollies                      8:00pm

                               September 2010

Date        City                  Venue                     Time
                                  Lake Winnepesaukah
09-05-2010 Rossville, GA                                    &
                                  Amusement Park
09-10-2010 Emmetsburg, IA         Wild Rose Casino & Resort &
09-11-2010 Havanna, IL            Havanna Oktoberfest       10:00pm
09-17-2010 Barboursville, WV      Barboursville Festival    9:30pm

                                October 2010

Date       City                   Venue                        Time
10-07-2010 Loudenville, OH        Loudenville Street Fair      7:30pm
                                  St. Cletus Catholic School
10-16-2010 Gretna, LA                                          9:30pm
10-22-2010 Destin, FL             Florida State Rally          7:30pm

                               November 2010

Date       City                   Venue                        Time
11-13-2010 Woodlands, TX          Dosey Doe                    TBA
Related Soundscan: Confederate Railroad ―Cheap Thrills‖ (SHA-CD-6203/016351620323) 4/07
3146 scanned to date

Putumayo Kids Presents “Rock & Roll Playground” (PUT-CD-302/790248030227) 6/15/10
IO: 5,000
                            st     nd    rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 400 2 600 3 800
Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC,
Seattle, Boston, Dallas, Portland, OR
Home Market: Various
Selling Points:
     Songs for children of all ages
     Featured artists include Dan Zanes, Taj Mahal, Peter Himmelman, Rosie Flores, Bill
         Harley, Brady Rymer, Uncle Rock, Roger Day, Charity & the JAMBand, Rhythm Child,
         Starfish, and Melissa Green.
Related Soundscan: Putumayo Kids Presents ―Jazz Playground‖ (PUT-CD-299/790248029924
3/9/10) 378

Arif Mardin “All My Friends Are Here” (NNR-CD-193/756668193225) 6/15/10 IO: 5,000
                             st       nd        rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 3,000 2 1,000 3 500
Key Markets: New York, LA, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago,
Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta
Home Market: New York
Selling Points:
     Last recording by irreplaceable producer Arif Mardin, multi Grammy winner considered
         one of the greatest producers of the 20 century.
     Arif Mardin was responsible for well over 50 million selling recordings throughout the
         world and is credited with creating sonic imprints for countless superstars including
         Chaka Khan, Bette Midler, Aretha Franklin, The Bee Gees, The Young Rascals, Hall &
         Oates, Dusty Springfield, Norah Jones, Willie Nelson, Carly Simon, and more.
     These artists helped Mardin celebrate his final months by recording songs he‘d written
         over the course of his acclaimed career as well as songs written specifically for this
     Documentary film arriving in the fall.
Related Soundscan: Patty Larkin ―25‖ (SIG-CD-2028/701237202822 3/9/10) 2,782

B.G. “Hollyhood” (RBC-CD-82/893589001823) I.O. 10,000 AS/18.98
                          st      nd         rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 2500 2 1250 3 625
Key Markets: Dallas TX, New Orleans, Washington DC, Atlanta GA, Oklahoma, Houston TX,
Miami FL, Los Angeles, Chicago IL, Baltimore MD, New York NY, Baton Rouge LA
Home Market: New Orleans, LA
Selling Points:
     Key members of historically famous New Orleans based group ―Hot Boys‖
     Sold over 26.5 million records with the Hot Boys
     Solo sales history over 3 million records to date
     Track listing:
           1. So 504 ft. Chopper City Boyz
           2. Ya Head Me ft. The Hot Boyz
           3. Hangin‘ Out
           4. Murda Ya ft. Magnolia Chop
           5. CNN
           6. Beat It Up
           7. Real Round Here
           8. Bout The Grindin
           9. Body Bag
           10.   Sex Toys
           11.   Natural High
           12.   Hold U Down
           13.   Headbussa‘s
           14.   Get Money ft. Bun B
           15.   Rap Money, Drug Money
           16.   Time to Ride
           17.   Move Ya Body
           18.   Feelin‘ Right Ft. Juvenile

Related Soundscan: B.G. ―Too Hood‖ (ATLG 11/24/09) 59,647

C-Murder “Tomorrow” (VNU-CD-1001/73382100126) I.O. 5,000 AQ/16.98
                            st      nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 1500 2 800 3 500
Key Markets: Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, Cleveland, SF-Okland, New
Home Market: New Orleans
Selling Points:
     Soundscan history of over 2k scans
     Track Listing
                1. The Message
                2. The Life Eye Live feat. Verse and AR
                3. Snow Bunny feat. Verse and Jason Lyric
                4. Tomorrow feat. B-Streezy
                5. Massage Parlor (Skit) Co McFly
                6. Bottom Of Da Boot feat. Verse and Dofus
                7. Heartbeat feat. Verse
                8. See It In My Eyes feat. Von, Holidae and AR
                9. Neva Look Back 10. How I Live feat. Verse
                11. Chinese Restaurant (skit) Co McFly
                12. I‘m a Problem feat. Pukie, Von and Jahbo
                13. Suicide Mission feat. Macho and Kis
                14. Make U Cry
                15. Thank You

Related Soundscan:       C-Murder ―Calliope Click‖ (RBC 09/29/09) 4,678
                         C-Murder ―Screamin 4 Vengeance‖ (CAP 2/20/07) 25,891
                         C-Murder ―Tru Story- Continued‖ (E1M 10/17/06) 25,737
                         C-Murder ―Best of C-Murder‖ (CAP 4/10/05) 33,792

Crooked I “Hood Star” (WIA-CD-9296/798304092967) I.O. 2,500 AR/12.98
                         st     nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 750 2 450 3 300
Key Markets: LA, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington, Baltimore, Chicago,
Detroit, SF-Okland-San Jose
Home Market: LA (Long Beach, CA)
Selling Points:
     Core member of highly successful E1 Music group Slaughterhouse
     Featured MC and hip-hop Buzz of 2009
     Featured on all key urban taste makers, XXL,, allhiphop, Billboard, and many
     Never released CD from the Death Row era
     15 never before heard tracks
     Collaborations with Danny Boy, Eastwood, Ray J, Kurupt, Too Short, Spider Loc, and
     Featured on 2009 Rock The Bells Tour with Slaughterhouse
      Quotes~
           ―one of the best MCs in hip-hop‖~ Bun-B
           Named Top 5 Mics Dead or Alive ~

Related Soundscan:     Slaughterhouse ―Slaughterhouse‖ (E1E 08/11/09) 53,729
                       Joe Budden ―Escape Route‖ (E1M 08/11/09) 11,898
                       Joell Ortiz ―The Brick‖ (E1M 04/24/07) 27,892
                       ROYCE DA 5‘9‘ ―Street Hop‖ (ONRC 10/20/2009) 16,821

Eternia & Moss “At Last” (FBT-CD-5129/659123512932) I.O. 1,500 AL/12.98
                            st      nd       rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 250 2 150 3 100
Key Markets: Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia
Home Market: Toronto, Canada
Selling Points:
     Eternia is a Juno-nominated and widely considered one of Canada's foremost lyricists
     Eternia released six music video singles and received international recognition; most
        popular singles were:
              o ―Work it Out‖
              o ―Sorrow Song‖ (Universal/Maple)
              o ―Understand If I‖ (Battle Axe Records)
              o ―Just the Way It Is‖ (Urbnet)
              o chart-topping ―Movin‘‖ (‗Warner Records, Australia)
     Three critically acclaimed full-lengths released through Urbnet Records –
              o Juno Nominated release ―It‘s Called Life‖ (2005)
              o ―Where I Been – The Collection‖ (2005)
              o ―Where I‘m At – The Setup‖ (2007); featured producers 9th Wonder, M-Phazes,
                   Frequency, Torae, Ms. Davis, Wordsworth & more
     Eternian toured with respected acts such as…KRS-One, Common, Pharoahe Monch, MC
        Lyte, Jeru the Damaja, Scratch of The Roots, O.C., Bahamadia, Roxanne Shante, Prince
        Paul, Necro, D-12, Saukrates, Jully Black, George Nozuka & moreWeekly video episodes
        ―‘AT Last‘ - Road to Release Day featuring snippets of the new album and
        interviews/apperances with Hip Hop legends DJ Premier, Pharoahe Monch, Jeru the
        Damaja, 88-Keys, Marco Polo, Smif-n-Wessun has received over 25,000 hits weekly
     AT LAST‖ will be her 4th full-length recording that features production with “DJ Premier-
        affiliated Canadian super-producer MoSS‖ and all new material.
     Lead single ―It‘s funny‖ ft. Joell Ortiz
     ―AT LAST‖ features guest appearances by
            Rah Digga
              Lady of Rage
              Jean Grae
              Joell Ortiz
              Reef the Lost Cauze
              Maestro Fresh Wes
              Lil Jaz, & more

      Quotes:
           o “Eternia Semiramis, a true redefinition of Hip Hop. "- The Connex List
           o "She rips the mic, she tears up the stage, and she shreds all competition - male
               and female - to nothingness"- The Dish
           o "Possessing a crisp flow and the ability to work a crowd, she knows how to
               entertain and enlighten minds at the same time"- The Ave Magazine
      Online buzz:
          o ThemadBloggers-
          o HiphopLinguistics-
          o HiphopDX-
          o OnSmash-
          o Nahright-
    Track Listing 1. Intro
             2. Any Man
             3. 32 Bars
             4. Funny How Feat. Joell Ortiz
             5. BBQ Feat. Rah Digga, Rage
             6. The Pass
             7. To The Future
             8. The Half
             9. Played Out
             10. To The Past
             11. Mr. Bacardi
             12. At Last Feat. Termanology, Reef The Lost Cauze
             13. Day In The Life Feat. Tona, Maestro Fresh Wes
             14. Catch Me
             15. Goodbye
Related Soundscan: Georgia Ann Muldrow ―Umsindo‖ (EMC 7/14/09) 1,858
                       Jean Grae ―This Week‖ (BBG 9/07/04) 25,694

