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									                    ERHS Band Board Meeting – Minutes
                                             Tuesday, July 15th - 7:00pm

                     In attendance: Michael Fleischmann, Larry & Carol Stover, Rene & Elizabeth
                     Vargas, Paul McCormick, and Maria Duncan
                     Note takers: Carol Stover and Elizabeth Vargas

New Sponsorship Letters:
  The Board was presented with 3 different types of letters. A vote was taken and the following
    decisions were made:
          o Only the Executive Board members will be listed on the letters (not all the chairpersons)
          o The TIN will be removed from any communication. Once we have our 503c, we will add
              that information to a Corporate Sponsorship letter.
          o Larry will modify the current letters so we have 2 different versions and will share with
              the board at the next meeting so they can be finalized.
                   Sponsorship Letter that is generic enough, yet more personalized. The students
                       can use to send to family, friends, and community leaders requesting a student
                       sponsorship. This letter should list our accomplishments to date and include a
                       signature block for the student, Dr. Vitale, and Mike.
                   Selling Advertisement Space Letter. This should focus on selling advertisement
                       space in our programs. These letters should include a signature block for the
                       booster president and Mike. Maria has examples of old programs and will get a
                       copy to Larry so he can make copies. These copies can be used to show
                       businesses what we are asking them to purchase. Need to determine if we will
                       be selling advertisement space per program or for all three shows we will be
                       doing this year.
                   Corporate Sponsorship Letter. This letter will need to be created (once we have
                       the 503c) and sponsors should receive a gift for their donation (i.e. a plaque
                       w/picture of band / color guard / drum line). TBD once we have 503c.

Financial Review / Mike’s Budget:
   Reviewed the current budget. This budget had been approved (through November) at a booster
     meeting in May. The board will wait until late September / early October to approve the whole
     budget (once more concrete numbers are available).
   Paul will work on breaking out the budget by program. The breakout should indicate what the
     budget is, money we have collected to date and what the deficit is per program.
   Limits and approvals on financial spending were discussed. All requests should be presented to
     the board (and possibly to the booster members - depending on dollar amount) for approvals
     PRIOR to making the purchase. Any purchases made prior to approval may not get paid!!
QuickBooks Statements:
  Paul provided a sample of an invoice QuickBooks can create that can be sent to each of the parents.
     These can be viewed online (will need to determine how to set this up so parents only see their
     invoice), sent via email (free through the service) and / or be sent snail mail.
  The cost for this is $14.95 a month ($170.00 a year). The board approved and the budget will be
     amended to include this cost. Paul will activate for August 1st, we will receive a 90 day free trial.
  The board also discussed sending the invoices out on a monthly basis along with a Newsletter (to
     discuss more at next meeting).
  QuickBooks has a database that holds all the parent / student names, addresses, and phone
     numbers. This will be our trusted source and all updates received should be sent to Paul to ensure
     we have the correct information.

Communication Plans:
  Working on putting together a communication plan that will include getting information out via
    email, phone trees (calling, snail mail and via the new website.
          o Calling is what Mike has used in the past to send phone messages. The cost is
               about 10 cents per call. It’s all conducted on line, you record your message via the phone
               and you receive reports on calls made.
  Information that will be posted on the new website will include all meeting minutes (board and
    booster), budget, financials, calendar of events, director and booster president messages, contact
    information (board), sponsor recognition and links. Larry is hoping to present the site at the next
    board meeting for feedback.

Storage Container:
   The monthly cost for a storage container is $84.00. If we rent before August 1 st, the first month is 99
      cents – this is with a 12-month rental agreement.
   Rene will find out if there is an option for rent-to-own.
   This equates to $1000.00 per year. The board agreed that we needed to have this and the budget
      will be amended to reflect this cost.
   Mike will need to discuss with the school where this container can be placed – hopefully over
      behind Building B or closer to the field.

Decision on ATV Quad (Fix vs. Buy):
  The cost for adding new plastic, new seat, front light and tail light to the old quad is $895.22. There
     is also no registration.
  The cost of buying a new quad (sport model 250cc water cooled w/manual transmission) is approx.
     $1000.00 ($750 for the quad, $150 for pick-up fee, plus sales tax / registration).
  The board agreed that we should buy a new quad. The budget will be amended to reflect this cost.
  Larry offered to take the old quad and fix it up – then donate the use of it for pulling the food cart /
     equipment. He is willing to give the band (or Bill / Maria) the $50.00 they paid for it.

