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									                                    Job Description

Title of Post:     ICT Service Desk Manager

Grade of Post:     Band 7

Reports to:        ICT Services Manager

Accountable to:    Assistant Director of Technology and Telecommunications

Location:          The South Eastern HSC Trust delivers ICT services from the Ulster,
                   Lagan Valley and Downshire Hospitals – as such this will require the
                   post-holder to attend these locations on a regular basis. A stipulated
                   base/location will be agreed with the post-holder upon appointment.


The ICT Service Desk Manager will be responsible for the provision and management of
the ICT Service Desk, Desktop Support Services and Administrative functions of the
Technology and Telecommunications Department. The ICT Service Desk Manager will be
the owner of the Incident Management and Configuration Management processes within
the ICT Department. They will have responsibility for ensuring Incidents and Service
Requests are resolved and Service Level Agreements are met. They will also have
responsibility for management of Assets, managing the Desktop Support Services
procurement process and management of Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) and
Underpinning Contracts (UCs)

May 2008

1.      Supporting the ICT Services Manager in the continued development and
        implementation of the ICT Strategy and annual work Programmes
2.      Assist in the development and preparation of ICT business cases and project
        documentation in line with local and regional initiatives as well as emerging
3.      Lead on Operational Level Agreements (OLAs), Underpinning Contracts (UCs) and
        service level agreement (SLA) negotiation, management and review with internal
        users, Directorate of Information Systems, suppliers and other agencies as
4.      Participate in and undertake appropriate tasks for both local and regional ICT
        Programmes of work, reporting on progress as required
5.      Represent the Trust in both local and regional forums and other collaborative
        projects and structures
6.      Act as Cultural Change Champion for the Technology and Telecommunications
        Department engaging with all Stakeholder groups, promoting the ICT Services
7.      Attend team meetings as required
8.      Assist the ICT Services Manager in the formulation of policy, procedures,
        standards and guidance for both technical operations staff and users of the ICT
        Service Desk, Desktop Support Services and Administrative functions
9.      Research and Monitor ICT Developments and where appropriate make
        recommendations for the introduction of new technologies or systems to support
        and enhance service delivery
10.   Lead on the provision of an ICT Service Desk with appropriate regular review of
        response times, effectiveness and SLAs
11.   Liaise with the ICT Skills Development Manager to identify areas for inclusion in
        training courses and identify departments / services where specific training
        interventions should be targeted to improve effectiveness
12.     Participate in the negotiation, procurement, establishment, monitoring and review
        of support contracts and service level agreements for ICT Services
13.     Responsible for system administration and support of the Service Desk
        Management System.
14.     Ensure the Configuration Management Database is kept up-to-date (including ICT
        Asset management)
15.     Monitor and maintain performance of ICT Service Desk, Desktop Support Services
        and Administrative functions ensuring Service Level Targets are met through the
        use of Key Performance Indicator reporting
16.     Ensure that robust tested backup and business continuity procedures are in place
        for the ICT Service Desk, Desktop Support Services and Administrative functions
17.     Ensure the ICT Services Manager is notified of events which impact service
18.     Ensure ICT Service Desk, Desktop Support Services and Administrative functions
        operational documentation is up-to-date
19.     Engage in personal and professional development to ensure an expert level of
        knowledge of IT Service Support remains up-to-date and appropriate to the needs
        of the post
20.     Assist the ICT Services Manager with the selection and procurement of ICT
        Service Desk and Desktop Support Services Hardware and Software, achieving
        best value for money and compliance with relevant standards

May 2008
21.   Management of the allocated ICT Service Desk and Desktop Support Services
22.   Maximise the use of ICT Service Desk, Desktop Support Services and
      Administrative functions ensuring best value for money and most efficient use of
23.   Liaise and meet with suppliers as required ensuring good relationships are
24.   Participate in the ICT out of hours on call rota
25.   Undertake any other duties as may be assigned by the ICT Services Manager


1.    Reviews individually, at least annually, the performance of immediately
      subordinate staff; providing advice and guidance on personal development
      requirements and initiating further training where appropriate.
2.    Ensures that the review of performance identified in (1.) is performed for all levels
      of staff for whom he / she has professional management authority.
3.    Maintains staff relationships and morale among staff reporting to him / her.
4.    Reviews the organisation plan and establishment levels of service, for which he /
      she is responsible; to ensure that each is consistent with achieving objectives and
      recommends changes when appropriate.
5.    Delegates appropriate responsibility and authority to staff within his / her control,
      consistent with effective decision making whilst retaining overall responsibility and
      accountability for results.
6.    Participates in the selection and appointment of staff reporting to him / her, in
      accordance with procedures laid down and approved by the Trust.
7.    Takes such action as may be necessary in disciplinary matters in accordance with
      procedures laid down and approved by the Department of Health and Social
8.    Promote equality of opportunity for all by personal action, both in the management
      of your staff and in the provision of care to service users in accordance with the
      Trust’s Equality of Opportunity Policy and Equality Scheme.

3.    General Responsibilities


      The Trust is an Equal Opportunities employer and welcomes applications
      from all sectors of the community irrespective of their religion, politics,
      race, gender, sexual
      orientation or disability.

      However, due to under-representation, the Trust particularly welcomes
      applications from Catholics for vacancies in the North Down and Ards
      geographical area and Protestants for vacancies in the Downpatrick

May 2008
     All staff are required to comply with our Equal Opportunities Policy and
     each employee must make him/herself aware of their obligations.
     have a responsibility to ensure compliance with this requirement.