Georgia Ann Muldrow “The Jyoti-Ocotea ALbum” (EMC-CD-5165/625712516528) I.O. 1500
                             st       nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 350 2 200 3 150
Key Markets: New York, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Atlanta GA, SF-Okland-San
Jose, Philadelphia PA, St. Louis, Chicago IL
Home Market: Los Angeles
Selling Points:
     Georgia‘s free jazz alias Jyoti was given to her by the late great Alice Coltrane who was a
        family friend growing up. The recordings are inspired by Alice Coltrane and her work.
     This is the first official instrumental free jazz release from Georgia Anne Muldrow.
     Georgia Anne Muldrow is hands down one of the hottest up and coming soul artists. She
        has been compared to artist like Lauryn Hill, Nina Simone to name a few.
     Georgia has received recent press in major outlets such as: Pitchfork, Spin, Okayplayer
        and URB
     Georgia Anne Muldrow just recently produced ―Out My Mind Just In Time‖ on Erykah
        Badu‘s new album ―New Amerykah II‖
         Georgia Anne Muldrow sang and produced the highlight track ‗Roses‘ off Mos Def‘s 2008
          Grammy nominated ‗Ecstatic‘ album.
         Qotes:
              o "She’s incredible. She’s like Flack, Nina Simone, Ella, she’s something else.
                  She’s like religion.” -Mos Def
              o "Georgia is seriously multi-talented and she has such an evident amount of self-
                  confidence that comes through in her music. It would have been very easy for
                  Georgia to get pigeon-holed as an R&B singer by some wack A&R…"-NPR
              o ―Her output in the last few years has been nothing short of amazing … You're
                  bound to be overwhelmed, if not consumed, by her productions and words.” –
                  Okay Player
              o “Soundscapes from Earth itself, airy loops plucked from a wide morning azure
                  above, high-hearted and hyperconscious warbles alive with life and light. She is
                  all of this and more.” -Urb Magazine
         Current confirmed Tour Dates include:
              o April 30 @ Bellevillousie (Paris)
              o May 1 @ Vina Rock Festival (Madrid)
              o May 6 @ Rotown (Rotterdam)
              o May 19 @ The Shrine (Chicago)
              o May 30 @ UCLA JazzReggae Fest
              o September 5 @ Bumbershoot Festival (Seattle)

Related Soundscan:        Georgia Ann Muldrow ―Umsindo‖ (EMC 7/14/09) 1,858
                          Erykah Badu ―New Amerykah Part II‖ (MOT 3/30/10) 110,352
                          Mos Def ―Ecstatic‖ (DWT 11/25/08) 137,059

Shahrukh Khan: King Khan: Songs from the Films of (TSQ-CD-9071/738572907129) I.O.
1500 AL/12.98
Projected Soundscans: 1st 100 2nd 100 3rd 100
A collection of the original hits from the films of Shahrukh “King” Khan.
Shahrukh Khan is India‟s #1 actor, and India is the #1 film market in the world. This
collection gathers 16 hit songs from films that he has starred in.

Most of the movies that these songs have been featured on have played in the major
Indian-American markets in the U.S., and many are available on DVD and cable.

Here are the top 12 Indian American markets in the U.S. by total population:

NYC Metro Area

Bay Area California


Los Angeles

DC/Baltimore/Northern Virginia







Chain accounts should have a Indian-American or South Asian store demographic group.
This is where we want this CD placed.

Call me if you need additional information/ammo. Gerald

Fred Eaglesmith- “Cha Cha Cha” (LON-CD-032/ 880259003225) IO: 1,500 AL/ 12.98
                           st     nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 150 2 150 3 150
Key Markets: New York, Louisville, Seattle, Knoxville, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston,
San Francisco, Austin TX, Houston, Lexington KY, Philadelphia, Nashville, Chicago
Home market: Ontario, Canada
Selling Points:
     Confirmed Letterman appearance scheduled for June 16 (week of street date)

     Fan base (―Fredheads‖) from constant touring has yielded over 40k scans (Soundscan)
        over the last 12 years
     Fred‘s songs have been covered by Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert, Todd
        Snider and more
     Radio servicing will include AAA, Satellite and college outlets
Related Soundscan/ comparable: “Tinderbox” (2009; LON-CD-014) 1,000 units Soundscan

THE PINEAPPLE THIEF “Someone Here Is Missing” (KSC-CD-147 / 802644814728)
                     st   nd     rd
AP/$15.98 I/O: 400 1 50 2 50 3 50
In April 2008 The Pineapple Thief launched the Kscope label with the critically acclaimed album, Tightly Unwound.

While the album was many people‘s introduction to the band they have actually spent the past ten years quietly
building up a dedicated fan base across the globe, selling over 25,000 records and nurturing their ‗bittersweet‘
progressive sound. In spring 2010, the band return with their new album. The nine tracks mark another step forward in
the band‘s progression, as Bruce Soord‘s songwriting continues to evolve and the band grow ever tighter.

The album will feature artwork currently being created by the legendary designer Storm Thorgerson, who is famous
for creating some of the most recognisable artwork of the last 30 years including albums by Pink Floyd (Dark Side Of
The Moon, Division Bell, Pulse), Muse, Led Zeppelin, Biffy Clyro and many more.

BEBE Buell “Sugar” (A2Z-CD-1001/609722275453) I.O. 1,000 AQ/16.98
                          st    nd       rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: New York, Portland, Detroit, Boston MA, SF-Okland, Chicago, Sacramento, New
Orleans, Miami, Seattle WA
Selling Points:
     See one sheet for marketing details
     See one sheet for tour dates

Freedom Call “Legend of the Shadowking” (SMH-CD-308182/693723308180) 6/15/10 IO: 500
                        st     nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 75 3 75
Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Orlando, Philadelphia, San
Diego, Miami, Phoenix
Home Market: Germany
Selling Points:
     Having sold over 35,000 copies of their debut, Stairway to Fairyland, Freedom Call‘s tour
       with Saxon, Angra and Edguy turned into a triumphal march, culminating in memorable
       shows with Savatage and Skew Siskin in August 1999 as part of the Popkomm music fair
       in Cologne. The band played almost fifty shows in 2000 and proved their worth at various
       festivals, like the Wacken Open Air 1999 and 2000. Their second release, Crystal
       Empire, even surpassed the debut‘s success. The sales figures increased, and even
       before the album was available, Freedom Call were invited to the Metal Fest in Bologna,
       Italy, played the Metal Days in Switzerland and delivered an unforgettable performance at
       the Stratovarius/Rhapsody show in Bourges, France. Following the release of Crystal
       Empire, Freedom Call embarked on a 63-day European tour with Hammerfall and Virgin
       Steele that took them through Scandinavia, Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungry, France
       and Spain, among other countries. June 2002 saw the arrival of the third Freedom Call
       recording, Eternity, followed by an extensive tour with Blind Guardian, during which their
       most recent release, Live Invasion, was recorded. At the same time, Freedom Call
       established themselves as a headlining act in their own right and were celebrated as the
       stars of the Wacken Road Show 2004 night after night. The Circle Of Life saw the
       integration of more modern and unusual arrangements into the band‘s sound, extending
       the musicians‘ sonic range – an element which their last album, Dimensions, also
       benefits from. In 2010 the new album ―Legend of the Shadowking‖ will see the light of
       day. The album is based on the story of King Ludwig II. In February/March 2010 Freedom
       Call will embark on a huge European tour together with Gamma Ray.
Related Soundscan: Freedom Call ―Dimensions‖ (STMH/693723980027 10/9/07) 866

Mariachi Divas “Viva La Diva” (ESR-CD-2065/644250206524) I.O. 1,000 AP/15.98
                           st     nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: LA, SF-Okland, Sacrament, Fresno, New York, Phoenix AZ, San Diego, Chicago,
Miami, Tucson, AZ
Home Market: LA, South, and West California
Selling Points:
     Viral link:
     The Mariachi Divas won the Grammy for Best Regional Mexican Album in 2009 and
        nominated in 2010
     The troop performs daily show all year around
        at Disneyland. The troop does more than 100 shows a year. Tour information listed
     See one sheet for track listing details
     Tour Information

             Apr 1 2010 11:00A     Disney California Adventure
             Apr 2 2010 11:00A     Disney California Adventure
             Apr 3 2010 11:00A     Disney California Adventure
             Apr 3 2010 6:00P              Tortilla Jo‘s
             Apr 4 2010 11:00A     Disney California Adventure
             Apr 5 2010 11:00A     Disney California Adventure
             Apr 6 2010 11:00A    - Disney California Adventure
Apr 7 2010 11:00A   Disney California Adventure
Apr 8 2010 11:00A   Disney California Adventure
Apr 9 2010 11:00A   Disney California Adventure
 Apr 10
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure   California
Apr 10 2010 6:00P           Tortilla Jo‘s
 Apr 11                                           ANAHEIM,
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure
  2010                                            California
 Apr 12                                           ANAHEIM,
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure
  2010                                            California
 Apr 13                                           ANAHEIM,
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure
  2010                                            California
 Apr 14                                           ANAHEIM,
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure
  2010                                            California
 Apr 15                                           ANAHEIM,
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure
  2010                                            California
 Apr 16                                           ANAHEIM,
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure
  2010                                            California
 Apr 17                                           ANAHEIM,
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure
  2010                                            California
Apr 17 2010 6:00P           Tortilla Jo‘s
 Apr 18                                           ANAHEIM,
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure
  2010                                            California
 Apr 19                                           ANAHEIM,
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure
  2010                                            California
 Apr 20                                           ANAHEIM,
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure
  2010                                            California
 Apr 21                                           ANAHEIM,
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure
  2010                                            California
 Apr 22                                           ANAHEIM,
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure
  2010                                            California
 Apr 23                                           ANAHEIM,
          11:00A    Disney California Adventure
  2010                                            California
 Apr 24   11:00A    Disney California Adventure
             Apr 24 2010 6:00P              Tortilla Jo‘s
               Apr 25                                                  ANAHEIM,
                         11:00A    Disney California Adventure
                2010                                                   California
             May 5 2010 6:00P Downtown Disney Street Show
             May 5 2010 8:00P         Yuma Paradiso Casino          YUMA, Arizona
             May 8 2010 6:00P               Tortilla Jo‘s
                                   MOLAA Long Beach Mothers         LONG BEACH,
            May 9 2010 11:15A
                                         Day Brunch                   California

