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                         Strategic Roadmap towards
                  Knowledge-Driven Sustainable Construction
                             European Commission
                             Project: IST-2001-37278
                               1.6.2002 – 31.6.2003

                          Matti Hannus, VTT, Finland

ROADCON – Matti Hannus              http://www.roadcon.org   17 December 2002   -1-
         The consortium

         Core partners
          Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment – CSTB (Fr)
              Coordinator of ROADCON: Dr. Alain Zarli, alain.zarli@cstb.fr
             Technical Research Centre of Finland – VTT (Fi)
             Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research – TNO (NL)
             Garas Consultants Limited (UK)
             University of Salford (UK)
             European Construction Institute / Loughborough University (UK)
             Nemetschek AG (De)
             Belgian Building Research Institute – BBRI (Be)
             GTM Construction (Fr)

         Support group
              ~280+ organisations in ~28 countries.

ROADCON – Matti Hannus                            http://www.roadcon.org     17 December 2002   -2-
         ROADCON in a nutshell
          ROADCON is a strategic RTD roadmap project
           on ICT in the construction sector.                                  Impacts

          It will suggest and prepare large scale
           actions for the forthcoming European
           6th Framework Programme (FP6).                              Actions in FP6
                                                             (European 6 Framework Program for R&D)

          It aims at achieving major impacts in
           the European construction sector.            Mgt
          It addresses "New ways of                                    Roadmap

           working and electronic
           (Key Action II)                Industry              Vision
           of the "Information
           Societies Technologies"
           (IST) programme                           Opportuni-
                                                                      ties by ICT

ROADCON – Matti Hannus                       http://www.roadcon.org                      17 December 2002   -3-
         Vision - 1

                            Construction sector
                               is driven by
                   total product life cycle performance
                             and supported by
                         knowledge-intensive and
                             model based ICT

ROADCON – Matti Hannus            http://www.roadcon.org   17 December 2002   -4-
         Vision - 2

                                                 Total Life Cycle Mgt
                                            ensures holistic decisions making
                                             over the total building life cycle

                       Sustainability                                                    Knowledge-
                                                                                     Based Construction
             is supported by data on materials,                              relies on industry-wide experiences
            products and processes, indicators                                and fundamental understanding of
                  and assessment methods                                         complex system interactions
                         and tools                                                        at all levels

                                                                                            Ubiquitous access
               Virtual teams                         Construction                       is provided by industry-wide
      combine distributed competences                    ICT                           communications infastructure,
      via global collaboration platforms                                            distributed and embedded systems,
                                                                                           ambient intelligence and
                                                                                              mobile computing

              Performance driven process                                             Model based ICT
              assures compliance to client’s                                     enables context-awareness,
              requirements and emphasis on                                       automation, simulation and
                 customer perceived value                                     visualisation based on computer
                                                                                      interpretable data
                                                Flexible interoperability
                                           between heterogenous ICT systems
                                             will enable seamless interaction
                                                  between all stakeholders

ROADCON – Matti Hannus                              http://www.roadcon.org                         17 December 2002   -5-

         Form a strategy for future research and development on
          ICT in construction.
         Prepare and suggest RTD actions and priorities for ICT in
          the construction sector in the forthcoming European 6th
          Framework Programme (FP6).
         Identify key actors and stakeholders and prepare co-
          operation between them.
         Seek wide consensus among European research, ICT- and
          user communities.

        FP6 = European 6th Framework Programme
        ICT = Information and Communication Technologies
        RTD = Research and Technology Development
ROADCON – Matti Hannus                                     http://www.roadcon.org   17 December 2002   -6-
         Topics & scope

                                      Human/social aspects

                               Legal issues                    Planning tools
                                                Design tools
                         e-Learning                                Service support tools
                                       Analysis tools
                    Security                                   ICT standards               Facility mgt tools
                 Trust                               Interoperability    Open systems           Decision support
       Intellectual property rights           Configurable interfaces      Rapid integration       Optimisation
          Related    Topics for
        topics to be potential Core New business processes Product model                             Visualisation
         adressed     collabo- topics
                                        Meta data  Collaboration platforms
         mainly by ration with                                                                        Simulation
            other       other    e-Work  Human interfaces   Knowledge reuse
         initiatives initiatives                                                                    Workflow mgt
                                                       Information logistics & life cycle       Knowledge mgt
Related                    Product property data        Contractual issues of ICT
topics                                                                                      Quality mgt
that are
out of the                                                              Requirement & conformance mgt
scope            Material property data
                                                 Performance indicators & assessment             Energy efficiency
     Materials                                                                          Eco-buildings
         Products                                           Automation        Smart buildings
         Production process
ROADCON – Matti Hannus                                     http://www.roadcon.org                               17 December 2002   -7-
         Potential implementation
         modules of the roadmap
Industrial                Suggested                            Strategy planning & implementation by
impacts                    project                                 construction sector organisations      Wide use of
                                                                                                       model based ICT
                     Other FP6   External                                           Pilots,            in total life cycle
                      activity   activity                                      demonstrations,           management
                                                                                 best practice
                                                                   indicators &              Deployment
                                                                   measurement           of new ”standard”
Business                                              ICT-enabled
processes                                           constr. business          Data security,            eTraining
                                                         models             legal /contractual
                                                                              models & tools         on model based
                                        Inter-company                                                 approaches
                                        knowledge mgt           Context aware
                                         using models            web services          Nanotechnologies
                                                                                        (prev. GROWTH)
Applications                   Model
                         based applications          Distributed
                             for LC mgt             Engineering           Product & material
                                                    environment             property data
                 Knowledge /
               model servers            Ubiquitous                Virtual
                                      user interfaces          university on
ICT infra-                                                      constr. ICT
                          Collaboration                                    National
structure                  platforms                  IMS                 programs
             initiatives             Technology watch, visioning & roadmapping
               in IST