     Smoking and Health

     The Trust is a Smoke Free Organisation.

     Health & Safety

     All employees must comply with the Trust’s various Health and Safety
     Policies and Procedures including relevant legislation and Codes of


     Staff must maintain high standards of personal accountability and abide
     by the Code of Business Conduct.


     Employees are expected to demonstrate commitment to the Trust by
     ensuring regular attendance at work and the efficient discharge of their

     Staff will participate in the Trust's Personal Development and
     Contribution review process which is designed to ensure staff can
     contribute to organisational goals and
     ensure their skills are relevant to the tasks to be undertaken and that
     patient and client care is of a high quality.

     Service Quality

     The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust is committed to
     providing the highest possible quality of service to all patients, clients
     and community. Members of staff are expected at all times to provide a
     caring service and to treat those with
     whom they come into contact in a courteous and respectful manner.

     Records Management

     All employees of the Trust are legally responsible for all records held,
     created or used as part of their business within the Trust including
     patient/client, corporate and
     administrative records whether paper based or electronic and also
     including emails.

May 2008
      All such records are public records and are accessible to the general
      public, with limited exceptions, under the Freedom of Information Act
      2000, the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and the Data
      Protection Act 1998.Employees are
             required to be conversant with the Trust’s policy and procedures
             on records management and to seek advice if in doubt.

      Environmental Cleaning Strategy

      The Trust’s Environmental Cleaning Strategy, recognises the key
      principle that “Cleanliness Matters. It is everyone’s responsibility, not
      just the cleaners”. Whilst there are staff employed by the Trust who are
      responsible for cleaning services, all staff employed by the Trust have a
      responsibility to ensure a clean, comfortable and safe environment for
      patients, clients, residents, visitors, staff and members of the general

      Infection Prevention & Control

      All staff should be aware of the Trust’s Infection Prevention & Control
      strategy and their local reduction of infection plan and know their role,
      in keeping with key principle Infection Prevention and Control is
      everyone’s business.

      Staff, in delivery of all care must:-

      -Wash their hands thoroughly between each patient contact.

       - Be compliant with Standard Infection Control Precautions, Hand

      Hygiene and decontamination and other relevant infection prevention
      and control measures.

      -Be aware of the Infection Control guidance within the Trust’s Infection
      Manual and ensure they obtain mandatory Infection prevention control
      training or other specific infection control related training as required.

      Terms and Conditions

      Applicants should note that the terms and conditions attached to this
      post may change as a result of National negotiations and the NHS pay
      system called
      Agenda for Change.

This job description is not definitive and may be amended to meet the changing needs of
the Trust.

May 2008
All Job Descriptions are subject to regular review and should be formally
reviewed within a two year period. This is not intended to be a comprehensive
list of all the duties involved in the post, consequently an employee may be
required to perform other duties appropriate to the post as assigned to them.

All staff are required to observe the Trust's No Smoking Policy.

May 2008

JOB TITLE AND BAND: Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
                    Service Desk Manager Band 7

DEPARTMENT:                       Technology and Telecommunications

LOCATION:                         A stipulated base/location will be agreed with the post holder
                                  upon appointment.


1.        University degree or a recognised equivalent professional qualification AND
          worked for at least 3 years in a management role in Information & Communications
          Technology (ICT)1.


2.        HND or recognised equivalent professional qualification AND worked for at least 4
          years in a management role in Information & Communications Technology (ICT) 1


3.        6 years experience working in a management role in Information &
          Communications Technology (ICT) 1 involving for example management of people,
          resources or project management.


4.        ITIL Foundation Certificate.
5.        Knowledge and understanding of:
          a. IT Service Support
          b. Service Level Agreements/Targets/KPIs
          c. Desktop Support Services
          d. Procurement Processes
6.        Have knowledge of and be able to demonstrate previous experience in IT Service
7.        Have managed/led a team for at least 3 years and can demonstrate leadership and
          organisational skills.
8.        Have the ability to set and work to agreed objectives.
9.        Have the ability to communicate effectively through all levels of the organisation
          and with the external environment.
    Relevant experience is considered to be one or more of the following in an ICT environment:
    • Provision of ICT Services including system implementation & maintenance
    • Service Desk Management / Delivery
    • Project / Programme Management
    • Business / system analysis & design
    • Procurement of software or ICT services to include contract negotiation
    • Management of ICT projects
    • Information System configuration / customisation activities.

May 2008
10.    Broad awareness of Health and Social Care (HSC) organisation, functions and
       current issues.
11.    Broad Awareness of current issues in information and communication technologies
       in HSC.
12.    Knowledge of Desktop application software.
13.    Well developed communication and presentation skills
14.    Ability to work on own initiative
15.    Ability to work with staff at all levels in the Trust and other organisations.
16.    Ability to manage competing priorities.
17.    Hold a current full driving licence valid in UK with access to a car on
       appointment – this criteria will be waived in the case of an applicant whose
       disability prohibits driving but who is able to organise suitable alternative

The post-holder must be prepared to be flexible in relation to working outside of normal
office hours as required to meet the needs of the service.
The post-holder must be prepared to undertake professional ICT training and to
demonstrate competence in areas of learning.

Additional Information:

Candidates shortlisted for interview will be required to produce original certificates and
photocopies of the same.

If successful staff will be required to produce documentary evidence that they are legally
entitled to live and work in the UK eg P45, payslip, National Insurance Card, Birth
Certificate. Failure to do so will result in a non appointment.

Canvassing either directly or indirectly will be an absolute disqualification for

May 2008

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