Renditions: Smooth Jazz All Stars- “Smooth Jazz Tribute to Gospel Hits” (CCE-CD-9249/
707541924993) IO: 1,000 AK/ 11.98
                          st      nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, Detroit,
Baltimore, Dallas, Los Angeles, Raleigh-Durham NC, Norfolk, Charlotte, Miami
Selling Points:
     Smooth jazz tribute to Gospel hits
Related Soundscan/ comparable: Marvin Sapp Tribute (CCE-CD-9514) 5,006 units

Spirit “Rockpalast: West Coast Legends Vol. 3” (SPO-CD-90252/693723902524) 6/15/10 IO:
                          st     nd    rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 75 2 75 3 75
Key Markets: New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit, St. Louis,
Washington, Philadelphia, Dallas
Home Market: Los Angeles
Selling Points:
     First time on CD.
     Featuring Dickey Betts as special guest
     Recorded on March 5th, 1978
     One of the best concerts of the first Rockpalast series
     Low price
Related Soundscan: Spirit ―Rockpalast: West Coast Legends‖ (SPVR/693723902579 5/5/09)

Paul Butterfield Band “Rockpalast: Blues Rock Legends Vol. 2” (SPO-CD-
90242/693723900247) 6/15/10 IO: 750
                             st    nd    rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 75 2 75 3 75
Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Portland OR,
Seattle, Washington, Louisville, Phoenix
Home Market: Chicago
Selling Points:
     Paul Butterfield was the white ambassador of the black Chicago blues. He had played on
         the third day of the Woodstock festival (1969), at the time already accompanied by
         guitarist Buzzy Feiten, who was also with him at the Rockpalast performance. And Paul
         had been instrumental in shocking the folk audience at Newport (1965) with electric blues
       rock sounds, which delighted Bob Dylan to such an extent that he asked members of the
       band to accompany him at the festival. We remembered Paul Butterfield from his
       involvement in The Last Waltz, The Band‘s farewell performance (1976), having
       presented the film in the documentary section of the WDR Rockpalast program. He was
       inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2006.
    Recorded on September 15th, 1978
    Includes an interview with Paul Butterfield and his band
Related Soundscan: Paul Butterfield Band ―Rockpalast: Blues Rock Legends‖
(SPVR/693723902470 5/5/09) 744

Dickey Betts & Great Southern “Rockpalast: 30 Years of Southern Rock (1978-2008)”
(SPO-CD-90212/693723302126) 6/15/10 IO: 750
                              st   nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 75 2 75 3 75
Key Markets: New York, Boston, Portland OR, Los Angeles, St. Louis, San Francisco, Seattle,
Washington, Chicago, Columbia SC
Home Market: Florida
Selling Points:
     Dickey Betts & Great Southern performed at the Rockpalast Festival from the 4th to the
        5th of March, 1978. It was their European debut in the sold out Grugahalle in Essen in
        front of millions of TV viewers all across Europe. Dickey Betts was a founding member of
        the legendary Allman Brothers Band and as the second solo guitarist creating an
        influence with his melodic playing, his solos and improvisations which marked the music
        style of this group. In 1976 Dickey Betts founded his own group Great Southern with
        which he - how the name points out – wanted to develop his musical direction, which he
        succeeded in a persuasive manner. Dickey Betts & Great Southern were the most
        important and first representatives of the Southern State Rock. On this CD you can hear
        all great classics like ―Ramblin‘ Man‖, ―Jessica‖ or ―In Memory of Elisabeth Reed‖.
     The second CD contains a special bonus Rockpalast-Show from July 19th 2008.
     First time on CD
Related Soundscan: Dickey Betts & Great Southern ―30 Years of Southern Rock‖
(SPVR/693723902173 6/30/09) 1,342

GEORGE BENSON “Good King Bad Benson & Farrell” (BGN-CD-913 / 5017261209139)
                      st     nd     rd
AT/$19.98 I/O: 200 1 25 2 25 3 25
Both released in 1976, these albums are the ending of Benson‘s career as a jazz guitarist, before he went on to find
international success as a vocalist
 Acclaimed reed player Joe Farrell features with Benson, whilst other sidemen include the Brecker Brothers, Steve
Gadd, Eric Gale, Ronnie Foster and Andy Newmark
 These recordings, on Creed Taylor‘s CTI label, both made the US Top 100
 Digitally remastered and slipcased with new liner notes.

STANLEY CLARKE “Modern Man/ I Wanna Play For You” (BGN-CD-923 / 5017261209238)
                         st    nd     rd
AW/$22.98 I/O: 200 1 25 2 25 3 25
Clarke, a brilliant electric and acoustic bassist, played with many jazz greats before joining up with Chick Corea in
Return To Forever
These solo recordings date from 1978 and 1979 and were both US Top 100 albums.
 ‗Modern Man‘ features musicians such as Jeff Beck, Jeff Baxter and Carmine Appice. ‗I Wanna Play For You‘ has
Jeff Beck, George Duke, Stan Getz and Freddie Hubbard amongst the many star-studded musicians
 Digitally remastered, slipcased, and with new notes.

AL DI MEOLA “Elegant Gypsy Casino” (BGN-CD-926 / 5017261209269) AT/$19.98 I/O: 200
 st     nd    rd
1 25 2 25 3 25
Former Return To Forever guitarist Di Meola embarked on a solo career with these two albums coming from 1977
and 1978
Elegant Gypsy‘ features Jan Hammer, Steve Gadd and Paco De Lucia
Both albums made the US Top 100 and helped launch Di Meola‘s international career
Digitally remastered and slipcased with new liner notes
Also available on BGO Records: BGNCD879 Cielo e Terra/Soaring Through A Dream/Tirami Su

THE CLARKE/DUKE PROJECT VOL 1, 2, & 3 (BGN-CD-931 / 5017261209313) AW/$22.98 I/O:
      st     nd     rd
200 1 25 2 25 3 25
The three albums were released between 1981 and 1990 and were a Funk project for bassist Stanley Clarke and
keyboard player George Duke
 ‗Sweet Baby‘ from the first album was a US Top 20 single hit
 The first two albums made the US Top 100 charts
 Digitally remastered, slipcased and with new notes

JOHN McLAUGHLIN “Electri Guitarist, Electric Dreams” (BGN-CD-932 / 5017261209320)
                     st     nd      rd
AT/$19.98 IO: 200 1 25 2 25 3 25
Ex-Graham Bond and Brian Auger guitarist McLaughlin‘s career took off when he went to the States in 1969 to join
Tony Williams‘ Lifetime (this writer had the experience of seeing them in London‘s Speakeasy club in 1970)
He then joined Mile Davis‘ band, playing on seminal albums such as ‗In A Silent Way‘ before going on to form the
Mahavishnu Orchestra
‗Electric Dreams‘ features amongst others Stanley Clarke, Jack Bruce, Billy Cobham and Chick Corea
John McLaughlin is still recording and touring today
Digitally remastered and slipcased and with new notes

DREMAS “Dreams Imagine My Surprise” (BGN-CD-940 / 5017261209405) AW/$22.98 I/O:
       st     nd    rd
200 1 25 2 25 3 25
Fusion drummer Billy Cobham‘s pedigree goes from Miles Davis through many jazz artists
 Dreams was formed with the Brecker brothers (Michael and Randy) and John Abercrombie, and these, their only
two albums, date from the very early 1970s
 Critically acclaimed, the band and these recordings did not gain the commercial success they deserved
 Digitally remastered and slipcased

Tangerine Dream “Booster II” (CLP-CD-9138/741157913828) 6/15/10 IO: 500
                            st    nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, SF-Oakland-San Jose, Denver, Boston,
Philadelphia, Washington DC, Phoenix, Atlanta
Home Market: Germany
Selling Points:
     This 2 CD set features newly recorded versions of fan favorites such as ―Cloudburst
        Flight‖ (from the 1979 album Force Majeure) and ―Scrapyard‖ (from the 1981 soundtrack
        to the Michael Mann film ―Thief‖) along with other rare tracks plus a stellar version of The
        Beatles‘ ―Tomorrow Never Knows‖ and much more.
Related Soundscan: Tangerine Dream ―Booster‖ (CLP-CD-2412/741157241228 5/13/08) 1,836

Tangerine Dream “Booster III” (CLP-CD-9139/741157913927) 6/15/10 IO: 500
                           st  nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, SF-Oakland-San Jose, Denver, Boston,
Philadelphia, Washington DC, Phoenix, Atlanta
Home Market: Germany
Selling Points:
     Another 2 CD compilation of recently recorded versions of classic tracks such as
        ―Remote Viewing‖ and ―Kiev Mission‖ (both from the 1981 album Exit) plus unreleased
        and rare material.
Related Soundscan: Tangerine Dream ―Booster‖ (CLP-CD-2412/741157241228 5/13/08) 1,836

Tangerine Dream “Hyperborea 2008” (CLP-CD-9140/741157914023) 6/15/10 IO: 500
                       st   nd    rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, SF-Oakland-San Jose, Denver, Boston,
Philadelphia, Washington DC, Phoenix, Atlanta
Home Market: Germany
Selling Points:
     Newly recorded and newly imagined version of the band‘s seminal album Hyperborea,
        originally released on Virgin Records in 1983, and featuring compositions that would
        provide the creative basis for Tangerine Dream‘s scores for the films ―Legend,‖
        ―Dreamscape‖ and ―Firestarter‖.
Related Soundscan: Tangerine Dream ―Booster‖ (CLP-CD-2412/741157241228 5/13/08) 1,836

Tangerine Dream “Tangram 2008” (CLP-CD-9141/741157914122) 6/15/10 IO: 500
                          st     nd    rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, SF-Oakland-San Jose, Denver, Boston,
Philadelphia, Washington DC, Phoenix, Atlanta
Home Market: Germany
Selling Points:
     Edgar Froese revisits Tangerine Dream‘s breakthrough album Tangram, originally
        recorded in 1980 and composed by Froese and his longtime collaborator Johannes
        Schmoeling, to create a stunning masterpiece that bridges the vintage years and
        Tangerine Dream‘s contemporary sound.
Related Soundscan: Tangerine Dream ―Booster‖ (CLP-CD-2412/741157241228 5/13/08) 1,836