Health Permits:
  Larry will contact Betsy to determine what is required for the different types of events we do.
           o Paul indicated he has found out that you can get an annual permit to sell Kettle Corn, but
                not for Funnel Cakes.
           o Health permits in Corona have been quoted to run $84.00 per event (1-3 days). Riverside
                can run put to $200.00 per event (1-3 days).
  Larry will also contact Dickie Simmons regarding Mustang Marketplace to ensure we have a spot
     (10x10 booth) and are covered under their heath permit.
     We will need to ensure w/ Bill Newberry that we are covered for 2 canopies (2 - 10x10) for the
      football games and that we are covered under their health permit since we are within 50 feet of the
      snack bar.
            o Paul indicated he has been told you need to have 1 health permit per 10x10 canopy.

Mustang Marketplace:
  Board believes that Marc Sandusky is coordinating these events. Larry will reach out to Marc to
     validate. Will invite Marc to the next Board meeting to go over / document upcoming events and
     to assign coordinators for each event.
  Will need to find out if we can also sell drinks at this event or only Funnel Cakes.

Car Wash:
  Will need a coordinator for this event (Marc?).
  A banner is being made to hang on the fence at the school to advertise and a couple of foam boards
     are being made to hold up the day of the event.
  Need to make sure the kids are wearing appropriate clothes – shorts / t-shirts / tank tops. Nothing
     inappropriate please!!

Band Camp Potluck:
  Hospitality will be in charge of coordinating this event. Rene will reach out to Maria Vargas to
  Will communicate though emails, phone calls as we would like good participation – every parent
     should attend.
  Mike’s goal is to have this take place in the stadium and we would set up food / tables in the snack
     bar area or in the basketball area.

SCSBOA Events:
  The board will need to work on creating a project plan for this event and a board meeting
    dedicated to discussing this event will need to be scheduled.
  Mike has started receiving some calls / emails from schools that are interested in attending the
    October 28th show.
          o Will need to determine the entry fee for the bands ASAP.
          o We have an obligation to pay the judges (anticipating to be around $2,300). Based on that
               cost and having 14 bands (besides ERHS) attending, the entry fee should be between
               $175.00 - $200.00. If the fees exceed $200.00, bands will drop out.
          o Mike will validate the judges cost and we will revisit.
  Trophies cannot be determined until we know which bands will be attending and in what division.
  Mike suggested getting together with Colony High School since they have been doing a weeknight
    show for a few years.
  Mike has a copy of the contract and Winter Guard has done a good job at putting shows together in
    the past, so we can use theirs as a sample of what we need to do when. (i.e. sending director
  Programs will need to be created and printed. Need to check with Michael Anderson to see what it
    would cost to print the programs. Need to determine how many we will want to print since this is
    a weeknight show and may not get a lot of parents attending (check with Colony).
  Menu items will need to be determined – since this is a weeknight show, a lot of students / parents
    will be hungry!
  Need to schedule having a walk-thru of the snack bar area prior to our event to ensure we have the
    necessary space needed. This includes unlocking cabinets, removing football booster inventory,
    and ensuring we have the necessary equipment (i.e. large warming ovens).
Proposed changes to the By-Laws (if any):
   The board has been sent a soft copy of the current by-laws and has been asked to modify the areas
     they believe should be. Proposed changes should be brought to the next board meeting for review.

Other items:
  Mike will put a prioritized wish-list together for the board.
  The board agreed that we should purchase a copier for Mike and the budget will be amended to
     reflect this cost.
            o The deal Mike has been offered is a rent-to-own, $80.00 a month (own in 2 years). The
                 total cost is between $2,000. - $2,700.
            o Mike will provide the suppliers contact information to Larry so he can follow up on any
                 hidden costs, etc.
  Canopies: Larry picked up the 2 canopies (blue and orange). They are extremely nice – very sturdy
     and have vented ceilings for ventilation. The total cost was $1,278.89. Since the approval was only
     for one canopy, the board can buy the one now and pay for the other as money comes in from other
     events. The board agreed and the budget will be amended to reflect this cost.
  Mike will be bringing in some shelves he had at home for the back room this Saturday.
  Maria asked if Mike could get some extra 5x7 copies photo’s of the band made this year for
            o Paul mentioned that Dr. Vitale has mentioned getting frames (?) made from the
                 woodshop. Will need to follow up on this.
  The board agrees that we should have a new lock-box installed inside Mike’s office with a mail
     drop built into the wall in the band room. This will ensure it is not broken into again.
  Paul and Larry will work together to resolve the disputes Paul has received from parents on
     charges that were not paid, etc. from earlier this year (prior to February).
  The booster members will need to vote on which logo we will be using. Art had used the horse at
     the top of these minutes - but added additional horses to make it look like a stampede. Rene has
     provided Connie Caigoy with the logo he presented at the 7/10 booster meeting so she can research
     costs with her contacts.
  Discussed having a banner made to hang on the Tennis Courts or on the Performing Arts building
     that has our Logo, website info, etc.

Next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 22 nd at 7:00. To be conducted at the Stover’s house
(12353 Mississippi Drive – Mira Loma).

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