Technology                                   Integration     IAI IFC           W3C
                     Construction           technologies
& standards           ontology                                                       bcXML
                                                           ISO STEP CEN ISSS

               Research               Development             Dissemination              Deployment
ROADCON – Matti Hannus                                http://www.roadcon.org                       17 December 2002     -8-
         Strategy planning
                                                                   Sustainable values                   EU
                                                                 in Knowledge Society:                policy
                                           Society                                                     view
                                         Environment   Economic           Social & cultural Environmental

          Strategic goals:

          Industrial &
          societal impacts
          Business processes
                                               V i s i o n                                                  Research

              Quality & performance mgt
          •   Legal & contractual mgt
WHAT      •   Knowledge mgt
          •   Total product life cycle mgt
          •   Human resource mgt                                                                        Roadmap:
          ICT applications

          ICT infrastructures
                                              Solutions                                               Deployment


          Technologies                                                                        Development
          & standards                           Enablers                                   Research

ROADCON – Matti Hannus                                 http://www.roadcon.org                     17 December 2002   -9-
         Building the critical mass in EU:
         National and EU activities

   FP5                      Network
      Research           Cluster            Roadmap
       project           project             project

                                                             national program
                                                                / project(s)
                                                                                Network of

ROADCON – Matti Hannus                    http://www.roadcon.org                   17 December 2002   - 10 -
         Model based ICT in construction
         Target ICT architecture
                                                                                                                             User interfaces:
Human                                                                                                                        • 2D – 3D – 4D – nD
interface                                                                                                                    • Context awareness
                                                  Project                                                                    • Mobile & ubiquitous access
                                                                                                                             • Visualisation / simulation

Applications,                                                                                                                    In-house            Examples:
                                                                                     In-house                                      know-             • Bidding
systems &                                                                              model          Model based
data repositories            Company X                                                  DB            applications                 ledge             • CAD, CAE
                                                                                                                                     DB              • CRM
                                                                                                                                                     • Decision
Extra-enterprise                                                                                                                                       support
links & interfaces                                          Company Y                                     Transaction management                     • ERP
                                                                                 Company Z                                                           • Facility mgt
Inter-enterprise                                                                                                                                     • MIS
communication                                                                        bcXML, IFC, Internet, ...
                                                                                                                                          Examples of services:
                         collaboration platform

Acces control,                                                                                                                            • Best practices
inter-enterprise                                                               API
                                                                                                                                          • Collaboration support

                                                  Project web site


                                                                                                              Web services
                                                                                                                                          • Document mgt
                                                                                                                                          • e-Commerce
Inter-enterprise                                                     Docu-    Product        Work-                                        • Legal support:
                                                                      ment     model          flow                                          authentication,
services                                                             server    server        server                                         authorisation ...
                                                                                                                                          • Model checking
Shared data &                                                                                                                             • Partnering
                                                                      Docu-   Product       Workflow                                      • Product data libraries
knowledge                                                             ments    model         model
repositories                                                                                                                              • Workflow support

ROADCON – Matti Hannus                                                           http://www.roadcon.org                                      17 December 2002    - 11 -
         Stakeholders and relations
                                                                      Global RTD
                                                                   Japan          IMS
                                                       Australia           USA
                                                       CRC IC

     Key actors in IST                                    Stakeholders
     (+ GROWTH, IMS)
                                                                                                                    FutWorksp      INTELCITY
           eCOGNOS            eLEGAL      eConstruct
                                                                                                              VOMAP             IDEAS
    DIVERCITY         e-HUB        ISTforCE      GlobEMEN
            e-CORE            OSMOS       PROCURE                                                            Other IST roadmaps

                       Standardisation                                                              VOSTER         prodAEC

     ISO PLIB        ISO STEP      CEN / ISSS                                                       IST clusters and networks
                 W3C         ISO/ ICIS        OAG
                           TC59/SC13 WG6
       IAI/ISO          OMG            bcXML
                                                                                       ENCORD      ECCREDI   European
                                                                                 ECI            ENBRI
            National programmes                                                                         sector organisations
            + support groups
       Belgium        Denmark              Hungary            Italy            Portugal
                   Digital building                     FTI, MIUR, ANCE FEDER, MSI, AI         Poland
                                 France            Germany          Netherlands             UK
           Czeck Rep.                           BMVBW, BMWi,      ConstrucTable,       EPSRC, DTI,
                                  PUCA              GAEB               PAIS                               Turkey
                                           Finland         Slovenia             Sweden CITE, SIENE
                                        TEKES, VERA,                        Competitive Blg   Switzerland
                                          ProIT,UTT                              ITBoF
                                                       Norway         Spain

ROADCON – Matti Hannus                                         http://www.roadcon.org                                17 December 2002     - 12 -
         Thank you!

                          Welcome to ROADCON web site
                           Register to the support group

ROADCON – Matti Hannus               http://www.roadcon.org   17 December 2002   - 13 -

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