Tangerine Dream “The Great Wall of China” (CLP-CD-9142/751157914221) 6/15/10 IO: 500
                           st    nd    rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, SF-Oakland-San Jose, Denver, Boston,
Philadelphia, Washington DC, Phoenix, Atlanta
Home Market: Germany
Selling Points:
     The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the documentary film of the same name,
        released in 2000, showcases the band‘s indelible style while expanding the palette to
        include instrumentation and melodies inspired by the Far East.
Related Soundscan: Tangerine Dream ―Booster‖ (CLP-CD-2412/741157241228 5/13/08) 1,836

REILLY, MAGGIE: Looking Back, Moving Forward; USD-CD-1624 / 5060131420066 – AS /
18.98 - I/O: 100; WK1: 10; WK 2: 10; WK: 3 10
     Best known for her lengthy collaboration with famed electronic composer Mike Oldfield,
      singer Maggie Reilly was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1956.
     She began her performing career during the early 1970s as a member of the local blues
      band Joe Cool; later renamed Cado Belle, the group's self-titled debut LP was issued in
      1976. An EP followed a year later, but Cado Belle dissolved soon after, with Reilly turning
      to session work before signing on with the trio Riotous Assembly.
     She met Oldfield in 1979, and a year later contributed vocals to his album QE2; they
      collaborated on three more projects — Five Miles Out, Crises and Discovery — before
      Reilly made her solo debut in 1984 with a cover of the classic "As Tears Go By."
     She spent the latter half of the decade focusing on raising a family, returning to music
      only intermittently, including a 1989 reunion with Oldfield on his album Earth Moving;
      finally, in 1992 Reilly issued her debut solo LP Echoes, followed a year later by Midnight
      Sun. Elena appeared in 1996.

Sometimes...A Great Notion; USD-CD-1626 / 604388727520 - AS / 18.98 - I/O: 100; WK1: 10
       ; WK 2: 10; WK: 3 10
Sales Points
     Various artists compilation of B-sides and unreleased tracks
     Some pretty impressive names
WAKEMAN, RICK: Always With You; USD-CD-1666 / 604388735327 - AS                      / 18.98 - I/O:
200; WK1: 20; WK 2: 20; WK: 3 20
Sales points
     Wakeman‘s take on well know music
     From Handel to Zeppelin!

BAKER GURVITZ ARMY: Live London 1976; USD-CD-1667 / 604388738021 - AS / 18.98 -
I/O: 100; WK1: 10; WK 2: 10 ; WK: 3 10
Sales Points
     The Baker Gurvitz Army was a British rock group formed in late 1974 by drummer Ginger
        Baker, formerly of Cream, and brothers Adrian (guitar) and Paul Gurvitz (bass), formerly
        of Gun.
     The band was filled out by vocalist Snips and keyboard player Peter Lemer.
     They released three albums between 1974 and 1976, the most successful of which was
        their self-titled debut, which charted in the U.K. and the U.S.

Big Bus “Redemption” (OAR-CD-40821/786984082125) I.O. 360 AM/13.98
                         st    nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 30 2 30 3 30
Key Markets: Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Pittsburgh
Home Market: Detroit, MI
Selling Points:
     Follow up release ―Street Credibility Vol. 2‖
     Detroit‘s premier underground hip-hop artists
     Featured with underground artists such as Boom2G, Tre Little, Mary Wonn, and Non P.
                                                                                st      nd      rd
[RE:JAZZ] “Electrified” (INF-CD-156 / 801824012527) AR/$17.98 I/O: 250 1 25 2 25 3 25
Electrified German new jazz heroes [re:jazz] present their second collection of remixes after the critically acclaimed
re:mix released in 2003
Most of the tracks are previously unreleased and related to originals from the 2008 studio album Nipponized.
Additionally a few hard-to-find collectors items never been released on CD had been included.
[re:jazz] is one of most successful andrenowned German jazz acts. They already released 4 critically acclaimed
albums, 1 remix album and 1 live album.
They worked with the crème de la crème of international jazzmen, singer and musicians and
their tracks have been licensed to more than 80 compilations in the world up to now.

CHINESE FOLK SONGS (CIN-CD-2601 / 879795002601) 6/15/10 I.O: 200
Selling Points:
     This extraordinary music series from China features the most comprehensive collection
        ever made available in the West
     Packaged in a exquisitely designed box
     Each disc focuses on one important genre of music from China‘s culture
     Features folk songs from Yunnan, Xinjiang, Mongolia and Tibet

I.O: 200
Selling Points:
     This extraordinary music series from China features the most comprehensive collection
         ever made available in the West
     Packaged in a exquisitely designed box
     Each disc focuses on one important genre of music from China‘s culture
     Features music from The Best of Chime Bells, Tune of Xiao, Xun and Konghou Solos
PEKING OPERA (CIN-CD-2649 / 879795002649) 6/15/10 I.O: 200
Selling Points:
     This extraordinary music series from China features the most comprehensive collection
        ever made available in the West
     Packaged in a exquisitely designed box
     Each disc focuses on one important genre of music from China‘s culture
     Features music from The Best of Traditional Chinese Operas and Peking Operas

TIBETAN MUSIC (CIN-CD-2694 / 879795002694) 6/15/10 I.O: 200
Selling Points:
     This extraordinary music series from China features the most comprehensive collection
        ever made available in the West
     Packaged in a exquisitely designed box
     Each disc focuses on one important genre of music from China‘s culture
     Features music from Ya Dong – Yearning for the Holy Eagle, Mama‘s Suede Jacket,
        Wind of Tanggula and Zhaxidele

I.O: 200
Selling Points:
     This extraordinary music series from China features the most comprehensive collection
         ever made available in the West
     Packaged in a exquisitely designed box
     Each disc focuses on one important genre of music from China‘s culture
     Features music from the Four Seasons in China, Chinese Landscape, Flowers and Birds
         and Folkways and Customs

CLASSICAL CHINESE MELODIES (CIN-CD-2779 / 879795002779) 6/15/10 I.O: 200
Selling Points:
     This extraordinary music series from China features the most comprehensive collection
        ever made available in the West
     Packaged in a exquisitely designed box
     Each disc focuses on one important genre of music from China‘s culture
     Features music from A Moonlit Spring Night on the Flowery River, Colorful Clouds
        Chasing The Moon, Dance of the Golden Snake and Lion Playing with the Ball
WAR CHILD (IBZ-DV-8603 / 860381000002) 6/15/10 I.O: 1,500
Selling Points:
     An award-winning documentary
     Chronicles the tumultuous, shocking, inspiring, and ultimately hopeful odyssey of
        Emmanuel Jal, a former child soldier of Sudan‘s brutal civil war, now an emerging
        international hip hop star
     Tells the story of Jal‘s life through his words and music and remarkable film footage
        dating back to his childhood.
     A portion of proceeds from this DVD will be donated to GUA Africa USA to help fund
        education for children and young adults in Sudan who would otherwise be denied such

(MOD-DV-D221 / 764593022190) 6/15/10 I.O: 300
Selling Points:
     Her performances are dramatically captured here by Spanish director Anton Cabaleiro.
     Ms. Tan performs Cage's classic "Suite for Toy Piano," her arrangement of Cage's
        seminal "Dream" for toy & grand piano; plus new works, many written for her; and her
        arrangement for voice and toy instruments of a recent song by George Crumb.
     Original 96khz/42-bit hi-definition recording, filmed in High Definition video.
PORCUPINE TREE: ANESTHETIZE (KSC-DV-507 / 802644850771) 6/15/10 I.O: 2,500
6/15/10 I.O: 750
Selling Points:
     Recorded on multi-cameras over two nights at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland in
        October 2008, the concerts featured tracks from throughout the band‘s career.
     It is only the band‘s second ever DVD release, and first to be made available on Blu-Ray.
     Blu-Ray disc contains a half hour of bonus material not found on the DVD.

U.D.O.: MASTERCUTOR ALIVE (CAB-DV-10466 / 880831046626) 6/15/10 I.O: 400
Selling Points:
     Features a full-length performance, 30 minutes of bonus content, three songs from a live
        performance, and miscellaneous video footage shot on tour in Russia and South
     This 2 DVD set is full of great material: ―Living For Tonight,‖ ―Fast As A Shark,‖ ―Princess
        Of The Dawn,‖ ―Balls To The Wall,‖ ―Midnight Mover,‖ and lots more.

Eric Nordhoff - “Quietime Worship”- (GGE-CD-412/ 080856004124) IO: 2,000 AH/ 9.98
                         st     nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Eric Nordhoff - “Quietime Prayer”- (GGE-CD-422/ 080856004223) IO: 2,000 AH/ 9.98
                         st     nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: Chattanooga, Houston, Dallas, Nashville, Baltimore, Atlanta, Jackson MS,
Washington DC, Raleigh-Durham, Shreveport, Birmingham, Columbus
Home market: Nashville
Selling Points:
     CBA-focused compilations featuring soothing, meditative Christian-themed music
Related Soundscan/ comparable: Quietime Hymns (GGE-CD-142) 3,600 units Soundscan

                                June 29th, 2010 Cliffnotes
NILSSON, Harry and STEWART, John:                 The Early Tower Masters - Willard; DRG-CD-
8512 / 021471851229 - AN / 14.98 - I/O: 500; WK1: 50; WK 2: 40           ; WK: 3 30
    Before Harry Nilsson became Nilsson and started recording his string of RCA albums, he
        was a part-time fixture on the L.A. music scene, one of the many hopefuls trying to crack
        the commercial coconut.
    In between cutting vocal tracks for television and radio commercials, he often found the
        time and opportunity to record some real tracks, and some of these efforts are
        represented here.
    Tracks like "Good Times," "Sixteen Tons," and several others have a true period charm.
    The resulting album is akin to the Byrds' Preflyte, another simple, wondrously lo-fi
        collection that clearly shows you where it all began.
    John Stewart's follow-up to the unprecedented success of California Bloodlines stuck
        close to the same formula.
    Recorded in Hollywood with many of the same musicians from the earlier record — Norb
        Putnam, Kenny Buttrey, Charlie McCoy, among them — Stewart also employed other
        country musicians such as banjo boss Bobby Thompson and fiddle player Doug Kershaw
        as well as a host of his peers — from Russ Kunkel and Carole King to Danny Kortchmar,
        James Taylor, and Bryan Garofalo — at the suggestion of producer Peter Asher — later
        known for his schlock work with Linda Ronstadt and Carly Simon among others.
       The feel of the album is somewhat stripped of the California cosmetics that were in so
        many records from that time.
       Willard is a country record in all the best ways; it just might be Stewart's master opus.

Dwele “Wants, World, Women” (E1E-CD-5149/099923514923) 6/29/10 IO: 40,000
                            st                  week       rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 week 12,000 2nd              7000 3 week 5000
Key Markets: New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Dallas-Ft. Worth TX, Chicago,
Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Francisco-Oakland, Oklahoma City, Houston
Home Market: Detroit, MI
Selling Points:
     Over 550,000 ALBUMS SCANNED.
     Previous E1 Music release SKETCHES OF MAN has scanned OVER 90,000 UNITS.
     DWELE MCDONALD‟S CAMPAIGN accounted for millions upon millions of impressions.
     DWELE plays 150+ SHOWS a year and will tour extensively behind the new album.
     URBAN AC loves DWELE. Expect major traction.
     Press efforts already underway, major long-lead coverage expected well ahead of
     1 SINGLE “WHAT‟S NOT TO LOVE” impacts Urban AC week of 4/19/10.
     Major promo/spot date tour leading into album street date.
     Video for “WHAT‟S NOT TO LOVE” completed. Servicing to Centric, Vh1, MTV, B.E.T.,
         Music Choice shortly.

SELECTIONS (not final/not yet sequenced)
Dodging The Phone Ft. David Banner      I Wise
I Understand                               Gimme A Chance
Hang Over                                   Grown Folks
What's Not To Love                        How I Deal
Love You Right                            I Wanna Be With You Ft. DJ Quick
My People                                  Sun Rise Ft. Monica Blair, EL Rene

U.S. National tour to include 40+ cities including:
June 3, 2010      Ramshead/Annapolis MD
June 4, 2010      Nokia Theatre/New York
July 7, 2010     Triple Door /Seattle, WA
July 9, 2010     Yoshi‘s /West Oakland, CA
July 10, 2010    Yoshi‘s /West Oakland, CA
July 11, 2010    Yoshi‘s /West Oakland, CA
July 15, 2010    Key Club /West Hollywood, CA
July 16, 2010    Anthology /San Diego, CA
July 17, 2010    Anthology /San Diego, CA
August 16, 2010 Birchmere/Alexandria, VA
August 17, 2010 Birchmere/Alexandria, VA

       Raised on the sounds of Freddie Hubbard, Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis and Donny
        Hathaway, DWELE is without question, one of Detroit‘s finest. Originally discovered by
        legendary producer J.DILLA, DWELE first caught the attention of SLUM VILLAGE who
        invited him to sing on the hook of their now classic joint, ―Tainted.‖ The rest as they say is
          DWELE is not just an ―album‖ artist; he‘s also a heavy touring artist who spends the
           better part of each year on tour converting audiences night after night. Last year, DWELE
           was featured in a massive MCDONALD‟S MCCAFE TV CAMPAIGN which generated
           million upon millions of impressions, immediately bolstering his profile.
          The new album includes some of his most accessible music to date including the first
           single “WHAT‟S NOT TO LOVE” which is already being embraced by Urban AC radio.

   Related Soundscan: Dwele ―Sketches of a Man‖ (KOC-CD-5049/099923504924) 6/08 90,281
   scanned to date

   Juvenile “Beast Mode” (E1E-CD-2069/099923206927) 6/29/10 IO: 50,000
                              st                 nd            rd
   Projected Soundscans: 1 week 15,000 2 Week 6000 3 Week 4000
   Key Markets: Dallas-Ft. Worth TX, New Orleans LA, Atlanta GA, Oklahoma City, Washington
   DC, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baton Rouge LA, SF-Oakland-San Jose
   Home Market: New Orleans, LA
   Selling Points:
        Juvenile has sold over 9 million albums
        COCKY & CONFIDENT Sold over 25K fist week
        DROP THAT will be the first single release from the upcoming album
        Going for adds on week of April 12 , 2010

        Juvenile tours all year round
        The Video be serviced to BET, MTV2, MTV3, MTV JAMZ, MTV HITS, MTVU, FUSE and
           Mun2 top of the year.
        Expect to see massive editorial & promotions with MySpace, OnSmash, SOHH, Yahoo,
           AOL, iTunes,, Rolling and all major music destinations.
        Over 200K MySpace friends
        Juvenile came to national prominence as a teenager with the 1997 debut of the HOT
           BOY$ (Juvenile, Lil Wayne, B.G. and Turk), GET IT HOW U LIVE, followed by the HOT
           BOY$ platinum record GUERILLA WARFARE. Juvenile‘s major label solo debut, 400
           DEGREEZ, in 1998-99, sold 4.5 million records and is universally considered one of hip
           hop‘s classics. Juvenile‘s three albums thereafter, THA G-CODE (1999) PROJECT
           ENGLISH (2001), and JUVE THE GREAT (2003) were each platinum plus, with the latter
           featuring the #1 smash single, ―Slow Motion.‖

          FOR CONSUMERS WHO LIKE: Lil Wayne, Baby, BG, Cash Money, Gucci Mane, T.I.,
           Slim Thug, Trick Daddy, & Paul Wall

Related Soundscan: Juvenile ―Cocky and Confident‖ (Atlantic UPC: 075678993138) 12/09 72,526
scanned to date

   Fat Joe “The Dark Side” (E1E-CD-2101/099923210122) 6/29/10 IO: 30,000
   Projected Soundscans: 1 week 8000 2nd week 5000 3rd week 3000
   Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Atlanta,
   Hartford CT, Detroit, Baltimore
   Home Market: Bronx NY, Miami FL
   Selling Points:
        Fat Joe has sold over 2.5 MILLION ALBUMS as a solo artist
        His album ―Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E) was a critically acclaimed platinum selling
           album that spawned
           The hits ―What‘s Luve‖ and ―We Thuggin‖
      FAT JOE will tour around this release (details forthcoming)
      FAT JOE will have the northeast on fire as he will be featured in all of the major summer
       jams from Boston to Atlanta
       RICAN DAY PARADE that is televised
       In millions and millions of homes nationally
       1 Single ―Ha Ha Slow Down‖ already at radio
      Single will be impacting at urban radio on 4/5-4/6
      ―Ha Ha Slow Down‖ VIDEO will be shot in NYC and directed by Parris (Juvenile,
      VIDEO will be serviced to BET, MTV2, MTV JAMZ, MTV HITS, MTVU, FUSE and Mun2
       on 4/26
      Expect to see massive editorial & promotions with MySpace, Worldstarhiphop, OnSmash,
       SOHH, Yahoo
       AOL, iTunes,, and all major music destinations
      The record includes production from such heavy weights as JUST BLAZE, DJ PREMIER,
      In addition to being a highly successful solo artist he is also the founder and current CEO
       of the collective TERROR SQUAD, ―Lean Back,‖
       which became a summertime anthem upon release

Related Soundscan: Fat Joe ―Elephant in the Room‖ (UPC: 5099951461928) Virgin 3/08
110,991 units to date

MARCO POLO “The Stupendous Adventures of Maro Polo” (DDM-CD-2155/693461215528)
IO: 3,000 AQ/16.98
                           st             nd            rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 week 1500 2 week 800 3 week 00
Key Markets: New York, Toronto, Hartford, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, San
Francisco, Washington DC
Home Market: New York & Toronto, Canada
Selling Points:
     Features B-sides, remixes, and unreleased material from Marco Polo
     Featured artists: Large Professor, Diamond District, Exile, Torae, Ruste Juxx, Skyzoo,
        Promise, Royce Da 5‘9‘, Elzhi, Supastition, Das EFX, and many others
     Juno award winning and Toronto, CA based producer
     Produced tracks for Kardinal Offishall, Boot Camp Clik, Sean Price, KRS-One, Masta
        Ace, and others
     Soundscan history:
            o Since 2007 Mraco Polo has sold over 15,00 records to date
            o 2007 Port Authority scanned over 7 units
            o 2009 Double Barrel scanned over 4k units to date
            o 2010 Ruste Juxx scanned over 2k units to date
     Track Listing
                1. Track Listing:
                1. D-Stroy & Bad Seed ―Buggin Out‖
                2. Large Professor ―The Radar Remix‖
                3. Promise ―The Bridge‖
                4. Red Clay ―Official‖
                5. Ruste Juxx ―Bomb Sh*t‖
                6. Shylow ―Whylin Out‖
                7. Saga ―Think Of You Now‖
                8. Torae ―Combat Drills‖
                9. DJ K.O. ―Best To Do It‖ (Marco Polo Remix)
                feat. Royce Da 5‘9, Elzhi & Supastition
                10. Skyzoo ―Blocksh*t‖v
                11. Diamond District ―Who I Be‖ (Marco Polo Remix)
                12. Skoob (Of Das Efx) ―How I Get Down‖
                (Marco Polo Remix)
                13. Surreal ―So Basic‖
                14. Grand Daddy I.U. ―The Veteran‖
                15. Arcee ―Ambition‖
                16. Exile ―Radio‖ (Marco Polo Remix)
                feat. Ruste Juxx & Torae

Related Soundscan: Marco Polo & Torae ―Double Barrel‖ (DDM 08/02/09) 4,403

VARIOUS “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The Score” (E1E-CD-2313/099923231325) 6/29/10 IO:
                            st                                rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 week 15,000 2nd week 8000 3 week 7000
Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, SF-
Oakland-San Jose, Detroit, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Atlanta
Home Market: N/A
Selling Points:
     Three Time Academy-Award Winner Howard Shore Scores The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
        The Score
     The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is the third installment of the blockbuster film franchise
        Twilight, an action-packed, modern day vampire love story. The movie is based on author
        Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. Three-time Oscar Winning composer Howard Shore
        composed the music for the latest film‘s score, following in the footsteps of Carter Burwell
        and Alexandre Desplat
     Shore has won three Oscars for his work of The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and received
        dozens of further accolades for his work. He is also known for his work with Martin
        Scorsese (The Aviator, The Departed) and David Cronenberg (A History of Violence,
        Eastern Promises) and several other notable films. With talent like Shore‘s & a massive
        fan base, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The Score is sure to be a hit with not just fans of the
        film, but the score genre as well.
Key Selling Points:
     The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is set to open on 6/30/10 sure to smash box office records.
        (The Twilight Saga: New Moon was the #4 Domestic Box Office film of 2009, Grossing
        almost $300B)
     The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The Score will feature the work of three-time Oscar winning
        composer Howard Shore (The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The Departed, Aviator)
     The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is being supported with an aggressive, national, campaign
        that will encompass placement in: television, radio, in-theater, theme parks, outdoor
        (billboards, wildposting), and online efforts
     The Twilight Saga: New Moon Score has shipped over 100K units to date
     Also Available on Vinyl (2 LP set)
     For Consumers Who Like: Twilight, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, and True Blood

Related Soundscan: Twilight New Moon Score (E1E-CD-2075/099923207528) 11/20/09 80,586
scanned to date

VARIOUS “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The Score” LP VINYL (E1E-LP-2314/099923231417)
6/29/10 IO: 1000
CS/22.98 (2LPS)
                         st          nd         rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 week 100 2 week 100 3 week 100
Box Lot Quantity: 20
Vinyl Packaging: Gatefold Record Jacket-2 LPs
Jimmy Webb “Just Across the River” (E1E-CD-2068/099923206828) 6/29/10 IO: 15,000
                            st             nd              rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 week 3500 2 week 3000 3 week 2000
Key Markets: Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas
Memphis, Phoenix
Home Market: Oklahoma
Selling Points:
          Jackson Browne
         Glen Campbell
          Jerry Douglas
          Vince Gill
          Billy Joel
          Mark Knopfler
          Willie Nelson
          Michael McDonald
          Linda Ronstadt
          J.D. Souther
          Lucinda Williams
     Recorded in Nashville with a stunning group of multi-platinum legends, this newly
        recorded collection of some of the greatest songs in pop and country music history
        features Jimmy Webb and friends at their most romantic, poignant, lyrical, and inspiring.
        Each track stands alongside---and in some cases, surpasses---the beloved original hits.
        The music is contemporary, yet classically timeless. The arrangements serve the songs,
        and the incredible vocal performers who collaborate with Jimmy of the album of his
     The critical acclaim composer Jimmy Webb has received during his more than forty years
        of success is as remarkable as the accomplishments they honor: Webb is the only artist
        to ever receive Grammy awards for music, lyrics, and orchestration; he is a member of
        the National Academy of Popular Music Songwriter‘s Hall of Fame and the Nashville
        Songwriter‘s Hall of Fame; and, according to BMI, his ―By The Time I Get To Phoenix,‖
        (sung on the new album in duet with Glen Campbell---the first time the two have ever
        recorded together) has been the third most performed song in the last fifty years. Webb‘s
        ―Wichita Lineman‖ (performed here with Billy Joel and Jerry Douglas) has been listed in
        the Top Fifty of MOJO Magazine‘s worldwide survey of the best one hundred singles of
        all time, and was singled out in the Oct/Nov 2001 issue of Blender as ―The Greatest Song
     Webb was known initially for the instant classics he provided for such artists as
        Campbell, Richard Harris (―MacArthur Park,‖ ―Didn‘t We‖), the Fifth Dimension (―Up, Up
        and Away,‖ ―This Is Your Life‖), and Johnny Maestro‘s Brooklyn Bridge (―Worst That
        Could Happen.‖) Jimmy also topped the Country charts when Waylon Jennings, Willie
        Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Kris Kristofferson hit #1 with ―The Highwayman,‖ a ballad
        which won him yet another Grammy for Best Country Song of the Year, and a CMA
        Award for Single Of The Year. On JUST ACROSS THE RIVER, Jimmy shares the mike
        with Mark Knopfler on this tune. Linda Ronstadt, who has recorded a multitude of
        Webb songs throughout her recording career, included four of his efforts on her double
        platinum album, ―Cry Like A Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind.‖ She‘s on board here for a
        heartwarming, intimate closing duet on ―All I Know,‖ the Webb standard made famous by
        Art Garfunkel.
     And that‘s just the beginning. As a performer Jimmy has released numerous critically-
        acclaimed albums over the years, earning distinguished reviews in all of the major
        publications, and unqualified praise following his appearances in concert halls and top
        cabaret venues. But he has never attempted a project like JUST ACROSS THE RIVER,
        where his singing AND songwriting is celebrated by the collaborations of his peers, like
        Jackson Browne and Willie Nelson, as well as artists who have revered his music for
        years, like Lucinda Williams, Michael McDonald, and Vince Gill.

    1.    Oklahoma Nights (Vince Gill)
    2.    Wichita Lineman (Billy Joel)
    3.    If You See Me Getting Smaller (Willie Nelson)
    4.    Galveston (Lucinda Williams)
    5.    Do What You Gotta Do
    6.    Cowboy Hall Of Fame
    7.    P.F. Sloan (Jackson Browne)
    8.    Highwayman (Mark Knopfler)
    9.    By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Glen Campbell)
    10.   I Was Too Busy Loving You (J.D. Souther)
    11.   Where Words End (Michael McDonald)
    12.   It Won‘t Bring Her Back
    13.   All I Know (Linda Ronstadt)

                MARKETING POINTS:

                TV CAMPAIGN: During the month of July, E1 will launch a network and cable TV
                 campaign in key markets to introduce the new album. We will focus especially on
                 the 35+ age demo with females a special target.

                RADIO: Triple-A, Americana, and Adult Standards formats all covered by
                 independent radio promotion.

                PRESS: Sacks & Co. Media will target the highest level of general interest
                 media, including late night and daytime talk shows, national news and
                 entertainment publications, and elite music media.

                TOUR: Jimmy Webb tours nearly every month of the year in concert halls and
                 nightclubs. He will continue his appearances throughout the life of his new
                 album, and E1 will alert you to his schedule as it unfolds.

Incognito “Transatlantic RPM” (SHA-CD-5183/016351518323) 6/29/10 IO: 9,000
                             st        nd       rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 2,000 2 1,500 3 1,250
Key Markets: New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles,
Baltimore, Detroit
Home Market: UK
Selling Points:
     Incognito are considered one of the true pioneers of the early Jazz Funk Scene.
     The nucleus of the group is Jean Paul ―Bluey‖ Maunick, whose roots trace back to
        membership of another of the U.K.'s finest exports Light Of The World. Bluey‘s original
        musical colleague in the band was Paul ―Tubs‖ Williams, along with a changing collection
        of friends and associates including Ganiyu ―Gee‖ Bello, Ray Carless, Jef Dunn, Vin
        Gordon and Peter Hinds.
     Incognito began their trip to popularity when a demo single, ―Parisienne Girl‖, received
        such strong club and radio support that it was made an official release, charting at
        number 73 in the UK charts in 1980. The group only released one album, ―Jazz Funk‖,
        utilizing this group of performers. They also released a track on UK 12‖ entitled ―North
        London Boy‖ in 1981. During the 1990‘s, at the request of Talking Loud Records,
        Incognito began a renaissance. This time, a variety of guest singers were included in the
        line-up. ―Always There‖ (1991) featured the vocals of Jocelyn Brown, and was also
        remixed by David Morales. It reached number 6 in the UK charts. Maysa Leak, who had
        begun by guesting on their 1991 single ―Crazy For You‖, left the band amicably in June
        1994 and still collaborated with Bluey from time to time.
     ―Transatlantic RPM‖ celebrates Incognito‘s 30 anniversary in style with special guests
       Chaka Khan, Eric Benet, Maysa, and Lucky I Am.
      Incognito will tour North America in support of ―Transatlantic RPM‖.
      Highlights of ―Transatlantic RPM‖ are the Chaka Khan-led ―All Ways Love‖ and the first
       radio single ―Struttin‘‖.
Related Soundscan: Maysa ―A Woman in Love‖ (SHA-CD-5181/016351518125 1/26/10) 7,940

Benita Washington “The Word Remains” (SHA-CD-5782/016351578228) 6/29/10 IO: 8,000
                             st      nd         rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 800 2 1,000 3 1,000
Key Markets: Atlanta, Philadelphia, Richmond, Phoenix, Hartford, New York, Los Angeles,
Home Market: Nashville
Selling Points:
     In 2004, Benita Washington released Hold On to rave reviews. In its first week out Hold
        On hit multiple slots on Billboard including: 6 Top Gospel Albums, 16 Top Mainstream
        Christian Albums, 27 Top Current Contemporary Christian Chart and 30 Top 50 Albums
        Chart. Hold On would go on to chart again several different times over the next year and
        the lead single ―Thank You‖ reached number three on the gospel radio charts and
        remained there three consecutive weeks. In 2005, Hold On garnered a Soul Train Lady of
        Soul nomination for Best Gospel Album alongside industry greats Dorothy Norwood,
        LaShun Pace, and Kierra ―KiKi‖ Sheard.
     Benita also has toured the US extensively with Gospel legend CeCe Winans, opening on
        the second leg of the critically acclaimed Throne Room Tour in early 2005
     ―The Word Remains‖ is an impressive mix of contemporary Gospel styles ranging from
        soulful to jazz, from heartfelt balladry to edgy urban gospel tracks.
     The first single ―Watchin‘ Me‖ will be worked to Gospel radio nationally in the months
        prior to the album‘s release.
     Benita is the praise and worship leader for one of the largest African-American churches
        in the nation, Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, TN and performs widely at gospel
        events throughout the country.
Related Soundscan: Benita Washington ―Renaissance‖ (RASE/829569800520 2/13/07) 4,393

Eric Darius “On a Mission” (SHA-CD-5182/016351518224) 6/29/10 IO: 6,000
                             st        nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 2,000 2 1,500 3 800
Key Markets: Tampa, Richmond, Orlando, Baltimore, Washington DC, Cleveland, Chicago, New
York, Los Angeles
Home Market: Tampa
Selling Points:
     Eric Darius is THE rising star on the Smooth Jazz scene. Though still in his early 20‘s he
        has already garnered 6 top 10 smooth jazz radio hits and spent more than 30 weeks on
        the top 10 Billboard contemporary jazz charts.
     ―On a Mission`‖, Eric‘s debut for Shanachie, teams him with the top producers in R&B
        and jazz: Rex Rideout (Ledisi, Angie Stone, Kem), Darren Rahn (Dave Kox, Wayman
        Tisdale) and Micah Otano (Brian Culbertson). Together they forge a new fusion of
        Smooth Jazz and Urban that continues Eric‘s ―Mission‖ of spreading his musical
        message to a younger generation of music buyers. Highlights include the driving, funky
        title track ―On a Mission‖, the sensuous Rideout/Darius ballad ―Into You‖ and the
        electro-hip-hop inflected ―Krazy‖.
     Perhaps the most impressive element of Eric Darius‘ appeal is his dynamic live
        performance. Already having shared the stage with such notables as Prince, George
        Benson, Winton Marsalis and Dionne Warwick, Eric‘s jam packed tour schedule
        combined consistent radio hits will continue the growth of this remarkable artist‘s career.
Related Soundscan: Eric Darius ―Goin‘ All Out‖ (BNTE/094638784821 6/24/08) 18,526

Blue Six “Noesis” (NMN-CD-21/804223) 6/29/10 IO: 2,000
                            st    nd   rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 450 2 300 3 250
Key Markets: New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Washington
D.C., Detroit, Nashville, Seattle
Home Market: New York City, San Francisco
Selling Points:
     The hotly anticipated 3 release from Blue Six has finally arrived. Fans of the sensual

        sophistication that Naked Music has come to define will not be disappointed. The album
        seamlessly marries funky rhythms with delicate vocals, thoughtful lyrics and beautiful
        instrumentation all with a forward thinking modern aesthetic.
     Vocalists Tabitha Fair, Aya, and legendary Catherine Russell bring a heartfelt
        understatement to the project.
Related Soundscan: Blue Six ―Aquarian Angel‖ (NMN-CD-19/804223001925 3/5/07) 12,451

Max Wild “Tamba” (OSD-CD-108/823889910822) 6/29/10 IO: 500
                             st   nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Detroit, Boston, Los Angeles, Kansas
City, SF-Oakland-San Jose
Home Market: New York
Selling Points:
     ―Tamba‖ features saxophonist Max Wild with an incredible band of world and jazz
        musicians, including featured guests Zimbabwean singers Sam Mtukudzi (son of
        Afrobeat giant Oliver Mtukudzi) and Chiwoniso Maraire (―Rebel Woman‖ on Cumbancha).
     Sam Mtukudzi was killed in a tragic accident in late March 2010. The album is dedicated
        to his spirit and legacy.
     Max Wild and Chiwoniso started pre-release touring this March and April with an
        extensive African tour in South Africa, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique,
        Swaziland, and will continue pre-release shows in the USA in New York, Louisiana and
        North Carolina. Touring for the USA near album release will be announced shortly. Pre-
        release USA dates include: April 20 - NYC (venue TBA); April 22 and April 23, Shakori
        Hills Grass Roots Festival of Music & Dance, Shakori Hills, NC; April 24, Festival
        International de Louisiane, Lafayette, Louisiana.
Related Soundscan: Chiwoniso ―Rebel Woman‖ (CMB-CD-8/890846001084 9/2/08) 3,541

Tom Petty Tribute- “Lullaby Tribute to Tom Petty” (CCE-CD-9250/ 707541925099) IO: 1,000
AK/ 11.98
                           st     nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia,
Boston, Minneapolis, Denver, Houston, Seattle, Miami, Cleveland, Pittsburgh
Selling Points:
     Lullaby tribute to rock icon Petty
     Touring North America beginning May 2010
     First studio album in eight years, ―Mojo‖ due spring 2010
Related Soundscan/ comparable: Dave Matthews Lullaby Tribute (CCE-CD-9067) 2,200
units Soundscan

Renditions: Kutless Tribute- “Kutless Piano Tribute” (CCE-CD-9251/ 707541925198)
IO: 1,000 AK/ 11.98
                            st     nd       rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: New York, Dallas, Houston, Tulsa OK, Greenville SC, Charlotte, Los Angeles,
Little Rock, Lexington KY, Indianapolis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Knoxville
Selling Points:
      Kutless featured in ―Guitar Praise‖ video game
      Group has scanned over 1.5 million units (Soundscan)
Related Soundscan/ comparable: Flyleaf Tribute (CCE-CD-9279) 1,600 units Soundscan

Julie Neumark- “Dimestore Halo” (LON-CD-016/ 880259001627) IO: 1,000 AK/ 11.98
                        st       nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Austin TX, Phoenix, Santa Fe
NM, Boston, New York, Washington DC, Columbus OH, Cleveland
Home market: Cincinnati
Selling Points:
     Singer-songwriter Neumark will be touring nationwide to support release
     Appeared at SXSW in Austin, Spring 2010
     Radio servicing to include AAA, Americana, college, NPR, satellite & Internet. Early adds
        include WYCE/Grand Rapids MI & KBAC/Santa Fe NM
     Versatile Neumark has racked up numerous TV & film appearances (acting), including
        Mad About You, Gilmore Girls and Lifetime Network
     (AOL) describes Neumark as ―One part Rolling Stones, two parts Janis
        Joplin, with a dash of Stevie Nicks and a twist of Bob Dylan…‖
Related Soundscan/ comparable: Anais Mitchell (RBR-CD-70); 3,400 units Soundscan

Cindy Bullens “Howling Trains & Barking Dogs” (MCR-CD-66/607735006620) 6/29/10 IO:
                           st      nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 200 2 200 3 200
Key Markets: Boston, New York, San Francisco, Portland, Philadelphia, Chicago
Home Market: Portland ME
Selling Points:
     Cindy‘s new solo recording, Howling Trains and Barking Dogs is a collection of her 90‘s
        Nashville songwriting collaborations. Her co-writers include Radney Foster, Bill Lloyd,
        Matraca Berg, Kye Fleming, Mary Ann Kennedy and Al Anderson.
     A native New Englander and long time resident of Maine, Cindy is running this year for a
        seat in the Maine State Senate.
     Cindy Bullens will be on tour solo and with The Refugees throughout 2010.
Related Soundscan: Cindy Bullens ―Dream #29‖ (LPBL/685713000037 4/10/05) 1,342

MALKIEL, Rafi : Water; TZA-CD-8151 / 702397815129 - AP / 15.98 - I/O: 500; WK1: 50; WK 2:
40; WK: 3       30
     Born in Israel and now based in New York, Rafi Malkiel is a composer/ performer of
       remarkable creativity and versatility.
     Active for many years as a trombonist in the Latin, Jazz and Downtown music scenes he
       has performed and recorded with Loren Schoenberg, Willie Colon, Reggie Workman and
       Ray Anderson among many others.
     Lyrical and edgy, Rafi is joined here by verteran choro master Anat Cohen and a large
       ensemble of horns and strings for a beautiful program of New Jewish originals. Lush,
       driving and utterly delightful!

CHARMING HOSTESS : The Bowls Project; TZA-CD-8152 / 702397815228 - AP / 15.98- I/O:
500; WK1: 50; WK 2: 40; WK: 3 30
    The Bowls Project is an exciting new recording by Charming Hostess, one of the most
       consistently creative and explorative ensembles working today.
    Based on inscriptions found on ancient Babylonian Jewish amulets, the texts speak of
       mysticism and magic, angels and demons, and the trials and joys of love and sex.
    Especially audible are the voices of women here & their work, hopes, and dreams.
    Using music drawn from the rich traditions of the Babylonian Jews and sources both
       Jewish and African, The Bowls Project is one of the most personal projects to date by this
       radical west coast ensemble.

702397738329 - AP / 15.98 - I/O: 100; WK1: 100; WK 2: 75         ; WK: 3 40
    Continuing in the mystical tradition of In Search of the Miraculous, The Goddess is a
      stunning collection of Odes in celebration of Women in Myth, Magick and Ritual
      throughout the Ages.
       Expanding the ever-growing Alhambra ensemble with the searing guitar of Marc Ribot
        and the evocative harp of Carol Emanuel, the music takes on a lush orchestral sound and
        more than a touch of the feminine.
       Blending an hypnotic minimalist propulsion with the complex cinematic sweep of Zorn's
        fast changing extended file card compositions, the music develops from moment to
        moment in ways both surprising and inevitable.
       Breathtaking and hauntingly beautiful, The Goddess is a lyrical treat for your ears!

YES: The Yes Album; MOF-CD-779 / 821797077965 - BC / 29.98 - I/O: 750             ; WK1: 75; WK
2: 50; WK: 3 25
     The album that first gave shape to the established Yes sound, build around science-
        fiction concepts, folk melodies, and soaring organ, guitar, and vocal showpieces.
     "Your Move" actually made the U.S. charts as a single, and "Starship Trooper,"
        "Perpetual Change," and "Yours Is No Disgrace" became much-loved parts of the band's
        concert repertory for many tours to come.

                                                                                st     nd    rd
NO-MAN “WILD OPERA” (KSC-CD-149 / 802644814926) AP/$15.98 I/O: 500 1 50 2 20 3
                         FEATURING MINI-ALBUM, B-SIDES & RARITIES

No Man are Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson (currently enjoying worldwide success with the new Porcupine Tree
album). Wild Opera was originally released in 1996 and the album is regarded by some fans as not only being one of
the finest works recorded by no-man but as being up there with the best of Steven Wilson‘s entire catalogue. Long out
of print, the album has become a highly- sought rarity with copies changing hands for over £100 on ebay.

This deluxe 2CD digibook edition also includes all of the Dry Cleaning Ray mini-album alongside some b-sides and
rarities from the era. The media-book packaging features new artwork created by long time collaborator Carl Glover.

Glyder “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” (SMH-CD-308382/693723083827) 6/29/10 IO: 500
                             st    nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: Dallas, Baltimore, Denver, St. Louis, Seattle, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New
Home Market: Ireland
Selling Points:
     Irish band Glyder began its musical journey in 2004 at the annual Phil Lynott tribute gig
        ―Vibe for Philo‖ in Dublin. Three albums and two EP‘s later Glyder have developed a very
        distinguishable and unique sound, blending their classic rock influences with a fresh and
        modern sound. Over the past five years Glyder have toured the UK and Europe with
        some of the finest names in rock, Thin Lizzy, Wishbone Ash, Dio, WASP, Thunder, Fish
        (Ex Marillion), Y&T, Michael Schenker, Hawkwind, Gotthard, Blue Oyster Cult and The
        Answer. In 2007 they played at Gods of Metal in Italy with Motley Crue and Velvet
        Revolver, Sweden Rock festival in 2008 with Def Leppard and Whitesnake, Raismes
        festival in France 2008 with Saxon and Uli John Roth and Hard Rock Hell 2 in Wales
        2008 with Thin Lizzy. Glyder played their first headline tour in Spain in 2008 and
        headlined to 10,000 rock fans in India in October 2008 proving that they can win over any
        audience in any live situation.
     First studio album in 2 years
     10 brand new tracks and 3 bonus tracks
     Guest appearance by Dave Meniketti (Y&T)
Related Soundscan: Freedom Call ―Dimensions‖ (STMH/693723980027 10/9/07) 865
                                                                                     st     nd
WISECRACKER “The Pact” (UBR-CD-45 / 4260130090456) AR/$17.98 I/O: 250 1 25 2 25
3 25
After more than four years the seven ‖wisecräckers‖ (German for wiseasses) are back in business with their fourth full
-length album. They've kept themselves pretty busy in the meantime
playing shows around the globe. They sold out the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, California. Now it's official: WISECR
ÄCKER are Germany's most international Ska-
Punk band. Lyrically switching from English to Spanish and German; musically somewhere between Sublime and
IronMaiden. And to complete their so called „Brett & Bläser― sound à la MAD CADDIES it's spiced with some Latin-
American sounds and rhythms here and there. Strike four by the seven-piece Hannover-Stockholm-connection!

The Mission (UK) “Dum-Dum Bullets” (SPO-CD-306642/693723066424) 6/29/10 IO: 1,000
                              st     nd       rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, San Diego, Miami,
Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Seattle
Home Market: UK/Brazil
Selling Points:
     The vast majority of these songs are songs that were basically recorded at the same time
        as the band recorded the ―God Is A Bullet‖ album. The band were enjoying a very
        creative and productive period and obviously had a lot of surplus material left over which
        they have recently found the time and inclination to complete. Some of these tracks made
        it to single ―b‖ sides and extra tracks etc, but only 3 of which having previously made it
        onto limited edition CD release. A couple of tracks here are, in fact, just Wayne Hussey
Related Soundscan: The Mission (UK) ―God is a Bullet‖ (CKV-CD-3312/711297331226 6/12/07)

The Mission (UK) “The Final Chapter”
IO: 300 6/29/10
Selling Points:
     Capturing the spirit of one of the finest British rock outfits of the last three decades and
        recorded during four sellout nights at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London in early 2008,
        this three disc set sees the band going out in a blaze of glory as they play through a back
        catalog of songs from their first four albums – The First Chapter, God‘s Own Medicine,
        Children and Carved in Sand, plus other favorites.

Gowan “Return of the Strange Animal” (LIN-CD-270100/803057010028) 6/29/10 IO: 500
                           st    nd     rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 50 2 50 3 50
Key Markets: New York, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Albany, Atlanta, Detroit, Boston, Vermont
Home Market: Canada
Selling Points:
     Linus Entertainment resurrects the ―ominous spiritus‖ with the 25th Anniversary Edition of
        ―Return of the Strange Animal‖. One of the best selling Canadian albums of the 80‘s,
        ―Strange Animal‖ went platinum 3 times and hit #1 on both retail and radio charts with
        singles ―A Criminal Mind‖ , ―Guerrilla Soldier‖, ―Cosmetics‖ and ―(You‘re a ) Strange
     Joining Styx in 1999, Gowan has spent the last decade touring the world, playing the
        Superbowl twice, the Tokyo-dome, Wembley Arena, visited the White House, and
        performing ―A Criminal Mind‖ for hundreds of thousands of adoring STYX fans at packed
        stadiums, all of whom have now learned what we Canadians have known since 1985.
Related Soundscan: Gowan ―Strange Animal‖ (MSI/074648009923 5/16/00) 310
GROSSMAN, Steve: 3 Original Album Classics; DRY-CD-36958 /      764911695822 - AZ /
26.98 - I/O: 300; WK1: 30; WK 2: 30; WK: 3     30
JAMAL, Ahmad: 3 Original Album Classics; DRY-CD-36959 / 764911695921 - AZ / 26.98 -
I/O: 300; WK1: 30; WK 2: 30; WK: 3 30
LAGRENE, Bireli: 3 Original Album Classics; DRY-CD-36960 / 764911696027 - AZ / 26.98
         - I/O:300; WK1: 30; WK 2: 30; WK: 3 30
Sales Points
     Three pack in slip case
Recent releases in one convenient package

LOCKWOOD, Didier: 3 Original Album Classics; DRY-CD-36961            / 764911696126
         - AZ / 26.98 -I/O: 300 ; WK1: 30; WK 2: 30; WK: 3 30
PETRUCCIANI, Michel: 3 Original Album Classics; DRY-CD-36963 / 764911696324 – AZ /
26.98 - I/O: 300; WK1: 30; WK 2: 30; WK: 3 30
GALLIANO, Richard: 3 Original Album Classics; DRY-CD-36964 / 764911696423 - AZ /
26.98- I/O: 300; WK1: 30; WK 2: 30; WK: 3     30
LUC, Sylvain: 3 Original Album Classics; DRY-CD-36965         / 764911696522 - BA / 27.98 -
I/O: 300; WK1: 30; WK 2: 30; WK: 3 30
Sales points
     Three pack in slip case
     Recent releases in one convenient package!

Various “HI Power Music 2010” (HPO-CD-2150/809367215023) I.O. 1,500 AT/19.98
                         st      nd    rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 150 2 150 3 150
Key Markets: Albuquerque, NM; Los Angeles, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Salt Lake City, UT; Sacramento-
Stockton, CA; Denver, CO; Seattle-Tacoma, WA; SF-Okland-San Jose; Portland, OR; Colorado
Springs-Pueblo, CO
Selling Points:
     See one sheet for details.

Related Soundscan: Various ― II‖ (HPO 11/15/05) 2,165

Chingo Bling “Chicken Flippa” (OAR-CD-40836/786984083627) I.O. 1,000 AM/13.98
                            st     nd      rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Denver, San Antonio,
Waco TX, Shrvport
Home Market: Huston, TX
Selling Points:
     collection of all new independent tracks
     Appearances from Gucci Mane, Stacks, May, Young Thad, Fat pat, Lucky Luciano, Roxxi
        Jane and Kovas.
                1. Intro
                2. Put Me In The Kitchen feat. Young
                Thad & Gucci Mane
                3. TouchDown
                4. Tequila In My Cup
                5. Like This & Like That
                6. Aye Wey Wey
                7. Jefe feat. Stacks & Mav
                8. Dientes De Ice
                9. The Southern Dynasty
                10. Hood Meskin
                11. Money Magnet
                12. Still Goin Down feat. Fat Pat
               13. Ostrich Boots
               14. Chyne Flu
               15. Monkey Ass Diamonds
               16. Dopeman
               17. Seven (Prank Call)
               18. Plastic Crack feat. Lucky
               19. Come On feat. Roxxi Jane & Kovas
               20. Breakfast Sex
               21. Oh Lets Do It
               22. Turnt Up
               23. What Did He Said
               24. Partna Dem
               25. Fast Life
               26. Ball Everywhere
               27. Jelly ft. Lucky
               28. Me Vale Madre
               29. Skrip Club
               30. Evil El Gupo Outro

Related Soundscan: Chingo Bling ―Mel Vale Madre‖ (OAR 08/25/09) 1,400

Lord Infamous “Futuristic Bounty Hunter” (OAR-CD-40837/786984083726) I.O. 1,000
                            st    nd   rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 100 2 100 3 100
Key Markets: LA, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Atlanta, Memphis, Nashville, Seattle,
Phoenix, Denver, CO
Home Market: Memphis, TN
Selling Points:
     Former member of the Memphis rap group Three 6 Mafia
                1. Sintro
                2. Futuristic Rowdy
                Bounty Hunter
                3. They call me
                4. Everyday I‘m high
                5. South Memphis pt2
                6. Dead man walkin
                7. Da Mystical One
                8. C.O.K.E
                9. Black Rain
                10. Satan‘s Rapture
                11. Outro

Related Soundscan:     Three 6 Mafia ―Last 2 Walk‖ (COL 6/24/08) 315,530
                       Lord Infamous & II Tone ―Clubhouse Chick‖ (OAR 1/27/09) 2,888

Slim Thug & Boss Hogg Outlawz “Welcome 2 Texas Official Mixtape” (OAR-CD-
40838/786984083825) I.O. 2,500 AM/13.98
                           st     nd   rd
Projected Soundscans: 1 450 2 250 3 200
Key Markets: Dallas TX, Houston TX, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Chicago, Waco
Selling Points: Houston, TX
     Texas Legend Slim Thug.
     His group Boss Hogg Outlawz
     features appearances by Trae, L.E.S., Chalie Boy, Lil Ray, J-Dawg, Fat Pimp, Z-Ro,
        Juicy J, and Devin the Dude.
      Track Listing
               1) Let‘s Do it Ft. Trae
               2) Dedication 2 My Haters
               3) Sweet Love
               4) Rogerslude
               5) Goin Hard
               6) What‘s Happenin
               7) Wanna Choose Ft. L.E.S.
               8) Homegurl Ft. Chalie Boy
               9) Strippers Ft. Lil Ray
               10) Rep the Dirty
               11) Hit Dat Hoe ft. J-Dawg
               12) Slim Thug Speaks
               13) Flex ft. Z-Ro, Fat Pimp
               14) Houston
               15) None of Ya Biz Ft. Lil O
               16) Ike Turner Pimpin Ft. Juicy J
               17) Keep Rollin Ft. Devin the Dude
               18) Say Something
               19) Strong Enough
               20) Fresh
               21) Starch Down
               22) Throwed
               23) Hard Work
               24) I look Good Ft. Chalie Boy

Related Soundscan:    Slim Thug ―Boss of all Bosses‖ (E1M 3/24/09) 131,427
                      Slim Thug & Boss Hogg Outlawz ―Serve & Collect‖ (E!M 2/13/09) 71,958

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